From punk to exemplary family man


Name: Mikhail Gorshenev (Mihail Gorshenev)

Middle name: Yurievich

Birthday: August 7, 1973

Place of Birth: Boksitogorsk, Leningrad region

Date of death: July 19 2013 (39 years old)

Cause of death: find out myocardial infarction from drug intoxication

Place of burial: find out St. Petersburg, Theological Cemetery

Height: 185 cm

Eastern horoscope: Bull

Musical projects: King and the Clown

Career: Russian musicians 445 place

Photo: Mikhail Gorshenev

Childhood and youth

Mikhail Gorshenev was born on August 7, 1973 in the town of Boksitogorsk, Leningrad Region. The boy’s mother, Tatyana Ivanovna, was a graduate of the Petrozavodsk Conservatory, she worked in a kindergarten, then in a music school.

Mikhail's father, Yuri Mikhailovich Gorshenev, was a major in the border troops, so the family constantly moved from place to place. So Michael spent several years of his life in the Far East. In the end, the family settled in Leningrad, the head of the family was given an apartment in the Rzhevka district.

The boy was enrolled in school number 147. It was here that Gorshenev met with Alexander Balunov (Balu, bassist of the “King and the Jester”) and Alexander Schigolev (Poruchik, drummer).

Gorshenev showed interest in music at school - then the teenager decided to take private guitar lessons. Michael was also fond of boxing and showed his fighting data more than once during street fights.

Mikhail Gorshenev and the King and the Jester group

After graduating from school, Mikhail entered the school as an artist-restorer. He didn’t have any interest in studying - every day he was waiting for the end of classes to rehearse with friends. After three years of systematic eruption from study, Potter was expelled. But it was at the school that he met a man thanks to whom the Kontora group changed its name and concept.

His classmate Andrei Knyazev, nicknamed the Prince, showed interest in the work of the “Office”. So since 1990, the group acquired a second vocalist and, concurrently, a lyrics.

The prince invented the group's first texts on a fairy-tale theme. Now the songs of “The King and the Jester” (and as an alternative to this name were the versions “Slaughtered Dandelion”, “Apocalypse” and “Armageddon”) were dubbed with the buzzword “storytelling” - each one told an absolutely frightening story with an unexpected end.

The first concert of the group was held at the Tam-Tam club. “It was a great concert! We went on stage, I immediately fell and sang lying all the way, ”- recalled Mikhail.

The first songs of Kisha, sounded on the radio, were Hunter and In the Valley of the Swamps. The first talked about a hunter throwing himself into a werewolf-killer, the second about a young man who intentionally did not help an old man who was bogged down in a quagmire.

It is interesting that Potty could not stand fairy tales from childhood until, from the filing of the Prince, he became acquainted with pagan tales of witches and other evil spirits. At the same time, the Pot did not like when his compositions were called "fairy tales". “Fables - this suits me more,” the musician shared in an interview.

To popularity, the group went quite a long time. Things went uphill in 1998 when the musicians recorded the Acoustic Album, which impressed the critics with unusual arrangements. In the same year, the group shot the first clip in a studio quality ("Eaten meat men"), which was accepted into the MTV rotation.

In 2003, Gorshok became a member of the “conditional” Petersburg group “Rock Group”, which also included Andrey Knyazev, Yuri Shevchuk (DDT), Ilya Chert (“Pilot”), Alexander Chernetsky (“Different People”) and Alexey Gorshenev, artist’s brother. The group recorded a joint album, "Pops."

Soon, the members of the “King and the Jester” opened the Old House rock club in St. Petersburg. The musicians participated in the design of the site, they also held rehearsals and concerts. However, a couple of years later the club had to be closed due to financial troubles.

In 2005, Gorshenev released his first solo album, “I am an Alcoholic Anarchist,” consisting entirely of cover versions of the songs of the “Brigadier in a row” group. Two songs from the album were in the hundred charts "Chart Dozen 2005".

Also during these years, Mikhail often recorded songs with other famous performers and groups - Alexander Ivanov ("NAIV"), groups "Alice" and "Object of ridicule", Pelageya and others.

Personal life of Mikhail Gorshenev

In 2003, the musician divorced his first wife. Little is known about Anfisa's further fate - she worked for some time as a dancer in Cyprus, then returned to Russia and settled in the Urals. The finale was tragic - she died from an overdose.

In the same year, the musician met the love of his life - 20-year-old Olga. She was not a fan of “The King and the Jester”, and she met Mikhail in a restaurant, where she came with her friend. Toothless, but charming musician persuaded the girl to walk around the night city, subdued her with a sense of humor and simplicity.

As Mikhail Gorshenyov stated that he "would not live to see 40," and why Russian youth gasped when the "prediction" came true.

Crowds of fans, Iroquois, wristbands and, of course, raincoats on the floor. Shouts of "punks, hoi," guitars, songs, and "three axes." The "King and the Jester" group has become for young people of the 90s and zero something much more than just a "set of songs." They did not sound from every teapot, like most pop artists. Their tapes were taken, rewritten (there were cases when two tape recorders were placed nearby - the sound was, of course, creepy) and were really afraid to lose.

In the 2010s, there were three “final chords” of “Chisha”. In 2011, he announced that he was leaving the group, Andrei Knyazev. Gorshenyov himself began to gravitate more to the theater, talked about the new season of his zod opera TODD ... Preparing for a performance scheduled for July 20.

July 19, 2013 it became known that Mikhail Gorshenev died at his home in St. Petersburg.

It’s hard to think of a more non-Pankian pedigree than Potter’s. Mom Tatyana graduated from the Petrozavodsk Conservatory and worked in a music school, in a kindergarten, or in an orphanage. Father - Major of the Border Troops Yuri Gorshenyov. No wonder military discipline reigned at home.

- The rules in my family were very strict. Father enjoyed unquestioned authority. He needed to answer clearly: “Yes, dad!”, “Good, dad!” About what could be somehow different, I found out much later. And my childhood passed in a very tight framework, ”Ilya Stogov quoted Gorshenyov in the book“ Sinners ”.

The future musician was born on August 7, 1973 in the Leningrad Region. However, a military father and his family dangled all over Russia. Often visited the Far East.

- As a child, I wanted to be like dad. He was going to enter a military school. Father’s life was simple and clear. And in business, and in things, he always had order. And I don’t, ”said Gorshenyev later.

Misha turned seven when the family lived near Khabarovsk. Parents decided that constantly changing schools for their son was a bad option, and sent him to their grandmother in the Leningrad region. Soon, his father was transferred to Leningrad, given an apartment and Misha began to live with his parents, as well as his younger brother Lesha.

“It turned out that I'm not quite the way they would like to see me.” At first they tried not to notice my oddities. Then scandals began. I was silent all the time. It seemed to parents that this was not normal. I could sit for hours and silently watch how my mother does something about the housework, ”Gorshenyov recalled.

Parents even had thoughts to send him to a boarding school for children with special needs. However, he studied normally and understood everything no worse than the rest. Just was taciturn.

- Classmates were interested in girls. Or yard football. Or something else. And I kept silent my childhood. I was a little shy to open my mouth and speak. But I did not need to entertain: it was enough for me to look at the wall to immediately fall out of the world, - quotes the words of Gorshenev Stogov.

Second Picasso did not work

At 10, Misha lost two front teeth. I watched the guys pulling themselves up on the horizontal bar, and thought it was quite possible to hang out with their teeth caught.

Later, he himself admitted: he can not be called either a fighter or a bully. At the same time, Misha always got into stupid stories: he accidentally pushes someone, falls so that he hits his head with all his might, he jumps unsuccessfully and breaks his arm.

At school, he became interested in music and painting. Could a whole lesson to draw some incomprehensible picture to anyone but him. Therefore, it is difficult to call Gorshenyov a good student.

In 1989, with two friends - Poruchik (Alexander Schigolev) and Balu (Alexander Balunov) - it was decided to create a group. They called it "Office", recorded a couple of songs. But then the matter somehow did not advance. It was necessary to develop, and to act somewhere.

- Having hardly graduated from eight classes, I entered the restoration school. Then I thought that maybe I could become an artist, ”he recalled.

The second Picasso from Pot did not work, but studying in the restoration still paid off. So, he met here Andrei Knyazev.

- I went nuts from what he did in the classroom. I'm sitting with him, I have different notebooks - and he has one, in all subjects. And he writes nothing there, but only draws. I see - familiar faces. I had a lot of fun sitting with him. He smoked and drank alcohol in the toilet. And I smoked, but was engaged in boxing, ”he told Evgenia Libabova (“ The King and the Jester. ”Punk Angels“).

They worked part-time: putty, painted, whitewashed buildings, but constantly flew out "for idleness." And they had one thing in mind - creativity and group. They still received diplomas in 1991. The question arose where to work.

At some point, a classmate “put in a word” and the guys got to work in the Hermitage. An apartment was even allocated from the museum, where, however, only Gorshenyov settled, who left home. And at the same time musical instruments.

From Slaughtered Dandelion to King and the Jester

- When they started to develop the concept of a new group with Pot, we realized that we needed a name. Late in the evening we sat at home - he was at home, I was at home. I then thought up all sorts of nonsense. “A stabbed dandelion, an apocalypse,” Libabov quotes Andrey Knyazev.

As a result, they came up with "King and the Jester." At first, they were even joked by common acquaintances: "Oh, the king and the jester are coming." True, they soon stopped doing this. So, there are five people in the group: Pot, Prince, Balu, Hazel, and Poruchik.

In the early 1990s, they released their first album "Heresy", it was recorded at home. Soon appeared "Hunter", "Memories of a dead woman." Then they were first put on the radio. And then the songs "Kisha" on the air were waited primarily by all its participants.

In 1993, Lieutenant was taken into the army. Then the brother of Mikhail Gorshenev Alexei (Yagoda) came into the group. Together they recorded the album "Be at home, traveler." Which, however, upon the return of Lieutenant, was rewritten again.

- Since childhood, I terribly hate music. I was assigned to a music school - learning to play the accordion. When I finally got the count, I left the notes and the music diary in the trolleybus and went out, ”recalled Aleksey Gorshenyov.

However, the hatred of music did not stop him from performing in a school with a brass band, and later to assemble his own group - "Kukryniksy".

The most famous St. Petersburg rock club of the 90s. And in principle, the most famous rock place in Russia. By 1993, Pot literally settled in it - spent all his free time here. He met with musicians and tried to arrange a performance of Kish.

Here he met with the current leader of the “Pilot” Ilya Knabenhof (Damn), with its founder Seva Gakkel - and many with whom. Here, in the winter of 1993, “King and the Jester” played their first concert.

On stage, the Prince and Pot were already soloists. Only if the last microphone was rebuilt, the first all the time had problems with the equipment - well, then Russian sound engineers did not have practice in terms of rebuilding two vocalists on stage at once.

The composition of the group periodically changed. So, Ryabchik left her, when the Lieutenant came from the army - they said goodbye to Yagoda.

They were looking for a musician. In 1995, Pot at one of the concerts came across an unknown group Ausweis, where Yakov Zvirkunov was the guitarist. As a result, he was taken to his place.

Wedding and heroin

In 1994, Potty married for the first time. By that time, they had met his beloved Anfisa for about two years. The couple met at the Polygon club at a concert.

“The wedding was disgusting: a table squeezed into their cramped room, a bunch of relatives, a grandfather in a tie, a nerd-toastmaster ...” the Prince recalled.

First, the Gorshenevs rented an apartment, then the rooms. Later they lived according to friends.

Later, the musician recalled that these were the worst years in his life. So, they constantly cursed, sometimes fought and, worst of all, used drugs together.

“And still it was a story of very great love.” Only this love gradually turned into a nightmare, - quotes the words of the Pot Ilya Stogov.

As a result, it became clear that the spouses would have to be bred in different directions; Pot himself would not be selected. They tried not to talk to their parents until the last, but at some point it turned out that it was impossible not to notice.

“They broke their marriage: Anfisa was sent to her parents, and Pot was determined to be treated. And gradually the situation began to improve, ”said Knyazev.

"On TV" Kish got in 1996. So, they were noticed by journalist Natalya Krusanova during a speech at the next festival. Filmed for four days. The scenery was invented by ourselves, the program sounded the songs of the group. As a result, the broadcast took place.

Knyazev could not watch the broadcast - he was in the hospital. I thought that, as they write out, there would be no passage - well, that's it, star. And he was very surprised when on the way home nobody still recognized him.

Glory in its very understanding came to Kishu in the same 96th - when they recorded “Stone on the head”. Then "In the provincial town there was a holiday, the music sounded" played from all the irons.

The group itself, by the way, did not receive a penny for the album. They were told that it wasn’t selling well. And they did not understand it - the first "adult" album after all.

And then there were concerts for 2000 people, work with Joseph Prigogine, several performances without Pot and recording one of the most successful albums - acoustic. Gorshenev insisted that he be sold as Knyazev’s solo album (since he himself did not actually take part). They did not do this. "Not enough for soloists," said the producers.

In 1999, the guys assembled the Yubileiny Stadium in St. Petersburg. A year and a half later, the first tour of Russia took place, their songs were played in full on Nashi. In general, the King and the Jester group has finally established itself as one of the visiting cards of Russian rock.

Explosion performance

In July 2003, an explosion occurred at the Wings festival in Tushino. This happened just during the performance of "King and the Jester."

There was a roar, those who were outside the stage and the festival venue joked that the billboard had fallen off. No one could have thought that an explosion had occurred in the crowd.

According to the official version, 20-year-old Zulikhan Elikhadzhieva blew herself up. She fired an explosive device that did not detonate. And 15 minutes later, another suicide bomber, 26-year-old Zinaida Aliyeva, blew herself up near her.

That there was an explosion, it became known at the end of the speech Kisha. And one of the first musicians to tell about what happened and explain why the performance was not interrupted was Prince - Gorshenyov (as often happened) did not come to the journalists.

By the way, one of those who resented the continuation of the festival was the musician Roma Zver. Gorshenyov could not forgive him for these charges.

In 2002, a major change occurred in Gorshenev’s life: he met his second future wife, Olga.

- She is a girl from a prosperous family and already had her own business. And we met in a nightclub where friends took her out, ”Gorshenyov told the AiF newspaper in a recent interview.

Both Olga and Mikhail have repeatedly admitted in an interview that after that they believed in love at first sight. Gorshenyev asked the girl to take him home after the club. Since this all started.

Olga is a lawyer specializing in real estate. Itself has never been a fan of Kish. And when her brother turned on the group’s records, she asked for a change of music.

Nevertheless, she soon went on tour with them. By the way, fans also owe Olga the appearance of a Pot of teeth.

- Misha inserted his teeth almost immediately after we met. He himself had been thinking about this for a long time, but I wrote him to the doctor. Misha himself was afraid, - she said in an interview with MK.

In 2005, they played a wedding on a ship. Gorshenyov at that time was in a blindfold, the party was sober. Later, in an interview, the musician repeatedly admitted that he was generally alive thanks to Olga. She only laughed it off in response: "Well, I'm not a doctor."

Then Misha seemed to be replaced. From that punk that could roam the streets in a frenzy, he turned into a good family man who did not have a soul for his wife. He was engaged in household chores when he went on tour - he called up with his wife. Scandalous jerky interviews gave way to a beautiful intelligible speech. He talked a lot about rock, the development of music. In general, to recognize the Pot of the 90s in this musician was simply impossible. And thank God. Gorshenyev himself has repeatedly admitted that he really likes family life: "How cool it is: to come home, where they are waiting for you," he once said.

In 2009, their daughter Sasha was born. When asked by the media whether it was scary to give birth, Gorshenyov’s wife admitted: he had been in the eyeballs for several years, and they went to Crimea. In general, in May a healthy girl was born, like two drops of water similar to her father.

Olga already had a daughter from her first marriage - Anastasia. However, Gorshenyev also got along well with her. He even asked me to call him Mishutka: initially the girl wanted to call him dad, but Gorshenyov decided that this was wrong.

- I bought the same gifts for the girls, sometimes I even jerked Sasha, like the youngest, pulling a blanket over herself: "Nastya needs it now! I will buy everything for you. Bear with it," Olga said in an interview.

In December 2011, it became known that the Prince decided to leave the group. No, the composition of Kisha, of course, changed, but such dramatic changes shocked fans. How can one of the two main, as it seemed to many, components of “King and the Jester” in general leave after two decades of joint work? Although the Prince had a solo project at that time.

- This is both a welcome and a forced decision. The factor of two ideological leaders demanded constant mutual compromises. Understanding that their nature cannot be eternal, I divided the group’s work into mine and “Kishevskoe”, - said the Prince then.

However, by that time Gorshenyov was in full swing preparing for the production of his musical TODD, and continued to tour Russia with concerts. So, it seemed, the guys broke up on a positive note. In any case, fans thought so.

"You will not find a terrible story, and there is no sadder ballad in the world than this - about poor barber Todd and his young beautiful wife Betty." The theme of the theater has fascinated Gorshenyov since about 2010: he always said that the group should develop, and as one of the options he considered a zong opera about a killer-hairdresser.

The group "KiSh" released two parts of an album dedicated to opera. In 2012, the theater premiered. A musician, even one of the most famous in Russia, rock bands and an actor, are two fundamentally different professions. Gorshenyov tried to make it so that not punk Gorshok appeared on the stage, but actor Mikhail Gorshenyov, who plays the role of the killer-hairdresser Sweeney Todd. Therefore, he literally settled in the theater.

- Misha grew up from “The King and the Jester” - he became interested in theater, staged the musical TODD. It took two years - the project took all its strength. My husband went to work in Moscow, and I stayed in Petersburg. We had to live between two cities, which added complexity, ”said Olga MK.

She tried to be with him as often as possible, but her own work, children — time was not always there. So, Olga did not get to the festival "Invasion" in 2013, where, as she was later told, Misha got drunk.

Given the health problems, constant work and nerves, of course, it affected him not in the best way.

July 19, they were supposed to meet - the next day at Chisha performance. As luck would have it, Gorshenyov did not pick up the phone. Olya drove home at great speed, worried that something could happen. I reassured myself with only one thought: "Maybe I'm tired and sleeping?"

Exactly Olga found the body Mikhail Gorshenyov in their house on the outskirts of St. Petersburg. Later the investigation establishedthat the cause of death was heart failure. As investigators found out, shortly before his death, he drank alcohol and morphine.

Until his 40th birthday, he did not live a little more than two weeks. Many years before, he admitted in an interview: he was sure that he would not mark this date. But no one expected these words to be prophetic.

The King and the Jester group officially ceased to exist shortly after the incident. Until 2016, TODD “stalled”, but the production was eventually rehabilitated: now the role of a barber killer performed by professional actors.

Daughter Sasha is growing. Outwardly, more and more like a father. Last year I came to the "Invasion". Who knows, maybe he will come in this.

These, in fact, are all the “fairy tales” that remained for the fans in memory of Gorshenev.


Born on August 7, 1973 in the city of Pikalyovo, Leningrad Region (the city of Boksitogorsk is mistakenly considered to be the birthplace) in the family of the border guard major Yuri Mikhailovich Gorshenyov and his wife Tatyana Ivanovna. Because of the father’s profession, the family often had to move, mostly living in the Far East. When Mikhail was two years old, the younger brother Alexei was born in the family. As a child, Gorshenyov wanted to follow in his father's footsteps, was about to enter a military school. By the time Mikhail had to go to first grade, the family was living near Khabarovsk. Parents decided to send Michael to study in the Leningrad region with his grandmother. Then Yuri Mikhailovich was transferred to work in Leningrad, the family received an apartment on Rzhevka. From the regional school, Mikhail moved to Leningrad, No. 147. In junior classes, he was engaged in boxing, and also took guitar lessons, and the teacher came to his house.

Together with classmates Alexander Balunov (Balu) and Alexander Schigolev (Lieutenant) in 1988 he founded the group "Office". In 1990, he invited Andrey Knyazev (Prince) to the group as a creator of texts and a second vocalist. Due to the fact that the texts were distinguished by fabulous motives, the group became known as the “King of Fools”, later - “King and the Jester”. After school, Mikhail entered the Leningrad restoration school No. 61, where he studied for three years and was expelled for not studying, but for music.

In 2005, Mikhail Gorshenyov's debut solo album, “I Am an Alcoholic Anarchist,” was released, tribute to the band Brigadier in a row, the songs “Life” and “Nightingales” from which were included in the final hundred of the Chart Dozen charts for 2005.

He participated in the St. Petersburg musical project “Rock Band” together with Andrei Knyazev, Yuri Shevchuk (DDT), Ilya Chert (“Pilot”), Alexander Chernetsky (“Different People”) and his younger brother Alexei Gorshenyov (“Kukryniksy”). In 2006, together with Alexander "Chachey" Ivanov, he took part in the recording of the new version of the song "Punk Rock Lessons" by the "Brigadier in a row" group. In 2008, along with Alexander Balunov (a former member of the group), he participated in the recording of the album “Drinking with Jesus” by Red Elvises - the song “Don’t Crucify Me” (written together with Igor Yuzov).

In 2010, he became interested in theatrical production. In the process of work, the idea of ​​creating a theatrical and musical project about a maniac - hairdresser Sweeney Todd was born. So the musical “TODD” was born, which gradually joined all the musicians of the “King and the Jester” band. The result was the release of a new album based on material for the musical - TODD. Act 1. A feast of blood, and later - TODD. Act 2. On the edge.

He died in his 40th year of life on the night of July 18-19, 2013 in house No. 5 on Ozerkovsky Prospect of St. Petersburg. The cause of death was toxic cardiomyopathy with the development of acute heart failure due to the use of alcohol and morphinism.

The funeral service for Mikhail Gorshenev took place on Monday, July 22 at the Yubileiny sports complex in St. Petersburg. The body was cremated, it was planned to dispel the ashes, since Mikhail was against any burial rites, but on August 1, the ashes were buried in the main avenue of the Theological Cemetery in St. Petersburg.


Fans and colleagues of the departed leader of the legendary group “The King and the Fool” Mikhail Gorshenyov considered him the last “real punk”, for him it was not a stage way, but a lifestyle. “Pot”, as his close friends and fans called him, was one of the most talented and “driving” vocalists of the national rock scene.

Mikhail Gorshenyov was born in August 1973 in Pikalyovo, a settlement that belongs to the Boksitogorsky municipal district of the Leningrad Region. The father of the musician, Yuri Mikhailovich, was a major border guard. Because of his service, the family often wandered around the Soviet Union. For a long time, the Gorshenevs lived in the Far East.

When Misha was 2 years old, he had a brother Alexei Gorshenyov. Looking ahead, let's say that he also connected his life with music and became the vocalist of the rock group Kukryniksy.

Mikhail Gorshenyov in childhood with his brother

When it was time to go to school, the family lived near Khabarovsk. Parents decided to send the boy to Leningrad region, to his grandmother. There he went to 1st grade. Soon the family moved to Leningrad and got an apartment on Rzhevka. Misha went to one of the city schools - the 147th. At first, Mikhail did not even dream of music. He wanted to go in the footsteps of his father and become a military man. At school, Misha became interested in boxing, and then music. It is noteworthy that the teacher, who gave the basics of playing the guitar, came to the student's home.

In the same 147 school, Mikhail Gorshenyov found his best friends and future colleagues: Alexander Balunov (Balu) and Alexander Schigolev (Lieutenant) were his classmates.

A family

  • Father - Yuri Mikhailovich Gorshenev (1951-2013, died 41 days after the death of his son).
  • Mother - Tatyana Ivanovna Gorshenyova.
  • Brother - Alexey Yuryevich Gorshenyov (born October 3, 1975).
  • First wife - Anfisa Sergeevna Gorshenyova (Kryuchkova) 07/30/1978 - 10/31/2009 (from 1997 to 2003) source not specified 1062 days .
  • Second wife - Olga Gorshenyova (Shabotova) (from 2005 to 2013) source not specified 1062 days .
  • Daughter - Alexander Gorshenev (born May 12, 2009).
  • Raised stepdaughter Anastasia (born September 3, 1999) - Olga's daughter from her first marriage.


July 22, 2013 began collecting signatures for the installation of the monument to Mikhail Gorshenev.

July 27 from 17:00 to 20:00 and July 28 from 12:00 to 18:00 on the air of Our Radio broadcast 12 chapters of the history of the King and the Jester group, made up of archival interviews by Mikhail Gorshenev and the recollections of people who were friends and worked with him: Alexey Gorshenev, Andrey Knyazev, Valery Arkadin, Mikhail Kozyrev, Igor Panker Gudkov, Chachi Ivanov, Katya Sundukova, Lyuda Streltsova, Yuri Dontsov, Dmitry Okhotnikov, Anatoly Sklyarenko, Alexei Kozin, Olga Shaydullina source not specified 1062 days .

July 19, 2014, on the anniversary of the death of Mikhail Gorshenyov, a monument in the form of a stele with a mosaic portrait of the musician was erected on his grave at the Theological Cemetery. The initiator of the installation of the monument and the author of the sketch was the widow of the musician Olga Gorshenyova. On the evening of the same day, a concert in memory of Mikhail Gorshenev took place at the Jubilee JCC, in which Yulia Kogan and the groups Mordor, Kukryniksy, NAIV, KnyaZz and the Northern Fleet took part.

On September 21, 2014, a monument-store for a musician was opened in Central Park in Krasnoyarsk.

On November 9, 2014, the art object “Music of Fairy Tales” was opened to Gorshenyov in Victory Park in Voronezh. Sculptor Andrei Teryokhin poorly executed the object, which was gradually destroyed and spoiled by vandals. On June 21, 2018, the monument was dismantled and taken away for restoration.

On June 14, 2017, the opening of the bench of rock musicians in the Country Park, the city of Samara, was held. The text reads: "Dedicated to Mikhail Gorshenev and all the gone rock musicians."

The death of Mikhail Gorshenev

Gorshenev died on the night of July 18-19, 2013. The cause of death was called acute heart failure, which developed against the background of alcohol and morphine abuse.

As relatives said, Mikhail for a long time kept and did not use drugs, almost did not drink alcohol. But while working on the rock opera TODD, where Mikhail played the evil killer barber, he began a nervous breakdown. Someone advised him to calm down with vodka - so he started to abuse alcohol again, and then returned to the long-forgotten "friend"

On the day of the tragedy, Olga took her daughter to her mother. When she returned, she found Mikhail - he was lying on the floor and was no longer breathing.

A memorial service for the musician was held three days after his death, in the complex "Jubilee". The body of the artist was cremated, and the dust was about to be dispelled, according to the wishes of the Pot. Nevertheless, on August 1, the ashes of the musician were buried in the Theological Cemetery. The father of the musician died 41 days after the death of his son.

Songs in memory of Mikhail Gorshenyov

  • Northern Fleet - Forward and Up
  • Northern Fleet - Arrows
  • Northern Fleet - Dance the King
  • “Kukryniksy” - to the verses by S. Yesenin “To the dead man” in memory of M. Gorshenev
  • “KnyaZz” and Aleksey Gorshenyov - “Pain”
  • “Balu” - “Death of the Jester”.
  • “Angel of Heaven” - “The sky is crying for the Jester”
  • “Cemetery of Hearts” - “Through thunder ...”
  • "Moon Dog" - "Potty"
  • "The Seventh Sun" - "Legend"
  • Anadora - Heroes of Our Time
  • “War of Emotions” - “Crazy King”
  • “Huron and the Mohicans” - “Punk rock lit me”
  • “Fog” - “Time to fly away”
  • December - Boys Don't Cry
  • Sergey Strelkov - “Train”
  • Barto - The Roots
  • Sergey Levchenko - “In Memory of Mikhail Gorshenev”
  • “Peace Days” - “Great and sad events”
  • “2-15” - “In memory of Mikhail Gorshenev”
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  • Gorshenyov had four front upper teeth knocked out, which is why he had problems with diction. He later inserted artificial teeth.

When I was ten years old, I watched the big guys pull themselves up on the horizontal bar. It became interesting to me: is it possible to hold onto the horizontal bar not with hands, but with teeth? I jumped up, tried to bite an iron horizontal bar - and broke my four front teeth. Later, in a fight, they knocked out a few more. And the rest of the teeth got pretty bad from drugs. I came to TaMtAm almost completely toothless.

  • Since the 1990s, Gorshenev has been using heroin, resulting in eight clinical deaths.
  • In the book of Igor Konychev "Northern Wolves" there are references to the creative image of Mikhail Gorshenyov.
  • Gorshenev's favorite computer games were The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, Gothic, and Rome: Total War.


Gorshenyov about his tattoos in the Tattoo Master magazine:

“I have 5 tattoos. The first I did at age 20 - the Joker. Terrible, terrible Joker. Another - from the design of our first album “Be at home, traveler” - the devil's head grows out of a tree. Another tattoo is Anarchy on the cross. Another tattoo - 7 of my dead friends in the form of skulls: Sid Vicious, Kurt Cobain, Elvis Presley ... well, they can only be recognized by hairstyles. And all my tattoos make sense. ... Each is a separate story, invented by me. I do everything myself - both themes and sketches "...

In 2010, he made a “A” tattoo in a circle (a symbol of anarchists) on his chest in the area of ​​the heart. source not specified 1062 days

In 2013, he made another tattoo - an image of his daughter Alexandra. source not specified 1062 days


In 1988, Gorshenyev, together with Balu and Lieutenant, founded the Kontora group. After 2 years, Andrey Knyazev (“Prince”) joined them. He wrote lyrics and became the second vocalist.

It so happened that the lyrics of many songs had fabulous motives. This prompted the musicians to rename their collective from the “Office” to the “King of Fools”. Later, the name was transformed into "King and the Jester."

After receiving a certificate of maturity, Mikhail Gorshenyov did not want to talk about any military career. The main thing in his life was music. Therefore, in order to reassure his parents, he entered the Restoration Lyceum in order to acquire at least some specialty. But after 3 years the guy was expelled: the student did not have time to study, because all his time the music was taking him.

But it was at the Lyceum that he met Knyazev. During this period, the style of performance of the “Office” is changing. Classic punk has replaced the style in which fans of the “King and the Jester” will unmistakably recognize their favorite band. Lyrics are some creepy medieval stories. “Sorcerer's Doll”, “Forester”, “Cursed Old House” - and no matter the song, then a hit. No wonder the Pot called Howard Phillips Lovecraft and Gustav Meyrink their favorite writers.

The first studio album "KiSh" is released in 1996 and is called "A stone on the head." The team is quickly becoming popular. This was a period when the "old" rock bands either disappeared or experienced a creative crisis. The “adrenaline” music and the fairy tales of the “King and the Jester” turned out to be the new fresh stream that rock music fans had been waiting for.

Mikhail Gorshenyov, the group "King and the Jester"

Albums appear one after another. “Men ate meat”, “Acoustic Album” and “Heroes and Villains” were released in 1999 and 2000. The group successfully tours the country, gathering full halls and stadiums of fans of their work. “The King and the Jester” becomes a niche collective, and then goes into the “category” of sensations of an all-Russian scale.

"KiSh" is a regular guest, and then a regular in the largest festivals. Mikhail Gorshenyev and the guys are invited to broadcast Dmitry Dibrov on the popular Anthropology program.

The creative biography of Mikhail Gorshenev is developing rapidly. The peak of popularity falls on 2001. The group is recording a new album, “Like an Old Tale.” There are clips for some songs that are constantly "twisted" on television. And in 2005, Mikhail Gorshenyev gives his fans a solo album entitled “I am an alcoholic! I am an anarchist! ”, In which there are covers of some songs of the“ Brigade in a row ”group.

In 2010, the musician and vocalist is fond of theatrical production. In the process of work, he has the idea to create a theatrical and musical project about the maniac-hairdresser Sweeney Todd. So the musical “TODD” appears. Gradually, all the musicians of The King and the Jester “joined” him, with the exception of Andrei Knyazev. He categorically did not consider the prospect with the theater, he understood that he had to immerse himself completely, and he still had a lot of unrealized ideas. Therefore, he decided to create his own team "KnyaZz".

The musicians agreed that Andrei takes with him those songs, the authorship of which belongs to him. True, Michael did not understand at all how Knyazev would put up with smaller rooms after the stadium level. But, in any case, in 2012 their paths diverged.

Based on the musical, two albums are released one after another: “TODD. Act 1. Holiday of Blood ”and“ TODD. Act 2. On the edge. " The scale of the design and the originality of the compositions of these albums are amazing. It is felt that Mikhail Gorshenev is on the verge of a new stage in his work and that he still has many non-trivial ideas. But these albums turned out to be farewell, leaving a feeling of incompleteness and understatement among fans of Gorshenev’s music.

Personal life

For the first time the musician married unsuccessfully. Anfisa's wife could not give him a strong family and children. Together, they were only in one: addiction to drugs. They lived for 7 years, more than once Michael's parents sent them for treatment. But upon returning from hospitals, it all started all over again. After the divorce, she left for Cyprus, where she worked as a dancer. After she lived somewhere beyond the Urals. Potter's brother accidentally found out about her death when he was on tour in Siberia. She died of an overdose.

Mikhail Gorshenyov with his wife Olga

The personal life of Mikhail Gorshenev changed after meeting with a girl who became his second wife. He met Olga in the restaurant of the club "Old House", where the group "King and the Jester" performed. Olga went to ask for an autograph for her brother. Young people started talking and did not notice how this communication grew into genuine interest in each other.

The girl had a 4-year-old daughter Nastya from her first marriage. Michael treated her as his own child, they immediately found a common language. A man took her to kindergarten, read books to her, and taught her to ride a bicycle. But when she suddenly began to call him “dad”, he considered it wrong, since Nastya’s father was still alive and well. Then he told her that Nastya would call him "Mishutka."

Mikhail Gorshenyov with his wife and daughter

Gorshenyev later admitted that he grabbed Olga as the last straw. She really for some period helped him give up drugs. He underwent treatment, rehabilitation. After rehearsals or concerts, Misha ran home headlong.

Soon he started talking about wanting to leave a sequel. In May 2009, she and Olga had a daughter, Sasha, whom he loved more than anything else.


The musician's life ended abruptly. He was in a new round of popularity and was full of plans. The first to understand that the irreparable happened, the wife of Olya. Michael did not answer the calls. The place of death of Mikhail was a country house, which he rented for his family. A syringe was lying next to the body. Why the musician returned to addiction is not clear. But some friends said that lately he was too "wound up". I took off the tension with a drink.

The cause of the death of Mikhail Gorshenev, which was reported after the examination, is heart failure due to the use of alcohol and morphine. He died on the night of July 18-19, 2013. Michael died at the age of 39, before he lived for several weeks before the 40th birthday.

The musician repeatedly spoke about his funeral long before his death. He wanted his ashes scattered in the wind. And he was categorically against the rite of burial, since he did not hide that he was an atheist. He believed that people would stop investing in weapons and start investing in science. In his opinion, otherwise humanity on Earth can not live long.

The funeral of Mikhail Gorshenev

In an interview, his friend Andrei Knyazev said that once he came to a rehearsal and told everyone about Edgar Allan Poe’s recently read story “Buried Alive,” where the hero woke up in a coffin. He was very impressed and said that he did not want this to happen to him.

His body was cremated, but the ashes Gorshenyov desired were not dispelled, but buried in the main alley of the St. Petersburg Theological Cemetery.

Only close and dear people came to say goodbye to the singer at the cemetery - the artist’s family wanted this. At that time, his daughter was 4 years old. On the 41st day after the death of his son, Mikhail's father died, unable to bear the loss.

The grave of Mikhail Gorshenev

Olga founded the Mikhail Gorshenev Memorial Fund. The main goal of the organization is to preserve the creative heritage of the leader of the King and the Jester group. The foundation organizes commemorative concerts and also promotes the production of rare materials.

His teammates after the death of Mikhail went on a farewell tour of the cities of Russia. They gave 47 concerts, and afterwards they informed fans that from now on they ceased their creative activities under the name “King and the Jester”. All their subsequent albums were already recorded with the name “Northern Fleet”.

Mikhail Gorshenyov

In 2017, a concert was held in memory of the musician in "Jubilee", at which his 8-year-old daughter Sasha performed. The baby chose the song herself, based on her vocal data. The girl performed the composition of Julia Kogan "From women around the head." And at the end of the number she cried out: “Punks, hoy!”, To which the audience answered her with loud applause.


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