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October 3rd the long-awaited premiere of the film "Joker" , thanks to Joaquin Phoenix ended up on top of fame. In a comic book-based story, a 44-year-old actor plays Arthur Fleck who is destined to become a legendary villain and a constant "pain in the ass" Batman .

Fans are sure that Phoenix will receive an Oscar. The actor has already been awarded the TIFF Tribute Actor Award at the Toronto International Film Festival in September, where he reflected on his career and personal life.

Despite the tragedies in the life of the actor, for example, the death of his older brother and actor River, overcoming alcohol addiction, Joaquin Phoenix was able to become one of the most respected actors in Hollywood.


The brilliant acting future of Joaquin Phoenix was predicted by Brother River in his early youth. Then no one believed his words. Now in the filmography of the star, many masterpieces have been collected that have left their mark on the history of cinema. But Phoenix is ​​still critical of his work and does not like to talk about them.

1. Overcoming the loss.

Phoenix witnessed the death of his older brother River in 1993, when they were outside the popular nightclub The Viper Room with their sister Rain.

River died of an overdose of drugs. He was 23 years old, and he was preparing to become one of the best actors of his generation. Now this is his younger brother, who seems to have taken on this burden with unforgettable roles in Gladiator, Cross the Line, Master and She , as well as in three nominations for the Oscars.

However, Phoenix does not like to talk about the death of his brother or how he personally and professionally suffered from the loss.

"I try not to think about it," said the Phoenix Vanity Fair after being asked about the River.

Childhood and youth

Joaquin with his brother and three sisters from birth bore the name Bott. Parents Arlene Sharon Dunets and John Lee Bottom until 1978 were in the sect "Children of God", missionary and traveled in an old van in South America. Having got rid of the influence of the religious movement, they became the Phoenixes. From a former life, the family left only a commitment to vegetarianism. Arlene got a job as secretary of the casting department of NBC, which determined the future of children.

As Joaquin claimed in an interview, he was born with an injury on his face - there was a scar above his upper lip that resembled a mark from a cleft lip. Although fans suspect that the actor still did the operation to eliminate the aesthetic defect.


The on-screen biography of the Phoenix began with advertisements and the series “Seven Brides for Seven Brothers,” “Alfred Hitchcock Presents.” He got his first notable role in the thriller “Die in Name” about a troubled young man who, under the influence of a beautiful careerist, goes to kill.

In the tragicomedy “Parents”, Joan’s partner was Keanu Reeves, who later became a close friend. The actor is friends with Ben Affleck, whose brother Casey is married to his sister Summer, and in 2010 he shot Phoenix in his project “I'm Still Here.”

Zero can safely be called a light streak of an actor’s career. Several films with his participation were awarded with high awards and nominations: “Mysterious Forest”, “Hotel Rwanda”, “Signs”. For the image of the Roman emperor Commodus in the “Gladiator”, Joaquin was awarded personal nominations for an Oscar, BAFTA and Sputnik Prizes.

The audience was impressed by Phoenix's performance of the priest in the film “Feather of the Marquis de Sade” and musician Johnny Cash in the biopic “Cross the Line”. For the sake of the latter, which brought the first Golden Globe, Joaquin learned to play the guitar and sing.

The film “Don’t worry, he won’t go far” is also based on memoirs - cartoonist John Callahan. He became famous for cartoons for the spite of the day, in which there was no political correctness, which only contributed to the development of a brilliant creative career. Phoenix this time plunged into the role: drove him in a wheelchair, fairly reasonably imitated John's drawings, spent hours getting used to the medical bed.

The drama "Master", for which the actor received the prize of the Venice Festival and was nominated for an Oscar and Golden Globe, critics consider it the most difficult and serious reincarnation of him. One can only guess what it cost Phoenix to play an alcoholic who fell under the influence of a sect. After all, he openly admitted that he himself was "closely acquainted" with the "green serpent."

Joaquin received the "Golden Palm Branch" of the Cannes Film Festival for his role in the thriller "You Have Never Been Here." In the fantastic drama “She,” Phoenix embodied the image of a writer who was inflamed with true feelings for a virtual lover. Scarlett Johansson voiced the lady of the heart. The picture was awarded an Oscar for the script, and the Golden Globe of Joaquin was "stolen" by Leonardo DiCaprio.

Neonarium comedy "Congenital vice" is another attempt by the actor to conquer the treasured gilded figurine. As a result - 2 nominations for the Oscars and the Independent Spirit Prize personally to Phoenix.

In the Western Sisters Brothers, Joaquin and John C. Riley appeared in the image of brothers, different in temperament, but united by one - a craving for robbery, murder and other vices of the human soul.

In 2003, Joaquin became one of the participants in the documentary "Earthlings", which talks about the need for an ethical attitude to animals and the environment. Phoenix considers this film the most significant in his career. His participation in the film was awarded the Humanitarian Award of the San Diego Film Festival.

Personal life

With Joaquin, you can talk about art, music, everyday affairs, animal welfare (this topic is very close to the actor), but not about personal life. He has not been married yet, although I will give enough hearts.

At one time, Phoenix met with a girl with an unusual name Acacia. This relationship was replaced by others - with Liv Tyler. The two stars met in 1997 on the set of the film "Inventing Abbots." This relationship lasted 3 years, but then the couple decided to leave.

The novel with the Topaz model ended in nothing. As the actor admitted, he prefers natural women who don’t dream of playing someone else’s roles and representing themselves as who they are not.

2. Phoenix wanted to give up his acting career, but his brother convinced him to return.

Like the river, Phoenix He was fond of acting from childhood. At that time, he was still filming under the name Leaf given to him at birth. He played well in films like "Parents" (1989) and "Anything for love" (1985).

However, he later took a break and traveled with his father to Mexico and South America for a while before returning to shoot the film with Nicole Kidman "Die in the Name" 1995 year.

“When I was 15 or 16 years old, my brother River came home from work and brought a VHS copy of Raging Bull. He put me down and made me watch,” Phoenix said at the Toronto International Film Festival in September.

“And the next day he woke me up and forced me to look again. And he said:“ You will continue to play, this is what you should do. ”The river did not ask me, but confronted the fact. And I owe him for this, because it was my acting career that gave me such an incredible life. "

3. Overcoming addiction.

The actor underwent a rehabilitation course from alcohol dependence in 2005.

"He was not comfortable with how he lived his life, and he found the strength to cope with this disease," the representative of the Phoenix commented.

“I just considered myself a hedonist,” Phoenix told The New York Times in 2017. “I was an actor in Los Angeles and wanted to have a good time. But I didn’t have the connection with the world or with myself that I wanted. ”He continued:“ I was an idiot, broke off, drank, tried to fool people, went to stupid clubs. ”

4. He found love and happiness with Rooney Mara.

Phoenix currently engaged to his partner in the movie She, Rooney Mara. Although both kept their relationship in the background, Phoenix admitted that he did a little research on the 34-year-old Mara after they met.

In a recent interview with Vanity Fair, the actor admitted that he initially believed that Mara did not like him during the filming of the movie "She." However, then he discovered that, on the contrary, she liked him, the actress was simply embarrassed to show it.

“She's the only girl I've ever talked to online,” said Phoenix. “We were just friends, email friends.”

However, even being “just friends,” Phoenix couldn't help but want to know more about the actress.

“I have never done this before. I’ve never looked for a girl on the Internet, "he said.

Last month, Phoenix lovingly thanked Mara for her support during the TIFF Tribute Actor Award at the Toronto International Film Festival.

5. Will the Joker receive an Oscar?

Phoenix really deserves praise for his acting in the "Joker" by Todd Philip, where he portrays the mentally unstable Arthur Fleck, a novice comedian who decided to retaliate against people who rejected him.

The actor lost 24 kg for the role. Everything changes when it comes to the relationship between mind and body.

"For example, the hardest thing is to wake up every day and be obsessed with every 100 grams." - he said. "And it really becomes like some kind of frustration. I mean, it's wild."

The film received the Golden Lion Award at the Venice International Film Festival in September and was received by rave reviews from critics. And while Phoenix was applauded for his "impressive" performance, the film received some negative reaction for the brute force.

Perry Nemiroff from Collider wrote: “The Joker is one of the most annoying films I've seen in recent years. Joaquin Phoenix is ​​amazing - his physical form is especially impressive. He played very well in all directions, but at the same time I also remained upset and right now "I can’t get rid of this. I need more time to think things over."

American actor, producer, music video maker and musician

Joaquin Rafael Phoenix (Eng. Joaquin Raphael Phoenix) - American actor, producer, clip maker and musician. Phoenix plays both in commercial (“Gladiator”) and in auteur cinema (“Mysterious Forest”). He is a four-time nominee and winner of the Golden Globe Cinematography Award, Cannes prize winner and winner of the Volpi Cup of Venice Film Festivals for Best Actor and a Grammy Music Award, a three-time Academy Award nominee and British Film Academy Award. Joaquin Phoenix reached a career peak in the fall of 2019, starring in the movie Joker.

The childhood and education of Joaquin Phoenix

As reported in the biography of Joaquin Phoenix on the Learn Everything website, he was born in Puerto Rico on October 28, 1974. His maternal grandfather emigrated to the United States from Russia.

Father - John Lee Bottom (English John Lee Bottom) - a native of California, comes from a Spanish-Irish family.

Mother - Arlene Sharon Phoenix (Arlyn Phoenix, nee Dunets, 1944) - comes from a family of Jewish immigrants from Hungary and Russia.

The family of John Lee and Arlene Phoenix had five children. These are the sons of River (1970-1993) and Joaquin, the daughters of Liberty, Rain and Summer. It is known that Joaquin was born with cleft lip.

Parents were members of the Children of God sect and engaged in “missionary activity” while traveling in South America. But in 1978, Arlene and John left the sect, disappointed in everything that happened, and moved to Florida, changing their name to Phoenix. They had to flee home on a cargo liner transporting children's toys to Florida.

Joaquin's mother got a job at NBC's casting department. The children were "attached" to show business. Mom found an agent for the children, and they began to appear in commercials and television series, says Wikipedia's Joaquin Phoenix biography.

Joaquin's elder brother - River - became a successful actor. The Phoenix River began his career on TV at the age of 10. For the film "Running on the spot" (1988), he received an Oscar nomination in the category "Best Supporting Actor", for "My Personal Idaho" (1991), Joaquin Phoenix's brother received the Volpi Cup at the Venice Film Festival, Award for Best Actor from the National Society of Film Critics of the USA and the National Council of Film Critics of the USA

However, his biography ended tragically. In 1993, he died of a drug overdose right in front of Joaquin. This happened at the entrance to the Viper Room Club.

Joaquin Phoenix career in cinema

Joaquin did not even receive secondary education. He quit classes in his teens and earned money in the 80s by filming mostly in episodes in TV shows and movies. The most famous projects of this period of his biography “She wrote the murder” (1984), “Russians” (1987), “Parents” (1989).

After Rivera died, Joaquin was depressed. The director helped him return to the profession Gus Van Saintwho previously worked with his older brother. Joaquin played in the film "Die in the Name" (1995) and his partners became Nicole Kidman and Matt Dillon.

For many years, Joaquin tried to prove that he is a talented actor. He starred in the film "Turn" (1997) directed by Oliver Stone and in "8 millimeters" (1999) Joel Schumacher.

The finest hour of Joaquin Phoenix came after the release of "Gladiator" (2000) directed by Ridley Scott. For the role of Emperor Commodus, he was nominated for the "Guild of Actors Award", "BAFTA", "Golden Globe" and "Oscar", however, Joaquin did not receive statuettes.

After that, Phoenix switched to the main or prominent roles, he starred in the films “Feather of the Marquis de Sade” (2000), “Soldiers of Buffalo” (2001), “Mysterious Forest” (2004), “Hotel“ Rwanda ”(2004).

Spectators and critics admired the ability of the Phoenix to get used to the role.

In 2005, Phoenix played the legendary country musician Johnny cache in the movie "Cross the Line." This work brought him the Golden Globe and many more awards. According to the critic, he did not play, but became Cash. As is customary in Hollywood films, Joaquin sang songs himself, although he had not done this before and did not listen to country music.

After the tape "Lovers" (2008) by Dostoevsky he decided to leave the film business to devote himself to music. Joaquin appeared on a popular show David Letterman, fairly gaining weight, with a thick beard and announced a new round of his creative activity - rap. As a result, it turned out that all this is part of the filming of a pseudo-documentary film Casey Affleck “I'm Still Here” (2010).

In 2012, he starred in the movie "Master." In this film, Joaquin played a cruel war veteran drugged by the ideas of a destructive sect. Sometimes he “forgot” to leave the image and destroyed the set, causing himself injuries. He was nominated for an Oscar for his role, which again made him awkward: “Such awards are always the result of teamwork, and that’s all.” Joaquin Phoenix says he is indifferent to rewards.

2015 brought Phoenix a role in the film director Woody allen "Irrational man."

Phoenix always carefully selected projects and looked for a director with whom he had not worked yet, but could get along. He found such a person in his face Lynn Ramsey - British director, screenwriter, producer and cameraman. Working on “You Have Never Been Here” (2017), they were absolutely “on the same wavelength”.

“You have never been here” received two awards at the 70th Cannes Film Festival: “Best Actor” (Joaquin Phoenix) and “Best Screenplay” (Lynn Ramsey). The partner of the Phoenix in the film was the Russian model Ekaterina Samsonova.

“When I was nominated for the Best Actor in Cannes, I didn’t even think that I would win. He came to the gym in gym shoes, quietly sat in his seat. And in all this French speech that comes from the stage, my name sounds, people suddenly start to applaud, turn and look at me. I ask Rooney: “Do I have to get up?”, Joaquin Phoenix himself recalled.

In 2018, the actor presented three large films with his participation at once.“Do not worry, he will not go far” (2018) - the drama about the cartoonist, who is partially paralyzed, made Phoenix take a different look at the problems of people with disabilities.

In the same 2018, he starred in the role of Christ in the film "Mary Magdalene." Answering questions about the features of preparation for such a role, he answered that he was guided by his usual rules for working in projects. In addition to a rigorous study of the biography of Christ, he exhausted himself with hunger strikes to lose any reminder of the Hollywood gloss.

The third film Sisters Brothers (2018) brought together a wonderful cast: John C. Riley, Jake Gyllenhaal and Reese Ahmed. Phoenix, in his words, was comfortable and exciting to act with them.

Role of the joker

In 2018, Variety, an American publication specializing in show business, reported that Joaquin Phoenix could play the role of the Joker villain, the main antagonist of Batman in the new movie on the DC Universe comics, and is currently negotiating with Warner Bros. "

At the same time they wrote that even if Phoenix is ​​approved for this role in the film, which has not yet received a name, it still will not affect the situation Jared Letowho played the Joker in Suicide Squad, and he will remain in the DC Universe.

The main project of the actor for 2019, without a doubt, is the Joker. Until recently, it seemed that this image was best transferred to the screens. Heath Ledger, but the film, released in the fall, made fans admire the Phoenix appropriate for this complex role. The Joker is Batman's main enemy, he first appeared in comics in the early 40s. Its distinctive features are a purple suit and a frozen smile on his face. Previously, in addition to Summer and Ledger, this role was also performed Cesar Romero and Jack Nicholson.

The Joker with Joaquin Phoenix has nothing to do with DC comics. This is a tragic story about a man whom society does not accept, and this attitude, in the end, turns the evil comedian Arthur Fleck into a mad maniac. For this role, Joaquin dropped 24 pounds and rehearsed an ominous laugh for a long time.

The "Joker" with Joaquin Phoenix made a serious resonance in the world of cinema in 2019. After the screening at the Venice Film Festival and before the release of the rental picture Todd Phillips topped the rating of films shot on comics with an estimate of 9.7 points (on IMDB). At the time of the news release, the film was rated higher than Avengers: Final (8.6 points) and even The Dark Knight Christopher Nolan (9 points).

Todd Phillips' Joker, starring Joaquin Phoenix, set a box office record for the first week of October at the box office in the United States.

According to Variety magazine, on the first weekend after the release of the screens, the film collected a box office of $ 93.5 million, bypassing another fantastic film “Venom” (80 million in 2018). In total, in the world, the "Joker" has collected 140.5 million. It was shown in 73 countries in 22.522 cinemas.

Then it was reported that the Joker managed to earn 1 billion 13 million rubles in nine days of Russian hire.

Personal life and hobbies of Joaquin Phoenix

The personal life of Joaquin Phoenix has long been under the gun of the yellow media. According to the actor, he always had success with women. In 1997, Joaquin met with Liv Tyler on the set of "The Fictional Life of the Abbots." The couple met for three years, and Joaquin hard suffered a breakup.

In 2016, Phoenix began an affair with a partner in the film "Mary Magdalene" Rooney Mara. Soon they came together, but they did not discuss plans for the wedding with the press, although in the summer of 2019 the couple announced the news of the engagement.

“Rooney Mara is not my other half. This is me her second half, ”Phoenix commented on his personal life in the publication“ The Rules of Life of Joaquin Phoenix ”.

Phoenix is ​​a homebody. He does not have an instagram, he is not interested in events taking place in the world. He calls himself a hippie, also says that in his youth he was a hedonist. “I wanted fun, I drank, hung out at clubs, fucked. But he never built relations with the world or with himself, ”Joaquin Phoenix recalled in an interview.

The news often reported that Joaquin Phoenix spent time in rehabilitation centers.

Joaquin Phoenix is ​​a member of Animal Welfare and People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. He is a vegetarian since childhood.

Joaquin Phoenix says she prefers the Beatles out of music, Miles Davis and Frank Sinatra.

Photo: Joaquin Phoenix

Sect childhood

Joaquin is the third oldest child. Brother River was the eldest, and three girls also grew up in the family: Rain, Summer and Liberty. Joaquin envied his brother and sisters with unusual names (from English their names translate as River, Rain, Summer and Freedom) and demanded that his relatives call him Leaf (i.e. Liszt). And when the family moved to the United States, he often came across how difficult it is to pronounce the name Joaquin to ordinary Americans.

Joaquin has an inborn ailment, which, however, only adds to his charm - a cleft lip, i.e. splitting of the upper lip.

The cult "Children of God" promoted unnatural sexual practices. For example, the River Phoenix claimed to have lost its virginity at four. After that, the family left the "Children of God." They were lucky to leave on time, since later on in the cult really terrible and strange things began to happen, for example, women were attracted to new sect members using their bodies. But Bottomov was no longer worried. To mark a new stage, they changed their surname and became the Phoenixes - “reborn”.

Newly made Phoenixes decided to settle in Florida. But a large family was very poor, there was no money for tickets. Parents persuaded a friend of the priest to take them to an old cargo ship and hide them there. In the middle of the journey, the ship’s crew discovered “hares,” but took pity on the poor. Joaquin celebrated his fourth birthday on this barge. By a happy coincidence, the ship was transporting toys, and the crew decided to give a couple of gifts to the birthday man.

Arlene quickly found a job as a secretary on the NBC channel, and John began landscaping garden and park areas. It was decided to “attach” children to show business. Mom found an agent for the children, Iris Burton - the only one who agreed to represent their interests. Joaquin continued to work with her at all stages of his career in the future.

It was necessary to choose carefully which commercials to appear in: Phoenixes are vegetarians (the 4-year-old Joaquin was convinced of this by the whole family) and animal rights activists. They did not agree to appear in commercials promoting products that were contrary to their ideology.

Career heyday

“Cross the line” brought Joaquin a lot of awards, in addition to the Golden Globe, and this irritated the actor: he called the cinematic awards “complete bullshit”.

After “Lovers” (2008), Joaquin announced his desire to leave the film business. After some time, he came to the David Letterman show, fairly gaining weight, with a thick beard, behaved rather strangely and announced a new round of his creative activity - rap reading. The public has long discussed what is happening with Phoenix. As a result, it turned out that all this is part of the filming of Casey Affleck's pseudo-documentary film “I'm Still Here” (2010). But he drove everyone by the nose for a whole year and a half!


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