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Aristocrats from the people: 10 ordinary girls who became princesses


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Jacques Chirac The 22nd President of France (1995-2007) died September 26.

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Leticia Ortiz - the new Isabella of Castile

By the time of the meeting with Prince Felipe, the exalted journalist had already had a strange and unsuccessful marriage, which ended in a divorce: Ortiz married her own literature teacher, who was much older than her. The marriage lasted a little less than a year.

The news that the future king of Spain would marry a commoner, and even divorced, was a complete surprise to the people. In addition, for the first time in many years, the Spanish prince married a representative of his people.

How to become a princess? Eight commoners who became aristocrats

It is believed that every girl dreams of becoming a princess. In order to at least briefly feel like a girl from a fairy tale - in a luxurious evening dress adored by everyone around - modern women get married and at least once in their lives (actually a little more often) flaunt in white wedding dresses.

The editors iznayvsyo.rf invites you to read about the brightest women of the XX century, who managed to break through - not from rags to riches, of course - but from simple life into a real aristocratic.

Grace Kelly, Princess of Monaco

The love story of the American actress Grace Kelly and Prince of Monaco was like a real fairy tale. She came to the reception in the princely palace in a crumpled dress and with undressed hair due to a blackout in the hotel. However, this did not prevent Rainier III from falling in love with the beauty at first sight. However, the actress answered him in full reciprocity. She even gave up her career to devote herself to the family. Unfortunately, in recent years, Grace Kelly was not at all like a fairy tale, but this is a completely different story.

Michiko Shoda, Empress of Japan

Japan is very conservative in everything regarding traditions. However, the current emperor Akihito managed to marry a simple girl and still not lose his title. Akihito and Seda Michiko met on the tennis court, and their feelings were so strong that the Crown Prince allowed himself to ask the Council of the Imperial Court for permission to marry a commoner. The most amazing thing is that he received approval and was able to marry his girlfriend. She came from a very ordinary, albeit an intelligent, family, and now Seda Michiko is the wife of the current emperor of Japan, a happy mother of three children, living with her beloved for many years.

Leticia, Queen of Spain

Leticia Ortiz Rocasolano seemed to be least suited for the role of the wife of the heir to the Spanish throne. However, the young prince Felipe, who once made a promise to marry only by love, was adamant in his decision. Having met with the journalist during the interview, Felipe was fascinated not only by the girl’s external beauty, but also by her impeccable manners and ability to maintain a conversation on any topic.

Leticia Ortiz Rokasolano herself did not see the prospect of a relationship with the prince, and therefore carefully avoided meeting with him. She did know for sure that after a divorce and several novels, the king would never bless his son to marry her. However, Prince Felipe was able to convince not only his parents, but also the whole people of Spain of the sincerity of his feelings. The lovers were married by law, and today Leticia is the wife of the Spanish king.

Kate Middleton - Duchess of Cambridge

Contrary to popular myth, Prince William's mother, nee Diana Spencer, was not a commoner. She belonged to an aristocratic family with a long history - paternal ancestors were relatives of Winston Churchill and King Charles II.

Many believe that Kate Middleton pulled a lucky ticket
But Kate Middleton - from a relatively simple family. Her father has a successful postal business, so the girl was given an excellent education. In college, she met with William. The relationship was not even, the couple broke up several times.

Kate, Prince William and (so far only) their two children
However, in the end, the royal family (clearly not without the influence of Elizabeth II) decided that the girl was suitable for marriage, and in 2010 they got married. With an interval of several years, three children appeared in the family - a girl and two boys.

Sofia Hellqvist, Duchess of Vermland

Sofia Hellqvist was a very successful model, she received a good education in America, and there she received a certificate, according to which she is a yoga coach. She is also known for her charity projects and the development of her own clothing line. Despite the fact that before meeting with the Swedish prince, Sofia participated in a very controversial reality show, and also starred for one of the topless magazines, the ruling king of Sweden Carl XVI Gustav did not protest against the choice of his son.

Wallis Simpson - American Adventurer

This woman made a lot of noise in the British royal family. Crown Prince Edward decided to marry a twice-divorced American actress - the situation for England in the mid 30-ies of the XX century is unimaginable. The wayward king nevertheless achieved his goal, however, as a payment for personal happiness, he had to abdicate in favor of his younger brother George.

For the sake of this woman, the king abdicated

In fact, of course, it was not only the mesalliance that contributed to the abdication: Edward VIII almost openly supported the Hitler regime, which already in the 30s brought the scum to enlightened Europe (the editors of clarified that this story was mentioned in the Oscar-winning film “The King Says” ! ”With Colin Firth as King George and Helena Bonham Carter, who played his wife).

Failed King Edward was happy with his American

It was even rumored that Wallis Simpson had collaborated with German intelligence and communicated secret information to the Nazis. In Britain, they learned that Hitler was going to make Edward a puppet king in the event of his military success. As a result, the couple was forced to finally abandon plans to live in England and spent the rest of their life outside.

Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge

Looking at Kate Middleton, it’s hard to imagine that she was not an aristocrat by origin. Her father was a bright representative of the middle class, and her mother left the family of hereditary miners. But love truly works wonders. Kate not only received an excellent education, but was able to win the heart of the Duke of Cambridge, William. Kate Middleton is a true icon of style and personifies the symbol of a real lady.

Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex

The wife of the Duke of Sussex, Harry, before meeting with the prince, was married to the director and starred in several films and TV shows. Many compare Megan with the Duchess of Cambridge, however, she is not at all like her. However, unlike Kate Middleton, Megan Markle still has a drop of aristocratic blood: her father is a descendant of William Skipper, whose distant ancestor was Lionel, Duke of Clarence.

Sofia Hellqvist: from the busty Cinderella to the Duchess of Sweden

That's really the story of Cinderella. Sophia Hellqvist, born in 1982, was born into an ordinary Swedish family. Being a girl of rare beauty, after leaving school she left her hometown in Stockholm, where she worked part time as a model and a waitress, trying to catch on in a big city.

The future princess Sofia starred for erotic magazines
At the age of 20, she starred topless for the main national men's magazine and became a member of an erotic reality show. However, this did not prevent her (as many would think) from engaging in charity work, in particular, to build an orphanage in impoverished African Ghana, and also to establish her own foundation.

Miracles happen: the Swedish waitress became a princess
Prince Carl Philip, meeting her at one of the charity events, was fascinated and immediately offered his hand and heart. Sofia agreed, and the couple married on June 13, 2015. Since then, Fru Hellquist has settled down and has already given birth to the prince of two sons.

Ekaterina Malysheva, Princess of Hanover

Catherine Malysheva met the Prince of Hanover at one of the secular evenings. She was so direct and sweet that she simply could not help but draw the highest attention to herself. however, external data faded in comparison with the education and mind of a simple Russian girl. Despite the fact that the father of Ernst Augustus was categorically against this marriage, the son did not take into account the protests of the parent and married his lover.

Charlene Wittstock, Her Iron Will and Principality of Monaco

Charlene Wittstock was a professional athlete - a goal-oriented and hardy woman who knows what she wants. The champion of South Africa in swimming met Prince Albert of Monaco in 2000 - she was 22 years old. That meeting did not end in anything, but the prince remembered that blonde well.

Iron lady often looks like a delicate flower

The romance between them began later, shortly before Charlene suffered a shoulder injury and was forced to leave the big sport. By 2011, their relationship became official - the couple appeared at the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton (where Albert received an invitation “+1”).

The nation thinks Charlene is a spilled Grace

In the country Charlene immediately fell in love: the nation believes that it is very similar to Grace Kelly, the mother of Prince Albert. In 2014, the princess gave her husband twins - a boy, Jacques, and daughter Gabriela.

Charlene Wittstock, Princess of Monaco

Charlene Wittstock is constantly compared to Grace Kelly, the mother of her husband, Prince of Monaco Albert II. The prince met his future wife during a swimming competition, but before their romance began, a lot more time had to pass. However, the beloved did not seek to advertise their feelings, but they did not particularly hide them. It became clear that the case was heading for the wedding, after Albert II arrived with Charlene at the wedding of the Duke of Cambridge William. On the first day of July 2011, the Prince of Monaco officially married Charlene Wittstock.

Mette Marit Haby, Crown Princess of Norway

Mette-Marit Haby lived a rather eventful life in her youth. She studied and worked, loved youth parties and was engaged in volleyball. Naturally, it happened in her life and love, and as a result of one of the novels, the son of Marius Borg Heibi was born. All this did not prevent Haakon, the Crown Prince of Norway, from falling in love with the girl and becoming her legal husband. However, if you delve into the pedigree of the crown princess, then you can find very distant ancestors-nobles.

Mary Elizabeth Donaldson, Crown Princess of Denmark

Mary was born in the most ordinary Australian family and before meeting with the Danish crown prince she managed to get a law degree and also become a rather successful specialist in the field of advertising. In Sydney during the summer Olympics there, in one of the pubs, the girl met Frederick. Four years later, Mary became the Crown Princess of Denmark.

Monarchs constantly fought for purity of blood, allowing heirs to marry only with peers of origin. As a result, in almost every ruling family there were incidents of incest and close ties, the victims of which were children, with each generation more and more hereditary diseases and genetic disorders.

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Michiko Seda: when the tradition of love is not a hindrance

Michiko Seda met her future husband, the Japanese emperor Akihito, on the tennis court. The future ruler fell in love with her so much that he obtained permission for marriage from the members of the Council of the imperial court.

The future empress of Japan met her husband on the tennis court

Everyone knows that Japan is an ultra-conservative country in which tradition means an incredible amount. For several hundred years, Japanese emperors and their children married only representatives of the aristocracy.

Akihito and his wife are the most atypical crowned couple in the history of Japan
In post-war Japan, which was trying to recover from a heavy defeat, everything went head over heels, and the future Akihito was able to knock out consent to this mesalliance (father of Michiko Seda was a rich man, but just the owner of a flour mill). The couple raised three children on their own, which was also unusual for the traditions of the royal family.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry

The British tabloids called this novel hasty and even scandalous. Meghan Markle, the bride of the younger British prince Harry, is a divorced American with African roots. A small part of the English nation, especially radical, this marriage seems to be a misalliance.

Harry as if repeating the fate of his grandfather Edward - marrying a divorced actress

However, Harry's grandmother gave permission for marriage. Megan, among other things, turned out to be half Irish, a distant relative of King Edward III Plantagenet, who ruled England in the 14th century. Maybe this information is a fake to comply with formal decencies, but the story is beautiful: Harry and Megan are relatives in the 17th knee.

To enter the royal family, Meghan Markle had to forever abandon her career as an actress - now she has to give birth and raise children, engage in charity work, and also represent the family at social events.

In the 21st century, official royal photos look frivolous

At the same time, some believe that Meghan Markle could continue to go on the stage even after the wedding - the 21st century, after all. The editors iznayvsyo.rf invites you to look at a selection of the most beautiful British actresses of our time.


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