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Tatyana Drubich
Birth nameTatyana Lyusenovna Drubich
Date of BirthJune 7, 1960 (1960-06-07) (aged 59) or June 7, 1959 (1959-06-07) (aged 60)
Place of BirthMoscow, USSR
Citizenship USSR →
Career1972 - n. in.
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Tatyana Lyusianovna Drubich (born June 7, 1960, Moscow) - Soviet and Russian theater and film actress. By education a doctor.

Photo: Tatyana Drubich


Tatyana Drubich was born on June 7, 1960 in Moscow in a Jewish family.

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Evacuation card Drubich Izrail Efimovich born in 1900
Evacuation card Drubich Nadezhda Lazarevna born in 1907, Drubich Dima Izrailevich born in 1927, Drubich Leonid Izrailevich born in 1932, Drubich Anna Izrailevna born in 1938
Monuments to father, uncle and grandfather at the Vostryakovsky Jewish cemetery

At the age of 17, Tatyana was shocked by the death of her father, Lucien Ilyich (Leonid Izrailevich) Drubich (1932-1978), an engineer, a native of Belarus. According to the actress herself

The death of a father and parents in general is neither early nor late. Their departure is always a disaster, and your life begins anew and in a different way.

Mother - Lyubov Vladimirovna Drubich (born 1933), economist.

She studied very well at school, but did not know where to go to study. I entered the medical department on the advice of Sergei Solovyov.


Tatyana Drubich - Russian theater and film actress. Unlike her colleagues, Tatyana Drubich did not receive special education. Moreover, Tatyana worked for many years as a doctor, and then became a business woman. The Russian audience is familiar with this actress in the films “Ten Little Indians”, “Assa”, “Anna Karenina” and “The Last Tale of Rita”.

Tatyana was born and raised in Moscow. The mother of actress Lyubov Vladimirovna was an economist, and father Lucien Izrailevich worked as an engineer. The early death of her father greatly shocked Tanya, and she for a long time could not recover.

Actress Tatyana Drubich

Despite the fact that in her childhood Tatyana played two popular roles in the movie, Drubich after school could not say with confidence that she wanted to be an actress. For some internal reason, the girl enters the N.A.Semashko Medical Dental Institute and becomes an endocrinologist.

After graduation, Tatyana Drubich works as a doctor in a Moscow clinic, but, nevertheless, continues to act in films, and falls on the cover of the magazine "Soviet Screen", where they placed the most sought-after actresses. Later, the woman was engaged in business: in the early 90s, the actress opened a fashionable night club in Moscow, the Assembly Hall, and after the club closed, organized her own pharmaceutical company in Germany.


At 12, Tatyana Drubich was noticed by representatives of a Moscow film studio and invited to participate in the casting. As a result, the girl made her debut in the heroic adventure film Inna Tumanyan "Fifteenth Spring." Two years later, the melodrama “One Hundred Days After Childhood” was released, for which the young actress was awarded the Silver Bear Prize at the Berlin Film Festival.

Tatyana Drubich in the movie "Especially Dangerous. "

In adolescence, Tatyana starred in the youth drama "Confusion of feelings" and in the detective "Especially Dangerous. ". But even after Tatyana began to study at a medical institute, the girl did not stop filming. The actress appeared in the films “Rescuer” and “Heiress in a Straight”, which in the story became a continuation of “One Hundred Days After Childhood”. Then, together with Leonid Filatov, she starred in the drama "The Chosen" and with Oleg Yankovsky in the love triangle "Save Me, My Talisman."

Incredibly popular were two films of 1987 - the detective "Ten Little Indians" based on the novel by Agatha Christie and the crime drama "Assa". Assa had sequels - “Black Rose - the emblem of sadness, red rose - the emblem of love” and “House under the starry sky”.

Tatyana Drubich in the film "Hello, fools!"

For the comedy “Hello, fools!” Tatyana Drubich was nominated for a Nick Prize, but then disappeared from the screens for several years, except for the appearance in the video for Valery Meladze’s song “Dawn”. The actress returned in 2000 with the drama "Moscow", after which the roles in the melodrama "About Love" and the social drama "Volunteer" followed.

The most famous work of the actress of recent years was the film adaptation of Leo Tolstoy’s novel “Anna Karenina”. At the same time, the drama “2-ACCA-2” was created, which incredibly combined the plots of “Assy” and “Anna Karenina”. The last film released in the creative biography of Drubich for today was the fantasy “The Last Tale of Rita”.

Tatyana Drubich in the film "Anna Karenina"

If you look at the work of Tatyana Drubich in general, it can be noted that the role of the actress is a classic type of femme fatale, which has been practically absent in Russian cinema since the time of the legendary Vera Kholodnaya. Tatiana did not prevent Tatiana from occupying the niche of the fatal beauty even a miniature growth of 165 cm.

Life path, career.

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Name and surname:Tatyana Drubich
Middle name:Lusienovna
Name in English:Tatiana Drubitch
Year of birth:1960
Birthday:June 7th
Place of Birth:Moscow
Occupation:actress, russian actress
Height:165 cm.
Weight:52 kg
Eastern horoscope:Rat
Social network:Wikipedia

Personal life

The only official husband of Tatyana Drubich was the famous director Sergei Solovyov, who opened her as an actress for moviegoers. They knew each other for a very long time before their wedding in 1983.

The daughter Anna was born in the family, who turned out to be a gifted musician. The girl studied piano in Munich, collaborated with many world-famous orchestras, including Moscow Virtuosi and Mozarteum Salzburger. Anna Drubich also performed with the Crimean Symphony Orchestra and the KREMLIN Chamber Orchestra, but in 2013 the girl moved to America and from that moment lives in Los Angeles. Anna Drubich practically does not perform, but did not give up music, now the musician works as a composer and writes music for films.

Tatyana Drubich and Sergey Solovyov with their daughter

In 1989, Tatyana and Sergey divorced, but did not break off their relationship. According to their daughter, the love between them never disappeared.

Many years later, Tatyana Drubich had a second daughter, Maria, who in the film adaptation of "Anna Karenina" "played" a one and a half year old girl, the young daughter of Anna Karenina and Vronsky. The actress does not advertise who the father of this baby, although rumors circulated in the press are completely different. They said that perhaps the same father is Sergey Solovyov, and the version was put forward that the child is adopted. Anyway, Drubich speaks only one phrase to all questions on this subject - "No comments".

Tatyana Drubich

She does not like to give interviews, does not consider herself a muse, and in general she is not a professional actress, but a professional doctor. But, as her ex-husband Sergei Soloviev says, her father is the only daughter and the director who opened it to the world, she herself is a woman with a capital Tatyana Drubich - the embodiment of naturalness.

Tatyana Drubich now

Today, Drubich is no longer acting in films. The actress does not comment on whether this is a temporary break or the final exit from the screens. The main work of the artist was charity, moreover, systematic and conscious.

Tatyana Drubich

Today Tatyana Drubich holds the post of co-chairman of the board of trustees of a charitable foundation called Vera, which is located in Moscow and is engaged in helping hospices. This is the first and so far, unfortunately, the only fund in Russia whose main goal was to help hospices, as well as hopelessly ill people. The motto of the organization emphasizes the importance of such assistance: “If a person cannot be cured, this does not mean that he cannot be helped”.

In the role of a philanthropist, Tatiana attends social and specialized events, gives interviews in which she talks about the specifics of the work of charitable foundations and about helping adults and children, and collects money for projects of her own and other foundations. Tatyana Drubich does a lot for the Vera fund, but does not advertise her own work, even in the Instagram of the foundation, the actress does not appear often.

Tatyana Drubich - co-chairman of the board of trustees of the Vera charity foundation

In 2016, the Vera Foundation, in which the actress works, together with the Give Life Foundation, which works with oncologically ill children, created the first children's hospice in Russia under the name House with a Lighthouse in Moscow. The management of the fund hopes that the first children's hospice will become a model for new hospices that will appear in other cities.

In 2017, the actress and philanthropist became the guest of the annual ball, which is held to raise funds for children with cancer. The event is held by a charity fund called the Winter Ball.

This ball was the jubilee - the twentieth. Philanthropists from both Russia and other countries gathered at the charity event, and the evening itself was held at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel. Traditionally, the ball gathered more than 300 benefactors. The patronage of the event was the Embassy of the Hellenic Republic in the Russian Federation, the strategic partner is the organization Arctic World Club, developing the Arctic region.

Tatyana Drubich

That year, the Winter Ball raised 18 million rubles. With this money, the fund plans to purchase equipment and medicines for children and organizations that do not receive funding from the budget.

In December 2017, the Vera Foundation, together with the ABC-Atticus publishing house, presented a new charity edition - the book of the French writer Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt, “Children of Noah”. The network of bookstores “Read-city” also joined the project of the foundation “Life for the rest of my life” and posted the book on the shelves of the store. The network transfers half of the money from the purchase of each book to the Vera fund.

Short biography

Tatyana Drubich was born on June 7, 1960 in Moscow in an intelligent family. Dad was a watchmaker, restored old clockworks, and my mother, an economist by training, dreamed of becoming an actress and collected postcards featuring famous artists. At school, Tanya studied well, delighted her parents, and once she was invited to star in a movie, with the main role in Inna Tumanyan's film “Fifteenth Spring”. The girl did not experience any euphoria about her debut, she did not like how she looked on the screen - it was and passed, as they say. However, a year later, people from the Mosfilm film studio came to the school where Drubich studied - they were looking for a girl for the main role in the film of the young director Sergei Solovyov. Tanya agreed to attend the tests under the promise to free her from the lessons. She didn’t make an impression on Soloviev, and she also told the director that she didn’t like to act in films - she already had such an experience. However, the creative group insisted on Tanya’s candidacy, and Solovyov decided to try to shoot with her the most difficult scene of his picture. And everything turned out just fine, absolutely natural. The role of Lena Ergolina in the film “One Hundred Days After Childhood” (1975) turned out to be truly iconic. The film received international recognition, in particular, the prize of the Berlin film festival "Silver Bear" for the best directorial work. And Tatyana was told a fantastic movie future. However, Drubich had her own plans: after graduation, she entered the medical faculty of the N. A. Semashko Moscow Medical Dental Institute and graduated from it. Medical education, according to Tatyana, can replace almost any other education, including acting, in the case when it comes to understanding a person, his essence, motives.

Acquaintance with the director Sergei Solovyov, their romance and love brought Drubich, despite his labor in the district clinic as an endocrinologist, new roles in the movie. Again, Tatyana herself says that her appearance in the cinema is a chain of random coincidences, which might not have happened. But they were. Solovyov made Drubich in his films “Rescuer” (1980), “Heiress in a Straight” (1982), thereby completing the trilogy on the life and feelings of adolescents, which began “A Hundred Days After Childhood”. And after working together on the painting “The Chosen” (1983) about the life of emigrants in Latin America, Soloviev and Drubich got married. In 1985, they had a daughter, Anya. Tatyana Drubich starred in films and other remarkable directors: with Roman Balayan in “Keep Me, My Talisman” (1986), with Stanislav Govorukhin in “Ten Little Indians” (1987), with Eldar Ryazanov in “Hello, Duraleys!” (1996) .

At the end of the 80s, Sergey Solovyov’s trilogy appeared on the screens of the country, consisting of the films Assa (1987), Black Rose - Emblem of Sorrow, Red Rose - Emblem of Love (1989), House under the Starry Sky (1991). The first two parts starred Tatyana Drubich. Assa, as they say, “blew up” Soviet society. The film was attended by stars of domestic rock, which, according to his admirers, reached its peak in the 80s.

In 1989, the marriage of Solovyov and Drubich fell apart, but they maintain friendly and creative relationships. Soloviev says that Tanya is an unusually intelligent person, and her mind is precisely female, very powerful, and even “not mind, but reason, and her female mind is sometimes much cooler than many so-called male minds.” And Tatyana Drubich says that Sergey Solovyov is a brilliant director and a unique person. Tatyana Drubich’s favorite novel is Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoy. In an old interview, Drubich admitted that she would not play Karenina, because the best Anna was performed by Tatyana Samoilova. But when Sergey Solovyov decided to shoot his version of “Anna Karenina” and invited Drubich to the main role, Tatyana agreed. The picture was released in 2009.

Now Tatyana Drubich is engaged in charity work, primarily in order, in her words, to remain human, and continues to act in films. One of her last film works is the role of the doctor in the film by Renata Litvinova “The Last Tale of Rita” (2012). “You cannot do two professions at the same time. And the movie, which even happens in my life with long interruptions, is a drug. I’m telling you as a doctor, ”admirable Tatyana Drubich admitted in an interview.

Film career

In 1972, she, at the age of 12, was invited to appear in films - in the heroic adventure film of Inna Tumanyan “Fifteenth Spring”. So Tatyana Drubich made his film debut.

The second film was Sergei Solovyov’s tape “One Hundred Days After Childhood,” which was shot in 1974. The meeting on the set turned out to be fateful for the young actress and director and subsequently, in 1983, they got married.


Despite two successful roles in the cinema - “One Hundred Days After Childhood” was a huge success, was awarded several prizes, including the “Silver Bear” of the Berlin Film Festival - Tatyana Drubich, having graduated from school in 1977, chose a different profession.

She refused to go to VGIK, where they were waiting for her, source not specified 1301 day and went to study as a doctor. After graduating from the medical faculty of the Moscow Medical Dental Institute. N. A. Semashko Tatyana began to work as an endocrinologist. She studied homeopathy, combined the work of an endocrinologist and a homeopath.

After graduation, Tatyana Drubich worked as a doctor in a district clinic. At the same time, Tatyana occasionally starred in films and more and more often got on the cover of “Soviet Screen”.

After a not very successful role with Pavel Arsenov in Confusion of Feelings, Tatyana Drubich was again on the set with Sergei Solovyov, who directed The Savior. Soon followed by new joint work Solovyov and Drubich. In the late 1980s, Tatyana Drubich performed the main roles in the films of her then husband Sergei Solovyov “Assa” and “Black rose - the emblem of sadness, red rose - the emblem of love”.

The actress also has other interesting works: Roman Balayan in the film “Keep Me, My Talisman”, by Stanislav Govorukhin in the film adaptation of the detective novel by Agatha Christie “Ten Little Indians” and by Eldar Ryazanov in the comedy “Hello, Fools!”.

External video files
Valery Meladze - Dawn

In 1999, she starred in the video of Valery Meladze "Dawn."

Social work

In an interview with the Sobesednik newspaper in January 2013, she criticized the adoption of a law prohibiting the adoption of children by US citizens and negatively assessed the situation in Russia as a whole: “After the“ Dima Yakovlev law, ”I realized that the country is dead at the moment. There is nothing more to wait. Change is possible. All sorts. I do not wait for them. If someone can leave, you don’t have to live here. If you have apathy, overpower it. But Russia has one serious advantage. Here, where there is winter for half a year and many other relevant circumstances, one must be able to contrast them with something very serious in order to be happy. If you know how - you have already taken place. And you have to be able to. Because living and never being happy is too much luxury, a person cannot afford this. ”


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Drubich refused an invitation to VGIK, entered the medical institute and studied to be an endocrinologist.

After graduation, Drubich, in parallel with work on the set, worked as a doctor in a local clinic. Later Tatyana admitted that because of the movie she was not realized as a doctor, and it is in medicine that she sees her calling.

Further career

In 1989, the actress appeared in the movie "Black Rose - the emblem of sadness, red rose - the emblem of love" - ​​the second part of Soloviev’s new film trilogy (the first part was the film "Assa").

Two years later, Drubich was lucky to star with the famous French actress Jeanne Moreau in the art house drama "Anna Karamazoff", made in the aesthetics of silent cinema.

Tatyana Lyusenovna Drubich is a magnificent actress and just a noble woman.

She was born in 1960 in the capital of Russia - Moscow. Her mother worked as an economist, and her father as an engineer. The girl could not even think that she would once become a movie star.

She accidentally got to the first shootings of her life. When the girl was 12 years old, she was invited to play in the movie "Fifteenth Spring." She was approved for the role of Alena.

She coped with her acting task just fine. The camera immediately fell in love with the girl, and, accordingly, the audience immediately fell in love with the little actress.

After three years, Tanya expected a new, even more complex image. IN the film "One Hundred Days After Childhood" the girl brought to life the image of Lena Ergolina.

The director of the picture is S. Soloviev, who, years later, became the husband of Drubich.

The second film featuring Tanya also achieved success. But, despite this, the girl did not take acting seriously and took this a little detached.

Having matured a bit and graduated from school, Drubich entered the medical university. Choosing a profession, she did not even consider acting career.

Upon graduation, Tatyana began working as a doctor in a local hospital.

But, despite the difficult profession and great employment, Drubich still continued to occasionally star in various films.

In the 80s, the girl starred in cult films, which brought her great popularity. These are "Assa" and "Black Rose - the emblem of sadness, red rose - the emblem of love" .

The director of the film was Tatyana's husband - Sergey Solovyov.

Even in the difficult times of the 90s, Drubich was quite in demand and played in many interesting films.

All the tasks that the director set for Tatyana, the actress performed brilliantly. She later played in the sequel the film "Assa" and became the main character in the film of the former spouse "Anna Karenina".

Soloviev and Drubich divorced in the late 80s. Despite this, they still communicate well.

And the director himself assures that he always loved his ex-wife and did not stop for a second to torture her warm feelings.

In the marriage of Soloviev and Drubich, daughter Anna was born . Recently, the former couple had a granddaughter.

Tatyana has a second daughter - Maroussia . You can find a lot of different information about her on the Internet. Some sources say that the girl is the common daughter of the former spouses, and in others - Tatyana’s adopted child.

The actress herself never answered this question. Despite this, photographs of Tatyana and Marusya often appear.

Now Drubich took up charity work. She is also listed as the head of the board of the Vera Hospital Care Assistance Fund.

This organization, together with the Give Life fund, opened the first hospital with children with cancer in Moscow in 2016, the House with a Lighthouse.

Tatyana Drubich says in an interview that she has now taken up the business of her whole life. Oddly enough, the actress speaks less willingly about her popularity in the film industry.

However, many viewers are still hoping to see their beloved Tatyana Drubich in amazing new images. Therefore, we look forward to new interesting roles!


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