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Full name: Nicole Evangeline Lilly

Date of Birth: 08/03/1979 (40 years)

Place of Birth: Fort Saskatchewan Alberta Canada

Zodiac sign: a lion

News with a star: 9

Biography Evangeline Lilly

Nicole Evangeline Lilly was born on August 3, 1979 in Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta, Canada. Her father is a teacher of economics, and her mother is a cosmetic consultant.

Evangeline Lilly: “I was born and raised in Canada, and my family often barely made ends meet. I lived in the poorest part of the city, drove a car with broken glass and mainly ate peanut butter sandwiches. In general, I did not chic
The quote is taken from the magazine “7 Days”, No. 50 (12/10/2014)

The future actress graduated from school W. J. Mouat Secondary School. " During her studies, she played for the football team and was the deputy chairman of the student council.

At 18, the future star in the missionary group made a three-week humanitarian trip to the Philippine jungle - to help the poor and the sick, to teach children. In the Philippines, Evangeline slept on the grass right in the jungle, learned not to be afraid of spiders, bugs, and even crocodiles found in local waters.

Upon returning, Lilly decided to enter the University of Vancouver at the Department of International Relations in order to continue her humanitarian work. To pay for her studies, Avengeline worked as a waitress, mechanic, and stewardess at Royal Airlines.

Soon, right on the street, Lilly was spotted by a Ford model agency employee. She signed a contract with the agency and moved to

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The acting career of Evangeline Lilly began in 2002 with the filming of episodic roles. The actress has appeared in such films and TV shows as Smallville Secrets, Freddy vs. Jason, Lizzy Maguire, and Royal Hospital.

Evangeline Lilly in the TV series Lost

A breakthrough in Lilly's career was the work in the series "Lost." The actress played one of the main and memorable roles - the girl Kate Austin, who survived the plane crash along with other heroes.

Before the filming began, the artist almost lost her role, because she could not get a working visa in the United States. But in the end, the problem was solved, and the girl arrived at the place, being late for one day.

Matthew Fox and Evangeline Lilly

Interestingly, the actors were only given the script for the next episode of the series. And since there were many deaths in the serial film, the stars did not know who would be left without work in the future.

The partners on the set of Lilly for a long time were Matthew Fox, Josh Holloway, Terry O’Quinn, Ian Somerhalder and others. It is noteworthy that the hero Ian quickly died in the series, but the character was so fond of the public that the creators periodically returned Boone Carlisle during all seasons in flashbacks. Naturally, Somerhalder appeared in the last series.

Ian Somerhalder and Evangeline Lilly

The series was very successful and was broadcast from 2004 to 2010. The cult film has won many Emmy and Golden Globe awards: the actress herself has thirteen nominations.

In 2008, with the participation of the actress, two pictures were immediately released - “The Lord of the Storm” and “The Hostages of Death”. After finishing Staying Alive, Evangeline Lilly planned to quit acting and devote her life to volunteering.

Evangeline Lilly in the movie Real Steel

Despite this, in 2011 she starred in the movie "Steel". Two years later, one after another, the films “The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug” and “The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies” - the sequel to the film “The Hobbit, or There and Back” were released. The movies themselves are the prequels of The Lord of the Rings.

Lilly played the role of forest elf Tauriel, who belongs to the ranger, but the girl’s social status is lower than Arwen (Liv Tyler) and Legolas (Orlando Bloom). It is noteworthy that this character is not in the original trilogy of books. But they decided to add an elf girl to the paintings in order to dilute the scenario in which men dominate the female character.

In the story, between Tauriel and the dwarf Kiwi there is an unspoken sympathy. The elf even several times saves the nephew of Thorin Oakenshield from death.

In 2015, viewers saw a star in the movie Ant-Man, based on the Marvel comics. The actress played the role of Hope van Dyne, the future Wasp and daughter of Hank Pym, who created the costume of superheroes. The image of the main character went to Paul Rudd.

Personal life

Prior to participating in the cult series, Evangeline Lilly was married to Canadian hockey player Murray Horne. On the set, she began an affair with a colleague, Dominic Monaghan, whom viewers know for the role of Charlie. The feelings were so serious that the actress got a divorce and in 2005 celebrated an engagement with the actor on the island where the series was shot. The matter went to the wedding, but the relationship went wrong, and in 2009 the couple broke up.

Evangeline Lilly and Dominic Monaghan

Since 2010, Evangeline Lilly is actually married to Norman Cali, who worked as an assistant director of the famous television series. The couple has two children.

The son of Kakhekili Kali was born in 2011. After 4 years at the premiere of the film "Ant Man", the actress appeared with a rounded belly, showing the public that she was pregnant again. In October 2015, a lover had a daughter. The name of the girl is unknown.

Evangeline Lilly and Norman Cali with son

In one interview, the artist shared that she always dreamed of six children. Two are already there, and the girl wants to adopt four. Evangeline and Norman already knew what was required.

After two pregnancies, the green-eyed beauty quickly comes into shape. Today, with a height of 168 cm, the girl's weight is 50 kg. Lilly admitted that she does not eat special diets, but she practices raw foods, but such a diet is not suitable for everyone. Another artist trains 4-5 times a week, working on different days on certain muscle groups.

Evangeline Lilly in a swimsuit

The private side of life and career biography of Evangeline is watched by thousands of fans on the Instagram social network. There, the artist shares personal and working photos and videos. Fans have repeatedly noticed that the image of Lilly in the TV series "Lost" is not particularly different in life: the artist also often does without makeup and loves extreme sports.

Evangeline lilly now

In September 2017, the actress played in the film "Little Evil." The heroine of the girl is Samantha, whom Gary will marry (Adam Scott). The girl considers the young man an ideal husband and a potential father for the son of Lucas. But the boy does not think so, and Gary can not get along with the child. He even goes to stepfather courses. However, the case of a man is much more complicated: Lucas is the Antichrist himself.

Trailer of the film "Little Evil"

In July 2018, the sequel “Ant-Man” - “Ant-Man and the Wasp” will see the light of day. This time, the hero Paul Rudd will have an assistant in the person of Evangeline Lilly - Wasp.

Filming started in the summer of 2017.

Trailer of the film "Ant-Man and the Wasp"

On June 14, 2018, the artists presented the superhero movie at a press conference in Taiwan. Michael Douglas will return to his role in the film, and Michelle Pfeiffer and Lawrence Fishborn will become newcomers.

In 2019, Evangeline will appear in the role of Wasp in the fourth part of Avengers. There superheroes will enter the final battle with Thanos, who owns the Glove of Infinity.

Actor career

The role of Kate Austin, which Evangeline diligently played during the 6 seasons of “Lost”, became a real gift of fate for an unknown Canadian actress. The series has won many prestigious film awards, among which thirteen deservedly went to Lilly. And although the girl was not going to devote her future life to cinema, the directors had other plans for her.

In 2008, the actress starred in two films at once - “Subsequently” and “The Lord of the Storm”, and already in 2011 the picture “Living Steel” was released, in which Evangeline played the main role.


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