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Cyril Nezboretsky
Full nameKiril Іgorovich Nezboretsky
Date of BirthMay 8, 1997 (1997-05-08) (22 years old)
Place of Birth
  • Chernivtsi, Ukraine
The country
  • Ukraine
Professionsmusician, rapper, singer
Genreship hop and rap
LabelsGazgolder (since 2017)
External video files
• “One I knew / Exhaled” (2017)
• T-Fest × Lambada Scryptonite (2017)
• “Fly away” (2017)
• "Scandal" (Piano Version)

Kirill Igorevich Nezboretsky, (born May 8, 1997, Chernivtsi, Ukraine) - Ukrainian rapper, songwriter better known as T-fest member of the creative association Gazgolder.


Cyril Nezboretsky was born in the city of Chernivtsi in the family of a doctor. He studied at the music school in piano and percussion classes, but never graduated from it.

At 11, he became interested in rap. In particular, he really liked the works of rapper Schokk’a, and he recorded a number of covers on them. A few years later, in 2012, T-Fest recorded with Schokk’s joint track “Burn with me” (T-fest ft. Schokk_YA).

In 2014, he changed the sound and began working in the style of trap. Released the track "True." After that, two years about T-Fest’s was not heard.

January 20, 2016 in his group “VKontakte” announced a reboot of his work and uploaded the track “Reboot”. And now Cyril had a new appearance, from now on his head were french (French braids).

A month later, released the clip "Mom allowed." After that, new singles and clips went one after another, so that the performer was steadily in the field of view of music lovers and the press.

After that, T-Fest again disappeared for six months, returning with the track “One I knew / Exhaled”, which caused a great resonance and gained over 40 million views on the YouTube site (for 2019). A week later, Cyril presents to the public his first album “0372”, the name of which refers to the telephone code of the artist’s hometown.

The young performer begins to gain momentum, and various Internet media, as well as other well-known performers of the CIS, including the Kazakh rapper (formerly beatmaker) Scriptonite, begin to notice him. The musician invited the guy to record a joint track, and already in March 2017 they will present a new video called “Lambada”.

Soon, on the advice of Scryptonite, Cyril signs a contract with the Russian music label Gazgolder, which is owned by Vasily Vakulenko, Evgeny Antimoniy and others.

In October 2017, Nezboretsky released his second studio solo album, Youth ‘97, which included 14 songs. The artist performed the song of the same name at the end of the popular show “Evening Urgant” on Channel One.

In 2018, she presents the studio album "Foreigner".

In 2019, he presents the studio album "Blossom or Perish."

Curriculum Vitae

Parents of T fest are not directly related to the art world. They are not engaged in creativity, but were able to instill a love of music for both of their sons. Cyril has become a popular performer, and his older brother Maxim (I'Max) now works with him. Noticing the son’s passion for music, his parents decided to give him an elementary music education and sent him to the art school to play the piano. The boy mastered the basics and moved to the class of percussion instruments. By age 11, he had a good command of both instruments.

Father T fest Igor Vladimirovich Nezboretsky - Honored Doctor of Ukraine, today holds the post of Head of the Department of Health of the city administration of Chernivtsi. He devoted his whole life to medicine. Being the main ENT of the region, he cured a huge number of people. A professional in his field, he always wanted his sons to take their profession seriously as well. Cyril never graduated from music school. Due to disagreements with his parents, he left home in 2011 when he was 14 years old. Elena Yuryevna Nezboretskaya, by and large, supported her son in his endeavors. But, according to the artist himself, his mother was not able to accept part of his work.

At the art school, T fest mastered musical notation, learned how to build the rhythmic structure of a work, to play at the right pace. Besides? he began to compose his own compositions. Like all novice performers, he practiced on other people's music, creating cover versions of the tracks of famous rappers. Among them are Canadian Drake, Americans Rick Ross and Lil Wayne. The closest in spirit and concept to the novice musician was the Russian-speaking German rap artist Schokk. Tie fest sent him a couple of his works and received an answer. The famous rapper praised the guy, and in 2012 they recorded their joint track.


The young performer expected that after the release of “Burn with Me”, which he wrote with Shokk, fame will fall upon him. But that did not happen. Since then, the biography of T fest began to be covered with “white spots”. The artist either disappeared from the field of view of producers and fans, or appeared in an updated image. This happened in 2014, when the rapper released the next single "True", made in the style of chatter. Then he again disappeared for 2 years. T fest told in subsequent interviews that he was in a creative search. He reflected on topics that are close to him and his peers, looked for new rhythmic patterns, sought harmony between what he wanted and how it should be.

In 2016, T fest puts Vkontakte its new track “Reboot”. According to his style and image of the artist, it was immediately noticeable that the reboot affected not only his music. He developed a new image. The “French braids” hairstyle, the original tattoo and unusual glasses made his appearance recognizable. Changes affected his work. Now T fest does not disappear from the stage, and the release of new tracks follows one after another. With the release of the video “Momma allowed”, real fame comes to the artist. The guy becomes famous and, finally, large labels pay attention to him.

One of the first to invite him to collaborate is the Kazakh rapper and beatmaker Skryptonit. Their joint track "Lambada" collects millions of views, the duo is popular. Until now, many of the fans have noted that Scryptonite had a huge impact on the work of T fest. In some of his new compositions, familiar repeats from their collaborations take place. T fest, in turn, does not think so and continues to develop its own recognizable style.

On the advice of Scryptonite, the young artist signs a contract with Gazgolder. Here he falls into the environment of like-minded people. At the studio, he works next door to Basta, Smokey Mo and many other bands. A huge syndicate is committed to helping young performers find themselves in the world of music. Work in the creative association Gazgolder gives its results. T fest releases professionally recorded studio album Youth 97. The production center invests forces and means in the young artist, engaged in its promotion. To promote the album and get to know the general public, the company negotiates with Channel One on the participation of T fest in the Evening Urgant program. The rapper performed the main song from the album in the show.

2018 and 2019 were marked by the release of two more albums by the young artist. They are called "Alien" and "Blossom or Perdition." Their promotion on the Internet made fans pay attention to the rapper's earlier work. As a result, his track “One I Knew / Breathe Out”, released in 2016 (album “0372”), gained 40 million views. And this is only for 2019. Today, T fest is one of the most sought after members of the rapper party. The schedule of his recitals is scheduled for the year ahead. As the performer himself admits, each appearance on the stage is special for him. The audience feels the sincerity of the artist. He is loved for this, and his songs and performing talent are also appreciated. The guy once again proved to everyone that you can break into the musical Olympus thanks to his abilities.

Life priorities T fest and personal life

For each young and handsome artist, girls will be on the heels. Some fans even come up with accounts for themselves, signing his name. Popularity for many artists is becoming a real challenge. Therefore, T fest does not even close paparazzi. He believes that personal life should remain untouched.

He talks about himself as much as he sees fit. He protects his girlfriend from everyone's attention. Apparently, she does not belong to a secular party. Therefore, on the pages of social networks you can see photos of T fest from concerts and performances, but not with your girlfriend. Emancipated on stage, in life he is a very modest guy. He attends a church where he asks God to give health and long life to his family. Today, his relations with his parents have improved, and he enjoys spending his free time in Chernivtsi.

Children and teens

Early work of Cyril

T-Fest and I'Max

Shokka cover from T-Fest

Guf Guided T-Fest

First releases

T-Fest - True (2014)

Artist in 2015

Image change

Cyril after the image change

T-Fest - New Day (2016)

T-Fest on the shooting of the video "One I knew / Exhaled"

T-Fest - One I Knew / Breathe Out (2017)

T-Fest - Don't Forget (2017)

T-Fest now

T-Fest - Fly Away (2017)

T-Fest at the "Live Gas Holder" gives an interview (2017)

Cover of the solo album "Youth '97" (2017)

T-Fest in "Evening Urgant" (2017)

Childhood and youth

On May 8, 1996, in the provincial Ukrainian town of Chernivtsi, Cyril Nezboretsky was born, whom the world of show business and hip-hop recognizes as a T-Fest artist. Parents of the boy are far from creativity and music. Father is a doctor, and mother is an entrepreneur. But the elder brother Maxim shared the younger brother's passion for music.

T-Fest in childhood

Meanwhile, parents supported the creative inclinations of the children, both sons studied at a music school. Cyril, unlike his brother, did not receive a musical education, but he mastered the skills of playing the piano and drums with brilliance. Already independently learned to play the guitar.

Cyril’s childhood is closely connected with music, because already at the age of 11 the novice performer starts recording home tracks. Helps him in this own brother, who takes the nickname I'Max.


The love of hip-hop music began for Cyril with his acquaintance with the work of the notorious Schokk, a native of Kazakhstan, who moved with his family to Germany. Being the founder of Vagabund label together with the star of the Russian modern hip-hop Oxxxymiron’s, the rapper is known in the countries of Russia and the CIS, maintains creative and business relations with popular hip-hop artists.

Rapper T-Fest

Young T-Fest, fascinated by the idol’s reading, first publishes cover versions of Schokk’s compositions, posting records on a YouTube hosting. By some miracle, the records reach Schokk and arouse rapper's interest. German hip hoper provides support and patronage to Cyril. True, at first it does not bring significant results for the career development of a young performer.

In 2013, Nezboretsky, in collaboration with his brother, released the first “home” mixtape “Burn”, which collected 16 tracks. At the same time, one of the songs contains a guest couplet by Schokk. However, the release went unnoticed. Young musicians publish tracks on a page on VKontakte. However, it is not possible to reach a wide audience of listeners.

T-Fest on stage

In 2014, the rapper recorded a couple more songs, which also did not gain popularity. For a year, Nezboretsky goes into the shadows, rethinking his own work. The official page on VKontakte is being cleaned, old records and songs are deleted. The performer decides to start the biography of the musician from scratch.

In 2016, T-Fest returns to the rap industry with an updated external image and sound style. A short haircut is replaced by afro-braids, and aggressive tracks by melodic trap. In a new image, Cyril is releasing videos for the songs “Mom Allowed” and “New Day”. Listeners enthusiastically accept the creativity of the young man, and the long-awaited recognition overtakes T-Fest.

Hairstyle T-Fest

At the end of 2016, Cyril conducts continuous hard work on recording the album and new video clips. At the beginning of next year, almost simultaneously, a video appeared on the Web for the song “One I knew / Exhaled” and the first official album “0372”, which included 14 songs, including such as “Don't Forget”, “I Will Not Give Up” the mentioned "One I knew / Exhaled." Numbers - telephone code of relatives for the performer Chernivtsi.

In addition to the attention of listeners, Cyril attracts the interest of well-known fellow musicians. Schokk, who continues to support the novice rapper, invited him to his own concert in Moscow for a "warm-up" performance.

At the time of the performance of one of the songs, the scriptonite, already popular in the hip-hop medium, suddenly appeared on the scene. Having blown up the hall, he sang along with Cyril, thereby demonstrating the awareness and encouragement of the creativity of T-Fest.

Later, Adil Zhalelov (the name of the Kazakhstan rapper Skriptonit) said that he paid attention to the work of a talented young man long before that concert. True, there was no time to contact Cyril.

Scryptonite and T-Fest

It was Scryptonite who introduced T-Fest to the owner of Gazgolder label Vasily Vakulenko (Bastoy). Soon, Cyril signed a contract for cooperation with the label, moved to the capital with some of his friends and brother, who helped the young man in his work in Ukraine.

Scryptonite, known for its responsiveness, offers a young friend to stay in a house that he rents with his creative team. There is a joint recording and a clip for the song "Lambada", loved by fans. Scryptonite appends the verse to Cyril’s existing demo, and then a clip is shot in a couple of days, which subsequently gained more than 7 million views on YouTube hosting.

Personal life

The rising star of Russian rap does not advertise personal life. Most likely, hard work and recording songs do not leave free time for love and relationships. In addition, Cyril is quite shy in life. In an interview, he admitted that he was not suitable for the role of a pikaper and was rarely the first to meet girls.

T-Fest (Cyril Nezboretsky)

In women, prefers natural beauty. And Scryptonite laughs comments that Cyril does not experience shortages in young fans.

By the way, T-Fest itself does not position itself as a rapper. In an interview, the young man repeatedly noted that he did not like such rigid boundaries of definitions. He makes music, what he likes, and this shows the inner component and personality.

T-Fest: Change of Style

When hip-hop of the new school was already in full swing in the yard, T-fest realized my mistake radically updating their appearance and style of music performance. A short haircut gave way to European dreadlocks, aggression to melody and chatter sound.

Kirill winner of the first VK Music Awards

Having released several videos in a new role, T-Fest takes a year-long break, in order to analyze yourself by shooting a decisive cartridge.

The day before 2017 T-fest announces his return and global changes in his work, completely clearing your social networks.


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