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10 things in the apartment that give off the bad taste of the owners


A large number of plush toys

If there are children in the house, then the presence of plush toys at every step is understandable. But if all these bears and elephants have remained since the time of your childhood, then they have no place at all on upholstered furniture and even behind glass. Not only do they act as "dust collectors", they also look like artifacts from the last century. If it’s hard for you to part with a toy that causes nostalgia or positive emotions, hide it in a more secluded corner

Cheap reproductions of hackneyed paintings

Even the highest quality fakes will never replace the originals. We understand that it is impossible to get the original of your favorite creation of a classic brush, but you want to hang it at home. But the reproduction of the reproduction is different. Those that are printed on cheap thin paper and inserted into a plastic frame “under the gold” spoil the impression of the house from the doorway. And hackneyed stories like the ill-fated “Bears in the Forest” or “Three Heroes”.

As an alternative, we recommend paying attention to the originals of little-known artists who are well suited to the interior design of the room. Other options that have the right to life are high-quality copies, photographs or reproductions of abstract art, inserted into a modern monophonic frame without "embellishments".

✅ Carpets on the walls

At the time of our grandparents, all the walls in the rooms, especially in the bedrooms, were hung with carpets. They were often brought from other countries and even taken out "by acquaintance", and then passed on to children and grandchildren by inheritance. They hung carpets for soundproofing (oh, what audibility in the Soviet “panels”!) And only then for beauty. By the way, about why carpets were so popular in the USSR, you can read here.

Now it is not necessary and even harmful. There are other methods to protect your apartment from noisy neighbors and sounds from the street or the entrance, and there is a lot of dust going on in the carpets our parents were shaking on, so it’s contraindicated for allergy sufferers to be in the same room with the carpets.

✅ Oilcloth on the table

Oilcloth, which is so often found on kitchen tables, is of a building origin in itself. It serves to protect furniture from dirt and dust during the repair, but is not intended for serving. Yes, and dine at such a table will not bring much pleasure. It’s one thing if you are short of money, but if you have money, then it’s much more pleasant when the table is covered with a beautiful tablecloth, for example, with a water-repellent Teflon coating.

✅ Horns and animal skins

Even if you are an avid hunter, you should not hang the walls of the apartment with the horns of killed moose and cover the floors with the skins of bears. These trophies will surely seem blasphemous to vegetarians and animal advocates. And in the dimensions of the average Russian apartment, the horns will only get in the way. The best place for such wall decoration is a country house where you will not bang your head against the horns of an unfortunate deer at the entrance.

✅ Newspaper instead of a shoe mat

Yes, it's hard to believe, but someone else uses the newspaper as a shoe mat! Is it necessary to say that this is not only unpresentable, but also requires a lot of labor? In bad weather, you will have to change them two, three, or even more times a day. Newsprint is constantly getting wet, so all the dirt and water are on the floor in the hallway. Modern rubberized mats will not only protect you from such troubles, but they will also last much longer. They can be washed as they become dirty, they do not deliver much troubles and save valuable time. Soon you will realize that they not only quickly pay off, but also look aesthetically pleasing.

Wall mural

Huge paintings depicting waterfalls, forests, lakes and other natural amenities - this type of wall decoration is a thing of the past. The peak of the popularity of photo wallpaper was in the 80-90s, when they just appeared on sale. But today simplicity and minimalism are in fashion when it comes to the design of an ordinary city apartment. And the fewer design elements were involved in its design, the more comfortable the eyes and the more opportunities to truly relax at the end of the working day.

The minus of photowall-paper is also that they quickly fade in direct sunlight. But if you are used to bright pictures on the walls, there is a way out: you can buy an air conditioner with a function for changing the image or several original posters that match your hobbies - for example, music, comics or movies. It will look much better and more modern than a piece of paper faded in the sun.

✅ Plasterboard “waves”

Not that the “waves” of drywall were a priori the apogee of bad taste, but even among designers there are few who know how to organically fit them into the interior. In most cases, these designs are not beaten in any way and only clutter up the space and strain the eye. Perhaps that is why they have long gone out of fashion. And if the "wave" is combined with a stretch ceiling, foam borders and a lamp a la "starry sky" ...

✅ Curtains with lambrequins

Curtains with embellishments in the form of ruffles, pleats and multi-level drapery would look good in a house with high ceilings and large windows, but in an ordinary apartment they come up with one thought - collective farm chic. Maybe it's time to replace them with classic straight, Roman or Japanese curtains made of quality fabric?

✅ Arches in the doorways

We don’t even know where the fashion for arches in doorways came from, but this is still the most popular design request from customers. Alas, to make a palace out of Khrushchev will still fail, neither arches, nor interspersed artificial stone, nor plastic columns will help. And it looks as ridiculous as a huge LCD TV in a crumbling rural house.

1. Columns, pilasters, arches and other “palace” decor

Someone consciously orders repairmen "baroque" or "empire", while someone comes across the modest word "classic", receiving the same ceremonial splendor at the output. On large squares, this looks like museum archaic, and in the crampedness of standard apartments with a low ceiling - vulgar props.

In the photo: Anastasia Melnikova in her St. Petersburg apartment, converted from a former 11-room communal apartment:

The usual panel "treshka" in Saratov in the Baroque style:

1. “Animals” prints

In 2018, the British division of Samsung conducted a survey among the British to identify the most annoying trends in home decor. It turned out that “animal” prints took 11th place - 19% of respondents said that imitations of stripes of zebra or cheetah skin lost their relevance.

Animal prints are widely used by designers to design an interior in the style of kitsch, and he very difficult to adapt in an ordinary apartment - there is a high risk of getting a house that resembles either a bar or a haven of a circus troupe.

2. Fake brick walls

Authoritative designers included decoration of rooms with decorative bricks in the list of undesirable decoration techniques. The use of artificial materials makes the interior inanimate and glossy, which is completely unsuitable for the room in which people live.

However, in the hands of a skilled designer, these elements can be truly beautiful, you just need to replace the synthetic material with the natural one, maintain the correct style, and then the apartment will really look like a New York loft.

2. The abundance of mirrors, shiny and glossy surfaces

Having learned that mirrors expand space, and gloss gives sophistication, some turn their housing into a glass labyrinth, where if you do not go blind, then sooner or later you will move your mind.

Apartment Bari Alibasova:

Pay attention to the golden toilet and urinal, which are completely lost in the surrounding splendor:

3. Lambrequins and sophisticated curtain designs

Lambrequins and heavy curtain constructions are also on the list of things that make the interior tasteless. And this despite the fact that they have been popular for many years. However, trends have changed - lightness and simplicity are in fashion. In addition, the care of multi-layer curtains can not be called easy.

Today, interior designers prefer organic textiles and argue that there is only one rule to remember when decorating windows: the simpler the better. And so that the curtains are well draped, their width should be twice the width of the window.

3. Artsy sofa

Lush, sophisticated, with a bunch of pillows, upholstered in “royal” velvet (or even leather), or embroidered with monograms - and a convinced ascetic will not resist the temptation to plunge into such a sofa as in a heavenly cloud at least once in his life. This is absolutely normal, if you then make the only right decision - to leave this monster in the furniture salon and never, never again look in his direction.

In the photo, Eva Polna with her daughters:

4. Multilevel lambrequins and curtain installations

It’s worth typing “elite curtains” in an Internet search engine, and you will see countless design solutions, one more elegant than the other.

A special category is unique works of authorship: for homegrown craftswomen of this genre, the fantasy is truly limitless and should plunge the viewer into awe.

In fact, the “rich” drapery and intricate ruffles made of cheap fabric look caricatured, and from the expensive - theatrical and often (paradox!) Cheap.

"Curtains, standing a fortune" in the apartment of Nadezhda Kadysheva. The singer not without pride told me that everything was designed by a cool Italian designer, whose clients first pass face control.

5. Layered ceilings with a fancy wave

Most often glossy, with bizarre lighting (either a UFO or a prosectorial one), with an imitation of the starry sky, with artistic painting, finally. Moreover, many repair and design companies shamelessly pass all this curvilinear horror as “exclusive”.

Although, why be surprised when people are seriously interested in the Internet, how to make such a ceiling.

6. Waterfalls and fountains

Well, doesn’t it look silly unexpected tropical oases in an ordinary city apartment, surrounded by plastic windows, wallpaper walls and laminate?

Nevertheless, many design firms are convinced that it is necessary in Feng Shui, and that waterfalls with multi-colored neon lights will fit in your interior especially nicely, creating a “favorable contrast”. Excuse me, what? Unless with a sober mind.

7. Materials and textures with a claim to “expensive-rich”

It is interesting that even having left for permanent residence in Europe, many of our compatriots remain faithful to the sweet heart of the “Asian”: gilding and mother of pearl, shiny fabrics, and crystal. Cheap imitation? Well, let, most importantly, that looks spectacular. Look around: the market is full of variations of "inexpensive, but catchy", take at least wallpaper with sparkles. However, in an expensive performance, the “Asian” does not change its essence.

The bride of Nikolai Baskov Sofia Kalchev at his home:

Basque himself visiting friends:

8. Stucco molding

A very binding element of decor, relevant only in truly luxurious spacious interiors and forbidden to everyone else. Stucco molding is the enemy of small rooms with a low ceiling, visually it makes them even smaller and creates a feeling of crowding. She does not tolerate cheap furniture and minimalism.
However, domestic repair specialists continue to convince that the stucco molding can decorate an apartment in Khrushchev.

9. Copies of world famous paintings and sculptures

A carbon copy masterpiece - doesn’t bother, no? In any case, it is worth knowing that reproductions for consumer goods are only of crappy quality and have no relation to art.

10. Souvenirs and other foreign exotic

They terribly litter the apartment, turning it into a warehouse of dead utensils. A special “chic” is when all this does not fit together: on the wall is Africa, in the corner is Japan, and on the floor is Turkey. By the way, be sure to add fridge magnets to this trash, which have one curious property: once you appear alone, they begin to multiply like cockroaches.

The worst embodiment of souvenir exoticism is the house of Elena Proklova with animal stuffed animals and a “sacrificial altar”:

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4. Wall in contrasting color

One wall painted too bright or, on the contrary, dramatic gloomy color, spoils the interior. Perhaps at one time this seemed like a good move, however, as designers note, it does not bring any practical benefit. On the contrary, such an emphasis does not enlarge the room as we would like, but reduces and draws all the attention to itself.

Experts warn that attempts to decorate the walls with paint on their own can result in a crushing failure. For example, applying a sponge to create a textured pattern can make the room look messy.

5. The prevalence of neutral shades

The mixture of gray, beige and other neutral colors has lost its relevance. By themselves, these shades are not so bad, but an attempt to mix them leads to the fact that the house turns out to be like millions of others.

Designer Patrick Mele recommends rich colors on his blog. Patrick claims that there is one combination that works in any interior regardless of style - it is white and blue in all variations. If you are not ready to build an interior using bright colors, add a bright accent - a flower, a poster or decorative pillows.

6. The border on the wallpaper

A border strip of wallpaper is a common technique for decorating rooms, but even now it is not in demand. So, decorator Mitchell Owens says that using a strip of wallpaper to decorate an apartment looks like a rural house from the 70s. And although the rustic style is being revived, the border tape remains in the past.

If you still think that your wallpaper just needs an addition, stop at decorative skirting boards (without stucco molding!) - they will never go out of style.

7. Sophisticated tile decor in the bathroom

The smaller the bathroom, the more modest the tile pattern should be. This is exactly what Claire, the designer and author of the doesntcosttheearth blog, thinks. Mosaic, color mixing, borders and laying diagonally - these are the trends that should be avoided when thinking over the design of the bathroom.

If you are a happy owner of a large bathroom and are sure that you can’t do without a mosaic, decorate niches with it - here it will always be out of place.

8. Decorative plaster on the ceiling and walls

A grungy ceiling made of decorative plaster is a fairly popular technique for decorating rooms, but such a coating is impractical. Dust and dirt remain on the embossed surface, and not even the most powerful cleaning agent can handle cleaning.

9. Theme rooms

Nautical-style children's themed rooms, bedrooms similar to the palaces of the pharaohs, or the living rooms of the mansions in the spirit of Marie Antoinette are examples of inappropriate design. And the cost of repairs plays a last role here, interiors worth millions of dollars can be as tasteless as the headsets bought in a nearby store.

Essentially, themed rooms are not so bad, but it’s difficult to keep a balance in furnishing a home in this style. As a result, we get a house that looks more like a decoration for a film than a place to relax.

10. Useless things

All the things you use to decorate the apartment should be simple and useful.For example, a glass sculpture in a house with children is definitely a design failure, as well as a large dining table for a family of two.

A variety of services, collections of figurines, bulky items for decoration, in a word, everything that does not bear practical benefit can be removed from the interior with a clear conscience.

11. Decals

Decals that look like tattoos from the 90s are on our blacklist. And not in vain - for the most part they look out of place and are not suitable for the house where adults live.

A good alternative to stickers is paintings and posters. However, decorators warn that these decorations must occupy at least 2/3 of the spaceif you decide to hang them over the sofa. This is the only way to balance and maintain the proportions of the room.

12. Blinds

Massive window blinds are a relic of the past. Initially, they were installed in the homes of wealthy planters to protect the owners of the house from the sun and dust, but in modern apartments were useless. This design of windows is impractical - it is difficult to get rid of dust on the blinds, and they also block sunlight and visually reduce the space of the room.

13. Too small carpet

American designers made the top 30 mistakes that people make when decorating at home. And the wrong size of the carpet is one of them: a small carpet violates the proportions of the room, and also looks like an alien impregnation in the interior.

The carpet should go beyond furniture. Designer Martin Cobus says: “Make sure that the front legs of the furniture are on the carpet, and then it will not be wrapped.”

14. Quotes on the walls

The online magazine Houzz conducted a survey among its users and asked them: quotes on the walls - is it cool or stupid? Opinions were divided, but most respondents are opposed. “I don’t need a wall that tells me to love my life or eat my food,” says one user of the portal.

15. Toilet Mat

Designers demand to get rid of rugs, which usually lie near the toilet. Remember this little notched rug? “Take it off immediately,” the decorators say, and they are right: it’s unhygienic and ugly. An excellent replacement is a rectangular rug located next to the base of the toilet.

16. Fakes

The arch is a popular decoration technique; they are so common that they can be found even in tiny apartments. However, not all arches are equally beautiful. Designers warn: the arch is appropriate in a large room when its shape echoes the outlines of the windows or, conversely, softens the sharp corners in the architecture of the house.

The plasterboard arches in the Art Nouveau style, which do not correspond to the size of the room, rest against the ceiling with the top point and knock out of the general style of the home, look extremely unsuccessful.

Do you agree with the list that the designers made? Or do you have secrets how to make a house more comfortable? Share your opinion in the comments.


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