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The largest breasts - scientists have compiled a rating of "busty" countries


Some women have impressive breast sizes by nature, while others turn to the services of a plastic surgeon. Lush forms, of course, attract male attention, but there are serious drawbacks: there is a risk of implant ruptures, pain in the spine, and the inconvenience of sleeping on your back. In addition, you will have to wear special bras and change your usual lifestyle. However, this does not stop many women.

Lorena Fibiana Colotta

The Latina, known as Sabrina Sabrok, is endowed with the size 10 of an artificial bust, and before the model’s chest barely reached the “deuce”. Sabrina since 1996 played in the musical group "Primeras Impresiones", which became famous during the operations of the girl. After changing the figure, the diva was invited to appear in commercials. In 2006, Sabrok achieved the desired result, with an increase of 174 cm, its parameters became 150-55-100. After 4 years, the singer gave birth to a son, is now working on a comedy show, posing for a Mexican magazine.

Eva Valois

Better known as Lolo Ferrari, a Frenchwoman fell under a knife in 1990 and underwent 22 surgical interventions. The size of the female breast from 94 cm became 180, the star was recognized as the champion of the Guinness Book. Lolo suffered from health problems, took potent drugs. The singing career did not bring the expected success. The woman died in 2000 for an unknown reason, among rumors - suicide, her husband's involvement in the murder.

Myosotis claribel

Girl with spanish african roots. According to assumptions, this combination led to 11 bust sizes. Myosotis is in demand in the modeling business, participates in candid photo shoots. Surprisingly, with a volume of K, the waist is 74 cm. The attractive condition of the body of Claribel is supported by hard training.

Sheila Hershey

A housewife from Brazil is the owner of a silicone miracle 38KKK, which in Russian means "twenty." Sheila also perfected her nose, lips, hips, buttocks. Six months later, chest pains appeared, it turned out that a staph infection was introduced during the procedure. In two years of treatment, Hershey removed half of the bust. In 2011, an increase was again carried out, the breasts were made the same dimensions.

Courtney Stodden

The American media personality increased her breasts from 3 sizes to 5. The star thinks that the lush charms make her feminine and seductive. Courtney is famous for her resemblance to Monroe, the girl carefully copies the manners of the movie star. But, fans noticed that Stodden looks much older after changing the shape of his lips, eyes and nose.

Pamela Anderson

The model became famous after filming in the publication "Playboy" and the series "Rescuers Malibu." The American came up with a fashion for silicone, many women followed the example of a diva. Anderson’s first operation occurred at age 21 and cost $ 36,000. Since then, 5 breast size has assigned Pamela the title of a sex symbol. Despite the age of 50+, the star is not shy about attending events in dresses with a neckline.

Sofia Vergara

The Colombian breast began to grow at 13 years old and in school years reached 5 sizes. Then Sofia thought about plastic, but her mother convinced. The woman said that such a virtue will lead to popularity. Vergara subsequently began her career in Hollywood. And after pregnancy and childbirth, the bust of the actress reached the “six”.

Christina Hendricks

The Hollywood actress has a 7 bust size, an American claims that the charms are given to her by nature. Christina became famous after the release of the film "Mad Men". The movie star takes pride in her figure, often pacing in elegant dresses. Avoids nude scenes, believing that sexuality is not an exemplary body, but confidence and charm. Hendricks admitted that she received rejections in show business, but now her morale has strengthened.

Ariel Winter

The actress became famous for participating in the filming of the long series "The American Family", which stopped ahead of schedule, as rapidly growing breasts impeded the image of a teenage girl. At 15, Ariel was 6 sizes. Having experienced inconvenience, Winter two years later decided to reduce the volume. Subsequently, the actress stopped complaining about pain, rejoicing at the neat “four”.

Kelly brooke

It is considered the owner of the most attractive and natural breasts of 6 sizes. Kelly's forms correspond to rare parameters:

  • The bust looks at an angle of 20 degrees,
  • 45% of the breast is located above the nipple,
  • 55% under the nipples.

The Briton is unhappy with the hype, she is offended that because of the volumes, the talent remains inconspicuous. The actress starred in more than 20 films, constantly engaged in sports.

Christy Love

Busty masseuse is 12 sizes. Christy works in the original salon, where he claps and “crushes” men with a pile of charms. Despite doctors' assurances about the risk of diabetes and heart problems, the American is not worried. A six-year marriage to a conservative Jehovah's Witness ended in divorce. The woman's family condemns the occupation, but Love loves a profitable job, earning an average of $ 1300 per day.

The biggest breasts - who got the championship

In second place in terms of breast volume were participants in the experiment from Canada with their average E-size bra cups. They overtook all Europeans in this indicator. In Europe, women in Ireland and Poland took the leading positions in terms of bust volume.

What is the reason that Americans have the largest breast size - scientists are at a loss to say. They noted that in countries such as Spain and England, breast splendor is often associated with total body weight, while in the United States different participants in the study were distinguished by magnificent breasts, regardless of their weight. According to researchers, residents of North America are more rounded breasts than the rest, which affects the volume of the bust.

Ukrainian women also have something to be proud of

The researchers also finally assured that most women are not able to choose the right bra of their size. That is why, in order to identify who biggest breasts - The researchers used 3D scanning and a measuring tape without asking women about their bra cup size. By the way, our Ukrainian girls can also boast of a good result - they occupy 21st place in the ranking.

Maria Zarring

Mia or Maria Zarring is an attractive girl who differs from the other ladies in impressive size. In Russia, she is recognized as the woman with the largest natural breasts, the size of which reached the mark 12. The girl herself is a native of Moscow and is known not only as a lady with a large bust. Maria is a versatile person:

  • TV presenter
  • actress,
  • model,
  • participant burlesque show.

Maria admits that it’s hard for her to go out, as people look only at her breasts, not paying attention to other more attractive features. In winter, the girl tries to put on clothes that will hide her bust, and in summer to wear closed things, and cover her chest with pins. Repeatedly on the street men pester her and try to grab the girl by the chest.

Sabrina Sabrok

Sabrina is an attractive girl and is famous for her large bust, which has reached size 10. These are not natural forms, the lady did plastic to increase the bust. The real name of the girl is Lorena Fabiana Colotta. She is a rock singer, and looks like a Barbie doll.

Sabrina was on the surgeon's desk long before her popularity, and she did not think that the operation would change her remaining life. The lady is a native of Argentina, but thanks to non-standard forms, she was able to become famous throughout the world so that her group became recognizable. Today, the lady is a TV presenter and model, and in 2010 she became the mother of a charming boy. Well, we continue the top 10 women with the largest breasts in the world. Move on.

Irene Ferrari

There would be no happiness, but misfortune helped - this is the story of the increase in the bust of Irene Ferrari. The real name of the owner of 10 breast sizes is Irina Matsina, a lady from Russia. In 2010, she had breasts of size 9, but an incident happened during the flight, her chest was caught between the seats and the implants flew out. After that, the bust was two sizes smaller and acquired a neat little seven.

Irina, however, demanded money from the airline to compensate for the damage and again increased her bust with the money received. As Irene herself says, if you do plastic surgery, you need to increase your breasts at least by the size. And even more so, the amount reaching - 100 000 dollars.

Nadezhda Granovskaya

Nadezhda Granovskaya is known to everyone as a member of VIAGRA, and if you look at her, the first thing that catches your eye is a voluminous bust. Perhaps, thanks to him, the girl broke into show business. Nadi's chest has an attractive shape and 6 size. She herself likes the body and the bust, so she can be seen in dresses with an open neckline.

Although the girl herself insists that her breasts are natural, the press proves the opposite. The singer has two operations, one of which is unsuccessful. The first breast augmentation was carried out in Kiev - the hometown of Nadezhda, but during the intervention, poor-quality implants were installed that provoked a serious allergic reaction. Then the girl removed them and went to Germany to install a high-quality implant.

Svetlana Loboda

Svetlana Loboda is a talented singer, she has only natural forms and a size 5 bust, she can be grateful to her mother, who also has an impressive volume of breasts. And if you look at many women in Ukraine, a strange pattern is noticed: half of them have a large round bust. But many fans do not believe that Loboda’s chest is real, in confirmation of this, Svetlana passed a lie detector, which showed that she was not lying.

Masha Malinovskaya

Surely, few people will remember what Masha Malinovskaya was like before working on the Muz-TV channel - an inconspicuous blonde who does not have a single gram of silicone in her body. Today, she boasts only 3 breast sizes. She is not at all ashamed of exchanging a miniature breast for a beautiful bust.

In addition, Maria openly declares about the remaining operations: rhinoplasty, lip pumping. And who would not say that, but changes in Masha’s appearance helped to reach the heights - she became a deputy and also continues to be a media personality.

During her life, Maria performed a single operation to change the size of her breasts, she either reduced or increased her shape. The girl has a natural bust of the second size, the first operation increased it to 4, and then to the fifth. But still the lady did not have enough changes, and she carried out the last operation to reduce the size to the third. The first time she went under the surgeon’s knife at the age of 19, and Maria went for surgery only for a lift, but the doctor persuaded the young girl to install the implants. After the son was born, the breast shape, to put it mildly, was not very, and the lady again recovered to the surgeon. Because of such frequent “adventures”, Malinovskaya’s bust has many scars and scars.

In total, Maria has 6 operations on her account - in addition to her breast, she also reduced her lips. The last operation cannot be called successful, the girl has one breast more than another by 4 centimeters. She noticed this only a month later. After 30 days, the girl performed another operation, which spent more than a million rubles. But now Masha can boast of uniforms and wear underwear with an open neckline.

As we see, in the pursuit of beautiful breasts, the stars are ready for a lot, and even the risk of death does not stop them. Of course, having a large bust is beautiful, but if it is of acceptable size and not inflated, that seems to be about to burst. The ideal of beauty is different for everyone, someone is satisfied with the first breast size, which is not even visible, and for someone 5 and 6 are few. This was an article: 10 women with the largest breasts in the world.

Haruhi Miwako

In the Dutch woman, her breasts grew without medical intervention, and the reason was muscle hypertrophy. According to the girl, the bust does not cause inconvenience, although over three years it increases without stopping. Haruhi is interested in anime, computer games, engineering in an IT company.

Myra Hills

Known as Bishine. In a 32-year-old German, each breast weighs 10 kg and contains 12 liters. silicone. Subjectively estimated adult movie actress is 32Z. The girl brags about it in social networks, exposing a bust without clothes. Myra Hills never complained about difficulties, the model regularly visits the gym and performs exercises for the back.

Susan Sykes (Basti Hart)

The former teacher became famous for breast size 34. In 1986, a 58-year-old woman watched a basketball game with athlete D. Selly. When the couple got into the frame, the American began to "play" with the bust of Sykes, shaking it under the audience laughter. Massive implants help Susan break objects, such as chopping watermelons.

Sharon perkins

The lady has the largest natural breast in England. After the divorce, Perkins bought a sports Porsche and increased her bust to 36H. 5500 dollars and 1500 cm³ of silicone were spent on the procedure. In addition, Sharon plans to gain the title of the narrowest waist of the United Kingdom. Therefore, the British wears a ribbed corset for 12 hours daily.

Lacy wilde

An American who has undergone multiple plastic surgeries is considered a living Barbie. Oddly enough, Lacy again dreams of increasing the bust to the size of QQQ, now the woman has the "seven". To achieve the ideal, Wilde had already pumped up her lips, smoothed wrinkles on her forehead, and adjusted the volume of her buttocks. Such a "tuning" appearance cost the dancer $ 500,000.

Maxi mounds

The American fetish model is famous for its polypropylene implants. The owner of 36 MMM in 2005 was a busty record holder. After the measurement, a figure of 154 cm was recorded and a certificate was handed to the girl. Mounds emphasized the benefits of a lush bust, among which there was enthusiasm for the fans and career success.

Annie Hawkins

A native of Georgia is known by the pseudonym Norma Stitz. Due to gigantomastia, each breast of Annie weighs 22 kg, and the size of the bust is 102ZZZ. Thanks to the original appearance, the lady starred in magazines, light erotica. To preserve "wealth", Hawkins carefully walks up the stairs, drives. Statements of doctors about possible consequences Norm ignores.

Chelsea Charms

He wears the largest silicone breast, each weighing 12 kg, and the size is 165XXX. During the last operation, Chelsea installed implants with polypropylene. The material draws water from the body and expands. When the bust reached 10,000 cm³, the star turned to the clinic to pump out the fluid. However, to achieve success in his career, Charms was helped not only by his chest, but also by a good education.

Anna Semenovich

According to Anna, her luxurious breasts of size 5 are not the work of surgeons, but a creation of nature. The ex-soloist of "Brilliant" complains of discomfort and the need for the services of a massage therapist. But figure skating enthusiasts recall the times when Semenovich performed without outstanding roundness. The media have repeatedly discussed that after the X-ray photographs of the singer, the singer showed implants. In addition, paparazzi noticed strange spots and seams on the bare body of a woman.


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