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The smallest men in the world


Hagendra Tapa Magar, 22, from the Nepalese city of Pokhara, is one of the two smallest men on the planet. His height is only 67 centimeters, and weight - 5.5 kilograms. But this does not prevent the young man from positively perceiving life, and those around him - also perceiving it. Locals nicknamed Hagendra the Little Buddha

In the house of Magarov, a photograph hangs on the wall: Hagendra with parents (they are on the right) and the leaders of the local organization that oversaw the family while Hagendra wore, according to the Guinness Book of Records, the title of the smallest man in the world. In 2011, the title passed to Filipino Junry Balawing, who came of age, with a growth of 59.93 cm. Later, parents learned that the curators took 95% of the proceeds from Hagendra’s public performances. But the guy is not offended: he says that thanks to them he managed to visit China, where he really liked it.

Any appearance of Hagendra in public is an event in the life of the locals. In the crowd, his father has to carry Hagendra in his arms, simultaneously driving away onlookers with phones and cameras. However, people are good-natured. Hagendra give gifts, shake hands, ask for blessings, or simply shout: “Hello, Little Buddha!” The guy is not against such attention and is always ready to shake a couple of hundred hands, but he gets tired very quickly.

Hagendra has a rare type of dwarfism - primordial dwarfism, that is, primary, innate. The causes of the pathology are unknown, but they are not important to parents - in such a religious country as Nepal, it is not customary to abandon children with disabilities. Dad and mom believe that the child was sent to them by the gods. They spend a lot of time with Hagendra and love him no less than their second son - the 16-year-old Ashok (his height is normal). Parental love and protection allow Hagendra to be self-confident and look at life with humor.

For a person with a five-month-old baby, even a pet can be dangerous. However, a cat named Kat has been living in the Magar family for eight years and respects the small owner. It is more complicated with other animals: Hagendra says that he was bitten by street dogs more than once, he had to be vaccinated against rabies.

Every weekend, Hagendra with his brother and father can be found in the local temple of Tal Barahi, located on an island in the middle of Lake Pheva. The bells, which all temple visitors ring, are as if specially set for the growth of the Little Buddha. At home, every morning, Hagendra himself conducts puja - a ritual of worshiping the gods - and blesses his relatives by applying tiki (sacred points) to their forehead with paint.

The idol of Hagendra - Rajesh Hamal, or the Great Actor - such a nickname was given to the star by Nepalis for their contribution to national cinema. Hagendra studied almost the entire filmography of Hamal, admires his appearance and human qualities (the actor is engaged in charity a lot). Hagendra also likes Rajesh's long hair, and he grows the same.

With a modest financial situation of the family, Magar Hagendra is the owner of a solid wardrobe. Clothing and shoes are cheap: all things are for children, bought in the market. In addition, the Little Buddha often receives gifts from sellers - in return for a blessing.

When electricity is turned off in Pokhara in the evenings, Hagendra loves to sit on the bed with a candle. He sits for a long time, thinking about something of his own. The life of people with his illness is usually short. Rarely anyone lives to be forty.

However, compatriot Hagendra Chandra Bahadur Dangi, who in 2012 was noticed and recognized as the shortest man in the world, died in September 2015 at the age of 75. His height was 56.4 centimeters.

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Small actors

Among our young actors can be called "Ravshan of All Russia" by Mikhail Galustyan (163 centimeters), Evgeny Stychkin (162 centimeters).

There are popular actors among dwarfs. For example, now at the peak of fame, actor Peter Dinklage, born with one of the forms of dwarfism. His height is only 135 centimeters, but still he got the role of the charismatic and intelligent dwarf Tyrion Lannister in the movie "Game of Thrones". And the smallest dwarf actor is a Hindu by birth, and his name is Ajay Kumar.

Where small people live

But the African continent sheltered at the same time the highest and lowest nationalities. Tall tribes are called karamojongs and Tutsis, and the smallest people in Africa and in general on Earth belong to the pygmy tribe Mbuti (Equatorial Africa). Their usual height is 130-140 centimeters for men, and ten centimeters lower for women. That is, a European of such growth would be considered a dwarf, but the pygmies do not have this disease, but simply are so genetically stacked. The tribe’s self-name can be translated roughly as "people the size of a cam."

In general, a lot of undersized tribes are scattered along the equator - you can find mini-peoples in the Philippines, New Zealand, and islands in the Indian Ocean. Also, the people of the Far North are not tall - excimos, Khanty, Mansi, Aleut, etc.

The smallest man in the world

The same growth was made by the American Calvin Phillips, a dwarf who lived only 22 years because of rapid aging, due to the same deviation, which caused dwarfism.

Of the living dwarfs, the Nepalese Hagendra Tapa Magar held the palm for a rather long time, with its height of 67 centimeters. This man has a very ordinary head and a very small body. In general, he leads an ordinary life.

The ordinary life of an unusual person

The smallest elderly man lived in the wilderness of Nepal, they did not know about him not only in the world, but also in his own country. Until the age of 67, a man did not leave his village, in which there are only 200 houses, there is no television and other means of communication with the world. The man did not even think about fame, because he did not know that an unusual physique could be interesting to someone.

Chandr was born into a large family - out of six brothers and two sisters, three were not tall, no higher than 1.20 meters, and the rest were no different from those around them. The boy’s parents died early, so no one in the village knows what they looked like. Also, no one can answer exactly when the child stopped growing.

At a young age, the guy wanted to find a bride and marry, but not one of the girls approached him in height. In old age, Chandr lived with his nephews, but he tried to earn his own bread, doing all sorts of small things for sale for farming and helping fellow countrymen graze cows.

Moment of glory

A lumberjack discovered a stunted grandfather, and he told the media about him, who helped set a new record and squeeze Joonrei Bowling, the smallest man, from the first place, according to the Guinness Book of Records. His height is 59.93 cm.

The typesetters of the newspaper, who published a note on the new record, did not even have to reduce the photo of the hero - the growth of the hero turned out to be smaller than the format of the newspaper.

Representatives of the Guinness Book of Records carefully examined Chandra Bahadur Dangi and did not find any diseases. According to grandfather, he very rarely sick, and if a cold happened, it was treated with hot water with spices.

Fame helped Danga get to the hospital when in 2015 he became seriously ill with pneumonia. However, the doctors were powerless and could not put an unusual person on their feet. Chandr left the world in early September 2015 at the age of 76, while remaining a long-liver among the smallest people.

Chandra's death field returned the record to Jungrei Bowling.


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