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Ralph Fiennes
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Fiennes in 2018.
Birth nameRalph Nathaniel Twistleton-Wykham-Fiennes
Date of BirthDecember 22, 1962 (1962-12-22) (57 years old)
Place of BirthIpswich, Suffolk, UK
Citizenship Great Britain
Career1985 - present
Direction Shakespeare's comedy d
AwardsBAFTA (1993)
Tony (1995)
IMDbID 0000146
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Ralph Nathaniel Twistleton-Wykham-Fiennes (English Ralph Nathaniel Twisleton-Wykeham-Fiennes, MFA ˈReɪf ˈfaɪnz, MWCD / RĀF FĪNZ / , December 22, 1962 (1962-12-22), Ipswich, Suffolk, UK) - British film and theater actor, film director and producer, UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador. Film Award Winner BAFTA and the Tony Theater Award, two-time Academy Award nominee, five-time Golden Globe Award nominee. He became famous thanks to the role of SS Hauptsturmfuhrer Amon Goethe in the Steven Spielberg film Schindler’s List and the role of Lord Voldemort in the Harry Potter series of films, as well as the films The English Patient, The Red Dragon, and Get to the Bottom of Bruges ”,“ Reader ”,“ 007: Skyfall Coordinates ”,“ 007: Spectrum ”and“ Grand Budapest Hotel ”and based on the role of Heathcliff in the film adaptation of Wuthering Heights.


Rafe is the first-born in the family. His mother, Jennifer Lash, is a writer, father Mark Fiennes is a famous photographer (his father was industrialist Maurice Fiennes). His family originates from the Normans. Since 1973, the family has lived in Ireland. Of his five brothers and sisters, almost everyone is involved in the movie: Brother Joseph played the role of Shakespeare in the Oscar-winning melodrama Shakespeare in Love (1998), the other brother, Magnus en - composer, the sisters Sophie en and Marta are filmmakers (in Martha Onegin's film Rafe starred), and his third brother, Jacob, is committed to protecting the environment. Also, the young actor Hiro Fiennes-Tiffin (played in “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince”) is his nephew, the famous British traveler Ranulf Twistleton-Wykham-Fiennes and writer William Fiennes are accounted for by Rafe and his brothers and sisters cousins ​​of the 3rd degree. In the 8th tribe, they are related to members of the British royal family.


He studied acting at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art. He began his career at the Regent's Park Open Theater (Eng.), From the late 1980s he played at the Royal National Theater. In 1988 he joined the troupe of the Royal Shakespeare Theater. Winner of the American theater awards "Tony". Nominated for an Oscar for roles in the films Schindler's List (1993) and English Patient (1996). His track record also includes nominations for Golden Raspberry (1999, along with Uma Thurman for the comedy action movie Avengers). In the same year, Onegin played in the eponymous Hollywood movie.

In 1997, Ralph Fiennes played the role of Ivanov in the play of the same name by A. P. Chekhov in the production of the Almeida Theater in London. Fiennes played a broken and insane person unusually convincingly. In the same year on tour in Russia, he played Ivanov on the historical stage of the Maly Theater in Moscow.

In 2011, he became chairman of the jury of the V International Film Festival. A. Tarkovsky "Mirror" in Ivanovo.

In 2014, he played the role of the everywhere-keeping porter of a large hotel in Wes Anderson’s comedy “The Grand Budapest Hotel”. This acting work by Fiennes was marked by the highest ratings of the world film press and many awards, including nominations for awards BAFTA and the Golden Globe.

Childhood and youth

Ralph Fiennes was born in the English city of Ipswich, located in Suffolk County. The actor became the first child in the family of writer Jennifer Lash and photographer Mark Fiennes. My father came from an impoverished aristocratic family, before taking up photography, he tried unsuccessfully in farming and construction. In addition to Rafe, Mark and Jennifer had 5 more children.

Joseph, the actor’s younger brother, is also a screen star, shone in Shakespeare in Love, Luther, Darwin Prizes. Magnus became a composer and music producer, Jacob - an activist in animal welfare and environmental conservation. Sisters Sophie and Martha are successful filmmakers. In addition, parents raised their adopted son Michael Emery, who was in the family at the age of 11.

Other Rafe’s relatives are also endowed with talents. The names of the cousins ​​- the traveler Ranulf Twistleton-Wyckham-Fiennes and the writer William Fiennes - were heard. In the Harry Potter saga, the character of Fiennes in his childhood was played by his nephew Hiro Boregar.

When Rafe was 11 years old, the family moved to Ireland, where the boy began to attend school. Prior to this, the child was at home schooling. After graduating from high school, Fiennes independently returns to England and enters the London College of Art, studying painting. But he quickly finds another hobby - the theater, so after a year of study he drops out of college and begins to study at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art.

During his studies, Rafe participated in the productions of classical plays. After graduating from the academy, he becomes a member of the troupe of the National Theater, and after 2 years he becomes an actor in the Royal Shakespeare Theater. For his roles in the plays Hamlet, Henry VI, Richard II, King Lear, Ivanov, and The Vain Efforts of Love, Fiennes was awarded the Tony Theater Award.


The debut on television for Ralph Fiennes became the main role in the historical drama "Dangerous Man: Lawrence after Arabia" in 1990. Immediately followed by the criminal series "The main suspect", in which the film actor played Michael in one of the series.

Juliette Binoche and Ralph Fiennes (frame from the film Wuthering Heights)

The experience of playing dramatic characters helped Rafe get on the big screen. In 1991, the actor starred in the role of Heathcliff in the film adaptation of the famous novel by Emily Bronte "Wuthering Heights." Then came the scandalous film on the religious theme of "Child of Macon."

In 1993, the actor became world famous after the appearance on the screens of the military biographical film "Schindler's List", in which the British played Amon Geta, commandant of the Nazi concentration camp. For this role, Fiennes received the British Academy of Film and Television Arts Award as Best Supporting Actor, and was also nominated for an Oscar and Golden Globe. The film will be called the best in the filmography of the artist, and directors from different countries will offer the British more and more roles in historical films.

Ralph Fiennes as Amon Geth (frame from the movie Schindler's List)

Then came unobtrusive pictures, of which only the fantastic thriller “Strange Days” stands out. For participation in it, the actor was nominated for the Saturn Prize. In 1996, Ralph Fiennes again excites the imagination of moviegoers, makes you talk about yourself, playing the main role of Count Laszlo Almashi in the film adaptation of Michael Ondatzhe's novel “The English Patient”. The film actor was awaited by another Oscar nomination, and the film itself received this prestigious award.

After this success, Rafe could independently choose scripts, so almost all of his films with participation became successful: the Oscar and Lucinda melodrama, an adaptation of Pushkin’s novel Onegin, directed by the actor’s sister Marta, thrillers Spider and Red Dragon , the comedy Madame Maid and Chamscrabber, the action-directed drama The Faithful Gardener and other films.

Ralph Fiennes as Eugene Onegin (frame from the film Onegin)

For participating in these projects, the actor has repeatedly nominated for various film awards in Britain, Europe and the USA, but he received only the award of the European Film Academy for the main role in the historical drama "Taste of Sunlight".

In 2005, Ralph Fiennes agrees to play the main villain of Voldemort in the movie Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, and will later participate in the sequel to this teenage movie, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix and two parts of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. ". This work brought the actor the MTV Movie Awards as the best movie villain.

In addition to this fantasy franchise, Fiennes starred in the historical dramas The Duchess with Keira Knightley and The Reader with Kate Winslet, participated in the adaptation of Charles Dickens's classic novel Great Expectations, and played in the comedies My Terrible Nanny - 2 and Hotel Grand Budapest. ”

Ralph Fiennes as Voldemort (frame from the movie Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part II)

The military thriller Storm Lord claimed nine Oscars and received six, including the main one for the best film. Rafe, as a member of the ensemble of actors, was awarded the Gotham Awards and the Washington Critics Association Prize. Viewers emphasize Fiennes's work in the films “Clash of the Titans” and “Wrath of the Titans”. In films, he played Aida, and Liam Neeson played the role of Zeus.

In 2011, Rafe made his debut as a director with an original account of the legend of the 5th century Roman commander, but not the expected historical tape. Coriolanus is a full-fledged action movie that takes place in Belgrade bombed by NATO raids. The main roles were played by Fiennes himself, Gerard Butler, Brian Cox. Female images embodied by Vanessa Redgrave and Jessica Chastain.

Ralph Fiennes and Jessica Chastain (frame from the movie "Coriolanus")

Significant work for Ralph Fiennes was the role of the head of special services Mi-6 Gareth Mallory in Bond. He replaced the character of Judy Dench, who, as planned by the scriptwriters, died in “007: Skyfall Coordinates.” Rafe, by his own admission, knew about the final, but did not expect that he would be invited to act in the franchise.

What particularly pleased Fiennes was the fact that the new M does not just sit in the office and manages operations on the Internet, but has rich military experience and periodically leaves the “comfort zone”, participating in fights. However, the actor still prefers not books about James Bond, but books, because there are more nuances and more detailed characters are painted.

Ralph Fiennes (frame from the movie “007: Skyfall Coordinates”)

The actor is not only involved in the filming of feature films, but also voices animated films. In February 2017, the computer-animated comedy film “The Lego Movie: Batman” appeared, in which Fiennes voiced Alfred Pennyworth. In 2016, the Briton already participated in a similar project, with his voice spoke Ryden, the Moon King and the main antagonist of the animated film “Kubo. The legend of the samurai. "

The media have repeatedly reported that Rafe is very happy to come to Russia, is ready to act in projects of Russian directors, and also learns Russian and regularly visits his favorite places in the vast country.

"Evening Urgant" - Ralph Fiennes visiting Ivan Urgant

In 2014, the actor visited the program “Evening Urgant”, talked with the presenter on various topics, talked about the films in which he participated, and also talked about plans for the future. In December 2016, Ralph Fiennes confessed his love for the Russian comedy “Bitter!”, Released in 2013.

“When I told my Russian friends about it, they grimaced. I was surprised and laughed, because I know for sure that there may be a French, Irish and English version of “Bitter!”, ”Said the actor in an interview.

In his youth, Fiennes was read by Lermontov, Pushkin, Tolstoy, Dostoevsky. She still loves to play Chekhov characters and even regrets that England did not give birth to a writer who so subtly describes everyday life. In 2014, Vera Glagoleva invited a connoisseur of Russian classics from Misty Albion to the main role in the drama “Two Women” based on the novel “A Month in the Country” by Ivan Turgenev.

Ralph Fiennes (frame from the movie "Two Women")

The Russian actress and director spoke of her colleague as "extremely brilliant", delicately sensitive, living to the bone in the image. Glagoleva’s death shocked Rafe. On Instagram, he published a post with words of condolences to relatives and a promise to remember about working together. “Two Women” was awarded the Grand Prix of a number of film screenings, presented at the “Window to Europe” festival.

In 2018, Rafe, as a director, directed the film “The White Crow” about the famous Soviet dancer Rudolf Nureyev. The script is based on the book "The Life of Rudolf Nureyev" by a British journalist and former ballerina Julie Cavana. Ravshan Kurkova, Chulpan Khamatova and the star of the Royal London Ballet Sergey Polunin participated in the filming of the picture, and the main role was played by the Prime Minister of the Tatar Academic Opera and Ballet Theater Oleg Ivenko. The audience at the artist’s homeland was presented with a biopic in April 2019.

Ralph Fiennes and Oleg Ivenko (frame from the movie "White Crow")

Commenting on the work on the project, Fiennes emphasized that Nureyev refers to the type of people who, not paying attention to borders and cultural differences, brought people together and united through art.

Those who prefer a theatrical stage had the chance to see a cinema superstar in the production of Anthony and Cleopatra, performed by Simon Godwin, who is called theatrical Spielberg in professional circles.

The performance, transferred to the screen, turned out to be eclectic: the Roman military commander walks around with the machine gun at the ready, his subordinates are dressed in camouflage and helmets, while Rafe himself wears an elegant suit. The image of the Egyptian queen is entrusted to the Tony Prize winner Sophie Okonedo. The British press considers the creative tandem to be the best Anthony and Cleopatra in the last 20 years.

Personal life

In 1983, while studying at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts, Ralph Fiennes met student Alex Kingston, with whom he had a romantic relationship. The couple met for 10 years, only in 1993 the lovers officially signed. After 2 years, the actor starts a new romance and in 1997 officially divorces his wife.

Short biography

Born December 22, 1962 in the English city of Suffolk, in a large family. Ralph's parents were creative people: father is a photographer, mother is a writer. So the family encouraged art classes, thanks to which one of his brothers also became an actor, both sisters became directors, the other brother became a composer, and the third brother was involved in environmental protection. The family often moved. After leaving school, Rafe entered the College of Design Art in Chelsea, and soon moved to London, where he entered the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art, after which in 1987 he was able to join the troupe of the British Royal National Theater, and a year later he joined the Royal Shakespearean troupe theater.

Thanks to theatrical successes, a movie career began when Fiennes was spotted on stage by director Chris Meno, who invited him to play a cameo role in the detective television series "The main suspect." But still, until 1993, Rafe mainly participated in theatrical productions, although he starred in a couple of films on secondary roles, such as Wuthering Heights and Macon's Child. Great success came due to the role in the picture of Steven Spielberg "Schindler's List." The film, based on the novel by Thomas Kenilli, was nominated for thirteen Academy Awards, including for the acting role of Ralph Fiennes. From that moment on, Ralph’s career rapidly began to gain height. In 1994, he played in the drama Television Quiz, and then in the thriller Strange Days.

The second Oscar nomination did not have to wait long: in 1996, the drama “The English Patient” was released, in which Fiennes played the main role. The picture, based on the novel of the same name by Michael Ondatje, for which he received the Booker Prize, was nominated for an Oscar in twelve nominations, of which she took nine.The following works with the participation of Fiennes - the films "Oscar and Lucinda" and "Avengers" - did not find much success, despite the star cast of the latter, because Uma Thurman and Sean Connery became Rafe's partners on the set. But here the tape with his participation, shot by Rafe’s sister - Marta Fiennes - based on the work of A. Pushkin and called "Onegin", was more widely publicized. In addition, the film was shot on the anniversary of the poet.

In subsequent years, Ralph Fiennes actively starred in various films, including such films as the end of the novel, The Taste of Sunlight, Chromophobia, The White Countess, thrillers Spider, Red Dragon, the melodrama Madame Maid, the comedy drama Chamscrabber, and the action film The Faithful Gardener. An increase in popularity among the younger generation was facilitated by participation in the filming of several parts of films about Harry Potter. So, in 2005 the film “Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire” was released, and two years later the sequel to “Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix” was released, a few years later another film in the two parts of “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows” saw the light.

Fiennes also worked on low-budget paintings "The Lord of the Storm" and "Gifted."

The Oscar-winning dramas Reader and Duchess enjoyed considerable success with the audience. The critics received high marks from the Thriller Bury in Brugge. And one of the last works of Ralph Fans was the film "Coriolanus", during the creation of which he acted not only as an actor, but also acted as a director and producer.

Amazing family!

The offspring of the English (Norman) aristocrats, who were closely related to Prince Charles of Wales, he is the owner of a long artsy name: Rafe Nathaniel Thuesleton-Wykham-Fiennes. Of course, Rafe cut it when he began a career in film.

About the family of the actor is worth mentioning separately. Rafe, born December 22, 1962, was the eldest among six children of photographer Mark Fiennes and writer Jennifer Lash. They raised excellent sons and daughters - most of them chose creative professions. Joseph, like Rafe, a famous actor who starred in the films “Kill Me Tenderly”, “Shakespeare in Love”, “Enemy at the Gates”.

Magnus is a composer, and Sophie and Martha are directors. Only Jacob became an ecologist, breaking the tradition of the family. Rafe's grandfather owned a large factory, and the famous English traveler Renulf Fiennes is the second cousin of a movie star.

Charming Romeo

Rafe was born in Ipswich (Suffolk County), and when he was 10 years old, the family moved to Ireland. There, the whole school biography of Ralph Fiennes passed. He drew well, so he returned to England and became a student at the College of Art in London, but the theater captured the imagination of the young man. He played the title role in the amateur play "Romeo and Juliet" and decided that his vocation was not a painter at all. He easily transferred to the Royal Academy of Drama and graduated at 23.

Rebel heathcliff

The first roles of the actor were on the stage - first in the National Theater, then in the Royal Shakespeare Company. He continued to play in the plays of the Great Bard (“Henry V”, “The fruitless efforts of love”, “King Lear”), and in 1991 a mini-series with the participation of the young artist “The main suspect” was released.

His film debut also became a classic - a drama based on the novel by Emily Bronte's Wuthering Heights. The main roles (the unfortunate lovers Katie and Heathcliff) were entrusted to the Frenchwoman Juliette Binoche and the Englishman Rafe Fiennes.

Having fun shooting at Jewish prisoners

In 1993, two films were released in which Fiennes had the main roles - very different roles! Peter Greenaway’s historical drama “The Child of the Macony” is a gloomy, atheistic acutely social satire that provoked a mixed reaction from critics, and Steven Spielberg’s military tape Schindler’s List is a masterpiece of all time, receiving seven Oscars.

About the "Schindler's List" is worth talking in more detail. The director chose Fiennes for the role of the main villain (the fascist commandant of the concentration camp Amon Goethe), for "diabolical sexuality." Preparing for the role, Rafe significantly gained weight - so that the similarity with the antagonist was even greater. An excellent test - whether Fiennes corresponds to the prototype, was his meeting with a former prisoner of a concentration camp. The woman nearly fainted - it seemed to her that Goet had risen from the grave. Thanks to this movie, a prestigious award could have appeared in the biography of Ralph Fiennes, but both he and Liam Neeson (Schindler) remained Oscar nominees. By the way, from the time of filming, these two who played enemies are best friends.

Sexy Earl and other romantic heroes

Rafe did not leave the theater and became a Tony laureate, participating in the Broadway production of Hamlet. This was in 1995. And the next year he appeared on the movie screen in the image of a traveler-aristocrat Almashi, seducing a married lady (Kristin Scott-Thomas) in Mingella’s drama "The English Patient". The connection ended tragically, and most of the film, the hero of Fiennes died in a dilapidated Italian villa under the supervision of a sister of mercy (Juliette Binoche). Binosh received her Oscar for this role, but Rafe was again circumvented, although he was nominated. The English Patient entered the history of cinema as a nine-time Academy Award winner. The sensuality permeating the love scenes of the tape is simply unbelievable.

The late 1990s in the biography of Ralph Fiennes is a series of melodramatic roles (Oscar and Lucinda, Onegin, The End of the Novel) and the continuation of the theatrical career (Chekhov's play Ivanov, Shakespeare's Richard II and Coriolanus) .

Maniac and a grieving widower

Unexpectedly for his fans, Rafe became a maniac Francis Dolorheid in “The Red Dragon” (based on Harris’s novel), defeating other stars like Nicolas Cage and Sean Penn. The thriller from the series about Hannibal Lector is very atmospheric (this is a prequel to “Silence of the Lambs”).

But the sentimental picture “Madame Maid” turned out to be banal - another version of Cinderella. However, the role of a millionaire fell to the Briton “fit”.

The drama about a diplomat who worked in Africa and lost his wife there, “The Loyal Gardener” received an Oscar: he was earned by playing the wife of the hero Fiennes Rachel Weisz.

This is not the only film of 2005 in which Rafe appeared, his role in the fantasy “Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire” produced a much greater resonance.

Serpentine sorcerer

When director Michael Newell invited Rafe to try himself in this role, the actor was not enthusiastic. He does not consider himself a fan of these books, and even the first three parts of the series did not really appeal to Fiennes. But when Michael told what a sorcerer should have been, and showed sketches of an awesome make-up, the artist became interested: “The child living inside me rejoiced - he wanted to“ play the villain. ” The way the make-up was applied and the face of sexy handsome Fiennes was disfigured for the sake of the role is a separate story, videos about this were very popular. Voldemort is shown in four Potterians films.

A dream come true

Perhaps it should be a shame when you are repeatedly ignored by film academics! So for the film "Reader" about the Holocaust and love, which lasted decades, Fiennes colleague Kate Winslet was awarded the "Oscar", and Rafe was left overboard.

Fantasy “Clash of the Titans” and “Wrath of the Titans” were recognized as one of the worst films in their genre (Rafe portrayed them as the insidious Hades), and the sequel to “My Terrible Nanny” turned out to be much worse than the first part. But in 2010, the actor realized his long-standing plans - he put on the modern version of Coriolanus, playing the title role in the military (rather, however, anti-war) drama. His opponent was portrayed by Gerard Butler.

Lyric Rakitin and inventive Gustav

In the 2010s, the Briton still has many interesting roles. Is it not interesting for an Englishman who is interested in classics to play the Russian landowner in adapting Ivan Turgenev’s novel “A Month in the Country”? Fiennes carefully pronounced Rakitin’s remarks in Russian (even though he was duplicated later, the accent was not acceptable). The melodrama of Vera Glagoleva was called “Two Women”.

In the same 2014, a virtuoso film with elements of a black comedy, detective story, farce and drama “Hotel Grand Budapest” was released. For the role of Monsieur Gustav Fiennes could well have claimed the Oscar, but he was not even nominated - a terrible injustice!

James's new boss

Any actor will tell you that getting into a cult franchise that has passed the test of time (and more than half a century is not a joke) is a huge success. Rafe was lucky to replace Judy Dench as chief of agent 007 "M". He has already played in two parts of “Bond”, “SPECTRUM” and “Skyfall Coordinates”, the film that became the highest grossing in the history of the franchise. Once Fiennes passed the test for the role of James Bond, and now he was lucky to become the boss of the agent.

The novel was longer than marriage

The early romance of studying at the Royal Academy turned out to be very long - almost ten years. Only after such a long “bridegroom” Ralph Fiennes’s personal life “settled down”: he asked for the actress Alex Kingston’s hands and married her in 1993.

The couple did not have children - they were too passionate about their careers. And the marriage quickly exhausted itself - after more than three years, the couple filed for divorce. The reason was in Rafe - shortly after the wedding, he became interested in another colleague. Francesca Annis was his mother on stage (in Hamlet), and in life became a lover. The difference in the age of the actors was 19 years.

Oh, and a smoothie!

While still married to Alex, Rafe met Francesca - this civil marriage lasted 11 years. They say that this time too, the loving actor, charmed by another woman, was to blame for the breakup (she turned out to be Romanian Cornelia Crisan).

The personal life of Ralph Fiennes was scandalously discussed in the "yellow" press in 2007. The star was "caught" for having sex in the toilet of an airplane making a flight to Mumbai. The actor flew to India as the UNICEF ambassador - for an action aimed at combating AIDS, while he indulged in passion with a stewardess. Unexpectedly, right? Flight attendant Lisa Robertson, who could not resist the spell of the heartthrob, this episode was worth the work. At first she unlocked, and then she realized that it was useless. But thanks to this sex scandal, the blonde got her “five minutes of fame”, which she took advantage of.

Oh, it’s not in vain that Spielberg called Fiennes' sexual charisma “diabolical,” and the publication Empire called him among the hundred sexiest stars in movie history.

Photo: Ralph Fiennes

Actor career

In 2012, he received an offer to replace Judy Dench as an “M” in “007: Skyfall Coordinates.”

When working on the film The Grand Budapest Hotel (2014), Wes Anderson Rafe relied on the image of a real concierge from the Browns Hotel in London, whom he often watched. This character was noted as one of the best in the career of an actor, and Fiennes was again nominated for a Golden Globe.

Childhood and the beginning of the creative path

The full name of today's birthday is Ralph Nathaniel Twistleton-Wykham-Fiennes. He began his life's journey in the English city of Ipswich, which is located in the east of the country. The father of the family was a successful photographer, and his mother wrote books.

The youthful years of the future actor passed in Ireland, and having received secondary education, Rafe returned to the capital of England, where he became a student at the College of Art. Initially, the guy wanted to become an artist, and then he became seriously interested in theater and decided to continue his studies at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art.

Even without receiving a diploma, Fiennes began performing on the professional stage, where he was quickly noticed by theater directors. Immediately after graduation, Fiennes joined the ranks of the actors of the National Theater, and then began performing on the stage of the Royal Shakespeare Theater.

He could be seen in such famous productions as King Lear, Hamlet and The Vain Efforts of Love. For his talented game on the stage, the actor was awarded the Tony Award, which is awarded for achievements in the theater.

Fiennes in the cinema

In 1990, when Fiennes played the part in the movie Dangerous Man: Lawrence After Arabia, he made his debut on the big screen. Then followed the shooting of several successful films, including Wuthering Heights, Child of Macon, and Principal Suspect.

A great success came to the actor in 1993. This was due to the premiere of the film "Schindler's List," in which Rafe perfectly played one of the secondary roles. Joining this tape earned Fiennes the BAFTA Award and nominations for awards such as Golden Globes and Oscars. In addition, this historical drama contributed to the growth of the actor’s popularity and the successful continuation of his career in cinema.

Ralph Fiennes can also be seen in the fantasy Harry Potter franchise. He played there the leading anti-hero - Voldemort, for which he was awarded the MTV Movie Awards.

The actor performed no less memorable characters in such films as The Grand Budapest Hotel, Clash of the Titans, Wrath of the Titans, 007: Spectrum, and 007: Skyfall Coordinates. The acting skills of today's birthday almost always deserve admiring reviews from viewers and critics.

Although, in the collection of Fiennes's awards there is also the Golden Raspberry antiproward, which Rafe received for participating in the movie Avengers. The filmography of the star already has sixty films and continues to replenish.

After 3 days, December 25, 2018, the premiere of the comedy film "The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes", in which Rafe transform into the main negative character, will take place. In addition, the release of the film "Bond 25" is planned for 2020, in which it will be possible to watch Ralph Fiennes.

As a director, Rafe proved himself in such projects as The Invisible Woman and The White Crow. But in the film "Coriolanus", today's birthday boy acted as a producer.

Best films and biography

By the aristocratic, but at the same time courageous appearance of the actor, it is easy to guess that real royal blood flows in his veins. The members of the royal family of Britain are, although quite distant, but relatives of Rafe.

The charm and talent of the actor can impress even the most critical and demanding audience. Each role played by Rafe becomes a real decoration of the film.

Carier start

In 1987, Ralph completed his studies. His career begins in the troupe of the Royal National Theater. A year later, the actor moves to the Royal Shakespeare Theater.

Fiennes's talent helped him at the beginning of his theatrical career to receive the most prominent roles in such productions: Ivanov, King Lear, Hamlet, The Vain Efforts of Love, Henry the Sixth, Coriolanus.

Fiennes Theatrical Successes do not go unnoticed and in 1990 the actor is invited to star in a movie - to embody the image of Lawrence of Arabia. This is followed by a small role in a television series. Finally, the first significant dramatic role - novice actor Ralph Fiennes gets the role of Heathcliff in the film adaptation of Emilia Bronte's novel.

The adaptation of Wuthering Heights received mixed reviews from critics, but the game Ralph Fiennes and his partners, Juliette Binoche, were rated very highly. Heathcliff turned out to be so alive, the actor so flawlessly conveyed his cruel, vengeful, but at the same time lonely and loving nature, that it became clear: this is not an easy magnificent dramatic actor, this is a real genius.

The demonic image of Heathcliff, which Faines created in Wuthering Heights, so impressed director Steven Spielberg that he offered the actor the role of Amon Get in his film Schindler's List. Ralph specifically recovered a few pounds in order to more closely match his hero. He entered the role so beautifullythat the female consultant to the film, who was a prisoner of the concentration camp and saw Geth herself, fainted at the sight of Faines in a fascist form.

On the set, Rafe met Liam Nisson. The actors were not only similar to each other in appearance, but also in character.A strong friendship was established between them, which binds them to this day.

The film received many awards, and Railph Finnes was nominated for the most prestigious cinematic award - an Oscar. Unfortunately, the actor never received the award, but along with the nomination came real fame and international recognition.

First major successes

Despite the fact that his career in cinema was very successful, Fiennes continued to play in the theater. In 1995, after the Broadway production of Hamlet, the actor received the prestigious Tony Theater Award.

A year later, Ralph Fiennes gets a role in the film "The English Patient." This role brings an Oscar nomination again.as well as an award from BAFTA and Golden Globe. The film, like Schindler's List, also became a cult film, received an Oscar as the best film of the year and was included in the 100 best films.

After such an impressive success, Fiennes was able to independently choose his own roles, as well as engage in directing and producing. In his career, like most actors, there were no falls and unsuccessful roles. The only disastrous film with the participation of Ralph Fiennes was Avengers, in the filming of which Sean Conery and Uma Thurman also took part. The Fienns / Thurman acting duo was nominated for the Golden Raspberry antiscar. But even participating in a failed movie could not reset Ralph from Hollywood Olympus and shake his confident position.

Fiennes’s reputation as a talented dramatic actor did not suffer after filming Avengers. Perhaps this was facilitated by the brilliant reincarnation of the Briton in Eugene Onegin. The actor produced and starred in the film Onegin, directed by his sister Marta.

It is worth saying that Onegin is far from the only film where Faines plays Russian. In 2014, the actor played in the film by Vera Glagoleva “Two Women” by the Russian landowner Rakitin. He managed to perfectly get used to the role, it is difficult to believe that the Englishman plays Turgenevsky Rakitin. Rafe generally knows Russian classics quite well, especially is fond of Chekhov. It often happens in Russia, and is now working on a biographical film about the fate of Rudolf Nuriev.

The heyday of a career and the new millennium

The new millennium brought a huge amount Suggestions for Ralph Fiennes. The actor is perfectly accustomed to the image of a crazy killer in "The Red Dragon", an inconsolable widower in "A Loyal Gardener", a Russian diplomat in love with the White Countess, an evil and mean Volan de Mort in the film adaptation of a children's book about Harry Potter.

Ralph Fiennes does not disdain participation in comedy films, especially since comedy melodramas with his participation receive very high reviews from critics. For example, the film Hotel Grand Budapest, received 4 Oscars and a huge number of other awards and nominations. Reviews from critics were extremely positive, the film itself was commercially successful.

The melodrama "Madame Maid" was met more coolly, but the money invested in the production paid off with interest. “Chamskrabber” and the second part of the children's comedy “My Terrible Nanny” had commercial success and positive feedback from the audience.

Convincing was Rafe and in the role of God. In the films “Clash of the Titans”, and then in its continuation, “Wrath of the Titans”, the actor played the role of the owner of the underworld - Aida. A best friend Liam Nisson his rival, the supreme god Zeus.

The impeccable reputation of Ralph Fiennes as a talented dramatic actor allows him to choose any roles at his discretion. He successfully plays in high-budget historical dramas such as Reader and Duchess. And he doesn’t refuse to participate in low-budget, author’s films, such as “The Tempest” and “The Gifted”.

In 2011, Ralph Fiennes finally fulfills his old dream and removes the drama “Coriolanus” based on the Shakespeare's eponymous work. Fiennes not only becomes the director and producer of the film, he also plays the main role. Ralph's partners were Gerald Butler, Jessica Chastain, Vanessa Redgrave. The film was warmly received by the public and critics, and the director received an independent British film award for best directorial debut. In total, the actor has such cinematic awards:

  1. British Film Academy Award. Received in 1994 for the film "Schindler's List"
  2. European Academy Award. The film "Taste of Sunlight" in 1999

Nominations for the actor are much moreIn addition to two Oscar nominations, there are:

  1. Golden Globe. Nominated 5 times between 1994 and 2015
  2. British Film Academy Award. 5 nominations from 1997 to 2015
  3. Emmy Award. Nomination for the film "Bernard and Doris" in 2008
  4. Berlin Film Festival Award. The film "Coriolanus" 2011
  5. European Academy Award. The film "Spider" 2002

In 2012, the actor joined the James Bond movie makers team. The hero of Faines in the film replaces the heroine of Judy Dench and thus becomes the head of the Bond. Although, 20 years ago, he could become James Bond himself, as he was considered by the producers of the bondiad for this role.

Unfortunately, something went wrong and the role was given to Pierce Brosnan, and Faines was able to join the picture only 20 years later, but already in the role of chief of spy.

The filming schedule of the actor is scheduled for several months in advance. A new movie about Sherlock Holmes is due out in 2018, where Rafe is rumored to play Professor Moriarty.

List of the best filmscompiled by western tabloids:

  • "Wuthering Heights"
  • "Schindler's list"
  • "English patient"
  • Onegin
  • "007. Coordinates Skyfall »


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