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Not at all stellar: 10 wealthy celebrities leading a modest lifestyle


Stars of the first magnitude, who have built a successful career and proved to the world what they are capable of, dream of true love as well as ordinary people. And she comes, bringing with her joy, and sometimes pain and disappointment.

1. Lindsay Lohan and Wilmer Valderrama This once-little-known actor would have played a teenager in the series “The 70s Show” until old age, if he had not started his career as an alpha, seducing Jennifer Love Hewitt (1999), Mandy Moore (2000) and minor Lindsay Lohan (2003). Soon after the breakup with Lindsay, it became clear that Wilmer was an inveterate gigolo, but this did not prevent the actor from falling into the first league in a wave of scandal.

2. Britney Spears and Kevin Federline When Federline first appeared in the life of 22-year-old Britney Spears, even the most inveterate fans of the singer could not say with certainty who he was and where it came from. Immediately after the wedding, he began his career as a rap artist, recording a solo album with his wife’s money (which, however, was ridiculed by critics), and after the divorce he chopped off a good piece from Britney’s fortune, turning into a millionaire overnight.

3. Paris Hilton and Jason Shaw Paris Hilton loves to control the situation - that is why her ex-boyfriend Jason Shaw did not leave the socialite for a single step, fulfilling all the whims of her beloved. As a reward for obedience, Paris helped her protege become a star in the modeling business by pushing him into an ad for Tommy Hilfiger.

4. Madonna and Jesus Luz About the "gift" of the Madonna to derail the career of former lovers (take at least Guy Ritchie or Sean Penn) there was a lot of talk. But the professional fashion model Jesus Lus was confused, as was the 28-year-old difference with the singer. Having starred in several joint frank photo shoots and having bitten off his part of fame, the young man threw Madonna without a twinge of conscience.

5. Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher It is no secret that Ashton Kutcher fell in love with Demi Moore in his youth, but then the aspiring actor could not even imagine that one day he would win the heart of a Hollywood celestial woman, and then break him into pieces, leaving his former lover for a hug Young and hot Mila Kunis.

6. Jennifer Lopez and Casper Smart The star of the dance musical “Step Up” Casper Smart fully justified the surname (smart in English means “smart”, “smart”), correctly evaluating the attention signs from Jay Lo, who had just survived a divorce from Mark Anthony. After three years of serious relationship with the singer, Casper started an affair with shemale model Sofia Vissa. Lopez threw her lover out into the street with the words: “Naked, naked and you’ll leave,” but later the dancer managed to beg forgiveness and return under the wing of Jennifer.

7. Sharon Stone and Martin Mika As practice shows, hunters for stellar hearts are not a hindrance. When 54-year-old Sharon Stone appeared in public with 27-year-old Martin Mika, the audience watched with concern over the development of their relationship in fear that the woman's chosen one would be a banal gigolo. In December 2013, they were able to breathe a sigh of relief - actively involved in politics and charity, Sharon resigned to a young lover who did not take the actress's activities seriously.

7 most unequal celebrity marriages

Love does not know borders, for it is not written law. Life confirms this with inconsistent examples. Although paired with an age of 20 years, it often has to be denied and rejected by the general public, many are uninterrupted. We wish for the happiness of all who have found love.

Unregistered marriages not rash

1. Alec Baldwin and Hilary Tomas
Difference in age: 25 years
Wife of Alec Baldwin was his yoga instructor. While the Hollywood actor studied the complex asana by her hands, he understood that his relationship with Hilary went beyond the framework of the “teacher - teacher”.
On June 30, 2012 they exchanged wedding rings and wedding vows in the Manhattan Cathedral of St. Patrick. The couple had a daughter, Carmen and son Rafael.
By the way, Hilary didn’t stop doing individual lessons on yoga and continued to do an account on Instagram, where with a bit of flexibility and flexibility.

Alec Baldwin and Hillary Tomas

2. Dmitry Dibrov and Polina Nagradova
Difference in age: 30 years.
In 2007, Dmitry Dibrova had to evaluate the participants of the Beauty of the body contest. The victorious 17-year-old beauty Polina immediately attracted the attention of the noisy.
After the event in the Golden Palace restaurant, a buffet was arranged, while Dmitry and a girl got into a casual meal. According to Dmitry, at that moment he understood: the future mother of his children is sitting in front of him.
Two years later, in one of the most chic metropolitan restaurants, the wedding of Dibrova and Polina was rewarded.

Dmitry Dibrov and Polina Nagradova

3. Olga Tabakov and Marina Zudina
Difference in age: 30 years.
In the middle of the 80s, the newly minted student of GITIS, Marina Zudina, turned out to be on the course of Olga Tabakova, who was in love with a great deal of marriage.
At the beginning of their relationship, Tabakov marked a silver marriage with Lyudmila Krylova. The novel of the teacher and the student lasted almost 10 years, before which the artist decided to separate from his wife and to narrow the relationship with Marina.

Olga Tabakov and Marina Zudina

3. Andrei Konchalovsky and Julia Vysotsky
Difference in age: 37 years.
The fateful meeting took place at the time of the Kinotavr festival in 1996. Accidental collision in the hotel elevator was transferred to a romantic dinner, and then to a joint holiday in Turkey, London and Miami.
Returning from America to Russia, Konchalovsky made Yulia an offer right in the seat of an airplane. The girl said that she didn’t have time to borrow hotel gowns, that the director declared: “Come out for a marriage!” I love the thief. "
The marriage with Yulia Vysotsky became the fifth in a row for the director.

Andrei Konchalovsky and Julia Vysotsky

5. Armen Dzhigraksanyan and Vitalina Tsymbalyuk-Romanovskaya
Difference in age: 45 years.
The marriage is not so long ago marked by its 80th anniversary of Armen Dzhigarkhanyan and 35-year-old pianist Vitalina Tsymbalyuk-Romanova on February 25, 2016.
Vitalina became acquainted with Dzhigarkhanyan at the age of sixteen. For the first time, the girl saw the actor live on the stage of the Kiev theater and after the spectacle asked the Negro for a car. After this, they were seen a few times, communicated in snatches. When Vitalina moved from Kiev to Moscow, Dzhigarkhanyan called a friend and asked for help with an accompaniment to the musical play “Aliz-rozob”. So everything and spun ...

Armen Dzhigraksanyan and Vitalina Tsymbalyuk-Romanovskaya

6. Hugh Hefner and Crystal Harris
Difference in age: 60 years.
Father of Men's Magazine No. 1, Playboy Founder Hugh Häfner married at a fashion store, Crystal Harris. The phenomenal difference in age did not interfere with the relationship of the beloved.
Hugh met with his future wife in 2008 at a party in honor of Halloween, and in January 2009 he invited the girl to meet. For the sake of a young beauty, Häfner even stopped spending time in the company of fully equipped models.
On December 31, 2012, a free ceremony was held in the Playboy Mansion, and on the morning of January 1 in the microblog of Hefner, there was an entry: “With New Year, all hell!”

Hugh Hefner and Crystal Harris

7. Ivan Krasko and Natalya Shevel
Difference in age: 60 years.
The marriage of the 84-year-old female artist and 24-year-old female student has left a network for me to write a lot of junk food. But, although this is often not easy, the newlyweds have closed their eyes to the opinion of others, sincerely rejoicing in their happiness.
Soshlis wife nA pochve love poezii - devushka chitala prepodavatelyu stixi sobstvennogo sochineniya, potom okazalos chto THEIR obedinyaet strast to tvorchestvu Brodskogo ... Ha svadbe Ivan Krasko poyavilsya in paradnom kitele - takom zhe kotorye nosil 60 let nazad.

Ivan Krasko and Natalya Shevel


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