Stanislav Mikhailov - biography, news, photo


Born April 27, 1969 in the city of Sochi, Krasnodar Territory in the family of a pilot and a nurse. According to Mikhailov, he didn’t study at a music school for two weeks, and his older brother, also a pilot, showed him the first guitar chords. For 7 months, the future singer studied at the Minsk Flight School, but left him and was called up for military service in Rostov-on-Don as a driver at the headquarters of the Air Force of the North Caucasus Military District. Having been demobilized, Stas studied at the Tambov Institute of Culture for some time, but, not having finished it, returned to his native Sochi, where he began to work - he was a businessman (he was involved in video rentals and vending machines for buns), worked at a recording studio, performed in Sochi restaurants.

In 1992, Stas Mikhailov went to Moscow, where he was unsuccessfully engaged in the distribution of video tapes. In 1992, he wrote the first known song - “Candle”. In 1996, after several years of working in theaters, he went to St. Petersburg because he wanted to complete his debut album - “The Candle”, which was released already in 1997, but, according to Mikhailov, did not bring the expected income. In connection with this failure, the singer and his family returned to Sochi, finally moving to Moscow only in the early 2000s. Soon, Stas Mikhailov’s song “Without You” was heard on the radio, which later became one of the artist’s first successful and third releases in his career - the 2004 album “Call Signs for Love”, while the second album “Dedication”, released in 2002, did not find wide popularity . In 2004, Mikhailov recorded his second clip, and the next year appeared on Radio Chanson.

In March 2006, Mikhailov successfully performed at the Oktyabrsky Concert Hall.

At the end of the year, the album “Dream Coast” is released, a video for the song of the same name is shot, and the first solo concert in Moscow in the concert hall of the Cosmos Hotel takes place.

In 2007, the singer’s collection of songs “Everything for You” and the next album “Heaven” were released, with the presentation of which in April 2008 Stas Mikhailov first appeared on the stage of the State Kremlin Palace. The video for the song “You!” Is being shot.

In 2008, the second collection of Stas Mikhailov’s songs “Unexpected Love” was released, and in December the album “Life is River”, with the presentation of which the artist collects five concerts in the concert hall “Oktyabrsky”. The video for the song “Wanderer” is being shot. For the album "Life-River", together with the singer Zara, Mikhailov recorded the duet "Let's Fly."

In 2009, Stas Mikhailov received two awards - Radio Chanson calls him “Artist of the Year”, and for the song “Between Heaven and Earth”, on which the video was shot, he is awarded the Golden Gramophone National Award. With the same song, Mikhailov first performed at the annual festival Song of the Year.

In 2010, the album "Live" was released, which is presented in three concerts on the stage of the State Kremlin Palace, and the collection "Best Songs on the BIS". With the song “Let go” on December 4, his duet with Taisiya Povaliy becomes the winner of the Golden Gramophone award. According to a VTsIOM poll in the nomination “Singer of the Year”, Stas Mikhailov took third place, losing only to Philip Kirkorov and Nikolai Baskov. In 2010, Stas Mikhailov's album sales reached record highs for the year.

On December 29, by the decree of the President of the Russian Federation D.A. Medvedev, Stas Mikhailov was awarded the title of Honored Artist of the Russian Federation, however, he was invited to the award ceremony only at the beginning of 2013.

In 2011, the artist in three concerts (March 31, April 2 and 4) in the State Kremlin Palace presented the new program “Only You”, and on June 21, Quadro-Disc released the self-titled album.

On July 25, 2011, Forbes magazine published a rating of “50 Major Russian Celebrities,” in which Stas Mikhailov replaced tennis player Maria Sharapova from first place, who has invariably occupied the first line in the list of Russian stars for six years. The singer was rated Forbes magazine for the first time.

In September, Stas Mikhailov was included in the Public Council at the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

In December 2011, the singer presented the acoustic program “I Will Open My Heart” accompanied by a symphony orchestra in the State Kremlin Palace and the Concert Hall “October”.

On February 6, 2012, he was officially registered as a confidant of the candidate for President of the Russian Federation and incumbent Prime Minister Vladimir Putin.

March 26, 2013 Mikhailov released the album "Joker", in 2014 - the album "1000 Steps".

In April 2013, during the musical ceremony “Chanson of the Year 2013”, Stas Mikhailov answered the question of the correspondent of the newspaper “Arguments and Facts” about the reasons for the popularity of chanson as a genre: “... People of our country today choose artists who touch the strings of the human souls. Chanson accumulates around himself the very best that is on our stage today. That is why Chanson of the Year is valuable: he always represents those who live to sing. And he sings to live ... "

In 2016, Mikhailov took part in the festival “Heat” and performed 4 songs: “If tomorrow there will be sun”, “There”, “I won’t drink so much”, “Say that you are everything”. In the same year, he participated in the award ceremony “Stars of Road Radio”, where he performed the songs “I won’t drink so much”, “You are all”, “There, beyond the horizon”, “Share” (with Zara). Speaking at the Ice Palace, Stas Mikhailov presented the program “People's Corporate - 2”, and at his concert in St. Petersburg he presented 3 new clips (“You are everything”, “There, beyond the horizon”, “White River”) and performed 4 new songs.

At the beginning of 2016, Stas Mikhailov presented a duet track and video with rapper Dzhigan - “Love-Anesthesia”, which immediately took the lead in the charts. A clip was shot on the track, the presentation of which took place on February 23 at the metropolitan club.

On April 27, 2017, in the Oktyabrsky Concert Hall, a presentation of the duet track by Stas Mikhailov with singer Elena Sever was held - "Don't Call, I Can't Hear." Also in April, a duet was recorded with the Russian artist, composer and film actor Alexander Kogan - "God grant us."

During the 2018 presidential election, he was a confidant of the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin.

Childhood and adolescence

Mikhailov was born in Sochi on April 27, 1969. His dad worked as an aircraft pilot, and his mother served as a nurse in the gynecological department. The future artist grew up in the family is not alone, he still had an older brother named Valery.

Initially, the couple lived in an ordinary five-story building, but eventually moved to a private house. The future artist grew up an honest and kind child, he always respected his mother with respect. Due to excess weight in the fifth grade, Stas Mikhailov began to take care of himself, his diet, however, it was hard to refuse delicious mother's food. In this regard, the future artist decided to play sports

Search for a profession

When Stas Mikhailov was 15 years old, in his hometown they found out about him as a musician. He performed songs by Yuri Antonov and other artists. The young man took part in various competitions, but did not fully believe that his talent was enough to conquer even further heights.

After receiving the certificate, Mikhailov became a student at the Civil Aviation School in Minsk, deciding to continue his father’s business. Not having studied one course, he realized that this profession was not suitable for him, so he returned home.

In order not to sit on the neck of his parents, the future artist got a job as a loader in one of the local shops, but he was ashamed to work there. After working days, his favorite guitar saved him. Mikhailov performed compositions of his own composition, then he got a job in a restaurant, where an even wider audience found out about him.

After working for some time, the future chansonnier was drafted into the army. He served in Rostov-on-Don. After returning, Mikhailov began to earn decent financial means on slot machines, but sometimes he lost large sums.

Photo: Stas Mikhailov

Career start

After the tragic death of his brother Valery, the future artist decides to receive a specialized musical education. In particular, he enters the Tambov Institute of Culture. However, the guy did not graduate from the institution. Then Mikhailov returned to Sochi again. In parallel, he began to record at the studio and try his hand at commerce.

In 1992, Mikhailov moved to Moscow, where he recorded his first hit “Candle”. The singer worked for five years at the Variety Theater. In parallel, he took an active part in various competitions, where he repeatedly became a laureate.

In 1997, Mikhailov moved to St. Petersburg. It was in the Northern capital that he completed a long work on his first album, “The Candle”. The artist shot a colorful video clip on the composition “Dark Eyes”. Despite the efforts made, the album turned out to be unnoticed. This fate was waiting for the second disc, released in 2002.

In Moscow, an influential businessman noticed a speech in a nightclub by an unknown artist. He was literally subdued by the timbre of Mikhailov, so he invited the budding artist to collaborate. True, then, the patron made a remark to him. He asked the singer to stop parodying Grigory Leps, and to start working on his own style.

In 2004, another fame came to the artist. Listeners received with great warmth his third album, which included the hit “Without You”. This song was first taken into rotation on the radio. Now Mikhailov is a confident artist, who has a millionth fortune.

The artist gathered his first full hall in 2006 at the largest venue in St. Petersburg. By then, he already had a lot of fans. They loved Mikhailov for understandable songs and an original voice.

Personal life of Stas Mikhailov

Stas Mikhailov is not seen in adventurous novels. His first wife since 1996 was Inna Gorb, from whom the singer has a son, Nikita (2001). At that time, Stas left for Moscow, and the marriage broke up.

Then he met with Natalya Zotova, a cousin of Valeria. Natalia in 2005 gave birth to a daughter, Daria, whom Mikhailov recognized only six years later.

In 2006, he met Inna Ponomareva (in her first marriage - Kanchelskis), five years later they got married. They have two children in common - Ivanna (2009) and Maria (2012), as well as adults Andrei (1993) and Eva (1999) from Inna’s first marriage.

Childhood and youth

Stanislav Mikhailov was born on April 27, 1969 in the city of Sochi. His family was not rich: father Vladimir Borisovich served as a civilian helicopter pilot, and his mother Lyudmila Vasilievna worked as a nurse in a local gynecological clinic. The future singer spent his childhood on the Black Sea in a friendly family circle. Especially great influence on Stas had his older brother Valery. He taught young Mikhailov the first chords on the guitar and inspired to become a pilot.

Stas Mikhailov in childhood with his brother Valery

After graduating from school, Stanislav went to Minsk to continue his family business and devote his life to aviation. The young man entered the civil aviation school, but he only had seven months to give up on this dream. Stas left school and returned home. In Adler, a young man found a loader in a store. Mikhailov was ashamed of his craft and tried in every possible way to avoid acquaintances who could see him in a similar occupation.

Then Stas was drafted into the army. He was assigned to Rostov-on-Don, where he served in the Air Force of the North Caucasus District. Thanks to the driving experience, Mikhailov was appointed the chief of staff as the driver of the car, and later as the personal driver of the commander in chief.

Stas Mikhailov in the army

After the army, Stas returned to his hometown, where his creative biography began. He became a businessman, moonlighting at a recording studio, and sang in restaurants in the evenings. The last two places of work gave the future star the opportunity to at least briefly look into the world of show business. After recording his first unofficial album, Stas became a local celebrity, and this popularity pushed him to seriously engage in music.

Stas Mikhailov

In 1989, Stas Mikhailov and his whole family experienced a terrible tragedy - at the age of 27 years old older brother Valery died in the mountains. As a pilot, he lost control of the helicopter, and it crashed down. Between the brothers there was a close relationship and friendship. After the funeral, for the first time in his life, Stanislav felt lonely.

Until now, the singer and parents, according to him, cannot get used to the idea of ​​losing a loved one. In 1992, Mikhailov went to Moscow, where he was again forced to do business related to videotapes, in 2000 he finally moved to Moscow, where he began to reap the deserved fruits of his career.


At one of the performances in the tiny club of a little-known singer, businessman Vladimir Melnik noticed - he was struck by the timbre of Mikhailov’s voice, and he offered the talented guy cooperation. True, he asked not to imitate Grigory Leps: "Leps already exists, and you are Mikhailov."

The long-awaited fame came to the artist in 2004, when his song “Without You” hit the Radio Chanson rotation. The third studio album Mikhail Callsigns, released in the same year, was warmly received by the audience. The clip for the composition “Half” was shot next, and the artist began a stormy concert activity.

General information

Articles about the biography and personal life of Stas Mikhailov often appear in the press. The singer has a huge number of fans who dream to get the heart of a star. But not everyone knows that the path to the top of the musical Olympus was very long and thorny. The singer was not given anything for nothing. All that he has today is entirely his merit.

Many fans are interested in the personal data of the singer. Artist Parameters:

  • Growth - 178 centimeters.
  • Date of birth - 04/27/1969.
  • Weight - 83 kilograms.
  • Nationality Russian.
  • Marital status: Married.
  • Zodiac sign is Taurus.

Mikhailov has a short temper, he is ambitious, purposeful and will never give up on his desires.

He rarely sings duets with other stars, but each joint performance becomes a hit: “Let go” with Taisiya Povaliy, “You are alone” with Nadezhda Babkina, “Do not call, I don’t hear” with Elena Sever, “Love-narcosis” with Dzhigan.

The singer loves to travel. He traveled almost the whole world, Italy and Montenegro are especially close to him. Stas adheres to conservative views, does not like computer games and denies some modern fashion trends. The star is not only the author of his own compositions, but also writes them for other artists, including Stas Piekha and Slava.

Due to the fact that Mikhailov lives in luxury, and his house resembles a palace more than an ordinary dwelling, many reproach him with vanity and greed. But the singer himself says that he values ​​his children and his wife more than anything else, and money is only a tool to achieve their goals. The star is actively touring the cities of Russia, as well as the USA, Finland, Italy, Kazakhstan and the Baltic states. No matter where he is, his performances are sold out, and fans fill the stage with gifts and flowers.


After moving to Moscow in 1992, Mikhailov wrote his famous song “Candle,” which listeners heard much later. Together with the performers of the pop theater, he traveled almost the whole country, never ceasing to write songs and cherishing the dream to record his own album.

Stas Mikhailov on stage

In 1997, the “Candle” album saw the world, and songs from it began to be played on the recently opened radio station “Petrograd - Russian Chanson”. Unfortunately for the performer, his first creation was not very popular, however the song of the same name “Candle” very quickly sunk into the soul of the audience.But this was not enough for success, the singer and his family left for Sochi.

In 2000, Mikhailov finally moved to Moscow, where he began recording new songs and preparing an album. The first sign was the song "Without You", which was successfully scrolled on the radio.

Stas Mikhailov's song “Without You”

In 2002, the album "Dedication" was released. Initially, Stas planned to publish it in a small edition for friends and acquaintances. However, the record began to enjoy success, and it was decided to increase the circulation. From this moment began the star trek of the performer. In 2003, the first solo concert of the artist took place in St. Petersburg.

In 2004, the album "Call Signs for Love" was released, which included the popular song "Without You." The musician’s popularity rapidly went up; his compositions were played every hour on Radio Chanson. In the same year, a video clip was shot for the song "Half", after which Mikhailov was seen and heard on television.

Singer Stas Mikhailov

In 2006, Stas’s concert gathered a full hall of enthusiastic fans; he performed for the first time in the “October Palace” and the concert hall of the Cosmos Hotel in the capital. At the end of the year, Mikhailov released the album "Coast of Dreams", which was also favorably received by the public, and the song of the same name for a long time occupied the top positions of the charts on the radio.

In 2009, Mikhailov received the title "Artist of the Year" from the radio station "Radio Chanson", which opened for Russia a talented performer. In the same year he received his first Golden Gramophone Award for the song “Between Heaven and Earth”. A year later, he received a second Gramophone for a duet with Ukrainian singer Taisiya Povaliy. Their song “Let go” was popular among listeners. In the same year, the performer was awarded the title of Honored Artist of the Russian Federation.

Taisiya Povaliy and Stas Mikhailov perform the song “Let go”

Mikhailov is one of the most famous artists in Russia, whose concerts always gather full halls. In 2011, Forbes magazine recognized the singer as the main Russian celebrity.

In 2012, Mikhailov became a confidant at that time, presidential candidate Vladimir Putin. At the end of the year, Stas Mikhailov took first place among Russian celebrities for queries on the Yandex search engine.

In 2013, Mikhailov's album “Joker” was released, in the same year the jubilee concert of the musician “20 years on the road” took place. During the concert, Stas Mikhailov jointly sang a lot of his songs with different performers: Ani Lorak, Zara, Taisiya Povaliy, Soso Pavliashvili, Anastasia Spiridonova, the Chelsea group and many others.

Stas Mikhailov and Zara perform the song "Divide the sky"

In 2014, Mikhailov presented the album "1000 Steps". Two years later, he recorded the single "Love-Anesthesia" in a duet with Dzhigan. Then came the tracks of the musician “Girl-Summer”, “You are all”, “Autumn is dancing”, “White River”, “Dream, where we are together”.

In February 2017, the singer gave a concert entitled “People’s Corporate Party-2” at the Olimpiysky Sports Complex, where he performed both old songs that he liked to the public and presented several new ones. A special guest of the show was the popular singer Zara.

Stas Mikhailov's song "White River"

Mikhailov's concerts are broadcast on television, and television channels make documentaries about the life and work of Stas. During his considerable career, the artist has released 12 numbered albums, three more collections of popular songs and two concert albums. 18 songs were shot for Stas Mikhailov’s songs.

In addition to the deafeningly popular song “Everything for You”, which made the household name of the musician, Mikhailov performed hits “Mom”, “There, Beyond the Horizon”, “You Are My Heart Made of Pure Gold”, “I Will Steal All the Stars for You”, “The Queen inspiration ”and“ Forbidden Love ”. In them, as in his iconic song, he sang his admiration for women. With these songs he earned even greater love among beautiful ladies.

Stas Mikhailov's song “Queen of inspiration”

With the help of his soulful texts, a man with not the most outstanding external data (the singer’s height is 178 cm, and according to some reports his weight is not far from 87 kg) became the object of dreams of the most diverse women in our country. Basically, Mikhailov’s fans are middle-aged women, because the singer himself is no longer young. The number of fans of the singer is so great that they often joked about it in KVN and other humorous programs.

The musician’s creativity is recognized not only by fans, but also by prestigious music awards. Mikhailov is a ten-time winner of the Chanson of the Year Award, and has also received the Golden Gramophone Award for eight consecutive years (from 2009 to 2016).

Stas Mikhailov on stage

At the same time, the singer’s work is subjected to numerous criticisms. Musical experts often accuse Mikhailov of not achieving his popularity by his talent, but by appealing to lonely and unhappy women, whom he promises love and happiness at every concert and actually manipulates them. The press often accuses the musician of vulgarity, mediocrity, imitation of various musicians of the past like Elvis Presley, as well as the lack of vocal talent.

The fact that Mikhailov’s vocal range is small is recognized by his admirers. But positively-minded critics are sure that the musician has correctly chosen the right niche and works professionally in it, and makes up for musical shortcomings with the quality of texts and artistry.

A family

  • Father - Vladimir Mikhailov, a pilot.
  • Mother - Lyudmila Mikhailova.
    • The elder brother - Valery Vladimirovich Mikhailov, a pilot, died. Buried in Adler.
    • Wife - Inna Mikhailova, nee Ponomareva, first marriage - Kanchelskis (born May 9, 1973, Kirovograd, Ukraine), whom Stas met in 2006, the wedding took place on August 12, 2011.

There are six children in the Mikhailov family:

  • Stas’s two children from previous marriages - son Nikita (2001) and daughter Daria (2005),
  • Inna’s two children from a previous marriage - son Andrei (1993) and daughter Eva (1999),
  • the common daughters of Inna and Stas are Ivanna (2009) and Maria (2012).


Sochi residents first heard the name of Stas Mikhailov when the boy was only 15 years old - in the local competition he performed “Maki” by Yu. Antonov and took second place. After success, the boy continued to sing in local ensembles, but the dream of becoming a great artist seemed unattainable.

Therefore, Stas, after his brother and father, after school went to Minsk to conquer the sky: there the young man entered the civil aviation school. The future singer could not yet assume that fate was destined for him to sparkle in a completely different horizon.

Stas Mikhailov in childhood and now

However, the study disappointed Stas Mikhailov. After spending only 7 months at the school, Stas returned to his hometown. I had to moonlight as a loader in Adler. Being ashamed of the need to raise money in this way, Stas had plenty of fun in the evenings, performing his favorite compositions in restaurants to the accompaniment of a guitar.

Returning home from the army, the young man was carried away by the game of machine guns. However, to plunge into the abyss of gambling addiction was not destined: the whole family was shocked by the death of Stas's older brother, who crashed in a helicopter. Subsequently, Stas will devote to his dead brother more than one song.

Stas Mikhailov - military service


Joseph Prigogine considers Mikhailov’s success a striking example of “how the choice of listeners sometimes differs from what they are imposed on radio and television.” “It turned out that there is a demand for chanson. Artists in this style occupied an informal niche that used to belong to rock musicians. The lyrics of their songs are understandable, while the hits are not cobbled together according to the scheme worked out in pop music, ”Prigogine said.

Sergei Sosedov believes that pop singer Stas Mikhailov “addressed the person in the audience, the audience. Mostly, of course, to the woman. To her soul, to her heart. " According to Sosedov, “Stas Mikhailov is an absolutely professional artist. He works very well, his concerts are dramatic, they are arranged. It's nice to look at him, he has a good voice. He communicates well with the public, knows how to take flowers. He knows how to bow, which is also a rare case on our stage. Claudia Shulzhenko had an octave range; Bernes had no voice at all. But try to reach out to these artists - those who vote three to four octaves today. ”

Interesting Facts

  • In December 2010, as a “New Year's gift”, Stas Mikhailov received the title of Honored Artist of Russia.
  • In the summer of 2011, Stas Mikhailov took first place in the rating of “50 major stars of Russia” according to Forbes magazine. The singer removed Maria Sharapova from there, getting on the Forbes lists for the first time.
  • In 2013, the comedy “Doubler” was released with the participation of Alexander Revva. In November 2017, the Strasbourg court confirmed that they received a complaint from Stas Mikhailov: the singer accuses a stage colleague of illegal use of his image. The conflict was resolved by the apologies that Revva brought to the singer.
Shot from the film “Doubler” with the participation of Alexander Revva


Eugene Grishkovets in an interview said: “People who like Leps and Vaenga (who are often compared to Mikhailov), I can still understand. They even have some sincerity. Elena Vaenga, in my opinion, is quite sincerely mistaken in writing VERSES. In Gregory Leps there is some kind of daring, drive, tavern despair, which people who love this artist lack in everyday life. But Stas Mikhailov is, in my opinion, just bad music, disgustingly arranged and filled with a nasty voice. The vulgarity raised to an incredible degree. And the main problem is that people are not ashamed to listen to it and there is no opposition to it, except for petty and petty jokes in KVN and “Comedy Club”. It is clear that Mikhailov’s audience is mostly single, unhappy women. They carry their, in fact, orphaned money to him. And he lives on them in his gold leaf, posing as a vulgar parody of Elvis Presley. If the time of Brezhnev was called the “era of Alla Pugacheva,” then the current time is the era of Stas Mikhailov. And this is monstrous! ”

According to Artemy Troitsky, Stas Mikhailov is an “extremely ordinary” artist who secures his “frantic success” by appealing exclusively to single women of Balzac age.

Stas Mikhailov now

Daily in the press there are details of the biography of Stas Mikhailov, concerning both the career and the personal life of the singer, his wife and children.

Often the yellow press explodes with information about scandals related to the name of Stas Mikhailov: according to rumors, the artist has conflicts with Maxim Galkin, Lyubov Uspenskaya, Alexander Revva and many other Russian pop stars.

Stas Mikhailov on stage

Now Stas and his wife are engaged in the restaurant business. Of course, Stas Mikhailov continues with his concert activities, starting with performances in small towns and ending with noisy concerts in the Kremlin Palace.

Awards and Achievements

In 2008, Stas Mikhailov first spoke at the State Kremlin Palace with the presentation of the new album "Heaven".

In 2009, Mikhailov became the “Artist of the Year” according to Radio Chanson, and for the composition “Between Heaven and Earth” he was awarded the Golden Gramophone National Award. With the same song, Mikhailov first appeared on the stage of the festival “Song of the Year”. By 2017, in his piggy bank of awards there were 10 awards “Chanson of the Year” and 8 “Golden Gramophones”.

On the eve of 2011, Stas Mikhailov became an Honored Artist of the Russian Federation.

In the summer of 2011, Mikhailov removed tennis player Maria Sharapova from the first line of the rating of “50 Major Russian Celebrities,” compiled by Forbes magazine. Moreover, it was Mikhailov’s “debut” on the pages of this authoritative business publication.

Stas Mikhailov is currently

Stas Mikhailov really likes to travel. The artist admits that he is conquered by European countries. He had already managed to explore Europe far and wide. In particular, the king of domestic chanson loves Montenegro for the beauty of the mountains, the Adriatic Sea and mild climate.

An interesting fact is that Stas Mikhailov is not at all friendly with the computer. In addition, unlike other artists, he often does not change mobile phones.

In 2013, the comedy “Doubler” was released. In it, the comedian and actor Alexander Revva brightly, but in a negative way, spoiled the image of Stas Mikhailov. This greatly outraged the artist, so he decided to go to court. In 2017, information appeared that the complaint was received by the European Court against the Revva himself, but later this information was refuted. It turns out that the parties settled all the differences back in 2014, when the actor brought a personal apology to the musician.

Tries himself Stas Mikhailov and in restaurant activities. His first brainchild opened in St. Petersburg, it received the creative name "Komunalka". Subsequently, the artist's institutions began to work in Moscow and Chisinau. They are visited not only by fans of the artist, but also by real gourmets. They note that the style and concept are thought out very well.

Childhood and teens

Stas Mikhailov was born on April 27, 1969 in the beautiful city of Sochi. His parents were not rich people, but the atmosphere of love and mutual understanding reigned in the family. Father Vladimir, Russian by nationality, is a pilot, mother Lyudmila is an ordinary nurse. The singer had an older brother Valery, who tragically died at a young age in a plane crash.

Thanks to his brother, Stas already played the guitar at the age of 13, but did not want to study at the music school - almost immediately began to skip classes, and then completely abandoned his studies. After receiving a certificate of maturity, Mikhailov decides to follow in the footsteps of his own father. He dreams of surfing the boundless expanses of heaven and enters the Aviation Technical School in Minsk. However, not even six months had passed when the young man realized that this was not what he really wanted.

The guy returned to his homeland and firmly decided to become a musician, but he had to live on something and somehow provide for his family, so Stas without much thought agreed to hard physical work. He got a job as a loader, but did not tell anyone about his profession, because he was very shy about it.

After some time, Mikhailov was drafted into the army, and he ended up in Rostov-on-Don, where he served in the military as a unit driver. After the soldier was demobilized, he entered the Tambov Institute of Culture, but again realized that he had made a mistake with his choice and left the university.

Then there was a video rental job that helped the guy to his feet. At the same time, Mikhailov began to sing in cafes and restaurants, recorded an unofficial record.

The beginning of a musical career

In the early 90's, Mikhailov felt like a real star in his native city, and he wanted to conquer the capital. Arriving in Moscow, Mikhailov continued to engage in video rental and at the same time took his first steps in the musical field.

The singer’s first hit was written back in the early 90s, but was released only in the year 97, when his debut studio album was released. Stas regularly traveled to Sochi and performed at small concert venues, and by 2000 he had finally moved to the capital and was extremely rare at home.

Mikhailov did not lose hope of becoming famous all over the world and recorded more and more new compositions, which were included in his second disc, “Initiation”. After his release, the singer had long-awaited success, he had hundreds of thousands of fans across Russia, and songs were sounded from all the country's radio sets.

Debut solo performance took place in 2003 on the stage of St. Petersburg. A year later, the third record of the artist was released. Clips were regularly played on television, compositions began to appear in the rotation of radio stations even more often. Mikhailov’s success grew every day.

In 2006, a solo concert was held in Moscow. The singer’s performance was accompanied by a storm of applause, there was not a single empty seat in the hall, and the audience rejoiced and applauded standing.

Creative achievements

The Russian artist is one of the most sought-after musicians of the domestic show business and is actively involved in creative and touring activities. Many years ago, Stas Mikhailov gained fame as the conqueror of female hearts and is considered to be the most romantic singer of the national stage. He beat all competitors and earned his place under the sun, achieving dizzying career successes that you can only dream of: popular love and glory, full concert halls, honorary titles and awards.

Short list of achievements:

  • More than 10 numbered albums and several more concert records and collections.
  • About 20 colorful and juicy video clips that regularly appear on all the country's popular music channels.
  • Repeated participation in the best festivals and projects, including "Song of the Year", "Stars of Road Radio", "Eh, Walk!", "Blue Light" and many others.
  • Mikhailov has more than 30 music awards and awards. In 2010, the singer was awarded the honorary title and became an Honored Artist of the Russian Federation.
  • At the end of summer 2018, the documentary film “Stas Mikhailov. Against the rules ”, which tells about the main milestones of the artist’s career, his personal life, achievements, victories and the most striking performances.

He is adored and adored by millions of women throughout Russia and abroad, his work has no age and time borders, and lyrics penetrate the heart. Whatever composition is a popular hit, nor performance is a huge public outcry, a full house and stormy applause. The musician wrote more than 500 songs, each of which is filled with the deepest meaning.

But not everyone likes the artist’s work, including Zhenya Grishkovets and Artyom Troitsky. Media faces call the Mikhailov era a monstrous phenomenon.

The star regularly performs on the metropolitan stage with popular groups and performers, including Philip Kirkorov, Grigory Leps, Lyubov Uspenkaya, Lyube, Time Machine, Nikolai Baskov, Taisiya Povaliy.

Albums and discography

Behind the star 12 numbered albums. Details of some compilations:

  • Mikhailov's debut record was The Candle. But the audience rather coolly reacted to the release and all the aspirations of the aspiring artist were in vain. He was unable to get either moral or material satisfaction from this album. But Stas is not used to giving in to difficulties. The song “Without You” became a 100% hit and in the 2000s sounded from all the country's radio sets.
  • The third release, Call Signs on Love, brought the long-awaited fame and fortune. Mikhailov released the second clip, and his compositions got into the rotation of the radio "Chanson". The presentation of the album "Heaven" was held on the main stage of the country - in the Kremlin Palace. There was not a single empty seat in the hall, and all the spectators applauded while standing.

The singer’s career is rapidly gaining momentum. In 2009, he became the "Artist of the Year" according to the Chanson radio station, received the coveted statuette for the song "Between Heaven and Earth", which won the Golden Gramophone nomination. A year later, record sales reached record numbers, and Mikhailov headed the top of the most successful Russian celebrities according to the legendary Forbes magazine.

Cinema and television

The work of Stas is very popular with kaveenshchikov and domestic directors. Parodies are constantly being released on him, and jokes about Mikhailov have become an integral part of the games of the Premier League Club fun and resourceful. The artist is mimicked in popular television projects, including “The Big Difference”, “Just Like It”, and many others.

Mikhailov’s songs became soundtracks for the films “Bouncer” and “The Last Janissary”. A few years earlier, Stas parodied the famous Russian comedian Alexander Revva in the cult domestic comedy “Doubler”. According to media reports, the artist was outraged by this trick of the scriptwriters and demanded moral compensation. The concert director of the star called such information a frank provocation.

In 2017, the film “The Last Knight” also mentioned the work of the singer. The picture was about the fact that the beautiful voice of Mikhailov and his soulful texts can melt even the heart of a real monster.


Watch the video: Woman Without Adventure. Russian Movie. Drama. English Subtitles. StarMedia (April 2020).