Lyubov Aksyonova - Biography, personal life, photo, Maxim magazine


Lyubov Aksyonova is a Russian actress who, with her looks and ability to organically stay in the frame, confirms the words of the classic "beauty will save the world." The actress became the favorite of the audience interested in melodramatic stories. But Love quite easily embodies on the screen roles in projects of other genres, including detective stories, crime films and science fiction.

Childhood and youth

Lyubov Pavlovna Aksyonova (nee Novikova) was born on March 15, 1990 in Moscow. The parents of the future actress have nothing to do with cinema and theater, their mother is a pharmacist, and their father is a military man, Russian by nationality.

At the end of school, Love entered GITIS (Sheinin’s workshop), so Aksyonova’s biography merged with the creative development on the stage. The girl easily overcame all the difficulties of competitive selection, even though she did not really count on a place on the course. According to the artist, she was ready to go to law school in case of failure at a theater university.

The first lessons in stage speech shocked Luba: she had never encountered such strange exercises, in her opinion. Thanks to the support of relatives, the student soon became one of the most promising representatives of the course.


Lyubov Aksyonova got into the cinema in 2010. After graduating from GITIS, the actress starred in the series “Our Neighbors”. Then she got the role of Kristina Panfilova in the multi-season series Closed School. Among the popular series in which Aksyonova appeared, there are Studio 17, Trace, and Univer. New hostel. " The first wave of fame overtook the performer after appearing in the sci-fi film "Survive After", where Lyuba had the main role.

The girl with a romantic appearance and model parameters (Aksyonova’s height is 175 cm, weight 53 kg) interested directors in melodramas. Her filmography was enriched by works in the films “Likes - Doesn’t Love”, “Hugging the Sky”, which won special interest from the audience. The Rodina thriller directed by Pyotr Buslov was also popular, in which Andrei Smolyakov and Pyotr Fedorov acted as partners of Aksyonova.

In 2016, the artist played the main role in the fantasy action movie "Night Watch". The heroine of the actress Dana is the princess of vampires. Among the paintings in which Aksyonova embodied the images of the main characters, the films “Former” and “Walk, Vasya” also appear, and in the biographical drama “Salyut-7” she was reincarnated as the wife of one of the astronauts.

It was not without Lyubov when selecting the cast for the film adaptation of the work “Walking through the agony”, which was carried out by the director Konstantin Khudyakov. The actress played the role of Gann.

The singer's repertoire in 2018 expanded due to several projects in different genres. This is the detective “Vocal and Criminal Ensemble”, and the 3rd season of the criminal series “Major”, and the melodrama “Without Me”, and the science fiction film “Beyond Reality”.

Personal life

Aksyonov’s love is married. The chosen girl was producer Pavel Aksyonov. With her future husband Lyuba met in the cinema thanks to a mutual friend. A week later, Aksyonova and her future husband met again, and a spark ran between them.

The actress says she happily agreed to change her passport and take her husband's name after the wedding. Pavel is a best friend for a girl. The husband knows everything about the artist, understands the subtleties of her profession, and therefore supports the beloved in everything.

Lyubov Aksyonova and her husband Pavel Aksyonov / Woman

While there are no children in the family, young people are busy with careers. Rumors periodically appear on the Web that Luba is pregnant, but the information each time turns out to be an invention of reporters or fans. The actress acquaints fans with the events of her life from the Instagram page, where she uploads photos and videos with relatives and colleagues.

In 2015, Aksyonova starred for the Maxim men's magazine, the photo shoot turned out to be restrained, but no less sexual. More often in the frame, she appeared in a swimsuit, and the actress did not demonstrate frank parts of the body.

In January 2018, the girl gave an interview to Yuri Dudu, where she said that she has an international agent who “offers” her for filming in European cinema. So, she auditioned for "Kingsman: The Golden Ring" and in the series "Sharp Visors."

Fans noted that the celebrity looks natural. She came to the shooting interview without a gram of makeup. Once, the actress said that she was trying not to overload her skin with cosmetics outside the set.

Lyubov Aksyonova in childhood

Aksenova (Novikova) Lyubov Pavlovna, a famous Russian film actress, who was born on March 15, 1990 in the capital of Russia, the city of Moscow. The girl’s parents were never interested in art. Mom worked all her life in medicine, and his father was a soldier and defended his homeland.

In school years, as a child, Lyuba devoted herself to knowledge and lessons. It is for this reason that parents never worried about their daughter's performance. During these years, the future film actress is interested in theatrical life, and tries to participate in all the events that were associated with amateur performances. It was then that Aksyonova decided who she wants to become in adulthood. After successfully passing school exams, the girl entered to study at GITIS.

Lyubov Aksenova in childhood

The first lesson in the school was very frightened by Love, and she called her mother. And she reminded her daughter that large cities were being built for a very long time. And the same rule applies to an acting career. It takes a lot of effort to study and work to gain fame and popular love.

Perhaps thanks to this admonition, Aksyonova never had a desire to quit her studies, and later quit her acting career. Remembering her student years, the actress told reporters how she constantly thanked the higher forces for what they had intended for her in the future.

Lyubov Aksyonova before she became known

Lyubov Aksyonova actress

For the first time, the young actress hit the Russian television screens in 2010, immediately after she successfully passed the final exams at a theater school. She was offered a role in the television series "Our Neighbors." After a short break, the girl received one of the main roles in the film "Closed School". This project was followed by insignificant roles in films unnoticed by the Russian viewer.

Lyubov Aksyonova and Semyon Treskunov

Three years after the debut, Love received an invitation to participate in the filming of a film entitled “The Best Girl of the Caucasus”. A little later, the film actress works on such television series as Studio 17 and Survive After. It was the last movie that brought fame to the girl.

In 2016, the film screening of the fantastic action movie “Night Watch” took place, in the shootings of which Lyubov Aksyonova also participated, playing the role of leader of the vampires. In the same year, the actress received another major role, this time in the movie, entitled "Run away, catch up, fall in love." But the creative path in 2016 does not end there. The television series “Major-2” appears on TV screens, on which Love worked together with Pavel Priluchny. It was in this project, for the first time in her career, Aksyonova starred in the bed scene, in the nude.

A little later, the actress worked on such films as “The Drunk Firm” and “Selfie # Selfie”.

Lyubov Aksyonova Major


Love (her surname at birth - Novikov) was born in 1990 in Moscow. Her parents chose the most ordinary professions: her mother works in a pharmacy, and her father is a military man. Her brother Danila also grew up in the family.

The future actress was educated in a school with in-depth study of foreign languages, and in her free time she was engaged in ballroom dancing and skiing. Later, she left the dance studio, as the school curriculum was very extensive, and she did not have time to learn the lessons. But Aksenova did not abandon her skiing, over time she switched to snowblades, which she still rides on.

with mom and aunt

The girl pleased teachers not only with successful studies, but also with active participation in school events and concerts, demonstrating even then her abilities for creative work. After leaving school, Lyuba firmly decided to become an actress, she submitted documents to GITIS, where she entered without problems.

Lyubov Aksyonova and her husband

Despite her young age, the film actress is officially married. Her husband was Pavel Aksenov, who devoted his whole life to producing. Lyubov accidentally met her husband at the cinema, inviting a friend to the premiere of the short film "Rosehip". It was the acquaintance who brought Paul to the premiere.

That evening, young people practically did not communicate. Moreover, the girl did not pay attention to her future chosen one. But a week later the next meeting took place, during which a spark slipped between the young people. It is from that very meeting that the destinies of lovers are inextricably linked with each other, later they had an official wedding.

Love is not shy of his personal life by publishing joint photo shoots with his spouse on Instagram.

Lyubov Aksenova and her husband Pavel Aksenov

Filming and new projects

The beginning actress began acting in high school, but then she perceived acting as an ordinary job: she got up in the morning, learned the text and went to the shooting. But when the girl got the role in the short film "Rose Hip", everything changed. True, Aksyonova at first frivolously read the script of the film, making the director wait two weeks. Then the young girl loved to have fun and could not choose the time for the future role. Now she is very grateful to Nigina Sayfulullaeva, who invited her to this project and opened the world of cinema to her from a new angle.

“At Risk” (2012)

Her career began to gain momentum after the series and films Univer. New hostel "," Closed school "," At risk "," Heart is not a stone "she got on the set of the thriller" Survive after ", which brought her wildly popular. Even before this project, Love worked in the film "Stories", acting in frank scenes. On this occasion, at first she did not worry at all, as she was absorbed in the drama of the love experiences of her heroine.

The Sinner (2014)

When it came time to undress in front of the camera, the girl realized the complexity of this scene, but then she calmed down and tuned in the right way. In her opinion, the acting profession involves such shootings, so they need to be treated quite normally. By the way, after these shootings, Aksenova became popular among journalists, so she starred in photo shoots for men's publications.

For the sake of a good project, she was ready for a lot. For example, in the drama "Homeland," it was necessary to act in terrible stuffiness, high humidity and constantly fend off insects crawling over the body. Due to the heat, the hard drives melted, and the makeup applied to the face immediately spread. To work in the film "Night Watch", the girl mastered some of the techniques of Thai boxing and karate, and also learned to fight back with the dagger. According to the plot of the film, she played the princess of vampires, but she had to cut her long hair and wear a boy's haircut in the frame.

“Going through the agony” (2017)

For several years, Love starred in such successful films as:

  • Major-2,
  • "Beyond Reality"
  • "Salute-7",
  • "Vocal and criminal ensemble" and others.

In 2018, she gladly accepted the offer of the director of the movie Nefootball, in which she was to reincarnate as the captain of a women's football team. During the year of the filming process, the actress knew all the hardships of exhausting training, but despite the fatigue, she was glad to participate in this fascinating process and for the first time after the filming she even missed her team and coach.

In the same year, the actress starred in the melodrama "Without Me", for the role in this project she had to study music lessons. At this time, she began other shootings taking place in Minsk, but Aksenova also learned to play the instrument there. She found a music school in the city and asked teachers to work out for a while. On her phone, the girl made a video in which it was shown how to play music correctly. In 2019, seven projects with her participation are waiting for Lyubov fans at once:

Beloved husband

With her future husband, Pavel Aksenov, the actress met at the premiere of her debut - the picture "Rosehip", which touched on the problems of teenage love. The producer came there with their mutual friend, but then the girl was absorbed in the premiere of the film, so she did not pay attention to him.

Later, the whole company gathered for dinner, where young people immediately liked each other and soon began to meet. Lovers did not drag out the wedding and quickly received the status of spouses. They signed in the registry office, and then celebrated this event with friends and family in a small restaurant. Her grandmother could not come to the wedding, but the newlyweds after the celebration went to her and then went for a walk in Moscow with friends.

Love Aksyonova with her husband. Photo https://www.instagram.com/im_lyubovaksenova/

Aksenova’s husband is engaged in producing and filming, he develops computer games and even acts as a clothing designer. Now the actress plays the role of his muse, helping a loved one in all endeavors.

photo https://vk.com/aksenovalove

In their free time, spouses love to have breakfast together, take a walk in the park, go jogging or exercise. As creative people, they often experiment, for example, imagine themselves in the image of some people in different situations. For example, the actress came to a restaurant and played the role of a girl who is unhappy with the service. She screamed and expressed her displeasure, at the same time watching how her condition, voice and facial expression changed.


Love does not hide from its fans the secrets of a happy marriage by posting arguments on this topic on its Instagram page. She often heard that love between spouses cools down in about five years, but having lived with Pavel for more than seven years, she can confidently say that this is not so. She still feels happy and in love, and her husband often says words of love to her.


However, the movie star does not deny that living together is a constant work and spiritual perfection, while each spouse should accept each other with his shortcomings, it is also important to show attention to each other, sensitivity and support in a difficult situation. Children in this family have not yet appeared, but if this event happens, the couple will be happy.

Lyubov Aksyonova film Beyond reality

In the same year, filming of the Russian fiction action movie "Beyond reality“In which the film actress received one of the main roles with the participation of famous actors. It is worth mentioning the fact that on the set the girl had to work together with the famous Spanish film actor Antonio Banderos.

Lyubov Aksyonova Beyond reality

Love will receive a leading role in her next film project, entitled "Rebellion," where she was to take on the role of Lisa Zhuravleva. In parallel with this, Aksyonova is working on such television series as “Major"And" Vocal-criminal ensemble ".

At the end of 2017, the film “Former” premiered, on which Aksenova was also lucky to work.

Lyubov Aksenova hot photo

Talking about her future projects, Love announced that she was starring in films such as Salute-7 and Coma, which are scheduled to premiere in 2018. The first film tells the story of the development of the Soviet space program, and the second film is a fantastic action movie, which in its history echoes the idea of ​​the film “The Matrix” by the Wachowski brothers.

Wikipedia also gives a fairly complete picture of the life and work of the actress.

Attitude towards food and a healthy lifestyle

For several years, Aksenova adheres to the rules of healthy eating, she does not eat meat, she adores seedlings of green buckwheat, chickpea, peas and drinks freshly squeezed juices. She enjoys a vegan diet that she became addicted to several years ago. Acting in the role of a drug-dependent girl in the series "Former", the actress went hungry for a month.

This experience seemed very interesting to her, she even studied the book of Paul Bragg and got acquainted with the studies of the Japanese scientist Esinori Osumi. Having changed his diet, Love gained a lot of free time. Now she adheres to the methodology of the American nutritionist, who offers to eat anything, but within eight hours from the moment of her awakening. During this time, the body recovers and manages to get rid of toxins.

Aksenova found an effective way for herself under stress: she falls asleep in the daytime for 20 minutes, managing to reboot her body. There are days when she stays at home, turns off the phone and enjoys watching movies. Also at this time she drinks juices and eats dried fruits, the girl refuses coffee and replaces it with chicory. In matters of beauty, she also has its own principles. Love never processes her photos on social networks, because she wants to look natural and natural. She does not hesitate to appear in public without makeup, because she gets tired of makeup during filming. ⠀


A four-legged pet lives in their creative family - the toy terrier, who, looking at the owners, also prefers to eat vegetables and fruits. In the summer, he loves to feast on watermelon and even asks for orange juice. He has two bowls, vegetables and fruits are laid in one, and dog food in the other, but most often the first remains empty.

Interesting facts about Lyubov Aksyonova

  1. As a child, her father collected books, as a result of which in the bookcase there was a whole library of different books. The girl already loved to read King Stephen’s books, and then with pleasure watched films made from his works.
  2. In her youth, the future actress had many bad habits: she not only smoked, but also tried different types of alcohol. Together with friends Lyuba went to clubs where she spent a lot of time.
  3. She loves films with Katie Bates in the title role, which remains her idol always.
  4. Aksenova loves nature and even finds time to clean up in a park or forest. She sorts the garbage into special bags and throws them into the appropriate containers. The actress encourages her subscribers to also love and respect nature and follow her example.
  5. She prefers to wear comfortable shoes and, even going to sit in a small bar with friends, she will definitely wear sneakers or gym shoes.
  6. Once Aksenova suggested that her husband live separately, but this did not happen because of their quarrel, but so that she could enter the image. In the film “Without Me”, she was to play a girl who had lost her beloved man. She did not have such experience, so she agreed with her husband that he would move to another place for a while, while it was impossible to see and call. The actress was only enough for 14 days, but since many important scenes from the picture had already been shot, she asked her husband to return home.
  7. Her brother is a linguist, thanks to which he often helps her in her work. For example, Lyuba starred in a project in which there were several scenes in French, Dania helped her translate and set the correct pronunciation. He is also a passionate snowboarder and prefers to ride on black tracks.

Childhood and school years

This beauty was born in the capital on March 15, 1990. The maiden name of the actress is Novikova.

Her parents had nothing to do with cinematography, but nevertheless, Aksenova Love from an early age dreams of starring in films and TV shows. The girl’s father was a military man, and her mother worked in a pharmacy.

Ever since primary school, Lyuba pleased her parents with good academic success. Besides the fact that she always brought excellent marks, she also took part in various creative contests and concerts. Little Lyubov Aksenova, whose photo was posted on her biographical sites, was a very active child, so the parents were confident in the great future of their daughter.

The girl was very fond of playing different roles, her favorite pastime was reincarnation in other heroines.

That is why, after graduation, no one was surprised that Lyuba submitted documents to GITIS. She acted the first time and was on the course of Alexei Sheinin.

The first acquaintance with this educational institution was not very pleasant. When the student went into one of the classrooms, she saw that all the students were lying on the floor and were saying something quietly. She was horrified by what she saw and decided that it was some kind of sect.

When she called her mother, she told her daughter the words that she remembered for her whole life: “Moscow was not built right away, so if you want to reach the goal and enter the big stage, you must work hard.”

So, after some time, the girl found out that students in that audience were doing an exercise so that they could quickly relax, and she calmed down.

Despite the fact that at first it was difficult for the girl to adapt, she realized that she could learn a lot here. For all the time of study, it never even crossed her mind to quit GITIS and submit documents to another educational institution.

Thanks to her persistence and desire to overcome difficulties for the sake of her goal, never give up, now Lyubov Aksenova has a pretty solid filmography.

The beginning of the creative path

Already in 2010, the actress graduated from an educational institution and received a long-awaited diploma. In the same year she made her debut in the series "Our Neighbors." Although the girl got a cameo role, but thanks to this picture she received invaluable acting and life experience.

A year later, Lyubov Aksenova, whose films are watched by a large number of people, received a more serious role. She played in the movie "The Man in Me."

And after some time, such pictures with the participation of Luba appear on television screens:

Although these films do not become very popular, the girl still believes that she still has ahead and dreams of playing a major role.

After these works, the girl goes to a casting in the epic for teenagers called "Closed School". And she gets one of the key roles. Her colleagues on the set were Pavel Priluchny, Julia Agafonova and other actors.

After this picture there were films “Heart is not a stone” and “Four seasons of summer”. Here, the aspiring actress played secondary roles.

As they say about Lyubov Aksenova on Wikipedia, already in 2012 she starred in an erotic film called “Stories”.

According to the girl herself, this picture taught her a lot and gained invaluable experience, which she will definitely need in her further acting profession.

And in 2013, Lyuba gets the main role in the series "Survive After." Here she plays the role of a girl who is used to having her father take care of her all the time.

But suddenly he tragically dies. And the main character faces the question: "How to live on?". She understands that she must now stand up for herself.

After this series, the career of young Aksenova began to rise rapidly. She was invited to the leading roles by famous directors. So, after this project, she takes part in such films and TV shows:

  • "Cuckoo",
  • "Moscow never sleeps",
  • "Sinner",
  • "Studio 17",
  • The Inquisitor
  • "Love does not love",
  • "Homeland"
  • "These eyes are opposite."
  • Major - 2,
  • The beaters
  • “Beyond reality” and others.

Recently, the girl worked on the youth comedy "Walk Vasya" and in the interpretation of the novel by Alexey Tolstoy "Walking through the agony."

For his acting work, Love has several awards in cinematography. She has already been able to receive such awards: “Nika”, “Golden Eagle” and others.

Aksenova has recently become a fairly sought-after actress. She has model forms - with a height of 175 centimeters, the girl weighs 73 kilograms. She does not hesitate to act in bed scenes or to appear in a nude.

So, recently Lyubov Aksenova in the magazine “Maxim” appeared in a seductive swimsuit. Many fans noted that the woman has an almost perfect figure.


After graduating from GITIS, the actress made her debut in the film "Our Neighbors" in 2010. The role was mediocre, and the actress herself considers her iconic role in the short film “Rosehip”. She believes that it was there that she revealed herself as an actress.

After that there were a lot of films. It is worth noting that Aksyonova equally successfully plays in full-length films and in TV shows. Many learned about her after her role in the TV series “Major 2”, but the actress already had experience in the series “Stories” and “Closed School”.

The actress herself in an interview confirmed that for explicit scenes she does not use understudy and completely trusts the directors and colleagues in the workshop. When asked if she considers herself a chic woman in a movie, she replied that while she was far from such a title and cited Monica Bellucci as an example of a truly chic actress.

Lyubov Aksyonova now

Now Lyubov Aksyonova is actively filming, the second season of the series “Former” was recently announced, also now the series “Triad” is on sale, there was a film “Without Me” and “Walk, Vasya!”. On the actress’s page on Instagram, the other day there was a frame from the set, on which the actress has red hair:

An interesting fact is that the actress adheres to an interesting diet: this is a raw food diet, but with small indulgences in the form of coffee. Also, the actress supports the charitable foundation of Konstantin Khabensky and herself helps those in need.


Recently, news appeared in the press that a businessman paid a million rubles for an evening with Lyubov Aksyonova. As it turned out, he paid the money to unknown people who offered services for organizing dinners with media personalities. Naturally, at the appointed time, Aksyonova did not appear at dinner and the frustrated businessman went to the police.

But, as expected, Aksyonova herself and her husband had no idea about any dinner and did not take any money. Later, a representative of the actress conjectured that the whole situation is the usual “duck” of the yellow press, since the name Lyubov is now very often mentioned.

I double-checked the source, where I read this news for the first time, and there it is no longer there - deleted. Vague doubts torment me, but it seems that the representative of Aksyonova was right in her guesses about the yellow press.

Photo: Lyubov Aksenova

Childhood and family

In the elementary grades, the girl was the most diligent student, delighting her parents with good grades, and a little later, with creative performances in the framework of school activities.

Lyuba really liked to reincarnate in different characters, so she did not miss the opportunity to be back on stage. After graduation, she submitted documents to GITIS and entered the course of Alexei Sheinin.

For the first time crossing the threshold of an office in which classes in stage speech were held, Love was horrified by what she saw. All students were lying on the floor and whispering something under their breath. At first, the student thought that she was in a sect, so without thinking twice ran out of the audience. After this incident, the girl first called her mother and reported what had happened. As Luba later admitted, the woman’s words were remembered by her for life: “Moscow did not immediately build, and what can we say about the artist’s career, if you want to succeed and conquer the big stage, you need to work hard tirelessly.”

A few days later, the girl found out that the students were just doing an exercise that helps to relax. Gradually shy and a little frightened, Love began to get used to the creative environment and eventually realized that teachers can actually teach a lot.

Despite all the difficulties and problems, Aksenova never had the thought of quitting school or choosing another profession. All she wanted to do was play on stage and act in films. She was fond of different things, but admitted that she was grateful to her parents and God for helping her make the right choice.

Carier start

Soon she could be seen in the films “Rosehip” and “Mirror”, in the series “At Risk”. These roles did not give the girl invaluable experience, because she understood that everything was still ahead, the main thing was not to stop there.

After the episodic roles, the beginning actress was incredibly lucky - she went through a casting and managed to get one of the key roles in the closed-school mystery youth epic series. The main roles in it were also played by Pavel Priluchny, Evgeny Berezovsky, Julia Agafonova.

After this work, episodic roles in the film “Four Seasons of Summer” and the series “Heart Is Not a Stone” again followed.

Before the girl had time to come to terms with the fate of the supporting actress, they made a favorable offer to her. In 2012, the erotic melodrama "Stories" was released, which tells about the fate of people who accidentally opened a magical manuscript that could affect fate. The young actress had to get a little exposure in one of the scenes, she did not regret it a bit. As Aksenova later admitted: “I have gained good experience, which will definitely be useful to me in the future.” The film also starred Andrei Merzlikin, Igor Ugolnikov, Tamara Mironova, Konstantin Yushkevich and Daria Nosik.

In 2013, the premiere of the action-packed television series Survive After took place, where Lyuba again played a key role. This time she needed to transform into a crying and cowardly girl who was taken care of by her father all her life, but after a terrible catastrophe that led to the apocalypse, she had to survive without his help.

After this role, Aksenova’s career rushed up, and the girl began to be invited to other projects. In 2013-2014, the girl starred in the leading roles in the films The Cuckoo, The Sinner, Moscow Never Sleeps, as well as in the series Studio 17 and the Inquisitor.

In 2014, the whole world saw the movie “He loves and dislikes”, where together with Anya on the set were such famous personalities as Svetlana Khodchenkova and Maxim Matveev. The next film with the participation of Lyubov Aksenova, "Homeland", was released in 2015. This time, the actress managed to learn from such acting gurus as Peter Fedorov, Ekaterina Volkova and Andrei Merzlikin.

In 2015, the actress was also busy working on the continuation of the action-packed series Survive After. In the same year, the audience was presented with the film “These Eyes Are Opposite”, where the girl played Nelly, the wife of Valery Obodzinsky, in her youth.


Lyubov Aksenova today

In 2015, the actress was busy working on the continuation of the action-packed series "Survive After." In the same year, the audience was presented with the film “These Eyes Are Opposite”, where the girl played Nelly, the wife of Valery Obodzinsky, in her youth.

Alexey Chadov, Lyubov Aksenova in MegaFon advertising

In 2016, she also managed to be noted in three well-known projects, in the films “Night Watch” and “Beyond the Boundary”, the series “Major 2”, “Former”.