Larionov, Igor Nikolaevich


Name: Igor Larionov

Middle name: Nikolaevich

Birthday: December 3 1960 (59 years old)

Place of Birth: Voskresensk

Height: 177 cm

Weight: 77 kg

Eastern horoscope: Rat

Career: Athletes 144 place

Childhood Igor Larionov

Igor was born in Voskresensk. In this city at that time the main attraction was the “Chemist”. Igor had an older brother, Zhenya, who was involved in the hockey section. The way he did it enthusiastically and with pleasure, interested the younger Igor, he also wanted to try. When Zhenya went to school, he took his “Canadian” and fled to the courtyard, where there was a box, where the boy rode for as long as he could.

Several years passed, and the elder brother took Igor to Vyacheslav Odinokov, who at that time was a coach at the Chemist school. Often young athletes are so enthusiastic about sports that they do not have enough strength for a comprehensive school, and there is no particular interest in it. In the case of Larionov, it was different. Both hockey and school were equally interesting for him. He did not think that for the sake of sports it is necessary and possible to sacrifice a school. The young athlete skillfully combined both, but I must say that there was nothing else in his life - only school and hockey.

The teenager always had his own opinion, was not afraid to express it - to the coaches, and the guys from the team, and at school.

In Voskresensk there was a Snezhinka club, in which the young hockey player was in the favorites at the Golden Puck tournament. At sixteen he was already in the adult team “Chemist”. His coach was Nikolai Epstein. It was he who made Igor the way the whole world later recognized him.

The beginning of the career of hockey player Igor Larionov

“Chemist” preferred a combination game, which, like no other, suited Lirionov. Thousands of fans who came to cheer for their team, very soon noticed a striker with an unusual style of play. It is believed that his game stood out compared to the game of other hockey players due to the fact that he spent a lot of time playing basketball, football and volleyball. Thanks to other sports, a hockey player could draw something useful and new for his game, see hockey from a different angle.

The first official match that Igor held for Chemist gave him so much emotion that the young hockey player could not forget about it for a long time. The impression was great.

Playing in the “Chemist”, Igor was still in school. Before the crucial match with the Spartak team, he went to school. The chemist then won with a confident score of 7: 2. It was the year 1978. Igor in that game proved to be a significant part of the team. Spartak was persistently interested in the young hockey player. At Dynamo Igor was also invited, but he immediately refused. In those years, the young athlete was not yet ready to move to the capital. CSK also did not let Larionov out of sight. However, the athlete clearly understood for himself that it was Epstein who was suitable for him as a coach, while Tikhonov and his methods were unacceptable to Igor. He did not consider it right to stay on the rink for days and swing muscles, dragging iron. Moreover, he, like a hockey player, had completely different trump cards.

Igor soon ended up in CSKA. He did not want to leave his team and coach, but military duty made this transition forced. So he began to train with Viktor Tikhonov. He was a tough person and a coach who was used to achieving results by any means. Tikhonov decided to create five players against which not a single gate could resist. Larionov got into this five, playing the role of the think tank in it.

Conflict between Larionov and Tikhonov, moving to the USA

In 1988, the talented hockey player wrote a letter addressed to Viktor Tikhonov. It was published in The Twinkle. In it, he criticized Tikhonov, telling the whole truth about the “hockey monarch”. A year later, Larionov went to play in America. He was twenty nine years old. The athlete had to go through a lot to get permission to play overseas.

Once in Vancouver, the athlete received freedom, which he had been lacking for a long time. Very quickly he became the best. Vancouver has become his favorite city. Since the athlete showed high-quality hockey, the fans were ready to carry it in their arms. When Igor played in Vancouver for his third season, Pavel Bure, who he helped to adapt to the new country and team, went there. He was always grateful to him for this.

Larionov planned that after three seasons for which his contract was signed, he would end his career. But in the third season Bure came, it was easy to play with him, and the coach put Igor in the top three, where he literally “lit up”, after which hockey became a holiday for him again. The hockey player decided not to renew the contract with Vancouver, as in this case he would have to continue to give half the salary to Sovintersport. He decided to go to Switzerland, where the athlete played for Lugano for about twenty matches.

The owner of the California “San Jose” came to Larionov to persuade him to sign a contract with an outsider team. Igor agreed. So he ended up in a team with Sergei Makarov. They were put in one link. Very quickly, the affairs of the team went up. By the end of the third season, Larionov was already playing less, they began to write him off. However, Igor was not going to give up. “Detroit”, sensing the moment, exchanged a talented striker from “San Jose”.

The hockey player was thirty-five, but he won the main NHL trophy three times with this team. In Detroit, he helped the coach make up the “Russian five” players, which led the team to victories.

Igor Larionov is currently

The athlete’s fortieth anniversary was approaching, and Detroit was in no hurry to sign a new contract with him. Igor, through the free agent market, has signed a contract with the Florida Panthers team. There he played no more than six months. An alliance with Bure, who played in the same team, did not work out. Soon, Detroit realized what a valuable player he had lost and offered Florida an exchange. The Detroit coach once again strengthened the command staff. Together with Larionov, who was then more than forty-one years old, the team again received the Stanley Cup.

Today Larionov is a successful hockey agent helping young talents.

Personal life of Igor Larionov

During that period of his life, when Igor played in CSKA and was not allowed to travel abroad, he met Elena Batanova. She was a famous skater. Often young people talked on the phone for hours on end. They soon got married. Later, for the sake of her husband, Elena left the sport and left the country. The couple has three children. All of them are interesting people who found themselves in different professions. The eldest daughter became a journalist, the youngest - a designer, the athlete’s son plays hockey.

While playing in Switzerland, Igor learned a lot about winemaking, became interested in it, and soon got his own business - he opened a winery in California as soon as he finished playing in the NHL.

Creative path, life and family.

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Name and surname:Igor Larionov
Middle name:Nikolaevich
Name in English:Igor Larionov
Year of birth:1960
Birthday:December 3rd
Place of Birth:Voskresensk
Height:177 cm.
Weight:77 kg.
Eastern horoscope:Rat
Social network:Wikipedia


Igor Larionov is the legendary Soviet and Russian hockey player who played in the position of the central striker in the clubs of Russia, Canada, the USA and Switzerland. The hockey player is one of the three athletes along with Vyacheslav Fetisov and Scott Niedermeier, who managed to win all the major trophies of world hockey both at the youth and adult levels.

Igor Larionov was born in the town of Voskresensk, near Moscow, and from early childhood “fell ill” with hockey. The fact is that the elder brother of the future hockey player Evgeny went to the section, and Igor tried to repeat after him. As a little Igor came to the sports school “Chemist” to coach Vyacheslav Odinokov and began to train hard.

Hockey player Igor Larionov

It should be noted that the boy was different from his fellow athletes in his love for a comprehensive school. Igor did not think that lessons could be sacrificed in favor of a hockey field, and he was always an excellent student, for which he received the nickname “Professor”, with whom he did not part until the end of his sports biography. Another hallmark of Larionov was the determination of the athlete. Igor was not afraid to express his own opinion to either his comrades, or coaches, or teachers.

The first competition of the young athlete was the Golden Puck tournament, in which the hockey player showed himself so well that in the future he was considered a favorite of any tournament. And at the age of 16, Igor Larionov is already making his debut for the adult team of his native Chemist.


After three successful seasons in the Moscow Region Larionov’s team, “from above” was transferred to CSKA, which was then led by Viktor Tikhonov. By the end of the 70s, this club became the permanent champion of the Soviet Union and the base team for the USSR national team. In CSKA, Larionov constantly played in the line with Sergey Makarov and Vladimir Krutov, plus their five were defenders Vyacheslav Fetisov and Alexei Kasatonov. These guys became famous all over the world as the “Five Larionov”, since for many years they were not shared either at the club level or in the national team.

Igor Larionov in the USSR national team

Igor himself, in the domestic championship alone, held more than 400 matches, in which he scored over 200 goals. It is not surprising that a smart and productive striker has attracted the attention of professional clubs from North America. True, they didn’t want to let Igor go, so Larionov resorted to a peculiar trick: the athlete wrote and printed an open letter in the magazine Ogonyok addressed to coach Tikhonov and the Ministry of Sports. The beloved hockey player was supported by the public, and the green light was given to the leader of CSKA.

Igor Larionov as part of CSKA

In the NHL, the first club of Igor Larionov was Vancouver Canucks, where the hockey player got together with Vladimir Krutov. But if the last things went wrong, then Larionov sparkled in the NHL. I must say that Igor showed himself not only as a great professional, but also as a very good person. Many young Russian athletes recall that Larionov helped young people adapt to life in Canada and the United States. This is evidenced, including, and another legend of domestic sports - Pavel Bure.

Igor Larionov as part of the San Jose Sharks

In the early 90s, the “Professor” moved to the “San Jose Sharks”, where he reunited with Sergey Makarov. Their combination allowed the outsider team not only to reach the playoffs, but also to beat the main favorites of the tournament - Detroit RedWings. Such dedication was not in vain and already in the next season the hockey player finds himself in these same “Red Wings”. There, the coach specially organizes the “Russian five”, which helped the club win the championship and an honorary trophy - the Stanley Cup.

In addition to these teams, Larionov also played for the Swiss club Lugano, the American Florida Panthers, and the New Jersey Devils became the last team. December 13, 2004 Larionov held a farewell match in Moscow and hung his skates on a nail.

Igor Larionov now

Igor Larionov left the ice and stopped his sports biography. But, apparently, you can’t be a “former” hockey player, so Igor Nikolaevich did not completely leave the sport. He is engaged in agency activities and conducts the affairs of young athletes. Among his clients, for example, Andrey Loktionov, Tyler Segin, the first number of the NHL-2012 draft draft Nail Yakupov and other young hockey stars.

Nail Yakupov, Igor Larionov and Alex Galchenyuk

Igor Larionov also attends coaching conferences, where he has made presentations more than once.

In addition, the opinion of the former hockey player is still quoted in the sports world today and remains important for fans and analysts. Igor Larionov regularly gives interviews on sports and near sports topics.

In 2017, the famous athlete spoke on the topic of the doping scandal and gave a detailed interview on this subject to the Championship.com website. The former athlete said he did not believe in the anti-Russian conspiracy, which the press constantly talks about after the Olympic Committee forbade Russia to speak at the Games under its own flag. As proof of his own words that the Olympic Committee is oriented not to citizenship, but to justice, Igor Larionov spoke about the disqualification of a number of Turkish and Bulgarian athletes.

Igor Larionov

According to Larionov, this is a natural reaction of the committee to systematic violations. At the same time, Igor Nikolaevich is sure that such consequences could have been avoided if, after the first deletions and fines, Russian coaches and officials listened to the requirements of the IOC and WADA and took steps to meet the Committee, corrected mistakes and apologized.


Larionov was born in Voskresensk and has been playing hockey since childhood. At 17, he made his debut in the USSR Championship as part of the Sunday “Chemist”. After three seasons at Khimik, Larionov was transferred to CSKA, which, under the leadership of Viktor Tikhonov, has been the country's undisputed champion and base team club since the late 1970s.

In CSKA Larionov constantly played in a link with Sergey Makarov and Vladimir Krutov. Together with defenders Vyacheslav Fetisov and Alexei Kasatonov, they formed the five Larionov, which in the 1980s was the basis of CSKA and the USSR national team. In total, in the championships of the USSR Larionov spent 457 matches and scored 204 goals.

Larionov became one of the first Soviet hockey players who left to play in the NHL in the late 1980s. Larionov obtained permission to leave after publishing a scandalous open letter to Viktor Tikhonov in Ogonyok. The first club of Larionov was the Vancouver Canucks, back in 1985, drafted a hockey player. Larionov arrived in Vancouver with Krutov and, unlike the last one, who played in the NHL for only one year, adapted to life in North America and spent three productive seasons in Vancouver, twice with the team in the playoffs. In the 1991-92 season, Larionov’s partner in the link was young Pavel Bure, whom an experienced compatriot took custody of, helping to settle down abroad.

In 1992, Larionov left the United States. He explained his decision by the conflict with Sovintersport, which took half of the earnings of the Russian Enkhaelists. While relaxing in Switzerland visiting Andrei Khomutov, I received an invitation from the Swiss Lugano, which he soon accepted.

By the beginning of the 1993/94 season, Larionov returned to the NHL - in October 1992, the Canucks lost their rights to him, “San Jose Sharks.” He signed a contract with the club according to the “2 + 1” scheme. In San Jose, Sergey Makarov became Larionov’s partner. A bunch of Soviet veterans allowed the outsider to reach the playoffs and beat favorites from the Detroit Red Wings in the first round.

At the beginning of the 1995-96 season, San Jose traded Larionov to Detroit. In Detroit, the hockey player reunited with Fetisov, three younger compatriots - Vladimir Konstantinov, Vyacheslav Kozlov and Sergey Fedorov also played there. Coach Scotty Bowman came up with the idea of ​​releasing Russian players as part of one five, and the resulting Russian Five was different from other Detroit links with a pass culture and set-up combination game. In the same season, Detroit won the regular season with 62 wins, and the Stanley Cup the next. The Russian Five ceased to exist when a car accident put an end to Konstantinov’s career. The following season, Detroit re-won the Stanley Cup.

In 2000, after the expiration of the agreement with Detroit, Larionov signed a contract with Florida, where Pavel Bure became his partner again, but this decision was unsuccessful, and already during the season he was exchanged for Detroit. There Larionov played another two and a half seasons.

In the third match of the 2002 Stanley Cup final series against Carolina, Larionov scored a goal in the third overtime, which admittedly predetermined the Wings' final victory.

The last club in Larionov’s Enhael career was New Jersey Devils. The 2003-04 season was the most unfortunate for him: he scored only one goal in 49 games of the regular season. December 13, 2004 Larionov held a farewell match in Moscow.

Larionov Igor Nikolaevich


  • "The Chemist" Voskresensk (1977-1981).
  • CSKA Moscow (1981-1989).
  • The Vancouver Canucks (1989-1992).
  • "Lugano" (1992-1993).
  • San Jose Sharks (1993-1995).
  • Detroit Red Wings (1995-2003).
  • Florida Panthers (2000).
  • The New Jersey Devils (2003-2004).

In the championships of the USSR - 457 matches, 204 goals, 230 assists, 434 points.

In the NHL regular championships - 921 matches, 169 goals, 475 assists, 644 points.

In the Stanley Cup draws - 150 matches, 30 goals, 67 assists, 97 points.

In the Swiss championship - 32 matches, 13 goals.

At the Olympic Games and World Championships - 77 matches, 30 goals.

In Canada Cup matches - 21 matches, 6 goals.


  • Olympic champion 1984, 1988.
  • Bronze medalist of the 2002 Olympic Games.
  • World Champion 1982, 1983, 1986, 1989.
  • Silver medalist at the 1987 World Cup.
  • Bronze medalist of the 1985 World Cup.
  • European Champion 1982, 1983, 1985-1987, 1989.
  • Winner of the 1981 Canada Cup.
  • Champion of the USSR 1982-1989.
  • Winner of the Stanley Cup 1997, 1998, 2002.

Igor Larionov was born in Voskresensk near Moscow. Already at the age of four, he first skated, and three years later his brother brought him to the hockey school at the Sunday “Chemist”. It was in him that Igor made his debut at the age of seventeen and was almost immediately noted by the head coach of CSKA and the USSR national team Viktor Tikhonov.

Also in Voskresensk he received the first lessons of a healthy lifestyle. Team Doctor Yuri Korneev knew yoga and Tibetan medicine. Young Igor listened with great interest to his stories, among which were tips on healthy eating. Over the years, Larionov admits that it was largely thanks to them that he managed to keep himself fit for so long.

The finals of the 1980 Olympics forever entered the history of world hockey. “Miracle on Ice” - that’s what the victory of the US national team, composed of students, over the unconditional favorite of the tournament, the Soviet Union team, was called. For Americans, this victory was the loudest and brightest in the twentieth century. For the USSR, and personally for Tikhonov, this defeat was a painful click on the nose. For Larionov, who moved to CSKA the next year, the result of this match was a chance to prove himself.

After retirement

From the summer of 2008 to the summer of 2009, he was the Director of Sports Operations at SKA HC (St. Petersburg).

Currently when? engaged in agency activities. Among Larionov's clients are Andrey Loktionov, Tyler Segin, Nail Yakupov - the first number of the NHL 2012 draft, Alex Galchenyuk, Artyom Sergeev, Ilya Samsonov (HC Metallurg Magnitogorsk).

In February 2018, he commented on hockey broadcasts at the Winter Olympic Games in Pyeongchang on Channel One along with Alexander Kuzmak.

The center of the first five CSKA and the USSR national team

Tikhonov’s rigid system did not accept defeat at such a high level in any form. Therefore, after the Olympics, he was able to easily brush aside the previous long-standing leaders, who gave an insulting misfire at the most crucial moment. In their place, Viktor Vasilyevich invited several young players to the national team, among whom was Igor Larionov.

Igor Larionov in the USSR national team

Already in 1981, he played his first match for the national team. He began to go on ice with Sergey Makarov, Vladimir Krutov, Vyacheslav Fetisov and Alexei Kasatonov - these hockey players were to become the most formidable five in the world until the end of the 80s, and Larionov was destined to play the role of a “think tank” in it. His well-crafted and witty programs baffled his rivals, and his five partners allowed them to increase their sniper luggage.

Victories rained down one after another, but their price was very high. Personal life and hockey - these two concepts were incompatible in that team of Viktor Tikhonov. Igor Larionov and his teammates spent most of their time at the base, where the training process did not stop for a second. Even the marriage with the skater Elena Batanova was very short and fast - Igor took leave from the training, and he and the bride immediately went to the registry office. The very next morning he flew in an airplane, which was heading for training camps in Germany.

This attitude towards athletes could not last long. Igor Larionov was the first hockey player to speak out against Tikhonov’s dictatorship. In many ways, the changes that have come about in society — “perestroika” and “the era of glasnost” — have helped dare to do so. In the middle of the 1989 season, Igor openly expressed his dissatisfaction on the pages of the magazine "Spark". He accused Tikhonov of dictatorship, and called life in CSKA “unbearable”.

Igor Larionov, Victor Tikhonov and Vyacheslav Fetisov

The only one who supported Larionov at that difficult moment was the team captain Vyacheslav Fetisov. Everyone else turned away from them for a long time. Most of all, the disagreement affected relations with the partner in the five Alexei Kasatonov - after this conflict they did not communicate with each other for many years. In future interviews, Larionov will correct the questions about the “Big Five” - “What is the Five?” There were four of us. ”

Unlike Fetisov, who already had an offer from the NHL and was rushing there, Larionov did not yet have serious contacts with North American representatives, but he did not have to wait long. A little later, during the world championship in Stockholm, scouts from NHL clubs met repeatedly with Igor and persuaded him to sign a contract.

And he decided - at the end of 1989, Larionov, together with his wife, moved to America. There he gives an interview about the events taking place at that time in the states of the communist “camp”: “I’ve been here for three months and every day I hear the latest news. Every day, starting from Poland, Hungary, East Germany, and now Czechoslovakia. Who is next - maybe the Soviet Union? ”

While the Soviet Union was falling apart literally before our eyes, Larionov settled in America. Few believed that he could play at the age of 28 in the NHL, but Igor managed to do this, becoming a prominent figure in the National Hockey League. His first club was Vancouver Canucks, where he spent three years and managed to intersect with his overseas career, Pavel Bure. After that, he returned to Europe for one season, where he played 32 matches in the Swiss Lugano.

Igor Larionov at Vancouver Canucks

Thanks to a more sparing game schedule than in the NHL, Larionov got a lot of free time. He visited fan clubs and other places where he wanted to chat with a Soviet hockey star. Such meetings took place at the set table, on which wine always stood. Leading a calm, measured life, Larionov began to taste various wines and gradually began to understand them. That was the beginning of his non-hockey passion - winemaking, and since then he has included one or two glasses of wine in his daily diet.

However, even wine could not hold him for a long time in Switzerland - such masters in the NHL are not used to scattering. A year later he returned to North America, finding himself in the “San Jose Sharks”, where he reunited with his former partner in the five - Sergey Makarov. Until 1995, he helped this young team go from a League debutant to a strong and dangerous club that claims to be high places.

Then the next significant event in the life of Igor Larionov happened - he moved to the Detroit Red Wings, where he became part of the second in the history of the great Russian five - Vladimir Konstantinov, Vyacheslav Fetisov, Sergey Fedorov, Vyacheslav Kozlov and Igor Larionov. Having such a powerful Russian representative office, Detroit in the first season set the NHL record for the number of victories in the regular season - 62, but the Stanley Cup was not destined to win the playoffs - Colorado lost in the final of the Red Wings conference Avalanche ”in six matches.

The first big victory overseas came to Larionov the following year. Beating the Philadelphia Flyers playoff finals, he wins his first Stanley Cup. Igor Larionov spent another six years with this team, during which he will be able to become a champion twice more. In the future, he will call these years the happiest in his life. Detroit truly became Larionov’s second home, and teammates were close friends.

Igor Larionov at Detroit Red Wings

In 2003, the “Red Wings” change was ripe, and Larionov with several other hockey players was exchanged for other teams. His new club was New Jersey Devils.

The son of a professor - for the first time in Russia

Igor Larionov Jr. in August, 21 years old will be celebrated, which is already a respectable age by hockey standards. For example, Alexander Ovechkin began to prove himself in Dynamo and score his first goals when he was not yet 17 years old.

The son of the Professor, as many called Larionov Sr., is a US citizen and spent his entire short career overseas. He took his first professional steps at the age of 13, speaking in the system of the Honeybaked Bantam Minor AAA club. Considered a promising player, he played for different ages of junior and junior teams of the United States.

Having reached the age of 18, Igor Larionov moves to the Quebec Main Junior League (QMJHL), playing for the Quebec Remparts club. The team is known for passing through such famous Russian hockey players as Nikita Kucherov and Alexander Radulov. The first season at this level was not the most productive for the striker - he scored only eight points in 25 matches. Together with his father, a joint decision was made to move to another province - Ontario. And here, as they say, it went - in 32 matches for Windsor Spitfire Igor scored 23 points. However, it was not possible to continue in the same vein and literally after eight matches of the next season, in which the striker did not score a single goal. With him terminated the contract.

Posted by Igor Larionov II (@igorlarionov_ll) May 1, 2019 at 6:30 PDT

This was followed by a return from Canada to his native state of Mitchigan (USA), which he considers his home. Larionov Jr. has repeatedly admitted to the media that he feels 100% American, although he communicates with his parents only in Russian.

And the other day, an unexpected turn - the signing of a trial contract with one of the leaders of the KHL St. Petersburg SKA. For the first time, Igor Larionov Jr. will try himself away from his homeland. It is clear that without the patronage of the father it could not do here. On the other hand, this type of agreement does not oblige the Russian club to anything. It will be valid for the period of pre-season training - until August 20, 2019. If he manages to convince the coaching staff of his need, he will conclude a contract on an ongoing basis, if not, he will think further about continuing his career in Russia or will return to the United States.

Family man and businessman

Who knows how many more years Larionov would play if he didn’t start a lockout in the NHL next season. He made the decision to leave completely and irrevocably at the moment when it became clear that the regular season would not resume. He did not want, as an example to many other hockey players, to play in Europe. At some point, he just realized that everything, stop, that's enough. Morally, Igor was already ready for the end of his 27-year career as a professional hockey player. In many respects this was influenced by the same passion for winemaking, which managed to grow into a real business. Thus, Igor had something to occupy himself “in retirement”.

However, just like that, Larionov could not leave. Such people, in principle, do not leave quietly and calmly. They need a show. And it happened on December 13, almost immediately after the 44th birthday. On this day, Larionov organized a farewell match, gorgeous by all possible criteria, in Moscow. Such stars as Vyacheslav Fetisov, Sergey Fedorov and Steve Aizerman participated in that game. In this match, the symbolic team of Russia won against the symbolic team of the World with a score of 5: 4. It could not be otherwise.

After this farewell game, Igor for the first time in his life was able to completely surrender to his family: his wife and three children - two girls and a boy. He carefully makes sure that the children eat right, teaching them what he once knew in Chemist. An active passion for winemaking led to the fact that Igor had several of his grape plantations. Among the gourmets of wine, his wine brand "IL" is already quite well known, as well as the varieties that are produced under it: "Triple Overtime", "Hattrik", "Slapshot", "Off-season".

Grandson of the Tretyak - in Riga Dynamo

Frankly, the career and grandson of the famous Soviet goalkeeper are not in the best way Vladislav Tretyak Maxim. The guy is 22 years old, his height is 192 cm, and weight - 100 kg. Like his grandfather, he became a hockey goalkeeper. As expected, he began his playing career at the CSKA farm club, playing for the youth teams Red Army and Zvezda (Chekhov). Unable to get into the army base, he moved to the Admiral club (Vladivostok). Curiously, his debut in the KHL was in a match with CSKA, in which he conceded three goals, and his team lost 0: 3. In just two seasons in the Far East, Maxim Tretyak spent five matches, after which the club terminated his contract. The goalkeeper returned to CSKA, but was again sent to the Zvezda youth team, where he spent the season.

In the summer of 2018, the Tretyak managed to negotiate a contract with Dynamo Riga, but for the whole season he played only one match in which he conceded two goals, and Dynamo lost to Sibir 3-6. There was information that the contract with Dynamo Riga was terminated by mutual agreement, but just this week the leadership of the Latvian club announced the signing of seven newcomers, including Maxim Tretyak. Thus, he was given another chance to declare himself in the KHL club.


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