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7 famous lighters from around the world that you just want to hold in your hands


The lighter mechanism was based on a pistol lock. In the nineteenth century, the nameless inventor decided not to bother to develop his own principle of operation of the igniter, but took the already tested method as a model. He took advantage of the broken pistol, replacing the defective barrel with a box of tinder. The result is a lighter, somewhat reminiscent of modern lighter pistols. To light it, you must pull the trigger.

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After this invention, manufacturers seized on a similar idea and began to modify the device at their discretion. In 1867, the tinder was successfully replaced by a wick soaked in gasoline. A variety of lighters in the modern market makes you wonder which accessory is better? Gasoline, gas?

Types of lighters by fuel type:

Gasoline - consist of a tank for fuel, wick, flint, gear to obtain a spark. Inside the tank is a special cotton wool soaked in gasoline. Accessories work on special fuel that can be cleaned. This will avoid the usual unpleasant odor during the combustion of gasoline and the formation of soot. In addition, the purified fuel does not evaporate as intensively as gasoline with impurities. Such products are reliable and durable, but are usually not cheap. However, with proper maintenance, the accessory will last several decades, which is much more profitable than buying dozens of cheap but short-lived devices.

Gas - use liquefied butane (C4H10) or propane (C3H8) as fuel. While passing through the gearbox, the gas evaporates and forms a mixture with air, which is easily ignited. Gas devices can be disposable and reusable. The second option is filled with special gas from small spray cans.

Gas lighters are divided into three types: silicon, piezo and electronic. The principle of operation of a flint device is similar to the principle of a gasoline accessory. Piezo lighters are considered durable. Electronic also combines a piezo, but a spark appears due to the voltage of the battery. To obtain a spark in this case, you do not need to make much effort - just press the product button. Also, gas lighters can be conventional or tube-charged. In the first case, the flame is standard, and in the second, it has high wind resistance.

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Desktop - are quite large and designed for stationary use. Most often, such products are the subject of the interior, and not a practical thing.

Pocket - this type of accessory is more popular. They are compact in size and easily fit in a pocket, purse or purse. Pocket lighters can be made in the form of a variety of geometric shapes, objects and shapes.

If we talk about the durability and quality of the flame, then the undoubted leader among other products are, of course, gas lighters. They are easy to maintain and do not require special skills when using. For example, Zippo lighters are a real cult accessory. Legends are made about him, he is shot in a movie, presented as an original presentation, collected, transferred as a family heirloom from generation to generation. The lighters of this brand are covered by a lifetime warranty, so if a breakdown occurs, you can simply turn in the product to a service center. When choosing the best lighter in memory immediately pops up: “Zippo! What else? ”

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1. Scripto

One of the first plastic lighters in the history of mankind. As expected, the main advantage of Scripto was the translucent lighter body, which made it quick and easy to evaluate how much fuel was left in it. Scripto also had an innovative (at the time of creation) mechanism for pumping fuel to the wick. In consequence, it will be widely distributed.

2. Taifun

Incredibly stylish and cool-looking Taifun lighter was made in Austria and used to be very popular and in demand in the market. By the way, it was these lighters that later inspired George Blaisdell in 1932 to create his own Zippo, a brand that won worldwide acclaim.

3. The Giant

The lighter is very remarkable by its size alone. They sold such in the 40s of the last century. In one of The Giant's advertisements of 1946, it was claimed that the fuel capsule of this giant is so large that a constantly smoking person will have to refuel it no more than 4 times a year.

4. Multi-flint lighter

After the Second World War, designers in all areas broke loose in an effort to make a truly outstanding smoking accessory. For example, in the UK, such a stylish lighter was created, the main feature of which was the presence of several flints. It is curious that the fuel tank of this lighter was still one.

5. Nassau

Nassau lighters were once made in the USA. They were produced from 1905 to 1910. Mention Nassau is worthy only because in due time it became one of the first automatic lighters. The principle of the mechanism, by the way, was invented in Austria and successfully copied by masters and manufacturers of other countries. On the lighter flaunts the emblem of the Boston insurance company Royal Arcanum.

6. Knapp

American lighter with a classic design, which was produced in the 20s of the XX century. The lighter was turned on by turning a special leg. In those days, flint-lighters that are familiar today are still gaining popularity. Knapp was also remembered for the fact that it was often wrapped in skin.

7. Hadson

Japanese music lighter. Such were very popular in the middle of the last century. Arranged lighters in a very interesting way. When you press the button, not only the flame appears, but also the melody.

In continuation of the fiery topic, we read about how to light a fire that burns for 14 hours without a single “feeding”, without any special difficulties. Tips from the experienced tourist and traveler.

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Which lighters are considered good

Cool lighters are those that are inaccessible to the average person. Most often these are rare collectible gasoline and gas models, as well as vintage desktop lighters.

One of the oldest cool lighters is the Döbereiner flint, constructed in 1823. Flames based on ignition of hydrogen were sold in the nineteenth century throughout Europe.

Collectors appreciate rare books issued in limited quantities. We are talking about pocket and more massive desktop lighters made in the USA, Japan and European countries. Many rarities work fine today.

A durable construction and a successful mechanism are the distinguishing features of the Dürr tabletop lighters made in Switzerland since the middle of the last century.

The most famous brands of lighters

Cartier is a representative of the jewelry industry, having achieved great success. His story began with the release of lighters. Cartier fans are members of the royal families.

One of the most famous brands of lighters is BIC. Under this brand, products targeted at the male audience are manufactured - from lighters and writing instruments to razors. Around the world, millions of shoppers value silver and gold trimmed with luxurious lighters and elegant fountain pens. Zippo lighters, developed in 1932 in America, are distinguished by their design, durability and high quality. Initially, fans of the brand did not really like the design, but after the developer changed the appearance of the accessory, these lighters became one of the most popular and famous in the world.

The most expensive lighter in the world

Speaking of the most expensive lighter in the world, it is necessary to separately single out a single record lighter and a set of lighters, the cost of which is by far the highest in the world.

A single lighter worth seventy-four thousand dollars is made in France under the Dupont brand. It is made of white gold with diamonds inlaid in the case in the amount of four hundred sixty-eight pieces. This explains why such a high cost.

Which zippo lighter is better?

The company introduced the best lighters from the collection in 2016, and some of the best-selling models became popular in 2017. Mostly men buy models with laser engraving, prints and bright iridescent patterns.

An example is the Fusion series, having bought yourself such an original, you uniquely identify yourself against the background of the rest. The drawings depict one of the wonders of the world, which is a pleasure to watch, and to show friends such beauty will not be a trick, but only raise your status in the eyes of others. Women prefer models in gold, with crystals, as well as in bright matte shades.

Also pay attention to the Zippo Armor collection, which provides the widest choice in any metal and with any engraving, there are models inlaid with Swarovski crystals. The best Brushed lighter will allow you to stand out from the crowd with an individual emblem - a picture. And the lineup presented by the new technology of “icing” will make you feel that you are holding a real genuine thing in your hand. The manufacturer keeps a secret method of applying an unusual powder to engraving. You are given the opportunity to admire this beauty, you get the feeling that you are not looking at the picture, but at a thin layer of ice. Such a lighter as a gift will appeal to absolutely everyone, both men and women.

If you are interested in which is the best gas lighter, choose a lighter from the Zippo collection. It is important not to make a mistake and carefully inspect the goods. At the bottom of the original you will always see a real engraved signature of the brand with a tongue of flame instead of the letter i. On the left is the letter for the year, and on the right of the logo is the date. From the bottom at the bottom, it is always indicated where the lighter was made.

In the most expensive models, there are some changes, including the addition of a patent. Also in the hands of the sensation of a lighter is completely different than in a Chinese fake. It is heavy in weight, and the sound made by the cover of the best lighter is sonorous (it was even patented in the company) and original. The cost of the original is always more than 35 US dollars. But this pleasure is worth it.

Zippo gas lighters are convenient for candles.

Which gas lighters are the best?

Ronson - the best gas lighters as a gift

Among the best manufacturers of lighters, Ronson has a wired position. The best lighters that find customer reviews are turbo models. For example, beautiful lighters as a gift or for yourself Ronson Lantern Black. Outwardly, it remotely resembles an old lantern, emphasizing the original taste of its owner. But the most important thing is the filling, because the gas (butane) flow control is used in the lighter, and the turboelement freely supplies the owner with a spark.

Ronson - the best gas lighters as a gift

Even with gusts of wind and rain, you can freely use the device. What is still remarkable - the wheel remains clean, because it is hidden behind the button.

BIC - the best gas lighter made in France

Many are interested in the question: “a lighter for a stove, which is better?” Of course, there are a lot of manufacturers now, but how is the best BIC among them. Because these gas lighters undergo numerous tests before they go on sale.

BIC Mega lighter

If you need to know how to buy a good lighter gun, and you are concerned about the question "which lighter for a gas stove is better", you should contact the specialists of the Bik company. For example, the BIC Mega lighter is very easy to use and the best household lighter. Lighters for lighting can be purchased inexpensively, the main thing when buying is not to get a Chinese counterpart, because this option is easiest to fake.

The most practical lighter - Cricket

Inexpensive reusable lighter cricket pie, good, reviews about it are really positive. Initially, cricket production took place in France, but then the authority was transferred to the Swedish company Swedish Match, which is still engaged in improving product quality. Practicality provides it with popularity, because the manufacturer managed to create the most convenient case from the thinnest material. The latter is not amenable to sunlight, so your lighter is safe and will not explode.

The most practical lighter - Cricket

The thin body made it possible to fill the mini flint with the maximum amount of gas. And this means that enough lighters for a long time. The only negative is the lack of originality in the stamped models, only by coloring can a man emphasize his image. You can not say about female models decorated with Swarovski crystals. Such a device is sold in an exquisite velvet case at a price of over $ 40.

Cricket Swarovski Lighters


The Spanish manufacturer CLIPPER is also praised, the shape of such lighters is different from the cricket, and the quality is on par with them. These CLIPPER good gas lighters can be purchased for as low as around $ 5. To buy a lighter of this company as a gift is to save money and get excellent quality.


If you have been afraid all your life that you will never buy a lighter again, because they are lost, broken or explode ... then you need the option of an indestructible lighter at an average price. Countycomm is the best lighter - keychain, made of super strong metal - stainless steel, which at the same time has anti-explosive quality.

It can be used as a candle, bought a good lighter as a gift, or hung on a bunch of keys, like a stylish keychain. Its disadvantage is that the fuel supply is minimal and frequent refueling will be required.

Wenger Asterion, Hydor and Clava

To buy a good gas lighter means to value your time and money, to value convenience and practicality. This is the best lighter for any man, suitable as a camping lighter, because it will always remain in working condition (regardless of weather conditions) . Victorinox produces lighters not only beautiful in appearance and stylish, but also of excellent quality.

Wenger Asterion, Hydor and Clava lighters.

Wenger lighters are gas lighters with a turbo mode, gas escapes under pressure, which ensures reliability in case of gusts of wind. And the case itself is made of high-strength material - polycarbonate. Piezo is ignited by pressing a button located along the body.

IMCO - Austrian lighter of excellent quality (gasoline)

IMCO - Austrian lighter

If you need to know which lighter is better, take a look at IMCO as well. The quality of these lighters was on par with the quality of the zippo. In 2012, the company closed, and in 2013, the Japanese manufacturer Windmill Co acquired the IMCO brand and all the necessary equipment.

We cannot tell you specifically about the quality of the manufactured lighters after 2013, but it is known that their cost has become noticeably lower than the collection ones (real Imco). Therefore, these are fakes. Therefore, if you really want more - use the original, it is better to purchase a lighter on specialized sites or in stores that sell the Imko collection, released before 2012. The cost of this lighter is sky-high now - about $ 90, but it has some advantages that are not in the zippo:

  • there is no contact between the finger and the wheel (the flame ignites after opening the lid),
  • due to the first paragraph there is no risk of wheel contamination or wetting,
  • lack of screws - a real cast construction,
  • not afraid of water and frost,
  • easy silicon replacement
  • it is possible to use the lighter as a candle (the flame does not go out for a long time),
  • sleek design for real men.

Which lighters are the best of a variety of models? The most popular model is IMCO TRIPLEX 6700 RB + LS. You can buy one at a cost of over $ 80. All that is below 70 is a Chinese fake, the quality of which can show itself in the first month of use - bending and molten parts, a burnt wick and other troubles.

Cartier and Dunhill Lighters

Cartier and Dunhill are firms that specialize in, and not only expensive lighters. The Cartier campaign also produces jewelry products, high-quality and very expensive. The cost of such models of lighters starts from 40 thousand rubles. If you want to acquire just such a perfection of design art, you should save up a considerable amount.

Lighter + ashtray "Silver and Jadeite"

The price of this luxurious product is 254.5 thousand dollars - a record price of such a product.

This lighter is not only the most expensive, but also rare. It was made in 1920 for the last Russian emperor Nicholas II. The cost record was set in 2011 at Sotheby's.

Handmade item has a vintage design. The main material was silver. Both the lighter and the ashtray are richly decorated with jadeite in white and green colors. This decoration is noteworthy in itself. Edward Farmer made the kit - the product has its marking.

Zippo Skull Lighter

There are legends about the high quality of American Zippo lighters. There is no doubt - this is the only company that gives a lifetime warranty on their products: you can contact the service center for a free troubleshooting, if any, at any time.

The Skull collection Zippo Z_28970 gasoline lighter is made in the brand's best traditions: beveled corners, a 16-hole windproof screen, and a convenient spring-loaded lid can be easily opened with one hand. Designers of the brand are not afraid of experiments, which is why the model turned out to be eccentric - a smoky skull pattern on a dark background supports a mystical theme. Thanks to the hydrographic processing of Softoch, the case has a “velvety” surface - it is convenient to hold the lighter in the palm of your hand.

Zippo Armor Skull Gas Lighter Z_28966

Zippo Armor Lighter

The brutal nature of the Zippo Z_28966 model is manifested in both the color scheme and the choice of materials. This novelty of 2017 is the representative of the Armor collection: its brass body is stronger and one and a half times heavier than that of the usual Zippo. This solution serves the purpose of applying deep engraving, as well as milling - the tread pattern of a car tire is read on the front side of the model. The matte black surface supports the idea of ​​versatility: the lighter looks stylish, expensive, but is suitable for use in any environment. Like the first review model, the Zippo Z_28966 has a silicon ignition mechanism, so it works even at low temperatures.

Zippo Classic Skull Gas Lighter Z_28671

Zippo Classic Lighter

Design finds Zippo will appeal to fans of the original design. Even the classic model may surprise: the Z_28671 gas lighter in a bright red casing with the inscription Keep calm and flame on ("Keep calm and light the flame") has already become a real hit. Thanks to the "active" color performance, it is noticeable, the inscription on the front side is a PVD-coating, resistant to abrasion - for several years the lighter will look like new. Functional characteristics correspond to the traditional Zippo version. The model is definitely designed for creative, self-confident individuals.

Gas lighter Pierre Cardin MFH-417-03

Lighter Pierre Cardin MFH-417-03

Pierre Cardin steps on the heels of the all-powerful Zippo. Having decided to compete with the American manufacturer, the French focused on the production of gas models, and the MFH-417-03 is one of them. This is a piezoelectric lighter: a fire is ignited by an electric charge - a spark. Such a mechanism is quite reliable - a piezoelectric element rarely fails. The Pierre Cardin MFH-417-03 has a fuel level window - it is not difficult to navigate and quickly refuel a lighter. The external design is also commendable: the metal body of the lighter is coated with chrome, which gives the subject a certain aristocratic charm. The diamond-shaped notch is not only a decoration, but also convenient - the lighter does not slip out of the palm of your hand.

Gas lighter Pierre Cardin MF-28-15

Lighter Pierre Cardin MF-28-15

Pocket Pierre Cardin MF-28-15 lighter is made in classic style and is comparable in size to Zippo. That the thing is design, says the original engraving - Pierre Cardin is a master of geometric prints. The chrome-plated coating gives the model a mirror-like shine, and also makes the surface unusually hard and resistant to damage - add points to the lighter's service life. The sparkling MF-28-15 is filled with gas, but its ignition system is silicon - which means that a spark can be cut out under any weather conditions, but we still think that such a stylish little thing has a little chance of being in a tourist backpack.

Petrol lighter Zippo Classic Z_28797

Which company lighter is better to choose

After studying the numerous reviews and opinions of experts, we can conclude which lighter is better. Before choosing, you need to think about which fuel source will be used. Important criteria include the frequency of use of the product, the size and amount of heat generated. But you need to start the selection by considering quality manufacturers:

  • BoyscoutLG - brand specialization is goods for a comfortable outdoor recreation. The company provides devices for receiving fire, which will become a good helper at a picnic.
  • TescomaPresto - a manufacturer from the Czech Republic, supplying products marked with world patents. The company offers more than 7 thousand kinds of different products.
  • Lighters are longevity, quality and modern design. The company cares about its reputation. For this, the product has special signs of protection against fakes.
  • LandRover - a brand that is known throughout the world. Under this logo, several companies produce fashion accessories, including a fire device.
  • Jl - A company that offers modern accessories for the garden and home. Products of this brand are suitable for lighting bonfires, grills, barbecues or burners.
  • Eagle - A company in the nomination of leaders among the production of stylish accessories and stationery.

Lighters Rating

For those who want to buy a lighter as a gift, branded packaging and a label with the name of the manufacturer matter. High quality accessories are coated with palladium or rhodium. They are resistant to damage. The 2019 rating was compiled taking into account the following parameters:

  • Features refueling accessory and fuel. In addition to liquid consistency, USB charging is also used,
  • Type of model. The electronic device cannot be extinguished by wind,
  • Materials
  • Design design,
  • The ability to hold a charge.

When choosing a device for receiving fire, you need to pay attention to appearance, aesthetics and evenness of the surface. An important point is also the method of ignition.

Gas turbo lighter

Seller Reliability: Great!

Delivery in Russia: for free!

Customer Reviews:

Review No. 1: The lighter is good, well-made, at least according to the first sensations, how it will show itself, time will tell, put it on the balcony, I have a smoker there, I have long wanted such a lighter.

Review No. 2: It came quickly, the track was tracked. Everything works, refueled without problems. The only thing that is not very convenient for me is that adjusting the flame power from below and turning on the gas supply from the side is a very small switch

Review No. 3: Normal burner, quite a capacious tank for gas. The bottom of the case is aluminum, the top is plastic. I won’t dare say how long it will last, I took it to warm the locks in the winter, I think it will cope with its task. Delivery is fast, the lighter itself is under the proletarian hand. I recommend to purchase, if required.

Cigarette case with electronic lighter from FOCUS (3 colors)

Seller Reliability: Great!

Delivery in Russia: for free!

Customer Reviews:

Review No. 1: Great product! Very pleasant tactile sensations))) It looks very expensive Sent quickly, a packet with a little bubble. SEC, delivery turned out to be a month and a half by courier ((((But this is the delivery cost. The lighter works in a second, that is, instantly. There is a slight dent on the body, not critical. The plastic is strong, inspires confidence. I recommend it for purchase, the package comes in perfectly, you don’t need to shift anything into a cigarette case. I’ll definitely return to the store for new gifts. To the seller 5 +++

Review No. 2: I am delighted, a pack of cigarettes is an ordinary cigarette without problems, the lighter is also super, everything is as in the description, I recommend the seller!

Review No. 3: A very convenient thing, the whole pack is placed. Convenient, removable lighter. Nice to hold in your hands! Sent very quickly and delivered the courier directly to home. Thank you seller!

Lighter by S.T. Dupont Ligne 2 Champagne Collection

If you do not consider antique products, then it is this lighter that ranks first in value in the world. She is part of the Ligne 2 Champagne Collection of the Paris brand S. T. Dupont. There are 4 options: gold, white gold, rose gold and diamonds.

The cost of a lighter is 79 thousand dollars.

The item is made of 18 ct white gold with diamond inlay. There are 462 stones in total, a total of 5.2 carats.

A lighter is part of the kit. The second half is represented by a pen, which costs only 5 thousand dollars cheaper. It is also a white gold product, but with an inlay of 502 diamonds.

Windproof lighter from LAN TU SHANG PIN

Seller Reliability: Great!

Delivery in Russia: for free!

Customer Reviews:

Review No. 1: Came yellow, refueled, once pressed and released and burns for another 3 seconds, I believe that this function is a class! burns well. For the money - the norm. It was a month before Voronezh.

Review No. 2: Delivery in a month, without tracking. The lighter is compact, conveniently located in the hand. Of course, not seasoned came. Fueled with gas, the flame is excellent. Bottom flame size is adjustable. I recommend the lighter. Thank you seller!

Review No. 3: I received the goods exactly three weeks later. This is not the first time I’m buying (already for friends and acquaintances). I took the burner for myself a year and a half ago. No complaints. 100% suitable lighter both in quality and in functionality. Respect to the seller!

Zippo Lighter “75TH Anniversary”

Once Zippo started with lighters worth $ 2, the price of this creation was 37 thousand dollars - a very significant increase.

The 75TH Anniversary was launched in 2007 as a collector's product in honor of the firm's birthday on its 75th anniversary. In the history of Zippo, this is the most expensive sale - the buyer is unknown.

The design of the product fully reflects the reason for which it was released. This is a huge number "75" with a rich red light and the inscription "zippo", the inscription "1932-2007" flaunts at the bottom.

Cartier Lighter Black Enamel and Diamond

The lighter was made by Cartier, a company famous in jewelry. The product has a square shape, laconic black color and a magnificent diamond finish of the ignition mechanism. The case is a combination of metal and platinum.

This handmade lighter costs a little less than the collectible Zippo model - 34.34 thousand dollars.

The model reached a record value in 2013 in New York. Before it was owned by Countess Consuelo Vanderbilt.

Zippo Lighter "1993"

A product of Zippo, the original model released in a limited series. From the rest of the company’s lighters manufactured from 1933 to 1937, it is distinguished by diagonal stripes on the lid. The rest of the execution is simple and concise - a smooth metal surface without any decorations.

The lighter was sold in Tokyo in 2001 for 18 thousand dollars.

Dunhill Lighter Gold Apex

This lighter is the creation of London-based Dunhill and an anniversary item. Released it in 2009, dedicating to Elvis Presley. Gold Apex - a laconic product made of 18 carat gold, which has a classic rectangular shape and textured surface.

There are only 50 copies of the product. Each costs 13 thousand dollars.

The cost of the most expensive lighters in the world is amazing. These are not just accessories for smoking, but real masterpieces of art and collectibles. Their value means exclusivity - some copies are made in the singular and unique.


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