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Vyacheslav Vyacheslavovich Maltsev - A nationalist blogger lying on the sidelines of the story after the passage 11/05/17 and the leader of the nation (in his wet dreams), also known as the puree (Führerized fart). Every day (except weekends) he gives tedious one and a half hour lectures on YouTube, where he comments on the bad news that happened in this country. Set the date of the future revolution in Raska in advance - 5.11.17. He also tweeted twenty bitcoins from donations to the needs of the revolution: now he can afford to live normally in Europe, of course, only for a few years - and there will already be a synopsis of a new “revolution”.

Edit Biography before appearing on the Internet

I am an atheist with a certain share of Orthodoxy, because I am a Russian nationalist.

Glory Maltsev was born in 1964 in Saratov. After the university and the army, he worked for a short time as a district police officer. When the scoop broke up and the legendary nineties began, Slavik abandoned the cop profession, which was not very profitable at that time, and organized a private detective agency, which he headed. From this moment, Maltsev’s ascent to the top of the Russian marginal political Olympus began. Having earned a pretty penny in his non-standard business, Vyacheslav Vyacheslavovich became famous in the Saratov region, and later won the elections to the regional parliament.

Of course, being a deputy of the local Duma, Maltsev did not enjoy fame throughout the country, but in narrow circles he was known as a shizanutny supporter of conspiracy theory. Then Slava periodically shone his fucker on Saratov TV, talking about the backstage government and Masonic symbols on flags, emblems and banknotes. On the same channel, he first spoke about his psychic abilities, saying that he had predicted a terrorist attack with twin towers in New York. And, as is usually the case in these cases, the event was predicted after it happened.

In an interview, Slava Maltsev positioned himself as a Russian nationalist, while simultaneously demonstrating his oratory skills. Calling himself "an atheist with a certain share of Orthodoxy," Slava likened Father Butke with his famous phrase "I am an Orthodox atheist."

Edit Internet age

We broadcast from the Volga, from Saratov, from Russia. Today is March 29, 2016. There are n days left until the new historical era.

» - The standard start of any video on the ARTPODGOTOVKA channel

In 2011, Slavik could not be re-elected to the local parliament. Then, he did not give a damn about his nationalist views, for some reason advanced from the Communist Party and expectedly shamed the mandate to the representative of PZhiV. Maltsev did not help either a huge budget, larger than all the commies of Saratov combined, nor an attempt to bribe voters with alcohol. It was rumored that after the defeat in the elections, Vyacheslav Vyacheslavovich locked himself in his office and spent the remaining vodka on the treatment of mental trauma, which dragged on for several days.

However, the old deputy habits made themselves felt. During a visit to McDonald's with his companion, Vyacheslav Vyacheslavovich quarreled with Nokhcho, who was waiting in line, peacefully waiting for his portion of french fries, got it in the face and, forgetting about the absence of parliamentary immunity, took out an injury and hollowed the body of the offender three times (moreover, he had already shot one bullet into the fleeing enemy). The story ended well, because no one began to write a statement to the police.

When a year passed after the skirmish near McDuck, Maltsev was tired of sitting idle, and, seeing the success of young bloggers, he decided to file his own video blog. Initially went on the air with racial Armenian Eduard Babajanyan, but later, as co-host behind the scenes, Maltsev took two burry teenagers, and he sat down to narrate against the background of a bookshelf with a Guy Fawkes mask.

At first, the ARTPODGOTOVKA channel was not successful, however, with the beginning of well-known events in Ukraine, the channel slowly began to break into the tops of UT.

There is nothing special in these videos. The usual "talking head" with the face of an experienced drunk is broadcasting against the background of wallpaper, books, and even curtains for the bathroom. The theme of the releases is also somewhat monotonous, because Maltsev rarely goes beyond the scope of three topics: “Bloody Putin”, “How Scary to Live,” and Wang. A typical issue consists of retelling some news from a chronicle of incidents of the level “A drunk electrician was electric shocked and he converted to Islam” and long speculations that Putin personally pumped electricity into the electric socket.

Maltsev’s sperm toxicosis assistants often read out letters from "grateful viewers" that talk about Vyacheslav Vyacheslavovich’s come true predictions. Predictions in the style of “children will die this year,” “this year will be a mess in the Middle East,” “there will be accidents, terrorist attacks,” etc.

Maltsev’s behavior in the frame is not much different from the behavior of a gopnik or redneck. Slavik responds to arrivals addressed to himself with threats in the style of “Yes, my boys will decide you!” Or says that the higher forces protecting him will do everything themselves. And although the case never goes beyond words and shaking boobs of the first size from anger, the audience believes. But in fairness it’s worth saying that Maltsev sometimes shows himself as a rather erudite person, for example, he knows those or other moments of world history about which a typical viewer has not heard.

Sometimes it begins to overwhelm about some new formation, that the most advanced technologies (including smartphones and other gadgets) are now available to the needy class, which means that the next scientific, technical and information revolution, digital direct democracy and the state in the cloud are coming . All the work, they say, officials will perform through this cloud, all their actions will be recorded, therefore, any bureaucrat will be possible to monitor in real time. Glory to the robots, in general.

In addition to “Bad News”, the channel broadcasts programs “Peripheral Vision” with Sergey Okunev and “Culture News”, which are conducted by two young ladies.

In April 2017, as a result of festivities in Moscow dissatisfied with the corrupt Dimon, people in uniform suddenly rushed into Vyacheslav’s apartment. Maltsev online filmed his own arrest and removal of the door as a witness in a case of injuries of some cop. In the apartment of the conspirator, in addition to him, there were a wife, mother-in-law and a child. Rare hoarse remarks of the troublemaker were almost inaudible over the hai on the cops of his wife and mother-in-law. This video allowed everyone to reasonably doubt about oratorical data, the will to fight and the willingness to accept the crown of thorns of the martyr for the Maltsev revolution. In short, there were no fiery speeches and agitation of the chain dogs of tsarism. Maltsev clearly did not read the famous phrase "Revolutions need martyrs, they will become heroes only after their torment."

At the beginning of May 2017, Maltsev’s beard reappeared in its cozy little blazika with calls for revolution. Only appeals have become very dull and modest.

On July 4, 2017, the subject fled from this country to France. With what means the carbonary decided to live outside his beloved homeland, is unknown.

Edit Preparing for 5.11.17

- 5.11.17! - And what will you do for a year? Lubricate the gun?

» - Dialogue on YouTube

Remember, remember the fifth of November ...

- English folk art

Maltsev set the date of the revolution in Russia in advance - November 5, 2017 (which in itself attracted to the facepalm, because this is an infantile allusion to "I remember for good reason the fifth day of November"). Glory often puts on a T-shirt with a print of 5.11.17 and calls on his supporters to decorate garages and graffiti fences with stickers with these five numbers.

However, the choice of date can have a very practical implication, given that Maltsev is rooting with Natsiks like Demushkin, Beletsky and the like. It is so wrong that at the 2016 elections these nationalists, as it were, called for a vote for a kind of liberal PARNAS. On November 4 of each year, the Russian March is traditionally held. Perhaps the subject planned to use this: on the fourth of a frenzied crowd of fosyzds, football hooligans and other intelligent personalities warmed up with ethanol and dissatisfied with the regime, it remains to spend the night on the street, and the next day they begin a fierce, frantic movement. Conspiroles with Ren-TV agree with this version, they even shot a whole “revealing” film.

In his videos, Maltsev liked to share the skin of an unkilled bear and to speculate on a plan of action after the revolution and the beginning of the “new historical era”. He promised a total lustration of all EdR members to end the war against Ukraine and, possibly, return Crimea to it. Well, and e-democracy to the heap.

“We are not waiting, but getting ready!” Is the slogan of the revolution. It was just hard to imagine that the army of Maltsev fans, almost entirely consisting of nerds, hikkans and sissies, would get up from computers and would really be preparing to organize a coup. But gebni readily believed in good preparation.

However, after the flight of the main arsonist over the hill, the prospect of “revolution" became even more vague. And with the approaching the cherished date, the audience became more and more convinced that the grandfather had gone. Half of its “pre-revolutionary” broadcasts consisted of tantrums, YouTube’s accusations of cutting down on the number of views (although this could be just a cleanup), and the other half consisted of unrealistic and lulzny promises, like “Who will enter the revolution, he will get an apartment” or “ Come to the revolution in Moscow. If you don’t have enough money for the trip, take out loans. Later I will forgive everything! ”How did Maltsev have such confidence that after the hypothetical revolution it was he who would decide the fate of the Russians?

The broadcast on 5.11.17 was planned a few years before the “revolution”, so there were a lot of likes and dislikes before the cherished date.

Edit Revolution 11/05/2017

Andryusha, baths of these trolls

» - The standard response of the subject to the claims of former supporters after the "revolution"

While Vyacheslav Vyacheslavovich was sitting in France, enjoying croissants with champagne at the donations of naive spectators, the FSB did not suffer from crap and did its job. Now, Maltsev’s associates are facing a criminal record under the article “Terrorism” and a rather long term, despite the fact that they really did not have time to do anything. Watching such mediocre squandering of units, even completely repelled supporters of the “New Lenin” began to doubt the strategic and organizational abilities of the subject. And some involuntarily came up with conspiracy theories that Maltsev was playing the role of a goat provocateur.

The “Russian March” on November 4, which, according to Maltsev’s plans, was to smoothly go into the revolution, went rotten. Some "nationalists" even managed to demonstrate their topographical cretinism. At midnight on November 5, a video was released on the ARTPODGOTOVKA channel with the loud and pathos name “KREMLIN BURNING”, where Maltsev gave out a haze over Red Square for a fire. After that there was silence. Until 12:00, everything was quiet until the revolution began. And it began with a very comical picture: on the ground lay several supporters of Maltsev, surrounded by a crowd of riot police. It seemed that with this epic picture it was all over. But no! A little later, dvizhuha still began. About a thousand people took to the streets (and it’s not the fact that they all took to the Maltsev “revolution”). Result: several hundred detainees, Maltsev's drunken excuses and, of course, there was no talk of any revolution.

But Vyacheslav Vyacheslavovich could not just recognize the shameful discharge. And the occasion turned up to boast of the victory of the “People’s Revolution” in Volgograd, where a handful of some of those who went broke into the building of an empty local administration and declared themselves the “new government”. The watchman decided not to argue with the sick and did not call the police and ambulance. “Representatives of the people's power” even held some kind of press conference, but when the weekend was over and the real governor returned to work, the new government disappeared somewhere. After that, Maltsev no longer remembers the victory of his forces in Volgograd.

Now Maltsev begins his video with the phrase "Today is March 15, 2018, the n-th day of the revolution." In other words, Vyacheslav Vyacheslavovich assures the remaining supporters that the revolution of 5.11.17 nevertheless began and continues to this day. No, but how? Do not stop collecting donuts! Of course, the subject has finally turned into a political corpse and now is of no interest to either the trolls or those who have gone.

Edit Hu from Mr. Maltsev?

There are several versions:

  1. An ordinary traveler who, due to his own hollow boob, did not take advantage of his long-standing acquaintance with Volodin and did not become any minister or head of the United Russia faction. Former Maltsev’s colleagues from the Saratov regional Duma found their place under the Sun and received bread positions, while the subject remained with a fig. And his cuckooing on the canal is just cheap revenge and a desire to slander former homies.
  2. The version of the representatives of the sect of “witnesses 11/05/17”: Maltsev is a patriot and son of Russia, a real Russian peasant, a disinterested person who hears the groans of a suffering nation and is sincerely ready to help her, leading a popular protest. His goal is to make Russia the foremost superpower and rid the homeland of Vova Putin and his codles.
  3. Version of quilted jackets: Maltsev is the fifth column working for the Americans and the State Department. His goal is to arrange a revolution. But who will give such money?
  4. Conspirological version: Maltsev is a gebni project created with a very simple goal - control over the protest electorate. This version was supported by Maltsev’s personal acquaintance with Volodin, his participation in the creation of “United Russia”, his former cop job, personal freedom of speech and the image of a revolutionary freak that was beneficial for the party in power. After the subject was put on the wanted list and started the tractor, the version of work at the Kremlin seems unlikely, but there are individuals who, even under the pressure of evidence, do not want to abandon their theories. In their opinion, Maltsev did not leave anywhere and is still in Russia, playing the whole performance and substituting his comrades for serious terms. By his actions, Vyacheslav Vyacheslavovich gives the authorities an excuse to conduct another purge among representatives of the non-systemic opposition. And given that there are no proofs on finding a subject in Western Europe, it is not yet possible to refute the theory.

Supporters of Maltsev arranged constant quarrels about the impossibility of creating a page about his idol in Pedivikia. Juvenile freaks were constantly getting their crowing: “IT IS FORBIDDEN TO CREATE AN ARTICLE ABOUT MALTSEV! POTLER'S CONSPIRACY! ”However, any Wikipedia understands that Wikipedia has the concepts of“ significance ”and“ protecting the name from creation ”. Shkolota got the admins, and they simply banned the creation of a page about a person insignificant at that time. However, after Maltsev became a candidate for the Duma, the Wikipedia page about him finally appeared.

Despite the fact that the subject positions himself as a nationalist, some nationalists refuse to consider him as such: one or two.

Childhood and youth

Vyacheslav Maltsev was born on June 7, 1964 in Saratov. In 1981 he graduated from the Saratov school number 8. He entered the evening department of law of the Saratov Law Institute. DI. Kursk. In parallel with his studies, he worked at the Kirovsky district committee of the Komsomol.

Vyacheslav Maltsev in his youth

In 1982, Vyacheslav was drafted into the ranks of the Soviet Army. He served in the border troops. After serving in 1985, he continued his studies at the institute. He graduated in 1987, receiving the qualification of “Lawyer”. For two years he worked in the Zavodsky District Department of Internal Affairs of Saratov as a district police officer.


Since 1989, Vyacheslav Maltsev headed the detective research bureau Allegro. According to ill-wishers, Allegro was an office for the "protection" of entrepreneurs. Maltsev himself claims that, presumably, in the 90s he was the richest man in the Saratov region.

Vyacheslav Maltsev in the 90s

Then Vyacheslav Maltsev became interested in politics. In 1994, he became a deputy of the Saratov Regional Duma. In 1996, it sold the Allegro agency, later accusing the Governor of the Saratov Region Dmitry Ayatskov of business collapse. He was re-elected to the regional Duma in 1997 and 2002, each time passing through a single-mandate constituency. In the first convocation of the regional parliament, he worked as the head of the committee on the rule of law and the fight against crime. He was the secretary of the regional Duma and its deputy chairman.

In 1999, Vyacheslav Maltsev was nominated to the State Duma from the party "Fatherland - All Russia", but failed. In 2001, the politician took part in the creation in Saratov of a regional branch of United Russia. In 2003, he quit the party, and in 2006 he wrote the "Manifesto of the struggle against the party" United Russia ". In 2007, he headed the Great Russia party in Saratov. As Vyacheslav Maltsev himself noted, despite the frequent change of parties, he did not change his convictions and remained a national democrat.

Deputy Vyacheslav Maltsev

In 2003, Vyacheslav Maltsev began an open war with the then governor of the Saratov region Dmitry Ayatskov, organizing the “Fund to Combat Ayatskov”. The fund collected signatures in favor of the resignation of the governor, staged pickets and hunger strikes near the regional Duma. Ayatskov, in turn, sued Maltsev 100 thousand rubles for libel in his address. In an interview, Ayatskov said about Maltsev:

“It was just a clowning. But this did not give him political dividends. ”

Since 2006, Vyacheslav Maltsev - President of the Saratov regional public organization "Environmental Organization" Future ". He struggled with the opening of a chemical weapons destruction plant in the Saratov Region. Since 1995, Vyacheslav Maltsev was a member of the Congress of Russian Communities, and in 2006 became its president. In 2007 and 2012, Maltsev was not able to run for election to the regional Duma (the last time he went from the Communist Party and lost to the nominee from United Russia Alexei Mazepov).

Vyacheslav Maltsev at the rally

On the eve of the State Duma elections in 2016, Vyacheslav Maltsev participated in the primaries from the Parnas party. The first place in the default list was occupied by the name of Mikhail Kasyanov. The survey was stopped ahead of schedule due to identified violations. At the time of suspension, Vyacheslav Maltsev was the leader by a wide margin.

Party colleagues Natalya Pelevina and Ilya Yashin explained Maltsev's leading position by low voter turnout. The results of the primaries, the management of Parnassus decided to count, despite the suspension. However, many in the party were unhappy, accusing Maltsev of anti-Semitism and populism. Maltsev himself explained that the purpose of his nomination to the Duma is the abolition of anti-constitutional laws in Russia and the preparation of impeachment of President Putin.


The first comments, mainly regarding Russia's foreign policy, Vyacheslav Maltsev posted on his website since 2008. Channel "Artpodgotovka" appeared on YouTube in 2011. At first, small videos were released in which Maltsev talked about politics and the current government. Later, the Maltsev program took on the form of an hour and a half program with questions from the audience, live discussions on political and economic topics, exciting the author and the audience.

The program on the channel was called "Bad News." Issues of "Bad News" were initially watched by 5-10 thousand people. Today, 100 thousand people are subscribed to the Artpodgotovka channel. Each new broadcast of "Bad News" Vyacheslav Maltsev begins with the announcement of the number of days remaining, as the author says, before the "beginning of a new historical era." The blogger states:

"The era will come on November 5, 2017."

On this day, according to Maltsev, there will be a revolution that will overthrow the power of the current president of Russia. He did not choose by chance on November 5 - Maltsev believes that unrest will occur after passing the Russian march on November 4, 2017.

Personal life

Vyacheslav Maltsev is married to Anna Maltseva. The family has three children: Roman, Valery and Barbara. The biography of the oppositionist is not without extremes.

In the fall of 2011, Maltsev received a jaw fracture as a result of a conflict with Cherkess Bunyatov. Bunyatov got two injuries in the thigh from a traumatic pistol of Vyacheslav Maltsev.

Political Views

In the 90s, he also joined the Fatherland-All Russia Party (the future United Russia), where he met Vyacheslav Volodin. From this block, he first ran for the State Duma (in 1999), but failed. According to Maltsev, in 2003 he himself decided to quit the party, although membership opened up great political prospects for him.

Life, family and work.

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Name and surname:Vyacheslav Maltsev
Middle name:Vyacheslavovich
Name in English:Vyacheslav maltsev
Year of birth:1964
Birthday:June 7th
Place of Birth:Russia, Saratov
Occupation:video blogger, public figure, politician, entrepreneur
Eastern horoscope:The Dragon
Social network:Instagram Wikipedia

Biography of Vyacheslav Maltsev

Vyacheslav Maltsev is a well-known political figure in the Saratov region, an unsystematic oppositionist, entrepreneur, public figure and video blogger. Since 2011, he hosted the YouTube channel Artpodgotovka (the movement of the same name was recognized as extremist and banned in the Russian Federation), known as the Bad News heading. In 2016, he ran for the State Duma from the party PARNAS.

Political activity

In May 1994, Maltsev was elected to the Saratov Regional Duma of the first convocation, and then - in August 1997 and September 2002 - was re-elected twice. He headed the committee on legality and the fight against crime, after which he became secretary of the Duma. In 1995, he participated in the State Duma elections in the Engelsk electoral district No. 159, according to the results of which he won 18.5% of the vote. He was ahead of the candidate from the Communist Party Oleg Mironov. He was a deputy of the Saratov Regional Duma until 2007. .

In the 1990s, Vyacheslav Maltsev was a member of the Fatherland-All Russia party, then in 2001, when the political bloc Unity and Fatherland-All Russia merged with each other to create the Saratov cell of the United Russia party, Vyacheslav became a member but in 2003 left the party.

In November 2003, Vyacheslav Maltsev, together with the former secretary of the regional security council, Alexander Miroshin, founded the "Fund to Combat Ayatskov." The purpose of the fund was the dismissal of the governor of the Saratov region Dmitry Ayatskov. The “Anti-Ayatskov Foundation” collected signatures against the governor, picketed and staged hunger strikes. One of the rallies against Ayatskov was held in Moscow opposite the building of the presidential administration, where Maltsev brought his supporters by bus.

In 2006, Maltsev organized the Fridtjof Nansen Foundation and became its president. This fund Vyacheslav organized in order to gather like-minded people and achieve the construction of a monument to Nansen Fridtjof. For the monument, a place on an island in a city park was chosen, but the authorities of Saratov did not allow him to do this.

In 2007, he headed the Saratov branch of "Great Russia" in Saratov, and in the same year he created Mikhail Kasyanov’s RNDS branch in the city.

At the beginning of 2007, Maltsev, as a deputy of the Saratov Regional Duma, proposed amendments to the laws “On Guarantees of Electoral Rights” and “On the State Civil Service”, according to which a citizen who nominates or wants to become an official should indicate profile your sexual orientation.

In October 2011, in the evening in Saratov, Cherkez Bunyatov inflicted a fracture of the jaw and a closed head injury in a fight, and Maltsev shot him from a traumatic pistol, which caused injuries to both hips.

In 2012, Maltsev tried to run for deputy of the regional Duma from the Communist Party in one of the single-mandate constituencies in Saratov, but lost to the representative of United Russia, Alexei Mazepov (63.76% of the vote), Maltsev was preferred by 21.41% of voters.

Maltsev claims that the election was rigged and that victory was to go to him.

Early years and education

Maltsev Vyacheslav Vyacheslavovich, born in 1964, grew up in Saratov, where he graduated from high school number 8. After receiving the certificate he entered the evening department of the D.I. Kursky Saratov Law Institute, at the same time he worked as an analytical statistician in the Kirov District Committee of the Komsomol.

In 1982, he decided to serve in the border troops, which he completed in 1985. After returning home, Maltsev decided to finish his studies at the institute and was restored to the specialty “Law. In 1987, he received a law degree and joined the Allegro detective bureau, which was engaged in private detective work and security. For 2 years, Maltsev managed to achieve the director's post, which he held until 1996.

The enterprise brought Vyacheslav a good income - in the 90s he was perhaps the richest man in the region. Subsequently, he sold it and all the property for the amount, which, according to him, would be enough for him for many years to come.

Biography Politician

Vyacheslav Maltsev was born in Saratov in 1964. He graduated from the Kursk Law Institute. He served in the border troops. Then he worked in the police. He started as a local inspector in the Saratov District Department of Internal Affairs.

During the restructuring, his career went up sharply. Vyacheslav Maltsev in 1989 took the post of general director of the Saratov detective bureau Allegro. Without hesitation, he declared at the time that he was the richest man in the region. His company employed about two thousand people. A few years later he sold his share in this business.

In 1994, Vyacheslav Maltsev, whose biography had previously been associated only with law enforcement agencies, went into politics. In May, he won the elections to the Saratov Regional Duma. Then re-elected two more times. Moreover, he held leadership positions. In the first and third convocations he was deputy chairman, and in the second and third secretaries of the regional parliament.

Party affiliation

In the 1990s, Vyacheslav Maltsev was a member of the Fatherland-All Russia Party. There he met with Vyacheslav Volodin, the current chairman of the State Duma, the former head of the apparatus of the government of the Russian Federation.

In 2007, he became a member of the new Great Russia party, which adhered to pronounced nationalist views. It was not registered. Despite this, Vyacheslav Maltsev opened its regional branch in Saratov.

At the same time, in the same year, he was active in the official socio-political movement "Russian People's Democratic Union". It was headed by Mikhail Kasyanov.

Nomination to the State Duma (2016)

On the eve of the elections to the State Duma of the VII convocation, Maltsev decided to participate in the primaries of the PARNAS party. The first place in the federal list by default was given to party leader Mikhail Kasyanov, the composition and order of the rest of the list was supposed to be determined by voting registered on the Wave of Changes website. Voting was launched on May 28, 2016 and was supposed to end on May 29 at 21:00. However, it was suspended before the target date, as a link to the base with personal data of voters suddenly appeared on the PARNAS website. The party leadership called the incident a "hacker attack" and apologized to the affected users. At the time the voting stopped, Maltsev occupied the first place by a wide margin, 5471 votes were cast for him. The second position was occupied by Andrei Zubov with 1665 votes. According to the PARNAS members Natalya Pelevina and Ilya Yashin, the victory of Maltsev should be explained by the low turnout and the fact that the Saratov blogger managed to mobilize his like-minded people. Yashin noted that it was not party supporters who voted for Maltsev, but his own audience. Maltsev himself said that he was confident in his victory:

“I see that there are a huge number of people who sympathize not only with me personally, but also with my ideas. Therefore, I can win on any platform. I used to win on the communist platform, now I won on the liberal one. I have completed my task and am pleased with the outcome of the vote, no matter what happens next. I will say this: I do not need any State Duma, because it does not solve anything in Russia. ”

Despite the fact that the primaries were disrupted and did not actually take place, it was decided to take into account their results. Part of the party leadership was unsatisfied with the victory of Maltsev. At the Parnassus Congress on July 2, 2016, a third of the party members voted against his nomination from Parnassus, including deputy chairpersons Ilya Yashin, Vladimir Kara-Murzu and a number of members of the federal political council. Yashin and the leader of the St. Petersburg branch of the party Andrei Pivovarov, speaking to the audience, expressed concern that “in the race for populism” PARNAS might lose part of its electorate, and he would prefer to vote for Yabloko. To exclude Maltsev, one vote was not enough at the federal political council. In this regard, Vadim Prokhorov proposed "to think about how Boris Nemtsov would behave now." One of the arguments of opponents of Maltsev’s nomination from PARNAS was the politician’s accusations of anti-Semitism. Maltsev himself rejected these allegations, noting that he spoke out about the “Jewish mafia” only once, and at the same time he spoke from the position of a lawyer studying criminal national groups. Most of the leaders of the party’s regional branches expressed support for Maltsev. A total of 78 votes were cast at a congress for a Saratov politician, against 45. According to the results of the congress, the Parnas federal trio was formed: Mikhail Kasyanov - Vyacheslav Maltsev - Andrey Zubov.

A Novaya Gazeta source in the PARNAS leadership called Maltsev’s nomination political suicide for the party. The deputy chairman of the PARNAS party, Konstantin Merzlikin, commented on the same publication that the party, endorsing Maltsev’s candidacy, relies on the right-liberal, “to a degree nationalist” audience, as opposed to the left-liberal Yabloko. Commenting on the goals of his nomination to the State Duma, Maltsev himself said that he intends to contribute to the abolition of unconstitutional laws and to make the State Duma impeach President Putin.

Maltsev’s election program includes the removal from power of Putin and his entourage, followed by a tribunal, the cessation of aggressive wars and the signing of a peace treaty with Ukraine, the expansion of local self-government, the election of prosecutors, judges and police chiefs, an economic amnesty, securing for every citizen a share of national wealth, increasing open government, the introduction of electronic money and the transition to direct democracy.

Maltsev joined the officially unformed movement "New Opposition", which was created by Mark Halperin.It carries out the political struggle mainly with street rallies, including through rallies and walks (a new type of protest rally popularized by the New Opposition) that take place every Sunday through the streets of many Russian cities. Musician and public figure Artemy Troitsky considers Maltsev an uncomfortable opponent for the Kremlin and calls him the second opposition in Russia after Alexei Navalny.

Original initiatives

In the regional parliament, Maltsev was remembered by many for his unusual legislative initiatives. So, in 2007, he proposed to indicate to citizens who put forward their candidacy for the election, or who wish to become officials, their sexual orientation.

The proposal was not supported.

"The bad news"

Maltsev himself in 2011 mastered a new format of communication with voters - a video blog. He started releasing "Bad News" on weekdays at 9pm. At one time, with the most popular news broadcast on television - "Time" on Channel One.

The release lasts an hour and a half. Invited guests appear periodically on the air. For example, nationalist Dmitry Demushkin, deputy of the Kursk Regional Duma from the Yabloko party Olga Li, editor-in-chief of the Echo of Moscow radio station Alexei Venediktov.

In his blog, Maltsev predicts the start of a revolution in Russia on November 5, 2017. Each issue counts the days remaining until this date. At the same time, he calls himself a normal Russian nationalist. However, he does not deny that he is engaged in populism.

Primaries "PARNAS"

Vyacheslav Maltsev, whose growth is 185 centimeters, in 2016 decided to run for office in the State Duma. He participated in the primaries organized by the opposition party Parnassus.

This event took place on the Internet. The first place in the federal list by default went to party leader Mikhail Kasyanov. The remaining positions were to be determined by online voting, which was to take place during the day.

However, it was stopped before the deadline. The site has personal data of voters. Representatives of the party "PARNAS" explained this by a hacker attack. At the time the voting stopped, Maltsev was the leader. Almost 5 and a half thousand voters cast their votes for him. Becoming the second, the Russian historian Andrei Zubov scored a little more than one and a half thousand votes. Experts explained this by the low voter turnout and the fact that Maltsev was able to quickly unite his supporters and like-minded people.

Despite all these facts, it was decided to recognize the primaries as valid and take into account their results. Part of the party elite was unsatisfied with Maltsev’s victory, a third of the Parnassus members opposed his nomination. Basically, the leaders were unhappy that in the race for populism, the party would lose some of its supporters who would rather vote for Yabloko. However, to exclude Maltsev from the party, the federal political council did not have one vote.

Opponents accused Maltsev of anti-Semitism. He himself stated that he spoke out against the so-called Jewish mafia only once, speaking from the point of view of a lawyer exploring national criminal groups.

At the same time, Maltsev was supported by the regional branches of PARNAS. Ultimately, Mikhail Kasyanov, Vyacheslav Maltsev and Andrey Zubov were included in the party’s federal list.

State Duma Elections

Experts and political scientists note that due to Maltsev’s nomination in the federal list from “PARNAS”, the party lost a part of its supporters. An unnamed source of the popular opposition media, Novaya Gazeta, described the decision to nominate Maltsev as political suicide for unification.

One of the leaders of the political party, Konstantin Merzlikin, noted that with this decision Parnas made a bias in the right-liberal, nationalist part of society, as opposed to the left-liberal representatives who traditionally vote for Yabloko.

Maltsev himself has repeatedly stated that he will contribute to the abolition of unconstitutional laws in the State Duma and call on the federal parliament to impeach President Vladimir Putin.

The candidate’s election program included the removal of Putin from power followed by a tribunal, the cessation of military aggression, and the conclusion of a peace treaty with Ukraine. It was also supposed to provide great rights and freedoms to the administrations of regions and republics, to approve the election of prosecutors, police chiefs and judges, to declare an economic amnesty, to assign a certain part of the country's national wealth to each citizen of Russia. Maltsev also promised to introduce electronic money and move to free democracy.

In the elections to the State Duma, the Parnass party took only 11th place out of 14 participants, gaining 73 hundredth percent of the vote. To get into the federal parliament, it was necessary to get at least 5%. It was supported by less than 400 thousand Russians. Parnassus, in addition to the parties that received the parliamentary majority, lost to the Communists of Russia, Yabloko, the Party of Pensioners for Justice, Homeland, the Growth Party and Zeleny. Only “Patriots of Russia”, “Civil Power” and “Civil Platform” managed to get around the “Parnassians”.

Parnass demonstrated the highest rates in Moscow (2.62%) and St. Petersburg (2.18%), but even here it was not possible to get 5%. In the Kabardino-Balkarian and Chechen republics, one-hundredth of a percent of voters voted for the party. She never received a single seat in the federal parliament.

Criticism of Maltsev

In a critical vein, Maltsev speaks of both his opponents and party members. Maltsev’s main trump card has always been criticism of the current president. He actively applied it during the debate, even when the topic was completely different, for example, the Russian economy.

Many compare him in his behavior and in the conduct of the political struggle with the LDPR leader Vladimir Zhirinovsky, who is also famous for his harsh and scandalous statements.

"Art preparation"

The video blog on YouTube Maltsev began to lead in late 2011. He recorded video in the “talking head” format, expressing his opinion on the current political situation in the country. The channel’s audience grew exponentially - the number of viewers of its daily live broadcasts exceeded 100 thousand users. Many users noted that Maltsev for them as a drug - addictive.

The success of the Artpreparation helped Maltsev to win the 2016 PARNAS federal primaries. However, due to the scandal with the leak of personal data, the voting results were canceled. At a party congress, Vyacheslav voted against a third of its members, including leader Ilya Yashin and Vladimir Kara-Murzu.

Maltsev had to fend off accusations of anti-Semitism and populism. The politician himself claimed that his main goal in the State Duma’s nomination was “the abolition of Vladimir Putin’s unconstitutional laws and impeachment of the president.”


On April 13, 2017, Maltsev was detained in his Saratov apartment, where after that a search was conducted. The Moscow Basmanny Court said the search was part of a criminal investigation into an attack by unknown individuals on a government official during an anti-corruption rally on March 26, in which Maltsev participated. However, supporters of the politician expressed confidence that the real reason was related to the political activities of Maltsev. At the airport, where he was supposed to be transported to Moscow, Vyacheslav had a heart attack, he was dragged onto a plane on a stretcher, and by the end of the day he was taken to the Luzhniki police department. The hearing was held in the Tver court on April 14. The court accused Maltsev of an administrative offense - disobedience to police officers at an anti-corruption rally on March 26 in Moscow and decided to send him under arrest for 15 days.

During an anti-corruption speech on June 12, Maltsev was detained in the center of Moscow, the next day the politician was sent to custody for 10 days for disobedience to police officers.

Emigration and the criminal case

In late June - early July 2017, Maltsev left Russia in connection with the initiation of criminal proceedings against him under the article “Creation of an extremist community”. In July of the same year, Maltsev announced the creation of the "Party of Free People." At the same time, the Moscow department of the FSB of Russia in absentia accused the politician of calls for extremism. Later it became known that he was in France. Meanwhile, Maltsev continues to lead the broadcasts of Artpodgotovki.

On October 10, Maltsev was arrested in absentia and put on the international wanted list on charges of “Public calls for extremist activity.” The verdict was passed by the Meshchansky court of Moscow. On October 26, the court recognized the Artpodgotovka movement as an extremist organization and banned its operation in Russia.

Harassment of Artillery Supporters

The activists of the movement, Vyacheslav Maltsev, were also persecuted: In the Krasnoyarsk Territory they detained a supporter who was traveling by train to Moscow to take part in the protest on November 5, but was detained by police officers.

On November 2, a search was carried out in an apartment of a Saratov supporter, 200 grams of TNT and 5 Molotov cocktails were discovered. The detainee claims that explosive substances were planted to him during a search of the apartment. A criminal case has been instituted against him under Article 205 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation “Terrorism”.

On November 3, 2017, on the social network VKontakte, at the request of the Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation dated October 31, 2017, numerous communities of Vyacheslav supporters and participants of the Artillery preparation were blocked. Also on November 3, in Moscow, the FSB, together with the E Center, detained the participants of the Artillery Prep, cold steel and Molotov cocktails were seized. The detainees allegedly were going to commit arson of administrative buildings and attack the police on November 4 and 5. Criminal proceedings were instituted under Article 205 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation “Terrorism”.

Vyacheslav Maltsev called the detention of his supporters "dirty provocation":

There is no organization, there is an Artpodgotovka channel, in which I broadcast every evening. We have supporters, viewers. But such people are half of Russia. I have some programs watched by five million people. And this is just the Artpodgotovki group. Am I issuing any documents? We ourselves don’t even know who they are detaining. And if they catch, plant, beat and try to stop my activity in this way, they will not stop it. They’re talking about terrorist attacks, explosions - this is all the dirty Putin KGB provocation. "

On February 27, 2018 in Kaluga, FSB agents detained arms dealers. During the search, 27 firearms, more than 200 rounds of ammunition, explosive devices, as well as anti-government leaflets and “Artillery preparation” attributes were found.

In March 2018, the human rights organization Memorial recognized the supporter of the Artillery Prep, Roman Marian, as a political prisoner. In 2017, Roman was arrested on suspicion of preparing a riot.

In March 2018, members of the allegedly existing New Greatness organization, who met each other in the Artillery Telegram chat, were also arrested. They were accused of creating an extremist community.

On October 4, 2019, the Rostov Regional Court found 24-year-old Vladislav Mordasov and 19-year-old Yan Sidorov guilty of "organizing riots" and sentenced them to 6 years and 7 months and 6.5 years in prison, respectively. Mordasov and Sidorov, together on November 5, 2017, went to Sovetov Square in Rostov-on-Don to the building of the government of the Rostov region with the placards “Return the land to Rostov fire victims” and “Government resigned”, after which they were detained. According to the prosecution, they allegedly were going to organize riots in the area of ​​the Soviets, arrange “arson, pogroms, destroy property”, “inflict bodily harm” on the police and other authorities, and seize the building of the Rostov Region Administration. Mordasov and Sidorov complained of beatings and torture after being detained.

“Revolution” November 5, 2017

Maltsev in his speeches since 2013 talked about the inevitable revolution in Russia, setting a date for its beginning on November 5, 2017 (his supporters called the revolution "5.11.17"). On this day, he called on his supporters to speak in the central squares of cities, to protest against the current government and seize power in the hands of the people. For its calls for the overthrow of power, the IC of the Russian Federation initiated a criminal case against Maltsev, the organization "Artpodgtovka" was recognized as extremist, and its members were detained in the fall of 2017.

November 5, 2017 in Moscow there were many how much? police station "Okhotny Ryad" was blocked. The police carried out random searches of citizens, many were taken away at a police station. At 13:00, according to the OVD-Info, 82 people were detained in Moscow. 2 people were detained in St. Petersburg, 4 in Krasnoyarsk. They also detained a representative of Echo of Moscow. Later, another 10 people were detained in St. Petersburg near the Smolny Institute.

At 14:00, TASS stated that the number of detainees had risen to 200 on Manezhnaya Square in Moscow.

At 16:00 it became known about more than 300 detainees. Several detainees were charged with article 205 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation “Preparing a terrorist attack,” a Nagan system revolver, a grenade and explosives were found in their car, human rights activist Dinar Idrisov claims that they were planted with weapons and explosive objects by law enforcement officials.

At 21:00, according to the OVD-Info, the number of detainees increased to 448 people. Most detentions took place in Moscow - 339, in St. Petersburg 21 people, according to unconfirmed reports, 49 of them are minors. It remains to spend the night in police departments, on the night of November 6, about 112 people.


One of the main positions of Vyacheslav Maltsev is his conviction of a completely corrupt vertical of power built in Russia during Putin’s reign since the 2000s. That state power, led by Putin, has only one goal: the personal enrichment and retention of power, the implementation of which is aimed at all statements, laws, as well as actions in the foreign policy arena conducted by the latter. Maltsev is convinced that the political persecution by the authorities, and as a result, a fabricated criminal case, his inclusion in the list of terrorists of the Russian Federation, is connected with his fight against Putin and his criminal regime.

Vyacheslav Maltsev believes that a revolution in Russia was inevitable and has already begun source not specified 796 days November 5, 2017 after the Russian march on November 4. In each issue of his video blog, he counted the number of days to this date. To the question on what his conviction in the revolution was based, Maltsev answered:

... the socio-economic formation is changing, the historical era is changing. For the first time in the history of mankind, the most advanced means of production are in the hands of the poor. Every boy now has some kind of gadget, which today is the most advanced means of production. Always, in the previous era, the hegemonic class had the most advanced means of production. And if now the poor class received these funds, then it is the hegemonic class. In addition, we are talking about objective and subjective factors: the socio-economic system is changing - this is an objective factor. But there is a subjective factor: we are dealing with the information world, and the peculiarity of this information world is that if the gun that hangs on the wall in the theater in the first act, then it will certainly shoot in the last ...

Maltsev positions himself as a nationalist and anarchist. He does not deny that he is a populist, emphasizing that he considers populism as "a tactical method of working with the voter." An important place in his views is occupied by “direct democracy” carried out by the people with the help of information technologies.


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