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Emmanuel Vitorgan

2010 year.
Birth nameEmanuel Gedeonovich Vitorgan
Date of BirthDecember 27, 1939 (1939-12-27) (aged 80)
Place of Birth
  • Baku, Azerbaijan SSR, USSR
CitizenshipUSSR →
Years of activity1961 - present

Emanuel Gedeonovich Vitorgan (born December 27, 1939) - Soviet and Russian film and theater actor. People's Artist of the Russian Federation (1998). He starred in more than a hundred films.

Photo: Emmanuel Vitorgan

The childhood of Emanuel Vitorgan

Vitorgan was born in Baku, where his father worked at that time. Father worked in the milling industry and was often transferred from one object to another. Because of this, the family changed their place of residence. Mom did not work, she took care of the house and raised Emanuel and his older brother Vladimir.

The future famous actor graduated from school in Astrakhan. Already in high school, he decided on the choice of his future profession, therefore, having received a certificate, without hesitation went to Leningrad, where he became a student at the Institute of Theater, Music and Cinematography. The choice of a profession was greatly influenced by the acquaintance of a high school student with Yuri Kochetkov, whose parents were actors. Vitorgan began to attend a drama club and seriously became interested in theater. He also had other hobbies - Emanuel was engaged in water polo and even became the champion of the USSR among schoolchildren. He had successes in volleyball, but his passion for the theater remained the most serious.

The first roles of Emanuel Vitorgan

After graduating from the institute, Vitorgan was sent to Pskov, where he worked for two years in a drama theater. Then he served in the Leningrad Drama and Comedy Theater and in the Lenkom Theater.

Since 1971, the actor moved to Moscow and entered the Moscow Drama Theater. He played on his stage until 1982, until he moved to the Taganka Theater. He played in this theater for only two years. In 1984, the actor continued his creative activities within the walls of the Mayakovsky Academic Theater.

Filmography of Emanuel Vitorgan

Fame came to Emanuel Gedeonovich after he appeared in the film "And this is all about him" in the role of the criminal Gleb Zavrazin. The audience noted the special saying of the criminal, and his image, which was invented by Vitorgan. After this work, the directors increasingly began to invite actors. At first, he mainly played negative roles. The actor was very happy about this, since villains and spies are much more interesting to play than any positive roles.

The actor played a total of more than one hundred film roles. The audience appreciated his play in fairy tales, musical comedies, psychological dramas. Despite the huge number of roles played, Vitorgan does not put any of them on par with theatrical roles, comparing theater and cinema in terms of drama and directing.

Emanuel Gedeonovich took part in the work on many television series. He considers his most successful role in the series the role of Peter Dolgoruky, played in the film "Poor Nastya."

To this day, the actor has acted in film a lot and plays on stage. He has grandiose plans and many interesting proposals for filming.

The personal life of Emanuel Vitorgan

Alla and Emanuel had a son. They called him Maxim. Today, Maxim Vitorgan is a famous Russian actor and husband of Ksenia Sobchak. At one time he graduated from GITIS. The family life of Balter and Vitorgan was happy, but in the 2000th year, the wife of the actor died.

Three years later, Vitorgan married again. His wife is 22 years younger. This is Irina Mlodik. Spouses are happy. According to Emanuil Gedeonovich, not a single quarrel arose between them over the years of life together.


Emanuel Gedeonovich Vitorgan is one of the favorite artists of Soviet cinema for millions of viewers. At one time, the actor became famous for his work in the films “It's Easy to Be Kind”, “Dirk”, “Pious Martha”, “Wizards”.

Emanuel Vitorgan was born on December 27, 1939. Father Gideon Vitorgan was a good specialist in flour milling and he was often “transferred” to different cities of the country. Mom Khaya Blekhman took care of the hearth and raised two children - Vladimir and the youngest for 3 years, Emmanuel, who received the name in honor of his uncle who died during the Jewish pogroms. The artist’s parents, Jews by nationality, were from Odessa. At the time of the birth of the youngest son, the family lived in Baku.

Actor Emmanuel Vitorgan

Emanuel Vitorgan graduated from school in Astrakhan. In high school, the boy became interested in theater. The starting point was an acquaintance with Yuri Kochetkov, whose parents were artists of the Astrakhan Theater. Vitorgan did not miss a single premiere and soon became a visitor to the drama club. All other hobbies - volleyball, water polo - receded into the background.

After receiving a school certificate, Emanuel Vitorgan went to the capital. But the youth failed to become a student of one of the Moscow theater universities. The applicant did not give up and managed to enter the Leningrad University (LGITMiK). The future actor was extremely lucky: Vitorgan fell on the famous course, led by a talented mentor Boris Zon. Emanuel comprehended the secrets of acting along with Alisa Freindlich, Sergei Jurassic, Svetlana Karpinskaya, Alexandra Nazarova and others.


The creative biography of Emanuel Vitorgan dates back to 1961. After receiving a diploma, the aspiring artist was sent to the Pskov Drama Theater. But after 2 years, the actor returned to his beloved city on the Neva and settled in the famous Lenkom. Emanuel Gedeonovich performed on the stage of this theater until 1971, and then the “Moscow period” began.

Emanuel Vitorgan in the play "The Hunchback"

The actor moved to the capital with his second wife, actress Alla Balter. The artists were accepted into the troupe of the Taganka Theater. Here the couple stayed for 2 years, then switched to the stage of the V. Mayakovsky Academic Theater.

Vitorgan gave the best theater years to the famous theater collective. Among the works of Emanuel Gedeonovich - roles in the productions of directors Andrei Goncharov, Adolf Shapiro, Leonid Heifits. The artist played in the plays “Cat on a Hot Roof” by Tennessee Williams, “Blonde” by Alexander Volodin, “The Plague on Both Your Homes” by Grigory Gorin.

Emanuel Vitorgan in the film "And It's All About It"

Vitorgan’s last work was the production of the 2015 release “King of Clubs - a card of love” directed by Alexander Gerasimov. In addition to Emanuel Vitorgan, the main roles in the play were played by Angelica Agurbash and Lyudmila Maksakova. Later, the performance moved to the stage of the Vitorgan Cultural Center.

Emmanuel Vitorgan appeared on the screens in 1962. At first, the actor was entrusted with the episodes and supporting roles. And the first notable work in the movie happened in 1977. Then the picture “And it's all about him” came out, based on the novel of the same name by Vily Lipatov. The actor got the image of the criminal Gleb Zavarzin, who embodied evil and good at the same time. Vitorgan thoroughly finalized this image, and the hero turned out to be bright and memorable. The film brought the actor first glory.

Emanuel Vitorgan in the movie Do Not Wake a Sleeping Dog

The high and impressive Emanuel Gedeonovich outwardly corresponded to the image of spies, criminals and CIA agents developed in the 1970s and 80s. Hence the many negative roles played by the artist in the role of an antihero. The aforementioned film, as well as the paintings “Profession - Investigator” and “Emissary of the Foreign Center” became vivid examples of this.

But Vitorgan’s talent turned out to be multifaceted - this was proved by the artist with subsequent works that appeared in his filmography. The actor turned out to be subject to genres from comedy to psychological drama. In the creative piggy bank of Emanuel Vitorgan there are also positive heroes. The actor’s play in the image of Commissioner Fomin in the historical film “The Battle for Moscow”, director Prokudin-Gorsky in the film “Anna Karamazoff” and the honest investigator Zotov in the comedy film “Don’t Wake the Sleeping Dog” is convincing.

Emanuel Vitorgan in the series "Poor Nastya"

The comedies “Pious Martha” and “Sorcerers” made Vitorgan a popular favorite. Popular projects featuring Emanuel Vitorgan include the musical film “When the Saints March”, the crime comedy “Don't Wake the Sleeping Dog,” the farcical comedy “The weather is nice on Deribasovskaya, or it’s raining again on Brighton Beach.”

In the 1990s, Emanuel Gedeonovich was less likely to appear on the screen. This was due to the crisis in the cinema and a serious illness, and then the death of his wife.

Emanuel Vitorgan in the TV series Sklifosovsky

In the new century, Emanuel Vitorgan began to appear in rating television projects. In 2003, the actor appeared in the series "Poor Nastya", where he embodied on the screen the image of Prince Peter Dolgoruky. Vitorgan calls this role one of his favorites. The audience saw the artist in the series "Sklifosovsky", "Children of the Arbat" and "Yolki 2014", "Two sides of one Anna."

In recent years, the actor most often transforms into oligarchs, professors, successful lawyers or doctors. Still in the collection of images of Emanuel Vitorgan - the role of colonels or generals.

Emmanuel Vitorgan now

The actor leads an active creative life. Vitorgan is still acting in films, appears on theaters in the projects of the theater. V. Mayakovsky and "Theater of a modern play". He teaches students of the East European film school acting, and on the NTV channel acts as the TV presenter of the Conversations on Cinema program.

In 2017, the actor became a guest of Lera Kudryavtseva’s “Secret to a Million” program, where he told fans about the reasons for breaking up with his first wife, about relations with Alla Balter and his current wife Irina. The news for the viewers was the statement of the artist that he was going to once again become a father.

In February 2018, secular society was struck by the joyful news of the replenishment in the Vitorgan family. 56-year-old Irina Mlodik gave birth to a daughter, named Ethel. And a year later, in August 2019, the man again became a father: the daughter of Clara was born. According to the actor, he understands what responsibility it is, because both parents are far from young.

Now, in addition to managing the cultural center of Emanuel Vitorgan and employment in the performances of the center, the actor, together with his wife, organized the “Vitorgan Club” on Ostozhenka. In 2018, a married couple opened a branch of the club in Germany.

Of the latest film works by Emanuel Vitorgan, it is worth noting the popular project of 2016 - the comedy Friday. In 2016, the actor starred in the fantastic film “Wizards”. But the film where Oscar Kuchera, Olga Krasko, Sergey Astakhov, Dmitry Nagiyev, Natasha Koroleva, Sergey Glushko played, was not completed. Vitorgan’s latest work was the role in the military comedy film “To Paris” about tankers who went through the war and decided to celebrate the victory in the French capital.

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Emanuel Vitorgan: “Thank you for everything”


Emmanuel Vitorgan - biography

The name of Emanuel Vitorgan is well known to moviegoers, especially his Soviet period. He still tries to preserve the traditions and skills instilled in him in those years. Among his heroes there are no vulgarities and cynics, and even the notorious villains create the impression of intelligent people. Despite the fairly venerable age, the artist is just as cheerful and optimistic, he does not refuse to participate in new projects, continuing to go on the stage and the set.

It is difficult to name any one film, after which Emanuel Vitorgan became popular. He was glorified by the paintings “Pious Martha”, “Sorcerers”, “Casket of Mary Medici”, “Profession - Investigator”. In total, the filmography of the artist has over a hundred successful projects.

Childhood and youth

Emanuel Vitorgan was born on December 27, 1939 in Azerbaijani Baku, in a Jewish family. His father's name was Gideon Vitorgan, he was an engineer, held a fairly high position in Soviet times, headed the flour mill. Mom Haya Blekhman was a housewife. In her care was a house, a life, and two sons - Vladimir and Emmanuel, who was three years younger than his brother. The boy received his unusual name in honor of his maternal uncle, who was killed in Odessa in the Civil War in the Jewish pogrom.

In the photo, Emmanuel Vitorgan in childhood

The professional qualities of his father were highly valued by the Soviet government, and therefore, as the best specialist, he was often transferred from one enterprise to another. The family moved quite often, and Emanuel received a school certificate in Astrakhan. In school, the guy was fond of volleyball and water polo, but closer to the graduation class, he became addicted to the theater. Among his acquaintances was Yuri Kochetkov, whose parents served in the Astrakhan theater. Emanuel often visited the theater with a friend, and he liked it so much that he enrolled in a drama club. The guy forgot about his previous hobbies for sports.

After graduating from school, Vitorgan decided to enter the theater institute, and sobiravalsya in Moscow. But in the capital, the guy was waiting for failure, he could not break into any institution.

Without losing time, Emmanuel went to Leningrad, where he could still pass exams. The decision turned out to be correct and timely, he managed to pass all the tests with dignity and become a student at LGITMiK. Vitorgan was in the workshop with Boris Zon, which in itself was already a great success. Among his classmates were Sergey Yursky, Alisa Freindlikh, Alexander Nazarov, Svetlana Karpinskaya. All of them subsequently made a brilliant acting career.


Emanuel Vitorgan was born in Baku. His parents are from Odessa. My father was an engineer, worked in the milling industry. The actor’s mother was a housewife. "I am a very happy person. I had wonderful parents. All my relatives and friends are techies. But as they say, the family has its black sheep. As a child, I was friends with a boy whose mom and dad were actors. I often visited them I went to the theater in the house, and soon realized that I couldn’t exist without all this, ”recalls the actor.

In connection with the work of his father, the family moved a lot, and Emmanuel graduated from school in Astrakhan. Having received a certificate, the young man went to Moscow, where he tried to enter the theater institute. But in the capital he was not accepted anywhere. Then Emanuel went to Leningrad, where he successfully passed the exams and entered the LGITMiK (course B.V. Zone).

Selected Filmography

  • 1960 - A man with a future
  • 1970 - Mission in Kabul
  • 1972 - Unexpected joys
  • 1973 - Dirk
  • 1975 - Time-not-wait
  • 1976 - It's Easy to Be Kind
  • 1978 - While the dream goes crazy
  • 1980 - Casket of Maria Medici
  • 1980 - Star Inspector
  • 1982 - Wizards
  • 1982 - Profession - Investigator
  • 1986 - Buyback
  • 1987 - Pathfinder
  • 1991 - Do not wake a sleeping dog
  • 1991 - Cuckold
  • 2002 - Theater novel
  • 2004 - 2005 - Healing with love
  • 2006 - First home
  • 2011 - Matchmakers 5
  • 2014 - Startup
  • 2016 - Friday
  • 2018 - To Paris

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The 80-year-old artist answered frank questions. Emanuel Vitorgan spoke about late fatherhood and about his sex life.

People's Artist of Russia and his wife Irina have been happily married for over 16 years. In 2018, their daughter Ethel was born. Emanuel Gedeonovich was 78 years old at that time, Mlodik was 56 years old. In August last year, they became the parents of another baby, who was named Clara. Children appeared due to surrogacy.

Vitorgan Sr. said that he and his wife still have passion and an intimate life. “I'm fine with that. Everything is fine with us, ”said the artist.

Emanuel Vitorgan's wife showed daughters with an actor on his 80th birthday

Emanuel Gedeonovich is 23 years older than his wife. However, he critically spoke about colleagues who leave families and go to young lovers. The actor admitted that in his environment there were many cases when men were used for money or fame.

“Such people can only be pitied, especially the elderly, who responded to youth, not knowing how it would end. A person at any age wants to touch, hug someone. I would like to become younger, but there is no possibility, unfortunately, ”said Vitorgan.

The actor said that now he has become an exemplary father, but did not like his son. “I was extremely busy and almost did not see Maxim as a child. The time that I had to spend with my son could not afford. Maxim was engaged in Allochka. It is unique, ”shared Emanuel Gedeonovich.

The man admitted that the death of his wife was a terrible tragedy for him. Alla Balter saved him from cancer, but could not help herself. According to Vitorgan Sr., after her departure, he lost interest in life and dreamed of joining his wife as soon as possible.

Two years later, Irina appeared in his life, she helped him out of depression. “The fact that I can speak with you is all thanks to her. And she gave me such girls - this is a holiday forever, ”said the actor.

Emanuel Gedeonovich said that he was fully aware of the responsibility for later children. “The main thing is the appearance of a person who will continue your life. Today, I am ready to spend days with children. Let them sleep, no matter if only to be near them, ”the Interlocutor quotes the artist.

Previously, stellar parents were convicted of the fact that their eldest daughter continues to suck a nipple. Vitorgan published a new photo with his wife and daughters. Ethel and Clara fascinated his fans. The artist said that they still have embryos and they and his wife dream of a son.


The first business appeared with Emanuel Vitorgan back in the mid-90s. The actor and his wife Alla Balter created a project called Vitorgan Club, which hosted actor’s meetings and creative evenings.

Now Emanuel Vitorgan is a co-founder of a dry cleaning network, which he organized with his current wife Irina.

In 2010, the couple opened the "Emanuel Vitorgan Cultural Center", on the stage of which there are performances, creative meetings and concerts.


Vitorgan's first wife was actress Tamara Rumyantseva, whom he met at the institute. A daughter Ksenia was born in the family. The marriage did not last long, and the couple divorced in 1970.

The second wife of the actor is Alla Balter. The couple lived a long and happy life together, the son Maxim was born in the marriage. In 2000, Alla Balter died.

The current wife of Emanuel Gedeonovich is an entrepreneur Irina Mlodik. In March 2018, it became known that the couple had a daughter Ethel.


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