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10 stellar peers: who is better preserved?


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Surely you yourself have repeatedly noticed that people of the same age can look completely different. And if you know the year of birth of your classmates, then the age of public people may surprise you. For example, did you know that Kate Winslet and Angelina Jolie were born in the same year? What about Konstantin Khabensky and Ben Affleck? We offer a look at one-year-old celebrities and compare them with each other.

Bright Side gathered 15 pairs of celebrity peers. Frankly, some cases have caused us great surprise.

19 years

Young actress Emma Kinney became famous for her role as Debbie Gallager in the series Shameless. She is just beginning her journey to great fame.

But the daughter of Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis Lily-Rose Depp has already managed to build a modeling career (the girl is the ambassador of the Chanel fashion house and the muse of Karl Lagerfeld) and star in several films.

21 years

Macy Williams is an actress who fell in love with many viewers of the Game of Thrones series for her masterfully performed role of Arya Stark.

Bella Hadid - American top model, is the face of fashion houses Dior and Bulgari. Twice became the Model of the Year.

26 years

At 26, Selena Gomez is known not only as an actress and singer, but also as a songwriter, producer, designer, model and UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador.

Cara Delevingne began her career with fashion catwalks, but she also discovered acting talent. Her last movie work (Kara played the main role in the film "Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets") was led by Luc Besson himself. And Vogue magazine included her among the most stylish people in the fashion industry under the age of 45 years.

Anastasia Volochkova and Reese Witherspoon, 1976

Anastasia Volochkova has already stopped dancing at the Bolshoi Theater, but she devoted herself entirely to staging her own show programs. A woman devotes all her free time to her daughter Ariadne (born in 2005), and also, posts social photos in social networks in a bathhouse, on the sea, on transverse splits.

Reese Witherspoon is also a mother, but with many children. Her three kids do not interfere with a career. The actress often flashes in new films, and in 2005 she even won the Oscar for the film “Cross the Line”.

Vera Brezhneva and Britney Spears, 1982

Vera Brezhneva is incredibly similar to her year-old Britney Spears, who was also born in 1982 of the last century. That's just the impudent blonde Britney in show business almost from the cradle. The girl became the star of the Mickey Mouse Club children's show, which she hosted with young Justin Timberlake.

Vera Brezhneva first appeared on the big stage in 2002, when she joined the group “VIA Gra”. When Brezhnev was just singing, Spears already had four nominations for the prestigious Grammy Award.

Natalia Vetlitskaya and Monica Bellucci, 1964

Natalia Vetlitskaya in the mid-nineties was a real celebrity, who was shot in films and secretly presented in her bed. The girl managed to record several hits, she constantly toured. The huge popularity did not prevent in 2010 Vetlitskaya from leaving the stage and moving to permanent residence in Spain.

Monica Bellucci for a long time wore the status of the most beautiful actress in the world. The woman has acted in films for many years, and now she does not quit her job. Two years ago, Monica starred in a tiny episode of the cult series Twin Peaks.

28 years

Emma Watson has over 15 roles, but many remember her as Hermione Granger from a story about a boy who survived. Emma is fighting for women's rights; in 2014, she was appointed UN Goodwill Ambassador.

Singer, model and photographer Kristina Bardash known under the pseudonym Moon, is the face of a new generation of modern musicians. Having created her own style, the Moon gained many fans in different countries. Her songs, filled with special charm, are recognized from the first chords.

29 years

Lily Collins is a fragile girl who can cope with the director's most difficult task. To enter the image, the actress is ready to go to the most extreme measures. For example, for the role in the film "To the Bones," the already skinny Lily lost 10 kg.

Polina Maximova succeeds in comedic roles, thanks to which she gained fame. The actress admits that for the 3 year break in the filming of the series "Deffchonki" she really missed her character - the glamorous blonde Lele - and was glad to return to the set.

33 years

Ekaterina Shpitsa looks surprisingly young, and she can easily play the role of school graduates. It is hard to believe that the actress is 33 years old and she has a son who is already 6 years old.

Gal Gadot, at age 18, won the Miss Israel contest, and then represented her country at the Miss Universe contest. A charming girl was noticed and she was immediately offered to become an actress. Gadot gained worldwide fame after the role of Wonder Woman.

37 years

Meghan Markle became the personification of all girlish desires: she not only married the most enviable bachelor of the planet, but also became a duchess, having received from the queen a title and a couple of mansions on the royal estate as a present.

Britney Spears is a pop idol of the 90s. Despite all the difficulties of life, the singer managed to maintain popularity. These days Britney pleases her fans with a Britney: Live in Concert world tour.

43 years

The owner of numerous film awards, Kate Winslet is not only one of the most talented actresses of our time, but also just a wonderful person. She supports several charitable organizations, wrote a book about the problems of autistic children, and more than once privately helped people.

Angelina Jolie is an actress, director, screenwriter and UN Goodwill Ambassador. She is the owner of all significant awards in cinema: the Oscars, three Golden Globes and two awards of the Screen Actors Guild of the United States.

46 years old

Ben Affleck has a difficult relationship with film critics, but they praised his performance as Batman. Affleck was called one of the best film actors, who managed to most fully convey the image of the popular superhero.

Konstantin Khabensky is an honored artist and a man with a big heart. The actor founded a fund to help children with cancer and does not spare his strength, time and money to save the lives of sick people.

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Many of us react quite painfully to questions about age. Stars are no exception. Some of them with all their might hide the true year of their birth (remember at least Paris Hilton, who does not coincide on the driver’s license and passport). Add to this the wonders of plastic surgery, which helps older ladies to look # like a girl, as well as a healthy or unhealthy lifestyle, which either enhances the effect of beauty treatments, or, conversely, reduces all efforts to nothing. So it turns out that very often we cannot guess how old a given star is actually. Some in 30 look at 40, others in 50 manage to maintain shine in the eyes and smooth skin without a single wrinkle. We decided to compare our and Western one-year stars, and we offer you to evaluate which of them looks younger and more well-groomed.

Surely, each of us had stories when we met classmates, and even girlfriends in kindergarten, who after long years of separation were hardly recognized, if at all. Indeed, on the face of each of us, age is reflected in its own way. So celebrities of the same year of birth often look very different. Are you surprised or not, but Renee Zellweger and Tatyana Bulanova are 47 years old, and Renata Litvinova is the same age as Pamela Anderson. In our gallery we have collected 54 photos of domestic and Hollywood peer stars that will surely surprise you.

Alicia Vikander and Paulina Andreeva, 1988 year of birth (28 years)

When the producers decided to film the new version of the game “Lara Croft”, it was Alicia Vikander who chose the role of the young heroine (who was previously played by Jolie). It is not surprising, because the actress, thanks to her teenage figure and childishly chubby cheeks, can be given for about twenty years. Do you think Paulina Andreeva, who will also turn 29 this year, looks just as young?

Gwyneth Paltrow and Elena Korikova, born in 1972 (44 years old)

It seems that Gwyneth Paltrow refuses to grow old - it is too difficult to accept the fact that the actress will be forty-five years old this year. In every second interview, Gwyneth does not get tired of saying that she began to monitor herself only after 39 years. It turns out that instead of cream, Paltrow uses cold pressed sesame oil. Maybe this recipe is worth a try and her peers, Elena Korikova?

Keira Knightley born in 1985 and Olga Buzova born in 1986 (31 years old)

The fact that Olga Buzova was fond of injections of fillers, her fans started talking half a year ago. The lips of the leading television set became puffier, and the cheekbones - more expressive. However, the question is: did “beauty injections” do good service? Or maybe it's a shade of hair? We are used to the blonde Olga, as well as the brunette Kira. In any case, you decide who looks more natural and younger.

Pamela Anderson and Renata Litvinova, born in 1967 (50 years old)

Pamela Anderson now looks completely different than even a couple of months ago. The whole blame is anti-aging procedures and blepharoplasty (surgery on the eyelids), which ultimately transformed the whole face in a radical way. At the age of 50, her contemporary Renata Litvinova works with her own appearance so competently and delicately that she looks, on the one hand, amazingly young, and on the other, absolutely natural. Aerobatics!

Jennifer Lawrence and Regina Todorenko, born in 1990 (26 years old)

Yes, yes, the star of the movie The Hunger Games, Jennifer Lawrence, was born in the same 1990 year as the host of the Eagle and Tails program Regina Todorenko. More precisely, the Hollywood actress is even a month and a half younger than Regina.

Ann Hathaway born in 1982 and Ksenia Borodina born in 1983 (34 years)

Ksenia Borodina, like Anne Hathaway, always looks young and fresh. Moreover, both stars, unlike many of their colleagues, are sure that at their age it is too early to resort to injection procedures, it is enough to use effective beauty products. Who do you think looks younger?

Margot Robbie and Nyusha, born in 1990 (26 years old)

Margot Robbie impresses many as an adult, wise-experienced lady. But Nyusha, thanks to her bright makeup and outfits, does not look older than her 26 years of age.

Miranda Kerr and Svetlana Khodchenkova, born in 1983 (34 years old)

Stately and luxurious Svetlana Khodchenkova in her youth seemed older than her peers. Maybe the matter is in serious roles or talent of a truly “adult” actress? But at some point Svetlana began to grow younger year by year. But Miranda Kerr continues to look like a young coquette. So this round of battle between domestic and foreign stars, in our opinion, is especially interesting.

Meryl Streep and Nadezhda Babkina, born in 1949 (67 years old)

Meryl Streep is not one of those celebrities who are struggling to maintain youth by redrawing their face and "stretching" the skin in various places. The actress prefers to age naturally. But her coeval Nadezhda Babkina clearly believes that such a position is yesterday, and she boldly tests the virtues of fillers. Who is right in the end?

Shakira and Dana Borisova, born in 1977 (40 years old)

We can only guess how Shakira manages to look as if she had just graduated from university, so Dana Borisova is likely to lose this battle. However, the fact remains - both 40 years old.

Scarlett Johansson and Maria Kozhevnikova, born in 1984 (32 years old)

Actresses have a lot in common: both started their career filming in humorous films, engaged in politics, devote a lot of time to their children and ... look great with their crazy work schedules! How they succeed, one can only guess.

Demi Moore and Ingeborg Dapkunaite, born in 1963 (54 years)

Ingeborga Dapkunaite admits that her daily beauty ritual is not original: cleansing, moisturizing and thorough sun protection. Demi Moore is a lover of "heavy artillery." They say that the actress has repeatedly done facelifts to maintain a clear oval and smooth skin. Who looks better is up to you.

Jennifer Lopez and Evelina Bledans, born in 1969 (47 years old)

About such people usually say: "Women without age." Indeed, in order to believe that Jennifer Lopez and Evelyn Bledans are 47 years old, they will have to consult the cold-blooded Wikipedia. It seems that for the last 10 years they have been “mothballed" and do not change.

Jennifer Aniston and Tatyana Bulanova, born in 1969, (48 years old)

Many fans of Jennifer Aniston are sure that now, at 48, she looks even better than at 35. She has a naturally healthy complexion and smooth skin, not to mention luxurious, still thick hair. However, nobody canceled the quality care. According to rumors, Jen spends about a thousand dollars a week on special face masks with a placenta. Our compatriot Tatyana Bulanova probably also does not save on beauty, but whether she manages to look as young is up to you.

Elizabeth Hurley and Irina Bezrukova, born in 1965, 51 years old

Both actresses do not age with soul or body! Over the past 15 years, Irina Bezrukova and Elizabeth Hurley have not changed much.

Sharon Stone and Elena Condulainen, born in 1958 (59 years old)

Despite the fact that Elena Kondulainen will forever remain in our hearts the “Russian Marlene Dietrich”, one cannot but notice that in her 59th position she lost a little. The actress practically does not appear on the screen and looks somewhat tired. But her peer, Sharon Stone, is definitely using some kind of effective elixir of youth. To make sure of this, just look at the fresh photos of the actress. The difference, so to speak, is obvious.

Nicole Kidman and Maria Shukshina, born in 1967 (49 years)

Both actresses look decent. However, if Kidman has already registered in the cosmetologist’s office, then our compatriot prefers to deal with age-related changes on her own. “I think it’s important for the actress to stay the way she is, at any age and naturally grow old,” Maria admitted in an interview.

Eva Mendes, born in 1974, and Natasha Koroleva, born in 1973 (43 years old)

Selfies of Eva Mendes and Natasha Koroleva without hundreds of makeup gain hundreds of thousands of likes - not surprising, because they look much younger than their years. Both are happy with their beloved men, both are sure that strong feelings are the key to female beauty. But who does passion heat more efficiently?

Megan Fox and Pelagia, born in 1986 (30 years old)

Can you believe that Pelagia and Megan Fox are 30 years old? We don’t argue, Megan looks great, but the skin is suspiciously smooth and toned, and the expression on the face is a little stiff. And this means that the actress is abusing injections. Pelagia, on the other hand, looks much more "alive", if I may say so. In the Botox age, this is especially valuable.

Kate Upton and Alena Shishkova, born in 1992 (24 years old)

Kate Upton regularly gets on the lists of stars who look much older than their years. But Alena Shishkova, in our opinion, looks as it should be at her tender age. Correction of the appearance, to which this platinum blonde resorted, also, of course, affects.

Kim Kardashian and Glory, born in 1980 (36 years old)

Kim Kardashian is a well-known lover of anti-age procedures.The star of the reality show regularly makes anti-aging peels, injections, masks made of 24-carat gold ... We just keep silent about plastic surgeries. Our compatriot, singer Slava, is no less sensitive to her appearance, but she does not abuse beauty procedures. At the same time, it looks no worse than her American peer. Give naturalness! Do you agree?

Britney Spears and Ksenia Sobchak, born in 1981 (35 years old)

Of course, now Britney Spears is struggling to return to her previous performance (it should be noted, she succeeds), but at times it is difficult to say how old the singer is actually - 33 or 43 ... But with Ksenia Sobchak, on the contrary, everything is clear: it looks from year to year, cooler and younger, well done!

Ivanka Trump born in 1981 and Vera Brezhneva born in 1982 (35 years old)

Two blondes with Slavic roots, two strong personalities. But the challenge is: Ivanka or Vera?

Natalia Oreiro and Anfisa Chekhov, born in 1977 (39 years old)

Each new photo of Natalia Oreiro and Anfisa Chekhova delights a huge number of fans. Many do not understand how, on the threshold of the 40th anniversary, one can remain so radiant and cheerful! Apparently, the whole thing is in a natural positive mood, thanks to which Natalia and Anfisa look great. But who is leading?

Kate Hudson and Victoria Bonya, born in 1979 (37 years old)

Victoria Boni doesn’t know about the secrets of perfect skin unless lazy. Almost daily, the star publishes personal care tips on her Instagram page. Indeed, a beauty blogger at the age of 37 manages to look 25. For which, of course, you can thank not only genetics and proper care, but also filters ... Kate Hudson, by the way, also knows how to use them, but without photoshop he looks great.

Angelina Jolie and Chulpan Khamatova, born in 1975 (41 years old)

Talented, generous, wise, beautiful by nature, they do not tell in an interview about the secrets of beauty, but prefer to focus all attention on the problems of the disadvantaged. Such a human position cannot but ennoble, and yet, who is better preserved?

Lisa Kudrow and Lolita Milyavskaya, born in 1963 (53 years old)

Lolita and Lisa Kudrow are a great example of how you can age differently. Today's Lisa only vaguely resembles that perky and cheerful girl from the series Friends, and Lolita, on the contrary, looks even better than 20 years ago.

Evelina Bledans and Jennifer Aniston, 1969

Sexy Evelina Bledans works on television, acts in films. The woman is a real heroine, because she brings up the "sunny" son Semyon. The actress independently organized a charity fund to support families with Down syndrome.

But the luxurious girl from the series "Friends" Jennifer Aniston constantly says that she never wants to be a mother. The actress says she wants to make a career, so she goes to her peak by any means.

In 2014, she became a nominee for the Golden Globe Award for the movie Cake. Aniston masterfully played the role of a girl constantly suffering from pain.

Christina Orbakaite and Denise Richards, 1971

The daughter of the Diva constantly tours, removes clips and gives a lot of time to the family. Kristina is a mother of many children, she has three children. Currently, the singer is raising her daughter Claudius, and her eldest son from Presnyakov, Nikita, married in 2017.

Denise Richards is completely opposite to her Russian peer, since she does not have a husband, she is for lesbian love. In 2011, she adopted the little girl Eloise (born in 2011), although from her first husband she already had her own children Sam Jay (born in 2004) and Lola Rose (born in 2005).

Denise delighted the audience for her role in 1997 in the movie "Starship Troopers." She does not leave the set, but these works do not have the success of the above picture.

Elena Korikova and Cameron Diaz, 1972

Both blondes have nothing in common, since Korikova is the star of melodramas, and Diaz is the comedian. Elena’s beloved son Arseny is growing up (born in 1993), and Cameron cannot have children.

In 2015, Diaz became the wife of the famous musician Benji Madden, and our Russian actress broke up with her husband Sergei Astakhov two years before. Rumor has it that Korikova suffered a difficult divorce, she began to abuse alcohol.

Natasha Koroleva and Heidi Klum, 1973

Clockwork Ukrainian Natasha Poryvay became famous thanks to a duet with her future husband Igor Nikolaev. Then the woman replaced him with a stripper with the experience of Sergey Glushko, but did not leave the scene. She owns a network of beauty salons, brings up the son of Arkhip.

Klum has already completed her modeling career, but sometimes starred in movies and TV shows, including "How I Met Your Mother." Interestingly, the active and beautiful Klum is a mother of four children with many children.

Tina Kandelaki and Milla Jovovich, 1975

Milla Jovovich is in demand in the movies, especially after the next part of the cult series Resident Evil was released in 2017. She is the happy mother of two daughters - Eva (born in 2007) and Dashiel (born in 2015)

Tina Kandelaki was a TV presenter, she starred in a movie. Now a purposeful woman, she is trying to support and restore the match TV sports channel. She also brings up two teenagers - Melania (born 2000) and Leontia (born 2001).

Valeria - Naomi Watts, 1968

Valeria was named Alla at birth, but then was forced to take a pseudonym, since the two Allas on the stage, the Primadonna would not have suffered. The girl became a star in the nineties, thanks to her first husband. This was followed by a scandal related to the dissolution of a marriage with a tyrant and a rapist, as well as a fruitful union with her husband and producer Prigozhin.

Naomi Watts also began acting in the nineties, but now she has become a sought-after actress. She is known throughout the world for the movie "King Kong" and the role of Princess Diana.

Anna Semenovich - Gisele Bundchen, 1980

Novice skater and the most famous member of the musical group "Brilliant" Anna Semenovich does not look like her peer Bundchen.

Giselle - a thin and flat Brazilian woman can not be compared with the busty Semenovich. Budchen is married to the football player Brady, with whom she had two children - Benjamin (born in 2009) and Vivian (born in 2012)

Anna does not advertise her civil spouse, but she does not have children because of a hormonal failure.

Alla Pugacheva - Meryl Streep, 1949

The woman who sings, Alla Pugacheva, has completely gone into the family; she is raising twins from Galkin - Lisa and Harry. She is far from the feminism that Meryl Streep is promoting today, but she is an incredibly strong and wise woman.

Meryl Streep is named Hollywood's most popular diva, as she already has three Oscars. She has developed in financial and personal life, but constantly speaks out with personal opinions on many political issues. She pointed out that Trump is very stupid to fight with immigrants in a country where they are already the majority.

Alina Kabaeva and Mila Kunis, 1983

The famous gymnast and Olympic champion Alina Kabaeva outwardly resembles Hollywood actress Mila Kunis, who comes from a Ukrainian family.

At the same time, State Duma deputy and Putin's favorite Alina Kabaeva tries not to talk about her personal life and children. Kunis, on the contrary, constantly publishes the wife of Ashton Kutcher, two children - daughter Isabelle (born 2014) and son Dimitri (born 2016).

Olga Buzova and Megan Fox, 1986

After Olga Buzova divorced Dmitry Tarasov, she began a vocal career. The star of the program “Dom-2” caused a lot of debate about her vocal abilities, but the manager and PR specialist from her are excellent.

The American Megan Fox left an acting career for the sake of her kids, but already in 2016 she managed to return to the cinema through “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles”.

Chulpan Khamatova and Angelina Jolie, 1975

Chulpan and Angelina do charity work, they save sick kids. Khamatova and her friend Korzun created the Give Life Foundation, which saves children with cancer.

Hollywood star Jolie is a UN Goodwill Ambassador from the United Nations, so she constantly travels to third world countries. In addition, she pays large sums to charity. She adopts children, because of the six children, only three are consanguineous.

49 years old

It is impossible to think of an activity in which Jennifer Lopez could not succeed: actress, singer, dancer, fashion designer, producer and businesswoman. Jennifer is one of the highest paid Hollywood actresses; she has been repeatedly recognized as the most influential Hispanic person in the world.

Cate Blanchett is the winner of many prestigious awards. The actress was remembered by the audience after the films "Elizabeth" and "Golden Age", in which she played Queen Elizabeth. And Tolkien's fans fell in love with her for her role as the elven leader Galadriel in the film trilogies The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit.

Elizabeth Peskova and Kylie Jenner, 1997

Both girls are popular with their parents, because they themselves have not done anything outstanding. The daughter of Dmitry Peskov - Lisa is not only a student, but also a blogger. Only once in 2017 she participated as a speaker in the problem that the shipbuilder is not an attractive profession.

Kylie is the sister of Kim Kardashian, popular in the States, who occasionally goes on the catwalk. Basically, the girl starred in a reality show about the life of a famous family, produces branded cosmetics and youth clothes.

Marina Fedunkiv and Kate Beckinsale, 1971

Marina Fedunkiv became famous thanks to KVN, because she played in the Perm team “Dobryanka”. The girl starred as Kolya Naumov’s mother in the show “Real Boys”, and since 2013 she is a resident of Comedy Woman.

Beckinsale was born in London, her parents were actors in the theater. The girl studied in Oxford at the faculty of Russian literature. She received 3 nominations for the MTV Award, starred in the famous films "Pearl Harbor" and "Another World".

Elena Vaenga and Natalia Oreiro, 1977

Two truly folk singers were born in the same year.

In addition to this circumstance, Elena Vaenga and Natalya Oreiro are united by hair color (both brunettes), popular love in Russia (a native of Uruguay Oreiro comes to Russia almost every year), as well as the fact that both singers have sons.

Glucose and Lady Gaga, 1986

Young Glucose appeared on the screens as part of the TV journal Yeralash, and then producer Max Fadeev noticed her and made the famous singer with an interesting voice. Now she is raising two daughters - Lida (born in 2007) and Vera (born in 2011), Natasha continues to sing and tries herself in the role of leading children's television programs.

Lady Gaga is famous for her shocking behavior, she defiled in the famous meat dress, sometimes frightened with aggressive makeup in phantasmagoric videos. In 2016, she became an Oscar nominee because she wrote a song for a documentary about sexual violence in US colleges.

Both Russian and foreign celebrities of the fair sex are equally beautiful, but they all love and know how to care for themselves and do not abuse plastic surgery.

54 years

The world loves Keanu Reeves as he is: melancholy, ascetic and immensely kind. Keanu himself asks not to believe the pictures on the Internet and claims that everything is fine in his life. And I want to hope that this is actually so.

Alexei Serebryakov, an actor in theater and cinema, caused a great resonance in society with his interview, which was given to Yuri Dudu. The actor is extremely talented, and especially he succeeds in roles in complex and ambiguous films.

63 years

Bruce Willis is famous not only for his roles in the films "Die Hard" and "The Fifth Element", but also as a vocalist for The Accelerators.

Despite the fact that Brendan Gleeson made his film debut quite late (at 34), critics could not help but notice his acting. Gleason gained worldwide fame with the tragicomedy “Get to the Bottom of Bruges”, and the film “Golgotha” was nominated for the European Academy Award.

78 years

It’s hard to imagine that Al Pacino is already 78 years old! For many, he will forever remain young Michael Corleone. The films The Godfather, The Scarface, The Smell of a Woman have become classics of cinema; they have been reviewed by more than one generation.

Patrick Stewart is best known for playing Professor X in the X-Men series. But more often he plays in the theater. In 2010, Queen Elizabeth II knighted the actor.

Do you look older or younger than your peers?


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