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7 fastest goals in football history


The fastest goal in football history was scored in just 2.68 seconds from center field. The author of this early ball is Russian Mikhail Osinov.

Nowadays, a goal does not require as much as 90 minutes of a match; for some players it may take only a few seconds. In this post, will review the fastest goals in football and their videos in the following tournaments:

  • FIFA World Cup
  • UEFA European Championship
  • UEFA Champions League
  • UEFA Europa League
  • English Premier League
  • Italian Serie A
  • German Bundesliga
  • Spanish La Liga
  • Olympic Games

So, let's get started and start with the most grandiose and popular football tournament.

World Cup fastest goal

At the home World Cup in 2002, South Korea was able to reach the semifinals, where, in the end, she lost to the German national team. Even the Koreans managed to become co-authors of one record, which is unsurpassed to this day.

In the match for 3rd place, the teams of South Korea and Turkey came together. The judge gave the starting whistle and the Koreans played the ball in the center, after which they immediately gave it to their defenders, one of whom hesitated and was robbed by Turkish forwards. Hakan Shukur, of course, took advantage of the gross error of the defenders, picked up the ball and sent it past the goalkeeper, 1-0, and only less than 11 seconds passed. Admire this goal in the video clip.

European Football Championship (UEFA European Championship)

Although the Russian team did not win medals at Euro 2004, one player in the team scored a record. We are talking about CSKA footballer Dmitry Kirichenko, who scored the fastest goal in the history of European championships.

It was a group stage match where the Russian team was opposed, as it turned out later, the winners of the 2004 European Championship are the Greeks. The goal was scored as follows: Vyacheslav Malafeev knocked the ball out of his own penalty box, but in the alien half of the field he took possession of Kirichenko, sorted out the defenders and shot the goalkeeper of the Greek national team Antonios Nikopolidis. Watch this goal video now.

UEFA Champions League

In the Champions League playoffs at the stage of the 1/8 finals, two European football grandees Bayern Munich and Real Madrid met each other. “Creamy” started the match from the center of the field, and defender Roberto Carlos the first touch absurdly took the ball, which was picked up by Hassan Salihamidžić, ran a few meters and gave the pass to the opening Roy Makai, who shot without a chance for the goalkeeper. From the start of the whistle to the goal, only 10.12 seconds have passed - this is the fastest goal in the history of the Champions League. Watch and enjoy.

UEFA Europa League

At the stage of the 1/8 finals of LE UEFA, two representatives of the Spanish championship came together: Sevilla and Villarreal. Already at the 14th second of the match the score was opened, the Nervionians scored. The attack of “Seville” was pretty commonplace, but the players were able to squeeze the most out of it. Kevin Gameiro gracefully threw the ball into the penalty area, while Vitolo overtook the defender, took the round to the chest and sent him into the net. So, the Seville’s lightning attack ended in a goal, which became the fastest in the tournament.

The fastest goal in world football history

Goal striker Nawaf al-Abed in 2009, serving in the Al Hilal youth team from Saudi Arabia was scored in 2 seconds of the match! He struck immediately from the center of the field, thereby setting a record. But this goal is not considered the fastest in the history of football, since the game in which this goal was scored was canceled. Due to the fact that football players whose age exceeded 23 years participated in this game, and this is a violation of the rules of the games of youth teams.

Quick Goal Video Nawafa Al Abeda

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Officially the record for the fastest goal in professional football belongs to the Russian soccer player Mikhail Osinov, which he scored at the age of 35, playing in the second division for MITOS from Novocherkassk, in the mast with Olimpia from Gelendzhik. This goal was scored in 2.68 seconds, but according to various sources, this figure is different. Some Russian media claimed that the goal was scored in the second second. English media still recognize that this goal is the fastest in football history.

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Quick Goal Video Mikhail Osinov

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The fastest goal of the European Football Championship

Many may be surprised, but the fastest goal at the European Championship was also scored by a Russian footballer, and this is not a joke. Russian national team player Dmitry Kirichenko at the Euro 2004 in the match of Russia against Greece scored a goal at 67 seconds. At that time, Dmitry was a player in CSKA.

Before this goal at the European Championships, goals were scored no faster than in the third minutes.

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Video of a quick goal by Dmitry Kirichenko

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FIFA World Cup fastest goal

In the history of the World Cup, he also set his record for a quick goal. He belongs to the Turkish striker. Hakanu Shukur. He scored the ball in the 11th second in 2002 in a match for third place between Turkey and Korea.

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Quick Goal Video Hakan Shukur

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The fastest Champions League goal

The record belongs to Roy Mackay, player of the Bayern Munich club Roy. In March 2007, in the 1/8 finals of the Champions League against Real Madrid, Mackay scored a goal in 10, 3 seconds of the match. Watch the video:

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In this article, you were presented the top 5 fastest goals in the history of football at different levels. We are waiting for these records to be broken.

Spanish La Liga

Higher forces heard the footballer, and he did not just score a goal, but did it incredibly quickly, immediately after the starting whistle of the main referee. The goal was a mistake by the defender of “Almeria”, who made a slow pass to the goalkeeper, and Keita beat the frame and first hit the round into the net.

English Premier League

April 23, 2019. The match of the 31st round between Watford and Southampton was unremarkable, but it went down in history forever. And all because the forward of “saints” Shane Long already at the 8th second (7.69, to be precise) hit the gate of “Watford”. Before that, the record holder for 19 years was the Tottenham defender Ledley King, who scored Bradford in the tenth second.

Olympic Games

World football star Brazilian Neymar is not only the most expensive player on the planet, but also the author of the fastest goal in the history of the Olympic Games. In 2016, the teams of Brazil and Honduras met in the semifinals of the Olympics. Spectators gathered at the stadium did not have to wait long for the first goal. Here, as in some previous fastest goals, a center-back error was not without. It is worth noting that Neymar was not afraid to go to a hard junction with the goalkeeper, and in the end, his courage was rewarded with a goal scored. By the way, at that Olympics, Brazil became the champion.

Forum member

Rostov football player scored the fastest goal in the world:

Mikhail Osinov did what the famous Pele dreamed of all his life - he sent the ball into the net from the center of the field.

On Saturday, October 8, 2011, the player of the team of the Second League “Metos” (Novocherkassk, Rostov Region) Mikhail Osinov will celebrate his 36th birthday. And it’s probably hard to come up with a better gift than writing your name in the history of world football.

The few spectators who came to the stadium in Novocherkassk to watch the regular Russian championship match in the Second Division between the local Metos and Olympia from Gelendzhik unexpectedly witnessed a super record!

The Metos footballer kicked the ball from the center of the field, and Osinov threw the goalkeeper with a mighty blow - only a couple of seconds have passed since the meeting began! Of course, people immediately got on the Internet - to find out what was the previous record? And it turned out that Michael beat the achievement of Brazilian Fred, who hit the opponent’s goal 3.17 seconds after the start of the meeting.

- Before the starting whistle, I saw that the goalkeeper of Olimpia went far out of the gate and decided to try to throw it. Happened! - the hero recalls. - To be honest, I have long dreamed of scoring a goal from the center of the field and a direct shot from the corner. The first has already been implemented, the case is behind the second (smiles). So you still hopefully hear about me!

World record

In football, many tournaments have been and are being held on different continents, so each of them has its own record holders who scored a goal immediately after the signal to start the match. Among the main tournaments that keep statistics of such records, it is worth highlighting the following:

  • World Championship
  • Europe championship,
  • Olympic Games,
  • Champions League,
  • Europa League.

The best of the best take part in these competitions, the level of rivals is so high that you should not expect a world record for a quick goal. For the right to be called the footballer who scored the fastest goal, football players playing in tournaments of smaller caliber argue.

For a long time, the Guinness Book of Records was considered the fastest goal in history, scored by a football player from Australia in 1995. He managed to send the ball into the net 3.68 seconds after the signal to start the match.

The achievement lasted 3 years, until he was blocked by striker Riccardo Oliveiro. He scored a goal against Soriano, spending 2.8 seconds on it.

The Guinness Book for a long time ignored the fact of a record goal, but nevertheless recognized and now this goal is considered a record.

He is disputed by the footballer of the second Russian league Mikhail Osinov.

At that time, already a veteran of the “Metos” team, with a powerful blow from the center of the field he forced him to get the ball out of the goal of the goalkeeper of “Olimpia” at 2.68 seconds of the match, moreover, journalists say that it took him even less time - 2 seconds.

Lovers and swindlers

In an amateur match, the record time taken for a goal is 2 seconds. The Briton Mark Barrows scored, who scored a goal in the middle of zero. It is worth noting that he was helped in this matter by a gust of wind that caught the ball and literally brought him into the goal. But these are amateurs, who are they interested in when there is a two-second goal in matches of professional teams ?!

An event occurred in the matches of the youth teams of the championship of Saudi Arabia, when a player of the club “Al Hilal” threw the ball over the collar of the goalkeeper of the team “Al Shoalah”, spending the same 2 seconds as an amateur Burroughs. Unfortunately, for al Abed (that’s what’s the name of the guy), the result of that match was canceled due to the participation of players who were over 23 years old. He should be doubly offended, since he was only 22 years old. Thus, the fastest goal in the history of football was canceled.

World Championship and Record in Korea

The record fast ball in the history of world championships has been hammered by Turkish football star Hakan Shukur. He opened the score in the match for third place in the World Cup in Korea and Japan against the hosts of the Korean tournament.

There was a historic event for Turkish and world football at 11 seconds of the match. That goal helped the Turkish players to win with a score of 3: 2 and return to their homeland with a record for themselves.

In the qualifying tournament for World Cup matches, the record holder is the Belgian Christian Benteke, who scored against the Gibraltar national team 6 seconds after the start of the game. That match turned out to be a tragedy for Gibraltar - they were defeated with a score of 6: 0, and Benteke scored 2 more goals.

Russian record for Euro

Until the recent expansion of the number of participants, the European Football Championship was held only with the participation of the strongest teams, so it took more than a minute to score the fastest goal on the Euro. It is doubly pleasant from what the football player of the Russian national team Dmitry Kirichenko did, who forced the capitulation of the Greek goalkeeper Nikopolidis.

That match ended with the victory of the Russians with a score of 2: 1, however, this did not stop the Greeks from leaving the group together with the Portuguese national team and winning the championship. Interestingly, before the goal of Kirichenko, the record belonged to the Soviet player Sergei Aleinikov, who scored a goal against the England team at Euro 88 2 minutes and 7 seconds after the starting whistle.

That European championship is memorable for all Soviet fans - the USSR team reached the finals, where they were defeated by the Dutch.

Neymar's Olympic record

Football tournaments at the Olympics are not as much interest as the organizers would like, because of the participation of youth teams in it, but there are records too. The fastest goal in the history of the Olympics was scored in 2016 by world football star Brazilian Neymar.

He distinguished himself in a match against the Honduras team in the tournament semifinals at the 14th second of the match. That match, as well as the competition, the Brazilians won, becoming the first in history to win gold medals at the Olympic football tournament.

Five high-speed champions of the main club tournament

Records of the speed of goals scored in Champions League matches were set exclusively by world football stars. In the five presented, three places were staked out by football players of Italian clubs.

In fifth place is the “ever-promising” Alexandre Pato, who then played for Milan. The Brazilian sorcerer of the ball celebrated taking the goal of “Barcelona” itself at the 24th second of the match. True, that match ended in a draw, and the Catalans proceeded further in the sum of two games.

Also, the player of “Milan” Clarence Seedorf is in fourth place in the ranking, with a goal against the German club “Schalke 04”, scored in 22 seconds.

On the ribbon, Italian Alessandro Del Piero was ahead of Brazilian Arsenal midfielder Gilberto Silva. Their goals are shared for a fraction of a second: Del Piero scored 20.12 seconds after the start of the meeting, Silva hit the goal of “PSV” from Eindhoven at 20.07 seconds.

And the fastest goal in the Champions League was scored by the Dutch striker “Bayern” from Munich Roy Mackay. It was in 2007, soccer players from Real Madrid were hit by Mackay, having conceded a goal for 11 seconds of the match.

9 seconds Sykora

The Europa League does not so excite the minds of European fans, remaining a consolation prize for those who could not get into the Champions League, but quick goals are scored there too.

The record belongs to the Czech “Slovan” player Jan Sikore, who sent the ball into the net of the goal of the Azerbaijani “Karabakh” 9 seconds after the start of the playing time. It was installed recently - in 2016.

Not football alone

If we are talking about quick goals, then we should remember the fastest goal in the history of hockey. The puck was abandoned during the Slovak Extra League match 3 seconds after the starting siren. The record holder laurels belong to Peter Sivak, and this happened in 2012.

Summing up, we can say that not always a quick goal led to the victory of the scoring team. Opponent gathered his will into a fist and fought the presumptuous opponent, even wresting a victory in an unsuccessful game. But there are also frequent cases of defeat of the team that missed the opening match. In any case, goals will always delight spectators all over the world and it does not matter if they are scored in the first seconds or at the very end of the match.

Guinness World Records Goal

The ball scored on December 6, 1995 gained such fame that it was soon entered in the Guinness Book of Records. Australian Damanyen Mori from the Edelaide City team decided to strike from the center of the field immediately after the referee's starting whistle. His goal hit 3.68 seconds. The ball flew in a high arc and was a real surprise for the goalkeeper.

3.17 seconds Brazilian Fred

Spectators who came to the match of the junior championship in Sao Paulo were in shock at least the entire first half. After all, some moments after the starting whistle of the judge, the score was already open. After the match, Fred gave a huge amount of interviews, and all of them concerned, of course, his sensational blow.To score a goal for such a period of time, perhaps, is only a powerful long-range shot, which the Brazilian did. After a rally in the center of the field, Fred hit with the first touch, and it’s hard to say that the goalkeeper went far beyond the goalkeeper, in the first place, the effect of surprise came in.


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