Richards, Denise


Full nameDenise Lee Richards

Denise lee richards

BirthdayFebruary 17, 1971 Place of BirthDowners Grove, Illinois, USA Citizenship USA Height168 cm Professionactress Genrescomedy, drama, romance Family status

divorced 2006

Sam's daughter March 9, 2004

daughter Lola Rose June 1, 2005

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Richards was born in Downers Grove (Illinois), in the family of Joni and Irva Richards. She has German and French-Canadian roots. She has a younger sister Michelle. When Denise was 15 years old, she and her family moved to California, where she graduated from high school. El Camino High School in oceanside. As a child, Denise and Michelle “got sick” in the movie.

In 1989, Denise went to New York and began working as a model. Two years later, she returned to Los Angeles, where she attended acting courses and began acting on television shows and series. Richards debut in a big movie was a small role in the comedy "Loaded weapons."

Best known for playing one of the main roles in Paul Verhoeven's film "Star Troopers."


Denise Lee Richards - American actress.

Denise Richards was born in Downers Grove, Illinois on February 17, 1972. The girl's father has Welsh roots. He held a prestigious position in a large telephone company. After moving to California, he became the owner of a network of minibars and coffee shops. Mother is a housewife. Has Croatian roots. Denise has a younger sister.

When Denise was 15 years old, their Illinois family moved to the California coastal city of Oceanside, which is part of Greater San Diego. Papa Denise organized a very good business. Girls grew up, not needing anything, but in their young life there was not enough thrill. Therefore, Denise and her sister completely devoted their free time to the search for something that could really captivate them. At that time, Denise was passionately interested in cinema, but did not dream of becoming an actress, because she had many complexes at school age due to the fact that her lips were teased by “fish lips” because of her puffy lips. She, having fallen head over heels for actor John Travolta, the idol of her generation, promised herself that everyone would become famous with envy. To begin with, back in school, the girl decided to be a fashion model.

In 1989 17-year-old Denise goes to New York in search of work and fame. The girl gets a job at a photo agency. Very soon, the first advertisement with her participation appears, where Denise advertises bathing accessories and cosmetic products. Richards worked as a model for a very short time and without much success, because her height is only 168 cm. Denise realized then that she needed to urgently change something, and she was heading to Los Angeles to try herself in the artistic field.

The girl is enrolled in acting classes, begins to appear in various shows and television series on television.

1990 year Denise easily gets a role in the television series "Life Goes On".

In 1991 followed by roles in the series "Saved By The Bell," "Married ... With Children," "Dr. Dougie Hauser."

In 1992 the girl starred in the series "Beverly Hills, 90210" and "The Mystical Town of Airy in Indiana."

In 1993 Denise gets a pretty significant role in which the girl manages to show what she is capable of. This debut in the big movie becomes the role in the parody film "Charged Weapons". In the same year, roles in the television series The Ben Stiller Show and Seinfeld.

In 1994 - films "The Italian Mafia", "Justice Burke", "Lois and Clark: New Adventures of Superman", "Tammy and T-Rex".

In 1995 the actress starred in the films “Departure Game”, “Fifth Avenue, 919”, “West Waikiki”, “High Tide”.

1996 year - paintings "Miracles of science", "In an instant", "Melrose Place", "Pier 66".

In 1997 Denise give the first big role. This is the movie "Nowhere." In the same year, the famous director Paul Verhoeven played a key role in the fate of the young actress, inviting her to the main female party in the "Starship Troopers". By the way, this happened contrary to the producer, who in this role wanted to see the actress recognized by the audience. Verhoeven was not mistaken in the choice, and the film in the genre of fantastic adventure satire around the world went off with a bang, bringing big profits. Denise's work was praised by critics.

After that, the actress is offered to star in the film "Sexual Offenses", which will be the only film in Richards' career, where she is completely exposed.

In 1998 Denise starred in the movie "Wildness" in the company of Neve Campbell and Matt Dillon. This film takes Richards into stellar orbit.

In 1999 in confirmation of the star status, Denise is invited to play the role of “Bond Girl” in the film “And the World Is Not Enough,” where Bond was played by Pierce Brosnan. Also in the picture stars of such a magnitude starred that Richards had never worked with before. In the same year, the films "Murderous Beauties" and "Noticeable Traces" are shot.

In 2001 Denise starred in the horror film Valentine's Day. Also in the series "Friends" and in the films "Spin City" and "Ask Cindy", where Charlie Sheen became her partner on the set. Since then, the couple has been inseparable.

In 2002 Charlie Sheen and Denise Richards officially get married. In the same year, the films "Empire", "Secret Brother", "Third Extra", "Well, you moron!"

In 2003 the films "Real Love" and "Scary Movie 3" are being shot.

In 2004 On March 9, Denise Richards gives birth to a daughter, whom she and Sheen called Sam. This year, films with Richards are released: "The Whore," "Elvis Left the Building," "Another's Wedding," "Two and a Half Men."

In 2005 Films with the participation of Denise - "Edmond" and "Sex, Love and Secrets." In the same year, June 1, the second daughter, Lola Rose, is born to Richards and Charlie Sheen.

In 2006 - the film "Secrets of a small town." In the same year, Denise Richards and Charlie Sheen, despite the presence of two very young children, get divorced. It is said that after the divorce, the actress began an affair with Richie Sambora, guitarist of the band "Bon Jovi". The relationship lasted only until 2007.

In 2007 the film "Blonde and Blonde."

In 2008 the actress starred in the movie "Jolen."

year 2009 - the films “In Search of Bliss”, “Incredible Love” and “Dreams Come True”.

In 2010 year - The picture "American Gigolo", as well as shooting in the series "Blue Mountain State", which lasts until 2011.

In 2011 Denise Richards adopts a newborn baby girl called Eloise Joni Richards.

Personal life

In 1993, Denise Richards had a short affair with the famous actor Paul Walker.

In 2002-2006 she was married to actor Charlie Sheen, from whom she has two daughters - Sam Jay Sheen (born March 9, 2004) and Lola Rose Sheen (born June 1, 2005).

In 2006-2007, Denise had a close relationship with Bon Jovi guitarist Richie Sambora.

In June 2011, Denise Richards adopted a newborn girl named Eloise Joni Richards (born May 24, 2011). In 2016, Eloise was diagnosed with an eighth chromosome deletion.

Since September 8, 2018, Denise has been married to Aaron Fifers, the ex-husband of actress Nikollett Sheridan, whom she met 9 months before their wedding. On May 10, 2019, Richards announced that Fyfers began the process of adopting her youngest 7-year-old daughter, Eloise, whom she adopted as a single parent in June 2011.

Denise Richards supports gay marriage. During an interview with radio host Howard Stern, Richards admitted that for many years she was in a lesbian relationship. Denise added: “You all know who she is,” but refused to give the name of this woman. In her book, The Real Girl Next Door, published in 2011, Denise spoke in detail about her lesbian experience.

The actress helps homeless animals in collaboration with the Best Friends Animal Society en.

Short modeling career

The youngest daughter, Irva and Joni Richards, was born on February 17, 1971. Parents who already had baby Michelle named baby Denise Lee. By her mother she is a Croat, by her father she is Welsh. The family lived in the town of Joliet (Illinois), the mother had a snack bar, and his father was a communications engineer. Denise played baseball and loved the movie, her idol was John Travolta.

After school, the biography of Denise Richards continued in New York - the girl moved there in the hope of building a modeling career. By signing a contract with a prestigious modeling agency, she worked in Tokyo and Paris. But the catwalk of the fashion model from Denise did not work out - it did not allow growth (168 cm). Then she decided to go the other way and went to "storm" Hollywood.

In the star landing

Richards has appeared on several TV shows, playing guest roles (Doctor Dougie Heiser with Neil Patrick Harris, Life Goes On). In 1993, the film "Loaded Weapon 1" was released with Emily Estevez, Samuel L. Jackson and Tim Curry - it was a parody of the action movie "Lethal Weapon". The authors conceived a franchise (hence the name “1” in the title), but, despite good reviews, the producers refused the sequel due to the low box office. This was the first full-length film in the cinema biography of Denise Richards - she played the cameo role of Cindy.

Then there was another string of television shows (“Miracles of Science”, “Tide”, “Western Waikiki”) and the main role in the failed comedy “Tammy and the Dinosaur” (in which young Paul Walker starred in addition to Denise). The young actress pulled out a lucky ticket when the Dutch director Paul Verhoeven, who moved to Hollywood, invited Richards to play one of the central roles in the fantastic action movie Star Landing based on Robert Heinlein's novel. She portrayed the pilot Carmen Ibáñez, who, together with her comrades in the academy, is fighting cruel alien creatures. Carmen's friends were played by Casper Van Dean, Dean Meyer and Neil Patrick Harris.

Those still beauties

Behind the "Starship Troopers" came the crime thriller "Wildness" in which the heroines Richards and Neve Campbell (high school students) weaved a thin web of lies, specifying the teacher (Matt Dillon). But this was only part of a grandiose plan to enrich spoiled girls. Denise and Neve were nominated for the MTV Award for Best Kiss.

A year later, Richards was already making fun of the "sticky" label of a sexy girl in the black comedy "Murderous Beauties." She played a participant in a beauty contest, whose mother (Kirsty Ellie) did not stop at anything, just to achieve victory for her beloved daughter.

Sexy atomist

Released in 1999, the action movie "And the whole world is not enough" is considered one of the weakest parts of the "Bond." In it, the hero of Pierce Brosnan, as usual, could not resist the feminine charms. This time, the roles of “Bond girls” went to Frenchwoman Sophie Marceau (the kidnapped daughter of millionaire Electra) and American Denise Richards (atomicist Christmas Jones).

Spectators made fun of the fact that Dr. Jones wears tight-fitting T-shirts and shorts and does not at all look like a learned lady - more like a cover girl. Denise was punished for her unconvincingness - she received the Golden Raspberry antipreward as the worst second-order actress.

Parodies of myself

Despite the fact that then Richards appeared in the ratings of the sexiest women in the world, in the cinema her affairs did not go very well. Probably, "Raspberry" did its job, and Denise was no longer invited to serious roles.

From now on, she mainly portrayed stupid beauties - either in low-budget horror films ("Valentine's Day") or in parodies ("Scary Movie 3"). True, Richards played an episodic role in the romance "Real Love" and starred along with her future husband Charlie Sheen in the melodrama "Ask Cindy."

After a series of setbacks in the late 2000s, Denise participated in the Bollywood comedy “Incredible Love” along with other guest stars (Whoopi Goldberg and Sylvester Stallone). At this cinema biography Denise Richards has become obsolete. The actress was not very upset, devoting more time to children.

Seismically Dangerous Marriage

After filming the “Ask Cindy” film, Denise Richards’s personal life changed: she married a partner on the site, Charlie Sheen, the wedding took place in 2002. But this marriage has become a real nightmare for the actress.

Spouse was violent, especially in drinking or under the influence of drugs, which Charlie was carried away in earnest. In March 2004, Denise gave birth to a daughter, Sam, and soon became pregnant again, despite scandals in the family. Richards decided to leave the child (Lola Rose was born on June 1, 2005), but she left her husband and filed for divorce.

Got away from a friend?

The final point in the marriage with Sheen was set in 2006. Then Denise had already begun an affair with rock musician Richie Sambora.

But this connection very quickly broke, while it was overshadowed by accusations against Richards. Sambir's guitarist was the husband of actress Heather Locklear, Denise's girlfriend. Heather said that the relationship between Richie and Denise began when Sambora was still married, behind the cheated wife. Richards denied everything.

Incognito lover

When cuming outs became commonplace, Richards did her own, admitting to a long relationship with a woman. She told about this in her autobiographical book "A Real Girl Next Door", but refused to disclose the name of her lover, hinting that this is a very famous person.

Now Denise has three children - in 2011 she adopted a baby, whom she called Eloise Joni.


Denise spent her quiet childhood in Illinois. But when the girl turned 15 years old, she and her parents and younger sister moved to the coastal Oceanside. At the new residence, his father became the owner of a network of coffee houses and minibars, for the sake of this position he left his good post in a large telephone company. Denise and her sister did not need anything, but they were constantly missing something, so the little Richards were constantly looking for hobbies.

For some time, the sisters were fond of cinema, but they did not even think about an acting career. But once Denise saw John Travolta, fell in love with him and promised herself to become famous, though not an actress, but a fashion model.

Actor career

At this moment, the girl went to the Dream Factory in Los Angeles, where, unexpectedly for herself and others, she decided to try herself as an actress. Denise got a job acting and began to appear in the television show "Rosie O`Donnell." And after a couple of shootings in the television series, Richards was completely immersed in a big movie. She easily got roles in several television series, for example, “Married with Children”, “Erie Indiana” in 1991, as well as “Life Continues” in 1993.

And in 1992, Denise got a truly stellar role. The aspiring actress starred in the youth series "Beverly Hills 90210", which touched on almost all topical issues: drugs, alcoholism, rape, and even suicide, AIDS and pregnancy in adolescents.

Further, the young actress began to go to film studios and attend all auditions. However, she received only small roles in low-budget films. But she wanted by all means to get a decent role and prove to everyone that she is a worthy actress. In 1993, Denise got a rather significant role in the parody of the film “Loaded weapons”. After this work, the producer finally noticed her.


In Los Angeles, Denise enrolled in acting classes, which she successfully graduated from, and without any problems received several passable roles in series and television shows. The first feature film in Richards' acting biography was a parody of the famous action movie "Lethal Weapon" - "Loaded Weapon 1". In this tape, the actress starred in an episodic role, but Emilio Estevez and Samuel L. Jackson became her partners on the set.

In a 1997 art-house film called "Nowhere," directed by Gregg Araki, Denise played Janu.

Denise Richards in the movie Star Troopers

The first significant appearance of young Denise on the screen was the role in the fantastic film "The Troopers", directed by Paul Verhoeven based on the story of Robert Heinlein. The girl reincarnated as a spaceship pilot, whose crew was to fight giant alien insects.

After the "Landing" Denise Richards became popular. She began to be invited to shoot in films of various genres, and the next film with the participation of the actress was the crime thriller "Wildness" of 1998. Together with her co-star, Neve Campbell, Richards was nominated for the MTV Best Kiss Award.

In "Wildness", the girl had to star in several fairly candid scenes, showing the audience her charms. The actress already had a similar experience. Denise was completely naked in Sexual Offenses, as well as in Wild Things, at the premiere of which the girl asked her parents to close the gas so that they would not see unnecessarily spicy moments played by her daughter.

Denise Richards in the movie Wildness

In 2004, Denise starred for the cover of Playboy magazine, it happened almost immediately after birth. The actress looks great both in the portrait version and in full growth. In 2007, the publication offered Denise and Pamela Anderson a million dollars for joint filming, but this story was not continued.

Denise Richards in Playboy Magazine

After Wildness, Richards had many more roles, both successful and pass-through or simply failing. Among the latter is the Bond girl she played, atomist Christmas Jones in the action movie "And the World Is Not Enough." Bond fans condemned the tight-fitting shorts and T-shirt of a girl who did not look much like a scientist, but Pierce Brosnan as James Bond clearly liked the beauty.

Denise Richards in the film “Ask Cindy”

The following in the "track record" of Richards are the passing roles in the parody "Scary Movie 3" and the horror film "Valentine's Day." This was followed by a small but interesting part in the 2003 romance “Real Love”, where many Hollywood stars of the first magnitude starred, and the title role in the melodrama “Ask Cindy”. In the last film, the actress starred along with her future husband Charlie Sheen.

Bond Girl

The leading role in the fate of Denise in the acting field was played in 1997 by director Paul Verhoeven. He invited the girl to a leading female role in the fantasy film "Star Troopers". Fantastic adventure satire passed through the world, as they say, "encore" and brought the creators a good cash register. Denise Richards herself received recognition from the public and critics.

Further, the actress rather reluctantly starred in her only film "Sexual Offenses." In the picture, she appeared naked, but that was adamantly demanded by both the script and the director's plan. A similar immodest role appeared in 1998 in a crime thriller called Wildness. Together with Denise starred Matton Dillon and Neve Campbell.

New creativity

Through her work, Denise proved that she can cope with various genres of cinema, from tender lyrics to grotesque buffoonery. After the successful "Bond" in 2001, she starred with David Boreanaz in the horror film Valentine's Day. And a year later, another good trace appeared in the film biography of the actress. This is the romantic comedy “Good Advice” with Charlie Sheen and “The Third Wheel” with Matt Damon and Ben Affleck.

Next, Denise brilliantly played the role of the girl Jennifer Duncan in the film "City Twirl", and then followed the role in the drama "Empire" along with John Leguizamo. In the same 2002, the actress acted as Chloe in the film “Well, you moron!”, Where she worked with Milla Jovovich and William Baldwin. The hero of the White Devil Richards went to the comedy The Secret Brother.

In 2003, only episodic works followed, for example, in the Christmas melodrama Real Love. And in the movie “Scary Movie 3”, Denise played sensual Annie. In a girl named Lisa Denise reincarnated in the series "Friends" by Cassie Geller.

Despite the mass of small roles, Denise’s career has developed rapidly. The next successful work was in 2004 in the romantic comedy "Elvis Left the Building" by Joel Zwick. And then the picture “Whore” and the melodrama “Alien Wedding” came out, where Denise played a fussy employee of the wedding organization agency.

In 2007, Denise Richards appeared in the comedy "Blonde and Blonde." In a duet with Pamela Anderson, the actress was involved in a mafia showdown. The heroine of beautiful blondes was mistaken for killers who worked for the mafia. After the resounding success in the film, Denise allowed herself to star in several episodes of the series “Secrets of a Small Town” by Adam Davidson.

About a human

Other names, nicknames, names: Denise Lee Richards, Denise Richards.

Denise Lee Richards was born February 17, 1971 in a Welsh and Croatian family. She graduated from high school in California, and from the age of 17 she began to work as a professional model. However, due to the low growth model (166 cm), she could not make a successful career on the catwalk.

Actively starred in television in the 1990s in such series as Beverly Hills 90210 and Melrose Place. The debut in the feature film took place in the 1993 parody of "Loaded Weapons". Being on the rise of her film career, starring in such films as “Star Troopers”, “Wildness” and “And the World Is Not Enough,” Denise married actor Charlie Sheen, with whom they had two children, which, however, did not stop the pair later get a divorce.

In 2000, Denise received the Golden Raspberry Award for her role as James Bond girl in And the World Is Not Enough.

In 2011, Denise Richards adopted a newborn girl named Eloise Joni Richards.


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