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Karl Urban
Karl Urban

Urban at San Diego Comic-Con in 2017
Birth nameKarl-Heinz Urban
Date of BirthJune 7, 1972 (1972-06-07) (aged 47)
Place of BirthWellington, New Zealand
  • New Zealand
Career1991 - present time
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Karl-Heinz Urban (born Karl-Heinz Urban, born June 7, 1972) is a New Zealand film and television actor who is best known for playing Judge Dredd in the British film Judge Dredd 3D, Dr. Leonard McCoy in Star Trek, Eomer in the Lord of the Rings trilogy. ", Caesar and Cupid in the series" Xena - the Queen of Warriors ", as well as the role of Billy Butcher in the television series" Boys ".


Karl-Heinz Urban was born on June 7, 1972 in the New Zealand city of Wellington in the family of a German emigrant, the owner of a leather workshop. At the age of eight, he first appeared in telecasts. He studied at a church school, enrolled at Victorian University in Wellington, to finish which he was prevented by the rapidly developing career in the cinema.

The first movie role was in the 1991 drama police drama series Shark in the Park. In 1993, Karl was offered a role in the movie Shortland Street. In the mid-1990s, he became part of the American television series Xena - the Queen of Warriors and The Amazing Wanderings of Hercules, filmed around the world. An important role for Karl’s career was the role of the farmer in “The Price of Milk” (2001), thanks to which viewers around the world recognized him.

Personal life

September 16, 2004 married the makeup artist Natalie Vihonga.

Raises two sons - Hunter (born December 16, 2000) and Indiana (born June 28, 2005). The youngest son got his name in honor of Indiana Jones. The couple broke up in June 2014. Since November 2014, she has been dating actress Katie Sackhoff.


The world of cinema and theater was so enthralled and swirled the young actor that he did not have enough time to study. Karl Urban’s cinematic biography began with Shortland Street. This is a series where he got the role of Jamie Forest - a paramedic. The debut was successful, and in the same 1991th he was offered a more prominent work in the dramatic film "Shark in the Park."

Karl Urban in the series Xena - The Warrior Queen

The mid-1990s proved even more successful for Urban. He starred in the acclaimed American television series Xena the Warrior Queen and The Amazing Journey of Hercules. In the first draft, he got the image of Emperor Caesar, in the second - Cupid. Filming of these series was carried out around the world and after the release brought all its participants real fame.

A very important role for Karl Urban turned out to be a role in the New Zealand series "Price of Milk". It was released in 2001, and the rights to broadcast it were bought by many countries. The adventures of the farmer Rob, whose role went to the actor, and his lover Lucinda, became known to the whole world. This melodrama with fantasy elements opened the way to Hollywood for Urban. In the coming years, he appeared in such famous American blockbusters as The Lord of the Rings, The Chronicles of Riddick, and The Bourne Supremacy. In the last movie masterpiece, Carl starred with Matt Damon and Frank Potente.

A horror film called The Ghost Ship, shot by Steve Beck, approved Karl Urban as a Hollywood star. In 2005, the famous actor was involved as the main character in the world famous Doom game. Gamers saw a New Zealand star in the role of John "Ripper" Grimm.

Karl Urban as Judge Dredd

New star roles that brought Karl Urban another wave of popularity were played in 2009 and 2012. He reincarnated as Dr. Leonard McCoy in the movie Star Trek and Judge Dredd in a remix of the fantastic action movie released in 1995.

The Star Trek franchise, based on the 1960s series, today referred to as TOS, that is, The Original Series, to distinguish it from other franchise films and series, was a huge success.

Fans gratefully greeted the picture, which the creators carefully and elegantly entered into the world of Star Trek. Star Trek 2009 is both a direct continuation of new franchise series and a reboot of the first Star Trek series. The authors have achieved this effect, based on the plot of the movement in time and the time paradox.

Karl Urban in the movie Star Trek

Urban got the image of a doctor - this is one of the main roles. Other central characters were played by Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto. Like colleagues, Karl Urban has brought new features to an already classic image. For example, McCoy Urban is taller (Urban's height is 185 cm) and looks much stronger than McCoy, played by DeForest Kelly in the original, which gave room for new plot moves and jokes, for example, about the strongest hands on the ship.

In fan circles, there are rumors that, according to the initial idea, the main characters in the script were captain Kirk and senior assistant Spock, the characters of Payne and Quinto, and McCoy, although he was part of the three main characters in the original series, did not fit into the modern pattern of two heroes- opposites. And it was Karl Urban who stood up for his own character, not allowing him to push the doctor into the background.

But the remake of “Judge Dredd 3D” with the participation of Urban, released in 2012, received conflicting reviews: the creators of the picture were too carried away by the 3D format.

Karl Urban in the movie Shepherd

In addition, in 2011, the actor played in the post-apocalyptic thriller Shepherd.

In 2013, the sequel to Star Trek was released, which in Russian localization was no longer called Star Trek, but was called Star Trek: Retribution. This film introduces another character of the original - the antagonist Khan (Benedict Cumberbatch). In the final of the film, the five-year research mission of the Starship Enterprise begins, and Chris Pine pronounces the famous phrase from the original about the goals of this mission.

Karl Urban in the movie Loft

Also in 2013, the actor starred in the science fiction series “Almost a Man” and returned to the role of Vaako antagonist in the science fiction film “Riddick”, in which Vin Diesel and Katie Sackhoff played the main roles, and in the 2014 thriller “Loft” ".

Karl Urban now

In 2016, the third film was released in the updated Star Trek universe - Star Trek: Infinity. In the new film, the spaceship has been carrying out a five-year research space mission for three years. In this film, the heroes again confront the aggressors and again reveal the unsightly facts from the past Federation.

All three new films made by JJ Abrams received criticism from fans because of a discrepancy with the spirit of the franchise. Society in Star Trek is an idealistic society of the future, without a lack of means, without inequality and wars, conducting research and advancing science. In the restart, however, a fantastic, but militarized and capitalist society is clearly visible.

Today, fans of the talent of a Hollywood star with German and New Zealand roots are eagerly awaiting the premiere of the third part of “Torah” - the sequel to the superhero painting “Thor 2: The Kingdom of Darkness”. In the blockbuster studio "Marvel" Urban will play the role of the executioner Skurge. The tape should be released in large screens in November 2017.

Photo: Karl Urban

The beginning of the career of actor Karl Urban in New Zealand

Karl Urban's acting career began with several theatrical roles played by him in his native Wellington. His talent was noticed, and soon Karl was invited to Auckland, where he constantly starred in guest roles in various television series. His first role in the local series was the role of a heroin addict. The television series was called "Shark In the Park."

In addition to roles in the cinema and on the stage, the actor was often seen in commercials. Urban himself says that he likes playing in the theater rather than acting in films. This is due to the fact that playing on stage, he immediately feels the response of the audience, in the movie the result of the acting in the process of filming is unknown.

In 1998, Urban was recognized as the best supporting actor in New Zealand. He was awarded this title for his role in the comedy "Via Satellite". From 1996 to 2001, the actor worked on the set of such famous TV shows as Hercules: Legendary Adventures and Xena - the Warrior Queen. There he got the roles of Caesar and Cupid. These world-famous television series have helped the actor in his career.

The role of the slave in the melodrama "The Price of Milk" brought Urban another television award. Later, he played one of the main roles in the drama titled “Thunder in the Clear Sky,” Urban played a policeman there.

Best films with Karl Urban

At the end of 2005, the television version of the Doom game was released, where Carl played one of the leading roles. His character is John "Reaper" Grimm. In the story about the Vikings "Pathfinder", the actor starred in the title role. This was followed by work in the “Comanche Moon” and in the “Lonely Pigeon”. In the 11th in Star Trek, Urban played Leonard McCoy. In 2009, a film was released with his participation - “Black Water Transit”, and in 2010 — two more films - “RED”, “And Darkness Will Come”.

Continuing to delight his fans, Karl Urban starred in the 2011th year in the films “Judge Dredd” and “Shepherd”. His last film works were roles in the films "Loft" and "Beauty".

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A small selection with Billy

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a little beautiful Billy to everyone in the tape!

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What kind

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Did you know?

1. Three different scenarios were written for this film.
Show full ...

2. Michael Bean, known for his participation in the filming of the movie Terminator, auditioned for the main role.

3. Unlike the previous film about Judge Dredd, the main character Karl Urban confirmed that his character will not take off his helmet in order to remain faithful to the image created in the comics. In the previous film, it was Stallone who insisted that the character in the 1995 film periodically take off his helmet.

4.Some of Ma's tattoos are real tattoos of actress Lina Headey, especially the flower on her right arm. Makeup artists took the design of the tattoo as a basis and expanded it to the neck and face.

5. In the comics, Ma's character was an elderly woman. But they decided to make an exception for the film, so that the antihero would look more ominously.

6. The main weapon of the Judges is a modified Glock 17 pistol.

7. During the filming, director Pete Travis quarreled with the producers and was ultimately not allowed to edit the picture.

8. The picture of 2012 has the same timing as the 1995 film - 95 minutes.

9. Dredd only calls Judge Anderson three times by name. The rest of the time, he calls her "Beginner."

10. The motorcycle design was as close as possible to the comic book concept, but still slightly different from it, since a motorcycle drawn in comics would be difficult to make a truly working bike.

11. Karl Urban rode a Lawmaster motorcycle without stuntmen.

12. The picture failed at the box office, collecting in the amount of $ 35.6 million with a budget of $ 50 million.

13. Fans of the comics very warmly greeted the film and even despite the petitions, the studio did not plan to work on a sequel, given the disastrous nature of the picture financially.

14. In Italy, the film was released with a delay of 7 years!

From a family of German immigrants

The Urban family lived in Wellington, the capital of New Zealand, and owned a small leather factory. The only son born on June 7, 1972 (according to other sources - August 7, 1972), parents named Karl-Heinz (they were German immigrants). The choice of the boy’s profession was influenced by the work of his mother in the cinema - he disappeared during the sessions and was passionate about classic New Zealand films.

Karl studied at St. Mark's School, took part in amateur performances. Once he managed to get on the set of the series "Pioneer Woman", where eight-year-old Karl was given an episode to play. More in the school biography of Karl Urban, there was no professional acting work.

Failed bachelor

Urban entered Wellington College, and graduating in 1990, he became a student at the University of Victoria, hoping to get a bachelor of arts degree. But he left school after the first year for the sake of work. He appeared in several commercials and played in the theater. Shortland Street was launched on TV in 1992, and a year later, Karl got the role of Forrest paramedic in it. Then Urban briefly moved to Australia (to Auckland, then to Sydney), participated in a couple of series and several performances, and returned to his homeland.

Fantasy hero, farmer in love and a careless sailor

In 1995, with the light hand of Sam Raimi, two fantasy shows started at once, which won the love of fans of the genre around the world - “The Amazing Wanderings of Hercules” and “Xena - the Queen of Warriors”. In the first, Karl had the role of Cupid, in the second (in the chronicle) he portrayed Caesar (although they did not indicate the artist in the credits).

The first major role in Urban’s cinema falls on the year 2000: he was offered to play in Harry Sinclair’s fantasy melodrama “The Price of Milk” about two lovers - a farmer and his moody girlfriend.

Two years later, the horror of the joint production of the United States and Australia "Ghost Ship" was released, where Karl played one of the crew members of the ship, colliding with otherworldly forces. Besides horror, Julianna Margulis (now she is the permanent star of the show “The Right Wife”), Gabriel Byrne and Desmond Harrington were also engaged in horror. The success of the movie was moderate (68 million box office versus 20 million budget and 20 million spent on marketing). But fans of mysticism appreciated the film.

Nephew of King Theoden

Urban was able to reach the “world level” thanks to a successful casting in the Lord of the Rings trilogy. It is known that Peter Jackson shot all the parts in a row, however, they were released one at a time. Eomer, the nephew of King Rohan Theoden and the future ruler of this country himself, as well as his brother Eowyn appeared in the blockbuster The Lord of the Rings. Two Fortresses, and then in the final tape, The Lord of the Rings. Return of the King".

Everyone knows that the franchise has become a cult, collected the Oscars "harvest" and earned a huge amount. From now on, the path to Hollywood for the New Zealander was open.

The militants "Chronicles of Riddick" with Vin Diesel and "The Bourne Supremacy" with Damon, in which Urabn starred, found their audience. But science fiction with Dwayne Johnson “Doom” has been criticized. The film repeated the plot of the cult video game, and Karl got the role of the brother of the heroine Rosamund Pike, the main protagonist.

Captain Kirk's best friend

The next legendary franchise in Karl Urban’s biography is Star Trek, based on the original 1960s television series. Chris Pine got the role of captain Kirk, Zachary Quinto became Spock, and Urban reincarnated as James (Enterprise team doctor Leonard McCoy). In 2009, the first film of JJ Abrams was released, and four years later, the sequel "Star Trek: Retribution". In July 2016, the third film of the cycle with the subtitle “Infinity”, shot by Justin Lin, starts at the box office.

Futurism and fiction

The remake of “Judges Dredd”, in which Karl Urban got the role of Sylvester Stallone, was ambiguous - the authors were too keen on futurism and 3 D-format. Between the filming of "Startrek", the New Zealander managed to appear in the fantastic television series "Almost a Man", in which he played a policeman who hated robots and was given an android of a new model as his partner. Despite good reviews and a high rating, the show closed after the first season.

In 2017, the premiere of the third part of Thor (Ragnarok) will take place, in which, in addition to the stars of the movie series Chris Hemsworth and Tom Hiddleston, Urban will also appear.

Actor and make-up artist

In 2000, the actor starred in the television movie "Space Corsairs", then he met Natalie Vionji - she was responsible for the makeup in the film. The girl changed the personal life of Karl Urban - they began to meet, got married, and already in November 2000, the couple had their firstborn, Hunter. In early 2006, Carl became a father again, he named his second son in honor of the character of the famous movie saga Indiana.

Vanilla May. Karl Urban

One of my favorite pies, when I look at them I recall a poem from school age “What are you looking at me? Undress, I'm yours! ” And the answer is not a “bed”, no, but “KARL URBAN!”

Back in 2004, in the “Riddick Chronicles,” I was not looking for the powerful torso of Vin Diesel, but could not take my eyes off the villain with Vaako’s heavy gaze.

My God, how I wanted to tear up the braids of the heroine Thandy Newton curling near him for how she treated such a husband! Ahhhh!

Wikipedia sparingly reads that Karl Urban was born on June 7, 1972. in New Zealand, where he starred on local TV until he was watched by Peter Jackson for the role of Eomer in The Lord of the Rings. He has two sons from the make-up artist, and although he is divorced, I have no chance ... Well, okay, I'll just admire and rejoice!

During the New Zealand television period, Karl Urban starred in the wonderful, slightly strange, but very sincere story-tale “The Price of Milk”. His role as a simple-minded farmer Rob, in a stupid naked body suit (oh Lord ...), who loves his bride and wholeheartedly tries to understand her eccentric compatibility checks, is perfectly played.

Rob caused a lot of emotions, from the desire to hug and never let go, to the desire to hit harder on a stupid stubborn head. This wonderful movie is worth writing a separate post about him.

From 2004 to 2010, many passable roles, until the enchanting "RED" and Karl Urban came out in the role of the "young and impudent" agent Cooper, who practically piled on Bruce Willis!

It is unfortunate that the concentrated agent Cooper did not appear in RED-2.

And the films went good and not very good: “Shepherd”, “Judge Dredd 3D”, “Riddick”, and you. The fantastic series “Almost a Man” with excellent special effects and a dashing plot was undeservedly closed.

Waited a long time for the American remake of the Belgian film "Loft" for the hot male cast: James Marsen, Wentworth Miller and, of course, Karl Urban as cattle and Lovelace Vincent.

The remake did not succeed, but everyone admired the naked Carlosha, even the sweetheart Wentworth Miller shot him with lascivious eyes, but who will condemn him. )))

Karl Urban - news

Karl Urban (Star Trek, Judge Dredd) will play the lead role in the new Amazon series based on Garth Ennis's comic strip Boys. Also, the project will star Jack

The first week of June is replete with interesting events and dates: this week we pay tribute to the memory of Saruman, Happy Birthday to Dr. House Hugh Laurie, Jack

Long before the MCU, DCEU, X-Men, The Hunger Games, and other multi-million dollar franchises gathered Hollywood stars of the first magnitude on screens

Filming of the sequel to the Pacific Rim started a few weeks ago, and new details about what awaits the audience are gradually appearing on the network. So, thanks to the operator

A few days ago in Australia, the shooting of Thor: Ragnarok officially ended, and the director of the new Marvel comic strip, Taika Waititi, celebrated the last day of filming with a new video in which

Thor’s loyal girlfriend, Jane Foster, will no longer be seen by Marvel’s cinematic universe - Natalie Portman herself, who played in the first two, told the Wall Street Journal in a new interview.

Karl Urban, who recently flashed in Star Trek: Infinity, is now on the set of Tor: Ragnarok in Australia - and has already managed to share his first “image” photo with his fans.

Marvel Studio took a very non-trivial step, sending to Asgard Hulk - in “Thor: Ragnarok”, the third part of a separate franchise about the Scandinavian god, the audience will be shown a powerful duet of Hulk and Thor and, judging by

Studio Paramount Pictures has officially confirmed recently appeared information that the franchise "Star Trek" will have a fourth part - as well as that in the next film

Speaking at the Denver Comic Con exhibition, actor Karl Urban, who will soon see viewers in Tor: Ragnarok, delighted fans with a hint of the sequel to Judge Dredd 3D. According to

The creators of “Star Trek: Infinity”, following the new trailer, also presented two posters dedicated to the characters of the second plan - Sofia was “lit up” on new photos

Karl Urban, familiar to viewers from the Lord of the Rings trilogy, frankly explained in a new interview why in 2012 his film “Judge Dredd” failed at the box office, making money

The Marvel film studio announced the official cast of the new film “Thor: Ragnarok”, confirming rumors that Cate Blanchett will play the main negative role in the film.

“Excellent students of easy virtue” will have spin-offs

“Black Widow” will become for Marvel a semblance of “Better Call Saul”

Dangerous Summer: The final trailer for the third season of Very Strange Things

Paul Thomas Anderson and Tom York will release short Anima

The world needs heroes: New trailer for Angry Birds in Cinema 2

From Vanity Fair to Favorite: The 10 Best Costumed Dramas of the 21st Century

His colleagues

New Zealand actor best known for the films "The Lord of the Rings: Two Fortresses» (The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers, 2002) and "star way» (Star Trek, 2009).

Karl Urban (Karl-HeinzUrban) was born on June 7, 1972 in the city Wellingtone, the capital of New Zealand. His father is a manufacturer, the owner of a leather processing enterprise, and his mother worked for a production company. Urban Sr. always hoped that his son would continue his work, but the boy from childhood preferred to watch work on the set.

Karl attended a parish school St mark. Even then, he showed his acting abilities and was very fond of speaking in public. At the age of eight, Urban first appeared on the screen: he starred in a small role in one of the New Zealand television series. After that, until the end of high school, he did not play a movie, but actively participated in student theater, wrote scripts and even staged plays himself.

After leaving school, Carl entered Wellington College, and then at Victorian University in Wellington, where he studied for only one year. He was offered a role in the series "Shortland street”, Which has become very popular in New Zealand. In the first season, Urban played a homosexual health worker Jamie Forrest. For the sake of his acting career, he decided to quit his studies at the university and did not fail: Karl received several theater roles on the stages of Wellington, and then moved to Auckland, where he was offered many small roles in TV shows.

In 1998, Karl Urban played Mark Anthony in Shakespeare’s playJulius Caesar"And appeared in the successful production of the Auckland Theater"Management» «Grass bed". At the same time, he appeared in the comedy film "Via satellite"(1998), for the role in which he was nominated for the title of best New Zealand supporting actor. In the second half of the 90s, Urban starred in the popular TV series "Amazing wanderings of Hercules» (Hercules: The Legendary Journeys, 1995-1999) and "Xena - the Queen of Warriors» (Xena: Warrior Princess, 1995-2001) He also attended U.S. fan conferences dedicated to these projects.

An important role in the actor’s career was the role of the farmer in the film “Milk price» (The Price of Milk, 2000), thanks to which Carla was recognized outside of New Zealand. Next work is Steve Beck’s horror filmGhost ship» (Ghost Ship, 2002) - made Urbana a prominent figure in Hollywood. However, the real glory came to him after the release of the second and third parts "Lord of the rings"Where the actor played Eomer.

Karl Urban also played John Riper's Grimm, one of the main characters in the film adaptation of the world famous game "doom» (doom 2005) In 2007, he played a major role in the historical action movie "Ranger» (Pathfinder 2007), which, however, was not successful with the audience. In 2009, the film "star way» (Star Trek, 2009), where Carl played Dr. Leonard McCoy.

For 2012, two high-profile premieres with the participation of Urban are planned at once. He will play a major role in the film "Judge Dredd» (Dredd), a remake of the 1995 action movie of the same name, and also starred in the sequel "Star trek"- the film"Star Trek: The Sequel» (Untitled Star Trek Sequel).

Star Trek: The Sequel (2012) Untitled Star Trek Sequel
Judge Dredd (2012) Dredd
Priest (2011) Priest
RED (2010) Red
And Darkness Will Come (2010) And Soon the Darkness
Black Water Transit (2009)
Special zu ‘Star Trek XI’ (TV) (2009)
Star Trek (2009) Star Trek
Comanche Moon (TV Series) (2008) Comanche Moon
Pathfinder (2007) Pathfinder
Thunder in the Blue (2006) Out of the Blue
doom (2005)
The Bourne Supremacy (2004) Bourne Supremacy, The
The Chronicles of Riddick (2004)
The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King (2003) Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King, The
Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers, The
Ghost Ship (2002)
Privateers, The (TV) (2000)
The Price of Milk (2000) Price of Milk, The
Demons (2000) Irrefutable Truth About Demons, The
Via Satellite (1998)
Prediction (1998) Heaven
Amazon High (TV) (1997)
Riding High (TV series) (1995)
Xena - Warrior Queen (TV series) (1995-2001) Xena: Warrior Princess
The Amazing Wanderings of Hercules (TV series) (1995-1999) Hercules: The Legendary Journeys
Chanuk Bair Cemetery (1992) Chunuk Bair
Shortland Street (TV series) (1994-2009) Shortland Street

Short biography

Born June 7, 1972 in the city of Wellington. His father was the owner of a leather processing factory, and his mother was engaged in production activities. So from early childhood, the boy often had to be on the set. And he got the first role at the age of eight, when he began to play in one of the television series. In school, Karl began to try writing scripts and played on the stage.

After receiving secondary education, he became a student at Victorian University in Wellington. Already in his student years, he got the role in the main cast of the popular series Shortland Street. In connection with the active filming, I had to leave school. At the same time, Urban played actively in theatrical productions, so he soon moved to live in the capital - the city of Auckland, where his acting career began to develop even faster. Shooting in such series as “Xena - the Queen of Warriors”, “Amazing Wanderings of Hercules” also contributed to the growth of popularity. Other notable films with his participation were the melodrama "The Price of Milk" and the horror film "The Ghost Ship." Soon after, Karl was already offered roles in Hollywood blockbusters, including The Bourne Supremacy, The Lord of the Rings, The Chronicles of Riddick, and the film adaptation of the legendary Doom game. At one time, Urban was even considered for the role of James Bond in the movie Casino Royale. In subsequent years, the actor was noted in such films as “Star Trek” and “RED”, and among his last outstanding works are the films “Shepherd” and “Judge Dredd 3D”. In his free time, Karl enjoys fishing, surfing and golf.


Born June 7, 1972 in the New Zealand city of Wellington, the son of immigrants from Germany. Father is the owner of a leather goods store. His mother worked in a production company, so Karl Urban made his debut on the local television screen at the age of 8 years.

Despite the heavy handshake that Karl Urban showed to the Men’s Health correspondent during the meeting, he turned out to be an easy and cheerful guy in communication.


A friendly relationship connects him with many partners in the shooting, and with Vigo Mortensen after working in The Lord of the Rings, they generally became friends. “It is very valuable to have a friend who is older than you and has already gone through a lot of what you have to go through. I'm trying to learn from his mistakes. ”“Urban explained to us.


Before the Lord of the Rings, Karl Urban spent all his days learning to ride a horse — he wanted to perfectly master the art of riding a horse with one hand. During the filming, he mastered the sword fight so much that later he even starred in the film "Perfection of the Blade" dedicated to this art.

If you have not seen it, then watch their fight with Bruce Willis in the movie "RED". In the original version, it was even more brutal, but the director decided that it was too much, and cut out some of the moments.

He is engaged in surfing and rock climbing.

Married to makeup artist Natalie Vionji, whom he met on the set. They have two sons: Hunter (12 years old) and Indiana (7 years old).

His track record has many characteristic secondary heroes: the brave commander of the Royal Horsemen squad Eomer from The Lord of the Rings (remember, he played a decisive role in the Battle of Helmova Padi?), General Vaako, commander of the Necromongers from The Chronicles of Riddick, killer Cyril from Bourne Supremacy, shipwright Leonard Bones, McCoy from Star Trek, and again killer William Cooper from RED. And only in 2012 a Hollywood film was released in which Karl Urban is the main star: “Judge Dredd”. In 2013, you will see him starring in the thriller Loft, as well as in the new Riddick and Star Trek. In addition, work on the fantasy “The Wonder” and the movie about hijackers “Fast Riding” is ending.

Karl’s first childhood memory is how he and his father watch rugby. They cheer for the New Zealand team, which is famous for the awesome pre-match ritual “hack” - the athletes repeat the dance of war of the Aboriginal Māori, powerfully patting their hands and feet and shouting threats at the enemy. Here, see how it looks:

Karl Urban is still a fan of the All Blacks (as the New Zealand team is called for his completely black uniform) and says that he is most furious about such cases: you did not have time to watch the match live, recorded a game to enjoy the evening, and then who blurted out in a conversation how they played. To avoid this, before sitting in front of the TV, Urban does not listen to the radio, does not watch the news, does not go online and tries not to pick up the phone.


At one time, there was a lot of noise around the applicants for the role of James Bond, when Pierce Brosnan surrendered his "license to kill." Karl Urban was one of those shortlisted. But, as you know, Daniel Craig won the argument.

Karl Urban lives in New Zealand for 6 months a year, the other six - works in Los Angeles. When asked why not move to America, Urban answers in different ways, but more often than others he points out the following reason: in New Zealand they are not reached by paparazzi and there are no "star" problems at all.

“I want my children to have a normal childhood. Well then, look at that. ”, - Karl opens his laptop and shows the video shot from the nose of his surfboard: a sparkling sunny day, clear water, heavenly beauties and in the end - the actor’s happy face. After that, we also want to move to New Zealand. “You still don’t know what kind of fishing there is!” - the actor finishes us.

As you already read, the names of the children of Urban are not simple. They were chosen by the wife. For example, she named Indiana in honor of her beloved hero Harrison Ford. Karl did not mind, especially since he was also entrusted with an important role - to come up with a nickname for a family dog. The actor named her Irie, in honor of Bob Marley's song Feeling Irie. Also among his favorite musicians, Carl mentions the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Nick Cave, Loreen Hill, Pixies and Miles Davis.

“In my life, the real hero is Rob Hall, a climbing instructor from New ZealandSays Urban. - In May 1996, a blizzard caught his group on Everest. Having sent everyone down, Hall himself remained in an icy hell with an unconscious client - and froze with him. This is what I consider pure heroism. The same can be said of the firefighters who fled to the collapsing twin towers during the September 11 attacks, when everyone else fled from there. This is reality, not some kind of crap about heroes. ”.

“I love the movie chase. There is something in them from the primitive instincts of men - it’s always interesting to pursue their prey. ”- Karl argues, whose "prey" in "The Bourne Supremacy" was Matt Damon, and the chase was in Moscow. True, as the director of the Bourne stunts, the famous Russian stuntman Viktor Ivanov, told us, they shot that chase in Germany - it is painful for us to negotiate with all kinds of special services.

Speaking of cars. Karl Urban drives a classic American muscle car - the Dodge Challenger SRT8 (V8 6.4 liters, 470 hp). “This is a very loud car - you just turn onto the street, and people already hear that you have arrived”- the actor laughs.


Watch the video: Karl Urban Reflects On Anton Yelchins Death: Ill Never Forget His Laugh. TODAY (March 2020).