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Olga Sutulova
Birth nameOlga Alexandrovna Sutulova
Date of BirthMay 4, 1980 (1980-05-04) (aged 39)
Place of BirthLeningrad, USSR
Citizenship Russia
Career1998 - today
IMDbID 0840430

Olga Aleksandrovna Sutulova (born May 4, 1980, Leningrad) - Russian theater and film actress.


Olga was born into a family of mathematicians and engineers, but did not follow in the footsteps of her parents. From the age of 5, she studied English, then she entered school with in-depth study of English. At age 14, she went to Oxford for several months under a student exchange program. But she did not have a relationship with teachers and classmates at the Oxford school. As Olga herself stated, at that time she was a hooligan, she did not succeed at school and eventually she was expelled from school. Without thinking twice, Olga went to vocational school with the shipping company, passed all the exams there perfectly, but Olga's parents did not come to terms with the fact that their daughter would become a locksmith technician, and after a while she enrolled her in the Alexander II gymnasium in Peterhof. At the age of 15 at the birthday of a common acquaintance, where Olga came with her parents, she met with the playwright of the director Dmitry Astrakhan - Oleg Danilov and soon starred in the television series "Waiting Room".

After graduating from high school, Olga entered the university at the Faculty of History. Studying there with Olga did not work out. After the failure of the exams, Olga entered VGIK.

She graduated from the acting faculty of VGIK (workshop of Joseph Reichelgauz).

Personal life

Her husband is an actor Evgeny Stychkin, while there are no children in marriage. They met on the set of “Love Contract”, when the actor was still married to Ekaterina Scanavi, and they began an affair. Since 2007, the actor lived in two families. In 2009, Evgeny Stychkin divorced Catherine, but for a long time did not dare to enter into the next marriage. In 2012, Eugene and Olga got married.



The person thanks to whom Olga Sutulova first appeared on the set was the playwright Oleg Danilov. With him, a 15-year-old schoolgirl met by chance at the birthday of a family friend. It was Oleg who invited the girl to the television project "Waiting Room", which was shot by Dmitry Astrakhan. The beginning actress got the role of Sveta Ponomareva, a pupil of the orphanage. Director Sutulova liked, so in 1998 he again invited her to his tape. It was a criminal action movie "Contract with death."

In the period from 2001 to 2004, Olga played in dozens of films and TV shows. One of her most striking works is the role of Dasha in Valery Akhadov’s drama "Elegy of Moscow Region", a film adaptation of the play of the same name by Mikhail Kozakov. In this clever, deep picture devoted to the problem of fathers and children, stars of our cinema Mikhail Ulyanov, Ada Rogovtseva and Irina Kupchenko starred.

The heroines of Sutulova during this period were: actress Asya in the tragicomedy "Cinema about a movie", Lena in a detective story "Backstage", Nastya in the TV series "Atlantis", Katya in the historical melodrama "Northern Sphinx", doctor Marina in "Urgent", Tanya in the action film "Cobra. Anti-terror", Selina in the serial detective "Dasha Vasilyeva. A lover of private investigation -1", editor-in-chief Yulia Belkina in the comedy "Formula", Lika in the melodrama "Night of the Light".

In 2007, the actress was invited to the main role of police sergeant Nina Tsvetkova in the picture of Alexander Buravsky “Leningrad”, which tells about the tragic period of the blockade during the Great Patriotic War. Olga Sutulova says that the work on the image was not easy for her: “We didn’t completely match her character. The times were difficult, and she tried to kill everything feminine, fair, beautiful in myself ... For the shoot, I had to lose my long hair, and that’s not the worst thing. For three years we shot this story. Long, hard. Both physically and psychologically. Because all the actors were very impressed by the diary entries of the besieged city residents, archived video materials ... Therefore, I immediately decided for myself that it’s not I’m going to take up other projects at the same time, so as not to get sprayed. We started rehearsing long before the shooting, which is extremely rare. And there was always a feeling of fear: after all, many people who remember the blockade are still alive and they will not forgive inaccuracies, falsehood on the screen. "

The filmmakers were rewarded for their work with recognition from both viewers and professionals. The picture was awarded the TEFI Prize in three categories at once.

Often, the heroines of Olga Sutulova are provincial girls who came to conquer the capital. So, in the social drama directed by Igor Voloshin "Nirvana", which was released in 2008, the actress played the role of Alice, who decides to break with her former life and moves to a big city. This simple and at the same time very piercing story of love, friendship, betrayal cannot leave the viewer indifferent.

You can also recall Olga Subbotina’s melodrama "About Love", the plot of which is borrowed from the novel by Oksana Robsky. The artist brilliantly coped with the role of the provincial "gray mouse", in which the Muscovite businessman suddenly falls in love. Sutulova’s company was made up of the famous Fedor Bondarchuk and Oksana Fandera. The picture is good with a non-banal ending.

Olga starred in the melodramas "Daughter of the Accordionist" and "Love Says", which were broadcast on the TV channel "Russia".

Successful were filming in the military detective "Snow and Ashes", and then in the popular series "Born by a Star", in which the actress played the role of the outgoing 1960s star Nika Umanskaya.

Olga admits that she loves her profession very much and wants to enjoy it: “I don’t want to play just to earn more money and flicker once again on the screen. I want to go to the shootings with pleasure, discuss the role with interest and then be proud of my work, and not be tormented on the site, regretting that she signed up for this project. "

Olga Sutulova

Olga Alexandrovna Sutulova. Born May 4, 1980 in Leningrad (now St. Petersburg). Russian theater and film actress.

Olga Sutulova was born on May 4, 1980 in Leningrad (now St. Petersburg).

Her parents are mathematicians, engineers, graduates of the Leningrad Electrotechnical Institute.

She has a sister Alena, who is eight years older than Olga, she graduated from the Military Medical Academy and the psychology department of the university, worked in neurosurgery, then became an emergency psychologist in the Ministry of Emergencies.

Since five years, Olga has been intensively engaged in English. Then she was sent to an elite school with in-depth study of the English language. At age 14, she went to Oxford through a student exchange program.

However, in the end, according to her, Olga was kicked out of the special school. And the only pleasant memory of the school is the English teacher Larisa Petrovna Charukhchyan, who instilled in her a love of this language.

"The result of my endless disputes with teachers was a disgusting certificate," she said. And Olga went to the vocational school at the shipping company to specialize as a technician-locksmith. True, she did not study there for long - her parents placed her in the prestigious gymnasium named after Alexander II in Peterhof.

As the actress recalled, she was never given exact sciences, although she is from a family of mathematicians: "The numbers put me in a state of stupor."

At the age of 15, she made her film debut, accidentally falling into the picture of director Dmitry Astrakhan "Waiting room", played a pupil of the orphanage Sveta Ponomarev. “By chance, with his constant playwright Oleg Danilov, we were at the birthday of our mutual friends, where I came with my parents. And I had this particular situation:“ Girl, do you want to act in films? ”Of course I want! Who in youth will refuse such a thing? offers! ", she recalled.

The events of the series "Waiting Room" describe a small provincial town in the Russian outback - Zarechensk: poverty, drunkenness, devastation. But one day, a train passes through the railway station, in which the most famous Moscow stars of show business travel. By chance, they have to stay in this town for a few days, in which their lives will change dramatically, like the locals.

Olga in her first film was lucky to work in a frame with such stars as Mikhail Boyarsky, Vera Glagoleva, Olga Ponizova, Vyacheslav Tikhonov, Mikhail Ulyanov, Andrey Sokolov, Igor Kostolevsky and others.

Olga Sutulova in the series "Waiting Room"

Nevertheless, she was in no hurry to choose an acting profession - after the gymnasium she went to enter the history department of the university. However, she was tired of learning quickly there, she deliberately failed exams, and then entered VGIK at the acting department, the workshop of Joseph Reichelgauz.

In the 2000s, she began to actively star in films and TV shows, often receiving major roles. It is worth highlighting her work in the projects “Moscow Elegy” (Dasha), “Contract for Love” (Anna), “Disappearance” (Ekaterina Vetrova), “Seventh Heaven” (correspondent Lida Sheveleva).

The role of a policeman in the besieged Leningrad of Nina Tsvetkova in the series stands apart Leningrad. Work on this picture lasted three years and Olga refused other offers for shooting.

She spoke of her heroine in Leningrad: “My role is a policeman, senior sergeant Nina Tsvetkova, such a heroic girl. We are completely different in character. Times were difficult, and she tried to kill everything feminine, bright, beautiful in herself "

Olga Sutulova in the series "Leningrad"

The actress attracted attention to the role of Alice in social drama. "Nirvana" directed by Igor Voloshin and Lyuba Donskoy in the melodrama Love Says.

Olga Sutulova in the movie "Nirvana"

Successful were shooting in the military detective "Snow and Ashes", and then in the popular series "Born by the Star"in which she played the role of the outgoing 1960s star Nika Umansky.

Olga Sutulova in the TV series "Born by a Star"

Olga is one of those actresses who do not clutch at any role that has turned up. Often she refuses offers to shoot: “I just really love my profession and strive to enjoy it. I don’t want to play just to earn more money and flicker once again on the screen. I want to go to the shootings with pleasure and discuss with interest the role and then be proud of my work, and not be tormented on the site, regretting that I signed up for this project. Fortunately, I have the opportunity to refuse this, "the actress explained.

Growth Olga Sutulova: 167 centimeters.

Personal life of Olga Sutulova:

Married. Spouse - actor Evgeny Stychkin. We met in 2007 on the set of the film “Contract for Love”. The actor left the family, leaving three children (at that moment he was married to pianist Ekaterina Skanavi).

About five years they lived in a civil marriage, in 2012 they formalized relations officially.

Olga Sutulova and Evgeny Stychkin

According to Olga, she does not follow fashion: “Moreover, I do not like the word“ fashionable ”itself - the concept of“ stylish ”is closer to me.” He loves hats, which are countless in her wardrobe.

He cooks well: "If I were not an actress, I could very well have become a cook. I cook literally everything at home."

Filmography of Olga Sutulova:

1998 - Contract with death - Anya
1998 - Waiting room - Sveta Ponomareva, pupil of the orphanage
2001 - Give me the moonlight - Anya, daughter of Kupriyanov
2001 - Gladiatrix (Arena, The) - Libya
2002 - Investigators are Connoisseurs. Ten years later - Zhenya
2002 - Elegy near Moscow - Dasha, daughter of Elena
2002 - Cinema about a movie - Asya, actress
2002 - Behind the curtains - Lena
2002 - Atlantis - Nastya
2003 - Northern Sphinx - Katya, wife of Novoskoltsev
2003 - Cobra. Antiterror - Tanya
2003 - Dasha Vasilyeva. Private Investigator -1 - Selina
2003 - Thieves and prostitutes. Prize - Space Flight - Episode
2004 - Formula - Julia Belkina, editor-in-chief of "Formulas of Love"
2004 - The Night is Bright - Lika
2004 - Ambulance - doctor Marina
2004 - Joker - Elena Drakova
2004 - December 32 - Nick, the girl of Anton
2006 - Seventh Heaven - Lida Sheveleva, correspondent for the newspaper "Time, Go!"
2007 - The contract for love - Anna - the main role
2007 - Disappearance - Ekaterina Pavlovna Vetrova
2007 - Private order - Alexandra Suraeva
2007 - Leningrad - Nina Tsvetkova, policewoman
2008 - Nirvana - Alice
2009 - Close Gates - Vera, journalist, Peter's lover
2009 - Random Entry - Katya
2010 - About Love - Dasha, speech therapist
2011 - Scorpio in the palm of your hand
2012 - Happy New Year, Mom! - Galina, the nanny
2012 - Holiday locked up - Albina, Mikhail's mistress, stewardess
2012 - Pirates of the Aegean (God Loves Caviar / O Theos agapaei to haviari) - Elena, second wife of Varvakis
2012 - Daughter of the accordion player - Alina Gromova
2012 - Dialogs
2013 - The Past and the Duma (documentary)
2013 - Bomb - Sheila
2014 - Son - Sofia, Andrei's bride
2014 - Ambulance "Moscow-Russia"
2014 - Love says - Luba Donskaya
2015 - Snow and Ashes - Natalya
2015 - Born by a Star - Nika Umanskaya, singer
2015 - Red bracelets - Lena, Dima's mom
2016 - Treasure
2017 - Trotsky - Sedova
2017 - Sparta - Anastasia Nikolaevna Istomina
2017 - Russian short. Issue 2
2018 - Voice of the Sea (Short)
2019 - Keepers - Alisa Olkhovskaya
2019 - Russian short. Kinotavr 2019 Winners
2019 - One Historical Mistake
2019 - One Historical Mistake (Short)
2019 - Alibi - Olga
2019 - Ministry
2019 - Bender

Scoring by Olga Sutulova:

2009 - Type of cool guard (Observe and Report)

Photos of Olga

Professional activity

In the theater, the actress does not work, since very picky about stationary theatersproductions, directors and partners. He plans to stage his performances.

As mentioned earlier, the actress’s film career began with the release in 1998 of the first television series on the ORT channel “Waiting Room”, where the girl played the role of Sveta Ponomareva (pupil of the orphanage).

In the debut film, the girl worked on the same set with such legendary artists: Vyacheslav Tikhonov, Vera Glagoleva, Mikhail Boyarsky. In the same year, another premiere of the picture of Astrakhan with the participation of Olga took place - the crime drama "Contact with Death", where she played the role of a girl from a dysfunctional family - Anya.

Since 2001, the actress begins to actively act in films, among her works there were a lot of main roles:

  • The Moscow Region Elegy (Dasha, 2002),
  • Seventh Heaven (2006, Lida Sheveleva),
  • Disappearance (2007, Ekaterina Vetrova),
  • “The contract for love” (2007, Anya).

Olga brought great fame in 2007 with the military four-part film directed by Alexander Buravsky, Leningrad. In the movie, the actress played the main role - the sergeant of the police in the besieged Leningrad Nina Tsvetkova.

The successful picture was awarded several prizes "Tefi" (2007): for the best film, for the best directing and for the best camera work. Olga received the award as the best actress in this film.

In a short time the actress got a big filmography, about 50 works in the cinema, among the most significant works of Olga are roles in the films “Nirvana” (2008, Alice), “About Love” (2010, speech therapist Dasha), “Daughter of the accordion player” (2012, Alina Gromova), “Born of a Star” (2015, singer Nika Umanskaya), “Snow and Ashes” (2015, Natalia).

Olga does not take on any roles, she really loves her profession and wants to enjoy it, so she selects only those films that she likes. The actress has the opportunity to refuse.

Over the past two and a half years, the actress starred in the biographical film "Trotsky", in the psychological drama and detective "Sparta", in the children's film "Treasure" and the action-packed melodrama "Alibi". Today, the actress is in demand and has the opportunity to choose films and roles.

Various events, parties and premieres, as well as scandalous popularity in the press, Olga is not interested. She continues to act in films, plans to work on the stage. At the moment, a capable and talented actress is studying at the directing department in one of the oldest theater schools in Europe.

Childhood and youth

The future actress was born on May 4, 1980 in St. Petersburg (then former Leningrad). Olga's family did not have any artists, little is known from her parents' biography: her mother and father graduated from the Leningrad Electrotechnical Institute with an engineering degree. The actress also has a sister Alena, who is 8 years older than her.

Actress Olga Sutulova

The girl did not like school, she studied physics, mathematics and chemistry with difficulty, but Olya did better with humanitarian subjects. Especially the girl loved English, which she studied in an in-depth program.

Teachers put deuces on behavior to a young obstinate student, since Sutulova was an ebullient and restless child.

The actress left bright impressions from her childhood after a trip abroad: thanks to her excellent knowledge of a foreign language, the 14-year-old girl left for the United Kingdom under an exchange program.

Olga Sutulova

According to Olga’s recollections, Oxford impressed her; she seemed to be on another planet, because this was the first trip abroad of the then-future actress. But in the English school, the girl showed a hooligan character in front of teachers who insisted that nothing good would come out of a Russian student, and she did not develop friendly relations with classmates. Therefore, the path to the upper grades of the British school was closed for young Sutulova.

After being expelled from school, Olga decides to enter a vocational school majoring in mechanical engineering. The girl manages to pass the entrance exams to vocational schools perfectly, but the intelligent parents of the future star were extremely unhappy with the choice of their daughter and sent her to Peterhof in the gymnasium of Alexander II. In the new educational institution, the girl liked it, so Olya began to be diligent in her studies.

Actress Olga Sutulova now

After graduating from the Peterhof gymnasium, Sutulova passed the entrance exams to the Faculty of History, but there the girl’s studies did not work out well.


As a child, Olya did not think about the career of an actress. When the girl was 15 years old, she went to her parents' birthday, where she met Oleg Danilov, who wrote scripts for the director Dmitry Astrakhanov. Oleg liked the girl’s artistic features, and already in 1998 Sutulova was invited to one of the main roles in the drama television series “Waiting Room”. Olya played the Zarechensky pupil of the orphanage Sveta, who wanted to become an actress. The girl worked on the same set with the following notorious actors: Mikhail Boyarsky, Vera Glagoleva, Vyacheslav Tikhonov and others.

Olga Sutulova in the series "Waiting Room"

Most of all, the audience remembered the scene from the series 4 series, where the heroine Sutulova played an episode of Shakespeare's tragedy on an impromptu street scene.

Olga starred in the same director Astrakhanov in the action thriller Contact with Death (1998), where she played a girl from the dysfunctional Anya family. In the same 1998, Timur Bekmambetov invited Olga to the secondary role of Libya in the historical film co-production with the USA “Gladiatrix” (The Arena, 2001), but the low-budget action movie did not bring popularity to the actress.

Olga Sutulova in the movie "Elegy near Moscow"

In 2002, Olga Sutulova performs one of the main roles in the film by Valery Akhadov "Elegy near Moscow". But the actress brought the most fame to the main role in the Russian-British mini-series Leningrad, (Attack on Leningrad, 2007) where Olya played a police officer Nina Tsvetkova.

Often Olga Sutulova got the role of ordinary provincial girls.

Olga Sutulova in the movie "Nirvana"

For example, in Igor Voloshin’s film “Nirvana” (2008), the actress also played a major role. Her heroine Alice arrived in the promising St. Petersburg. The film tells about the problems of modern youth, about friendship and betrayal. Also, the role of the girl who came to conquer the big city, Sutulova got in the film Olga Subbotina "About Love" (2010).

Childhood and family of Olga Sutulova

Olya is from Leningrad. Born into an intelligent family, she grew up as a completely naughty and jaunty child. When I went to school, it was not easy for teachers. The behavior was bad, exact sciences were not given, although both mom and dad are both mathematical engineers. Olya was good at languages. She studied at a school where English was studied in depth.

When Olga was fourteen, she spent several months in Oxford, where students were sent for exchange. The trip made a strong impression on her. In high school they did not accept her. The girl decided that she would study at a vocational school, and filed documents there. Parents were against it, as a result, their daughter continued her studies at the gymnasium, which was located in Peterhof.

The first roles of Olga Sutulova

This work seemed to the girl frivolous. She did not even think about connecting her life with the cinema in the future. Olya chose history and decided to enter the history department of the University. Right before the entrance exams, the girl changed her mind, realized that she would not be able to do the same thing all her life. After passing the exams at VGIK, Olga began to study. She got on the course of Joseph Reichelgauz.

Since 2001, the actress starred in a number of films. Together with Mikhail Ulyanov and Ada Rogovtseva, Olga played in the deep and clever film "Elegy of Moscow Region." She also took part in the work on the films "Atlantis", "Cinema about the cinema", "Waiting room", "Ambulance", etc.


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