Elena Drapeko


In the State Duma of the 4th convocation, she was a member of the Just Russia - Homeland faction (popular patriotic union). First Deputy Chairman of the Committee on Culture. Honored Artist of the RSFSR (1980), starred in more than 60 films.


The ancestors of Elena Grigoryevna on the paternal side - Ukrainians, immigrants from the Chernigov province of Novgorod-Seversky district, the village of Obrazheevka (Preobrazhenskoye) - moved to Bashkiria at the beginning of the 20th century. The ancestors on the maternal side are from the Old Believers, who moved to the Urals in Peter's times.

Elena Drapeko was born on October 29, 1948 in the city of Uralsk, West Kazakhstan Region, Kazakh SSR. In 1966-1968 she studied at the faculty of directing folk theaters of the Leningrad Institute of Culture named after N.K. Krupskaya. In 1972 she graduated from the Leningrad State Institute of Theater, Music and Cinematography, course of L.F. Makaryev.

Not married, has a daughter Anastasia from marriage with actor Oleg Belov.

Political activity

In 1992-1993 - Chairman of the Committee on Culture and Tourism of the City Hall of St. Petersburg, in 1993-1994 - Vice President of the Guild of Film Actors of Russia, since 1994 - Professor of St. Petersburg Humanitarian University of Trade Unions. Since 1996, she was a member of the presidium of the public movement "People's Patriotic Union of Russia." In September 1999, she led the “Spiritual Heritage of the Homeland” movement, which split from the “Spiritual Heritage” movement of Alexei Podberyozkin and supported the Communist Party in the State Duma elections.

In 2004, at the constituent congress of the All-Russian Communist Party of the Future, she was elected Secretary of the Central Committee.

On December 19, 1999 she was elected as a deputy of the State Duma of the third convocation according to the list of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, she was a member of the Agro-industrial deputy group, deputy chairman of the Committee on Culture and Tourism. On December 7, 2003, she was elected as a deputy of the State Duma of the fourth convocation on the list of the Communist Party, and was a member of the Communist Party faction.

Social work

In 1980-1990 - member of the Central Committee of the trade union of cultural workers. She was a member of the board of the Union of Cinematographers of Russia, a member of the council of the “Women of St. Petersburg” movement, and chairman of the St. Petersburg branch of the “Spiritual Heritage” movement. Member of the standing commission of the Interparliamentary Assembly of the CIS member states on culture, information, tourism and sports. Full member of the International Slavic Academy of Sciences, corresponding member of the Petrovsky Academy of Sciences and Arts, full member of the Academy of Tourism, candidate of sociological sciences (not recognized by the Higher Attestation Commission of Russia).


The cinematic biography of Elena Drapeko began when the actress was in her last year at a theater university. The actress was entrusted with the main role in the iconic military film “Dawns Here Are Quiet”. The drama of Stanislav Rostotsky received incredible success with viewers and critics. The film was watched by millions of Soviet television viewers.

Elena Drapeko in the movie “Dawns Here Are Quiet”

The role of Lisa Brichkina brought Elena Drapeko a resounding fame and recognition. A girl with a blond braid, with a tightly cut figure (actress's height is 170 cm, weight - 65 kg) had a light and calm character, while in Lisa there was an inner core. The actress managed to convey the character of a real Russian woman, so the death of the heroine Elena Drapeko was perceived so tragically.

In subsequent years, Elena Drapeko starred regularly. Each year 3-4 films were released, in which the artist took part. The young artist appeared in the films “Tagged Atom”, “Circle”, “Eternal Call”, “My Boyfriend”, “Old Friends”. But all these roles were small or episodic.

The main role went to Elena Drapeko in 1976. The girl played Olga Muromtseva in the film "Fatherless". This is a melodrama shot by Vladimir Shamshur based on the story of Anton Chekhov.

Elena Drapeko in the movie “The Lonely Dormitory is Given”

The most striking projects in the filmography of the actress, beloved by the viewers of the Soviet Union in the 1980s, were the paintings “Wormwood - Bitter Grass” and “Lonely hostel is provided.” In the last melodrama, released in 1983, Elena Grigoryevna got the role of Nina, whose difficult relationship with the hero Frunzik Mkrtchyan was engaged in by Vera Golubeva, played by Natalya Gundareva.

Perhaps this was the last starring role in the cinematic biography of Elena Drapeko. In the 90s, which turned out to be a difficult period for the life of the country and cinema, the actress starred a little. During this period, the actress became interested in politics and began to pursue a career on the political front.

From the films of the 2000s, where Elena Drapeko appeared, the most vivid can be noted the criminal series “Gangster Petersburg”, where the actress played the prosecutor Maria Sergeyevna Plotkin, and the melodrama “Sonya - Golden Handle”.

Elena Drapeko in the film "Women's Day"

One of the last works of the actress was the main role in the romantic comedy “Women's Day”, where the actress reincarnated as an accountant Tamara Vasilyevna, an employee of the company, in which the director Evgeny (Timofey Tribuntsev) needs to be reduced. A young man must make a difficult decision on the eve of March 8. In the series “Shaman”, which was released in 2014, Elena Drapeko embodied on the screen the image of the mother of the main character Marina (Inna Kolyada).


A heightened sense of justice and a desire to help people have always been the main character traits of Elena Drapeko. In the dashing 90s, the need for protection arose among many. And Elena G. went to help people. First as a public figure, then as a professional politician.

Elena Drapeko

In 1992, Drapeko was elected chairman of the committee on culture and tourism at the mayor's office of St. Petersburg. A year later, she was appointed vice president of the Russian Guild of Movie Actors. A year later, in 1994, Elena Grigoryevna was already a professor at the Humanitarian University of the city trade unions on the Neva. The actress successfully defended her Ph.D. in sociology.

In 1996, Elena Drapeko became a member of the presidium of the public movement "People's Patriotic Union of Russia", and after 3 years she was elected as a deputy of the State Duma of the 3rd convocation from the Communist Party.

In 2007, Elena Grigoryevna again became a deputy of the State Duma of the 5th convocation and led the party "Fair Russia: Homeland / Pensioners / Life". At the same time, Drapeko is the only deputy who does not have housing in Moscow. Together with her minor daughter, Nastya, Elena Grigoryevna lived in a hotel for a long time.

Elena Drapeko in the State Duma

Now the politician is in the standing commission of the Inter-Parliamentary Assembly of States on culture, information, tourism and sports, as well as in the International Slavic Academy of Sciences. Elena Drapeko has an official website, where everyone can leave an appeal to the deputy. On the pages of the Internet resource there is a biography of Drapeco and the latest news with the participation of the deputy. The personal profile of Elena Drapeko is also posted on the website of the State Duma.

Personal life

Elena Drapeko speaks sparingly about her personal life. It was not appropriate for a State Duma deputy to share details that concern only her and loved ones.

Elena Drapeko and Oleg Belov

From various sources it is known that in the life of Elena Grigoryevna there were three husbands. The first marriage happened early when the girl was a student. The politician does not like to remember this, considering this hasty union as a youthful mistake.

The second time Drapeko married a colleague Oleg Belov. Elena claims that it was a marriage of sincere love. In 1983, the daughter of Nastya was born. The girl was born when mother was already 35 years old. The couple’s life together lasted 13 years, but, in the end, broke up. Elena Drapeko began a political career. According to the actress, the husband was jealous of his wife’s success. Oleg Belov, in turn, argues that the hobby of Elena Grigoryevna reading books of Vladimir Lenin, 55 volumes of which the actress constantly studied, had a negative effect on the union. The couple broke up.

Daughter of Elena Drapeko Anastasia

Elena Grigoryevna does not name the name of her third husband. Joint photos with a man, the actress also does not advertise. He says that the husband “was a professional boss” with all the attributes of power. And everything would be wonderful if Drapeko abandoned his own political ambitions and turned into a simple housewife, the keeper of the hearth, patiently waiting for the tired husband-boss from work. But Elena Grigoryevna did not like it. So the third union fell apart. In the third marriage, the actress had no children.

The personal life of Elena Drapeko is now behind seven castles. Once, the actress let slip that she has a loved one with whom the actress is calm, cozy and warm.

Elena Drapeko with daughter and granddaughter

The daughter of Elena Grigoryevna, Anastasia Drapeko (Belova), did not follow in the footsteps of her parents, but became a journalist. The girl graduated from St. Petersburg University with honors and went to work on the radio, where Anastasia had her own broadcast on the radio stations “MAXIMUM” and “Radio Mayak”. Later, the girl got a job in the editorial group of the talk show Andrei Malakhov “Let them talk”, and in 2016 she moved to the Velvet Music production center. The daughter of Varvara, the long-awaited granddaughter of Elena Grigoryevna, is growing up in the journalist's family.

Photo: Elena Drapeko

... And the dawns here are quiet (1972)

The invitation was promoted by a bright film debut in the last year: “And the dawns here are quiet ...” Rostotsky and the role of Lisa Brichkina became her first exit to the wide screen. Drapeko immediately fell in love with both the audience and critics. They began to recognize her on the street, calling for new films.

In the next few years, she starred regularly, every year three or four projects were released in her credits with her name. Only now they did not offer the main roles - all the episodes and secondary heroines.

Drapeco waited for her next big role only in 1976. Elena had the opportunity to embody another tragic fate. To this end, Olga Muromtseva’s orphanage became her heroine in the film “Fatherless”. For a deep, soulful game, the actress was awarded the Lenin Komsomol Prize.

On her account there are many films included in the golden clip of Soviet and Russian cinema. “Eternal call”, “Wormwood - bitter grass”, “The hostel is provided for the lonely”, “Window to Paris”, shot in the early 90s together with the French ... However, it was in the 90s that Elena became more and more interested in politics.

The collapse of engineer Garin (1973)

Her second husband, St. Petersburg actor Oleg Belov, in an interview will tell that Elena was very proud of her political education in the family. The main books in the house were 55 volumes of the collected works of Vladimir Lenin. Elena studied them all.

She was fascinated by political work, the opportunity to be involved in the leadership of the country, to work for the benefit of the people. According to the former spouse, when Elena fulfilled her dream in the early 90s and finally became involved in politics, both her husband and little Nastya, the only daughter of Drapeko, moved to the background.

The actress herself admits that she enjoyed what can really help people. In the mid-80s, she was part of actors working in hot spots. I went to Afghanistan, to Chechnya. As Elena Grigoryevna herself says, it’s not to raise morale, but to return a person to a normal human condition after the battle.

In the late 80s, she was employed in the Central Committee of the trade unions of cultural workers. With her participation, labor protection issues were studied in those professions, which are usually treated less carefully. The actress explains: librarians and miners actually have one occupational disease. And in those and others, dust accumulates in the lungs. Only in the case of the former, for some reason, this is not taken seriously.

For the honest performance of duties in the early 90s, Elena Grigoryevna was appointed Minister of Culture in St. Petersburg.


It was a warm attitude towards the new position that put an end to the second and, it seemed, happy marriage of Drapeko.

For the first time, she married in college. She doesn’t tell that story to anyone, calling her a “youthful mistake” with a smile. Students did not live together very long.

And here is the second time Elena got married with great love. When I met Oleg Belov on a joint tour, I immediately “laid eyes on him”. And he thought for a long time and hardly looked after the girl. On the same tour, the couple had an affinity.

Now Belov says that, although he had been divorced for a long time, Peter was not going to transfer his touring relationship to Peter. But they became friends with Elena. So much so that one day she simply came to his house at night and asked to stay.

The actor confesses: on Lena then there was only a fur coat worn on a naked body. And at that moment he was ready to agree to everything - if only Elena would remain. The next day, Belov’s future mother-in-law came to get acquainted with a bottle of cognac and drinking stories. And she imperiously said: if you are going to live with my daughter, then make her happy.

She was 30, he was almost 45 when the lovers got married. Soon their only daughter Nastya was born. Six years later, the parents divorced. Elena G. does not name the reasons.

But the actor in his interview does not get tired of blaming the mother-in-law who allegedly set up her daughter against her husband, as well as Elena’s passion for politics, which began to take up too much time.

Women's Day (2013)

Belov repeatedly publicly accused Elena of not allowing him to see her daughter, whom he no longer needed. The nature of the discord in this creative couple will always remain a mystery, unless Drapeko writes, as she once promised, a book of memoirs.

Now the common daughter of Belov and Drapeko, a well-known radio host in St. Petersburg, bears her mother's famous surname. Elena Grigoryevna gladly talks about her granddaughter, and about the pleasure that a new role brings to her - the role of grandmother.

Now Drapeko is a State Duma deputy from the Just Russia party. Very little is known about Elena’s last marriage. It seems that the spouse was also a politician, he just represented another party. They say that due to political views, she divorced for the third time.

The last film work Drapeko dates back to 2014 - she starred in the film "Shaman". The actress says that she would like to continue acting in films, but so far she is even afraid of talking about the theater - is there enough time for everything?

Elena Drapeko revealed the reasons for the divorce from Oleg Belov: it was difficult for the former spouse to reconcile with the popularity of his wife, as a result of the marriage broke up. The actress herself wanted to end the relationship sooner, so she refused property disputes.

“I am a perfectionist. If I take on something, I’m doing it well, ”- this is how Elena Drapeko describes herself in almost every interview. And indeed, the actress excelled in the creative profession, and later worked fruitfully in politics. The only thing that the star failed to do was build a strong and happy relationship with the man.

Elena Grigoryevna was married three times. She calls the first union a mistake.The fact is that friends almost forced the artist to marry a long-time boyfriend. “They persuaded someone there in the registry office to be painted on a non-working day. Three days later, I went to file for divorce, but they could not draw up the documents for six months. So I was tormented that time, ”the artist admitted on the air of the program“ The Fate of a Man ”.

Being still a very young girl, Drapeko did not think about family life. She was much more interested in a career. After several unsuccessful trials, Elena Grigoryevna got a role in the film. " And the dawns here are quiet. ” The picture was waiting for international success, and in the wake of popularity, the young actress made several interesting creative suggestions at once.

In just six years of hard work, she managed to become one of the most popular Soviet artists. Soon, personal life improved: in 1978, Drapeko married Oleg Belov’s colleague. She still admits that this feeling was the strongest in her life.

In 1983, the daughter Anastasia was born. Elena Grigoryevna devoted all her free time to the girl, but at the same time managed to act in films. Her popularity grew, which her husband did not like at all. According to Drapeko, there was constant competition between them, and this negatively affected the climate in the family. When the child was only four years old, the artists decided to leave.

Ahead of the country, big changes awaited. In the late 80s, Elena G. faced one more misfortune: her mother was diagnosed with cancer. The actress could no longer tour the country with creative meetings, so she wrote an author’s course and began to teach rhetoric and negotiation theory at the university.

Then her career took a completely different course: Drapeko became involved in politics and met her third husband at work. She prefers not to name the last spouse, since already in the early 90s he held senior positions.

“There are people who work as bosses all their lives. He is one of those. In 1993, I spoke negatively against Boris Yeltsin, after which I lost the post of chairman of the committee on culture and tourism of the St. Petersburg city hall. Three months awaited arrest. She also divorced her husband, so as not to spoil his career. But we still communicate very well. I am friends with his daughter, I know his new wife, ”admitted Elena Grigoryevna.

After the third divorce, Drapeko decided not to get married anymore. The actress focused on a career, and spent free time with her daughter Nastya. Elena G. and now works a lot. She admits that even at the age of 70 she cannot sit idle, regularly finding new areas for the realization of her ambitions.

Despite a brilliant career, Drapeko considers the birth of his daughter to be the main achievement in his life. It was Anastasia who was always an incentive for the artist to develop and move forward.

Sofa from Filippov

- Now I will lead you into the room where there is an old sofa, bed, armchair and floor lamp. I keep these things like the apple of an eye. They came from my friend artist Sergei Filippov. In addition, I also have a collection of champagne corks. Filippov collected traffic jams for fishing tackle - he dreamed of building a net with floats. He had a small house near a lake without light and gas. Sergei Nikolaevich loved to retire there. I sort through these plugs, and I feel warm from the thought that Seryozha was holding them in his hands. He loved to drink, but never got drunk - health did not allow. Therefore, when Filippov took an extra glass, I always slowed him down. He obeyed me.

Sergey Nikolaevich’s wife, writer Antonina Golubeva, was 13 years older than Seryozha. Their relationship was unique! She adored her Serezhenka, and he went crazy with her Mutton. So he called her. Elegant such a small sprout, Antonina Georgievna looked completely tiny with her husband, who was two meters away. They write that they had a strained relationship, that Tonya was tyrannical. This is fiction.

After the death of his wife, Filippov became a completely lonely person, even stopped taking care of himself. He could not live a year without his Red Mullet. In 1989, Antonina Georgievna was buried, and in the 90th, Kisa Vorobyaninov also left. The last months of his life were given to him especially hard both in the moral sense and in the material. He did not act, there were no savings, so he interrupted from bread to water. It used to sit on the Lenfilm, look somewhere into space and grind one cigarette after another.

“Serezhenka, why are you smoking so much?” - I chided somehow.

“To die faster,” his answer was so scary.

A few months later he died of lung cancer.

The sofa, floor lamp and chair went to the artist from the legendary artist

Fathers and Sons

- Children, grandchildren come to the country?

- The son is coming. Dima is from my first marriage. His mother, singer Valentina Belova, died 19 years ago. He is a smart and funny person. For many years he worked in the space industry, now a computer programmer. Dima is already 50. I can’t wait for the grandchildren from him. But my youngest daughter, Nastya, recently gave birth to a girl. After the divorce, Drapeko forbade me to communicate with my daughter. Nastya was still in school when Lena and I broke up.

- Did the birth of your granddaughter have not reconciled you with Elena Grigoryevna?

- Having learned that I became a grandfather, I clenched my teeth and stuck my pride to hell, decided to call Drapeko.

The role in the film "On the Way to Berlin" (1969) Belov considers one of the most dear to the heart

Elena Drapeko
Elena Grigoryevna Drapeko

Member of the State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation
from December 2, 2007
The presidentVladimir Vladimirovich Putin
BirthOctober 29, 1948 (1948-10-29) (71 years old) or September 29, 1948 (1948-09-29) (71 years old)
Uralsk, Kazakh SSR, USSR
SpouseOleg Alexandrovich Belov
The consignment
  • Fair Russia
  • St. Petersburg State Institute of Culture (1968)
  • Leningrad State Institute of Theater, Music and Cinematography (1972)

deputy of the State Duma

“Yes, Nastya gave birth,” Lena replied sarcastically to my congratulations. “But grandfathers, that is, you will not be with us.”

“Lena, you and your mother mutilated Nastya’s life, depriving her of her father.” Now you want to deprive the child of his grandfather ?!

She hung up. Then I called Nastya with a proposal to meet.

“We don’t need to see each other,” snapped Anastasia. “You are of no interest to me!”

The worst thing is that in the intonations of my daughter I heard notes of my mother-in-law. She is very similar to her grandmother. Lena's mother first ate her, and then took up me. Cats eat birds, birds eat worms, and my mother-in-law was born to gobble up our family life.

Andrei MARTYNOV and Elena DRAPEKO after the screening of the film “And the Dawns Here Are Quiet ...” (1972) woke up the next morning famous


* Oleg BELOV was born in 1934.

* The audience’s love was brought to the artist by the films “Do not forget. Lugovaya Station ”,“ Green Chains ”,“ Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson: The Hound of the Baskervilles ”,“ Afrikanych ”,“ While the Front is Defensive ”, etc.

Elena Grigoryevna forbade her husband to see her daughter Nastya and granddaughter Varya. Photo by Anatoly ZHDANOV / Komsomolskaya Pravda

Elena Drapeko now

Elena G. ceased to appear on television, plunged into lawmaking. Drapeko gave birth to 30 laws that have already entered into force. In the summer, a debate broke out in the Federation Council over the adoption of amendments to the law on the free import and export of cultural property. The voices of the senators were divided.

Actress Elena Drapeko

Many, including officials from the Ministry of Culture, Rosarkhiv, the Ministry of Justice, the FSB, as well as the State Duma’s deputy chairman for culture, Elena Drapeko, opposed the amendment. Elena Grigoryevna called the adoption of the amendment "hacking the system of protection of national culture." After a fierce debate, the bill was delayed until the fall. As a result, at the end of the year, the amendment gained the required number of senators' votes.

In anticipation of the impending elections, the deputy corps of the Just Russia faction decided to support the incumbent president in the election. Among the supporters of Vladimir Putin was Elena Drapeko.

Childhood Elena Drapeko. Family and education

Elena Drapeko was born in a small town Uralsk in western Kazakhstan. The parents of the future actress were not connected with the artistic world. Her mother taught history and literature at school, came from a family of Old Believers and was raised in strict rules. In her interviews, Elena often emphasized that it was from her mother that she got a firm and decisive character. The father of the future actress was a military officer, lieutenant colonel. The ancestors of Elena on the father's side are Ukrainians, immigrants from the Chernihiv region.

Due to the profession of the father, the family was often forced to move from place to place. A few months after the birth of their daughter, they moved to Ufa, and later to the Leningrad Region, first to Pavlovsk, then to Pushkin. When Elena was 16 years old, her father died. The girl was left alone with her mother, who at that time worked in the library.

Husbands of Elena Drapeco - photo

Throughout her life, Elena Drapeko was married 3 times. The first husband, whose name she does not disclose, is not known to the public. She admits that this was her "youthful mistake." She and her husband at that time were students, the brother himself turned out to be fleeting. Having lived together quite a bit of time, Elena Drapeko and her husband divorced.
An active personal life interfered with Elena Drapeko's career, so the second husband did not appear in her life right away. They became actor Oleg Belov.

Both ex-spouses claim that this marriage was really out of great love. Both Elena and Oleg built their acting careers, but in different cities, which was an undoubted obstacle to their frequent meetings. When Elena was already 35 years old, her first and only daughter was born. It was in 1983, the girl was named Anastasia.

Subsequently, Anastasia took the name of her mother, but chose a career of her own - she became a journalist, and quite successful. In 2016, she gave birth to her mother’s granddaughter, Barbara.

Spouses, unfortunately, could not save the marriage and after 13 years of cohabitation broke up. The ex-husband of Elena Grigoryevna claimed that the reason for their separation was Elena's passion for a new, political career, as well as her mother, who constantly dictated her conditions.
It is known that Elena Grigoryevna had a third husband. The photo of Elena Drapeko's husband, who became the third, is not advertised, as well as his name. The marriage broke up due to the fact that her husband wanted to see Elena Grigoryevna as the guardian of the hearth, which could not be combined with her career.

Perhaps interesting: husbands of Marina Vladi, husbands of Vera Sotnikova.


Watch the video: The Dawns Here Are Quiet. Interview with Elena Drapeko А зори здесь тихие English Subt (April 2020).