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Forget once and FOREVER these 7 phrases! They bring you trouble!


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YouTube is a huge blog platform living its own life. Commercials are successfully monetized, bloggers just don’t do anything to increase subscribers and views, and users watch YouTube for several hours a day. Idyll? No, given how many fates were broken in search of fame and just randomly, through negligence.

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The power of a word

No one today will argue that words have tremendous power. They materialize, although it may immediately be invisible. To date, scientists have studied and presented evidence of the strength of our words.. There are entire areas of science that continue to explore the influence of words, for example, wave genetics, which offers the treatment of deadly diseases with sound.Therefore, it is very important to follow what we say in order to save our life from many troubles.

Let's look at the popular phrases that people often pronounce, without even thinking about what destructive influence they entail:

1. "I can not!".

Each person often uses this phrase when, for example, he wants someone to refuse help. On the one hand, this is correct, because it is necessary to be able to refuse people. But, you can do it differently. Start saying instead of “I can’t!” - “I will not do this.”When a person often uses a phrase proclaiming his powerlessness, it settles in the subconscious and deprives the person of energy. “I can’t!” Is a phrase that means weakness, lack of strength, energy, knowledge. If a person can do something, but he is not comfortable, you need to say so.

If a person just doesn’t want to, that’s what you need to say. After all, the phrase "I can’t!" Carries devastating consequences and deprives a person of strength.

2. "I'm in shock!".

Another favorite expression of many people. But, if people understood the true meaning of this phrase, they would not use it in everyday life. Let’s start with what shock is for a start. So, shock is a complex pathological process, entailing a grave violation of the vital functions of the body. There are various types of shock in severity, but all of them imply a terrible state of the body. All cells of our body react negatively to such a sound message, and therefore, if a person wants to preserve his health and performance, it is better to express his surprise in other words.

3. "I will never again ...".

In different situations, the continuation of this phrase is different, but such categorical statements often block a person's forward movement. When in an emotional impulse we promise to never do something again, we often do not fully realize the depth of this phrase. Naturally, emotions pass, and we return to the usual actions, but everything is not going so smoothly. For example, when we say out loud, “I will never trust people again!”, Time passes and we forget about it, but building trust becomes much more difficult.

4. "I'm terribly happy!".

Or "I'm terribly happy!". These are phrases that carry a negative message. Horror is incompatible with a sense of joy and happiness. The expression of horror destabilizes our emotional state and attracts unhappiness into our lives. It’s best to cross out these phrases from your vocabulary. There are enough words in any language to express your feelings most clearly.

7. "I am very sick."

Health problems happen in the life of every person, but, in our power to learn how to respond to them in such a way as to get rid of them as soon as possible. Positive thinking and the right phrases release energy that puts things in order in our bodies at the cellular level. Today, most leading specialists in the field of medicine know how important the mood of a person is for the speedy victory over the disease. When you utter such a phrase, you only exacerbate the pathological process taking place in your body. Do not say negative words about your body, but rather,practice healing statements- they will contribute to the healing process.

There are Anchar people

One owner of a small company hired an employee - a completely ordinary young guy as a manager. After some time, a colleague of this employee, who was sitting with him in his office, fell seriously ill. Then there was a serious accident when the manager was driving the company’s car with the driver. The driver was seriously injured, almost nothing was left of the car ...

There was a fire in the room - and the wiring was closed in the office where this young man worked. The business of the company fell into complete decline ... And then the business owner himself fell ill. Whatever the “anchor” was for, it all ended in failure, loss, and conflict.

There was nothing to blame the guy, but he himself said that the same thing happened in previous places of work. He sincerely did not understand what was happening!

It happens. After talking with a certain person, we or our loved ones can get sick. This is especially true for children - they are highly sensitive. Losses, accidents, injuries can occur ... Although a person does not wish us harm. He does not want the bad - and the bad happens anyway.

There is such an expression - "black Widow". So called women, whose husbands and lovers died one after another. At the time of Pushkin there was such a lady - Aurora Karlovna Sternval. The groom died on the eve of the wedding, then another died, then she still got married, but widowed, then it happened again ... Even the poet Maslov, who wrote a poem about her, also fell ill and died. And Aurora herself lived a long life. She is not to blame for anything, so fate ordered.

Or at the beginning of the 20th century, a woman by the name of Weber was accused of the death of four children, two of her own and two more whom she looked after. The crowd wanted to tear apart the "cannibal", that’s what they called it. But the investigation found that the children died for various reasons, did not find anything criminal. And then another child died, the son of a friend with whom the acquitted lady played. Coughing and everything ... And also, Mrs. Weber was not to blame for this!

In war, in travel, in fishing such a person was noticed very quickly. And they tried to avoid the neighborhood with him, fearing his pernicious influence, there was no time for psychology, it was often about life and death. Such a person was considered "damned", often he remained in isolation. And in the Middle Ages they could well be accused of witchcraft and executed.

Science has not yet guessed this phenomenon.

  • Maybe a person is a carrier of some kind of hidden destructive program received from parents.
  • Maybe he is not aware of the hidden anger and rage that he experiences for some reason.
  • Maybe it doesn’t energetically suit other people, just as a blood type doesn’t suit, for example. And causes anaphylactic shock?

But here's a strange thing: such a person stubbornly chooses to work with people and works hard to make contacts. “Black widows” are very actively seeking to marry again and again, although they should think about other people? Deal with your program? And those with whom children are ill, for some reason, and are drawn specifically to children ...

In this sense, the story of Typhoid Mary is indicative - the woman was a carrier of typhoid. She infected a large hundreds of people, 36 people died. But Mary refused to be examined and stated that she was completely healthy. She was healthy, she was a carrier of a dangerous infection. And I always chose a job in the field of catering. I loved my profession very much! In the end, she was sent to prison, the only way to prevent the activities of this lady. Strange perseverance and amazing commitment to the profession, right?

If you notice that something bad happens regularly in the presence of a person, sincerely talk with him about it. A normal person will think like the manager I talked about above. He hated his rich father, who had abandoned him as a child. And in his dreams he wished his father ruin, illness, accident, fire ... The young man managed to figure out his program. And he kept his job, misfortunes ceased miraculously!

And if a person begins to behave like "Typhoid Mary" and show aggression, resentment, obstinacy, not wanting to understand you - sorry but better to break off. There is a phenomenon, although the mechanisms are unclear. And you need to think about your safety. published by

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