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Victor Zinchuk
basic information
Date of BirthApril 8, 1958 (1958-04-08) (61 years old)
Place of Birth
  • Moscow, USSR
The countryUSSR
Years of activity1976 — present
GenresInstrumental rock, neoclassical metal, classic crossover, fusion, hard rock
CollectivesArsenal, Quadro

Victor Ivanovich Zinchuk (born April 8, 1958) - Russian guitarist, composer, arranger, Honored Artist of Russia. Associate Professor of the International Academy of Sciences San Marino, Associate Professor of Moscow State University of Culture and Arts. In addition to creating his own music, he made many arrangements of classical music: I. S. Bach, N. Paganini, M. Glinka, J. Verdi, J. Gershwin.


In 1976, Viktor entered the music school for gifted children in the classical guitar class in Russia and studied for 4 years. He played in the ensemble "Arsenal" with Alexei Kozlov and the group of Vyacheslav Gorsky "Quadro". In 1987, Zinchuk began a solo career. It was at this time that he was recognized as the best guitarist, according to a survey by the Youth Channel of the All-Union Radio. Also in 1987, a documentary film about Victor Zinchuk was shown on the Central Television of the USSR, thanks to which many were able to get acquainted with the musician's work. In 1991, he won at a large music festival in Switzerland and still performs with dignity at many other festivals. source not specified 2628 days . In 1995 he graduated with honors from Moscow State University of Culture and Arts.

Photo: Victor Zinchuk

Childhood and youth of Victor Zinchuk

The five-year school musical “career” for Viktor Zinchuk was enough to understand that the guitar is his vocation, and he intends to connect his future exclusively with music. Wanting to get professional training, Zinchuk entered the October Revolution Music and Pedagogical College majoring in classical guitar and conducting an orchestra of folk instruments.

As a student, Victor received an invitation to the Pop Symphony Orchestra of the All-Union Radio and Central Television. Here he worked under the leadership of Yuri Silantyev. Just a year after starting work in the Orchestra, Viktor Zinchuk became an artist of the highest category.

The beginning of the career of Victor Zinchuk

In 1983, Victor received his first music award in Baku at the Walif Mustafa-Zadeh Festival.

All this time, Zinchuk did not stop searching for his musical "I". In 1987, he decided that collaboration with other artists did not allow him to reveal his own creative potential. Therefore, he left joint projects and went into solo swimming.

Solo career of Victor Zinchuk

First of all, Victor began to process the works of Bach, Paganini, Gershwin. Music critics spoke very commendably of his work of that time. Zinchuk introduced the freshness and spirit of modernity into the world-famous works of classics.

His first steps in a solo career in 1987 were highly appreciated. According to a survey of the youth channel of the All-Union Radio, Zinchuk became the guitarist of the year.

In 1988, the film “Victor - the winner” was shot about the life and work of the famous musician. In the same year, he became a composer for the series of documentaries about life in the North “Polar Br>

Zinchuk continues to successfully perform at various music competitions and festivals. So, in 1989, he became the winner of the Interschans International Festival. In 1990 - the laureate of the television festival “Step to Parnassus”. At the same time, Viktor Zinchuk is very actively touring the Soviet Union and Europe - the Netherlands, France, Switzerland, Italy. In 1991, during a tour of Switzerland, Zinchuk received the award of the international competition in Friborg.

In 1993, Viktor Zinchuk was honored to represent the country at the Bratislava Lyre International Music Festival. Together with him, world-famous musicians, in particular, Chuck Berry, performed on the same stage.

In 1993, he wrote the music for the feature film “The Short Breath of Love”.

Despite the rich creative life, Zinchuk's debut album was released only in 1994. It was called Mix No One. In it, Victor Zinchuk combined the processing of famous classical works with his own author's compositions.

In 1995, Victor graduated from Moscow State University of Culture. Here he received higher education in the specialty "Musical Variety Art". He graduated with honors.

Career, family, life path.

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Name and surname:Victor Zinchuk
Middle name:Ivanovich
Name in English:Viktor Zinchuk
Year of birth:1958
Birthday:April 8th
Place of Birth:Moscow city
Height:173 cm.
Weight:80 kg
Eastern horoscope:Dog
Social network:Wikipedia

Victor Zinchuk today

In 2005, Viktor Ivanovich Zinchuk received the title of Honored Artist of Russia. At the same time, he released the album "12 Guitars of the Master."

The abilities of the Russian musician Fender and Ibanez were highly appreciated; each year they provide the guitarist with musical equipment absolutely free of charge. In 2005, Victor Zinchuk released a unique video tutorial on playing the guitar for beginners.

In 2010, Victor's new Celtic Album CD was released. In it, the musician paid tribute to Irish folk music. And two years later, fans heard the new acoustic album “Formula of Positive”.

In his free time, Zinchuk likes to play football.

Personal life of Viktor Zinchuk

Very little is known about Victor’s personal life, he prefers to keep this information secret.

It is known that the first child of a musician from his first wife died at the age of two and a half years, drowning. The marriage did not last long after the tragedy.

Victor Zinchuk loves football

Victor has been living with his second wife for about 20 years. Raise a son Maxim. Now he is studying at the university, receiving the specialty of lawyer. The musician’s wife does not work, she is engaged in housekeeping.

Viktor Zinchuk's world record

In 2001, Viktor Zinchuk set a world record for the speed of playing the guitar. Its speed reached 20 notes per second - an unprecedented event in world music. Victor Zinchuk - Flight of the Bumblebee: a world record for the speed of playing the guitarVictor performed Rimsky-Korsakov's composition “Flight of the Bumblebee”. This result was recorded by the Guinness Book of Records.


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