Igor Livanov: a tragic personal life and new happiness



Mother - Nina Timofeevna Livanova, father - Evgeny Aristarkhovich Livanov. Parents were the leaders of a theatrical puppet club in the House of Pioneers in the Oktyabrsky District of Kiev. Elder brother - actor Aristarkh Evgenievich Livanov (born March 17, 1947).

From the fifth grade he was engaged in boxing.

After graduation, he went to Leningrad. There, like his elder brother - Aristarkh Livanov - he entered the LGITMiK on the course of Igor Olegovich Gorbachev, who graduated in 1975. Since 1976, he served in the Armed Forces of the USSR in the units of the Marine Corps of the Pacific Fleet (55th Marine Division) in the village of Slavyanka, near Vladivostok.

After serving in the army, he moved with his family to Rostov-on-Don, where at first he played in the Rostov Youth Theater, and then for ten years (1978-1988) he served in the Rostov Academic Drama Theater named after Maxim Gorky. From 1986 to 1988, he led an acting workshop at the Rostov School of Arts. In Moscow - since 1988. He worked at the Moscow experimental theater "Detective" at the invitation of his namesake, artistic director of the theater Vasily Livanov, now - in the troupe of the Moon Theater (Moscow) under the direction of Sergei Prokhanov.

In the movie, actor Igor Livanov made his debut in 1979 in the role of Nikolai Torsuev in the Soviet lyric drama "Unrequited Love" directed by Andrei Malyukov. His partners in this film were famous Soviet actors Leonid Markov and Inna Makarova.

The popularity came to the actor in 1993, after the detective thriller “Thirtieth Annihilate!” Appeared on the country's screens, where he played the main role of Sergei Cherkasov, nicknamed “Thirtieth” (“Mad”), performing all the tricks on his own, without an understudy.

In 2003, the actor took part in the reality show “The Last Hero” (season 3) on “Channel One”.

In 2007, he participated in the television show of boxing matches “King of the Ring” on Channel One, curated by boxer Kostya Tszyu. After a fight with actor Ivan Kokorin, Igor Livanov formed a hematoma under his left eye, which is why the actor had to enter the ring in a special helmet in subsequent fights. The project ended for Livanov with a fracture of the metacarpal bone of his right hand, which he earned not in battle, but in training. The actor was cast and cast off the project.

Personal life

The first wife Tatyana Livanova (Piskunova) (1953-1987) and daughter Olga Livanova (1979-1987) tragically died in a railway accident at the Kamenskaya station in the city of Kamensk-Shakhtinsky at 01:30 on August 7, 1987, when a freight train from - due to brake failure at high speed, it crashed into the tail of a passenger train standing at the platform, destroying the last cars in which there were sleeping people.

The second wife (until 2000) - actress Irina Livanova (nee Bakhtura, born April 11, 1965), a former student of Igor from Volgodonsk. They had a son, Andrei Igorevich Livanov (December 6, 1989 - March 14, 2015). In 2000, the marriage broke up - Irina went to the actor Sergei Bezrukov, taking his surname. Most of all I experienced separation from my son Andrei. was Sunday dad, sought to see his son as often as possible. He brought up, took with him on all trips. When Andrei grew up, they met regularly to play bowling and shoot at the shooting range. Andrey served as a senior administrator in the Moscow Provincial Drama Theater from the first days of the theater. March 14, 2015, Andrei Livanov, at the age of twenty-five, died suddenly at home.

Currently, his wife is Olga Livanova (born October 23, 1978), a lawyer who works in the office for the sale of securities. In 2007, the couple gave birth to a son, Timothy. October 18, 2015 the second son Ilya was born.

The beginning of a film career

Igor’s first work in cinema was Andrei Malyukov’s lyric drama “Unrequited Love”, which was released in 1979. She did not bring fame to the aspiring actor, but gave a certain experience.

The star of Livanov, ascended in 1992, after the release of the picture "Thirtieth Destroy." All the tricks, and there are a lot of them in the film, the artist performed himself, presenting himself to the audience as a fearless commando. After the film was released, it became recognizable.

The filmography of the Honored Artist of the Russian Federation, has about 66 works, including:

  • “Code of dishonor” - 1993,
  • "At the corner of the Patriarchs" - 1995,
  • "Countess de Monsoro" - 1997,
  • "Saboteur" - 2004,
  • “Hunting on the pavement” - 2005,
  • "Following the Phoenix" - 2009,
  • “Love of all ages ...” - 2011,
  • “World for two” - 2013,
  • “Testament of the Princess” - 2017,
  • “Embassy” - 2018.

In addition to filming a movie, Igor Livanov was engaged in dubbing many films. In 2001, he dubbed the role of Frank Glass, played by Stephen Seagal. In addition, viewers watched with interest their favorite actor in the framework of the reality show "The Last Hero" and "The King of the Ring", broadcast by Channel One.

Three wives: the story of each marriage

A lot of tests fell on the share of actor Igor Livanov. The personal life of a man was far from cloudless. With the first wife, very little time was measured. The actress Tatyana Piskunova became the chosen one of the artist. In the marriage, the couple had a daughter, Olga. When the girl was 8 years old, a terrible tragedy occurred, as a result of which she, along with her mother, the wife of Livanov, died.

The man could not come to his senses for a long time. In order not to lose his mind, he went headlong to work. This continued until Irina Bakhtura appeared in his life. A student of the art school brought Livanov back to life. Their romance ended in marriage, and in 1989, the wife gave the wife of her son Andrei.

This happened at a difficult moment for Igor, when he received a spinal injury on the set of the film "Thirtieth Destroy", which brought him great success. Any movement caused inhuman torment. The man could not work, all the accumulated savings were spent on treatment, which practically yielded no results. But Livanov managed to endure the blows of fate and not break.

Igor Evgenievich devoted all his free time to his son. He was very worried that he had the fate of becoming Sunday dad. As soon as the opportunity was given, he always took Andrei with him on trips. The trust between father and son has not disappeared. Having matured, the young man got a job as the chief administrator in the Moscow Provincial Theater. Andrei and Igor met regularly to simply exchange news, play bowling and shoot at the shooting range.

Once at the club, at the celebration of his birthday, he met a girl who immediately won his heart. So, in the personal life of Igor Livanov, Olga appeared. But being taught by bitter experience, the man was afraid to trust her and was in no hurry to call down the aisle. Which, of course, offended her. Once they quarreled and went to his beloved to put up, Igor made an offer.

The third wife is a lawyer by training. He works in an office specializing in the sale of securities. Despite the significant difference in age, the current chosen one of the actor is 25 years younger, they are doing well.

Children of Igor Livanov

The artist married three times and from each marriage he has children. Daughter Olga, from the first wife of Tatyana Piskunova. The girl’s life tragically ended when she was only 8 years old. Son Andrei Igorevich Livanov, born of the second wife of Irina Bakhtur (now she is known as Bezrukova). From the first days of the existence of the Moscow Provincial Drama Theater, the young man served him until the last.

The third wife Olga, gave birth to a son, Timothy. The joyful event took place in 2007. And in 2015, another child was born, the son of Igor Livanov Ilya.


As it became known, Andrei managed to call the rescue service and say that he was ill. The ambulance crew, who arrived at the place, could not get into the house, since the door was locked. When the rescuers broke it out, it was too late. Doctors ascertained death. The young man was found in the bathroom. Beside him lay insulin syringes. The son of Irina Bezrukova and Igor Livanov suffered from diabetes.

A few days before his death, the guy returned from Vietnam, where he traveled with his mother. Upon arrival, both felt unwell, but did not attach any importance to this. A few days later, Livanov’s wife flew away with her husband on a tour to Irkutsk. So, 2015 divided the life of the famous actor into “before” and “after”. To cope with the grief, Igor helped her wife Olga, who at that moment wore his child under the heart.

Latest News 2018

Today, in the personal life of Igor Livanov, everything is fine. He is a happy husband and father of two children. The current wife is far from the acting environment. She is a caring, loving wife and mother. Igor and Olya do not like social parties, preferring to spend time with their families. On weekends, they go fishing, watch movies and listen to music. As for work, the artist continues to act in films.

In 2016, he appeared in the comedy film Against All the Rules. A year later, the shooting of the social drama of the criminal genre “Embassy” ended. In addition, the actor pleased the audience with the main role in the film “Don Juan the Virgin”.

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Igor Livanov. My hero

Igor Livanov - biography

The name of actor Igor Livanov is well known to fans of action-packed films. His characters are real heroes, accustomed to achieve their goals, despite any obstacles. They know firsthand what conscience and honor are. There were two irreparable losses in his life, but he survived because he was used to fighting and going to the end.

The first fame came to the actor after the painting “Thirtieth Destroy!”, And was consolidated by other successful projects - “72 meters”, “From the life of the head of the criminal investigation department”, “On the corner, near the Patriarchs”.

Childhood and youth

Igor Livanov was born on November 15, 1953 in Kiev. Father Evgeni Livanov and mother Nina Livanova were creative people, headed the puppet theater in the Palace of Pioneers of the city of Kiev. The eldest son Aristarchus grew up in the family, who later became a famous actor.

Unlike his older brother, Livanov Jr. was more interested in sports than theater. Igor liked strength training, and in the fifth grade he seriously engaged in boxing. Later, the actor recalled that he grew up in a creative atmosphere, saw the theatrical life from the inside, because it took place before his eyes, and did not want to repeat the fate of his parents and older brother. They often visited famous persons - Models, Laurels, and other celebrities.

Photo: Igor Livanov in his youth

But genes are a serious thing, and if you are destined to be an actor, then sooner or later they will appear and lead you into the wonderful world of art. So it happened with Igor. After receiving a school certificate, he left for the Northern capital, following the example of Aristarchus, to become a student at LGITMiK. Livanov entered immediately, from the first attempt, and got on the course to Igor Gorbachev. The young artist received a diploma of graduation from a theater university in 1975, and was literally immediately drafted into the ranks of the Soviet Army. Igor Livanov fell into the Marine Corps, and the city of Vladivostok became his place of service.


Igor Livanov began theatrical biography only after the end of military service. He became an actor of the Rostov Youth Theater, but served in this theater for a short time. The young artist was offered a place in the troupe of the Rostov Academic Drama Theater named after Gorky, and he went on stage for ten years. At the same time, he was invited as a teacher of acting at the Rostov-on-Don Art School.

Igor Livanov in the theater

In 1988, Igor Livanov received an invitation from Vasily Livanov, the then artistic director of the Detective Theater. Igor moves to Moscow, and is part of the main cast of this theater. Now Igor Livanov serves in the Moscow Theater of the Moon, under the direction of People’s Artist of the Russian Federation Sergei Prokhanov.


Igor Livanov’s debut project in cinema was the film “Unrequited Love”, which the audience saw in 1979. His character Nikolai Torsuyev was completely not remembered by the viewer, and did not bring the actor neither fame nor recognition. But he gained invaluable experience of communication on the set with famous artists of that time, and could polish his acting skills on the example of Inna Makarova and Leonid Markov.

Livanov became a real star in 1993, when the film “Thirtieth Destroy!” Was released on the screens of the country. His hero was a special forces officer Sergey Cherkasov with the nickname Thirtieth. Work on the role was given to Igor easily, because he served in the army, was familiar with the psychology of the military. To perform complex tricks did not even have to call stuntmen, Livanov did an excellent job with them himself. The picture also involves Livanov Sr., who happened to reincarnate as a captain, nicknamed the Eleventh. In the film, he is the Thirtieth best friend. The age difference between the two Livanov brothers is six years old, but from the screen they look like a father and son - that was the director’s idea.

Livanov often had to play the role of strong men, and the picture “On the Corner of the Patriarchs” was no exception. In this tape, he became police captain Sergei Nikolsky. The episodic role in this film went to Vladimir Kolokoltsev, who at that time was a simple policeman, and rose to the rank of Minister of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation.

Igor Livanov was often offered the roles of military and police, but he managed not to become a hostage to one role. The artist sought to show the diversity of his talent, and he did it very well. All his heroes had only one common quality - positivity. Igor Livanov did not want to take on negative images, only once he made an exception for the film "Screw", in which he became a bandit named Khan. The artist realized that he did not want to play negative characters, he was impressed only by decent characters.

Some time passed, and Igor Livanov was again offered to play a negative role. This time, his character is Adolf Hitler, in the picture “Vangelia”. The film was based on real facts about the biography of the famous seer from Bulgaria.


In 2003, Igor Livanov was invited to the project "The Last Hero", which broadcasts the First Channel. Together with other participants in the show, Livanov ended up on a small island in the Caribbean, where he had to truly survive in difficult conditions.

In 2007, the artist was invited to another television project called “King of the Ring”. Livanov gladly accepted the invitation, because he loves boxing since childhood, and he feels very confident in the ring. The leader and ideological inspirer of the program was the famous boxer Kostya Tszyu. Igor Livanov even managed to defeat his opponent several times, but during one of the training sessions, he broke his arm and was forced to leave the project.

Igor Livanov now

The actor continues to act in films. In 2016, he was invited to the comedy “Against All Rules”, in which an absurdly ridiculous situation is played out. Once, life confronted three completely different people in a bank - a thief, a single father, who is on the verge of despair and a national security agent who worked undercover in this bank.

In 2017, Igor Livanov starred in the title role in the film "Don Juan is a Virgin." The plot of the picture is about an elderly director, his creative search and loneliness, which was formed after the departure of his wife and son. He is going to stage the play, the script for which was written by his late elder brother.

In the same 2017, Igor Livanov became the king of the adventure film “Testament of the Princess”. The king rules the small country of Saint-Lumiere, in which life flows measuredly and happily, without any special incidents and cataclysms. But once the neighboring country of France reminded the king of a long-standing debt - a loan that was once allocated to this country. If the king cannot return him in time, then the country's existence may end.

At the very end of 2017, Igor Livanov received another role of the central character. This time in the picture "Embassy", where he was to become a Russian diplomat Gennady Vedeneev. The plot of the film revolves around a diplomatic scandal. Vedeneev was detained by security services, and drugs were seized from his diplomat. An international scandal has occurred, Russian diplomats are trying to get to the bottom of the truth of what happened and resolve the situation with the benefit for Russia.

Selected Filmography

  • 1980 Mercedes escapes the chase
  • 1986 Stargazer
  • 1992 Thirtieth destroy!
  • 1995 At the corner, near the Patriarchs
  • 2000 Empire under attack
  • 2004 72 meters
  • 2005 Hunting on the pavement
  • 2010 Robinson
  • 2013 Vangelia
  • 2018 Embassy

Photo: Igor Livanov

Youth and a brief biography of the actor

Aristarchus was eager to engage in acting, he entered the theater institute, and his younger brother was more interested in sports in his school years. Once in the fifth grade, the boy got a nose, and since then he realized that he does not know how to fight at all.

In the photo: Igor Livanov in childhood

I went and signed up for the boxing section, although my parents were categorically against it. For a long time, the student managed to hide his passion from relatives. It should be noted that he achieved great success in boxing, losing only once in a duel with an opponent.

In the future, the sports guy saw himself at the gym, but the familiar theater environment in which he grew up was still closer to the actor. Therefore, Livanov became a student at LGITMiK. The chosen profession involved the actor so much that he studied perfectly, received a very good scholarship and was considered a very wealthy young man.

In 1975, he graduated almost with honors from the institute, with a diploma of one four. The next few years, Igor devoted service in the army. The young man gave duty to his homeland near Vladivostok in the ranks of the Marines.

The childhood of Igor Livanov

As Livanov himself later reported, with such a family influence, his fate was already predetermined. Aristarchus was always close by, and from early childhood dreamed of going to the cinema, which he subsequently achieved. However, at first Igor decided to go his own way.

Being a lover of a sports lifestyle, he took up boxing with the prospect of growing to a professional level. It is worth noting the successes of young Livanov - over the years of his youth, Igor lost only one battle. The logical result was the admission after graduation to the Institute of Physical Education.

As a result, family nature nevertheless took its toll, and Igor, at the exacting insistence of his mother, went after his elder brother to study at the LGITMiK Theater Academy. It is hard to say whether the actor himself is pleased with such a forced turn of life, but Livanov's fans are undoubtedly grateful to his parents for showing the world his talent.

Acting Igor Livanov

After military service, Igor moved to Rostov-on-Don, where Livanov first showed his acting skills at a high level. In 1978, the actor became a regular performer of roles at the Maxim Gorky Academic Drama Theater, where he worked for ten years.

Then the actor moved to Moscow, this was a serious impetus in the development of the acting profession of Igor Livanov. Even in Rostov, he starred in a number of films, but only the 90s brought him real fame and fame. The actor admitted that he liked the cinema much more than the theater - it felt freedom, life and diversity.

The most interesting

Later they switched to the service in the Rostov Drama Theater of M. Gorky, where they also conducted acting courses.

A young promising family managed to get housing in a new building. The long-awaited daughter Olga was born. A happy life took its course.

In the photo: Igor Livanov with his wife Tatyana Piskunova

In 1987, the young actor was in great trouble. In a terrible disaster, Igor Livanov’s beloved wife and daughter die.

They were going to visit their parents when the freight train smashed the final cars of the passenger train. In one of these Tatyana slept peacefully with her daughter. Their death was instant.

The first family of the actor

Relatives were buried at Pokrovsky cemetery, next to his wife's parents. According to the actor himself, faith helped him at that moment, since he is a deep-believing person. To distract and ease the grief, Livanov plunges his head into the work, begins teaching.

Igor Livanov and Irina Bezrukova and their son Andrei

Igor Livanov was afraid to start a new relationship, accustomed to being alone. But then there was an acquaintance with Irina Bakhtur, who has now become the famous actress of film and theater Irina Bezrukova. And then she was a student at a theater university, where they met.

With Irina - the second wife

The couple had a baby.

Igor with his son Andrei

Times have come hard: dashing nineties. I had to deal with a variety of earnings, for example, to tax. This was complicated by the injury received during the filming.

And then a new blow: after a little more than ten years of marriage, the wife met a colleague abroad and went to him: actor Sergei Bezrukov.

This happened in 2000. And I learned this from friends and through photographs in newspapers. He survived this decision bravely. Although there was something to lose heart: the wife took her beloved son with her to a new house. So he lost his family for the second time in his life. Again disappointment in love. Igor had to be content with meetings with his son on weekends, which of course could not but oppress.

I must say that Irina’s new marriage did not bring her happiness, she broke up. The son - Andrey - went to work in the theater business, in the footsteps of his parents, made plans for the future. Father was very happy about Andrey's successes, tried to spend more time with him, despite his busyness.

But the damned rock continued to haunt. At the age of three, the son was already on the verge of life and death: he choked in the water while resting. Livanov literally spent the night at the door of the intensive care unit, asking God to take his life, but leave the life of the child. The boy recovered. And in 2015, the son of Livanov died suddenly.

Andrey Livanov with his mother Irina Bezrukova

It happened like this: returning from a vacation in Vietnam, the young man began to complain of malaise. His temperature rose, his head hurt badly. Everyone thought it was a commonplace cold. But for several days Andrei did not answer the calls. After that, they broke open the door of the apartment and found him dead in the bathroom. There were rumors that the blame was on drugs that the actor’s son allegedly used. However, this is refuted by the presence of a disease - diabetes: drugs would kill him immediately.

The guy was only twenty-five years old.

Igor Livanov (wearing black glasses) at the funeral of his son Andrei

New family and birth of children

Support was provided by the new Livanov family. Without it, it’s hard to imagine how everything would have worked out. Fortunately, our hero was not disappointed in love to the end, although, after a divorce, he was close to this.

... The meeting took place in a cafe, after a successful performance, a few years after parting with Irina. It was love at first sight. The girl's name was Olya, the relationship began.

Igor Livanov and Olga

But it was not easy for Livanov to decide to make an official proposal. There were painful thoughts - the age difference is large, the girl is 25 years younger than Igor. Suddenly again a mistake, again a pain. But he did, though not immediately. There was even a separation, as Olga was tired of waiting. After that, Livanov finally realized that he could not live without her. So, Olga became his wife.

Immediately after the wedding, held in 2007, she first gave birth to her first son, Timofey, then in 2015, the second, Ilya. Livanov was 54 when Timothy was born.

Son Timothy and wife Olga

Baptism of the son of Elijah

With parents

By the way, he is glad that his wife is not an actress and has nothing to do with the theater at all. Apparently, the actor realized that connecting fate with creative women is not always reliable.

Watch the story of Igor Livanov about his life:

Today Livanov lives with his family in a country house. Raises animals in a private household (jokes that if the black line comes again, then he will take up farming instead of filming. He is fond of hunting and fishing, having visited the farthest corners of the whole world.

He often starred, plays in the theater, continuing to delight fans. The new series “Embassy” is expected soon, where the actor will play the main role - a diplomat in a European country who has fallen victim to the intrigues of special services.

Shot from the series "Embassy"

Livanov's performance in the theater

Second wife Irina Bakhtura

At the teacher training courses, the actor gets acquainted with a young student from Volgodonsk - Irina Bakhtura. Igor marries again, in 1989 their son Andrei is born. Further, at the suggestion of Vasily Livanov, the family moved to live in Moscow.

Igor Livanov and Irina Bakhtura

In the capital, Igor serves in the Moscow experimental theater Detective, and Irina in the theater studio of Oleg Tabakov. Her career is developing rapidly not only in the theatrical sphere. The wife of Igor Livanov tries himself in the film industry and becomes a rather successful and popular actress.

In the photo: Igor with his son

In 1998, on the set of one of the films, she met the charming and attractive Sergey Bezrukov. In 2000, Livanov learns about the betrayal and betrayal of his wife, who leaves him for another. She does not just leave, but also takes their son Andryusha.

The personal life of Igor Livanov is crumbling again. The actor tried to communicate with his son. Whenever possible, he took it with him on various trips.

But again, a tragedy happens. In 2015, the son suddenly dies. The main cause of death is voiced by diabetes.

The third marriage of Livanov

After a divorce, the actor plunges into the work with even greater zeal. Theater, filming, participation in television shows and talk shows.

In the photo: Igor Livanov with his wife Olga

After another full house in the theater, noting in a cafe, Livanov meets a girl. Olga is 25 years younger than him, after much thought the actor becomes his wife.

The personal life of Igor Livanov is getting better. Olga was far from the world of art, she worked in the field of jurisprudence.

This was of great importance in the decision of Igor to marry, because he was afraid to relate his fate to a girl in the acting profession. In 2007, a child is born in the family - the son Timothy, in 2015 the second - Ilya.

Today Igor Evgenievich Livanov has the title of Honored Artist of the Russian Federation, which he was awarded in 2004.

A man with a fascinating biography and a difficult fate. It has such character traits that would seem to be incompatible: kindness and strong character, talent, professional culture and the ability to hold the blows of fate.

Today he is completely satisfied with his life, because he has everything that is necessary for this: his wife and children, a dog and a plot with a house.

Despite the series of tragic events that took place in his life, he was able to survive, was able to survive everything bad, and received his well-deserved happiness.



Igor Livanov
Birth nameIgor Evgenievich Livanov
Date of BirthNovember 15, 1953 (1953-11-15) (66 years old)
Place of Birth
  • Kiev, Ukrainian SSR, USSR
  • USSR
  • Russia