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Who is the best James Bond?


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The premiere of the 25th James Bond movie "It's Not Time to Die" is set for April 2020. Most likely, this is the last film with Daniel Craig in the role of agent 007. Already now it is extremely interesting for everyone to find out who will take his place and become the new Bond. After all, every casting for this role marks the beginning of an entire era.

We are in Bright Side We closely monitor the candidates and decided to assess the chances of 15 of them playing a significant role.

15. Richard Madden

Robb Stark from Game of Thrones, the Cinderella prince, Richard Madden evokes a host of emotions as a candidate for the role of James Bond. He is so famous that even the mere suspicion of his participation in the casting is already an occasion for publication in the media. Madden himself does not mind. “I am a big fan of Bond, so if they make me an offer, it will be very difficult to refuse,” he told the British publication GQ.

14. Idris Elba

Elba is undoubtedly one of the most suitable candidates for the role. Polls and bookmakers are on his side. In a survey on the English-language portal Rotten Tomatoes, he confidently holds the second position. To date, almost 6 thousand fans have voted for him. In addition, the producer of the bondana Barbara Broccoli said once that it was time for the non-white actor to play the role of 007. The only doubt is the age of Elba: he is only 4 years younger than Daniel Craig.

13. Michael Fassbender

Michael Fassbender in 2016 during the filming of the cover of GQ officially announced that Bond is not going to play. Statistics of castings for the role of agent 007 show that such statements should not be trusted. According to Just Jared, betting on Fassbender as a potential candidate is growing. For a long time, he fell in love with the audience as Magneto, one of the X-men, and look at him - why is not agent 007?

12. Lashana Lynch

In the new film “It's Not Time to Die,” Lachana Lynch plays one of the main roles - agent 00. Harper’s Bazaar reports that she could take the post of Bond, who needs to retire, in continuing the franchise. That is, agent 007 will remain, but it will not be James Bond. Well, if the creators of the franchise want to truly update it, there is no better way.

11. Tom Hardy

Tom Hardy - the star of Venom and Mad Max - has built up a reputation as a very talented actor who loves creative freedom. The portal Just Jared writes that, according to fans and the media, he is very suitable for the role of James Bond, every 7th puts on him. True, before he starred only in projects without continuation. Bondians are customary to devote at least a few years.

10. Tom Hiddleston

“Loki. James Loki. " Tom Hiddleston is among the candidates in many English-language media, including the British edition of GQ. I wonder if Hiddleston becomes Bond, will we stop seeing him as the brother of Thor from the Marvel universe? However, he has already played one attractive spy in the TV series "Night Administrator." This could be seen as the trump card of Hiddleston in the struggle for the role.

9. Reese Ahmed

In an interview with GQ, Reese Ahmed answered the question whether he considers participating in the race for the role of the new Bond, as follows: “You know, any move beyond our usual archetypes is very attractive to me, so yes, I would love to play one of the classic roles : superhero or James Bond. " If this happens, the actor will become the lowest agent 007 in history. His height is only 1.72 m.

8. Henry Cavill

Imagine James Bond, and you get a spilled Cavill. Broad shoulders, dark hair, light eyes. At 22, he almost got the role of Bond, but Craig still beat him. “I remember how director Martin Campbell said:“ You look a little chubby, Henry, ”” the Independent quotes Cavill. When Henry Cavill played Superman, that was no longer the case. He may have found a superpower that will help him win the race this time. However, he works in too many franchises. Is it possible to do everything?

7. Nicholas Holt

Holt 30, and if he gets the role, he will become the youngest Bond in the history of the franchise. He doesn't look like Daniel Craig at all. Is it possible to imagine how he beat the enemies half to death? “Maybe this actor could be a new interpretation of the old image. Or maybe he needs to wait for the next casting, when age gives him his additional charm, "- suggest in the publication GQ.

6. Harry Styles

Harry Styles does not mind trying himself as agent 007. “I grew up with these films. You know, when I was a kid, I loved Bond. And then is it not everyone’s dream to play such a role? ”Esquire quotes Stiles. Stiles was born in 1994. Bond Seriously? Maybe Bond’s son? He is certainly charming, and the start of his acting career at Dunkirk by Christopher Nolan can be confidently called successful, but among other candidates for the role, his chances fade.

5. Luke Evans

Another actor who regularly wins media polls related to casting for the role of agent 007. GQ readers have already decided everything for themselves and chose Evans as the best candidate for the role. He is one of those who are not yet so famous that the role of Bond is lost against the background of previous works. Fans of the movie The Hobbit, however, could have called Evans Bond from Middle-earth.

4. Sam Hughen

Even during the casting for the movie “Casino Royale”, it became clear that Huang was not averse to playing Bond. But in the end, 25 years of age did not play into the hands of the actor. “But now, after 13 years, experts call the star of the TV series“ Alien ”almost the most likely candidate for a leading role in Bond,” writes Scotsman. There are several reasons: those who participated in the casting and had a good account, the chances, according to statistics, increase, Heuhan is known, but not too much, he is a Scot, like the first and recognized Bond - Sean Connery.

3. Gillian Anderson

No one knows what exactly to expect from the new Bond. Perhaps agent 007 will be a woman. In addition to Lashana Lynch, there is another worthy candidate - Gillian Anderson. “She would have absolutely no objection to trying herself in a new role,” writes The Guardian. Although we can only guess and hope, the truth is somewhere nearby and soon we will find out for sure.

2. Orlando Bloom

In an interview with BBC, Orlando said that he would play a “very English Bond”, that he has the same gleam in his eyes, without which agent 007 is nowhere. Maybe Orlando Bloom didn’t need to advertise himself much, we already see everything. But, on the other hand, nothing will force us to stop presenting this “Bond” on the mast of a pirate ship in the image of Will Turner from “Pirates of the Caribbean”.

Sean Connery

For the first time, Oscar-winning Sean Connery appeared on the screen as the super-agent in the movie Doctor Know, directed by Terence Young. The actor managed to create a magnificent image of an elegant reckless macho. Interestingly, at the screenings, his appearance did not at all correspond to the intended image - Sean appeared in a sloppy appearance, but the artist's ingenious game helped to get the role. The high style and the elite characteristic of Bond were instilled by a hairdresser and a tailor.

Photo:, Eon Productions

Sean Connery began playing Agent 007 when he was 32 years old, and the last time he embodied the image of James Bond when he was 41 years old. The total box office for the history of "Bond" with the participation of Sean Connery amounted to more than 631.5 million dollars. Thanks to the role of James Bond, the actor received 8 awards, including the Laurel Award, Golden Globe.

Sean Connery became 007's most recognizable agent and won the love of millions of viewers across the planet.

George Lazenby (1969)

Photo:, Eon Productions

After the refusal of Sean Connery to play James Bond for a role in the film “At the Secret Service of Her Majesty”, director Peter R. Hunt was taken by aspiring actor George Lazenby. At the time of transformation into agent 007 he was 30 years old.

The budget of the films amounted to $ 7 million, and box office exceeded $ 87 million. For participation in the film, Lazenby was nominated for the Golden Globe Award as the most promising newcomer among male performers.

The actor created a convincing image, but on the set constantly conflicted with other participants in the project, so Sean Connery was again invited to play James Bond in the next film.

Roger Moore (1973-1985)

"Bond" could not end with the departure from the role of Sean Connery - films about agents at all times were interesting to the viewer. The new James Bond was Roger Moore. Viewers first saw the actor in the image of agent 007 in the film "Live and Let Die" directed by Guy Hamilton.

The first role of James Bond, Roger played at the age of 45 years. Not paying attention to the constant comparison with Sean Connery, the performer perfectly got used to the role and won the love of many viewers.

Photo:, Eon Productions

In total, Moore embodied the legendary super agent in 7 scenes. The last role of James Bond Moore played at the age of 57 years. The actor was recognized as the oldest and longest-playing agent 007 in the history of “Bond.” The total rental fees of films with his participation amounted to almost $ 1.2 billion.

Timothy Dalton (1987–1989)

The next agent 007 was Timothy Dalton. Having starred in only 2 films directed by John Glenn, Dalton left a noticeable mark in the history of "Bond". The image created by the actor was loved by the audience, and the production of the third film with his participation was planned for 1991, but the lawsuits of the producers stopped the process. When they decided to film the Golden Eye, Dalton refused the role.

Photo:, Danjaq, Eon Productions

He later said that he felt real relief, gained freedom. Timothy commented that he had ceased to feel like James Bond and had become himself again. For the role, the performer was offered a huge amount - $ 6 million.

For two paintings with the participation of the actor, box office revenues amounted to $ 8 million. His age at the time of creating the image of agent 007 was 41 был43 years. Pictures with Timothy Dalton in the title role became the most beloved Jan Fleming - the creator of James Bond.

Pierce Brosnan (1995–2002)

An incredibly charismatic gentleman gentleman with a cunning squint of expressive eyes was the image performed by the Irish actor Pierce Brosnan. For the first time in the role of James Bond, he appeared on the screens in the 17th film about the agent 007 "Golden Eye" directed by Martin Campbell at the age of 42 years. Bond Brosnan instantly won the love of the audience and even liked Sean Connery. For the embodiment of the image in “Bondiana”, the performer received 10 nominations, becoming the winner of 5 awards, including Saturn, European Film Awards, Empire Award.

Photo:, Eon Productions

The actor played in 4 films about agent 007 and was recognized by film critics as the best James Bond after Sean Connery. Pictures with his participation collected more than $ 1.5 billion at the box office.

When at 49 the actor finished with the role of Bond, Sean Connery, like many other viewers, expressed regret that he would no longer see the legendary movie hero performed by Brosnan on the screen.

The birth of a hero

James Bond was invented by former journalist Jan Fleming, who during the years of the war against Nazism served as the personal assistant to the chief of intelligence of the British Royal Navy. After the publication of the first book, Casino Royale, Fleming told a Sunday Times colleague that he had developed an interest in writing the novel after reading the Sydney Railay Adventure Archive during the war.

Bond Prototypes

Ian Fleming created the hero of his novels on the basis of a number of real personalities who served in British military intelligence. In particular, the following persons who served as prototypes are noted:

  • Robert Bruce Lockhart: tried together with Reilly to overthrow Lenin in 1918. A long career as a diplomat and scout. Fleming gets to know him during World War II. Published in 1932 the book "Memoirs of a British Agent", on which the film was shot. As a person closer to Bond than Reilly himself.
  • Paul Dux: During the October Revolution - the most effective agent in Russia. Enlisted in the Red Army and received information from the immediate environment of Lenin. Collaboration with Reilly. The only British persuasion agent.
  • George Hill: Companion Reilly. In the 1930s wrote memories. Suspected of betraying Reilly.
  • Bulldog Drummond. K. McNeil (English) Russian. .
  • Wilfrid (Biffy) Dunderdale : He served as a young officer in Russia. In the 1930s - Head of intelligence in Paris. Fleming's friend. He told me that Fleming borrowed his stories.
  • Merlin Minshell : British intelligence agent. He worked at the beginning of World War II under the guise of Vice Consul in Bucharest. He knew Fleming during the war.
  • Michael Mason: Assistant Minshell. At work in the embassy - the driver.
  • Alexander (Sandy) Glen (English) Russian : Navy Attache in Belgrade. Womanizer.
  • Dushko Popov: British intelligence agent, was previously recruited by the Abwehr. He was obsessed with gambling and women.

Many researchers find in the character of Fleming a romanticized image of the author himself - the womanizer. Both Fleming and Bond attended the same schools, prefer the same food (fried eggs and coffee), have similar habits, they like the same women, and finally both made a similar career in the Navy, rising to the rank of commander .

Fleming, an avid bird watcher himself, had the book of the same name by ornithologist James Bond in his library. In his interview with Readers Digest, Jan Fleming noted that he needed a simple and neutral name - "a stupid anonymous government tool, a neutral figure surrounded by exoticism." Ornithologist James Bond was very unhappy that he was always being compared with his namesake, a literary hero. In February 1964, ornithologist James Bond visited Fleming at his estate in Jamaica. As compensation, the writer presented the bird connoisseur his new novel about Bond with a dedication - To the real James Bond from the thief of his identity (The real James Bond from the kidnapper of his personality).

Bond serial number - 007 - according to one version, Fleming borrowed from the English spy John Dee, who signed his secret reports to Queen Elizabeth I with a glyph depicting two circles and an angle bracket similar to the number seven. The glyph meant that the reports were intended solely for the eyes of the monarch. According to another version, the Bond number was taken from the code number of diplomatic correspondence 0075, which encrypted the German Zimmermann telegram - this code was cracked by the British during the First World War and, deciphering the contents of the telegram, convinced the United States to get involved in the First World War.

Thus, the officer of the British special services MI6, the reserve commander of the Royal Navy and the knight of the Order of St. Michael and St. George James Bond were born. His parents were Andrew Bond, a Scot from Argyll, and Monique Delacroix from the Swiss canton of Vaud. The nationalities of Bond's parents were mentioned in Her Majesty's Secret Service. Regarding the date of the birth of James Bond, there is no consensus, in the biography of John Pearson is mentioned November 11, 1920. At the same time, the book “Casino Royale” states that Bond bought the car in 1933 and became an experienced player in the prewar years. Two more books later, in Lunar Racer, Bond reports that he is about 35 years old, while the plot dates back to 1954. Live Only Twice also says that James Bond was born in the year of the Rat (1924/1925 or 1912/1913).

In the novel “On Her Majesty's Secret Service”, the family motto of the Bond family is mentioned: "Orbis non sufficit" ("And the whole world is not enough"). However, at the same time, it was noted that the Bond family with this motto is not necessarily the same Bond James refers to, in the same novel one of the employees of the heraldic chamber makes a malicious hint that the surname “Bond” in English also means “ peasant "or" servant ". In the novel "And the whole world is not enough," James Bond, to Electra King's statement: "I could give you peace!" Replies: "The whole world is not enough for me." This can be taken as quoting a family motto.

Although James Bond is a secret agent of MI6, he appeared several times in the frame in his official military uniform of the British Navy commander, namely in the films “You Only Live Twice”, “The Spy Who Loved Me” and “He Will Never Die Tomorrow”.

Bond Weapon

Ian Fleming himself admitted that he does not understand weapons. During the war he received a service pocket FN. In the hands of his hero, he put a no more powerful 6.35 mm Beretta 418, while weapons specialist Joffrey Butroyd wrote him a letter with a comment and advice. As a result, Bond changed weapons to the 7.65 mm Walther PPK of 1931. In gratitude, Fleming called the weapons expert Q major Major Butroyd.

In the 1980s, the Walther factory wanted to maximize its advertising profit from the Bond for new weapon models. From 1997 to 2006, Bond had Walther P99. Walther PPK is back in 2008 Quantum of Solace.

In a 1963 film advertisement, Sean Connery stands with a famous grimace on his face and with a long-barrel pistol in his hand. This photo made a laugh of countless athletes-shooters. In the photo - not everyone knows Walther PPK, but an ordinary air gun that shoots ten meters. When shooting advertisements, photographer David Harn realized that he had to hand Bond Walter into the hands, as in the book, but - since none of those present at the scene knew weapons, he was urgently purchased from the Harrods children's department the pneumatic Walther Luftpistole 53. An error was noticed when there was it's too late - the poster has been put to print. This toy gun was sold at a Christie’s auction in 2010 for £ 277,000.

Bond Costumes

James Bond is known for wearing trendy costumes. Costumes in the first Bond films were from Antony Sinclair. Director Terence Young, who was dressing with Anthony Sinclair, apparently influenced the choice of tailor. Pierce Brosnan dressed in Italian Brioni. After Brioni refused to wear Daniel Craig in his costumes, the producers chose Tom Ford suits and tuxedos. James Bond puts on his Royal Navy commander’s military uniform only 4 times in the past 50 years: Sean Connery in the film “You Only Live Twice”, Roger Moore in the films “For Your Eyes Only” and “The Spy Who Loved Me,” Pierce Brosnan in the film "Tomorrow will never die."

Dir. Lee Tamahori, 2002

The 20th series was intended to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Bond, but the anniversary was unsuccessful: the creators crammed it with so many references to the previous parts - relevant and not-so-senseless action that the last film by Pierce Brosnan looked even more ridiculous than some of Roger's episodes Mura (those were at least funny). It is enough to recall surfing on a glacier melted by the explosion (what?) And the invisible Aston Martin (why?).

Bond Watch

As a watch, a Swiss Rolex watch was chosen. When the watch for filming could not be borrowed from the company, and the budget of the film did not allow them to be bought, the producer Albert Broccoli took his Rolex from his hand. Other brands of Bond watches: Seiko, Breitling and Omega.

In the Casino Royale on the train, Bond clearly notes that he doesn’t have Rolex, but Omega, which is probably an advertisement for the brand.

Dir. Lewis Gilbert 1979

What was to do when the Star Wars box office seized? Of course, send Bond into space. The huge budget and revolutionary technology at that time did not pay off - the plot about hijacking the shuttle was not only not as fun as it could be, but also very boring (with the exception, perhaps, of the last 20 minutes).

Dir. John Glen, 1985

No matter how much we love Roger Moore, the View to Kill a priori had one significant drawback - its age. 57-year-old Bond, saving the world (and seducing young ladies) in the era of Schwarzenegger and Stallone already looked too comical. But then there is Christopher Walken in the role of a former KGB agent (recall that a character named General Gogol is the head of Soviet intelligence), and now a major businessman and ardent anti-communist.

Dir. John Glen, 1987

A radical change in the mood of the franchise occurred when the playful Roger Moore was replaced by the sullen Timothy Dalton: apparently, this was the idea - to make Bond more serious. Nevertheless, the times have come: at least AIDS is on the agenda all over the world, which is why Bond behaves unusually restrained with women in the second half of the 1980s. But still, Dalton lacked even a hint of a sense of humor - what kind of bond would he be without him.

1. Daniel Craig, again

Although we wrote that “This is not the time to die” is the last film in the series with Craig, fans grab onto each straw in the hope that the actor will remain in the role of agent 007 for at least one more film. “Earlier, at the New Yorker festival, Craig said:“ Being a Bond is the best work in the world. It won't be any better “,” writes Esquire. Therefore, of course, rumors spread that the actor was offered to star in two more films and even promised a fee of £ 120 million.

Opinions were divided in the editorial board, our top candidates: Fassbender, Hardy, Elba and Hyuen. Who would you choose?

Dir. John Glen, 1981

Apparently, the producers realized that Bond in space is still a little too much, and they lowered him to Earth in an already more standard story about a lost top-secret computer that launches ballistic missiles. The action here in a strange way turned out to be much more than it was in space, and the charming Karol Bouquet played the partner of Bond. But in general, this is not a remarkable and once-forgetting episode.

Dir. Guy Hamilton, 1971

The producers were determined to repeat the success of "Goldfinger" - they called the same director, asked Shirley Bassey to record the title song and paid Sean Connery a fabulous fee for those times to return instead of abandoning the role of Lazenby. Commercially, everything worked out, but the film is remembered only by the return of Connery - perhaps the point is that the antagonist is too boring.

Dir. John Glen, 1989

Timothy Dalton’s second and final film is a pretty bloody spy thriller about revenge, and Dalton himself is literally Craig before Craig. The latter, however, has self-irony, but looking at the silent and gloomy Dalton - the Shakespearean actor, of course, added the image of tragedy - is still boring. However, this is a curious early attempt to make Bond serious, also with the young Benicio Del Toro.

Dir. Mark Forster, 2008

Having become a big disappointment for everyone at the time of the release, Craig’s second film is actually not as bad as it is commonly believed (although, of course, many times weaker than Casino Royale). The emotional stinginess of the protagonist, because of which the movie was more like an episode of another franchise - about Bourne - can easily be explained by the events of the last part. And it’s always interesting to look at Mathieu Amalric, as well as at Craig himself.

Dir. Guy Hamilton, 1974

The second film by Roger Moore rests on their fascinating confrontation with Francisco Scaramanga (the great Christopher Lee), literally Moriarty of the Bond universe (he challenges 007 to a duel on pistols - though on the beach, not on the waterfall) - a rare case when Bond's omnipotence arises doubt.

Dir. Sam Mendes, 2015

What promised to be a grandiose sequel to Skyfall (with the new M - Rafe Fiennes and, most importantly, Christoph Waltz as Blofeld) did not live up to expectations due to a somewhat messy story and an overloaded storyline, the main twist of which seems a bit far-fetched . But this is still a spectacular attraction with a brilliant cast.

Frame from the film "007: SPECTRUM"

This is not exactly the character that Ian Fleming once invented, but that is how Bond turned out when his adventures began to be transferred to the screen at a time when rational hedonism became the meaning of Western life. While Soviet heroes lived for a bright future, Western heroes enjoyed a bright present, and Bond was a symbol of this philosophy of life - a hero and a sybarite in one bottle. Moreover, one sanctioned the other - only notorious moralists (mainly feminist moralists) could blame the savior of the world for relaxing to the fullest. Who, if not him?

For idealized characters of this kind, ordinary actors are not suitable. Bond needs not to be played, Bond needs to be. One type of artist should be enough for viewers to believe in Bond as a hero and as a person. The latter is especially important - characters of this kind can easily seem like flat cardboard caricatures if the actors who embody them do not endow them with voluminous humanity. Sometimes the script helps them in this, but it can do little for them - the aggressive thriller plot leaves little time for the “human” scenes.

The young Sean Connery turned out to be an ideal actor for the "Bond". He was equally convincing as a hero, as a lover, as a British “officer and gentleman”, as a rational life-burner ... And with all this, he felt a “second bottom”, which is extremely important for turning a flat idealized character into a believable voluminous person.

Shot from the film "Doctor Know"

What is this "second bottom"? Living in Russia, it is not easy to feel, so this nuance needs clarification. At first glance, the on-screen Bond seems to be the embodiment of British aristocracy, and this is how people who do not think about the essence of things often perceive it. But is a real British aristocrat - or at least a person from a wealthy and influential family, not necessarily with ancient roots - going around the world, killing people?

Of course not. This is too dirty work for him. The homeland can be served in different ways, and the British "golden boys" usually work alongside bossy feeders. First, they assist the "big bumps", and then they themselves sit in executive chairs. And even if they get to the “field” work, they lead there, and not only follow orders. Read about the career of the author of "Bond." Fleming did a lot for the victory of the Allies in World War II, but mainly he worked with papers and gave orders. And this was not an accident - they began to prepare him for a commanding career, even when he was a boy.

Bond, by contrast, made a commoner career. Even having become a high-class, unique specialist, he does not manage anyone and personally rubs his hands. Does this mean that he came from an aristocratic family that had lost influence long before he came of age, or that he was a commoner who learned to imitate aristocrats? Not the point. The main thing is that he lives in two worlds at once and, with all his refinement, exudes a threat that usually comes from “ordinary men” who are always ready to give someone a mug. Therefore, those villains who see him as a cabinet aristocrat are cruelly and usually mortally mistaken.

Shot from the movie "Goldfinger"

Sean Connery did not have to specifically learn to exude this threat. He grew up in a working-class family, served as a sailor in the navy, worked as a truck driver ... He had to be taught aristocracy, on the contrary, and he was specially trained with him so that he could depict the refinement of Bond. This is one of the reasons why Connery is impeccable in the role of Bond - he was a man like the one he portrayed. You can’t say about his followers - not one of them was an aristocrat by birth, but their life before the start of filming in the cinema was more “middle class” than Connery’s. Moreover, not everything is inherited, and an intelligent child may well be born in a working-class family, who in the future will not be impeccably convincing in the role of state killer.

Connery's impeccable play became the cornerstone of the first Bond films, and it set the bar that none of the subsequent performers could take. By the time of Craig's casting, the impossibility of repeating and surpassing Connery had become so obvious that the producers deliberately went the other way. They tried to rethink Bond so that the new actor made his "updated" character, rather than playing the obviously losing game "Jump Above Connery." As we now know, their plan was a success - the “Bond” actually went in a new direction and earned tremendous money, easily competing with fresh blockbuster cycles.

How is Bond Craig different from Bond Connery? In the past, Bond was a myth embodied on the screen, almost a god in human form. Now he has become a character - suffering, changing, worrying about the past, closely interacting with other heroes and often acting of his own free will, and not by order of the government. This made Craig, accustomed to "gloomy", often villainous, but usually deeply psychological roles, an excellent actor for the "Casino Royale" and subsequent "bond" tapes.

Dir. Guy Hamilton, 1973

James Bond jumps on alligators, escaping from a crocodile farm, fights with a voodoo master armed with poisonous snakes, and seduces a fortuneteller - this is how the era of Roger Moore begins (the scenes from his films will often look more like Monty Python sketches). But we love all this madness, especially when it happens to the music of Paul McCartney.

Shot from the movie "Casino Royale"

It would seem that everything was on the ointment. But a new vision could be fully realized only on the condition that the new Bond would play in his field without entering the Bond Connery field. Either in the frame of a super-cool in all respects an unshakable hero, or on the screen a cool, but emotionally complex person with dramatic experiences. Producers needed to make a choice and adhere strictly to it. However, in the course of the development of the cycle, they tried to combine the incompatible.

What this led to is clearly visible in the new blockbuster "007: Spectrum." The plot of the picture turns Bond’s confrontation with the head of a secret villainous organization into a life-long feud that began long before Agent 007 became a spy. However, in those moments when childhood memories should temporarily turn Bond into a boy, again experiencing a terrible loss, the hero remains an almost unemotional idol. And potentially powerful scenes turn out to be meaningless and useless. It seems that the hero stands with a hockey stick on the baseball field and waits for him to be given a pass.

That's why we think Connery is the best bond. He played a super agent in films that were not perfect works of pop art, but which fully supported the image of Bond that Connery created (understandably, under the direction of directors and producers). Craig’s films either support a new vision, or require the actor, not always at the right time for this, to copy the old Bond. And how can an artist win a professional competition with a strong opponent if his team plays against him?

Dir. Peter R. Hunt, 1969

George Lazenby had a difficult fate - to try on a tuxed agent 007 after Sean Connery. A miracle did not happen: the poor fellow was disliked by the loyal fans of the series, and his first and last picture was pushed to the rear shelf for a long time. In the meantime, this is a very worthy movie - review and see for yourself. If you don’t believe us, you may be convinced by Christopher Nolan and Steven Soderbergh, whom he is loved by - these guys know the movie.

Dir. Lewis Gilbert 1977

One of the best opening scenes of Bond: Roger Moore escapes from the skiing chase, jumps off a cliff and at the last moment manages to open a parachute with Union Jack. Witty movie with one of the most spectacular antagonists in the history of the series - a creepy bruiser with iron teeth of the Jaw - and a beautiful title track.

Dir. Sam Mendes, 2012

Sam Mendes made one of the best episodes of the entire franchise: he managed to catch a balance between the kitschness of the old Bond (the Goldfinger homage will please every fan) and the seriousness of the 21st century bond. We finally learned more about the character of Judy Dench. And from Javier Bardem in the role of the crazy blonde Silva - goosebumps.

Dir. Lewis Gilbert, 1967

Apart from the fact that for some reason it occurred to the creators to disguise Sean Connery as a Japanese ninja, this is a very lively and funny action of authorship - no less - Roald Dahl. Here, for the first time, Blofeld, who does not part with his cat, appears (with the face of Donald Pleasant), who, of course, decided to unleash a new world war.

Daniel Craig (2006–2020)

The latest films about an invincible superagent were played by English actor Daniel Craig. Viewers first saw the artist in the image of James Bond in the movie "Casino Royale", directed by Martin Campbell. At the start of the game in Bond, he was 38 years old.

In the entire history of agent 007 on the screen, Daniel Craig became the highest paid performer of James Bond. Films with his participation have collected the largest box office in history. With a total budget of paintings of $ 837 million, rental fees amounted to more than $ 2 billion.

Photo:, Columbia Pictures

Currently, the actor’s career in Bond is not over - Daniel Craig signed a contract for the embodiment of the character in 2 films.Although Craig’s films are huge profits, some fans complain about his hair color, his playing style, and his lack of masculinity.

Cinema fans can argue endlessly about what a true James Bond should be. Actors who played the role of a charismatic elegant agent bring more and more new features to the image. Which one is the best? The answer to this question is ambiguous. Each viewer will be able to choose the best, giving his love to the actor, in the performance of which for him the character turned out to be the most convincing and unique.

Dir. Martin Campbell, 2006

Whatever you and I thought about Daniel Craig’s choice for the lead role (it seems that almost everyone has managed not only to put up with this, but also to fall in love with the broad-faced blond), it was a powerful reboot. The creators really managed to breathe new life into Bond and practically reinvent the character, adding to the series of psychologism and explaining to us for the first time what made Bond the way he is.

Dir. Terence Young, 1962

Young Sean Connery (who even goes for this dubious blue outfit), exotic location (Jamaica) and Ursula Andress collects shells in a swimsuit. What else does a Bond fan need for happiness? A creepy scientist villain with metal prostheses instead of arms, sabotaging NASA missions, is also here.

Dir. Guy Hamilton, 1964

It was Goldfinger for the first time (and forever) that fully formulated everything that we used to know about Bond. Aston Martin with a legendary catapult, girls with names that we would hardly consider permissible in a movie today (see Pussy Galor), and a villain who threatens to destabilize the world order. The beyond kitsch, which has always been characteristic of Fleming’s novels and their adaptations, is as organic as ever here, so we turn a blind eye to some absurdity of what is happening (we’ll do it right) and continue to worry about Bond, who is about to be sawn in two by a laser beam. “Do you expect me to speak?” - “No, Mr. Bond, I expect you to die!” Well, isn't that great?

James Bond Drinks

It is known that Bond drinks a Martini cocktail with vodka. Usually a Martini cocktail is decorated with olive or a slice of lemon. It contains two ingredients: vodka, cocktails with which are shaken in a shaker, and vermouth, which is NOT poured into a shaker, as this wine is made with spices and is added to the cocktail using the build method. This confuses the bartender, so Bond's words clarify everything. The bartender should shake only vodka with ice in a shaker, without first mixing it with vermouth.

Dry martini ... in a deep glass. Three shares of Gordon gin, one vodka, half Kina Lillet. Shake it well until everything is icy, then a long thin peel of lemon. Clear?

In films, it took the form of “shaken, not stirred (English) Russian. ”, Which is often conveyed in Russian as“ shake, but not mix, ”which is not a completely accurate translation. Subsequently, Bond's alcohol addiction began to depend on product placement. In particular, in the film “007: Skyfall Coordinates”, where Bond's Scottish origin is played out, it is claimed that the hero’s favorite drink is fifty-year-old The Macallan whiskey.

The usual Bond champagne is expensive varieties of the Bolezhe brand (English Bollinger) from the town of Au - a suburb of Epernay. Bond pronounces the name in the English manner: "Bollinger" and always requires a bottle of a certain year of release - that is, a rather expensive "vintage".

The first James Bond movie

The first attempt to film adaptation of James Bond books was an episode in the American television series "Climax!" ("Climax!"), Which was released in 1954. The episode was shot based on Fleming’s first book “Casino Royale”, the role of “Jimmy Bond” was played by American actor Barry Nelson, Bond is a CIA agent here, and Felix Leiter, on the contrary, is MI6 agent. Ian Fleming wanted to go further and suggested the famous British film producer Alexander Korda to film another book - Live and Let Die, or The Moon Racer, but Kord was not interested.

On October 1, 1959, Fleming announced that he would write the original Bond screenplay for Irish film producer Kevin McClory. The famous scriptwriter Jack Whittingham was also involved in the work on the script. It was planned to invite Alfred Hitchcock to the place of the director, and Richard Burton to the role of Bond, but later their candidates were refused. It soon became clear that McClory was unable to secure funding, and the film had to be closed. Fleming used the script for his next novel, Ball Lightning (1961).

In 1959, British producer Albert Broccoli expressed interest in filming novels about Bond. In 1961, Broccoli (in collaboration with Harry Zaltsman) bought from Fleming the rights to the adaptation of all novels about Bond (except for Casino Royale). Numerous Hollywood movie studios refused to fund Bond films, considering them "too British" or "too frank and sexy." In the end, in July 1961, an agreement was reached with United Artists. Immediately EON Productions began production of the first film of the famous bondian “Doctor No”. A characteristic “calling card” of all Bond films starting with “Doctor No” was the introductory screen saver with animation elements, which was developed by graphic designer Maurice Binder.

Actor selection

To “find James Bond,” a special contest was organized. Broccoli, Salzman and Fleming personally selected six finalists. After additional screenings, 28-year-old Peter Anthony was declared the winner of the competition, by profession - a model who, according to Broccoli, had the qualities of Gregory Peck. But it soon turned out that he was unable to cope with the role. Then the producers turned to Sean Connery, who played Bond in six films. There is a legend that Connery was nominated by the Polish director Ben Fige, a friend of Salzmann. Salzman watched Connery in the 1961 British comedy film "Fraudsters" ("On the F>."

However, Connery's candidacy was approved only after Broccoli and Fleming rejected Richard Johnson, James Mason, Rex Harrison, David Niven, Trevor Howard, Patrick McGuhan and Broccoli's friend Carey Grant. At the pre-screening of the first Doctor Know movie, Ian Fleming said the movie was “just awful.” In general, Dr. Nou received conflicting reviews, some were quite hostile, even the Vatican reprimanded the creators of the tape.

The producers twice returned the beloved fans of the actor from the "retirement" to the role of Bond.

The British actor of Scottish descent, Sean Connery, who played James Bond in seven films, is perhaps the most beloved performer of the role of agent 007 among the audience of the older generation. When in 1962, the first film of Bondiana - “Doctor Nou” appeared on the screens - the world literally went crazy, and 32-year-old Connery suddenly became a world superstar.

Then, Sean secured incredible success, starring in four sequels of the saga of the British super spy: “From Russia with Love” (1963), “Goldfinger” (1964), “Ball Lightning” (1965) and “You Only Live Twice” (1967). When the creators replaced him with George Lazenby, fans angrily demanded that the bosses of United Artists (now MGM) return Connery.

So, in 1971, the actor returned to the franchise, playing Bond in the movie "Diamonds Forever." After that, the services of the 41-year-old Connery were again refused, replacing him with Roger Moore. However, under the pressure of fans in 1983, the 53-year-old Sean once again played the role of agent 007 in the film "Never Say" Never ".

Trailer of the film “Doctor Know” (1962)

Next: George Lanceby, Roger Moore and Timothy Dalton

On October 5, 1962, exactly 56 years ago, the first James Bond film, Doctor No, was released. Since then, agent 007 has already been played by six actors, and each hero turned out to be his own. But which of them can be considered the most canonical Bond? We understand and argue in this material.

The first actor to play the role of agent 007 was Sean Connery. His sly but courteous Bond immediately became a favorite of the public. Born in Scotland, Connery combined the temperament of a stern Scottish guy and the behavior of an English gentleman. His bond, which was both strict and romantic, tough and soft, became an ideal for many fans of the series.

One cannot but mention the first Bond girl - the Swiss actress Ursula Andress. The beautiful blonde, dressed in a white bikini, conquered men's hearts and was recognized as the main sex symbol of Bond. Interestingly, a survey conducted by Channel 4 in 2003 showed: viewers are still enthusiastic about Ursula. Her way out of the sea took first place in the list of 100 sexiest scenes in the history of cinema.

By the way, Doctor Nou’s budget was very modest - just over a million dollars. This is noticeable even by the props used in the film. For example, it looks like a radiation protection suit.

And even the first Bond car Sunbeam Alphine Series II was rented.

After the first franchise film made a splash, the creators had the opportunity to give Bond a much cooler car - Aston Martin DB5. It was on it that the agent drives around in the film "Goldfinger". That Aston Martin DB5 is now considered a classic Bond car.

Sean Connery played a special agent in six James Bond films. And the first attempt to replace him was very unsuccessful.

George Lazenby played James Bond in just one film - "At Her Majesty's Secret Service", which was released in 1969. The unprofessional actor, who previously worked as a model, did not like the audience at all, and Connery was again invited to the next film about a secret agent. And then he was replaced by a new Bond.

Roger Moore is the second “most canonical Bond,” who has starred in seven franchise films. The true Briton Moore made his Bond a balanced handsome man with a great sense of humor. This is a real gentleman who is very modest and at the same time capable of strong feelings. And even the age of the actor - at the time of the release of the first film, Moore was already 45 years old - did not stop the audience from falling in love with the new Bond.

The highest grossing film with his participation was the fantastic "Lunar Racer". In this picture, agent 007 goes to space, which is completely untypical for him. This bold move was so liked by the audience that at the box office the film raised more than $ 200 million.

The next 007 agent was Timothy Dalton, who played in two Bond films - Sparks from the Eyes and License to Kill. His playing style has been criticized by many fans of the series who found the new Bond too harsh and even old-fashioned. Others noted that with Timothy Dalton the hero turned out to be more interesting and deeper than that of other actors.

The fifth in a row by Jace Bond was Pierce Brosnan - a British and American actor of Irish descent. His agent turned out to be refined and at the same time energetic and cheerful, strong, but at the same time gentle. Brosnan tried to combine in his Bond all the best features of previous incarnations, but as a result he was criticized for the lack of his own face.

Despite criticism, Pierce Brosnan has played in four Bond films, and many fans of the series consider Golden Eye to be the best. Note that it was in this film that the role of M was first performed by a woman.

The sixth and last to date Bond is an English actor Daniel Craig. He has already played in four franchise films, and will appear in the fifth, which is scheduled for release in 2019.

Fans of the series were at first wary of the choice of the actor, and Craig himself, it seemed, could not decide on the character of his character. However, over time, Bond fans became accustomed to Craig, and now he is considered one of the canonical agents 007. His Bond is a tough guy with a tough character who remains vulnerable and sensitive at heart. Note that the upcoming "Bond 25" will be the last film with the participation of Craig. What will be the next agent 007, time will tell.

Roger Moore (1973-1985)

Roger Moore officially ended his career as a Bond at the age of 57.

The total budget of films with the participation of Roger Moore: 153 million 500 thousand dollars.

Total box office: 1 billion 190 million 300 thousand dollars.

The total fee of Roger Moore: 24 million 385 thousand dollars (approximately 3,480,000 dollars for 1 film).

The actor received 3 bonuses for participating in the bondian:

  • 1973 Bambi Award - German Television Award (for the film Live and Let Die).
  • 1980 The Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror Films, USA Award is the most popular international artist.
  • 1980 “Henrietta Award” to the world cinema alphabet (for the movie “Moon Rider” - English Moonraker).

Roger Moore's favorite film with his participation is The Spy Who Loved Me (1977).

May 23, 2017 Roger Moore died of cancer. He was 89 years old.

Timothy Dalton (1987-1989)

Timothy Dalton starred in two films about Bond: “Sparks from the eyes” (1987) and “License to kill” (1989). In 1991, the release of the third film, Lady's Property, was planned, but due to legal disputes between the producers, the production of the film was stopped. Dalton waited several years and even initially abandoned the role of Rhett Butler in the mini-series Scarlett (1994) to participate in the filming of a new film about Bond. But time passed, and the production of the film did not begin. And then Dalton gives his consent to the shooting in Scarlett.

Later, when Albert Broccoli and MGM decided to continue the series about Bond, the script for the Golden Eye movie was written. Bond's role was again offered to Dalton, but he refused. Timothy explained that he was tired of waiting for this role for five years. Then the producers turned to Pierce Brosnan, who already once was a contender for the role of agent 007. Brosnan gladly agreed and became Bond No. 5. “It seemed to me that a huge burden fell off my shoulders,” Timothy Dalton tells about how he saw the poster , which depicted Brosnan in the role of Bond. “I felt real freedom.” "James Bond let me go, I could again become myself."

The only bond that has not been nominated for any award. Nevertheless, Timothy Dalton received high fees: $ 3 million for the film "Sparks from the Eye," $ 5 million for the film "License to Kill." He was also offered $ 6 million for the movie “Lady Property” (later renamed Golden Eye).

In the first film about Agent 007 he played at the age of 41 years. He officially ended his career in the role of Bond at the age of 43 years.

The total budget for films featuring Timothy Dalton: $ 70 million.

Total box office: 347 million 400 thousand dollars.

Timothy Dalton's total fee: $ 8 million (approximately $ 4,000,000 for 1 film).

Timothy Dalton’s favorite film with his participation - “License to kill.” From “strangers”: “Doctor Nou”, “From Russia with Love” and “Goldfinger” (all with Sean Connery).

Pierce Brosnan (1995-2002)

In the first Agent 007 film, Pierce Brosnan played at the age of 42. He officially ended his career as a Bond at the age of 49.

The total budget for films featuring Pierce Brosnan: $ 467 million.

Total box office: 1 billion 546 million dollars.

The total fee of Pierce Brosnan: 41 million 100 thousand dollars (approximately 10,275,000 dollars for 1 film).

Pierce Brosnan received 5 prizes from 10 nominations for participating in the Bond and was nominated for the Golden Raspberry Award 1 time:

  • 1996 MTV Movie Award nomination for Best Fight (with Famke Janssen) in Golden Eye.
  • 1996 “Saturn Award” nomination for best actor for his role in the film “Golden Eye”.
  • 1997 The Walk of Fame Award is the star of this award (the film Tomorrow Never Dies).
  • 1998 Saturn Award for his role in Tomorrow Never Dies.
  • 1998 European Film Awards Nomination For European Contribution to World Cinema (the film Tomorrow Never Dies).
  • 2000 “Blockbuster Entertainment Award” Award to the Beloved Action Movie Actor for his role in the film “And the World Is Not Enough.”
  • 2000 Empire Award to the best actor for his role in the film "And the World Is Not Enough."
  • 2000 Golden Raspberry Award for the worst screen pair (along with Denise Richards) in the film "And the World Is Not Enough."
  • 2002 Career Achievement Award to Pierce Brosnan for participating in the film Die, But Not Now.
  • 2003 “Saturn Award” nomination for best actor for his role in the film “Die, but Not Now.”
  • 2003 Audience Award nomination for best actor for his role in the film Die, But Not Now.

Pierce Brosnan also received 1 award for a computer game:

  • 2004 Glow Award for voicing the main character (James Bond) in James Bond 007: Everything or Nothing.

Favorite movie of Pierce Brosnan with his participation - "Die, but not now." From “strangers”: “From Russia with Love” with Sean Connery and “For Your Eyes Only” in 1981 with Roger Moore.

Daniel Craig (2006–2020)

There are five films on the account of Daniel Craig: “Casino Royale”, “Quantum of Solace”, “007: Skyfall Coordinates”, “007: Spectrum” and “Not Time to Die”, which will be released in 2020, in the first film about Agent 007 played at the age of 38. He is the highest grossing James Bond.

The total budget of films with the participation of Daniel Craig: $ 837 million.

Total box office: $ 2 billion 88 million.

The total royalties of Daniel Craig: 40 million 400 thousand dollars (approximately 10 million for 1 film).

Daniel Craig received 5 awards out of 10 nominations for participating in the Bond:

  • 2007 Saturn Award nomination for Best Actor in the movie Casino Royale.
  • 2007 BAFTA Film Award nomination for Best Actor in the film Casino Royale.
  • 2007 "Entertainment Personality Award" for the best actor (film "Casino Royale")
  • 2007 Empire Awards for Best Actor in the movie Casino Royale.
  • 2007 Evening Standard British Film Award for Best Actor in Casino Royale.
  • 2007 Audience Award nomination for Best Actor in the film Casino Royale.
  • 2007 National Movie Award nomination for Best Actor in the movie Casino Royale.
  • 2007 Sant Jordi Award for Best Actor in the Movie Casino Royale.
  • 2009 Empire Awards nomination for Best Actor in the movie Quantum of Solace.
  • 2009 Golden Camera Award for Best International Actor (Quantum of Solace movie).

Bond's favorite movie: Goldfinger (1964). Favorite James Bond (actor): Sean Connery.

Bond's favorite girl: Diana Rigg in the film "At Her Majesty's Secret Service" (1969).

Daniel Craig signed a contract to play the role of Bond in four films until 2015. In addition to four films (Casino Royale, Quantum of Solace, 007: Skyfall, and 007: Spectrum), Daniel Craig can star in four more bondians (2016–2022).

Among fans of Bond, there is a significant number of opponents of Daniel Craig in the role of Bond. The criticism concerns the style of acting, Craig's personal qualities (in particular, his lack of masculinity) and even the color of his hair (the first blond among all the artists who played Bond).

It's Not Time To Die: Daniel Craig signed a contract to play a role in two films after the movie 007: Skyfall Coordinates. Like "007: Spectrum," the film was shot based on the characters of Jan Fleming. The producers of the film are Barbara Broccoli and Michael J. Wilson. The main screenwriter is John Logan.

Peter Sellers

  1. "Casino Royale", 1967 Comedy parody
    • nominated for an Oscar in the Best Music category (Burt Bakarak and Hal David for the song “The Look of Love”), a BAFTA Award in the Best British Costumes (color film) category (Julie Harris), and a film soundtrack received a Grammy nomination in the category "Best Original Movie Music"

EON Productions Movies

Russian nameoriginal nameYearJames BondProducerBudgetBox office
1Dr. Know Dr. No1962 Sean Connery Terence Young $ 1.9 million$59 567 035
2From Russia with love From Russia with love1963 $ 4 million$78 896 765
3Goldfinger Goldfinger1964 Guy Hamilton $ 6 million$124 881 062
4Fireball Thunderball1965 Terence Young $ 10.6 million$141 195 658
5You only live twice You only live twice1967 Lewis Gilbert $ 19.5 million$111 584 787
6At the secret service of Her Majesty On Her Majesty’s Secret Service1969 George Lazenby Peter R. Hunt $ 12 million$81 974 493
7Diamonds forever Diamonds are forever1971 Sean Connery Guy Hamilton $ 17.2 million$116 019 547
8Live and let die Live and let die1973 Roger Moore $ 17 million$126 377 836
9Man with a golden gun The man with the golden gun1974 $ 17 million$97 572 000
10The spy who loved me The spy who loved me1977 Lewis Gilbert $ 34 million$185 438 673
11Moon racer Moonraker1979 $ 71 million$210 308 099
12Only for your eyes For your eyes only1981 John glen $ 68 million$195 312 802
13Octopus Octopussy1983 $ 67.5 million$187 493 619
14View of the kill A view to a kill1985 $ 70 million$152 427 960
15Sparks from the eyes The living daylights1987 Timothy Dalton $ 80 million$191 285 897
16License to kill License to kill1989 $ 82 million$156 167 015
17Golden eye Golden eye1995 Pier Brosnan Martin Campbell $ 108 million$352 194 034
18Tomorrow never dies Tomorrow never dies1997 Roger Spottieswood $ 110 million$333 011 068
19And the whole world is not enough The world is not enough1999 Michael Epted $ 120 million$361 832 400
20Die but not now Die another day2002 Lee Tamahori $ 140 million$431 971 116
21Casino Royale" Casino royale2006 Daniel Craig Martin Campbell $ 192 million$599 045 960
22Quantum of Solace Quantum of solace2008 Mark Forster $ 200 million$586 090 727
23007: Skyfall coordinates Skyfall2012 Sam Mendes $ 200 million$1 108 561 013
24007: Spectrum Specter2015 $ 245 million$880 674 609
25No time to die No time to die 2020 Carey Fukunaga.$ 250 million

Movie budgets and box office

Marketing (advertising)
US box office
Worldwide box office
(excluding USA)
Studio income from sales of DVD, VHS
and accessories (USA and the world)
Worldwide box office
1Doctor Nou$1 900 000$1 000 000$16 067 035$43 500 000$22 100 000$425 488 741
2"From Russia with love"$1 000 000$1 000 000$24 796 765$54 100 000$29 400 000$555 909 803
3Goldfinger$3 000 000$3 000 000$51 081 062$73 800 000$49 600 000$868 659 354
4"Fireball"$5 600 000$5 000 000$63 595 658$77 600 000$56 600 000$966 435 555
5“You only live twice”$9 500 000$10 000 000$43 084 787$68 500 000$44 000 000$720 388 023
6“At the secret service of Her Majesty”$7 000 000$5 000 000$22 774 493$59 200 000$32 400 000$513 445 231
7“Diamonds Are Forever”$7 200 000$10 000 000$43 819 547$72 200 000$45 700 000$617 520 987
8“Live and let die”$7 000 000$10 000 000$35 377 836$91 000 000$61 400 000$785 677 477
9"The Man with the Golden Gun"$7 000 000$10 000 000$20 972 000$76 600 000$37 000 000$426 826 774
10"The Spy Who Loved Me"$14 000 000$20 000 000$46 838 673$138 600 000$79 800 000$666 367 656
11Lunar Racer$31 000 000$40 000 000$70 308 099$140 000 000$210 300 000$624 527 272
12“For your eyes only”$28 000 000$40 000 000$54 812 802$140 500 000$88 350 000$481 005 579
13Octopus$27 500 000$40 000 000$67 893 619$119 600 000$81 800 000$405 873 493
14“View of the kill”$30 000 000$40 000 000$50 327 960$102 100 000$68 200 000$316 186 616
15"Sparks from the eyes"$30 000 000$50 000 000$51 185 897$140 100 000$70 200 000$362 876 056
16“License to kill”$32 000 000$50 000 000$34 667 015$121 500 000$60 000 000$271 586 451
17Golden Eye$58 000 000$50 000 000$106 429 941$242 465 680$145 600 000$499 954 330
18“Tomorrow Never Dies”$110 000 000$100 000 000$125 304 276$214 035 826$147 400 000$465 588 535
19"And the whole world is not enough"$120 000 000$100 000 000$126 943 684$234 888 716$175 000 000$504 705 882
20"Die but not now"$140 000 000$100 000 000$160 942 139$271 028 977$206 500 000$546 490 272
21"Casino Royale"$150 000 000$120 000 000$167 445 960$426 793 106$79 389 671$640 803 677
22Quantum of Solace$200 000 000$100 000 000$168 368 427$417 722 300$43 109 784$586 090 727
23“Skyfall coordinates”$200 000 000no data$297 025 010$726 400 000no data$1 108 561 013
24"Spectrum"$245 000 000no data$ 196 704 955$653 900 000no data$850 604 955
TOTAL: 24$1 464 700 000 $905 000 000 $1 850 062 685 $4 052 234 605 $1 833 849 455 $13 360 969 504

Cultural influence

  • Song about James Bond, Agent 007 - V. Vysotsky
  • Under the name "agent 07" (with one zero), James Bond became the character in the detective novel of the Bulgarian writer Andrei Gulyashka "Avvakum Zakhov v. 07" (in the novel agent 07, trying to steal the Soviet physicist Konstantin Trofimov, confronts the Bulgarian counterintelligence agent Avvakum Zakhov).
  • Finn McMistle, the character in the Cars 2 cartoon (Aston Martin DB5 car)
  • In the Marple series Agatha Christie in the Caribbean Secret series (season 6 episode one), Miss Marple's acquaintance with the writer Jan Fleming is played out, who, for the sake of relaxation and entertainment, decided to write a detective and can not think of a name for the protagonist, and their visit to the ornithologist James Bond's lecture.

Parodies and analogues

  • Jason bourne
  • Agent 117 (1950s)
  • m / f A man named Flintstone (1966)
  • Agent V4C in the movie End of Agent (1967)
  • “The Lion Prepares for the Jump” (1969), Hungary
  • The Magnificent (1973)
  • Agent 00X in m / f Adventures of Captain Vrungel
  • Austin Powers: The Riddle Man International (1997)
  • Agent Johnny English (2003)

James Bond Games

  • 007 Legends (PC, PS3, Xbox 360, Wii U)
  • GoldenEye 007: Reloaded (PS3, Xbox 360, Wii, NDS)
  • James Bond 007: Blood Stone (PC, PS3, Xbox 360, NDS)
  • James Bond 007: Quantum of Solace (PC, PS3, PS2, Xbox 360, Wii, NDS)
  • James Bond 007: From Russia With Love (PS2, PSP, Xbox, Gamecube)
  • GoldenEye: Rogue Agent (PS2, Xbox, Gamecube, NDS)
  • James Bond 007: Everything or Nothing (PS2, XBOX, Gamecube, Gameboy Advance)
  • James Bond 007: NightFire (PC, MAC, PS2, XBOX, Gamecube, Gameboy Advance)
  • James Bond 007: Agent Under Fire (PS2, Xbox, Gamecube)
  • 007 Racing (PS1)
  • 007: The World is Not Enough (PS1, N64, Gameboy Color)
  • 007: Tomorrow Never Dies (PS1)
  • James Bond 007 (Gameboy)
  • GoldenEye 007 (N64)
  • James Bond 007: The Duel (Sega Mega Drive, Sega Master System, Sega Game Gear)
  • James Bond Jr. (NES, SNES)
  • James Bond: The Stealth Affair (PC, Amiga, Atari ST)
  • The Spy Who Loved Me (C64, Amstrad CPC, Atari ST, Spectrum)
  • 007: License to Kill (PC, C64, MSX, Spectrum)
  • Live and Let Die (C64, Amstrad CPC, Amiga, Atari ST)
  • James Bond 007: The Living Daylights (C64, Amstrad CPC, BBC Micro)
  • James Bond 007: Goldfinger (PC, Apple II)
  • James Bond 007: A View to a Kill (PC, Apple II)
  • James Bond 007 (C64, Colecovision, Atari 2600, Atari 5200)


  • Judging by the appearance of James Bond and the release dates of the first films about his adventures, the agent should be well over 80. For some reason, he does not age in the film.
  • The famous phrase "My name is Bond. James Bond, one of Agent 007’s first phrases in the first Bond movie, is a “symmetrical” response to the representation of a woman in a red dress who loses Bond in a card game at the Le Cercle casino table - “Trench. Sylvia Trench. Mr. ... "-" Bond. James Bond".
  • For all the time of work in MI6 Bond was not promoted. His title is always a commander.
  • James Bond, performed by Sean Connery (after the movie "Goldfinger") takes 2nd place in the list of 100 best movie characters, compiled by Empire magazine.
  • Roger Moore and Daniel Craig are the only agents of 007 who are purebred English. David Niven is an Englishman and a quarter Frenchman, Sean Connery is a Scot with Irish roots, George Lazenby is an English-Australian, Timothy Dalton is half Welsh, half Italian, Pierce Brosnan is Irish, Barry Nelson is an American with Norwegian roots. Among the performers of the role of James Bond, there are formally three foreigners - Lazenby (Australia), Nelson (USA), Brosnan (Ireland).
  • Daniel Craig is the first actor since George Lazenby to appear in Bond without breaking the 40-year threshold.
  • Stunt director Gary Powell is a second-generation stuntman. The Powell family participated in the filming of all Bondian films, starting with the film Doctor No in 1962. Nosher Powell (father) and Dinny (uncle) worked in all films with Connery and Lazenby, Greg (brother) in all films with Moore and Dalton, and Gary took part in the filming of all the films with Brosnan and Craig.
  • James Bond named the asteroid number 9007.
  • James Bond watches “Submariner” in November 2011 sold for $ 200,000 at one of the auctions.
  • Coincidentally, “007” was the telephone number of the “turntable” of the head of the first Soviet intelligence. E. Dzerzhinsky.
  • In the movie “View of the Kill” in 1985, at the end of the picture, the former KGB general Alexei Gogol, who went to work at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and therefore met with a “M” for a cocktail, pronounces the phrase: “We awarded Comrade Bond with the Order of Lenin”. At the same time, the awarding of foreigners to the Order of Lenin was not out of the ordinary (for example, the Italian Luigi Longo was awarded the first of foreigners).
  • Roger Moore is the only one of all the Bonds who has never driven an Aston Martin.
  • The most British intelligence MI-6 believe that if James Bond tried to get a job in their department in 2016, he would be refused:

“The way he acts does not correspond to modern realities. The ability to work in a team is the main quality of a British intelligence officer. It helps to get important data. Nowadays, lone heroes do not achieve much. ”- MI BuzzFeed News source


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