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Kristina Asmus is a promising Russian actress with a pretty appearance, known to us for her role as Vary in the TV series “Interns” on TNT. On this site you can find all the most interesting details about her: a biography of Christina Asmus, fresh photos, interviews with the actress, news and gossip.

Where was Christina Asmus born? What was her childhood and youthful years like? What inspired the beauty to choose cinema as a profession, and what is the secret of her acting? And the most intriguing question is what happens between Kristina and Garik Kharlamov now, after so many years of marriage? Fans will find answers to all these curious questions in the sections of our fan site - read the full biography of Christina Asmus here.

Children's years and youth

Asmus was born in one of the maternity hospitals of the Moscow region. She was born in the Queen on April 14, 1988. The father of the future celebrity worked at a local missile center, and eventually opened his own business. Mother devoted all her life to taking care of children, because, in addition to Kristina, she had two more daughters - Karina and Olga. At first, the family lived modestly, but over time, wealth increased.

At the age of eight, Christina Asmus began to attend the gymnastics section. For nine years, she went to classes and even managed to earn the honorary title of the CCM. With this sport, the future actress had to be tied up, because she developed a real fear of specialized shells.

As Asmus herself later told, her dad and mother dreamed that she would become a professional athlete. However, the celebrity knew for sure that she wanted to become a famous actress. This desire began to visit her after watching "Wild Angel", where Natalia Oreiro starred in the title role.

Few people know that in childhood, Christina Asmus had a real boyish character. Some even called her impudent. At the same time, the blonde was persistent and persistent.

While studying at school, Asmus persuaded her father and mother to give her to the theater classes. She even played in a small production of the Mel Theater under the title “Dawns Here Are Quiet”. After receiving the certificate, Asmus entered the course of the legendary Konstantin Raikin at the Moscow Art Theater, but after one semester she was expelled allegedly for lack of professional growth.

Actor career

After a failed study, Asmus decided to return to the provincial city and perform in the local youth theater. She was invited to work in various cultural institutions. While Asmus played diverse roles, 2.5 years passed. In 2008, she managed to enter Sliver on the course of the star "Voronins" Boris Klyuyev.

Kristina Asmus achieved all-Russian success after her film debut in the comedy sitcom Interns. There, the blonde got the role of an aspiring physician Varvara Chernous. At the casting, Asmus managed to surpass over 2.5 thousand applicants. The project became so successful that the producers gave the green light for several seasons. Subsequently, the actress said that an interesting and extraordinary script helped her to learn the basics of medicine. In addition, she gained tremendous experience while on the set with Ivan Okhlobystin. The actress also struck up friendships with young colleagues.

By the way, Asmus is the name of the grandfather along the line of the artist’s mother. She took her as a pseudonym at the very beginning of her journey.

In 2010, the star was invited to star in another project. Director Nikolai Gusev offered her the role of the girl Alexandra in the detective "Left Work". In the same year, the comedy “Fir-trees” was released on Russian screens, where Asmus got the episodic role of Lena. In addition, the celebrity has repeatedly voiced various cartoons.

In 2013, the actress got a comic female role in the film “Doubler”, where her comedian Alexander Revva became her colleague. The following year, the premiere of the film “Easy on Mention” took place. It was then that Asmus met in Garik Kharlamov, who later became her husband.

In parallel with filming in the movie, the theatrical career of a celebrity developed. Asmus contracted to play in the Yermolova Theater. Also, the blonde often starred for fashionable glossy, including in Maxim magazine.

The blonde periodically took part in various TV shows. In 2014, after giving birth, she was invited to the fifth season of the Ice Age. Skater Alexei Tikhonov acted as her partner. In addition, the actress was involved in the television programs “Charging with the stars”, “Unreal story”, “Without insurance”, “Eat and lose weight”.

Asmus decided to develop not only as an actress, but also as a director. He even graduated from specialized courses, where her mentor was the honorary owner of Kinotavr Alexei Popogrebsky.

Personal life

When Asmus studied in Moscow, she began a relationship with Victor Stepanyan. However, after a while, the couple broke up. Allegedly, Christina Asmus preferred to pay attention to personal growth and professional career, rather than her lover. Constantly the couple had disagreements over the fact that the actress all the time disappears on the set.

In early 2013, the media began to actively disseminate information that Kristina Asmus is in a relationship with Garik Kharlamov. At that time, the actor was officially married. Because of this, celebrities began to be accused of destroying the family.

Subsequently, the comedian decided to stay with Asmus. About this celebrity wrote on his page in one of the social networks. In early 2014, the actress gave her lover a beautiful daughter Anastasia. For a long time, the couple preferred not to show the face of the child, hiding it from prying eyes.

In the decree, the young mother did not stay very long. Almost immediately, she went to work in the theater, where she played in the popular lyric performance "Hamlet". In the summer of 2014, the couple formalized their relationship.

More than once, rumors circulated on the Web that the relationship between Asmus and Kharlamov was collapsing before our eyes. Their initiator was the comedian's ex-wife Julia. However, over time it became clear that the couple was not going to get a divorce. Mutual love and care helped celebrities overcome all difficulties and build a strong family.

The couple constantly publishes joint photos on social networks and publicly declares love to each other. In their free time, Asmus, Kharlamov and their daughter try to travel. The star couple love to explore Europe.

According to Asmus, Garik Kharlamov is her first and true love. Absolutely, she states that this is the only man for life. When the actress became happy in the family plan, her career also went up.

More than once the couple was called one of the most beautiful in the domestic show business. She lives up to her status.

The early years of Christina Asmus

Kristina Igorevna Myasnikova was born on April 14, 1988 in the city of Kaliningrad (now Korolev). In addition to Christina, the family has three more daughters: Ekaterina, Olga and Karina.
The girl’s mother, Rada Viktorovna, completely devoted herself to the family and raising children, but sometimes managed to earn some money. Father, Igor L. Myasnikov, worked in a rocket center, later became an entrepreneur.
Christina has the title of candidate for master of sports in gymnastics. At the age of six, she began to practice this sport at the Dynamo School. Every day, the girl had to get up at dawn, go to school and do gymnastics after school. The nutrition of young athletes was under tight control, then the future actress learned to limit herself to food. The girl is prone to weight gain, therefore, to maintain her figure, Kristina visits the gym and sometimes sits on diets.
From childhood, Christina Asmus wanted to be an actress, this was inspired by the main actress of the series “Wild Angel”, Natalia Oreiro.
When the girl was about 15 years old, she admitted to her parents that she did not want to connect her life with sports. Parents understood and supported her.
At the age of 12, the girl began to go to the theater group "Mel", participated in the production of "And the Dawns Here Are Quiet."
After graduating from school, Kristina Myasnikova went to school - the Moscow Art Theater on the course of K. Raikin. The girl studied on the same course with many famous actors, such as Pavel Priluchny, Nastasya Samburskaya, Ivan Makarevich, Aristarkh Venes and others.
Kristina did not study at this school for long, she was expelled in the first year as "an aspiring actress who did not live up to expectations." Konstantin Raikin advised Christine to work on herself to achieve her goals.
The upset girl returned to her hometown of Korolev and worked in the local Youth Theater a little more than two years. Then Kristina Asmus still went to Moscow and graduated from the Shchepkin Theater School.

Filming in the series "Interns"

Along with her studies at the theater school, Kristina began acting in films. The debut role of the actress was the role of Barbara Chernous in the series "Interns". She played the role of a novice doctor - a girl in the team of the stubborn doctor Bykov. More than 2,000 girls tried to get this role, but it was Asmus who got it.
The series has become very popular on TNT. Actors began to be recognized on the streets, and they were also invited to new projects. For Christina, her first role in the movie was very successful: she studied with more experienced colleagues on the set, learned a lot from medicine and started in the profession of film actress.
The actress herself believes that her character is not similar to the character of her heroine Barbara. Intern Chernous is naive, too purposeful and always tells the truth. The actress is realistic and not as naive as her character.

Theater and film actress

Kristina Asmus - Russian theater and film actress, familiar to the audience on the television series “Interns” (in the role of Vari Chernous). Also in the career of the actress there are films: "Fir-trees", "Cinderella", "Doubler", "Text" and others. Kristina Asmus serves at the Moscow Drama Theater. M.N. Ermolova. In recent years, Asmus often gets into the news of the secular chronicle as the wife of the comedy "Comedy Club" Garika Kharlamova.

Childhood and education Christina Asmus

Kristina Igorevna Asmus (real surname - Myasnikov) was born on April 14, 1988 in the city of Korolev near Moscow.

Father - Igor Lvovich Myasnikov - Worked in a rocket center, later went into business, says Wikipedia’s biography of Christina Asmus.

Mother - Rada Viktorovna Myasnikova - She devoted her life to raising her daughters, who, in addition to Kristina, she has three: Ekaterina, Olga (elders) and Karina (younger), and, according to the recollections of her neighbors, found time for part-time jobs. Nevertheless, the family lived more than modestly, six of them lived in a two-room apartment.

On the maternal side, Christina has German roots. Her grandfather's last name was Asmus.

At the age of six, Kristina Asmus was sent to the Dynamo school to do gymnastics. The girl’s regime was very serious: every day she got up at five in the morning, got to school for two hours, after short lessons, many hours of training began. Young athletes were severely restricted in food, and they simply did not have weekends and holidays. As a result, Christina received the title of candidate for master of sports.

But the champion did not work out of her, although her parents wanted to make famous athletes out of their girls. Asmus once broke her arm in two places, but she continued to go to training anyway, fearing to lose her form. “There is no second place in sports,” Christine thought.

She became independent very early. By the way, the girl earned her first money when she was 10 years old - she and her friend picked up apples in the schoolyard and sold them for 10 rubles.

Christina had a dream - like many girls, she wanted to become an actress. Therefore, from the age of 12 she began to attend the theater studio "Mel", even played in the play "And the Dawns Here Are Quiet".

At 15, the girl left the sport.

According to Christina’s biography on the “Know Everything” website, in 2005 she graduated from high school and immediately entered the Moscow Art Theater School for a course Konstantin Raikin. In the first year, she became seriously ill, but decided not to skip her studies. As a result, Kristina fainted during class, she was taken away by an ambulance. Despite such zeal, Myasnikova was expelled six months later as "not meeting expectations." The last parting of Raikin was the phrase: "Work on yourself."

Christina had to return to Korolev. At home, she began performing on the stage of the Youth Theater with a role in the play Portrait of Mademoiselle Tarji. In parallel, the girl collaborated with the Theater of Good Tales. After working like this for two and a half years, in 2008 Kristina Myasnikova entered the theater school named after Schepkina per course Boris Klyuev and in 2012 became a certified actress. Having received a diploma from the Shchepkinsky school, Kristina got a place in the Ermolova Theater, where at different times she was busy in the classical performances “Hamlet” and “Examiner”, “Duck Hunt” in Vampilov, as well as in the production of "Text" based on the novel of the same name Dmitry Glukhovsky.

Career Christina Asmus, Interns

Even while studying at Sliver, she was invited to shoot in the series Maxim Pezhemsky "Interns", where she got the role of a young doctor Vari Chernous, the only girl in the team of wards Dr. Bykov performed Ivan Okhlobystin. As a stage name, Christina chose the name of her grandfather and became Christina Asmus.

About her role, Christina said that in reality she does not look like Varia. The only thing in which Christina is similar to Varya is determination. However, Chernous, according to Asmus, often goes too far in his initiatives, which creates comical situations. Kristina Asmus believes that people like Varya have something to learn from everyone, only in real life there are no such people.

The series was released in 2010 and for several years was extremely popular in Russia and the CIS countries. The career of the young actress received a sharp impulse as a result.

After the premiere of the first season of Interns, Christina was offered to star in the glossy men's magazine Maxim. The photos were very frank. The girl came up with the image of an alien hunter with a tail, and her arms and legs were covered with tattoos.

Then Christina, being a debutant of the magazine rating, took first place, ahead of Victoria Bonyu, Anna Sedokova, Vera Brezhnev and the star of "Univer" Maria Kozhevnikova.

Until 2016, Interns were a hit by TNT. But in April 2013, Christine decided to leave the series. In the end, she did not want to become a hostage of one image, because many more new and no less interesting works awaited her.

Continuation of the career of Christina Asmus

Even during the beginning of work on the Interns, Kristina noticed the director Timur Bekmambetov and invited the beauty to the comedy "Christmas Tree" (2010). This picture has become the most popular domestic New Year franchise. Kristina played the “Swiss” Lena, working in the skate rental.

Christina also participated in the voicing of cartoon characters. For example, in 2011, she voiced a squirrel in the cartoon "Ivan Tsarevich and the Gray Wolf".

In 2012, Asmus was invited to play a major role in the comedy Zolushka, a modern interpretation of the familiar tale.

Then Christina had a role in the serial detective "Dragon Syndrome", based on real events, when in 1993 in the apartment of the late electrician from Kaliningrad a collection of historical values ​​was discovered.

The young actress played in the full-length comedy “Double” along with Alexander Revvoy, in the movie “Easy at the mention” along with Garik Kharlamov.

In 2015, the feature film "And the Dawns Here Are Quiet" was released Peter Fedorov and Christina Asmus starring. In the remake of the Soviet classic of military drama, the actress got the role of partisan Gali Chetvertak.In one of the scenes (episode in the bathhouse), Kristina had to be completely naked. In preparation for the shoot, Asmus re-read the letters of the war veterans who wounded her to tears. Despite the presence of famous names in the cast, the film could not stand comparison with the original source and barely paid off at the box office.

Also unsuccessful was the film “Psychos” (2015), in which she played the role of a Goth girl.

But the sports drama “Champions: Faster, Higher, Stronger” was warmly received by the audience. In the movie almanac of stories about athletes and their path to the coveted first place, Kristina, with her extensive experience in gymnastics, got the role of a gymnast Svetlana Khorkina.

Acting in the film “Champions ...”, Christina took part in the show “Without insurance”, in which the stars perform tricks without understudies. But unsuccessfully. She broke her leg - injured the meniscus and knee. But, even moving on crutches, Christina managed to continue filming in “Champions”. It is good that the main material at that time was already filmed.

Not everything went smoothly with Asmus's last high-profile work - the film “Text”. On the set, Asmus had very piquant scenes with Ivan Yankovsky, which gave rise to a flurry of criticism, but the picture received an additional resonance in the news of show business.

Actress Kristina Asmus burst into tears on the air of the show when she talked about her reaction to the persecution due to the filming of the film “Text” in the erotic scene.

“Not making a movie caught me, not a reaction to it. Hooked on the perception of me. I am annoyed by the struggle and proof of myself in this life, in this profession, and in my family, among my friends, colleagues. Until now, this is the theme of my life, it excites me, infuriates me, ”RIA Novosti quoted Asmus as saying.

Asmus also said that due to a wave of criticism, she was considering refusing to shoot in another film, where she was to act in linen.

Asmus decided to abandon the filming for the sake of calmness of her husband, the famous comedian Garik Kharlamov. According to Christina, Kharlamov, as a husband, is not easy to see her shooting in candid scenes.

By the way, Kharlamov himself discussed this topic in the course of communication with the stars on the air of “Comedy Club”.

It should be noted that according to news, after the scandal that erupted around the sex scene in the new film by Kristina Asmus, the affairs of her husband Garik Kharlamov went uphill. It is noted that the comedian’s fee has risen significantly. Now the artist takes 50 thousand dollars for a corporate party.

If you look at the humorist’s Instagram, you can notice that his posts began to gain a huge number of likes, and the clothes from his online store are being bought up like hot cakes.

At the same time, users continue to exaggerate the scandalous scene with the participation of Kharlamov’s wife. They condemn him for allowing his wife to star in such an explicit film, the news reported.

Personal life of Christina Asmus

In early 2013, information appeared in the press that Kristina Asmus was meeting with Garik Kharlamov, her partner in the movie “Easy at Mention”. At that time, the showman was married to Julia Leshchenko. “Active” website visitors poured mud tubs onto the actress. A few months later, Kharlamov officially confirmed their romance on Twitter, interceding for his beloved. In June 2013, the couple registered a marriage union at the registry office.

January 5, 2014 the couple had a daughter, Anastasia. On maternity leave, the actress did not sit for a long time, and already at the end of the month she entered the stage of the Yermolova Theater.

Now Kristina Asmus and Garik Kharlamov lead a closed lifestyle. They bought a mansion in the suburbs and turned it into a cozy family nest. They do not hide the daughter’s face from the public, but rarely show - they don’t want to earn cheap popularity, as many star parents do.

In the news there were rumors about the couple's divorce. According to REN TV, at the premiere of the film "Hero" Asmus appeared without a wedding ring. At the same time, fans noticed that the actress has not been uploading photos with her husband for a long time.

Actress Kristina Asmus was forced to refute the news of the divorce from comedian Garik Kharlamov. The actress decided to immediately comment on the guesses of the subscribers.

“Garik and I never wore rings. And we don’t want to, ”she wrote.

Men Christina Asmus

It is known that Christina for 3 years was in a romantic relationship with her fellow student Viktor Stepanyan, however, because of the popularity of the overtaking star of the Interns, young people decided to leave. Christina began the real life of the artist, and Victor briefly answered numerous journalists: "Let Christina be fine."
In 2013, rumors appeared about the relationship between Christina and then-married showman Garik Kharlamov. A flurry of negativity and reproaches fell upon the actress, she was called the "homeowner" and "hijacker". In February of the same year, an entry appeared on the official page of Garik Kharlamov: "Nobody took me away! That's probably all. Thank you. Curtain. Ah, yes. I'm meeting Christina Asmus." The showman officially divorced in October 2013. Now the Asmus-Kharlamov couple is married and raising their daughter Anastasia, who was born on January 5, 2014.
Now the couple live happily in their country house in the suburbs and do not let outsiders into their personal lives.

Movie career

After the successful launch of Christina Asmus in “Interns”, other directors began to notice her and invite her to various projects. So, in 2010, the actress appeared in Timur Bekmambetov’s New Year’s comedy “Firs”.
Then there was an episodic role of Sasha in the series "Alibi for Two."
In 2011, the actress tried her hand at voice acting. Kristina Asmus voiced the squirrel in the cartoon "Ivan Tsarevich and the Gray Wolf".
In 2012, the girl starred in the full-length film "Cinderella", where she played the main role. The film is not a film adaptation of a classic fairy tale, but a modern interpretation in which a simple girl meets her "prince".
2012 was a very productive year for Christina Asmus: she graduated from the Shchepkinsky school, began playing on the stage of the theater and appeared in several films and series at once. In the series "Dragon Syndrome", the actress played the role of Alexandra Maximova. The film partners were actor Leonid Bichevin and Ekaterina Klimova. She also starred in the film "True Love", where she played the role of aspiring journalist Lena and the film "Doubler" with Alexander Revva in the title role.
The following year, the actress appeared in the movie “What Men Do”, which critics did not appreciate because of low-grade humor and poor acting, but this film also had its own audience. After there was a joint project with the future husband Garik Kharlamov “Easy on sight”, which also failed.
In 2015, she played the role of Gali Chetvertak in the remake of the film "Dawns Here Are Quiet." According to the actress, the shooting in this project was very emotional.
The next notable role was the role in the drama "Psycho", in which Christina appeared in a very unusual way. The actress played the role of Maya informal with dark hair, a nose ring and defiant makeup. For the actress, these became a good experience: she was able to try herself in a new role.
The next film of the actress really liked the audience, and they praised the play of Christina Asmus. In 2016, the sports drama Champions: Faster, Higher, Stronger was released, where the actress played the role of gymnast Svetlana Khorkina. The athlete herself appreciated the abilities of the actress and was pleased that she played in the film. Then Christine came in handy and her experience in gymnastics - the actress performed almost all the tricks on her own.
In 2019, the film was released by the director Klim Shipenko "Text" based on the novel of the same name by Dmitry Glukhovsky, in which the actress played the main role.

Filmography Christina Asmus

2010 - 2013 - Interns
2010 - Fir-trees
2011 - Alibi for Two
2012 - Cinderella
2012 - Dragon Syndrome
2012 - True Love
2012 - The Doubler
2013 - “What Men Do!”
2014 - “Easy at sight”
2015 - “And the dawns here are quiet ...”
2015 - Psychos
2016 - The Secret of the Idol
2016 - Champions: Faster. Higher. Stronger"
2019 - “Entering the house, look around”
2019 - Call Hero
2019 - Text
2020 - Whalers


Kristina Myasnikova was born on April 14, 1988 in Kaliningrad (now Korolyov) in the Moscow Region in the family of Igor Lvovich and Rada Viktorovna Myasnikovs. She has three sisters: the eldest - Ekaterina and Olga, both were born in Saratov, and the youngest, Karina, was born in Korolev.

In her youth she was engaged in gymnastics, achieved the rank of candidate for master of sports. As a schoolgirl, she played in the play E. Makhonina “The Dawns Here Are Quiet ...” (Zhenya Komelkova) at the MEL Theater, and after graduating from school in the play N. Portrait of Mademoiselle Tarzhi (Fantin) at the Korolev Theater for Young Spectators.

She decided to become an actress in her childhood by watching the series “Wild Angel” and becoming a fan of Natalia Oreiro’s work. In 2005, she entered the Moscow Art Theater School on a course of K. A. Raikin, but the study did not work out. In 2008, she entered the Theater School. Schepkina on the course of Boris Klyuyev.

The debut of the actress on the screen was the role of Varya Chernous in the 2010 comedy series "Interns." Then there were roles in the films "Firs", "Dragon Syndrome", "Cinderella". In 2011, she took part in the dubbing of the cartoon “Ivan Tsarevich and the Gray Wolf”, and in 2012 she voiced the cartoon “Keepers of Dreams”.

In 2013, she played the main female role in the film “Doubler”, in 2014 - in the film “Easy at the mention”. In 2014, she took part in the show “Ice Age-5” paired with skater Alexei Tikhonov.

From 2012 to the present, she is an actress of the Ermolova Moscow Drama Theater. In the winter of 2013-2014, she was on short-term leave related to the birth of her daughter. At the end of January 2014 she returned to the scene.

Photo: Christina Asmus


In 2005, Kristina, who had just graduated from high school, entered the Moscow Art Theater School on a course of Konstantin Raikin. In the first year, she became seriously ill, but decided not to skip her studies. As a result, Kristina fainted during class, she was taken away by an ambulance. Despite such zeal, Myasnikova was expelled six months later as "not meeting expectations." The last parting of Raikin was the phrase: "Work on yourself."

However, as Nastasya Samburskaya, a student of the same course, later said, many students were expelled that year, because too many people were enrolled in the course, teachers intentionally killed the students' personality. All the deportees - the mentioned girls, as well as Pavel Priluchny, Grigory Dobrygin and Ivan Makarevich - did not agree with this approach, but still achieved success in the profession.

Further career

The film was Christina's debut on the big screen. During the filming, the girl almost suffered: once water poured from a 700-liter aquarium on her, and bare wires lay on the floor. Fortunately, Christine quickly realized she would climb into a chair. And during the filming of the episode with an electric chair, make-up artists accidentally stuck a helmet to her hair - I had to water it with solvent.

In the same year, Kristina received a diploma from the Shchepkinsky school and got a seat in the Yermolova Theater, where at different times she was engaged in the classical plays Hamlet and The Examiner, Duck Hunt according to Vampilov, and also in the production of The Text based on the novel of the same name Dmitry Glukhovsky.

At first, it was uncomfortable for her to work in such close proximity with the audience, but she quickly got used to it and now will be able to remain focused even in complete chaos, which helps a lot during difficult auditions.

The performance was popular, so in 2018 the troupe gave 3-4 performances a week, and each time the audience was packed to capacity.


Success came to the actress in 2010, when she auditioned for the role of Varya Chernous in Maxim Pezhemsky’s TV series “Interns,” bypassing 2,500 other applicants. This role has become a springboard in her career. Asmus partners on the set were Ivan Okhlobystin, Ilya Glinnikov, Alexander Ilyin and Dmitry Sharakois. In the same year, she was recognized as the sexiest woman in Russia according to the magazine "Maxim".

Christina Asmus in the TV series Interns

This was followed by roles in the films "Christmas Trees", "True Love", "Dragon Syndrome" and the voicing of the Tooth Fairy in the animated film "Keepers of Dreams." In 2011, Christina became the "TV Actress of the Year" according to Glamor magazine.

Kristina Asmus in the New Year comedy "Firs"

In 2012, the actress appeared in the title role in the romantic comedy “Cinderella”, a modern reading of the classic fairy tale. The heroine Asmus arrives in Moscow from the province and gets a job as a maid. Unlike the fabulous prototype, Masha is impudent and punchy. The girl is in love with a popular musician and goes on tricks to get to a closed masquerade party with his participation.

Christina Asmus in the movie Cinderella

In 2013, Asmus became the winner of the Fashion People Awards. In the same year, she played a major role in the film "Doubler" in partnership with Alexander Revva. In 2014, in the film “Easy at Mention”, the actress plays together with Garik Kharlamov, who played the main role of a realtor, mystically moving to those who remembered him.

Soon, the artist’s repertoire replenished with work in the film “And the Dawns Here Are Quiet. ", The film adaptation of the story of Boris Vasiliev. The film resembles the eponymous 2-part Soviet film, but the authors deny the speculation that the new film is a remake. In the military drama, Asmus starred Gali Chetvertak.

Christina Asmus in the drama “Dawns Here Are Quiet.” "

The picture received controversial reviews. A new retelling of patriotic history found a response in the hearts of the audience, but the excessive “glamor” of the visual component caused frequent claims. The main characters seemed to the audience too clean and well-groomed for the second year of the war, and the scene in the bathhouse, where you can see the five naked actresses of the main roles, was filled with inappropriate eroticism, which was not in the previous adaptation of the story.

Kristina Asmus and Alexey Tikhonov at the show "Ice Age-5"

A screen star appears periodically in a TV show. In 2014, she was a participant in Ice Age-5, in which she performed in tandem with Alexei Tikhonov. The actress also participated in the programs “Eat and Lose Weight!”, “Exercise with the Stars”, “Unreal Story”, “Evening Urgant”, in the extreme show “Without Insurance”.

In addition to the acting profession, the star decided to master directing and entered the relevant courses. Kristina’s mentor was directed by Alexei Popogrebsky, winner of the Kinotavr and Golden Eagle awards.

In February 2016, a celebrity appeared in the title role in the sports drama Champions: Faster. Higher. Stronger ”based on real events. Asmus played a biographical role and embodied on the screen the image of the two-time Olympic champion - gymnast Svetlana Khorkina.

Christina Asmus - Champions: Faster. Higher. Stronger"

The filmmakers chose the actress for this role in connection with her external resemblance to the gymnast, as well as due to her good physical condition. It is noteworthy that many tricks in the film, Christina Asmus performed independently.

In the summer of 2016, the artist played the role of Olga Torres in the melodramatic detective "The Secret of the Idol", which takes place in the USSR on the eve of the 1980 Olympics and focuses on the personality of a talented musician who has made his way to the stage.

Christina Asmus - "The Secret of the Idol"

In the same year, the Asmus filmography was replenished with a youth arthouse painting "Psychos." The actress played the role of Maya's girl. The picture shows a modern youth party, in which the ideas of national socialism are gaining strength. The film traces, as from racist, but supposedly harmless jokes, it comes to murder.

In May 2017, a celebrity surprised fans with a change in image. She braided dreadlocks with artificial braids of lilac-pink color.In this image, the actress first appeared in the international race “Wings For Life World Run”, organized in support of a charitable foundation that works with people with disabilities.

Kristina Asmus

The actress shared the results of the race and photos of the new hairstyle on her own page on Instagram. According to subscribers, pigtails visually rejuvenated Asmus - in this way it was easy to confuse with a teenager. This was facilitated by the fragile figure of the artist: weight is 47 kg with a height of 164 cm.

Christina Asmus on television

In addition to filming a movie, actress Kristina Asmus took part in some popular shows.
So, in 2014, she took part in "Ice Age - 5", where she performed in tandem with Russian figure skater Alexei Tikhonov. In the project, she had to perform elements that were technically complex, and also to confirm that she was a talented actress.
In 2016, Christina Asmus took part in the show "Without insurance". In it, famous people perform various tricks, as the name of the project implies, without insurance. According to the artist, she went there to feel "in good shape", yet she went in for sports in childhood, and she lacks those emotions.
During training, the actress was injured: performing an acrobatic sketch, she landed unsuccessfully. As a result, meniscus damage and ligament rupture. But she continued to participate in the project, because the diagnosis was not made immediately. I had to whip up the program of the performance, so everything did not work out as planned.
Some viewers saw in the actress's injury a desire to be heard and suspected that it was all for PR, but Asmus fans supported her and wished her health.

Christina Asmus Now

The love story of Garik Kharlamov and Christina Asmus still haunts the public. When in December 2017, the artist published pictures of a new photo shoot, where she appeared in the role of a burning brunette, detractors saw this as a fact of betrayal. According to some, Christine changed her image for the sake of another man. But the couple does not pay attention to stinging comments, and continues to enjoy family life.

Christina Asmus Brunette

The actress maintains contact with her fans, so she regularly posts on her personal page on Instagram. Thanks to the pictures on social networks, connoisseurs of talent of the artist learned that she has a tattoo on her hip, made in the form of an abstract drawing.

Surprise was caused by Asmus pictures, in which the beauty appeared with a new nose shape. Fans were talking about plastic, but the actress refuted speculation, explaining that she had only corrected the image using Photoshop.

Christina Asmus without makeup

In September 2018, Christina shocked the subscribers of the photo in which she appeared with tearful eyes, bruises and abrasions on her face. Some fans even suggested that the actress was beaten by her husband. But in fact, she demonstrated makeup from the frames of the new film, which is now being shot.

Christina Asmus on the set of Call Hero in 2018

The series is called "Hero on call." Kristina reincarnated as investigator Leonova, who falls in love with a doctor with an inoperable tumor of Ivan Lutoshin (Eugene Miller). The young man helps the investigation in solving crimes, playing the role of a “dummy duck”. Each time, risking his life, the doctor notices that his health is improving.

Theatrical activity

From the age of 12, the future artist began to attend the theater club. At school, she played in the production of "The Dawns Here Are Quiet." After returning from Moscow, she played for two years in the Theater of Good Tales, as well as in the theater of a young spectator in her native Queen in the play Portrait of Mademoiselle Tarji.
In 2012, after graduating from Sliver, the actress began working in the Yermolova Theater, where she appeared in productions of The Examiner, Duck Hunt, Hamlet, Pagans, and Text.


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