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Name: Yana Enzhaeva

Birthday: September 26 1994 (25 years old)

Place of Birth: Saratov

Height: 171 cm

Weight: 53 kg

Eastern horoscope: Dog

Career: Russian actors 295 place

Childhood and youth

Yana was born in the autumn of 1994 in Saratov in the family of a German teacher. Mother raised the girl on her own, it was difficult for them at times, and in search of a better life, when Yenzhaeva turned 13, the family moved to the Russian capital.

Actress Yana Enzhaeva

Since childhood, the girl was active and creative, and in order to direct the energy of the child in the right direction, her mother wrote Yana in different circles. The future actress was fond of music and loved to sing, and also engaged in ballroom dancing, and later even received the title of candidate for master of sports.

Already being an adult. she said that at 16 she had a star fever. Realizing that she is beautiful and does much more than her peers, the girl was arrogant. Looking at himself at that age now, Yenzhaeva is getting ridiculous, but at that time it was a real problem.

Yana Enzhaeva

Despite sports and musical hobbies, as a future profession, the girl preferred journalism. Then her goal was to enter Moscow State University, she was seriously preparing to pass exams, but at some point she realized that she did not want to do this, and her true calling was a theater stage and a film set.

Mom did not resist the choice of her daughter, therefore, together for the further education of Yana, they chose the Moscow Art Theater. The girl got into the workshop of Dmitry Brusnikin - a Soviet and Russian actor and director of theater and cinema.


The first theatrical performances in the biography of the actress appear in the years of study at the Moscow Art Theater. It was a production of "Second Wind" directed by Maxim Didenko, as well as other performances created by her teacher on the stage of the Boyars' Chambers STD.

Yana Enzhaeva in the movie "Graduation"

Enzhaeva’s career in the cinema also began when the girl was still studying. The role in the film "Graduation" by Vsevolod Brodsky at the beginning of her career opened the way for her to participate in other projects. In the adventure comedy, she played a graduate of Masha. Together with Yana, Sergey Burunov, Victor Grudev, Sergey Pokhodaev, Daniil Vakhrushev and other talented artists starred in this film.

Shortly after the premiere of the picture, the actress starred in the comedy film "Kitchen in Paris", which was the continuation of the 3rd season of the popular series "Kitchen". Also, viewers of Channel One saw Yenzhaev in the series “These Eyes Are Opposite”, which tells the story of singer Valery Obodzinsky.

Yana Enzhaeva in the series "Is It Easy to Be Young?"

In 2014, the actress goes to the casting of the series “Is it Easy to Be Young?”, Which was later broadcast on TNT. In the film about the love, friendship and life of modern schoolchildren, the girl gets her first main role. This TV channel broadcasts comedy shows and TV shows and has a wide target audience, so after the premiere of the tape in 2015, Enzhaeva becomes an even more popular actress. The audience appreciated the game of Yana as an eccentric and assertive girl of Sveta, who for her own benefit is ready to go over the heads.

In the same 2015, the psychological thriller Method was released on Channel One. Enzhaeva was invited to shoot a multi-part tape for two roles at once. At that time, she already had an acting education and experience playing on stage, as she was on the staff of the Brusnikin's Workshop theater, and therefore did not think about the proposal.

Yana Enzhaeva in the series "Method"

At first, she was offered to play the role of Yesenia Steklova, but since Yana was too young for her, she played twin sisters Alisa and Julia. Yesenia was presented on the screen by Paulina Andreeva, and the main character went to Konstantin Khabensky.

The year 2016 brings to the filmography of the artist of the film with supporting roles. This is a shoot of the continuation of the series "Kitchen" and the comedy "You Enrage Me All," which was released in 2017.

Yana Enzhaeva in the series "Shameless"

The show of detective “Sparta” began in 2017, in 2018, viewers saw its continuation. Yana Enzhaeva played only in some episodes, and Alexander Petrov, Artem Tkachenko, Alisa Lozovskaya, Valeria Shkirando and others starred for this picture.

The girl also starred for the TV series “Hotel Eleon” in the role of the daughter of investor Robert Kolesnichenko, and in the series “Shameless”, which began in September 2017. In this tape, the artist worked on the same platform with Alexei Shevchenkov, Polina Ganshina, Andrey Chadov, Konstantin Davyd and other actors.

Personal life

The beautiful actress always attracted the attention of young people, but not all relationships left positive memories in Yana's memory. As the actress herself admitted in an interview, she worried twice because of unrequited love, but, having already matured, she realized that she was wasting time.

Yana Enzhaeva and Victor Grudev

At the time of work on the film "Graduation" Enzhaeva met with Victor Grudev. He is also an actor, having graduated from a theater institute in Novosibirsk, he worked in a local drama theater. In the "Graduation" guy got the main role, he played Demyan. Having started a relationship, Yana immediately realizes that Victor is her man, coupled with complete mutual understanding and trust. However, at the end of 2016, the press published information about the separation of young people.

Yana Enzhaeva and Oleg Klevakin

Having finished relations with Grudev, almost immediately the girl begins to meet with the star of the show "Dancing" Oleg Klevakin. The young dancer is very popular, they first talked about him after filming in the Ukrainian show "Everybody Dance", where he participated earlier. Judging by the joint photos that Yenzhaeva puts on his Instagram page, young people are still in a relationship. Klevakin has not yet become the husband of the actress and they have no children, how this relationship ends - a break or marriage, is still unknown.

Yana Enzhaeva now

Despite the constant employment in projects, Enzhaeva’s personal life is fine.

Yana Enzhaeva in 2018

In 2018, Yana starred for the 6th season of the series Youth, which is broadcast on STS and talks about the life of a youth hockey club from a small town.

Creative path, family, life.

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Name and surname:Yana Enzhaeva
Name in English:Yana enzhaeva
Year of birth:1994
Birthday:September 26th
Place of Birth:Saratov
Occupation:actress, russian actress
Height:171 cm.
Weight:53 kg
Eastern horoscope:Dog
Social network:VkontakteFacebookTwitterInstagram

Actor career

To start acting in films Yana began in the years of study. Her first significant work in the cinema was the role in the adventure comedy Vsevolod Brodsky “Graduation”, in which also appeared Victor Grudev, Kristina Isaykina (fellow countrywoman Yana), Sergey Burunov (businessman Anton Palovich from the TV series “Ivanov-Ivanovs”), Sergey Pokhodaev, star The Comedy Vumen show Marina Fedunkiv, Daniil Vakhrushev (actor of Fizruka, Elok and Super Beavers), Vladimir Sychev and other comedians. Yana herself played one of the main roles - graduate Masha Shalaeva.

Yana Enzhaeva on the set of the film "Graduation"

Soon after the release of the film about the most important event in the life of all schoolchildren, Enzhaeva appeared in a small role in the comedy “Kitchen in Paris” (continuation of the 3rd season of the television series “Kitchen” on STS) and the series on the history of singer Valery Obodzinsky “These eyes are opposite”, which was presented on Channel One.

Yana Enzhaeva in the play "Conarmia" at the CIM

Thanks to the advice of the teacher Alexei Rozin, who advised the girl to go to the casting, in 2014, Yana got her first main role in the series “Is it Easy to Be Young?” (TNT) about the friendship, life and love of modern schoolchildren. The first telenovela series were released in January 2015. She did not get the most pleasant heroine - a girl named Sveta, who does not shy from walking on other people's heads for her own benefit.

Yana Enzhaeva in the series "Is It Easy to Be Young?"

Soon Enzhaeva - at that time already a graduate of the Moscow Art Theater and an actress of the Brusnikina Workshop theater - appeared in the multi-part psychological thriller Method (Channel One), playing two roles at once - the twins Julia and Alice. First, she auditioned for the role of Yeseni Steklova, an intern with investigator Meglin. But then it turned out that she was too young for this heroine, and the role of partner Konstantin Khabensky went to Paulina Andreeva.

Yana Enzhaeva in the series "Method"

2016 was marked by supporting roles in the 8-part detective “Sparta” (with Alexander Petrov, Artyom Tkachenko, Valeria Shkirando and Oleg Gaas), the comedy series “You All Enrage Me” (Svetlana Khodchenkova, Julia Topolnitskaya, Alexander Pal) and the series "Hotel Eleon", the continuation of the series "Kitchen".

The growth of Yana Enzhaeva - 171 cm

Biography of Yana Enzhaeva

Yana Enzhaeva was born on September 26, 1994 in Saratov.

According to the actress herself, she dreamed of becoming a journalist, but unexpectedly for herself, she realized that she did not need a journal faculty. In 2015, Yana graduated from the Moscow Art Theater School-Studio (course of D.V. Brusnikin).

The girl began acting in films while still a student. For the first time on the screen, Enzhaev appeared in Dmitry Dyachenko's comedy “Kitchen in Paris” (2014).

In 2015, Yana Enzhaeva played a major role in the series “Is It Easy to Be Young?” Then the actress was involved in other multi-part films: “Method”, “These eyes are opposite”, “Hotel Eleon”, “You all infuriate me”, “Shameless”.