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The largest water parks in Russia - the top 10


Rating Feature

1Golden BayThe largest in Russia
2Peterland12 baths of different nations of the world
3AqualooBest all-season water park
4AquamirThe largest wave pool
5Golden beachThe best place to relax with children
6Kwa Kwa ParkThe longest Black Hole (122 meters)
7H2OAmazing rooftop party pool
8Riviera50 different attractions in the water park
9OctopusLowest prices
10DzhubgaThe best roller coaster in Russia

Waterpark is a universal entertainment area for both children and adults. There is always a sea of ​​joy, emotions and a lot of impressions. Today in the country there are about 45 large water parks. We bring to your attention a rating of the best, in our opinion, entertainment aquatic complexes in Russia. These are places that are definitely worth visiting when traveling around the expanses of the homeland.

10 Dzhubga

Such steep slides as here you will not find in any of the country's water parks. They are built under the control of Turkish engineers developing Antalya parks and reflect the most modern concepts in the world of entertainment. It is enough to read the insanely emotional reviews of visitors and it becomes clear that “Dzhubga” deservedly got into the list of the best water parks in Russia. On an area of ​​20 thousand square meters housed the most breathtaking water activities, not all of which can be found in other similar places. What is the 17-meter "Royal Cobra" worth? Jacuzzi, waterfalls and artificial rocks create a unique atmosphere.

For young lovers of entertainment, there is an absolutely safe pool and 12 slides for fun skiing. For fans of surfing, a separate pool has been created, those who want to just swim can visit the "Lazy River" with a length of almost 500 meters. Next to each pool is a relaxation area with sun loungers and parasols. Water park "Dzhubga" worthily takes a place in the list of the best in Russia and starts our top.

9 octopuses

In Rostov-on-Don, there is another water park, which is one of the best in Russia. "Octopus" has welcomed guests since 1998 and has always pleased them with a variety of entertainment. Fans of outdoor activities will appreciate 11 dizzying slides, 9 pools of different depths with and without waves. The bravest ones can go down to the Black Hole (its length is 90 meters) or experience the Anaconda. By tradition, there is “Kamikaze” and “Wide Carpet”. A lot of positive and unforgettable emotions is provided to everyone. Guests can watch a daily show program, participate in foam parties and giveaways.

The children's zone is not only safe, but also a variety of fun slopes. In the center of the composition is a cheerful octopus, whose tentacles have become slides for babies. There are shallow “paddles”, ladders and trampolines. Those who want to eat can visit the local cafe or fry the barbecue in a special clearing. The water park is open, so in the winter season it changes qualifications and becomes a skating rink. "Octopus" is characterized by the most moderate pricing policy, a child ticket costs only 250 rubles, an adult - 550. This is undoubtedly one of the best entertainment places in Russia, and it deservedly takes its place in our rating.

8 Riviera

In the very center of Kazan is one of the largest water parks in the world. On the open and closed area there are more than 50 different attractions, among which each visitor will find a suitable solution. Here, guests are immediately provided with 10 different water slides, several huge pools, as well as a children's aquacomplex and spa area. A particularly vivid impression remains after riding on the waves, the height of which reaches 1.5 meters. The complex is stylized as an old fortress, from whose walls slides descend. There is a separate area for diving and surfing, those who wish to try themselves in this field can immediately rent equipment.

Visitors in their reviews speak very warmly about the pool with an aquabar, in it you can taste delicious cocktails without crawling out of the water. The entertainment complex has bars and restaurants. They can have a tasty and satisfying meal, local desserts leave a special impression. "Reviera" guarantees guests a unique experience. Recently, the water park has become incredibly popular not only among residents of Kazan, but also among tourists. The cost of visiting is from 590 to 1400 rubles, depending on the duration of the session. The entertainment complex is deservedly considered one of the best in Russia.

10. Banana Republic

Where is: Crimea, between the cities of Saki and Yevpatoriya in the vicinity of Art. Coastal.
Ticket price: an adult - from 1400 rubles, a child from 90 to 130 cm - from 1000 rubles.
Children up to 90 cm tall are free of charge.

The largest water park in Crimea (5 hectares) operates seasonally - from June 1 to early September. It offers visitors 27 attractions, 8 pools, slides, massage services, cafes, and even a currency exchange. The length of all slides is about 1,500 meters.

For children of different ages there are pools with a depth of 25 to 80 cm. Children there are under the supervision of instructors. And adults can tickle their nerves, going down the hills "Kamikaze" and "Banzai", their height reaches 21 meters.

The Amazon River flows in the vicinity of the complex, it offers a magnificent view of beautiful waterfalls, fountains, palm trees and other 150 species of exotic plants.

Also in the "Banana Republic" babysitting service is available, and after lunch you can do water aerobics for free.

Aquamir (Novosibirsk)

This is the largest water park in Russia in a closed pavilion with a total area of ​​about 40 thousand square meters. There are a lot of fascinating attractions for visitors of all ages, the largest wave pool in the country (1000 sq. m.), the unique slides “Konstiktor” and “Aquasfera”. Some slopes reach a height of 21 m in height. There are cozy cafes, spas and several baths. Learn more

Address: Russia, Novosibirsk, ul. Yarinskaya, 18.

Prices: for adults - 1500 rubles., For children (3-17 years) - 1200 rubles. Children under three years old - free of charge.

9. Moreon

Where is: Moscow, Golubinskaya street, 16.
Ticket price: an adult - 1150 rubles, a child from 110 to 150 cm - 690 rubles.
Children up to 110 cm tall are free.

The largest water park in Moscow has an area of ​​6 thousand square meters and offers visitors an impressive range of entertainment for both active and lazy people. The first are waiting for: the wave pool, extreme slides and the attraction "Space plate". And the latter can soak up the sandy beach, make peeling fish, swim in the warm lagoon, sit on the summer terrace or lie in the jacuzzi.

Also in the territory of the largest and best water park in Moscow there are terms (you must pay extra for visiting them when buying a ticket) and a spa room.

Peterland (St. Petersburg)

Peterland is the second largest indoor domestic water park. Its area is 25 thousand square meters. m. All the entertainment in the park is located around a fabulous wooden ship, made in full size - an exact copy of the famous "Black Pearl". This is an excellent center for family vacations with many fun attractions, as well as a wonderful thermal area with a wide variety of baths. Learn more

Address: Russia, St. Petersburg, 72 Primorsky Ave.

Price: for adults - 1500 rubles., For children (5-13 years) - 890 rubles. Children under five are free of charge.

Riviera (Kazan)

The world famous Forbes magazine called the Riviera the largest water park in our country. This is a water entertainment complex, functioning year-round. There are fifty attractions and five pools, one of which is open - it works even in winter (the water temperature in it is +30 0).

The water park has an excellent play area for children, there is a spa, a area for surfing and diving.

Address: Russia, Kazan, st. Fatykha Amihan, 1.

Prices: for adults - 1050 rubles., For children (4-12 years) - 800 rubles. Children under four years old - free of charge. Learn more

Moreon (Moscow)

This is the largest Moscow water park. On an area of ​​6 thousand square meters. There are slides of various difficulty levels, an artificial wave pool, a sandy beach, a warm lagoon, a thermal complex, a spa and a magnificent summer terrace. Learn more

Address: Russia, Moscow, st. Golubinskaya, 16.

Prices: for adults - 1150 rubles., For children (height 1.1-1.5 m) - 690 rubles. Children below 1.1 m are free.

H2O (Rostov-on-Don)

This is a magnificent modern three-level water park. It offers visitors eight slides, twenty pools, a jacuzzi, baths, spa, massage room, a children's playground, cafes and bars. Learn more

Address: Russia, Rostov-on-Don, ul. M. Nagibina, 34.

Prices: for adults - 900 rubles., For children (under 14 years old) - 650 rubles. Children up to 120 cm admission is free.

Waterpark "Summer Summer"

Address: Tyumen, st. Shcherbakova
Status: opening June 1, 2018
Area: 40 thousand m2
Highest hill: 22 meters

The water park will open more than 70 attractions, eight of which are with extreme slides. Visitors are promised speed descents with unexpected turns, as well as the 150-meter “Slow River” with a flow rate of 3 kilometers per hour, an almost-kilometer wave pool with four modes and one of the largest children’s zone in Russia (over 1300 sq. M.). The chip will be a powerful but safe volcano and a six-meter waterfall. It is planned that about a million people will be able to visit the water park per year.

There will also be a hotel with 187 comfortable rooms, corresponding to the level of four stars, with two conference rooms, free parking for 700 cars, a restaurant and a lobby bar. In total, it is planned to organize 11 food outlets on the territory of the complex. The water park is looking for cooks, waiters, technologists and bakers, welcoming young professionals.

Water Park "Aquamir"

Address: Novosibirsk, st. Yarinskaya, 8
Status: opened in 2016
Area: 40 thousand m2
Highest hill: 16.8 meters
Distance from Tyumen: 1,278 km

Aquamir claims to be the “largest indoor water park in Russia”. It is part of a huge sports and fitness center and operates year-round. There are more than 150 rides with slides for children and adults. The wave pool area is 1000 square meters. It boasts four slides the height of a seven-story building. The largest is the Water Loop 96 meters long and 16.8 meters high. There are high slides, which can be conquered on a single and double bun.

For toddlers and older children, the Aquaplay children's zone works. The water town is located on a separate floor and is ready to receive up to 400 guests at a time. In the water park there are 13 baths, a hamam, aero and hydromassage, SPA-procedures, restaurants and much more. The hotel of the complex is designed for 150 rooms, there is a parking for 1100 cars, a SPA center, a wellness center and a beach.

Waterpark "Dolphin"

Address: Krasnodar Territory, Tuapse District, Nebug, st. Novorossiysk highway, 1
Status: opened in 1997
Area: 30 thousand m2
Highest hill: 15 meters
Distance from Tyumen: 2,992 km

Water park "Dolphin" - one of the first in Russia large complexes of water slides in the open air. The water park includes 17 playgrounds: these are children's towns, family slopes, extreme slides, the Lazy River with artificial currents and a large pool. The classic hill "Kamikaze of the Abyss" is popular, during the descent from which you can accelerate to 19 m / s.

Noteworthy is the Kamikaze Extreme gutter and a slide with a closed slope (in the dark) and unexpected turns of the Black Hole 94 meters long. The water park also has themed restaurants and cafes. It has its own concert venue where invited celebrities perform almost every day. The water park operates only in the warm season.

Water park "Dzhubga"

Address: Krasnodar Territory, Tuapse District, Dzhubga, Novorossiysk Highway 10a
Status: opened in 2009
Area: 26 thousand m2
Highest hill: unknown
Distance from Tyumen: 2,952 km

The open-air water entertainment complex is located on the seafront and is open from May to September. The territory can accommodate up to two thousand visitors at a time. There are more than 20 attractions, 16 adult slides and 12 for children, a wave pool and a pool with the effect of a fast river. There are showers, a jacuzzi, relaxation areas equipped with sun loungers and umbrellas, as well as a children's town. The most extreme and fastest slide is the Kamikaze ride. Another extreme slide - “Ufil Flying Bords” - is distinguished by sharp turns, like the famous King Cobra slide. The wide Tsunami attraction is breathtaking by a sharp descent on an inflatable cheesecake.

For children on the territory - 12 different slides, a children's town, geysers, fungal souls and many bright fairy-tale figures. One of the advantages of the water park is free parking for 500 cars. Vacationers can satisfy their hunger in a pizzeria or cafe, and enjoy refreshing drinks at the bar.

Waterland "Peterland"

Address: St. Petersburg, Primorsky Prospect, 72
Status: opened in 2012
Area: 25 thousand m2
Highest hill: 16 meters
Distance from Tyumen: 2,563 km

Petersburg water park Piterland has long been considered the largest indoor establishment in the country. The dome of the water park allows visitors to sunbathe year-round. At the same time there can be up to 2000 people. The number of attractions is more than 20. In the center there is a life-sized ship in distress, from which five water slides of varying degrees of extremeness depart. There is a very unusual slide - you climb up it in a stream of water.

The children's town is separated from the main zone - it has its own pool 30 cm deep and safe slides. Fans of diving can hone their skills, plunging to the bottom of a special six-meter pool. Nine baths were created for adults in different national styles, as well as massage and cosmetology rooms with peeling, wrapping and hydromassage. For cars there is an underground parking lot for 1000 cars and ground parking for 1000 cars.

Water Park H2O

Address: Rostov-on-Don, 34 M. Nagibina Ave.
Status: opened in 2013
Area: 24 thousand m2
Highest hill: 18 meters
Distance from Tyumen: 2,575 km

The all-season H2O water park can host up to 1800 visitors at a time. At three levels, there are 20 pools of different sizes and depths, eight slides, a bath complex, a children's water town, three cafes and three water bars, a shopping gallery.

At the first level, H2O is equipped with a wave pool with a smooth entrance simulating sea waves. You can go on a trip along the "Fast River", passing along the perimeter of the entire water park. The pools are equipped with hydromassage equipment, water guns, geysers and waterfalls. In the sports pool, instructors conduct water aerobics classes.

Three slides descend into the splash pool: the Bodyslide with a track length of 39 meters, the Flying Boats with a track length of 50 meters, the Black Hole spiral tunnel 11 meters high and a descent length of 115 meters. The most extreme slide is “Free Fall” with a height of 18 meters and a track length of 43 meters.

On the third level of the water park there are all-season and summer pools with a view of the city.

Waterpark "Koktebel"

Address: Crimea, Feodosia, pos. Koktebel, st. Lenin 144-b
Status: opened in 2007
Area: 23 thousand m2
Highest hill: 12 meters
Distance from Tyumen: 3,139 km

The water park is located in the village of Koktebel on the Black Sea. Here you can ride on 24 slides, swim in seven pools and soak up the three jacuzzis. The most extreme slides of the water park are the “Space Pipe”, “Kamikaze” and “Family on a Raft”. Slides for the smallest are stylized as fairy-tale characters.In the design of the water park there is a desire to recreate the atmosphere of the romance of piracy.

The daily capacity of the water park is approximately 3000 people. The water park is part of a large complex with restaurants, an aquaraim, a petting zoo, a children's room, a terrarium and a hotel.

Waterpark Riviera"

Address: Kazan, 1 Fatykh Amirkhan Ave.
Status: opened in 2007
Area: 20 thousand m2
Highest hill: 25 meters
Distance from Tyumen: 1269 km

Kazan water park "Riviera" without false modesty positions itself as one of the largest in the world. The water park is located in Kazan on the banks of the Kazanka River and includes a closed and open zone. Both sites operate year-round. Water in the open part is heated in the cold season. The capacity of the water park is 3,500 people per day.

There are more than 50 attractions, including five pools and 10 water slides. The longest slide is Niagara 211 meters long. A bit inferior to her are the Bermuda Descent slides (113 meters) and the Black Hole (110 meters). The pride of the Kazan water park is the wave pool. The waves in it reach 1.5 meters.

There is also a surf area, rivers, spa area, a game complex for children. Divers can plunge into the abyss on the ride "Jump into the abyss." Fans of diving are provided with full equipment. In the pool with an aquabar visitors can enjoy cocktails without crawling out of the water.

Waterpark "Water World"

Address: Crimea, Sudak, st. Gagarina, 79
Status: opened in 2003
Area: 20 thousand m2
Highest hill: 23 meters
Distance from Tyumen: 3,166 km

The water sports amusement park is inscribed in the southeastern part of Sudak Bay at the foot of Alchak-Kaya Mountain on the very shore of the Black Sea. There are four sets of slides. Fans of outdoor activities will love the Kamikaze (height 14 meters, length 35 meters, descent speed up to 40 km / h). The closed hill "Orange River" of the same height, but much longer - 98 m.

In 2013, a new slide complex was opened in the water park. Its highlight is the Super Loop, whose launch pad is at a height of 23 meters. To start the movement, you need to go into the capsule. The floor goes under your feet, you accelerate to 75 km / h, describe a dead loop, and land in the pool. There are slides in the water park and much less extreme. For example, "Women's Passion." Its launch pad is located at an altitude of eight meters, the length of the descent is 45 meters.

For younger visitors to the water park there is a large children's pool with fountains. Every day there are show programs, foam discos, water aerobics, pool contests and much more.

Water Park "Golden Bay"

Address: Gelendzhik, st. Tourist, 23
Status: opened in 2004
Area: 15 thousand m2
Highest hill: 25 meters
Distance from Tyumen: 3,021 km

Golden Bay is proud to be one of the five most popular water parks in Europe. The style of the water park is conceived as a mixture of eras and countries of the world. It offers dozens of slopes of different heights, 49 slides, 17 pools, 10 water attractions. Fans of extreme sports will love the Kamikaze slides (25 meters), Pigtail and Stealth. There is also a diving center with a reservoir depth of more than 10 meters, a waterfall eight meters high. The children's area is made in the form of a castle with four pools, towns and animal figures. You can play beach volleyball or water polo in several pools.

There are several cafes, souvenir shops and other products that may be needed at the water park. The work period is from June to September. In the summer season of 2018, a new slide will appear, allowing for descent on four-seater rafts.

7 H2O

This entertainment complex is one of the largest in Russia and occupies as many as 20 thousand square meters. The water park is closed, but in summer there is a stunning pool on the roof of the complex, where parties are held outdoors. In addition to it, in “H2O” there are 5 more diverse bowls: SPA - a wellness area with hydromassage, geysers, water guns and massage nozzles, a wave, with a smooth entrance, “Fast River” imitates the course, sports tracks and “Pirate Town” for children. In the area for young visitors, a shallow “paddling pool” for greater security. And during the school holidays, the H2O Super Camp opens at the institution.

In the closed zone of the water park, visitors will enjoy 8 high-speed slides with varying degrees of extremeness. Competition lovers can take advantage of the multi-lane descent. For those who want to tickle their nerves, there is a “Magic Hole” - this is 35 seconds of a breathtaking descent from an almost 15-meter height along a 172-meter track. "Space hole" will appeal to those who prefer dizzying slopes. These are far from all available attractions. Ticket price from 1050 rubles, depends on the day of the week and the duration of the visit. “H2O” worthily took its place in our top of the best.

6 Kwa Kwa Park

Kva-Kva Park is the largest indoor water park in Moscow and the region. It is deservedly a favorite vacation spot for Muscovites and guests of the capital. On an area of ​​4200 square meters there are many attractions, slopes, swimming pools and a children's area. Needless to say, the atmosphere of carefree and fun reigns in the water park. An excellent wave pool, super-long “Black Hole”, breathtaking “Virage”, slide for collective descent “Multislide”, dizzy “Cyclone” and much more await adults. For a relaxing holiday there is a “Laguna” and a beach bar. Those who wish to have a bite to eat can head to the cafe, and for those who want warmth there is a bath complex and SPA saunas.

For children, a separate area with a "paddling pool" is equipped. There are also slides that are completely safe, but provide no less fun. Small fountains constantly beat here, and for the most daring there is a real waterfall. So that little visitors do not freeze from a long game in the water, the temperature is maintained slightly higher than in the main complex, in the children's zone it reaches +33 degrees. The cost of visiting depends on the chosen tariff and ranges from 1040 to 2600 for an adult; a child ticket costs half as much. “Kva-Kva Park” deservedly got into our top of the best water parks in Russia.

8. Starfish

Where is: Sochi, Lazarevskoye, Lazarev street, 108A.
Ticket price: for an adult - 1000 rubles, for a child - 800 rubles.
Children under 5 years old - free of charge.

The largest water park in Sochi, spreading over 10 thousand m², includes 11 slides, a children's town, a "lazy river", a pool with waterfalls, beer tents, a cafe.

Also on the territory of the "Starfish" is an oceanarium with huge aquariums with a total length of over 40 meters, and unique representatives of the river and marine fauna of the Amazon. Little visitors will be able to touch and even feed aquatic turtles and small fish.

7. Golden Beach

Where built: Anapa, Grebenskaya street, 2A
Ticket price: an adult - 1200 rubles, a child from 105 cm to 140 cm - 800 rubles.
Children under 3 years old or height up to 105 cm - for free.

This water park, located in the heart of the resort city of Anapa, opens in late May. In the meantime, preparing for their hot season:

  • The Yellow River is 110 meters long and 11.5 meters high.
  • Slides "Black Hole" and "Aladdin's Lamp", which will travel in the dark.
  • Family rafting for an exciting descent with the whole family.
  • Wide children's descent "Small foam".
  • The small town is Treasure Island.

And many other fun activities for adults and children.

6. Riviera

Where is located: Kazan, Fatykh Amirkhan Avenue, 1
Ticket price: an adult - 1050 rubles, a child from 5 to 12 years old - 800 rubles.
Children under 4 years old or height up to 120 cm - for free.

The largest water park in Kazan, whose territory covers 20 thousand m², is notable for its affordable price and a large range of entertainment. It includes over 50 attractions, including 10 slides of various levels of extremeness, several pools, a children's zone and a spa zone.

5. H2O park

Where is: Rostov-on-Don, 34 M.Nagibina Avenue
Ticket price: an adult from 14 years old - 900 rubles, a child - 650 rubles.
Children up to 120 cm tall are free of charge.

One of the largest water parks in Russia is similar in area to its Kazan “colleague”. It has several pools: the Pirate Town with a depth of 0.3 meters, a wave pool, a spa bowl and others.

Fans of downhill skiing will be pleased with such attractions as “Space Hole”, “Free Fall”, “Magic Hole”, “Tsunami”, etc.

H2O Park also has a spa area, thermal baths and baths area and a kids club.

4. Peterland

Where is: St. Petersburg Primorsky Prospekt 72.
Ticket price: an adult - 1,500 rubles, a child from 5 to 13 years old - 890 rubles.
Children under 5 years old - free of charge.

This is the second largest indoor water park in Russia. It occupies 25 thousand m². Its center is a life-size wooden ship. He is an exact copy of The Black Pearl from the Pirates of the Caribbean movie franchise. Five slides of different levels depart from the ship deck.

  1. Light green slide with a sharp slope for a memorable descent into the water.
  2. Red Hill - the same as Lime, with a slope of 70 degrees.
  3. Green slide, with open and closed areas, for gliding on the “cheesecakes”.
  4. Blue hill - on the “cheesecakes” here they ride up, not down.
  5. The orange slide is spiral.

And for lovers of leisurely relaxation, there is a “lazy" river that allows you to see the beauty of the water park, because it flows throughout its territory. Peterland is one of the best water parks in the world for families.

3. Tiki-Tak

Where is: Anapa, Pioneer Avenue 38
Ticket price: an adult - 1300 rubles, a child - 800 rubles.
Child up to 3 years old and height up to 105 cm - free of charge.

The largest water park in Anapa (35 thousand m²) will open its doors for guests on June 7. There was a place in it for a huge spa pool, and for a wave pool with 6 types of waves, and for a large dance floor for foam parties, and for almost 20 different attractions for big and kids.

2. Aquamir

Where is: Novosibirsk, street Yarinskaya 18.
Ticket price: an adult - 1500 rubles, a child from 4 to 17 years old - 1200 rubles.
Children under three years are admitted to the "Water Park" for free.

The largest water park in Russia, located under the dome, occupies about 40 thousand m². On this area are children, adults, family and extreme attractions.

A huge aquatrub will test the strength of the nerves of those who decide to fly through winding tunnels, to the sound of a stream of water rushing behind.

The unique attraction "Manta" will allow you to experience the delight and fear of a joint rafting on a 4-seater raft on a stormy river.

For the entertainment of kids, the Aquaplay complex is designed with a water barrel, sprinklers, climbing structures and many other interesting things.

While the children are splashing and screaming with delight, adults will be able to go down to the "Constrictor" attraction, which either narrows, then expands and coils in the most bizarre way.

And this is only a small part of those attractions that are in the "Akvamir". Water is moderately chlorinated, everything is clean and tidy. An additional bonus is the presence of family locker rooms.

On the territory of Aquamira there is a spa room, massage room and baths with a steam bath, hammam, pool, Finnish sauna and other departments.

And having a good swim and taking a steam bath you can have lunch or dinner at one of the cafes located on the territory of the water park.

1. The Golden Bay

Where is: Gelendzhik, Turisticheskaya street, 23.
Ticket price: height from 145 cm - 1700 rubles, height from 106 to 145 cm - 900 rubles.
Children up to 106 cm tall are free of charge.

The largest water park in Gelendzhik and The largest open water park in Russia occupies 154 thousand m². On this territory there are 8 pools, 10 water attractions, 49 slides, 69 descents, as well as a pizzeria, several cafes and a restaurant.

The pride of the water park is the Tornado slide, which has no analogues in the country. It is 23 meters high and 174 meters long. Every minute, 10 people are sent on a Tornado flight.

The landscape design of the Golden Bay is very beautiful, flowering plants fill the air with a pleasant aroma. And the ancient pines growing along the perimeter of the water park provide a calm climate for the largest water park in the Krasnodar Territory.

Waterpark "Golden Beach"

Address: Krasnodar Territory, Anapa, ul. Grebenskaya, 1
Status: opened in 2001
Area: 15 thousand m2
Highest hill: 13 meters
Distance from Tyumen: 2,973 km

The water park in Anapa is more than 20 water slides and attractions, including three combined pools and the Storm Wave artificial reservoir. Fans of extreme sports will be pleased with the steep descent Kamikaze (height 13 m, length 40 m), the direct attraction Mountain Stream (height 11.5 m, length 110 m), the closed slides Black Hole and Lamp Aladdin, the descent " Family rafting ”for a large company.

For children, the town "Treasure Island" was created. Here you can not only ride from the hills, but also explore the many transitions, ladders and mazes. The smallest are waiting for a warm paddling pool, the depth of which barely reaches 40 cm.

As it turned out, there are a lot of water parks in Russia, according to the Aquagid website, there are more than a hundred of them. Most of them were built in the 2000s. The filling of water parks is typical, even the slides bear the same names, for example, “Kamikaze”.

* Our rating did not include the much-loved Limpopo water park in Yekaterinburg, it loses in size - its territory is only 8,000 m2. But this water park is still the closest (335 km from Tyumen), so it enjoys understandable popularity. Limpopo offers visitors a covered aquazone of nine water attractions (six adults, three children), 17 slides with a total length of more than 550 meters, 12 pools (including hydromassage), two waterfalls, a jacuzzi. There is also a swimming pool with wellness sections for children and adults. You can eat in one of the four bars. Six saunas with different temperatures and a hammam beckon to bask.

Water parks of Russia

In Russia - 45 large water parks. Among them are:

  • Indoor - You can indulge in water activities all year round.
  • Open - Available for visiting from late May to early September.

You can visit the water amusement park as in coastal cities and in megacities. There are 8 water parks in Moscow, 4 in St. Petersburg, 2 in Kazan, 4 in Gelendzhik and Tuapse, 3 in Anapa, one in each of Krasnodar, Yeysk and Temryuk. There are water amusement parks in cities located on large rivers of Russia. There are 5 water parks in Rostov-on-Don, 2 in Ryazan and Astrakhan, and 1 in Kursk.

Each water center is interesting in its own way. Standard entertainment:

  • pools with low and high, longitudinal and circular waves,
  • slopes of various heights,
  • slides for beginners,
  • for the most daring - extreme slides of the "Kamikaze" type, nine-story high,
  • family rafting,
  • Black hole slide,
  • children's town with pools and low slides.

The children's area is decorated with figures of cartoon characters, animals and fairy-tale characters. Sun loungers and umbrellas are placed throughout the pool area to protect against sunlight. For a bite to eat, guests can check out cafes and restaurants.

The largest indoor water park

Opened in 2013. All year in the entertainment water center air temperature + 30C, water temperature + 29C - as in an ideal resort.

Territory - 55 thousand square meters and is designed to visit up to 4000 people a day. Great rides, exotic plants and a birch forest, all kinds of slides and slopes.

Also in the territory of the Moreon water park in Moscow there is a modern fitness center, a thermal complex with saunas and steam rooms, a spa center, a sports pool and a climbing wall 14 meters high, bowling, restaurants.

Great spa area will help to relax. Numerous baths, saunas, hammams await guests! As well as hydromassage pools, geysers, waterfalls and ice grottoes.

The slides here are family and extreme, some of them are in the open air, but you can ride them comfortably in the winter thanks to a unique heating system.

Total 7 slides and the length of each is 120-130 meters. Rivers with calm and strong currents stretch through the entire amusement park. Wave pool send you mentally to the sea.

Children from 3 to 10 years old will be delighted with the interactive children's zone in the style of pirates with Jack Sparrow trails.

There are 11 restaurants in the water park. Stylish rooms, professional chefs and an exquisite menu cheer up.

Park address: Moscow, st. Golubinskaya, 16 (Yasenevo district).
Telephone: +7 (495) 374-53-35
Working hours: from 9:00 to 23:00

Prices to visit the water park:

  • kids up to 90 cm - 200 p. (150 p. On a weekday),
  • children 90-150 cm - 1200 p. (910 p. On a weekday),
  • adults - 1760 p. (1260 p. On a weekday).

Prices may change due to inflation!

5 Golden Beach

This water park is open, therefore it pleases visitors only during the warm season. The Golden Beach in Anapa is a great place for a family vacation. Both adult and child will receive their portion of impressions and delight. The largest entertainment complex offers a lot of attractions for adults from extreme to calmer. Those who want to tickle their nerves can go on a steep descent Kamikaze, its height is 13 meters, and its length is only 40. It is also worth paying attention to the absolutely dark slides “Black Hole” and “Aladdin’s Lamp”. For a large company, a unique descent “Family Rafting” is perfect. Those who want more relaxing entertainment can go on the looping and winding slides "Boa", "Yellow River" and "Spiral".

Golden Beach is deservedly considered the best place for children's entertainment. For young visitors created a whole town "Treasure Island". In addition to safe, but exciting slides, there are various labyrinths, passages and tunnels in which children are very interested. With a 10-minute interval, a barrel of water flips over its head, reminding that this is not just a playground for entertainment, but a water park. For parents watching the kids, sun loungers are provided around the entire perimeter of the town. Entrance will cost 1300 rubles for an adult and 800 for a child. “Golden Beach” in Anapa, without exaggeration, is one of the best water parks in Russia, and it worthily continues our top.

The largest open water park

The water park opened in 2004. He is now entering top 5 prestigious water parks in Europe.

The water park is designed so that vacationers do not fall twice into the same zone. So you can visit all the attractions and not rush through the territory in search of the next slide or pool.

A fantastic vacation awaits the guests of the Golden Bay. The slopes and slides "Triple Pigtail", "Black Hole", "Kamikaze", "Multifom", "Raft" make your heart skip a beat. Emotions overwhelm!

Guests are greeted by a 8m high waterfall, the mammoth tusks attraction, a slow river, diving pool 10m deep.

The children's town, which resembles a medieval castle, attracts attention. There are trampolines, slides, "paddling pool".

You can have a meal in a pizzeria, restaurant, cafe. Ice cream, drinks, sweets are sold throughout the park.

Visitors are expected to visit the beautiful arboretum with luxurious flowering plants. 90 species of trees and shrubs create a luxurious green area.

Water park works from June to September. Guests are waiting from 10:00 to 19:00.

Price The ticket will suit most visitors. In June and September, the cost of admission for children / adults will be 550/1100 rubles. An entertainment day in July-August will cost 650/1200 rubles for children / adults.

Address: Gelendzhik, st. Tourist, 23.
Telephone: +7 (86141) 29-0-29

Rating of the best water parks in Russia

Nomination a place Aquapark rating
Rating of the best water parks in Russia1Golden Bay 5.0
2Aquamir 4.9
3Aqualoo 4.8
4Tiki tak 4.7
5Peterland 4.6
6Golden Beach 4.5
7Dzhubga 4.4
8Kwa Kwa Park 4.3
9Starfish 4.2
10Moreon 4.1
11Riviera 4.0
12Banana republic 3.9
13H2O 3.8

4 Aquamir

Not only the southern regions are pleased with the presence of the largest and, without a doubt, the best water parks in Russia. For residents of Siberia, the majestic and incomparable “Akvamir” in Novosibirsk is cordially opening its doors. It is worth noting that he is the main competitor of the St. Petersburg entertainment complex both in area and in the number of attractions. Here are 12 unique zones, among which each visitor will find the most suitable option. There are slides for thrill-seekers imitating dead loops, pools and sun loungers for families, traditional, colorfully decorated and safe children's corners. Those who wish to warm up can visit the bath complex.

"Akvamir" is a year-round oasis of heat and light in the harsh Siberian climate. Here are the most difficult and exciting rides, as well as calmer slides and descents. “Water loop” is the most extreme and highest slide of the complex, its height is 19 meters. All areas are accessible to children from 8 years old, but accompanied by an adult. In addition, it is here that the largest wave pool in Russia with an area of ​​1000 square meters is located.

3 Aqualoo

Another water park, which, without a doubt, deserves the title of the best in Russia. The complex is all-season, primarily due to the fact that it consists of two parts: indoor and outdoor. Enumerate its advantages can be very long. Firstly, this is the only water park in the country with sea water. Secondly, a snack is already included in the ticket price. Throughout the rest, guests are provided with drinks to restore the water balance in the body. The water park has magnificent thermal pools, they have a water temperature of 32 to 36 degrees and varying degrees of saturation with mineral compounds. Thus, the rest will be not only fun, but also healing and fortifying.

In general, the water park includes 11 slides, 20 slopes, 12 artificial waterfalls, 4 saunas with a jacuzzi and a leisure building. So that adults can fully enjoy the rides and have fun, a childcare service is provided. A professional teacher will take the kid with educational and entertaining games. For older children, animators work, shows and various competitions are held. No one will be bored. The cost of visiting depends on the selected tariff and will cost from 300 to 1500 rubles. A water park is open at the hotel, where you can check in if necessary.

Water park "Kva-kva" in Moscow

A popular indoor water park. Warm "sea", deck chairs, palm trees, lagoons. A true paradise for lovers of beach holidays and water activities.

There is a children's area with pools and fountains. Crazy slides, a pool with "sea waves" delight. Extreme, like a magnet, attracts the mountain "Wild Hand". The “Cyclone” aquador will appeal to visitors of all ages.

They do not leave anyone indifferent: the pool, where as many as 130 powerful jets for hydromassage are beaten, the steep Tsunami slide, lots of exotic plants, noisy night parties, the Blue Lagoon with a jacuzzi and a starry sky.

Working hours: from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m.
Night party takes place on Saturdays, from 23:00 to 6:00.

Address: Mytishchi, Kommunisticheskaya St. 1, 1km from MKAD in the “XL” shopping center.

Telephone: +7 (495) 789-69-18

Kazan water park "Riviera"

On the picturesque banks of the Kazanka River there is a large water park with an outdoor and indoor relaxation area. Guests are greeted by 10 water slides, several large pools, a children's play area, territory spa. Desperate heads can make a "jump into the abyss." Vivid impressions will be left by riding on waves with a height of 1.5 m.

Slides and slopes are located on the walls. "StArina Fortress. " Designers did their best. The buildings are very realistic. A great area for surfing and diving is always filled with adventure lovers. The equipment is provided by the water park.

Working hours: on weekdays the park is open from 10:00 to 22:00 in the evening, on Sunday: 9: 00-22: 00.

Cost tickets for children 500 - 750 rubles., for adults: 700-1000 rubles.

Address: Kazan, st. F. Amirkhan, 1
Telephone: +7 (843) 526-57-57


  • Costly entry fees
  • Long lines on the slides
  • There is no way to pay by card
  • Few children's slides


We placed the largest indoor water park in Russia at the second level of our rating. Aquamir was opened in 2016 in Novosibirsk and today is one of the newest and most modern. The area is 40,000 square meters. m., at the same time, "Akvamir" is able to accept up to 2.5 thousand people and up to 10 thousand people per day. On the territory of the water park is the largest artificial sea, the area of ​​which is 1 thousand square meters. m., and another 153 attractions, 13 slides, with a total length of 1 km. Three of them are not found anywhere else in Russia: the Aquasfera, which consists of 3 hemispheres, an extreme water loop and a slide the size of a Manta’s wing.

There is a cafe on the food court where you can relax and eat. The average cost of visiting on a weekday is 1500 p. (adults) and 1200 p. children, on weekends and holidays 2200 r. (adults) and 1800 p. (children). Tariffs on shares can be found at the office. site.

  1. Address: Novosibirsk, Novosibirsk region, Russia st. Yarinskaya, 8
  2. Opening hours: from 9.00 to 22:00
  3. Phone: +7 383 316-00-00
  4. Website:


  • The largest year-round water park in Russia
  • A wide variety of entertainment
  • Unique thermal complex
  • Wellness Spa
  • Room temperature 30 degrees


  • High cost of admission tickets for children
  • Impolite staff
  • Long lines on the slides

Waterpark "Octopus" in Rostov-on-Don

What a water park without a hill "Kamikaze"! Here, too, there is one. Daredevils waiting for the "Wide carpet" with a height of 12m.

Children are happy with the "Octopus" slide, swimming pools - "paddling pools", ladders and trampolines. Everyone will enjoy the fragrant shish kebab cooked in "Shashlikova glade». In winter, an ice rink works on the site of the park.


  • children under 3 years old rest for free,
  • for children up to 120cm tall you need to pay 250 rubles,
  • an adult ticket costs 550 rubles. at the weekend and 500 rubles. on weekdays.

Guests are awaiting from 10:00 to 21:00.

Address water park "Octopus": 23 Komarova Blvd.
Telephone: +7 (863) 247-36-011

There was a free day - come to the water park! Tired of being bored on the couch - go on a journey of water adventures! Not only in summer, but also in winter, the best water parks in Russia are waiting for you! Family vacations in the water park brings together, charges positively, gives a good mood.


Piterland, one of the largest indoor water parks in St. Petersburg, is in fifth place in our rating today. This is the third complex of this kind in the Northern capital, however, unlike the opponents, it is thematic and is completely devoted to the pirate theme. The area of ​​the water entertainment complex is 25 square meters. m., respectively, at the same time he is able to accept up to 2000 people.

The height of the rides reaches 16 m, and the longest slide is 212 m. There is also a unique slide, which does not lower, but lifts up. The complex also includes baths, in the amount of 14 pieces, among which there are African, Roman, Turkish and Japanese baths.

Thanks to a special dome made of ETFE with an air gap that transmits ultraviolet light, you can sunbathe in the water park in summer and winter. There are conditions for diving, surfing, there is a modern equipped spa. Also in the water park you can do yoga, visit the company store or photo studio for a fee. For motorists, two parking lots for 2000 places are equipped.

  1. Cost: 1700 p. (adult) and 890 p. (children) on weekdays and 1900 p., 990 p. on holidays and weekends. You can also purchase a visit for 5 hours.
  2. Address: 72, Primorsky pr., St. Petersburg, Russia
  3. Opening hours: from 10.00 to 22.30, Mon From 3 p.m. to 10.30 p.m.
  4. Phone: +7 812 777-15-55
  5. Website:

The best water parks of Russia on the Black Sea coast

Entertaining water centers began to appear in Russia at the end of the 20th century. The first were built on the shores of Sochi and Tuapse, then several complexes were opened in Gelendzhik and other resort cities.

Gradually, small centers for leisure with children turned into oases of relaxation and experience. Almost all of Russia's large open water parks are concentrated on the Black Sea coast, where the weather is fine for at least 6 months a year.


The AquaLoo complex is located on the outskirts of Sochi, in the resort village of Loo. This is the only seawater water park in the city that operates all year round. In summer, guests are offered 11 slopes of various heights and complexity, 5 high-speed slides and swimming in an open wave pool up to 1.5 m deep. The relaxation area near it is equipped with sun loungers, parasols and showers.

For small visitors a separate town has been created with colorful characters and attractions. Children visit the water park only accompanied by adults, and kids who do not know how to swim put on life jackets.

In winter, there is a covered area, consisting of 5 slides with different heights of descent, several pools, a children's town and a complex of baths and saunas. Water warms up to 28 ° C, and in the children's zone up to 30 ° C, entertainers are accompanied by animators.


The best water park in Russia, designed in the spirit of legends and myths of Ancient Greece, was built in the suburbs of Anapa, right on the sandy beach of the village of Vityazevo. It consists of 2 complexes for visitors of different ages and a separate children's town "Elysium", where trained rescuers look after the kids.

For adults from 14 years old, the Hades slide complex has been equipped, consisting of extreme slopes, gutters with the effects of vertical fall and dizzying turns. The start of the popular attraction, “Descent to Hades”, starts at an altitude of 23 m and the length of the route is 113 m. Descent along the Styx River, passing through closed curved pipes with a total length of 80 m, takes only 5-6 seconds.

For teenagers over 10 years old, the Zeus complex is designed, which contains 4 water slides with intricate turns and a large angle of inclination.

All descents of adult and teenage attractions end in the Poseidon pool surrounding the complex. It is designed for fun: water cannons, geysers, fountains and relaxing jacuzzi jets. Around the pool is a relaxation area where guests sunbathe, order drinks or Greek dishes.


An interesting water amusement park is located next to the bus station in the resort village of Lazarevskoye, a suburb of Sochi. On an area of ​​about 1 ha, 11 slides are installed, among which 3 are designed for thrill-seekers, 2 swimming pools and a separate area for kids.

Around the complex there are many trees with sprawling branches, so water rides and a children's town are sheltered from sunlight. Every day, foam shows and entertainment programs are held at the water park.

Tiki - so

The largest water park in Russia in terms of the volume of water used opened in Anapa in August 2008. Its wave pools and attractions contain 7500 m 3 of sea water, and the length of the routes exceeds 2 km. The territory is framed in the form of the tropics with spreading palm trees, exotic plants and huge figures.

There is a separate town “Rainy season” for kids with a warm pool, safe slides and entertainment. This is a labyrinth of slopes, rope ladders, pools with water cannons and a huge barrel, from which every 10 minutes. hundreds of liters of water are poured. For adult visitors, a Canadian company developed 24 impressive slides, including the Boomerang and Niagara.

In addition to extreme attractions, the territory has everything for families:

  • Open and closed slides "Tabogan" with a height of 14 m,
  • Slowly flowing “Lazy River", encircling the territory of the park,
  • wave pool with a depth of up to 1.35 m,
  • sports pool with diving dives, 4 m deep,
  • "Jacuzzi" with currents, water cannons and geysers,
  • recreation area under the awning.

Kwa kwa park

The large indoor water park in Moscow is open all year.On an area of ​​4200 m 2 there are 7 extreme slopes, a wave pool, a relaxation area and a spa complex with saunas, a steam bath and an ice font.

For children, a children's town is equipped, consisting of small slides, labyrinths, waterfalls and a pool with warm water. Visitors are offered several rates for visiting, the cost depends on the time and day of the week. For large families and birthday parties discounts and bonuses are provided.


Waterville was the first water amusement park to open in St. Petersburg in 2006.

The area of ​​the water park is 14 thousand square meters, which houses 6 pools, a bath complex, steam rooms and attractions for adults and children. One of the most popular entertainments was the Turmoil slide, creating a swift flight and descent of the Wild River, in which the guest overcame 50 steep turns and rapids.

Waterville shut down in January 2014 after an accident. After a year of inactivity, its area was rented by the company that owns the Peterland water park. The project did not work out, and the room is still closed to visitors.

1 Golden Bay

Golden Bay is the largest open water park in the country. On an area of ​​15 hectares, the most incredible and exciting water attractions are located. Here visitors will find 70 slopes, 17 pools and 49 slides of various sizes and degrees of extremeness. Today, this water park is one of the five best in Europe. This is not only due to the vast territory, but also excellent optimization. The park is designed in such a way that guests can move around it without getting into the same zone twice. Thanks to this, visitors systematically go around all the slides and attractions. At the entrance they are met by an 8-meter waterfall.

Here is the realm of fun and joy, of course, that visitors are happy to share positive impressions in their reviews. Fans of scuba diving mention a diving pool 10 meters deep, extreme sports - attractions "Kamikaze", "Black Hole", for children there is a special town with trampolines, slides and a "paddling pool". A fantastic vacation is guaranteed to everyone. Moreover, the cost of pleasure is very small: an entertainment day will cost an adult 1,100–1200 rubles, 550-650 rubles will have to be paid for a child. Golden Bay is one of the best water parks in Russia, and it worthily occupies a leading position in our top.


Watch the video: CREEPIEST Abandoned Amusement Parks! (April 2020).