Renee Zellweger


Name: Renee Zellweger

Birthday: April 25, 1969 (50 years old)

Place of Birth: Katie, Texas

Height: 163 cm

Weight: 45 kg

Eastern horoscope: Cock

Career: Foreign actors 461 place

Photo: Renee Zellweger

Biography of Renee Zellweger

Renee Zellweger was born April 25, 1969 in the small American town of Katie (Texas). Father - Emil Erich Zellweger, worked as a mechanic and electrical engineer. Mother - Chelfried Irene (maiden Andreassen), nurse and nurse. Rene has Finnish, Norwegian and Swiss roots. The elder brother is Drew (1967).

While studying at school, the future actress was actively involved in gymnastics and attended a drama club. After graduating from Katy High School, Rene decided to become an actress, and enrolled in acting classes at the University of Texas (Austin).

After receiving a bachelor's degree in English literature, Rene went to conquer Hollywood. However, after the first unsuccessful attempts to start a career there, the future star returned to her hometown and began to attend various castings.

In 1992-1994, the young actress played small roles in the films: Taste for Murder, Reality Bites, 8 Seconds, and Shake, Rattle and Rock!

In 1994, Zellweger starred Starlin in the drama Love and the 45th Caliber. In the same year, Renee starred in the horror film “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Next Generation,” on the set of which she met Matthew McConaughey. Thanks to his advice, the actress moved to Los Angeles and began a successful film career.

The first fame came to Rene in 1996 after the role of girlfriend of the hero Tom Cruise in the drama directed by Cameron Crowe "Jerry Maguire."

Childhood and youth Renee Zellweger

That brother became the best friend in childhood Rene. She followed him with her tail and was carried away by the same thing as he. As soon as Andrew began to play in the baseball team, Rene also became interested in baseball - not because she liked to hit the balls, but because she wanted to spend as much time as possible with her brother.

While studying at school, Rene attended a drama studio, and also dreamed of taking part in the Olympic Games, so she devoted a lot of time to sports: she was a cheerleader, was engaged in athletics and gymnastics. Parents supported her in this, hoping that she would become an outstanding athlete. By the way, they saw Andrew in the future exclusively as a great actor. But then Renee received a serious injury and realized that she now definitely could not see the Olympic medal.

The beginning of the career of Renee Zellweger

This is not to say that Rene’s first steps in the movie were successful. No, she confidently moved forward, as many actors went through a series of third-rate roles.

The actress’s acting debut is a pretty well-known film “Stoned and Confused” with young Matthew McConaughey and Ben Affleck. The first role of Renee Zellweger was tiny - for the entire film she did not utter a single word, appearing in one of the scenes in a blue pickup truck.

In 1994, the girl appeared in the cast of the comedy "Shop" Empire "" along with the charming Liv Tyler. The picture talked about the daily life of workers in a small store, who are threatened with a merger with a large corporation. And next year, Renee tried her hand at the melodrama genre, forming an organic romantic tandem with Vincent D’Onofrio in the tape The whole vast world. ”

A breakthrough role was already waiting for her literally "around the corner." She got the role of the beloved protagonist from the sports drama "Jerry Maguire" with Tom Cruise. The image of a sensual girl who sincerely believes in her beloved, sports manager Jerry, was revealed one hundred percent, openly, elegantly and penetratingly. For this role, MTV nominated Renee Zellweger for the Breakthrough of the Year award.

Renee Zellweger in The Bridget Jones Diaries

The story of a freaky woman in her early 30s who loves to eat and drink, torn by conflicts with her mother, who is trying to get him and her neighbor in a stupid sweater (Colin Firth), secretly in love with her boss (Hugh Grant), who only chuckles at her ability to get into ridiculous situations , could not touch the audience. The film was waiting for success.

In 2004, the sequel was released ("Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason"). This time, the actress had to recover as much as 15 kilograms. The second part was received as warmly, because before the audience was still the same crazy, unpredictable and “life” Bridget Jones. But after the premiere, to the frustration of fans of the series, Bridget Jones disappeared from the radar for a long 12 years.

After a brief lull, Renee flashed again in a melodramatic comedy called "Frozen from Miami." Her heroine is a spoiled rich woman, forced to adapt to a rather harsh climate and completely unfriendly residents of Minnesota.

In 2009, the actress received another portion of adoration, turning into a singer chained to a wheelchair in the drama "My Love Song".

Height, weight, age. How old is Renee Zellweger

After the appearance of our heroine in the film "The Bachelor", many became interested in her life and work. They began to look for information about a woman’s height, weight, and age. How many years Renee Zellweger was also interesting and attracted the attention of fans.

A popular world-class actress is approaching a 50-year milestone, although she looks younger than her years.

Renee Zellweger, a photo in her youth and now which is quite widely represented on social networks, weighs 46 kg with an increase of 163 cm. He maintains his form with proper nutrition and exercise.

Renee Zellweger - bio Biography and personal life

At the end of the 60s of the last century, our today's heroine was born. Father - Emil Erich Zellweger was a Swiss migrant. The man was setting up electrical networks. Mother - Chelfried Irene Andreasen was a nurse-nurse in one of the American hospitals. The woman had Norwegian roots. The girl has an older brother, Drew.

From the age of 5, the girl was engaged in professional gymnastics. But after the injury Rene had to say goodbye to this dream.

Our heroine goes to study at an acting course in Austin, after trying to become a successful Hollywood star. Having failed, Renee returns to his homeland. Without breaking, the girl begins to try herself in the movies.

A few months later, the 22-year-old actress sets off to conquer Los Angeles again. At first, she had to become a waitress in a strip bar. Our heroine liked that the work took place at night, and during the day she could go to film studios, trying to become a movie star. It was at this time that the girl fell in love with the popular American musician Sims Ellison. The couple made plans for the future, but this was not given to come true. Just a few months after meeting a man passes away.

In the early 90s of the last century, Rene appears in movies, but only in episodes. Since the mid-90s of the last century, the creative biography and personal life of Renee Zellweger have become successful. Currently, the star of world cinema starred in 50 films. Her work in Lie Detector, Bachelor, Knockdown, Mrs. Porter and many others became successful. Currently, the actress starred in the project "Judy", which will be released on world screens in early 2019.

Rene’s personal life is full. She first was in a relationship with a film actor with Rory Cochrane. Civil marriage lasted 3 years, but for some reason broke up.

Then, the popular film actress dated actor Jim Carrey. But this relationship ended in parting.

Then Zellweger was in love with the actor George Clooney, after breaking up with whom she became the lover of the popular American artist Jack White. But this time, our heroine became lonely.

In mid-2004, Rene at one of the social parties saw musician Kenny Chesley. Soon the wedding took place. But after a 4-month period, the couple broke up.

Then the popular film actress fell in love with the film actor Bradley Cooper. But their relationship did not lead to a wedding.

In 2016, at all social events, Renee Zellweger began to appear with Doyle Bramhall the Second. Lovers live in a civil marriage, not intending to form an alliance.

Family and children Renee Zellweger

Family and children Renee Zellweger are often asked by reporters. According to the actress herself, the child will become an obstacle to her creative activity. Currently, the star of world cinema is not yet ready to become a mother.

Our heroine tried to become happy several times. Many fans were sure that the woman would soon have a baby when she became the wife of the famous American country singer Kenny Chesney, whose music was crazy. But soon the couple broke up.

Then Renee was married several times. She has not yet had children. According to rumors, with their current lover, Zellweger is thinking about a child, but so far they have not become parents.

Ex-husband Renee Zellweger - Kenny Chesney

In 2004, at one of the social parties, a popular movie actress, one of his friends introduced a singer performing country songs, Kenny Chesney. The former husband of Renee Zellweger - Kenny Chesney began to tell the girl various interesting stories, which attracted her attention. They spoke all evening and all night, parting only in the morning. From that moment on, future spouses began to spend almost all of their time together.

In mid-2005, they formalized their marriage union. But the happiness of lovers lasted only a few months. After some time, the couple decided to leave, because this is how they managed to maintain friendship.

Several times after that, Kenny Chesney was accused of being gay, but he claims that his orientation is normal.

Former Civic Husband Renee Zellweger - Bradley Cooper

The meeting of lovers took place on the set of the movie "Case No. 39." In the period of the film, the future civil spouses played a couple in love. They were so inspired by feelings that after filming they began to meet. Soon, lovers began to live together. Many fans of the star couple thought that after a short time the wedding will take place.

Former civilian husband Renee Zellweger - Bradley Cooper left the actress after a year, saying that she was not adapted for marriage. Then the man tried several times to become happy. He is currently married and has a child with his wife.

Civil husband Renee Zellweger - Doyle Bramhall II

In 2012, a meeting between a popular film actress and a famous musician took place. They were introduced by one of the friends at a social party. The man was so amazed by the mind and beauty of Rene that he did not leave her throughout the evening. Since that time, they began to appear together at all social events.

A year after the first meeting, the actress and musician decided to live together. More than one year has passed since then, but they continue to appear together in public. Fans dream of their wedding.

Renee Zellweger's common-law husband, Doyle Bramhall II, recently stated that they were ripe for marriage. The wedding is scheduled for autumn 2018.

Renee Zellweger before and after plastic surgery photo

From a young age, the popular film actress was striking in its mystery. Increased attention was riveted to the woman's face. In mid-2014, information began to appear that Renee had turned to the services of a plastic surgeon.

Renee Zellweger, before and after the plastic photo which often appear on the Internet, does not comment on the information that appeared. In only one interview, a woman said that she lost weight due to a healthy diet and a good lifestyle.

Instagram and Wikipedia Renee Zellweger

Instagram and Wikipedia Renee Zellweger are widely available to fans. Admirers of talent, looking at the information presented, dream of learning the most detailed information about our heroine.

Wikipedia actress consists of a curriculum vitae, creative characteristics. Here you can read about the awards received by René. The page lists the full list of films, including episodic roles.

Childhood Renee Zellweger

Rene Kathleen was born in a small town in a suburb of Houston. While her mother, Norwegian Kjellfried Irene Andreassen, worked as a governess, and her father, Swiss Emil Erich Zellweger, worked in an oil refining company, little Renee was on the heels of Drew's older brother.

She adored him and tried to imitate everything, then her passion for sports and dreams of a sports career appeared. At school, Rene was actively involved in athletics. But a serious injury put an end to professional sports. From nothing to do, Renee began to attend the drama club. The world of cinema seemed very distant to her, in their town there was not even a cinema.

Having entered the University of Texas, Renee selects a specialization in journalism. To dial the necessary hours for a diploma in English literature, she enters a drama course ... And suddenly she is fond of theater and drama. “At some point, I felt that acting is no longer just a way to take free time, but a part of myself.”

Actress Star Trek

First, Renee Zellweger participated in productions of semi-professional troupes and starred in commercials. She has to endure the dissatisfaction of the directors, the producers advise to change the modelless appearance that she got from her mother. However, the former athlete is not used to giving up and does not miss a single casting.

And already in 1994, the aspiring actress appears in Hollywood. The role of Dorothy Boyd in the comedy “Jerry Maguire” turned Renee into a real star. Director Cameron Crowe chose a little-known actress, although such stars as Winona Ryder, Cameron Diaz, Bridget Fonda claimed for the role. Rene's partner was Tom Cruise, and her movie career went on the rise.

In 2003, Renee Zellweger received an Oscar for his supporting role in Cold Mountain.

And now Bridget Jones's Diary is released, a film about a girl who is unlucky with her personal life. In order to star in a comedy, the actress had to give up diets and gain extra pounds. Renee becomes a real world-class star, fans bombard her with letters, and directors - with job offers. After the great success of the first part of the "Diary", the producers decided to shoot the sequel. For him, the actress had to gain 15 kilograms. But in addition to the fee, she received $ 3.5 million as a consolation prize for a damaged figure.

In 2005, Rene was honored to receive a personalized star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. After such recognition of her talent, Renee continued her career on the set in films such as Case No. 39 (2009), Frozen from Miami (2009), and My Only (2009). In the production process is the third part of the story of Bridget Jones, which received the working title "The Bridget Jones Child".

Personal life Renee Zellweger

Renee Zellweger is known for her high-profile novels. Her fans include celebrities such as Bruce Willis, George Clooney, Jim Carrey. A surprise to the press was her wedding in 2005 with country singer Kenny Chesney. But the marriage lasted only 4 months.

Renee has a new chosen one - actor Bradley Cooper, with whom they even prepared for the wedding. But in March 2011, the couple broke up. In the same year, information appeared that the actor’s boyfriend was the actor John Stamos.

Ex-husband Renee Zellweger - Kenny Chesney

The first husband of Renne Zellweger was the singer - Kenny Chesney. Now the musician is fifty years old, and he is one of the richest people in America.

His parents were from the usual working class: his father taught at school, and his mother worked as a stylist. At school, Kenny prophesied a sports future, as he was fond of football and basketball. However, a year after graduation, he was presented with a guitar for the New Year holiday. Since then, the young man did not let her out of his hands and was able to achieve considerable success in show business.

On his account more than twenty albums. Many of them became gold and platinum. Also, Kenny Chesney starred in thirty-five film works.

In 2005, the musician and film actress officially registered their marriage. All fans eagerly awaited reports of the next replenishment in the family. However, the couple did not live up to the expectations of their fans. Six months later, it became known that Renee Zellweger initiated a divorce. She did not comment on her decision.

The ex-husband of Renee Zellweger - Kenny Chesney after the divorce never married again. Journalists saw him many times surrounded by women, but not one conquered the musician so much that he proposed to her.

Former husband Renee Zellweger - Bradley Cooper

The second elect of the actress was a colleague in the shop - Bradley Cooper. In childhood, he discovered a tumor in the middle ear, due to which the future actor could completely lose his hearing. Until eighteen years old, he underwent several complex operations and literally saved Bradley from a serious illness.

He gained the greatest popularity by playing in such films as “Promise - does not mean to marry”, “Sex and the City”, “Spy”, “My boyfriend is crazy.”

Prior to meeting Renee, Bradley was married to Jennifer Esposito. Their marriage lasted several months, after which the couple divorced.

In the summer of 2009, the actor began dating Zellweger. Their relationship lasted three years, but they never put marriage stamps. It was rumored that the star couple had even charted a wedding day, but, shortly before, announced a breakup.

The former husband of Renee Zellweger - Bradley Cooper decided to remarry only in 2015. His chosen one was the model Irina Shayk. Two years later, they had a girl named Leia.

Civil husband Renee Zellweger - Doyle Bramhall II

For many years, the actress has been accompanied everywhere by the civil husband of Renee Zellweger - Doyle Bramhall II. The story of their acquaintance is quite common: a young friend brought together a common friend at a party. The musician was so fascinated by Renee's charm that he did not leave her all evening. Since that time, they appear everywhere together, trying for a long time not to part in principle.

Doyle Bramhall The second famous American musician. His career began at the age of seventeen. It is noteworthy that a man is left-handed, playing a guitar intended for right-handed people (changeling).

Two years ago, conflicting information appeared in different glossy magazines. Some argue that the musician and actress broke up, while others - that they planned a wedding at the end of this year. Until the end of the announced period, there was absolutely nothing left and soon fans of the stars will find out who actually turned out to be right.


The first filming experience for Renee Zellweger was the drama Love and 45th Caliber and the comedy Reality Bites. After the successful execution of the role in the melodrama "The whole huge world", the actress was called into the picture about the sports agent "Jerry Maguire." I must say that Rene was able to get ahead of such applicants for participation in the film as Cameron Diaz and Winona Ryder, and the legendary Tom Cruise became her partner.

In 2001, the film was released, which became a breakthrough in the creative biography of the actress and brought René worldwide fame. The comedy melodrama "Bridget Jones's Diary" brought the artist a huge success and the first nomination for an Oscar. Interestingly, for the sake of participating in the film, she had to gain more than 12 kilograms of weight, since in the story the heroine should be chubby.

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After 3 years, the directors filmed the continuation of the film - the sequel "Bridget Jones: Edge of Reason." By the way, in 2016, the third part of this franchise was released. In the new film, the heroine Renee Zellweger is no longer a failure, writing a diary about her own romantic relationship. Bridget has just adjusted her personal life and career. The heroine's plans are violated by a sudden pregnancy.

After the hype made by Bridget Jones's Diary, Renee Zellweger starred with Michelle Pfeiffer in the drama White Oleander, the comedy To hell with love and his second star film, the musical Chicago. This picture became the box office hit of the year and the winner of 6 Oscars. Rene was also nominated, but again did not receive the coveted statuette.

Ironically, the most significant cinematic award went to the actress after filming in the military drama "Cold Mountain", which did not receive much recognition.

Then she took part in the creation of a biographical tape about the American boxer James Braddock “Knockdown”, played the famous children's writer in the drama “Miss Potter”, attracted attention to herself in the thriller “Case No. 39”.

After a long break, which lasted almost 6 years, Renee Zellweger returned to the film studio and starred with Keanu Reeves in the thriller "Only True."

Renee Zellweger now

Now, according to film critics, Rene is experiencing his “renaissance”. There is no trace of previous changes in appearance; Zellweger looks as natural and recognizable as possible. In her filmography, high-profile projects continue to appear that add to the actress's popularity.

In 2018, with the participation of the performer, the musical drama “The Best Day of My Life” was released. The film was about a jazz singer who was faced with a disappointing diagnosis, and she only has 24 hours to reconsider her life. Rene reincarnated as the main character's girlfriend.

Top movies

At first, the girl managed to get only secondary roles (“Reality bites”), which did not help her to show her abilities at all. By the way, the first major role in the film "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Next Generation" did not bring the desired results: the picture was a failure.

Only in 1996 did the world of cinema accept Renee Zellweger. The films “Jerry Maguire”, “True Values”, “Sister Betty” were released one after another and brought the artist more and more long-awaited popularity.

A real breakthrough for Renee was shooting in the film adaptation of "The Diary of Bridget Jones" in 2001. Few could imagine a thin American in the role of the unlucky and chubby Englishwoman Bridget, but the actress managed to fully get used to the role. Before filming, Renee Zellweger began to actively gain weight and work on pronunciation.

Her efforts did not go unnoticed: the picture brought the actress the first Oscar nomination and a lot of praise from critics. The following films with Renee Zellweger ("Chicago", "Cold Mountain") proved that this girl can do a variety of roles.

In 2004, the long-awaited sequel "Bridget Jones: Edge of Reason" was released. This time, the actress repeated her feat and again gained weight.

Despite the huge success, Rene did not long delight fans with new projects. After filming in the drama “My Love Song” (2010), the actress took a break for almost six years. But her return was spectacular: the first work after the break was the thriller "Only True" with Keanu Reeves and "Bridget Jones 3".

Renee Zellweger: interesting facts and latest news

In the life of a celebrity, there was a period when she changed beyond recognition. Journalists had to sign all the photos so that fans could recognize Renee Zelvegger.

Photos of her face raised many questions. Doctors and fans kept saying that the actress made an unsuccessful plastic. However, Rene herself denied this fact.

Now she again walks along the red carpet, and in her features you can see the very charming Bridget Jones. There is no end to invitations to various projects, which means that the artist has benefited from a break from filming. However, she herself noticed this:

I went to travel. It was fun! I traveled with my girlfriend to Asia. We traveled by train through Vietnam, traveled to the border with Cambodia. Nobody recognized me, I talked with people on a different, simpler, human level. People around me saw and heard it, and not judged by the picture from the screen called "Renee Zellweger." I realized that only after such an experience of real communication I can come back again and tell other people's stories from the screen. I needed to take a break. I wanted it or notvacation was a necessity, not a quirk.

In 2019, Renee Zellweger, as before, shone on the screen and collected prestigious awards. So, for her role in the biographical drama "Judy," she received a Golden Globe figurine and an Oscar nomination.

Here she is, incredible and inspiring Renee Zellweger. Now the actress is again full of energy and is ready to delight fans with new films. Look forward to!


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