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Top 10 most expensive horse breeds


The most expensive breed of horse is the English (British) racehorse, along with it is an Arabian horse. These horses are the most hardy fast, and the cost of their foals can reach up to $ 1 million. The most expensive horse was sold for $ 40 million.

On average, Russian racing horses can reach a value of 8 to 15 thousand dollars, a British breed - about 200-250 thousand dollars, and horses that take part in other types of riding will cost about 5 thousand dollars. about universal breeds, then the price here does not exceed 3 thousand dollars, and work horses are even less worth it.

But here you will see only the most expensive horses in the whole world.

15. Sour cream

Our rating opens with an Arabian horse of a chic and rare color, which was bought by Count Orlov himself for 60 thousand rubles. as early as the eighteenth century, or rather, in 1774. In those days it was a fortune. The nickname for the horse was Smetanka, for its unusually beautiful color. By the way, the history of breeding the Oryol trotter breed, which today is famous not only in Russia, began with this horse.

13. Instableshad Gold

The next expensive stallion is the Instableshad Gold horse owned by Ramzan Kadyrov. The Volgograd stud farm sold it to the head of the Chechen Republic for 300 thousand dollars. Today it is the most expensive horse in Russia, according to the registration of official sales in the Russian Federation.

10.Frisian horse

The breed was bred in the 16th century in the north of Finland - the "result" of crossing a Spanish stallion and a local "cold-blooded" mare. The adult reaches a height of 165 cm, has a massive physique, a large long head with a direct profile. The neck is set high - refined and strong. The peculiarity of the breed is the long brushes on the legs, which are called "freezing". The cost of a foal is from $ 10 to 25 thousand.

9.Oryol trotter

Earlier, the Russian breed was bred by Count Orlov at the beginning of the 19th century by crossing an Arabian horse and a mule. There are few such horses left. Large, fast and easily trained animal. The height of an adult horse at the withers reaches 170 cm, weight -550 kg. It has a small head with a high straight neck. The back is strong, strong. The legs are smooth and strong. A distinctive feature is a beautiful magnificent mane. The common color of the Oryol trotter is gray, red-gray and apple gray. The cost of a foal is from $ 7-10 thousand


Fast, unpretentious to the conditions of detention, the breed was brought to the USA by the Indian tribe Neza Pers. Horses are most often used for horse racing. Their height at the withers is 152 cm, and their weight is up to 500 kg. They have a strong proportional head with a neat neck, powerful croup and legs with hard striped hooves. A distinctive feature is an unusual color. Skin is flesh or dark in color. The cost of foals is from $ 15 thousand.

7. Kleidestal - Scottish breed of horses

The breed went after crossing a Dutch stallion and a Flemish mare. She was brought out in the middle of the XVIII century. Kleidestal due to its heavy weight, an adult weighs a ton, is called the "Giant among the horses." Its height is 180 cm. It has a large head with small protruding ears and a short, slightly curved neck. The chest is wide and strong, the back is short. The legs are strong, the joints are clearly formed. The hooves are large. Common colors: roan and red. A distinctive feature is the white round markings on the head. Foals may exceed $ 15-20 thousand.


A very rare breed of horse, and as a result - expensive. Sorraya is on the verge of extinction. Well adapted to difficult climatic conditions. The breed was bred at the beginning of the XXI century in Portugal. An adult horse reaches a height of 150 cm. The head is large, convex profile. Ears with dark marks, long. The neck is long and strong. Sorraiah has strong legs with hooves of a clearly proportional shape. The cost of a foal is from $ 20 to 30 thousand.

5. Morgan

The breed was one of the first to be bred in the western part of the USA at the beginning of the 19th century. Common colors: plain black and red. The height of the adult at the withers is 155 cm, weight - up to 400 kg. It has a large head with a slightly concave profile, pointed ears and a high neck. The body is thin, the back is short. Ribs perform well. The croup is muscular, strong. Legs are strong with pronounced tendons. The horse has a thick beautiful mane. Loyal and hardy animals. Due to its unpretentious content, they played a key role in the Civil War of the North and South. The cost of a foal reaches $ 20 thousand.

The most expensive horse in the world

If we consider a horse as an expensive and exclusive acquisition, then any animal is evaluated taking into account many factors. The cost of a horse is based on:

  • age
  • belonging to a particular breed,
  • pedigree
  • exterior features
  • suits
  • qualitative parameters affecting the offspring,
  • gender identity.

A horse that has the highest evaluative characteristics in all respects costs fabulous money. The price of a horse is also increased by his champion titles and other awards for victories in the derby.

Strong man

Not a single heavy horse has ever been sold more expensive in history than a Belgian horse that bore the talking name Strongman. This specimen had well-developed muscle mass, a short tail and a light shade mane. A distinctive feature that distinguished him from other animals of this breed was a white stripe on his forehead and the same “socks” on his legs.

The Australian owner of the construction business bought it for $ 47.5 thousand (3,118,869 rubles).

12. Stay Thirsty

Kentucky's thoroughbred horse Stay Thirsty was sold for half a million dollars to Todd Pletcher. In his career, Stay won races 5 times, thereby earning $ 2 million, having recouped his value and bringing profit to the owners.

9. Sardar

The unsurpassed and legendary stallion Sardar at one time was estimated at $ 3.5 million. He was the winner of many races on which he set world records, 8 of them to date, no one has “jumped”. He won his first victory in his two years in 1965.

5. Seattle Dancer

The Seattle Dancer was purchased in 1985 for fabulous money for a horse - $ 13.1 million. It was historically the highest price for a horse at that time. Such a considerable price for this stallion was because in his pedigree there was a famous representative who won three times international races.

2. Sharif Dancer

The most expensive horse, which absolutely did not live up to the hopes of the new owners, was the English racing stallion Sharif Dancer, the cost of which at the time of sale was $ 40 million. It was bought, so to speak, by a whole group of people, dividing this amount into shares. The price for this stallion rose to 40 million after two high-profile victories in 1983 at the Irish Derby Stakes and King Edward VII Stakes championships. However, after the sale, the steed never won the races again. Maybe he should not have changed the owners?


The free and proud breed of horses was bred in North America. Their primary purpose is fast driving over long distances. Height at the withers - 150 cm, weight - from 350 to 400 kg. There are different colors: piebald, bay, red. They have a short back and long strong legs, which allows horses to reach speeds of up to 50 kg per hour. A distinctive feature is a shiny and thick mane. For one foal they ask for up to $ 30 thousand.

1. Frenkel

The most expensive horse in the world and in history was awarded the stallion of the English race breed named Frenkel. It is estimated at an incredible amount of $ 200 million. This price is deservedly deserved, since the horse has no defeats in his career. He won the most prestigious races 14 times. But, perhaps, this legendary and invincible horse will never be sold, as its owner Khalil Abdula is not going to put up his ward for auction. He will also no longer take part in the races and, most likely, will become an elite producer.

3.American trotter

The breed, which today bears the title of “The Most Frisky Trotting Horse,” was bred in the United States in the first half of the 19th century. Kindness, courage, cleanliness - character traits of this breed. Traditional colors: dark bay, black and red. Height at the withers - up to 157 cm. They have a well-built powerful physique. The body is thin with rounded ribs. Straight, strong back. The chest is superbly developed. The breed is divided into three lines. The cost of the foal from the winning trotter at the races reaches $ 40-50 thousand.

2.Arabian horse

One of the oldest and most expensive horse breeds. An adult horse costs several million dollars. The Arabian horse was bred in the 4th century A.D. The growth of stallions at the withers is 153 cm, mares up to 150 cm, weight up to 450 and 430 kg, respectively. Horses are distinguished by a correct and dense lean physique. The head is straight with a long beautiful neck. Croup straight, tail set high. Traditional colors: gray and bay. The Arabian horse is a long-liver. The animal lives up to 30 years. Mares breed to a very old age, producing strong healthy offspring. The character of the animal is flexible, loyal.

1. thoroughbred riding horse

The breed was bred in England specifically for racing. It is considered the fastest horse in the world, has a speed of up to 60 km per hour. Extremely valuable breed, foals are sold only at auctions. The cost of one varies between 5-10 million dollars. They have a thin skeleton with sharply protruding tendons. The muscles are tight. The head is dry with a thin straight neck. Oval croup, narrowed chest. The legs are long and very powerful. The hooves are durable. The breed lives on average up to 20 years, requires special conditions of detention and diet. It has an energetic independent disposition, and lends itself well to training.

Horses have been walking alongside people for centuries. They were used to help with household chores, movement, and participated in military operations. Today, animals perform an aesthetic role - they are shown at exhibitions, equestrian competitions. Beautiful and expensive horses are the pride of their owners, an indicator of status and financial security.

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Frenkel is the most expensive horse in the world that is not for sale. It is in the private collection of the Arab prince Khalifa Abdullah. The owner regularly sent Frenkel to competitions, and after 10 victories in the G1 races with the highest rating, he retired.

Despite the fact that the horse has never been put up for auction, experts were able to calculate its approximate cost - $ 200 million. The reason the prince is in no hurry to sell the stallion is that he already brings good income. For mating with him, breeders of elite American breeds are ready to give away from 125 thousand pounds.

10th place. Poetin

Price: $ 3.3 million (228,150,446 rubles.)

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Figure 1. Horse Poetin

Poetin is the name of a very hardworking and disciplined mare from Germany. Just the case when the horse belongs to an outstanding and old pedigree. A dark-bay mare with a romantic name The poetess began to make her first dressage success literally from the very beginning of her competitive career. And as soon as the results of the young horse in 2003 became the benchmark: 10 out of 10 points in the dressage discipline - its already rather big price jumped to a record.

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The mare changed owners several times, but the highest price was paid for it precisely after the triumph at the 2003 World Cup. Then, at an elite auction, ten buyers entered the fight for the right to own the champion at once. As a result, as much as $ 3.3 million was laid out for Poetin, which at that time was a record.

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The bay thoroughbred stallion, which, despite the fact that he is a rover, developed tremendous speed at hippodromes and several times became the winner of the races. Annihilator is appreciated not only for speed, but also for external data. He has beautiful brown skin, a thick mane and tail. In another way, the horse is called the "chocolate king." The animal was put up for auction once and was sold for $ 19,200,000. Now the horse nicknamed Anniquelitor is not involved in the races.

Green Monkey

Green Monkey is a descendant of an elite breed of horses whose ancestors boast many victories in professional competitions. Acquired by an American breeder in 2004 for $ 19 million. The stallion participated in competitions about 10 times, has 3 victories in races. The total bonus received by the owner of the animal amounted to 10.5 thousand dollars. Today the horse has been transported to the factory, where it is used for mating with purebred horse mares.


A true legend of equestrian sport. He became famous for his sense of rhythm and strong muscles. A horse was born in 2000 and at the age of 5 he was already able to become a prize winner of the competition and was awarded the title "Best Dressage Horse". In 2009, Totilas won the European Championship, received a gold medal and set two new world records. A year later, he was sold to Paulo Chauquemule for 15 million euros.

Seattle dancer

Irish racehorse, which in 1985 received the title of the most expensive riding year-old animal. The mare was sold at auction for $ 13 million, which even the breeder did not expect. The first owner of Seattle Dancer was the Greek Stavros Niarchos. After the horse was resold several times. The ultimate owner of the "Irish" - Daniel Schwartz.

9th place. Sardar

Price: $ 3.5 million (241,977,746 rubles)

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Figure 2. Sardar record holder

A purebred English stallion named Sardar was and remains a legend of racing. This horse is an unrivaled record holder. He set his first record in 1965, breaking a distance of 1.6 km in 90 seconds. At that time, the horse was 2 years old. Further, his career developed more than rapidly.

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In total, Sardar has 8 world records, some of which remain with him, although more than half a century has passed since the stallion's triumph. In the mid-60s, this name was known to all more or less people interested in horse racing. And many celebrities, including the wife of the then American president Jacqueline Kennedy, dreamed of a ride on it.

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8th place. Pine chip

Price: $ 4 million (276 545 995 rub.)

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Figure 3. A stallion named Pine Chip

Among the record holders is the next magnificent trotter named Pine Chip. He shone in world competitions in the late 1990s and early 2000s. For several years in a row, this tireless stallion took first place in all the prestigious equestrian championships.

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In addition, Pine Chip has become an excellent producer, whose offspring are extremely highly regarded among understanding breeders. For the horses of this line is a real hunt. Pine Chip itself was sold for fabulous $ 4 million, very soon, however, having recouped these costs.

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By the way, for the money you can buy one of the most expensive cars in the world.

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7th place. Mystic park

Price: $ 5.5 million (380,250,744 rubles)

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Figure 4. Horse Mystic Park

This horse has incredibly raised its price among the most expensive horses in the world thanks to a victory at one of the most prestigious world championships - the Dexter Cup. It happened in 1982. Immediately after the triumph, the stallion was sold for $ 5.5 million.

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By the way, the champion’s buyer was not a private person, but the American Lana Lobell best breeding and trotter breeding plant. Without a doubt, a horse named Mystic Park made a significant contribution to the breeding of future champions.

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6th place. Secretariat

Price: $ 6.08 million (420 349 913 rubles)

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Figure 5. Secretariat Red Giant

A stallion nicknamed the Secretariat was doomed to success from birth. Firstly, he was born from two purebred English horses, who have already released many champions into the world. Secondly, from the very childhood, the steed had the best trainers who trained him as race favorites. In addition, the character of the Secretariat was the most champion: the inquisitive, frisky and very independent foal attracted people.

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Almost from the first tournament at the dawn of the 70s, the young stallion showed what he was capable of. He won first places in all prestigious competitions in America, and at the end of 1972 he became the owner of the title "Horse of the Year." Further, nothing was impossible for this horse: in the next 1973 he easily won the so-called “Triple Crown” - the three most valuable cups among race horses. In the same year, its owners syndicate the Secretariat, which at the age of three became the legend of racing. The total amount of this syndicate was $ 6.08 million.

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By the way. A full-length film was shot about this legendary horse. At the peak of a racing career, photos of the stallion were decorated with magazine covers; he even had a monument erected in one of the American towns.

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5th place. Seattle dancer

Price: $ 13.1 million (905,688,136 rubles)

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Figure 6. Seattle Dancer

The Seattle Dancer is a purebred stallion that owes much to its exceptional pedigree. His father was a great champion and producer Nizhinsky, many times becoming the winner of international championships. Other descendants of this race dynasty were also quick and gifted, bringing every year all kinds of race trophies to their owners.

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It was these champion statistics, due to the stallion’s high birth, that raised him so high in price. Even before the start of his great racing career at the age of 1.5, he was sold for a record for those times more than $ 13 million. The deal took place in 1985.

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4th place. Green monkey

Price: $ 16 million (1 106 183 983 rub.)

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Figure 7. Green Monkey

From the same category of eminent and noble horses, a stallion named Green Monkey. He became the most expensive horse of the 21st century. It is noteworthy that in 2006, when the auction took place, the horse had never participated in races. The new owner hoped that the descendant of the legendary Sharif Dancer simply cannot help but become a champion.

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But, as often happens, a person assumes, and a horse disposes. Green Monkey never won the championship. But he turned into a bona fide horse manufacturer with a champion pedigree.

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The most expensive horse breed

One of the main characteristics that affect the estimated cost of a horse is its degree of thoroughbred and breed. Important indicators are also a decent exterior, endurance, the ability to develop high speed, a small number of species. Representatives of individual breeds are expensive, and the price is hundreds of thousands and millions of dollars.

Arabian horses

These short animals were first mentioned in written sources of the 4th-7th centuries as living on the Arabian Peninsula. These are unusually beautiful and hardy horses that can overcome more than 150 km with a rider per day. A distinctive feature of the breed is the tail, like a rooster, which during races the animal lifts up. There are bay and gray individuals.

Representatives of the breed are long-lived, distinguished by good health, more often than others used to improve other horse breeds. The price of an individual is not less than $ 130 thousand (3,542,500 rubles).

American Trotter Horse

This breed, which belongs to the light-harnessed one, received independent status only at the end of the 19th century, initially appearing at the turn of the century in the USA. These are strong, non-massive horses, mainly of bay color, reaching the withers a little more than one and a half meters. Valued for excellent health, the ability to show high speeds at short distances, complaisance and easy-to-learn.

The price of a thoroughbred American trotter foal can reach up to 100 thousand US dollars (6.3 million rubles).

Purebred Orlov trotter

The breed was bred by Count Orlov at the beginning of the 19th century by crossing a mule and an Arabian horse. The animal is characterized by quick learning and playfulness. It differs in impressive dimensions - weighing half a ton and growing to 170 cm at the withers.

The price of a foal is $ 7-10 thousand (441000-630000 rubles).

The most expensive horses are described in this video:

Graceful noble animals are an enduring value, for the physical perfection and breed of which wealthy people are ready to give huge amounts of money. Among the beautiful and successful horses, estimated at millions of dollars, the leader is still the English thoroughbred stallion Frenkel, valued at $ 200 million (13115780000 rubles).

2nd place. Sharif Dancer

Price: $ 40 million (2,765,459,958 rubles.)

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Figure 9. Sharif Dancer

Sharif Dancer already mentioned in our ranking was and remains the legend of racing tournaments. He went down in history in 1983, becoming the most expensive horse in the world. This purebred English horse, like all the leaders on our list, is a descendant of champions. In addition, the stallion proved to be incredibly hardy and fast, having won all the leading competitions of horses in England.

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The cost of thoroughbred horses is sometimes not inferior to the cost of the most expensive paintings in the world.

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In 1983, a record amount of money was paid for it at an auction - $ 40 million. The buyer was Emir Sheikh Maktum bin Rashid. The stallion rewarded the owner for the purchase with his brilliant win at the Dubai Millennium races. After that, the honored champion began replenishing the sheikh's stables, which ultimately became more profitable than participating in tournaments.

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1st place. Frenkel

Price: $ 200 million (13,827,299,791 rubles.)

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Figure 10. Horse Frenkel

Finally, the narrative reached an unappreciated leader. The stallion named Frenkel remains unappreciated because its owner does not think to part with it. The wonderful horse was born in 2008 at a factory owned by Saudi prince Khalid Abdullah, who remains the owner of the horse to this day.

p, blockquote 34,0,0,0,0 ->

Literally from the first days of life, the bay foal impressed everyone with its agility and phenomenal speed in everything: he himself got to his feet literally an hour later. In the future, the young horse never even needed any coaching correction, surprisingly accurately performing all the commands and tricks. The first trip of the stallion was perfectly remembered by all witnesses: none of the experienced trainers had such speed in a gallop, they simply could not believe their eyes. Frenkel doubled ahead of the other horses with such a margin as if he had acquired a jet engine.

p, blockquote 35,0,0,0,0 ->

From the very first professional race at the races, it became clear that Frenkel is a truly unique animal. He invariably outstripped his rivals by several times, briskly taking the start and no longer giving up the advantage until the finish. All the witnesses of this lightning speed constantly had the feeling that such a speed and endurance was not worth any effort to a stallion.

p, blockquote 36,0,0,0,0 ->

Addition: Experts are sure that the horse owes these qualities to an amazing combination of genes that allowed it to perform two accelerations at a distance, to make incredibly long gallop sweeps that were simply inaccessible to other horses - Frenkel's hooves since childhood were many times greater than those of his other peers.

p, blockquote 37,0,0,0,0 ->

For a magnificent stallion, a dizzying racing career was replaced by the work of an expensive offspring. For one incident with this miracle horse, its owner receives 125 thousand pounds. Frenkel himself is estimated by experts at $ 200 million.


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