Actress Anastasia Ivanova: biography, personal life and interesting facts


Name: Anastasia Ivanova (Anastasia Ivanova)

Middle name: Dmitrievna

Birthday: May 18 1991 (28 years old)

Place of Birth: Volgograd

Height: 165 cm

Weight: 45 kg

Eastern horoscope: Goat

Career: Russian actors 834 place


Anastasia Ivanova is a talented Soviet actress, known to millions of viewers for her role as Lida in the film “I Can't Say Goodbye,” which passed away early.

The future star of Soviet cinema was born in 1958 in Adler, near Sochi. From early childhood, the girl dreamed of becoming an actress, studied in a theater studio, participated in amateur performances. Nastya was not embarrassed or frightened by the prospect of a trip to the capital, because only Moscow universities, as it was thought then, could serve as a guaranteed pass to the stage.

Anastasia Ivanova in her youth | Soviet nostalgia

Only thanks to perseverance and innate talent, Nastya Ivanova’s childhood dream came true. In 1975, the girl arrived in Moscow, filed documents at once in several theatrical educational institutions and entered the Moscow Art Theater School. Studied by a young actress on the course of Viktor Monyukov. Release took place in 1979.

Theater and Cinema

Unfortunately, even in Soviet times, the acting profession was one of the most unreliable, and not all graduates could dream of distributing to Moscow and Leningrad theaters. Anastasia Ivanova fell into this large group of unclaimed young actors.

However, her forced idleness was short-lived, for some time she worked at the Vladimir Drama Theater, and then returned to the capital at the invitation of the Moscow New Drama Theater. The girl was remembered by many brilliant Vladimirians for her brilliant performance of the role of Mary in West Side Story.

Anastasia Ivanova in the film “I Can't Say Goodbye” | Cinema

After the New Drama Theater, Ivanova played on the stage of the Moscow Drama Theater "Sphere", but the actress became really famous for the main role in the melodrama "I Can't Say Goodbye" to Boris Durov. The picture was released in 1982 and immediately won the hearts of ordinary Soviet citizens.

An uncomplicated, but piercing love story of the girl Lida and Sergey Vatagin, a handsome lovelace, who, by chance, became disabled, echoed in the hearts of people. In just one season, about 35 million people managed to watch the film.

Anastasia Ivanova in the film “I Can't Say Goodbye” | Kinmbo

The young actress came in real popularity, she was recognized in the photo and when meeting on the street. The audience was especially struck by the final note of the picture, giving hope for the best when Lida confesses to Sergey that she is expecting a baby.

Star role

Unfortunately, this role became for Ivanova not only the main, but also practically the only one, apart from participation in a couple of tapes. Marriage and the birth of a daughter temporarily deprived the actress of the opportunity to act in films and play in the theater, although offers at that moment fell on her literally from all sides.

When Anastasia was able to "return to duty," there were no offers. She began to depression, because lack of demand for an actor living in his roles is a real nightmare. Perestroika broke out in the country and female images, in which directors are accustomed to seeing Anastasia, became irrelevant. Romance faded into the background, the time has come for action games, spectacular films, where there was no place for tender feelings and deep characters.

Anastasia Ivanova | Soviet nostalgia

At this time, Anastasia was finally offered the main role in the movie, but she did not agree in character with the director of the film. He wanted to see another actress in this role and deliberately plotted. In the midst of filming, Ivanov was suspended from participation in the film.

And again, a loving spouse came to the rescue. Boris Nevzorov had long wanted to try himself as a director and, finally, decided to do this for his wife. Anastasia Ivanova played her last role precisely in the picture of her husband, released in 1993. Perhaps everything would have turned out differently if the talented and young actress had not died in the prime of life.

Personal life

The personal life of Anastasia Ivanova was more than successful: the peak of her acting career coincided with her first love, which culminated in a wedding. For Boris Nevzorov, the actor with whom Nastya met during the filming, this marriage was the second, and he loved a young wife with no memory.

Anastasia Ivanova | Soviet nostalgia

Anastasia temporarily left all thoughts of a career, for her in the foreground was a family and children, which almost every woman dreams of. Soon the birth of her daughter Polina, who demanded attention and maternal care.

Husband and daughter of actress Anastasia Ivanova | Motherhood

Anastasia and Boris were happy, Nevzorov appeared many new roles, he began to act more often, took up directing. The family idyll was interrupted by the tragic death of Anastasia, who died in 1993. She was only 34 years old.


The cause of death of the actress is strangulation and stab wounds. For a long time, the police could not get on the trail of the criminal, although everything indicated that he was a person close to the family of actors, since Anastasia herself let him into the house. Half an hour before the death, Nastya talked with her mother on the phone and was absolutely calm, although the killer was probably already in the apartment.

Half an hour after this conversation, Boris Nevzorov returned home and found his wife dead. The grief of the husband of the actress can not be described in words, the only thing that supported him at least somehow is the love of his daughter. Little Polina was lucky that she was not at that time at that moment, she was just visiting her grandmother in Adler.

Monument at the grave of Anastasia Ivanova | Planet Suite

Subsequently, it turned out that the killer was a friend of the actors, whom Alexander Savchenko, a colleague on the set, brought them to. The criminal already had a sentence for the murder, and the actress was his first victim too. Justice over him did not happen, since Sergei Prosvetov had by that time perished in a domestic quarrel.

The grave of Anastasia Ivanova is located in the city cemetery of Sergiev Posad, Moscow region.

Nastya's childhood

Anastasia Ivanova from Univer is a native of the hero city of Volgograd, in the past - Stalingrad. The girl was born in the family of a football player on May 18, 1991. Dad Nastya was famous in the past, he played in such football clubs as the Volgograd “Rotor”, Samara “Wings of the Soviets”, “Uralan” Elista. Currently, the man lives in his hometown and is the coach of Olympia.

Mom Nastya Ivanova also never sat still. She runs a business and manages to devote a lot of time to her family. The girl, looking at her sports father, decided to follow in his footsteps, and devoted ten years of her life to ballroom dancing. In this matter, she succeeded, having received a professional A-discharge.

Why did Nastya quit sports?

Anastasia Ivanova dreamed all her life to do dancing. On the way to her dream, she conquered Italy, speaking in competitions for her country, participated in all-Russian competitions. All the time, Anastasia Ivanova danced with one partner. They dreamed that after school they would study together and become professional dancers. The blue-eyed girl flew so high in her dreams that once she simply did not notice that her partner had long been not hers.

Anastasia admits that when she found out about the betrayal by the person with whom she dreamed of succeeding, to go hand in hand in one way, to say nothing, to create a family, she just nearly lost her mind. It seemed to her that life was over, but thanks to friends she quickly rose to her feet, but she no longer went in the direction of ballroom dancing.

Choice of profession

Anastasia Ivanova did not even think about the career of the actress. After she decided not to connect her life with sports, the girl had many ideas. Anastasia Ivanova, whose biography is covered in our article, first thought about the profession of a physician. She wanted to devote her life to this very thing, but, with good thought, she changed her mind.

After that, Nastya began to think that she would turn out to be a good psychologist, but the girl rejected this idea. Presenting herself as a journalist, she was already happy and thought that she could work in this field, because she was active, serious, punchy. But, after weighing the pros and cons, she considered that dancing with serious training simply could not be combined.

Theatre Institute

Education at school was approaching its logical conclusion, and a serious choice was to be made. Ivanova Anastasia Semenovna found out that most of her friends are going to enroll in acting. The girl decided that you can try with them, because everyone is more fun together. She then did not even imagine that such a random choice would determine her whole subsequent life.

Student years passed quickly. Anastasia Ivanova was one of the best students of her course, and her teachers advised her to fight for a place in the sun, not to miss a chance. In 2012, Nastya left the institute for the last time, in her hands was a diploma on the successful completion of the faculty of directing and acting. It was with this document that Ivanova went to conquer the capital.

First roles

Moving to Moscow, the girl did not expect the city to welcome her warmly. She, like many aspiring actresses, so far unknown to anyone, was washing her legs in blood, running through auditions and samples. She was satisfied with the smallest roles that were not even prescribed in the credits.

However, soon a talented girl with big blue eyes began to be noticed, and she played in The Fortune Teller, The Fifth Guard, and Understand and Forgive. After the television series "Sled", the young actress was invited to play the main role of the girl Gali in the television series "Housekeeper". It was a real finest hour, and it was thanks to this picture that Anastasia Ivanova gained her first glory. The actress spread her wings and flew to the casting, where there was a selection of actors for the series "Univer".


In 2013, Nastya got to the casting of the TNT channel, where the actress was selected for the role of Julia Semakina, the youngest and very beautiful sister of Yana. Julia in the story beats a rich guy from a roommate. The selection was very strict, complex, and Nastya sometimes doubted that she would be able to stand out among hundreds of other, more professional applicants for the role. But the directors still liked exactly Ivanov, since her face was still little known, and she fit perfectly into the image of a smart, beautiful and treacherous girl.

So Nastya was able to conquer Moscow literally in one year! After the release of the Univer series on her television screens with her participation, the girl began to be recognized. Someone fell in love with her, someone hated her for stealing Anton so easily from her sister's friend. However, this happens with every actor who does not play the most positive role. Now Nastya is a famous person, and it was Univer who brought her fame, success. The filmography of the girl has just begun to line up, and we hope that soon we will see Ivanova Nastya in new, no less successful projects.

Member news and rumors

Anastasia Ivanova had many fans, among viewers. The girl tried to "build love" with Alexei Kudryashov, but he left the project, following Anastasia Balinsky, his former lover. When Roman Matzolek became interested in Ivanova, and began to show signs of attention.

Followers learned that a couple of participants in the television show, which many considered the most worthy in the perimeter, had already managed to leave the television project. Most television characters were not inclined to believe in the strength and duration of the union between.

Few of the participants believed in the alliance of Ruslan Matziolek and Anastasia Ivanova. Victoria Tsaturyan tried to beat off the ex-spouse from her rival. In addition, Alexei Kudryashov almost became a stumbling block. Apparently, lovers have to build relationships already.

Member Blog

Every time Ruslan insists that he will not give me to anyone. He burns with me and looks only in my direction. Even if some feelings remained for Vika, then this is more affection, because they have been together for a long time.

Vika returned, but nothing has changed, though there was already one conflict between us and Ruslan. At first I was very wary of this to everything, but every day, I don’t know how he does it, but with his emotions, views, actions, actions, he proves that he really needs me. It happens to us even when we sleep at night in an embrace, he wakes up, I start to turn and through a dream he asks me not to turn away from him. Ruslan says that he wants to feel that I am close and begins to realize that even in a dream he worries that I will leave him.

When Ruslan's ex-wife came, the first day I was upset and very worried. Because, unfortunately, the situation that I had in my life is my bitter experience with Alex. And it scared me very much. But how Ruslan appears to me, how he cares, all this has not changed at all, i.e. it doesn’t matter whether the former came or wasn’t her, nothing has changed. It reassures me, it pleases me and gives some confidence.


On June 3, 1993, Anastasia Ivanova was killed in her apartment. The investigation established that the killer was a friend of Ivanova, as she let him into the apartment. The main suspect was 30-year-old Sergei Prosvetov, a relative of actor Alexander Savchenko, with whom Ivanova starred in “Can't say goodbye”who had served 10 years in prison for the murder of another actress. Presumably, he went to Ivanova under the pretext of remembering Alexander Savchenko, who had died the year before. When Ivanova let him in and began to lay the table, Prosvetov inflicted 2 knife wounds on her, and then strangled her. The culprit took the old VCR and some cheap rings. In hot pursuit of the criminal could not be detained. Prosvetov was later killed during a household quarrel by the son of his mistress.

She was buried in Sergiev Posad (Moscow region) at the old City cemetery.


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