Alexander Maslyakov: biography, personal life, family, wife, children


Name: Alexander Maslyakov (Aleksandr Maslyakov)

Middle name: Vasilevich

Birthday: November 24 1941 (78 years old)

Place of Birth: Sverdlovsk (now Yekaterinburg)

Height: 170 cm

Weight: 86 kg

Eastern horoscope: Snake

Career: TV presenters 24 place

Photo: Alexander Maslyakov

Height, weight, age. How old is Alexander Maslyakov

For many years, this man appears on the TV screen, and his appearance directly provokes the anticipation of good jokes, humorous scenes and real fun. However, modern fans of the presenter do not even know that a man did not always conduct KVN, in his career there were not only humor, but also quite serious programs. For example, Alexander Maslyakov is also the first host of the beloved “smart” program “What?” Where? When?".

When the presenter appeared on television, the young and charming guy was immediately noticed and identified among other viewers, and today they are still interested in his life, as well as the parameters of the presenter: height, weight, age, how old Alexander Maslyakov. KVNovets is 76 years old, his height is 170 cm, and his weight is about 80 kg.

Biography of Alexander Maslyakov

The biography of Alexander Maslyakov began in 1941 in Sverdlovsk. His childhood was in the war and post-war years. After school, the guy goes to Moscow and enters the Institute of Transport Engineers there. Having not yet graduated from the institute, Maslyakov begins to work in his future specialty, and already then understands that he feels at ease here. The talkative and cheerful Alexander quickly realizes that in Moscow there are a million opportunities to change his life for the better and at the same time begins to take courses for television presenters. After receiving the diploma, Maslyakov is helped by his friend and classmate, who tells Alexander that he is recruiting for a television studio in one humorous program. Already at that time, Maslyakov was playing in student KVN, so he represented the approximate format of the program. Despite the fact that the guy did not believe in his success on TV, he still goes through the casting, and begins to broadcast for young people.

In 1969, Alexander got a job in the main office of youth programs. There he works as an editor, and then as a correspondent. In 1975 he was offered a new role - the host of the program “What? Where? When?". Maslyakov could have waged an intellectual battle today, if the transmission format had not changed, and the directors had not come up with a voice behind the scenes, then Maslyakov left. He led a variety of programs, including A-nuka, girls, A-nuka, guys, Funny guys and We are looking for talent.

Maslyakov has always been very resourceful in terms of career, and in 1990 he created his own project: AMIK, which began to produce his own, Maslyakovsky KVN.

As evil tongues say, in the biography of the presenter there are not only bright sides, but also black spots. On some resources you can find information that the man had a criminal record. According to journalists, at the time, in 1974, many were engaged in currency fraud, and Alexander Maslyakov himself. “Biography: I was in prison”, as the resources on the Internet say, and they even call the exact address of the place of imprisonment: Rybinsk colony. Wikipedia does not confirm this data, and journalists say that Maslyakov served only a few months.

Beginning of life and meeting with KVN

Maslyakov was a fanatical fan of the team of his native CITY. In 1964, KVN host Albert Axelrod was forced to leave, but recommended that the director appoint a smiling and charming Sasha Maslyakova to his place. Together with Svetlana Zhiltsova, they led the program until it was closed in 1971. The post of Alexander had an interesting name at that time: he was called the “commentator on the youth program”. Maslyakov received a specialized education at the Higher Courses of television workers a little later, in 1968.

In KVN, he was already not only the leader, but also the editor of numbers and “breakdown power”, because sometimes the obstacles of the artistic councils had to be overcome with inhuman efforts.

Personal life of Alexander Maslyakov

The personal life of Alexander Maslyakov was never the subject of discussion, not in Soviet times, not in modern Russia. A man has always been faithful to his only and beloved wife, with whom he lived almost his entire life. Of course, other women do not rarely drop in on a talented and successful one, a man, and even more so in his youth. “Love of all ages is submissive,” the truth says, so many women might like to get the famous presenter and creator of the KVN program as husbands, but Maslyakov is not adored in his love.

On the network you can see many photos of Maslyakov and his wife, who went through a lot, and in old age also love each other, like 50 years ago.

Family of Alexander Maslyakov

The fact that the leader became famous throughout the country, was able to achieve such amazing heights and earnings, only his merit. After all, dedication and the desire to work hard is the main thing in a career. The family of Alexander Maslyakov hails from the Novgorod region. His father, Vasily Vasilievich, military pilot, navigator, a man went through the war.

When the Second World War began, his wife was pregnant, they were expecting a baby, and the situation in the world could ruin everything. Maslyakov’s mother, Zinaida Alekseevna, should have been evacuated to Chelyabinsk. The woman was already almost on demolition, and was very afraid that she or the child might not survive such a difficult road. However, Zinaida gave birth, you can say, right in the field. After the war, Alexander's father served in the headquarters of the Air Force, and his mother was a housewife.

Children of Alexander Maslyakova

A man spent his whole life building a career, working, and did not even think about getting married. By Soviet standards, Maslyakov married quite late, at age 30, and the children of Alexander Maslyakov still did not appear. He and his wife tried to have a baby for eight years, and even at some point despaired. At that time there were not so many options for childbearing, and medicine was powerless if nature disposed so that conception did not occur.

When the presenter was 39 years old, his wife became pregnant. They have one son, who today, like his father, is the leading KVN, and perhaps someday will replace his father as “commander in chief”.

The son of Alexander Maslyakov - Alexander Maslyakov

The son of Alexander Maslyakov, Alexander Maslyakov, Jr. was born in 1980. When the guy was 19, he first got on television, conducted the program “Planet of KVN”. Despite the fact that his father wanted Alexander to graduate from the University of Culture, after school he graduated from the Moscow Institute of International Relations, and in 2006 he defended his dissertation in real estate. Today leads the Premier League of KVN, and is engaged in business.

In 2005, he married Angelina Marmeladova, who bore him a daughter. The daughter of Alexander, and the granddaughter of Maslyakov Sr., is the soloist of the Fidget group, and already leads the KVN children's league.

Wife of Alexander Maslyakova - Svetlana Maslyakova

Alexander and Svetlana met when they worked together on the same program. In 1966, the girl came to work on television as an assistant director in the KVN program, and Maslyakov just worked on the project as a host. First, they looked closely at each other, and then a relationship was established between them.

The wife of Alexander Maslyakov, Svetlana Maslyakova, has been working as a director of KVN for many years and is the president of the club. The woman managed to do everything, and raise her son, and keep her husband, and devoted much time to her beloved work. Despite the fact that the spouses have long been pensioners, they do not stop working, maybe that’s why, Alexander still looks good.

Wikipedia Alexander Maslyakov

After the appearance of the new “Masjakovskaya” KVN on the television screen, the program beat all the ratings, and today it has become not only a humorous program, but also the first start of young and talented comedians on Russian television. The "graduates" of the program today work in the niche of the comedy genre, it was they who created "Comedy", "Our Rush", and all kinds of battles of comedians. Teams from all over Russia and neighboring countries come to play a television game. The presenter supports not only humor, but also other talents, and is the chairman of the contest “Minute of Glory”.

Wikipedia of Alexander Maslyakov contains many interesting facts for fans and will help to better know the TV presenter.

Childhood and youth

Maslyakov Alexander Vasilievich was born in the capital of the Urals in 1941. Father Vasily Maslyakov served as a military pilot, fought during the Great Patriotic War, and then was listed in the General Staff of the Air Force. Sasha’s upbringing was dealt with by mother Zinaida Alekseevna. The 4 generations of Maslyakov were called Vasily, and only Zinaida Alekseevna decided to break this family tradition by calling her son Alexander.

Alexander Maslyakov in childhood with mom

After graduation, the young man entered the Moscow Institute of Transport Engineers (MIIT), which he graduated in 1966. In childhood and adolescence, the future star of Russian television did not even think about what would become famous.

After graduation, at first Maslyakov worked in his specialty, but later decided to retrain as a journalist. From 1969 to 1976, Maslyakov worked as a senior editor in the editorial office of youth programs, after which - as a special correspondent.

Alexander Maslyakov

Since 1981, Alexander Vasilievich worked as a commentator in the television studio "Experiment".

Maslyakov got on television by chance, as a 4th year student. As Alexander Vasilievich recalls, the captain of the KVN Institute team asked him to become one of the 5 TV presenters of the humorous program, which was just shot by the winning team of the last game. By chance, it turned out to be a MIIT team.

Alexander Maslyakov in his youth

The humorous television show Club of the Fun and the Inventive appeared in 1961. His prototype was the program of Sergei Muratov “Evening of Happy Questions” of 1957, which, in turn, was copied from the Czech counterpart “Fortuneteller, Fortuneteller, Fortuneteller”. At the evening, questions were answered not by teams, but by viewers. The program was created by the USSR’s first television youth editorial office, known as the “Festival Edition of the Central Television”. Due to the annoying miss of the TV presenter, the third edition of the TV show had to close the program and the whole editorial staff.

After 4 years, the creators of “Evenings of Fun Questions” released a new comedy show called “KVN”. The decoding of this name was twofold: in addition to the traditional meaning of the Club of Merry and Resourceful, the name hinted at the brand of television - KVN-49, which was produced in those years.

The first games of KVN

The first leader of the game was Albert Axelrod. After 3 years, he was replaced by Alexander Maslyakov. In his youth, Maslyakov did not transmit the program alone, he was assisted by the Soviet announcer Svetlana Zhiltsova. Subsequently, the man became the sole TV presenter, who remains to this day.

The first 7 years of KVN went exclusively live. But subsequently, since the jokes of the teams sometimes related to Soviet ideology and reality, the issues began to be transferred to the recordings, having preliminarily cut out from them all the moments unpleasant for the party leadership.

Alexander Maslyakov and Svetlana Zhiltsova

The then head of Central Television, Sergey Lapin, did not like the club for its unpredictability and courage, so the State Security Committee began to deal with censorship of the program. The KGB directives were sometimes simply absurd: for example, transmission participants were forbidden to wear beards, as this displayed a mockery of Karl Marx. And at the end of 1971, KVN was completely closed.

The creative biography of Alexander Maslyakov at one time gave rise to many assumptions. So, the most widespread rumor was that at the same time that KVN was closed in 1971, Maslyakov was in prison for several months of currency fraud. The TV presenter himself refuses to comment on this fact, claiming that with a criminal record he would no longer be allowed on Soviet television.

Alexander Maslyakov on the stage of KVN

The break after the closure of KVN lasted 15 years. But at the beginning of perestroika, in 1986, on the initiative of the captain of the IISS team of the 60s, Andrey Menshikov, KVN again appeared on the screens. The presenter was Alexander Maslyakov.

For several issues, the program has gained the same popularity as in the 60s. There was a movement of the game, humorous competitions were held in schools, institutes and children's health camps. The geography of the Club of cheerful and resourceful has expanded significantly: in KVN they began to play in Western Europe and America, in 1992 in Moscow the first international game was held between the CIS countries and Israel, in which 2 years later the World Cup was held, where the teams of the CIS and Israel participated Germany and even the USA.

Alexander Maslyakov

In 1990, Alexander Maslyakov founded the creative association “Alexander Maslyakov and Company” (abbreviated as “AMiK”). This company has become the official organizer of KVN games, as well as a number of related programs (“First League”, “Offside”, “Voting KiViN”, “Sense of Humor”, etc.). Alexander Vasilievich is a leading and manager of a number of programs issued by AMiK.

In 2013, the only son of Alexander Maslyakov Sr. became the general director of LLC TTO AMiK, replacing Naum Iosifovich Barulu, who previously served as director of the KVN television program.

Alexander Maslyakov Jr. with his father

Unlike in the Soviet years, when the KVN was contrary to party politics, today the program goes on Channel One and does not allow attacks on the side of the current government. Moreover, in 2012, the leading KVN was included in the "People’s Headquarters" of presidential candidate Vladimir Putin.

Putin himself, it must be said, does not remain in debt and has already visited several times the anniversary games of the Club of the cheerful and resourceful in the status of prime minister and president. The last time this happened in the fall of 2016, when the Club in the Kremlin Palace celebrated another anniversary - 55 years of the game. In the summer of the same year, AMiK filed documents with the Federal Service for Intellectual Property with a request to register the Alexander Maslyakov trademark.

Vladimir Putin and Alexander Maslyakov

At the end of 2016, not only KVN celebrated its anniversary. His permanent leader was 75 years old. In this regard, several heads of the Caucasian republics that are part of the Russian Federation immediately awarded Maslyakov honorary titles. So, Alexander Vasilievich became a People’s Artist of Chechnya and received the Order “For Merit to the Republic of Dagestan”. Also, the man received the medal "For Strengthening the Military Commonwealth" from the Ministry of Defense of Russia.

Today, the structure of KVN includes a number of units: 4 television leagues, 8 central, 10 inter-regional and 49 regional leagues. The Club has an official website, a YouTube channel, and also has a profile on Instagram. Here are photos of KVN participants, short humorous miniatures of different years.

Awards and prizes

  • Ovation Award (1994).
  • Honored Artist of the Russian Federation (September 13, 1994) - for merits in the field of art .
  • Certificate of the Commonwealth of Independent States (June 1, 2001) - for active work on strengthening and developing the Commonwealth of Independent States .
  • The highest award of the Academy of Russian Television - TEFI (2002) - “For personal contribution to the development of domestic television”.
  • Order "For Merit to the Fatherland" IV degree (November 21, 2006) - for his great contribution to the development of domestic television and many years of creative activity .
  • Order of Merit (Ukraine) III degree (December 14, 2006) - for a significant personal contribution to the development of cultural ties between Ukraine and the Russian Federation, many years of fruitful creative activity .
  • Order of Dostyk II degree (Kazakhstan, March 11, 2007).
  • Order "For Merit to the Fatherland" III degree (November 12, 2011) - for great merits in the development of domestic television and many years of fruitful activity .
  • Order of Alexander Nevsky (2015).
  • Gratitude of the President of the Russian Federation (July 11, 1996) - for active participation in organizing and conducting the election campaign of the President of the Russian Federation in 1996
  • Badge of St. Sergius of Radonezh (Moscow Region) (June 3, 2016).
  • Order of Merit to the Kaliningrad Region (July 8, 2016) - for his contribution to the development of the culture of the region and the popularization of the region .
  • Certificate of Merit of the Moscow City Duma (October 19, 2016) - for services to the city community and in connection with the anniversary .
  • Honorary Worker of Culture of the city of Moscow (November 7, 2016) - for merits in the development of culture and many years of conscientious work .
  • The insignia "For Merit to the Sverdlovsk Region" of the III degree (November 8, 2016) - for special merits in the field of social development of the Sverdlovsk region .
  • Order “For Merit to the Fatherland”, II degree (November 24, 2016) - for outstanding contribution to the development of domestic television and many years of fruitful activity .
  • Order of Merit for the Republic of Dagestan (2016).
  • People's Artist of the Chechen Republic (January 18, 2017) - for a significant contribution to the development of variety art and cultural ties between peoples, activities that have become widely known .
  • Medal “For the Strengthening of the Military Commonwealth” (Ministry of Defense of Russia) (January 25, 2017) - for his great personal contribution to strengthening the military community and assistance in solving the tasks entrusted to the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation .
  • Order of Dostuk (November 22, 2017, Kyrgyzstan) - for his great contribution to strengthening friendship between the peoples of Kyrgyzstan and Russia, many years of fruitful and creative activity .
  • In honor of Alexander Vasilyevich Maslyakov, an asteroid (5245 Maslyakov), discovered by the Crimean Astrophysical Observatory, is named.


In addition to KVN, Maslyakov conducted several more television programs. He was the host of such popular projects as “Hello, we are looking for talents”, “Come on, girls!”, “Come on, guys!”, “Funny guys”, “Sense of humor” and others.

Over the years of his biography, Alexander Vasilievich has repeatedly become the host of festivals held in Sochi.

In the late 70s, the man was entrusted with the popular program “Song of the Year”, on which the songs of Soviet artists were performed. He was also the first host of “What?” Where? When? ”, Having spent in 1975 its first 2 issues.

The program "Anu-ka girls!"

At the same time, Alexander Maslyakov was engaged in creating reports from various events held in the capitals of Cuba, Germany, Bulgaria and North Korea.

In 2002, Maslyakov became the owner of TEFI in the nomination "For personal contribution to the development of domestic TV."

Alexander Vasilyevich has been successfully working on television for more than half a century. Today, in addition to KVN, he is in the panel of judges of the entertainment show “Minute of Glory”.

Ratings and criticism

The philosopher, culturologist and sociologist P. S. Gurevich believes that:

Alexander Maslyakov has long gained popularity. He led a variety of programs - "KVN", "Funny guys", "Well, girls!" The frame keeps free, resourceful, sometimes striking a witty remark. Takes a beat. At the source, it was as if embodying a social portrait of a young Soviet man. It was this way - resourceful, easy, contact - he seemed to viewers.
But time passed. The criteria were changing. There were new requests. The appearance of the leader remained unchanged. Maslyakov did not try to find new facets of the image. Skill grew, enriched professionalism. But in general, on the screen today, Alexander is perceived as a Komsomol functionary slightly out of age ... No, you can’t always use the once found image. The image needs to be changed or filled with new content.

The editor of Forbes magazine, Alexander Zhokhov, notes that:

Alexander Maslyakov successfully operates the KVN brand, the creation of which was involved in the Soviet years. The system that he created - actually a factory of pop stars - is aimed at earning the maximum possible income before its participants grow to the level of free swimming.

Journalist and TV presenter L. G. Parfyonov speaks of Maslyakov as follows:

This person should be in the Guinness Book of Records. For almost 50 years he has been on a television screen. Club fun and resourceful - a unique phenomenon in world television, like Alexander Maslyakov. To joke for half a century is a serious matter, not everyone can do it. Maslyakova - in strength. As soon as the KVS employees did not call him by the eyes - Barin, Keeper, AlVasMas. Loving, of course. For them, he is an indisputable authority, an absolute monarch. With the light hand of the monarch of KVN, the game turned into a real factory of stars. And today, many television celebrities can say: "We all left KVN."

TV presenter, director and presenter of TV shows "KVN"

Alexander Vasilyevich Maslyakov - A well-known and most popular Soviet and Russian TV presenter, Honored Artist of the Russian Federation (1994), full member (academician) of the Academy of Russian Television Foundation. Alexander Vasilievich - founder and owner of the television creative association AMiK (Alexander Maslyakov and Company). Since 1964, Maslyakov is the permanent leader and host of the TV shows KVN.

The early years and the formation of Alexander Maslyakov

Alexander Maslyakov was born on November 24, 1941 in Sverdlovsk.

Father - Vasily Vasilyevich Maslyakov (1904-1996) - comes from the Novgorod region. He was a military pilot, navigator during the war. After the war he served in the General Staff of the Air Force, according to the biography of Alexander Maslyakov on Wikipedia.

Mother - Zinaida Alekseevna Maslyakova (1911−1999) - a housewife.

At first, the family lived in Leningrad. But, when Vasily Maslyakov went to the front, his wife was evacuated to Chelyabinsk. And on the way, in Sverdlovsk, her son Alexander was born.

Still, the mother and her newborn arrived in Chelyabinsk, where their relatives lived. There, the early childhood of little Sasha passed.

When father returned after the war, they moved to Baku. Then they lived for some time in Kutaisi, and, finally, ended up in Moscow. In the capital, Alexander Maslyakov studied at school number 643.

After school, the future TV presenter entered the Moscow Institute of Transport Engineers (MIIT), which he graduated in 1965. In 1964, while still a fourth-year student at MIIT, Maslyakov began working on television.

But after graduation, the young graduate worked for some time at the Giprosahar design institute.

Career of Alexander Maslyakov in KVN

KVN during the Khrushchev thaw was one of the few youth entertainment programs. And he became incredibly popular.

In 1964, the first leading KVN Albert Axelrod was forced to leave, but recommended the director to appoint in his place the smiling and charming Sasha Maslyakova. Paired with Svetlana Zhiltsova they led the program until its closure in 1971.

Maslyakov received specialized education at the Higher Courses of Television Workers in 1968.

On Soviet TV, it was customary that two popular programs, a man and a woman, necessarily lead a popular program. In a couple to Maslyakov, Svetlana Zhiltsova, a well-known television presenter with experience, was approved.

The pair turned out to be extremely harmonious, complementing each other. They immediately began to be associated with KVN. However, in 1971, KVN was closed by decision of the Chairman of the USSR State Radio and Television Sergey Lapin.

“I do not want to offend all the captains who played in the 60s, many are gone, their memory is bright. And I do not want to offend Julika Guzman. But all this is a little mythologized. Then there was only KVN, and nothing was near! Then each breath, exhale, every word, even by chance, was perceived differently. They say: oh, how joked then! Yes, in different ways they joked in the 60s! Both bad and good, ”Maslyakov recalled in an interview about KVN 60s.

After the first closure of KVN in 1971, Maslyakov continued his television career. Since the second half of the 1970s, Alexander Vasilievich conducted youth programs: “Hello, we are looking for talents”, “Come on, girls” and “Come on, guys”, “Addresses of the young”, “Cheerful guys”.

Maslyakov in those years had reports from the World Festivals of Youth and Students in Sofia, Berlin, Havana, Moscow, Pyongyang. For several years, Alexander Vasilievich was a permanent host of international song festivals in Sochi, he also led the program "Song of the Year" (1976-1979).

Alexander Vasilyevich Maslyakov was the first host of the program “What? Where? When? ”: In 1976 he held the second release of the game (there was no leader in the first issue).

KVN Renaissance

In 1986, at the initiative of Andrei Menshikov (captain of the KVN IISI of the 1960s), the youth edition of Ostankino decided to revive the KVN. Leading invited all the same Alexander Maslyakov.

Then few people thought that Alexander Vasilievich would become a symbol of KVN. Maslyakov turned KVN into a real comedian factory. Alexander Vasilyevich Maslyakov first became the permanent leader, director and director of the popular KVN program, then the president of the International KVN Union and the television and creative association AMiK, which produces the program. In KVN, a real cult of personality of its main presenter and president arose.

At the second advent of Maslyakov, KVN became no less popular than in the 60s, in the 90s the program was the flagship of the humorous broadcast in Russia, while it also performed an important unifying function in the post-Soviet space, because teams from Ukrainian cities came and performed well in Moscow - Kharkov, Odessa, Dnepropetrovsk, Krivoy Rog, Belarusians, Armenians became champions, Kazakhs showed themselves noticeably.

By the way, in 2006 Maslyakov received the Order of Merit of the III degree in Ukraine - for a significant personal contribution to the development of cultural ties between Ukraine and the Russian Federation, many years of fruitful creative activity. Alexander Vasilievich led KVN in Kiev.

Maslyakov and KVN paved the way for many of today's TV stars: “There are no former kaveenshchiks ... The guys end their kaveenovskoy life and go to other television posts. On other channels, the process is faster. It is important there that the face is illuminated and, whatever it says, let it be. And the level of humor in some programs and shows a little bit sits. All the worse, they are less picky. I do not like it. But they are also watching. The channels are happy. The audience is quite satisfied with this level of humor, ”says Maslyakov.

November 24, 2016 the President of Russia Vladimir Putin awarded the TV presenter Alexander Maslyakov, who was then 75 years old, with the Order of Merit for the Fatherland, II degree. The corresponding decree was published on the official Internet portal of legal information.

It was noted that the leading KVN was awarded "for outstanding contribution to the development of domestic television and many years of fruitful activity."

On January 24, 2017, the press service of the head of Chechnya reported that the leading KVN, Alexander Maslyakov, was awarded the title of People's Artist of the Chechen Republic.

As they wrote in the news, the corresponding decree was signed by the head of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov. The document says that Maslyakov made a great contribution to the development of cultural ties between peoples.

The popularity of KVN is so great that witty young people play this game in Germany, Israel, the United States, and even China. As a result, they even became alarmed at the Center for Strategic Communications of NATO, saying that KVN is an instrument of political strategic communication of the Kremlin. It turns out that thanks to the KVN, the Kremlin has access to a specific, strategic audience, ready to "serve the regime."

The NATO Center experts are in all seriousness, and, as a member of the KVN jury, film director, TV presenter, head of the National Prize of the Russian Academy of Motion Picture Arts - Nika Prize, Julius Gusman, said that he’s funny to discuss the NATO study .

Alexander Maslyakov still has a place in other shows. So he was the chairman of the jury of the TV show "Minute of Glory", and in 2014 he became a member of the jury of the television show "Sense of Humor" along with Julius Guzman.

The criminal record of Alexander Maslyakov

Rumor had it that Maslyakov’s biography had a criminal record in the 1970s for illegal currency transactions. According to some stories, he was sitting in a colony of UN 83/2 in Rybinsk, Yaroslavl region. Other news mentioned that during the investigation he was sitting in the Tula pre-trial detention center. Allegedly precisely because of this, Maslyakov disappeared temporarily from the air, and in the central press about the leading KVN a feuilleton “Sasha no longer laughs” was released.

Alexander Vasilyevich himself, in response to questions about his criminal record, says he did not sit in prison.

Public position of Alexander Maslyakov

In January 2012, Maslyakov became a member of the People’s Headquarters (in Moscow) for presidential candidate Vladimir Putin.

In January 2018, Alexander Vasilievich was registered as a confidant of Vladimir Putin in the presidential election on March 18, 2018.

Corruption scandal with Alexander Maslyakov

On December 1, 2017, it was reported that Alexander Maslyakov was dismissed from the post of director of KVN Planet after being checked by the Prosecutor General’s Office because of suspicions of corruption.

According to the data of the international organization of the fight against corruption, Transparency International, which received wide publicity, a number of violations were found in the work of Alexander Maslyakov. According to Transparency employees, Maslyakov allegedly did not comply with the restrictions and prohibitions imposed by law on heads of state unitary enterprises.

In 2011, Alexander Vasilievich, being the founder of the private creative association AMiK, which owns exclusive rights to products under the KVN brand, became the head of the Moscow Youth Center Planet KVN state unitary enterprise (GUP), which, at the expense of the state budget, was initiated by the president Vladimir Putin was handed over to Russia by the reconstructed metropolitan cinema Havana.

In 2015, as reported in the anti-corruption organization, Maslyakov became an individual entrepreneur, although under the law the heads of the State Unitary Enterprise do not have the right to combine work and business.

A year earlier, Planet KVN and AMiK, whose director is Alexander Maslyakov Jr., created a joint venture House KVN.

“Already in this fact there are obvious signs of a conflict of interest: Maslyakov, as the head of a state-owned enterprise, concluded a deal with a private company owned by himself and his family,” the experts emphasized. - Section 22 of the Law “On State and Municipal Unitary Enterprises” requires that such transactions be agreed upon by the owner, that is, in this case, the Moscow Property Department.

In addition, the director of the State Unitary Enterprise is obliged to inform the management of all information about the organizations that he and his close relatives manage or own more than 20%. AMiK received a 51% stake in KVN House, which allows the director of the new company, Angelina Maslyakova (the wife of the son of a famous TV presenter), to manage the assets of the state unitary enterprise, including the Havana movie theater. “The Maslyakovs retained the KVN trademark, and gained control of real estate donated to the KVN movement. And they are actively exploiting it commercially, ”experts say.

On July 21, 2017, the Moscow government dismissed Maslyakov from the post of director of IMC Planet KVN. This happened after an investigation by Transparency International, in which it turned out that he, on behalf of the Planet KVN center, had transferred the Havana movie theater in Maryina Grove in Moscow to his creative association AMiK.Initially, the Moscow prosecutor's office did not reveal a violation. However, Transparency International challenged this decision in the Attorney General's Office.

On December 1, 2017, the press service of KVN denied the dismissal, saying that Maslyakov left at his own request.

At the same time, his representatives officially stated that this was a voluntary decision by Maslyakov, in no way connected with any corruption scandals.

Personal life of Alexander Maslyakov

Alexander Maslyakov is married. His wife is Svetlana Smirnova. They met in 1966, thanks to KVN: Svetlana worked as an assistant director of KVN. In 1971, they got married.

April 28, 1980 a son was born to the spouses Alexander. In 2002, he graduated from the Moscow State Institute of International Relations, in 2006 he defended his dissertation in economics on the topic “Forms and methods of managing sub-federal non-residential real estate” at the State University of Management. Then he decided to continue the family tradition - he became the host of the television programs “Planet of KVN”, “Out of Game” and “Premier League of KVN”.

Since 2013, Aleksandr Aleksandrovich - General Director of his father's company AMiK. Maslyakov Jr. is married, his wife's name Angelina (nee Nabatnikova), she is a journalist, publicist, director of the KVN House. In 2006, they had a daughter Taisiya.


The first diploma in the biography of Alexander Maslyakov Sr. was received by him quite late, in 1966 after graduating from the Moscow Institute of Transport Engineers, when he was already 25 years old.

Our hero did not begin to connect his fate with the profession of an engineer. Alexander was attracted by a completely different life - bright, loud, filled with creativity. And two years later Maslyakov Sr. became a graduate of the Higher Courses of Television Workers. Thus began the career of the great showman, no doubt.

Alexander made his debut on television even during his student days at the Moscow Institute of Transport Engineers, where, along with most of his peers, he was actively rooting for his team of the Cheerful and Resourceful Club.

The “Club of Cheerful and Resourceful”, or KVN for short, appeared in 1961. A new initiative was quickly picked up by actively developing young people striving for self-expression. The popularity of KVN grew by leaps and bounds, and these steps spread almost throughout the vast country.

This youth program intervened in the biography of Alexander Maslyakov Sr. in 1964, when he, by the will of fate, became one of its presenters.

According to Alexander Vasilyevich himself, this event happened by pure chance. One fine day, his classmate invited Maslyakov to become a member of the KVN team from the institute. Alexander agreed, but did not have time to play KVN, because at the same time the central television editors were looking for a suitable candidate for the role of host of this program. From birth Maslyakov was active, cheerful and charismatic. And his smile today is his hallmark. So the choice of the editors settled on Alexander.

Who would have thought that this place would be fixed in the biography of Alexander Maslyakov Sr. for more than half a century.

At that wonderful time, Alexander led KVN together with an experienced TV presenter Svetlana Zhiltsova, from whom he acquired a lot of knowledge and secrets of stage skill.

Until 1970, the program was broadcast live. As usual, the time in the country was not easy. The jokes in the program were increasingly contrary to party politics, as a result of which KVN began to be shown in the recordings after strict censorship, including by the State Security Committee. Ultimately, in 1972, the program was finally removed from the air.


After completing his studies at the Higher Courses of television workers, Alexander got a job in the main editorial office of youth programs, after a short time taking the post of senior editor there. A few years later, Maslyakov Sr. was able to achieve the position of special correspondent, and since 1980 he devoted himself completely to the profession of commentator in the television studio "Experiment".

Few people know, but the biography of Alexander Maslyakov Sr. is also noted by the fact that the first presenter of the new broadcast at that time was “What? Where? When?” in 1975 became none other than Alexander Maslyakov. However, later its format was changed, and the presenter was replaced by a voice-overs.

Despite the fact that KVN was closed, its presenters Alexander Maslyakov and Svetlana Zhiltsova remained unusually popular and in demand. So, the famous programs of that time got into the piggy bank of fame of this duet: “Come on, girls!”, “Come on, guys!”, “Hello! We are looking for talent! ”And others.

Also, for a long time Maslyakov Sr. was the permanent presenter of various international song festivals of youth and students, conducted various music and entertainment programs on central television.

Alexander Maslyakov today

Maslyakov remains the leading KVN. Periodically, he appears on other projects as a guest.

Not so long ago, Alexander Maslyakov participated in the “Evening Urgant” program. He had fun talking with Ivan Urgant, answering all his questions and talking about what he is doing today.

In 2016, a man published the book “KVN - Alive!” The most complete encyclopedia. ” In it, the author collected various jokes, interesting facts from biographies of popular players and much more.

In 2017, the Moscow authorities removed Maslyakov from the post of head of MMTS Planet KVN. This decision was connected with the investigation, during which it turned out that the host on behalf of Planet KVN transferred the Moscow cinema Havana to his own company AMiK.

In 2018, the release of the program “Tonight” was dedicated to the cult program. Together with Maslyakov, the program was attended by famous players who shared different stories with the audience.

Maslyakova is often asked what is the secret of his youth. It is worth noting that for his age he really looks very good.

In one of the interviews, when the journalist once again asked how Alexander Vasilievich manages to remain young and fit, he answered shortly: "Yes, you need to eat less."

This phrase gained a certain popularity, and later it was repeatedly recalled on programs in which the founder of KVN participated.

And again - KVN!

After 14 years in 1986, at the initiative of the youth editorial office of Ostankino, it was decided to revive the KVN. As a symbol of the continuity of the traditions of the Club of the Cheerful and Resourceful, the leaders were again invited Alexander Maslyakov and Svetlana Zhiltsova. However, due to life and business circumstances, Svetlana refused this offer. So Alexander Vasilievich began to conduct this transfer alone.

When KVN returned to the biography of Alexander Maslyakov Sr., he was able to create from this television project a real empire, one might say, the industry of humorous broadcast.

Maslyakov Sr. turned from a permanent host, leader and director into the president of the “International Union of KVN”, after which in 1990 he created the television creative association “Alexander Maslyakov and Company” (TVO “AMiK”), which, in fact, produced the program KVN in the future.

Many stars of the modern television broadcast passed through Maslyakov’s school and the “Club of Cheerful and Resourceful”, becoming real professionals and the most popular television stars in demand.

“Today, more than half of entertainment television is created by guys who played in KVN, authors who wrote jokes for KVN. But everyone has the right to do what he considers necessary, possible: to stop on amateur performances or feel like an actor. You need to weigh your strength and understand if you can. If so, then go. "

Beloved wife

The biography of the wife of Alexander Maslyakov Sr. Svetlana began in 1947 in post-war Moscow.

A very active girl has always been a ringleader and inventor of various leprosy, which subsequently expressed in her high organizational abilities. After graduating from Moscow secondary school No. 519, Svetlana entered the All-Union Correspondence Law Institute, where she had to combine her studies with the work of an assistant director of KVN in the Youth Edition of Central Television. Having received a diploma, the future wife of Maslyakov Sr. successfully completed training in directing at the Higher Courses of creative television workers.

In addition to romantic and family relationships, Alexander Vasilievich and his wife Svetlana were able to carry out their life-long service to their common cause - the Club of the Cheerful and Resourceful. Maslyakov Sr. hosted this TV show, and his Svetlana was her stage director.

There was always a lot in common between them. Both he and she are cheerful, resourceful and vibrant people, enthusiastic, responsible and responsible people who bring any work that they have begun to the end.

Until the 1990s, Svetlana served as the director of the Main Edition of Propaganda of the Central Television, from where she later left for her husband's company - the AMiK association.

In Maslyakov’s house, filled with an atmosphere of harmless humor and practical jokes, you can always meet famous artists, stars and other bright personalities.

The wife of Alexander Vasilyevich became for him not only a loved one, but also his closest friend, assistant and like-minded person.

Instead of an afterword

Two years ago, the youth television program Club of the Merry and Resourceful celebrated its more than 55-year-old anniversary.

Celebrated and rushed on. We hope for our centenary.

Over the years, the activities of Alexander Vasilyevich Maslyakov has been repeatedly awarded with many awards. He is an Honored Art Worker of the Russian Federation and a member of the Academy of Russian Television, as well as a laureate of such awards as Ovation and Tefi.

In the biography of Alexander Maslyakov Sr., the family is inextricably linked with his creative activities. Only she can help to cope with his own created empire of KVN.

You can talk for a long time about the numerous rumors and speculations that accompany the life of this person. But the fact remains - he was able to do something that no one else could. He gave us KVN, even if he didn’t come up with it.

Happiness is to live 77 years the way I lived them. I cannot give universal recommendations. But old Munchausen was partly right in saying, “Smile more often, gentlemen. "

This is an amazing person. And we have one such one - our famous, beloved by several generations and the most smiling TV presenter - Alexander Vasilyevich Maslyakov Sr.

Alexander Maslyakov now

In 2017, Alexander Maslyakov lost the post of director of IMC Planet KVN. This happened after Transparency International announced the results of the investigation into the illegal transactions of the center.

The building "MMC Planet KVN"

Later, the press service of KVN specified that the presenter quit of his own free will. His retirement only in time coincided with a request to the prosecutor.

Alexander Maslyakov Sr. still serves as the TV presenter of the games of the Higher League of KVN. In 2018, the project was dedicated to the release of the program “Tonight”, where, in addition to the founder of the TV show, there were also popular ex-participants of KVN - Mikhail Galustyan, Vadim Galygin, Sergey Svetlakov and others.

Alexander Maslyakov in 2018

The guests recalled funny cases from the life of KVN, joked, and there were some oddities. With the light hand of Sergei Svetlakov, Maslyakov received the title of “The Godfather”. A KVN graduate hinted that all relatives of the presenter were involved in the Club over time. Alexander Vasilyevich in a comic form promised the comedian "reprisal" for careless words.


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