Pronin, Evgeny Sergeevich


Name: Evgeniy Pronin (Evgeniy Pronin)

Middle name: Sergeevich

Birthday: November 8 1980 (39 years old)

Place of Birth: Klimovsk

Height: 188 cm

Weight: 97 kg

Eastern horoscope: A monkey

Career: Russian actors 147 place

Photo: Eugene Pronin

Childhood and the family of Eugene Pronin

Not to slide "downhill" Wife helped passion for sports. From early childhood in his life there were skis, horizontal bars, football and volleyball, and in his teens - a “rocking chair” with homemade simulators.

In high school, Evgeni suddenly became interested in theater and enthusiastically began to participate in school plays. His appearance on the New Year’s performance in the image of Santa Claus, rap, caused indescribable delight among first-graders. Teachers vied with each other about Pronin’s extraordinary artistic abilities, and the young man himself began to seriously think about his acting career.

Personal life of Eugene Pronin

Cinematic love very quickly grew into a real feeling that was not limited to the set. For several years, the actors lived in a civil marriage in two countries, but after the change of power in Ukraine, trips became difficult, and Eugene moved his beloved to Moscow.

In the fall of 2014, they got married, moved to a new home and ... after six months, they parted. Most likely, the reason for this was the difference in views on events in Ukraine.


Evgeny Sergeevich Pronin was born on November 8, 1980 in the city of Klimovsk (now becoming a microdistrict of Podolsk). The family of the actor is in no way connected with the world of art: father, Sergei Vasilievich, - electrician, mother, Marina Alexandrovna, - accountant. Eugene has a younger sister, Irina.

As a child, Eugene did not even think of becoming an actor, he was fond of sports - football, hockey, basketball, volleyball, he loved to ski, but he showed acting talent from his school years - improvising at lessons, participating in morning performances.

After the eighth grade, Eugene decided to enter the Suvorov School, but did not go through a medical examination due to a small varicose veins. (consequences of playing hockey and soccer).

After graduating from school, Eugene decided to enter the B.V. Schukin Higher Theater School (now Boris Schukin Theater Institute), since Andrei Mironov studied at this educational institution, whose work had a great influence on Eugene. He easily entered and in 2002 graduated from the course of Marina Alexandelena Panteleeva.

The starting point for Eugene Pronin was the film directed by Alexei German Jr. "Garpastum" (2005)where the actor played a major role. The film was an international festival success, having won many awards, including being nominated for the Golden Lion of the Venice Film Festival.

Immediately after such an obvious success, Evgeni's career went uphill. Showered with offers to act in film.

The actor played a major role in the series about the special department for the study of the supernatural "Office" (2006), then in the Ukrainian melodramatic project “You Can't Order a Heart” (2007) and the Russian mystical series Kill the Snake (2007).

In 2009, Eugene played one of the main roles in the film “Unforgiven” - the directorial debut of Klim Shipenko, who, after the release of the film, critics dubbed “Russian Tarantino”.

Pronin began to actively star in the series, gaining the popularity and love of domestic television viewers. He firmly entrenched in domestic TV - TV shows with his participation are constantly on the country's leading channels.

Eugene is equally good both in heroic series (“Sky on Fire”, “Scouts”, “Big Oil”), and in detective ones (“Random Witness”, “Caviar Baron”, “Shapovalov”), and even in romantic films, such as Temptation (2014), French Culinary (2014), Yesterday. Today. Forever ”(2016), etc. he has no equal.

Good physical preparation and sports skills helped Eugene get the main roles in sports dramas - the mini-series “Glory” (2015)where he played the outstanding hockey player Vyacheslav Fetisov, and the film “Champions: Faster. Higher. Stronger" (2016)where he played the role of Olympic champion Alexander Popov. In both works, Eugene ideally fell into the image of his heroes.

On the account of the actor more than fifty roles on television and in the cinema.

One of the latest works is in the TV-3 series “Unknown”, where Eugene played the role of a mysterious suspect with phenomenal abilities. The role is complex not only in the actor’s plan, but also requiring a memorable memory - his character assimilates any information with incredible speed, so the actor had to learn huge volumes of complex text.

In October 2017, the Rossiya Hotel television series was released on Channel One, in which Evgeny got the role of Alexei Rakitin - captain of the 9th KGB department.

Despite the tight shooting schedule, Eugene finds time for the theater:

In the tragicomedy of Tom Stoppard's "Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead", staged in "Another Theater", the actor played the role of Hamlet. The premiere of the performance took place in 2009, but the performance, unfortunately, was closed.

In the play by Alexander Vampilov, “The Eldest Son”, staged in 2012 by director Pavel Safonov for the theater company “Free Stage”, Eugene plays Vladimir Petrovich Busygin. The performance is still being successfully held in Moscow and touring Russia and also to foreign countries.

In the new work of director Pavel Safonov, which premiered on December 22 and 23, 2017 on the main stage of the Malaya Bronnaya Theater, the play “Woe from Wit” based on the comedy of the same name by A. S. Griboedov, Yevgeny Pronin embodied the image of Molchalin. The role turned out to be grotesque, and the actor coped with it very well, and the performance itself is unusual, sparkling modern, as well as with interesting findings. The performance went on with success for almost a year, but for unknown reasons it has so far been removed from the repertoire of the main stage of the Theater.

On June 25, 2019, the pre-premiere screening of the new “Taiga” antreprise performance based on the play by A. Vampilov took place. Producer Ivan Zhidkov gathered on the same stage the popular serial actors. Eugene Pronin has two roles here - coach and violinist. The performance is satirical, with a subtle sense of humor, and will tour the big country of Russia, as well as foreign countries.

For Eugene Pronin and his wife, Kristina Arustamova, the past year turned out to be very busy. In January, the couple signed, in the spring they played a wedding, in the fall they arranged a house. And yesterday, lovers became parents.

On New Year's Eve, 39-year-old Evgeny Pronin shared the good news on social networks. The actor told the fan that he was the first to become dad. Kristina Arustamova gave birth to the artist the long-awaited heir. "Son! Harry Pronin! Thank you, love, for such a great gift! I could not even dream about it! I cry and love! New Year and new life! ”- shared Eugene.

Subscribers immediately bombarded the star of the movie Champions: Faster. Higher. Stronger ”congratulations. They wished the baby and young parents good health. "Congratulations! This is a gift for the New Year! ”,“ How great! Happy birthday to the first-born son. Love, patience, good luck! "," An ideal Christmas tree present! Congratulations! ”Users responded.

Note that the star spouses even before the birth of the child said that their life became happier and their relationship stronger. “Everything was fine with us before that, but, I confess, I did not expect that Zhenya could be so reverent and helpful. He really treats me very carefully, ”admitted Christina.

Recall that Eugene Pronin and Kristina Arustamova signed in January 2019. A few months later, lovers staged a loud celebration in Italy. And three days before the trip, the couple found out that there would be a replenishment in their family. “I had a shock. I could not recover for about two minutes. I did not know what to do with this news - to jump, cry, laugh, get drunk. Some kind of wave covered me. There was a storm of emotions. Given that I'm not 18 years old. Then, for me, this news would not be so long-awaited, ”Pronin said earlier.

However, Arustamova also could not restrain her emotions. According to Christina, for several days she was in seventh heaven with happiness.

Note that earlier Yevgeny Pronin was married to Ukrainian actress and TV presenter Yekaterina Kuznetsova. The actors met in 2007. Seven years later, the couple officially formalized the relationship, but a year later the artists broke up.

Eugene Pronin in awe of the Crimea

Yevgeny Pronin, who became famous for his participation in the TV series “Scouts”, “You Can't Order Your Heart”, “Glory”, “Temptation” and others, spoke at the opening of the international film festival in “Artek” on July 4, in the role of presenter with Nona Grishaeva.

Evgeny Pronin as the legendary Fetisov

A new series about the legend of Russian hockey Vyacheslav Fetisov, the role of which is played by Evgeny Pronini, appears on television screens. The series was produced by Alexey Pimanov. He admitted that the choice of actors for the role of Fetisov was extremely difficult.

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Childhood and youth

Evgeny Sergeevich Pronin was born under the zodiac sign Scorpio on November 8, 1980 in the city of Klimovsk, near Moscow. The boy's parents had nothing to do with the theater world or art: his father worked as an electrician, his mother as an accountant. As a child, Eugene grew up a smart and artistic boy. The idol of little Zhenya was the legendary Soviet actor Andrei Mironov. The child performed songs of his beloved artist, re-read the biography, watched films and performances with his participation.

Actor Eugene Pronin

Yevgeny Pronin showed his own acting talents at school, improvising in front of teachers when he came to lessons with unfulfilled homework. The boy played fantastic images like Santa Claus on school mornings, but did not even think about joining the school drama circle. Teachers were the first to advise Pronin to find the best use of talent and try himself as an actor.

In school, the guy was especially attracted to sports, in particular football. Eugene also loved to ski, play volleyball and basketball. The actor has a love of sports for life.

Evgeny Pronin

After graduating from school, Evgeni Pronin went to Moscow to enter the only known youth theater institute - the Shchukin Theater School, where the idol of the applicant Mironov once studied. Not having the experience of theatrical circles, like many other candidates, Pronin began to prepare for admission. His mother chose Vasily Shukshin's prose for him, friends advised reading Yesenin’s poems.

With the preparation of the dance number, the guy was helped by the famous Klimovsk choreographer Nadezhda Surganova. Eugene passed the entrance exams with triumph, the young man even managed to amuse the teacher Alexander Isaakovich Binenboim, who enjoyed a reputation as an extremely serious and respected teacher.

Eugene Pronin as Hamlet in the play "Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead"

While studying at the Institute, Pronin, like many other young actors, hoped to get into a big movie immediately after graduation. But, after talking with the older guys, I realized that popularity and demand are unpredictable factors. In 2002, Eugene Pronin received a diploma in "film and theater actor" and immediately began to attend castings in order to find his own place under the sun in the world of cinema.


In 2002, the young actor was invited to shoot in the TV series “Moscow Windows”, where Eugene played a minor character. Pronin also got a cameo role in the series “Shtrafbat”. In 2004, Eugene heard about the casting for the film "Garpastum", the historical drama about football in the war years. Casting took about 4 months. Film director Alexei German Jr. decided to use unknown young actors who combine acting talents and the ability to play a popular sports game.

Evgeny Pronin in the TV series "Garpastum"

Pronin ideally suited this description: school hobbies for football and studies at the theater institute came in handy. Pronin was approved for the role of Andrei, one of the four main characters of the picture. His partner was played by Danila Kozlovsky.

Filming took place in the suburbs and at the St. Petersburg studio Lenfilm, where the actor spent almost six months. The film "Garpastum" was released in 2005 and was first shown at the Venice Festival.

Evgeny Pronin in the series "Office"

At the end of filming in the first full-length film, Eugene stayed to live in St. Petersburg for another year: the actor was offered a role in the TV series “Special Purpose Files” (in 2006 the picture was renamed to “The Office”). Pronin performed all the tricks in the film on his own.

This was followed by roles in numerous Russian TV series and several feature films. In 2009, the series “Big Oil” was released, telling about the development of Siberian oil reserves. Eugene participated in the filming of several paintings about the wartime, among them the series “Sky in Fire”, “Military Hospital”.

Evgeny Pronin in the series "Sky on Fire"

In 2010, Pronin won the hearts of lovers of TV shows, starring with Svetlana Ivanova in the serial film "Cool Men." In addition to filming a movie, the actor managed to appear in the "Other Theater" in the role of Hamlet, which many actors dream of. True, this was not a classic production: the play was called "Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead."

In 2013, Pronin starred in the series “Shopping Center”, in which he played the adopted son of the owner of a shopping center in Yaroslavl. In the story, his hero wanted to avenge the businessman for the death of his mother. At that time, the bride of Pronin also starred in this melodrama.

Evgeny Pronin in the series "Scouts"

In the same year, another series was released - Scouts, which brought Pronin real fame, since the premiere took place on Channel One. In this military drama, the actor played the instructor for sabotage activities Nikolai Petrov, who helped the two girls cope with the tasks assigned by the authorities.

In 2014, the actor appeared in the New Year’s comedy “Christmas Trees 1914” and starred in several TV series - “The Tribe”, “Gyulchatay. For the sake of love "," Wind in the face. " Notable work was the main role in the series "Temptation". The actor’s partner in the film was Tatyana Arntgolts, with whom Pronin had already starred in “Clean Sample”. According to the plot, the provincial Vera (Tatyana Arntgolts) goes to the capital to her lover - businessman Dmitry Nashchekin (Evgeny Pronin).

Evgeny Pronin in the TV series "Glory"

In 2015, he played in three more series, including the role of the Soviet hockey player Vyacheslav Fetisov in the multi-part film “Glory”. The sports theme that accompanies Pronin throughout his career was continued in 2016, when Eugene played the four-time Olympic swimming champion Alexander Popov in the film “Champions. Faster. Higher. Stronger".

In the same year, the actor played a number of main roles in melodramas and melodramatic mini-series. Evgeny Pronin played the role of Sergey Kharitonov in the Russian-Ukrainian project “Three Roads”, the plot of which revolves around a love line that began in the childhood of the main characters and passed through the years.

Evgeny Pronin in the series "Three Roads"

The artist also played the role of Alexander Martynov in the 4-episode film “Yesterday. Today. Forever and ever".The hero of the actor is indecisive and in his youth can not admit his beloved girl Lara in his own feelings.

In addition, in 2016, the actor appears in the detective melodrama Hotel Russia as an intelligence officer. The series belongs to the popular galaxy of paintings showing everyday life and undercover intrigues of institutions from the service sector.

Evgeny Pronin in the TV series "Unknown"

In January 2017, Evgeny Pronin appears on the screens starring Evgeny Potapov in the festive melodrama "Chinese New Year." In this picture, the actor got used to the image of a cheerful polyglot teacher, who adds new colors to the life of a strict businesswoman and single mother, Svetlana.

In May 2017, the premiere of the crime series “Unknown” took place, in which Pronin played the main role. Actress Anastasia Stezhko became his partner in the project. The hero of the artist is an unnamed genius who chose the name Shagin. A man does not remember his own past, but otherwise the brain of Shagin works more productively than the brain of an average person.

Evgeny Pronin in the show "Evening Urgant"

Interestingly, the start of the filming process had to be suspended due to an accident in which Eugene got on the first day on his way to the film studio. Fortunately, the man escaped with minor injuries and was able to get to work soon.

Due to his popularity and participation in rating projects, Eugene Pronin has repeatedly become a guest of Ivan Urgant's Evening Urgant program.

Personal life

With his future wife, actress Yekaterina Kuznetsova, Yevgeny Pronin met in Kiev on the set of the series "You Can't Order Your Heart". At first, the girl did not like the arrogant Moscow actor. However, the artists soon became friends and began to warmly relate to each other. The romance between Eugene and Catherine broke out only at the end of filming a multi-part picture.

Evgeny Pronin and Ekaterina Kuznetsova

The girl’s parents were against their relationship, because the lovers lived in different countries. In 2009, Kuznetsova nevertheless moved to Russia: first to Klimovsk, where Eugene's parents lived, and then to the Moscow apartment, which the actor rented. The wedding took place in 2014.

Unfortunately, their family did not last long: in 2015, Eugene divorced his wife, the couple decided to leave because of different views on the situation in Ukraine. Young people did not have time to acquire children. The lull in the personal life of the artist did not last long.

Eugene Pronin and Kristina Arustamova

Now the actor is busy with a new passion. According to information from Instagram, Pronin, his new girlfriend's name is Kristina Arustamova, she is a graduate of Moscow State University, is engaged in producing. Together, young people regularly go on vacation. They have already visited Georgia and Italy.

Evgeny Pronin now

In 2017, Eugene Pronin starred in one extraordinary project - in the sci-fi drama “The Debtor's Shack”. The picture tells about life in the 23rd century in the world of victorious communism. Another major project of the year, supplementing the filmography of the actor, is the main role in the melodrama by Yuri Moroz “New Year's Passenger”, which was shown on the STS channel. Marina Petrenko became a partner on the working platform of Eugene Pronin.

Evgeny Pronin in 2018

Now, with the participation of Eugene, the second season of the Moscow Greyhound series was released, in which the actor got the supporting role. The plot of the new series of the film develops in an unusual way - the action takes place in the subconscious of the main character, who at this moment is in a coma. The main characters on the screen were presented by Ekaterina Klimova, Alexander Ratnikov, Sergey Mukhin.

Another two premieres of 2018 were the films “Moscow Secrets” and “Alien”, where Pronin played in the main cast. In the near future, a criminal comedy “Kill the Boss” is scheduled to be shown, where Pronin will appear in a new role for himself.


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