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Vladimir Shevelkov
Birth nameVladimir Alekseevich Shevelkov
Date of BirthMay 8, 1961 (1961-05-08) (58 years old)
Place of BirthLeningrad, USSR
Citizenship USSR Russia
Career1979 - present time
IMDbID 0792937


Vladimir Shevelkov was born on May 8, 1961 in Leningrad. The elder brother is Victor (born December 1957). A mother is from Morshansk, from a large family, her older brother died at the age of 19 in 1941: German aircraft bombed a train standing on the platform, heading to the front, grandmother did not survive his death, the second brother died in childhood, and four grandfather remained daughters: 13, 11, 9 and 2 years old. From the age of 11, her mother worked at logging, earning money for everyone, came to Leningrad and went to the factory - worked as a locksmith, in 1957 she became a cleaner at the Institute of Oriental Studies, where she cleaned from 5 to 8 in the morning and devoted the remaining time to children. At the end of her life, she had problems with her legs and eyesight, and in the end she had memory loss, amputation of her leg. Mother died 10 days after the death of her father, but did not find out about his death.

Father - from the village of Sorochinki, Tula region, the eldest of three children. Father served 5 years in the army as an aircraft technician, got a job as a turner at the Kirov Plant, having passed the labor path from a turner student to the plant’s chief engineer. Being a specialist in the field of tractor engines, his father often went on business trips to the USA, Iraq, and was acquainted with Saddam Hussein. Subsequently, the father suffered 3 strokes.

Fame brought Vladimir the main role in the film by directors Nikolai Lebedev and Ernest Yasan "I ask you to blame Klava K. for my death."

Since 1989, Vladimir Shevelkov was engaged in the advertising business. He worked as the art director of DA&N agency in St. Petersburg. He organized the company Production Center, which has already removed more than 300 advertising works. He was awarded the MIFR awards for Favorite commercials - “Remember the main thing” (1999), the London Advertising Festival for the movie “Samoletik” (1998), “Bochkarev” (1999).

In 1993, Vladimir Shevelkov starred in two Hungarian films directed by Gabor Sinetare.

Since 1997, has been making films and television series.

Member of the Union of Cinematographers of Russia.

From May 2017 to February 2018, he was the host of the St. Petersburg Meetings program on the Russia-Culture channel (St. Petersburg).

A family

  • Wife - Irina Shevelkova (born 1970) (since 1992), former fashion model, philologist.
    • son - Andrei Vladimirovich Shevelkov (born September 29, 1994), student of the Law Faculty of St. Petersburg State University, starred in commercials.
    • daughter - Alexandra Vladimirovna Shevelkova (born September 3, 2003).

The most interesting

In the biography of the actor, there are many very significant roles. However, despite the fact that his career was developing well, already in 1992 he decided to complete his cooperation with the cinema. Then the actor felt that he had nowhere else to develop.

When parting with regular shootings, without delving into each role, the actor became bored. About 12 years, only the personal life of Vladimir Shevelkov developed. But then the audience still again saw the artist on television screens.

Personal life of Vladimir Shevelkova

The personal life of Vladimir Shevelkov began to change in the early 1990s. Then the actor met a certain girl named Irina, with whom until today she lives in a happy marriage. At the time of meeting with the future darling, the actor was in a terrible depression.

In the photo: Vladimir Shevelkov with his wife

It was the wife of Vladimir Shevelkov who helped him regain his strength and morale. The lovers formalized official relations only at a time when the actor was already 31 years old, and the girl was only 23 years old. In all family photos, the married couple looks happy. Fortunately, their love and loyalty do not fade over the years.

Family of Vladimir Shevelkova

Over time, the family began to grow, children appeared. At first, the newly made parents had a son, whom they decided to call Andrey.

In the photo: actor with his son

A few years later a beautiful girl appeared - Sasha. The son of a popular actor has already tried his hand at acting, but so far only in commercials.

Currently, on the Internet, you can find many photos in which the artist is captured with his family.

According to Vladimir Shevelkov himself, the family is his personal wealth, which he is ready to protect from hatred and evil.

In order to avoid unnecessary discussions from the public, the actor tries not to talk with representatives of the press on topics that relate to his children.

As you know, in his youth, the actor spent a lot of time on sports, in particular, football. As soon as a football team of artists was assembled, the actor gladly signed up for it.

In addition, the television star loves skiing and sometimes plays hockey with friends. At the same time, the man is trying to attach his heirs to the sport. According to him, sport is the key to health.

By the way, the actor was able to realize himself as a writer. Back in 1995, he wrote his first novel, Modern.

Life path, career.

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Name and surname:Vladimir Shevelkov
Middle name:Alexeyevich
Name in English:Vladimir Shevelkov
Year of birth:1961
Birthday:May 8th
Place of Birth:Leningrad
Occupation:actor, russian actor
Height:180 cm.
Weight:80 kg
Eastern horoscope:Bull
Social network:FacebookWikipedia

Childhood and family

My father, who moved to Leningrad from the Tula region, worked as a turner at the Kirov Plant, and later grew to the position of engineer. He constantly surprised his loved ones: he graduated in several specialties, and when his youngest son was 11 years old, he went to work in Iraq, was acquainted with Saddam Hussein himself, also lived and worked in the United States.

The future actor was also a promising child. At the age of 5, Volodya went ice skating, playing hockey and football with his brother. In his school No. 204 with a track and field bias, he could pull himself up, run, jump better than many peers and above the standards of the TRP.

The family lived in an ordinary communal apartment on the Champ de Mars, near the Hermitage, the Summer Garden, and the Marble Palace, where films were often shot. What happened during the filming fascinated the young Shevelkova: when suddenly rails were laid on their street overnight, retro-trams and sailors-revolutionaries appeared.

The beauty of his hometown and the magic of cinema influenced the formation of his artistic nature. He loved the lessons of literature, read poetry very well, but then did not think of an acting career, but dreamed of becoming a lawyer. True, because of the high competition for the law faculty of Leningrad State University, the young man went to study at the Electrotechnical Institute, having entered there without much effort (his father, a teacher of LETI, interceded with a friend).


In 1979, Vladimir Shevelkov made his debut in the family drama "Grandmother's Grandson." In the same year, there was a role in the comedy detective "The Adventures of Prince Florizel", as well as a picture that brought the actor popularity throughout the country. She turned out to be a youth drama about first love, “I Blame Claud K. for My Death,” which brought to life the famous proverb. The day after the demonstration of the painting, Shevelkov woke up famous.

Vladimir Shevelkov in the film "Midshipmen, Go!"

But genuine popularity, bordering on mania, fell upon the actor in 1987, when director Svetlana Druzhinina shot the historical and adventure mini-series "Midshipmen, Go!". The trio of friends performed by Dmitry Kharatyan, Sergey Zhigunov and Vladimir Shevelkov literally became national heroes. Stately, tall (the exact growth of the actor is unknown to the press) and charismatic Vladimir Shevelkov instantly entered the lists of the most beautiful men of the Soviet Union.

In the continuation of this film, Shevelkov refused to act, but together with the above-mentioned actors, he appeared together in the romantic adventure film "Hearts of Three", which was shot according to the script of Jack London himself.

About how to break off cooperation with the cinema, Shevelkov thought even during the filming of "Midshipmen", and after 1992 he nevertheless put this idea into practice.

Vladimir Shevelkov in the film "Hearts of Three"

Only 12 years later, the audience could again see their favorite actor. And Vladimir returned in a fairly hyped series “Opera. Chronicles of the slaughter department ”, where he played the reserved and serious senior lieutenant Pavel Ikonnikov. The tape goes in the genre of the classic "Cop" series. The main storyline is the life and working days of the employees of the “slaughter department” of one of the St. Petersburg police department, who again, according to the classics of the genre, unravel the most complex and high-profile cases.

In the first decade of the new century, the actor appears at least once a year in a new film. The melodrama “Love under supervision”, the crime drama “Thirteen Months”, the psychological saga “Vasilievsky Island” and the love drama “Hello to you!” Received recognition. Since then, the actor’s popularity has faded a little, and in the period from 2011 to 2014, Vladimir Shevelkov did not even appear on television.

In 2014, Vladimir Shevelkov played the main role of Nikolai Alekseevich in the Russian-Belarusian melodrama "Do not leave me, Love." The actor played the role of the lover of the main character Lyuba (Yana Shivkova), who suddenly returned from abroad. A woman of 15 years lives alone, loves only Nicholas and brings up his son Stepan (Nikita Stepanov) born of him.

When Nikolai arrives in his native village, a man accidentally meets a teenage boy Stepan. The man sympathizes with the teenager who has grown up without a father, begins to communicate with Stepan, becomes a friend, not suspecting that this is his own son. Now Lyuba has to choose between a new boyfriend and old love returning, and viewers will learn about the joint past of Lyubov and Nikolai, who spread these people in different countries.

Vladimir Shevelkov on the set of the series "Born by a Star"

One cannot but note the directorial work of Vladimir Shevelkov. The actor shot many of the last pictures, where he played himself. As well as the director had a hand in the comedy series “Wait and See”, the melodrama “Born by a Star” and the medical drama “Pregnancy Test”.


At the institute, a sports young man went to his favorites with a physical education teacher, an intelligent and cheerful teacher. As it turned out, he was a friend of the director Ernest Yasan and, learning about the launch of a new film about teenagers and the search for a leading actor, he proposed the candidacy of his capable student. So Vladimir, at the age of 17, got to Lenfilm and, having passed the casting, starred in the film “I Blame Claud K. for My Death,” which was a stunning success. At the university, because of filming before the first session, he took an academic leave.

Vladimir Shevelkov in the movie "Please Blame Claud K. for My Death"

Soon he realized that cinema was his destiny. At the same time, he received an offer to cast for the role of Harry in the film “The Adventures of Prince Florisel”, where an amazing ensemble was assembled, including Oleg Dal, Lyubov Polishchuk, Vladimir Basov, Mikhail Pugovkin.

Vladimir Shevelkov and Mikhail Pugovkin in the film "The Adventures of Prince Florizel"

In early 1980, Vladimir recovered at the institute and passed the winter session. And in the spring at the Children's Cinema Week in Kiev, he met with Roland Bykov and his wife Elena Sanaeva. They were very surprised when they learned that he was studying at LETI, and introduced Kira Paramonova, a teacher at VGIK, who promised to facilitate his admission to the acting course. As a result, Vladimir became a student at the Institute of Cinematography.

Vladimir Shevelkov in the film "Convict"

Shevelkov really liked to learn the secrets of the acting profession, although during his studies the young talent was 8 times a step away from expulsion. Among the reasons why he could “fly out” of the institute were poor performance and immoral behavior (the rector once caught him in the audience with a girlfriend “at the most intimate moment”).

Vladimir Shevelkov in the film "The Road to Myself"

In the 4th year, he was nevertheless expelled from the institute - almost on the eve of the graduation performance! At that moment, Vladimir was filming simultaneously in 4 projects - “The Mistress of the Orphanage” with Natalya Gundareva, “Convict” with Alexander Mikhailov, “European History” with Vyacheslav Tikhonov and Leonid Filatov, “The Road to Yourself” with Marina Yakovleva and Alexander Fatyushin. Tired, he came to classes and accidentally fell asleep. The teacher was furious: he considered his misconduct a manifestation of disrespect, and even more so students of theatrical schools are usually forbidden to act in films. “Like you, there is no place in art!”, The teacher was indignant, to which Shevelkov replied: “In yours for sure.” So one of the youngest movie stars of the Union was left without a diploma.

The path to the heights of the acting skills of Vladimir Shevelkov was not easy and thorny

A year later, he nevertheless received a diploma, having agreed with the members of the State Examination Commission on retake, and since 1984 he became an actor in Lenfilm.

Vladimir Shevelkov now

To date, the last work of the director was the comedy project "What the French are silent about."

As an actor, Shevelkov in 2017 starred in the sports drama film "Reserve Player". This picture is dedicated to hockey. Since the artist is very closely connected with sports, the role of Alexei Tikhonovich was given to him with a bang.

Career development

In 1985, the tape came out of his friend, an unusually talented and charming man, Alexander Grishin, “The train is off the schedule,” later recognized as a classic of Russian cinema, where Volodya played the central character. Later, along with regrets about the death of Sasha at the age of 38 after the second heart operation, the actor noted that he considers this role one of the most important in his career.

Vladimir Shevelkov in the movie "The train is out of schedule"

Two years later, with the release of the adventure film “Midshipmen, Forward!” Svetlana Druzhinina, fantastic popularity came to the young artist. Although his role in this mini-series, where such stage masters as Yevgeny Evstigneev, Dmitry Kharatyan, Sergey Zhigunov, Alexander Abdulov, Vladislav Strzhelchik, starred as a personal failure. He characterized the film with the words “show” and “pop”, compared it with the work of “Tender May” and stated that the song “Do not hang your nose, midshipmen!” Annoyed him.

Vladimir Shevelkov in the film "Midshipmen, Go!"

After filming, Vladimir decided to make a timeout in the acting profession. Initially, he took up literary work - wrote poetry, worked as a bartender in the Desert Hall family restaurant, then found an occupation that gave him tremendous pleasure - the creation of commercials. To this end, he collaborated with television in the Northern capital, opened the TM-100 Studio, later the SDS production, the Argo film studio, and was the art director of DA&N agency. Among his commercials are the famous “Bochkarev is the right beer”, “Megaphone is not a random connection, it is love”, “Stepan Razin is the resident of Russian beer”, etc.

Vladimir Shevelkov and Alena Khmelnitskaya in the film "Hearts of Three"

In 1992, the premiere of an adventure film based on Jack London’s novel “Hearts of Three” took place, where fans could again see their favorite “midshipmen”. The actor played one of the key roles of the millionaire Francis, who went along with the beautiful Leoncy (Alena Khmelnitskaya) and cousin Henry (Sergey Zhigunov) in search of treasures.

After participating in Hearts of Three, Shevelkov rejected all the shooting offers, making only a few exceptions (for the films Vremya X, Russian Beauty, Murder on the Sunshine Menor).Gradually, he became an expert in the field of advertising and in 1994 he wanted to try his hand at the music video, working with Tatyana Bulanova and creating a number of very successful clips for the compositions “Only you”, “My beloved”, “Frozen heart”, etc. However, this view creativity did not seem to Vladimir as interesting as advertising - he demanded, according to him, the presence of primitive cliches and frank scenes in the frame, which he hated.

Return to the cinema

In 2004, the artist returned to the cinema, accepting an invitation to star in the role of senior lieutenant Ikonnikov in the television series Opera. Chronicles of the slaughter department ”, inviting the producers to entrust him to shoot several episodes, which was done in the future.

Vladimir Shevelkov in the series Opera. Chronicles of the slaughter department "

In 2007, he shot the surprisingly bright melodrama "Love is under supervision", playing in it a doctor of a psychiatric clinic, where the heroine Natalia Shamina got after a series of stressful situations (betrayal of her beloved, dismissal from work, misunderstanding of relatives).

Vladimir Shevelkov in the film "Love is under supervision"

Among his works, one should also note as a director the psychological drama “Vasilievsky Island”, released in 2008, with Alisa Freindlikh and Ekaterina Vasilyeva, who received prizes at the festival “Together” and at the XII Film Festival in Berdyansk, and a tape called “Bitch” , awarded in 2009 the award of the Golden Phoenix Film Forum in Smolensk, where Ekaterina Rednikova and Ivan Shvedov embodied the central characters.

In the same period, he again expanded his role - he took part in the project “Ice Age”, replacing Sergei Zhigunov, a mate who had been injured in the “Midshipmen”. The performance was a huge test for him, as he began rehearsing just 4 days before going on the ice.

On the creative account of director Vladimir Shevelkov more than a dozen works

In 2011, the film "Women's Dreams of the Far Countries", shot by Shevelkov, with Ilya Noskov in the title role received the main prize of the DetectiveFEST festival. A year later, the television series “The Village” appeared on the television screens of his authorship, which caused an ambiguous reaction from the audience, but earned a nomination for the Golden Eagle award. It was created on the basis of real tragic events - the brutal murder in the village of Kushchevskaya.

Vladimir Shevelkov in the melodrama "Do not leave me, love"

In 2014, the actor embodied the key character of Nikolai on the screen in the melodrama "Do not leave me, love", in 2016 he acted as a screenwriter, director and one of the producers of the tragicomedy based on the book by Vladimir Kornev "What the French are silent about," where, according to him, sought to show that love can work miracles, and that honesty and decency are higher than prudence.

A year later, he became the main director of the next series of “Secrets of the investigation” with Anna Kovalchuk, and also became the host of the program “Petersburg Meetings” on the channel “Culture”.

Vladimir Shevelkov now

In 2018, a talented master of Russian cinema, each film with the participation of which becomes a wonderful and memorable event, was busy filming the piercing drama about hockey “Reserve player”. The tape tells the story of a young hockey player, who from childhood had excellent individual abilities and perceived his successes as a given. However, faced with fierce competition and envy from pseudo-friends, he realized that natural talent is far from the only condition for obtaining a real chance to rise to the highest level of the podium.

In continuation of the "Midshipmen", whose premiere is scheduled for 2019, Shevelkova was not invited.


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Clip Maker

  • A. Cherry, “You Did Not Come,” 1989 source not specified 3076 days ,
  • T. Bulanova, "Only You", 1994,
  • T. Bulanova, “My Clear Light”, 1996,
  • T. Bulanova, “My beloved”, 1997,
  • T. Bulanova, “Here the sun has set”, 1997,
  • T. Bulanova, “Icy Heart”, 1998,
  • Yu. Mikhalchik, “With Ice”, 2004

Awards and nominations

  • A number of awards for shooting commercials.
  • Festival “Together” - prize for the best acting ensemble (“Vasilievsky Island”),
  • Prize for the best television film at the XII International Film Festival in Berdyansk (Vasilievsky Island),
  • Prize named after Sergey Konyonkov: Golden Phoenix Festival 2010 in Smolensk (Bitch),
  • XIII International Festival DetectiveFEST - The main prize ("Women's dreams of distant countries"),
  • Nomination for the Golden Eagle Award for the best television series ("The Village"),
  • Honored Artist of the Russian Federation (May 3, 2018) - for his great contribution to the development of domestic culture and art, many years of fruitful activity .

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Shevelkov Vladimir Alekseevich

Born May 8, 1961 in Leningrad.

In 1978-1980 he studied at the Leningrad Electrotechnical Institute.

He made his film debut in 1979, when he was in his first year, playing in the film "Grandmother's Grandson." And later, a physical education teacher turned to him and offered to call Lenfilm. At that time, the directors of the film “Blame Claud K. for my death,” Nikolai Lebedev and Ernest Yasan were looking for a boy for the lead role. Doubting, Vladimir still dialed the coveted number and received an invitation to sample. The success of the film exceeded all expectations, and the leading actor Vladimir Shevelkov, as they say, "woke up famous." As expected, fast fame was accompanied by star sickness. In the same year he played in the film "The Adventures of Prince Florizel."

In 1980 he entered the All-Union State Institute of Cinematography, in the workshop of Yevgeny Semenovich Matveev, who eventually drove Shevelkov from his fourth year for unsuitability. At the time of exclusion (1984), Shevelkova had 15 paintings behind her. In six of them - the main roles. With such baggage, it was somehow strange to “fly out” from the Institute of Cinematography for professional insolvency. Nevertheless, he received a diploma. A year passed, the State Examination Commission (GEC) gathered and put Shevelkova to the final “four”. “It was probably the most impudent HES in the entire history of VGIK,” Vladimir recalled.

Since 1984 - the actor of the film studio "Lenfilm".

However, real success fell upon Vladimir Shevelkova after one of the main roles in the historical and adventure film Svetlana Druzhinina "Midshipmen, Go Forward!" (1987). Although the actor did not act in the sequels of this film, he again met with his "midshipman" partner Sergey Zhigunov on the set of "Hearts of Three" and "Hearts of Three-2", directed by director Vladimir Popkov based on the novel of the same name by Jack London. The basis of the first film was the only script written by an American writer for Hollywood.

In his biography there is such a moment - work in a cafe with his older brother. From the catering of Volodin, the curve led him to the Leningrad (then) television. And since 1989 he has been in the advertising business. Friends suggested. He began to work in the commercial and advertising direction. He made the program "Music Phone", then - "Teleeffect", and created his own "office" on television. It was called "Studio TM-100." Shevelkov in it was both the art director and the director.

In 1993, Vladimir Shevelkov starred in two Hungarian films directed by Gabor Sinetare.

He worked as a director on the channel "Business Russia".

Currently - art director of DA&N agency in St. Petersburg. In the 1990s, Shevelkov shot a lot of commercials (the entire series "Take It With You", "Bochkarev - The Right Beer").


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