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Nagiev Kirill Dmitrievich (b. 1989) - Russian film and theater actor, TV presenter. Despite the fact that for many he is, first of all, the son of a famous actor and showman Dmitry Nagiyev, Cyril was able to prove that nature does not rest on the children of talented people. He has been shot a lot and successfully, has a large group of fans.

Birth and family

On August 31, 1989, Cyril was born in Leningrad, which a couple of years later was renamed St. Petersburg. At the time of his birth, his parents were not so famous personalities.

Father, Nagiyev Dmitry Vladimirovich, born in 1967, a native of Leningrad. Now a famous showman, actor, television and radio host. Mom, Alla Schelishcheva, known under the pseudonym Alisa Sher, born in 1966, was also born and raised in Leningrad. She is a writer, radio host, led a radio station, and opened radio training courses.

My father’s grandfather, Vladimir Nikolaevich Nagiyev, did not take part as an actor, although in his youth he entered the stage of the Red Army theater. He could not enter the theater university and worked all his life at the factory of optical mechanics. Grandmother, Nagieva Lyudmila Zakharovna, had a philological education, taught foreign languages ​​at the Military Academy of Communications.

My mother’s grandfather worked as a refinery designer and often went on business trips abroad. My grandmother worked as a medical doctor.


Cyril's school years were not easy. Not only did he grow up as a chubby boy, but his classmates often laughed at him because of the extraordinary screen images of his father, who was just gaining popularity. At the beginning of his career, the characters of Dmitry Nagiyev were often far from courageous, with bright makeup and women's clothing.

That is why for a long time, the acting profession of Cyril was not interested. But watching the work of his father in the theater and on the set, the teenager changed his worldview. He enrolled in a theater circle and in a school choir, his father’s popularity even ceased to annoy him. By the end of school, the world of cinema and theater became very attractive for Cyril, and he decided to continue studying as an actor.

The younger Nagiyev was involved in sports since childhood, although the boy did not like the wrestling section where his father brought him. He dreamed of hockey, but dad said: "You must always be able to stand up for yourself." Nevertheless, wrestling exercises did benefit, Cyril was able to get rid of extra pounds and even won the competition thirteen times.

Despite the fact that the parents divorced, Cyril never felt a lack of paternal attention. Dmitry Nagiev lived in a neighboring house, and his son visited him every evening. They liked to walk together at night in St. Petersburg, and then watch a movie.

Photo: Kirill Nagiev

Acting career of Kirill Nagiyev

At the end of the school, Cyril decided to enter the Moscow Art Theater School. He was enrolled in the course of Roman Kozak. Cyril studied well, but when his mentor became seriously ill, the new teacher was biased and almost brought him to expulsion. In the third year, the young man transferred to SPbGATI, to his native and beloved St. Petersburg.

Already in his student years, Kirill Nagiyev starred in the famous series “Daddy's Daughters” as a guy in love with the heroine of Miroslava Karpovich. Then came several more episodic roles ("STSI, etc.", "Silent Witness", "Merry"). A more serious role (soldier Smirnov) was waiting for him in the film "Russian Cross" - in this way the young actor is justly proud.

In 2014, the young actor appeared in the full-length sci-fi movie "Territory of Jah" with his father, Alexei Panteleev and Sergey Belogolovtsev.

In 2015, he starred in the Marcel video for the song “Prejudice and Pride” - in the story his character heroically rescues a girl who has fallen under the ice.

Children's years of Nagiyev Jr.

Cyril was born on the last day of the summer of 1989 in one of the Leningrad maternity hospitals. Then the whole country did not yet know his father as a famous actor and showman - he was just starting his way to fame, ending with LGITMiK. And the son’s mother, Nagiyev’s wife, now famous writer and radio host Alisa Sher, then was Alla Selishcheva and worked in Lenkotsert.

On August 31, Dmitry and Alla had a son

So, parents made a career, and, therefore, there was no special time to engage in a baby. Grandmother and grandfather took up the upbringing of the child. The very first memories of the guy - about the time when he was sitting on his grandmother's lap. She worked as a sanitary doctor, and grandfather as an archaeologist, so Nagiyev’s little son wanted to become either a surgeon or to unearth ancient cities. Of course, the boy dreamed of going to football or fishing with his dad. But father had to work hard.

The price of popularity was irretrievably lost years, as Dmitry Nagiev himself says: “My son hasn’t received many things ...” It is, of course, about the family.

The little son grew, and with it the popularity of his parents grew. This caused a lot of trouble to the boy: his classmates, having learned that Kirill Nagiyev is the son of Nagiyev, the very one who often dresses in women's dresses in Modern, scoffed at him. No arguments that it was so necessary for the role, did not act on laughing boys. But children's ridicule is only a fraction of what rewarded the growing Cyril with the wrong side of acting. There were also crazy fans, pursuers and even extortionists who completely discouraged the desire to continue the acting dynasty.

Nagiyev-father and son: adolescent trials

Young Kirill Dmitrievich Nagiyev himself very much wanted to become a hockey player, but the star dad thought differently: to be a man, his son had to learn to fight. Nothing could convince the showman, but over time it became clear that his well-fed heir was simply not created for victories in karate. So it didn’t go beyond the blue belt with two brown stripes.

Cyril called his father by name

By the way, many are surprised, but Kirill’s son of Nagiyev all the time called him simply by name. The explanation here is very simple: “At home everyone called dad by name, and yet the children repeat everything they hear. Although I wouldn’t dare call mom Alisa. ”

In the middle classes, Kiryu was waiting for another test - the divorce of parents. The marriage lasted for nearly eighteen years. He was worried, like any other child.

But Dmitry Nagiyev and his wife and son were able to remain friends, trying to resolve the issue peacefully. Father himself moved to a neighboring house, and his son visited him every evening, and Dmitry Nagiyev’s wife still talked to him.

Still: actor and showman?

So, yes - the son of the famous Nagiyev Kirill also decided to follow in his footsteps. The future actor distinguished himself already at the entrance exams at the Moscow Art Theater: in the Chichikovsky monologue from “Dead Souls”, he accidentally broke a swear word. It came in handy - and for the courage the young man immediately went to the third round.

All my life I was bored with papers.

It somehow didn’t "grow together" with Moscow - Cyril finished the third year after transferring to his hometown. And in 2011, he received a diploma from the St. Petersburg State Academy of Theater Arts.

Contrary to popular belief, the surname did not help pave the way for fame. On the contrary, both at the institute and later on the set, the hero had to prove that he was worth something himself.

On the set, I had to prove that Cyril was worth something himself, without his father's name

Kirill Nagiyev began acting in his student years, and today his filmography looks impressive.

Here are just a few of the most famous roles:

  • Dad’s Daughters 2009,
  • “Traffic police”, “Silent witness”, “Fun” 2008-2009 (episodic roles),
  • Russian Cross, 2009 (pride of a young actor),
  • “The brigade. Heir ", 2012,
  • "Anechka", 2012-2013,
  • “Prince of Siberia”, 2014 (negative character),
  • "Territory Jah", 2014 (science fiction film).

The young actor managed to show himself on the stage. He got into the play “Kysa” in 2011, having no theatrical experience behind him: “My father just came and said that from tomorrow I will be playing the cop in“ Kysa ”.

Kirill Nagiyev got the role of a ment in the play “Kysa”

Of course, it was shaking not childishly - the performance was a symbol of modern theatrical art of the northern capital. However, Cyril grew up in a family of actors and for many years watched what was happening on stage from behind the curtains, and therefore could recite any remark by heart. Everything went off with a bang - the audience applauded a new talent.

And Igor Lifanov once said to Cyril: “You are not a real actor. Because all the actors are shit. You are not". Nagiyev Jr. himself is not very worried: “If for this reason I do not become an actor, it’s not scary.” The young man does not accept snobbery and immediately calculates those people who want to approach his father through him.

Cyril does not refuse from television projects - in 2016, together with Elena Flying, he hosted the famous "Audit Show". And recently, he made a broadcast about travels - a pilot project of the program “Holiday Every Day” was filmed in India.

How are you, Cyril?

He does not recognize gambling at all: he does not even want to learn this. The best game for him is hockey, Cyril realized his childhood dream and plays almost daily. In the summer he is still fond of football and cycling, and, being at the wheel of a bike, he is able to rewind forty kilometers. It was like this in New York: he got up at eight in the morning, got on his bike and just rode along the Manhattan promenade. It turned out fifty kilometers, no less.

The young man was able to prove by personal example that not all offspring of stellar families lead an idle lifestyle.

At one time, Cyril was even a vegetarian, but there were health problems, so I had to slightly change my principles. One of the best friends is the Staffordshire Terrier Django (the guy calls himself an avid dog lover).

For dessert - personal life. Alas, the fans will sigh with sorrow: for several years now he has been living with his beloved Julia Melnikova.

Cyril together with his chosen one Julia Melnikova

Previously, the girl was a go-go dancer, and now works as a graphic designer. By the way, the famous dad approved the choice of his son. The father, whom Cyril has been following all his life, can rightly be proud that an interesting and talented person grew up from Cyril.

Nagiyev Jr. is noted by both picky critics and ordinary spectators. And he seems to be promising himself: “There will be more!” However, we will soon find out about this, is it true Cyril?

The couple have been together for five years, and they have a lot in common, for example, love for dogs (two staffords live with them in the apartment). Julia is sympathetic to the tour, and, according to her friends, she is very similar to Alice Cher.

Life path, creative path, family.

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Name and surname:Kirill Nagiev
Middle name:Dmitrievich
Name in English:Kirill Nagiyev
Year of birth:1989
Birthday:August 31
Place of Birth:Leningrad
Occupation:actor, russian actor
Height:186 cm.
Weight:80 kg
Eastern horoscope:Snake
Social network:Vkontakteinstagram


The cinematic biography of Kirill Nagiyev began early. While still a schoolboy, he starred in an episode of the series “Caution Zadov!” In which the father played the main role. In the 2000s, Kirill Nagiyev continued to appear mainly in TV shows.

If not loud fame, then recognition came to Kirill Nagiyev in 2012, after the release of the criminal tape “Brigade: Heir”. The actor played Philip, a close friend of Ivan Belov, the son of the legendary Sasha Bely.

Further in the filmography of Nagiyev Jr., projects followed that can no longer be called passing or inconspicuous. He appeared in the films "Trap", "Anechka" and "Territory Jah." In 2015, the movie “Prince of Siberia” was released. This comedy tape was broadcast on the STS channel. The plot unfolds in the beloved city of Cyril Petersburg and in the outback.

According to Nagiyev Jr., with Vlad, whom he played, he has nothing in common. This is a gigolo, dishonest and preoccupied exclusively with money. But playing the negative character is always interesting. Yes, and the audience remembers these better. In the same year 2015, another film was released, in which the son of Dmitry Nagiyev is involved. This is a criminal drama mini-series "Spaniard".

In the drama "The Hammer", Cyril, along with Sergei Chirkov and Ivan Vasiliev, starred as friends of the protagonist, a fighter of mixed martial arts, for whom every battle could be the last.

Personal life

Cyril always has before his eyes the example of a father living to the fullest, "with such energy and dedication that you can connect the wires and illuminate a couple of villages." The son tries to keep up:

“Now I’m shooting a lot, and I started to run in the mornings, I go to the mountains, play soccer and rehearse with a music group - I play bass and sing. And I have three consecutive months without days off at all! ”

The list of interests of the actor also includes hockey, freeride (a kind of snowboard), skiing. Nagiyev Jr. would be happy to play in the theater, but considers the amount paid there to be humiliating, because in the intervals between filming in the cinema he earns a living by DJing. The press wrote that the young man is developing his own business in Karelia called glamping. This is a new format of tourist vacations for those who are accustomed to urban comfort.

Cyril is taller than Dmitry by a head (186 cm versus 173 cm), but retained an external resemblance, also decorated the body with tattoos and does not like social events and other manifestations of publicity. Therefore, the personal life of a young man whose career is developing rapidly is of interest to journalists.

It was rumored that he had fun in the company of Alena Doletskaya. The man who starred on a yacht in the company of the former chief editor of Vogue Russia and Interview Russia, calculated just the tattoo on his back and shoulder.

From social networks it is known that Cyril is not married, but not free. His girlfriend Julia Melnikova, a former go-go dancer, was also born in St. Petersburg. She is a certified graphic designer and works in her specialty.

Does Kirill Nagiyev have a wife?

As a promising young actor, they started talking about him after the release of the film “The Brigade. Heir". He immediately attracted the attention of not only film critics, but also numerous fans.

Nagiyev, Jr. carefully conceals his personal life from strangers, however, it is known that his heart is not free for a long time. The civil wife of Cyril Nagiyev, Julia Melnikova, has been with him for more than five years, and all this time they tried not to advertise their relationship. Young people met in a common company, and at first Julia attracted Cyril with her external data.

In the photo - Kirill Nagiev and Julia Melnikova

Over time, Nagiyev Jr. recognized the girl as a talented, purposeful person, and this made their relationship even more serious. Julia Melnikova graduated with a degree in graphic design, and currently works in her specialty. During her studies, she moonlighted in clubs, dancing go-go.

In the photo - Kirill Nagiyev's girl

The relations of the young couple are warm and harmonious - Julia and Cyril are both creative personalities, they have many common hobbies, for example, skateboards and dogs. They communicate well with each other's parents, who approve of the mutual choice of their children.

Julia is sympathetic to the profession of Cyril, who has to disappear for a long time at work - in addition to touring and conducting various events, he devotes a lot of time to developing his own holiday agency.

Mother of Kirill Nagiyev

The family life of Dmitry Nagiyev, the result of which was the birth of his only son Cyril, lasted eighteen years. Kirill Nagiyev’s mother Alla Shchepishcheva, known as Alice Sher, is no less creative and talented than his father.

In the photo - Kirill Nagiyev with his mother Alisa Sher

At one time, she graduated from the theater department of LGITMiK and today is known mainly as a radio host. Alisa Sher was the CEO of Peter FM, the creative director of five radio stations, and stood at the origins of St. Petersburg Radio Maximum.

Mom Nirilla Nagieva is a laureate of a scientific award in the field of radio in the nomination "The Best Female Voice of Russia". She is still involved in the development of radio, and conducts radio training courses in her own school. Alice Sher also teaches at the University of Humanities at the Department of Journalism.

She herself continues to study - Alice receives a second higher education - a psychologist. She devotes a lot of time to the development of children's radio - in the summer recreation camp, Alisa Sher organized a journalistic squad, creates a radio and a newspaper with her children.

In the photo - Cyril's parents in his youth

At the beginning of her family life with Dmitry, Alla had difficult times - she constantly did not have enough money, and when she became pregnant, Dmitry was going to leave the family, but, fortunately, he changed his mind in time.

In the photo - Kirill and Dmitry Nagiyev

When Cyril was very young, he spent most of his time with his grandparents, since his parents, who were always lost at work, had practically no free time.

Nagiyev Jr.’s biggest dream in childhood was to go out with his father for football or fishing, and although he now understands that Dmitry’s efforts were not in vain and he was able to achieve a lot in life, nevertheless, having lost contact with his son, he missed many important moments in life.

Cyril was very worried when his parents divorced, although they tried to keep everything quiet and peaceful. After the divorce, he remained with his mother, but did not often stop talking with his father, who moved to a neighboring house.

When Cyril decided to go to the theater after school, he went to Moscow, where his father lived, and his mother remained in St. Petersburg.

Today Alice Sher, having achieved a lot in the professional sphere, regrets a little that she did not dare to give birth to more children, because she considers motherhood to be the main purpose of the woman.

Kirill Nagiev now

Kirill Nagiyev’s career is just beginning, but there’s no end to interesting projects. In 2016, he hosted the TV program “Revision Audit” along with Elena Letucha, the former host of “Examination Audit”.

"Revision show" with Kirill Nagiyev goes on the channel "Friday"

Also, the young man began to implement his own ideas - he had long dreamed of making a travel program, for which he went to India, where he shot a pilot on a television program called “Everyday Holiday.”

Kirill Nagiyev on the set of the program “Holiday Every Day”


Cyril was preparing to enter the capital's theater universities and a half years and very carefully: he learned two dances and five songs, six fables, about forty sheets of prose and thirty verses. Even lost twenty pounds. He had something to show the admissions committee, but in one of the educational institutions they immediately said: “Son of Nagiyev? We won’t even listen. ” The fact that they did not want to listen to him did not upset Cyril. In terms of opinions about the work of his father, he was already seasoned. At the same time, neither senior Nagiyev took any part either in the selection of the repertoire or in the preparation of his son for admission.

And yet, Cyril became a student at the Moscow Art Theater School on the course of Roman Kozak. He studied well, without triples. But soon Roman Efimovich fell ill, and the head of the potential course in the student Nagiyev who came to his place was not considered. When the guy passed the last exam in his second year, he was summoned to the dean’s office and offered to leave the school. It was as if he had been hit on the head with a bag, he could not even ask: “Why?”, Went out into the corridor and lost consciousness. Then he spent the whole evening thinking about the fact that life was over.

But the next day, at the institute, he was offered to transfer to the State Academy of Theater Arts in St. Petersburg without losing a year. Cyril agreed and drove home, wondering why, at all, did he slip into this Moscow?

The creative biography of Kirill Nagiyev began early. His father took him to the shooting, the boy not only watched the process, but also worked as a “bring-give”. He was still in school when he played a cameo role as a nurse in the comic series "Caution Zadov!", Where the main character was Dmitry Nagiyev. While studying at the Moscow Art Theater School-Studio, he starred in episodes in the series “STSI, etc.”, “Silent Witness-3”, “Veselchaki”.

A more prominent character was Slavik, a boyfriend of Masha Vasnetsova, in the comedy “Daddy's Daughters”. In his third year at SPbGATI, Cyril played a cameo role as driver Captain Yakovlev in the TV series Russian Cross.

In 2010, Cyril starred in an episode in the drama series Robinson. Such a number of supporting roles of the young actor did not frighten him at all; he acquired the necessary skill and “filled his hand”. In the same year, the younger Nagiyev was invited already for a significant role in the series "Capital of Sin." He played Dan - a friend of the main character Svetka. Then there were small works in the TV series “Interns”, “Run”, “Kamenskaya-6”.

In 2011, the Domashny television channel released the romantic comedy The Queen's New Dress, where Kirill played the main role of the fashionable party-goer tennis player Stas Zaborsky. In the same year, he starred in the series "Comrades of the Police" in the role of apartment cheater Sergey Chekalin, nicknamed "Check".

The real popularity overtook the actor after the premiere of the film "Brigade: Heir." He got the role of Phil, a friend of the main character Ivan Belov (the son of Sasha Bely from the famous Russian crime saga "The Brigade"). The filming process partially took place in the USA, so Cyril managed to not only do a good job, but also to have fun, get a lot of interesting impressions from the new country.

The following roles in the biography of the younger Nagiyev were no longer passing or secondary. In his track record of more than a dozen paintings and series:

  • “Case of Investigator Nikitin”,
  • Anechka
  • "Department",
  • The Cure Against Fear
  • Wild 4,
  • "Hispanic",
  • "Command",
  • "Prince of Siberia",
  • "Forgive me, mother,"
  • "Hammer".

According to Cyril, with most of his heroes, dishonest and preoccupied with money, he has nothing in common. But he is interested in negative roles, and the audience remembers them better.

In 2015, the younger Nagiyev starred in a video for the song of the Marseille group, where in the story his hero rescues a girl who fell through the ice. In 2016, he took part in the dubbing of the animated film “Sinbad. Pirates of the Seven Storms. ” He was co-host of Elena Flying in the television show "Revizorro".


Cyril often went backstage from the early childhood. Father took it with him when there was nobody to leave with.

Of course, Dmitry Nagiev helped his son to take some first steps, he was a patronage of the series, giving the opportunity to flash on the screen. But Cyril considers the invitation to play on equal terms with his father in the play as the most significant story. Senior Nagiyev then appeared on the stage of the Music Hall State Cultural Institution in St. Petersburg in the sensational comedy production of Kysya.

Cyril only received a diploma, had no special stage experience when his father called him and said: “Tomorrow you will play in“ Kysa ”. Input in one day. " And this production, which occupies a special place in St. Petersburg, is considered one of the theatrical symbols of the city. But the elder Nagiyev here correctly guessed everything. After all, Cyril first watched “Kysu” at the age of eleven and since then has seen it so many times that he knew all the dialogues and monologues of the heroes by heart. When he first came to the play with his mother, it was his future character that made the heaviest impression on the child. He killed everyone at the end, and the boy then even burst into tears behind the curtains, the emotional shock from what he saw was so strong.

Cyril was very worried, but in vain. The audience accepted his game well, presented many flowers, congratulating on the debut. It was that rare occasion when Nagiyev Sr. said that he was proud of his son.

Hobbies, hobbies, character

Now Cyril lives in St. Petersburg, or rather, in the town of Sestroretsk, where his mother was born. She dreams of buying a house in Karelia in order to return there from the shootings and in the early morning when there is fog over the lake, to sail in a boat together with her beloved dog - and no one else, and five hundred kilometers to the nearest city.

But while Cyril lives at the same frantic pace as his father. He takes off a lot, started running in the mornings, goes to the mountains, takes up football and hockey, plays and sings in a music group. It happens that for three consecutive months he does not have a single day off.

According to the younger Nagiyev, the first line in his life hit parade is occupied by dogs. Stafford Django lives with him now. These animals surrounded Cyril from childhood, dogs always lived in the house, they were adored by both mother and father. In this regard, a difficult period for him was studying in Moscow, when in two years he had to change a dozen rented apartments, and it was impossible to make a four-legged friend.

As for the character, Kirill Nagiyev is a very calm person. He does not like to go to parties, make the necessary acquaintances, seek out, twist intrigues, and even more so, go over their heads.


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