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20 amazing streets from all over the world


The length of Baldwin Street is only 350 meters, and its slope is as much as 38 degrees. Such a steep street appeared due to the fact that the architect developing her project was in London and simply did not bother to take an interest in the terrain of the city of Dunedin, especially its northeastern part.

Workers who came to implement this project experienced a real shock when they saw the steep slope of the street. They set to work, having decided to cover the steepest section of the road with concrete instead of asphalt. Workers reasonably suggested that ordinary asphalt would simply flow down from there.

Baldwin Street is known for hosting the Baldwin Street Gutbuster event every year - a regular race whose participants must overcome the most difficult stretch of road, first from the bottom up, and then back. You can take part in such a festival in February, it has been held since 1988. The record in the race was set in 1998, when one of the participants managed to conquer the slope in just 1 minute 56 seconds.

An original candy lottery is also held on Baldwin Street - about 30 thousand chocolates are rolling down the street, each of which has its own number. Before the finish, the candies fall into a special funnel, and the first five that fall out of it are considered winners. All the money raised from the lottery goes to charity.

The most winding street

Lombard Street is extremely beautiful, it is surrounded by flowers and greenery, romantic movie scenes, commercials are often shot here, and various events are held.

A street appeared in the twenties of the last century, when this area of ​​San Francisco was inhabited by emigrants from Russia - hence the name of the hill. The inhabitants of the “Russian roller coaster” are perfectly described by Ilf and Petrov in one of the most famous works of writers “One-Storied America”.

Fondamenta San Mauro, Burano Island, Venice, Italy

According to legend, houses on Burano began to be painted in bright colors so that fishermen could see them from afar even in heavy fog and drop anchor in time. Local residents still have to agree on the colors of the houses on Fondamenta San Mauro Street and those adjacent to the city government: you must first figure out if your facade will fit into the street palette. Come to Burano and see for yourself: it has no equal in color!

Rocamadour, Occitania region, France

The tiny rocky medieval town of Rocamadour above the Alzou river valley in southwestern France is a cult place for Christian pilgrims. People come here to worship the Black Madonna in the local Notre Dame, to see the basilica of Saint-Sauveur, the crypt of St. Amadour and the palace of the bishops of Tulle.

The Way of the Cross begins at the castle and stretches to the crusader cross. But even if you are far from religion, Rocamadour will set in a sublime way. But how else, if slowly walking through the local picturesque streets, you suddenly notice that Durendal is sticking out of the rock - the sword of the protagonist of the French epic Roland?

Molyvos Village (Mithymna), Lesbos Island, Greece

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Drowning in flowers in the heart of the fishing village of Molivos, many times called the most beautiful in the world. It’s impossible not to succumb to the charm of these toy houses and magic lanterns in the purple haze of wisteria - it’s better to immediately sit down at the table of the most comfortable cafe and raise a toast for the fact that life is beautiful!

The Magic Circle, Swindon, Wiltshire, England

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It is worth dropping into the English town of Swindon in Wiltshire, at least in order to wind several circles around the craziest intersection in the world. The local “Magic Circle” company inspired Red Bull to shoot a spectacular commercial in which Magic Roundabout is visible in all its glory - from above.

Blue streets, Chawen (Chefchaouen), Morocco

The streets of Moroccan Chaven are flooded with heavenly blue. It seems that the only things that are neither blue nor blue are cats and flower pots. All together turns the town into a huge color therapy salon: know yourself admire the bright colors, and the surface of the cats tired of the sun - what else is needed for happiness?

Royal Mile, Edinburgh, Scotland

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A series of Royal Mile streets in Edinburgh is the most beautiful way to walk the Scottish mile. The Royal Mile 1.8 km long originates at Edinburgh Castle and descends to Holyrood Palace, where the Queen of Great Britain stops when she arrives in Scotland. The mile is strewn with souvenir shops, shops with whiskey, interesting museums and fabulous cafes, which are especially comfortable to hide from the eternal Scottish drizzle.

By the way the shortest street in the world is also located in Scotland. This is Ebenezer Place in the town of Wick in the Highland region in the north of the country. The length of the street Ebenezer Place is 2.06 meters.

Caminito, La Boca, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Caminito Street in the La Boca district of the capital of Argentina owes its bright facades to 19th-century Italian immigrants. Glory to the colors, the tradition has survived to the present day, and today La Boca is perhaps the most cheerful corner of Buenos Aires. At least few people manage to walk past multi-colored houses without a smile.

Jauniela Street, Riga, Latvia

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Jauniela Street in Old Riga is perhaps the most atmospheric place in the Old Town. No wonder that it was she who played the role of Bern Flower Street in Seventeen Moments of Spring and Baker Street in The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson. Do not rush past the beautiful restaurant "1221": you want to make an inspired movie about local dishes according to medieval recipes.

Dark Hedges, Northern Ireland, UK

Dark Hedges is the most impressive beech alley in the world. Trees along the boardwalk near Gracehill House were planted four centuries ago. During this time, the beeches were so waving and entangled so beautifully by branches that this place becomes the most photographed year in all of Northern Ireland, and the film crew of Game of Thrones filmed here the main artery of Westeros - the Royal Route.

Annecy Canal Embankment, France

The postcard town of Annecy in eastern France knows how to show itself from a better angle: the local promenade is buried in flowers, snow-white swans glide along openwork bridges, and picturesque Alps peek out from behind ancient roofs.

The most convenient way to get to Annecy is by car from Switzerland: Geneva Airport is a 40-minute drive away. Bonus to fabulous scenery - marked routes to mountain lakes that start right from Annecy.

Staircase of Celaron, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

In the 1980s, the Chilean artist Jorge Celaron settled in one of the unsightly areas of Rio de Janeiro - in a house on the stairs in Lapa on Manuel Carneiro Street. Having made up his mind to make a work of art out of the place where he lives, Jorge set about creating vivid drawings in a primitive style. Most often, he portrayed pregnant women or himself, also on demolitions. He sold these paintings for 10-20 reais, and for the proceeds he bought tiles, painted tiles and laid them out a staircase at home - step by step.

The work glorified Selaron: they wrote about him in magazines and made reports, and tourists brought him tiles from different parts of the world. But fame did not change the artist: every day for 23 years he got up at dawn and continued to work. He wanted to get more done before it got dark, and said that the work would end only on the day of his death. And so it happened: on January 10, 2013, Jorge Selaron was found dead on the steps of the stairs, which was named in his honor. When you move from the Lapa region to the Santa Teresa district along the Celaron Staircase, knowing how much work has been put into it, the unusual tile impresses you even more.

Blue street, Morocco

The city of Chefchaun is famous not only for its unique landscape and architectural monuments, but also for its blue street. Its feature is that all the houses on the street are painted in a bright azure color, which makes a strong impression on tourists.

It all started with European refugees who settled here in the 30s. They repainted their houses in blue, which for them was considered a symbol of unity with God. The indigenous people liked this idea, and they decided not to change the tradition, despite the fact that this color repels mosquitoes well.

Lombard Street, United States

Lombard Street is a famous street in the California city of San Francisco. The street got its fame thanks to a small section of the road, which is a serpentine. There are 8 sharp turns, so Lombard Street is called the most curved street in the world.

The story of the appearance of the street began in 1922, when real estate owner Carl Henry proposed his project for the improvement of steep descent.

The winding section of the street is paved with red brick, its length is 180 m, and you can move along it only in one direction. At the top of the slope, the city cable car tram stops.

Young Street Canada

In the city of Toronto there is a street that is listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the longest. The 1896-km-long street originates from the very center of the city, stretches from the embankment of Lake Ontario, reaches the other Canadian town of Cochrane and ends only on the border with the United States.

Young Street has an interesting history. At first it was a trail that the Indians laid, then the first settlers began to master it. At one time, merchants traveled along it and passed the French and English troops. In 1973, the governor of Upper Canada decided to expand the street so that it could be moved on carriages, and the street got its name in honor of Sir George Young, when large vehicles began to move around it.

Today, Young Street is a modern street with majestic skyscrapers, wide sidewalks, boutiques, shops and restaurants.

Baldwin Street, New Zealand

Dunedin has the coolest street in the world. Its length is only 360 m, but even for such a short distance it rises up by almost 80 m. In the lower part, the rise is still not so steep, which allows cars to gain speed. The steepest angle of inclination is 38 degrees, and at such steepness the street rises up to 48 m.

The story of the appearance of the street is quite simple and began in 1848, when the city was built according to the approved plan in the UK without any reference to the local landscape. The British could not even imagine how steep the hills would be in New Zealand, but that was how an interesting street appeared.

The road here is covered only with concrete, since under the hot New Zealand sun the asphalt simply melts and flows down.

Road to Giza, Egypt

In Egypt there is the oldest street that could only survive on Earth - the road to Giza. This cobbled street is more than 4.6 thousand years old, and once stone blocks were transported along it for the construction of the pyramid.

The length of the road is 12 km, and its width is only 2 m, it connects the quarries with south-west of Cairo, resting directly on the embankment of the Nile River.

The most interesting streets in the world

1. “Avenida Nueve de Julio” - the widest street in the world (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

Many capitals of the world have wide avenues, but they cannot compete with Buenos Aires - the city is divided by a huge street up to 140 meters wide.

Avenida Nueve de Julio is considered the widest street in the world. Got the prospectus its name in honor of the Independence Day of Argentina on July 9, 1816.

On the main street of the Argentine capital, motorists expanse: at their service 16 lanes - eight in each direction! This whopper stretches across the city, linking two airports, includes Republic Square with an obelisk dedicated to the founding of Buenos Aires, passes by the Don Quixote monument and the famous Colon Opera House. In general, there is something to see for pedestrians. True, walking along the avenue on July 9 is not very convenient: to cross the street, people spend several minutes waiting for a green signal at two or three traffic lights. But on holidays, when the avenue receives costume parades, all participants in the processions have room to take a walk, there is enough space for everyone.

The avenue starts about one kilometer west of the Rio de la Plata bay promenade, from the Retiro area, and runs to Constitucion Station in the southern part of the city.

The first street construction project appeared back in 1888, when it was called Ayouma. However, the construction of the new road was opposed for a long time by local residents and homeowners who were supposed to suffer as a result of the laying of the street, so the construction did not begin until 1935. The first section of the street was commissioned on July 9, 1937, while the street was finally completed in the 1960s. The construction of the southern interchanges was completed only in 1980. Thus, almost 100 years have passed from the creation of the project to the completion of construction.

2. “Monumental Val” - the widest boulevard in the world (Brasilia, Brazil)

The width of the Monumental Val in the capital of Brazil is as much as 250 meters, which is much more than the Argentine record holder. However, it consists of two 6-lane roads separated by a wide lawn and a pedestrian zone. And, according to the generally accepted classification, a wide street with benches, lawns and alleys intended for walking and short breaks, where the carriageway is much less wide than the lawn and pedestrian zone, is not a street, but a boulevard. And to get the proud title of "the widest street in the world" can not ...

3. Ulitsa Shmidta - the street with the greatest distance between the even and odd sides (Russia, Ukraine)

But there are streets in the world and much wider. The widest street in the world, listed in the Guinness Book of Records, is considered a street called Schmidt Street. The street is simultaneously located in two countries: in Russia (the city of Yeysk) and in Ukraine (the city of Mariupol). There are odd street houses in Yeisk, and even houses in Mariupol. The width of the street is at least 68 kilometers (the distance is directly through the Taganrog Bay of the Sea of ​​Azov).

In the photo - the even, Ukrainian, side of the street (Mariupol).

4. Sproyerhofstrasse - the narrowest street in the world (Reutlingen, Germany)

The narrowest street in the world with an unpronounceable name has a width of 31 to 50 centimeters. It was built in 1727. Today, the Guinness Book of Records calls it the narrowest street. The street is so hard to find that not all locals can find it in their hometown. The street is listed in the Guinness Book of Records, but its appearance on the city map is very prosaic. History has it that this is just the mistake of one of the architects. Not every German burgher is given to overcome it.

Generally speaking, this is not a street, but a simple side street - only six meters long! If judged by the width, then the definition of "gap" is more suitable for him. On such a "prospectus" people suffering from claustrophobia, it is better not to go. In some places, walls and roofs almost close above the heads of passers-by, covering the sky. This street appeared as a result of reconstruction and redevelopment of the quarter.

Locals are trying to ennoble their "thin" flowers in pots, but they do not feel much reverence for it. And how can one respect the street whose name comes from the words "garbage yard"?

5. Vinarna Chertovka - the narrowest specially constructed street (Prague, Czech Republic)

And the narrowest among the "natural" ones, that is, planned in advance, but not resulting from perestroika and reconstruction, is considered to be a street built in the 14th century in the Czech capital of Prague under the name Vinarna Chertovka. Its width is only 70 cm. Thus, it takes second place in the list of the narrowest streets in the world.

But she is not even famous for this. This is the first street on which traffic lights for pedestrians are installed. Separating in such a space together is very problematic, so you can only move along the street in a green light.

6. Parliament Street - the narrowest of the longest streets (Esceter, England)

In third place in the list of the narrowest streets in the world is street located in the English city of Exeter with the name Parliament. She appeared in the fourteenth century. Generally speaking, it should take first place, because it is she who has the right to be called a full-fledged street, and not a lane, like previous record holders. With a length of fifty meters in its narrowest place, the width barely reaches sixty-four centimeters. So it was - for the first time the narrowest street of the Guinness Book of Records recognized Parliament Street. Initially, it was called Malaya ulitsa, but after that, at the direction of the parliament, they began to call it Parliamentary. But the authorities of the German city of Reutlingen demanded to reconsider the decision - it is necessary to attract tourists ...

In European countries, streets are often found in general, the width of which allows you to literally step over to the neighbor’s balcony. In Spain, in Seville, there is the Street of Kisses. Its width is no more than 2 meters. Lovers from the houses opposite can kiss here without leaving their own balcony. That is why the street is called so.

The Drunken Knight Street in Tallinn (Estonia) is 3.5 meters wide. A funny legend is connected with this street - they say that once a very long time a titled knight went through a lot of alcohol. But thanks to the small width of the street, he was able to move almost without problems, holding his hands behind the walls of houses.

There are other narrow streets that, for various reasons, were not included in the list of attractions. For example, in the Arab world there are places where a donkey can hardly walk along a street.

7. Sheikh Tazhudin Street - the narrowest street in Russia (Khasavyurt)

We have our own record street in Russia too. Khasavyurt is the narrowest street in the country. In the area adjacent to Toturbiev Street, Sheikh Tazhudin Street has a width of just over 1 meter.

8. Lombard Street - the most winding street (San Francisco, California, USA)

San Francisco has the most winding street in the world - Lombard Street, paved with red brick.

On this 27-degree slope, eight turns are almost at right angles! Even the old quarters of medieval cities didn’t dream of such a thing, and even for an automobile street this is completely too much. At 400 meters of the street - one-way traffic, 8 sharp turns and a speed limit of up to 8 km / h.

The explanation is simple and pragmatic - in 1922 the designers of Lombard Street considered that a straight road on a rather steep slope would be dangerous for cars and inconvenient for pedestrians, so it was smoothed out by building a mountain serpentine right in the center of the city. At the beginning of the 21st century, Lombard Street was going to be closed for cars, but limited itself to the introduction of one-way traffic and a ban on parking .. A task force is working at the city hall, which is tasked with solving the transport problems of Lombard Street that have become the talk of the town.

In the same place, in San Francisco, there is a competitor to Lombard Street called Vermont Street. But it has only seven turns, but a steeper slope.

9. Baldwin Street - the coolest street in the world (Dunedin, New Zealand)

The coolest street in the world, Baldwin Street, is located in the city of Dunedin in New Zealand, has an angle of inclination of 35 degrees, for every three meters horizontally it deviates by a meter vertically.

It is impossible to put asphalt on such a road, it simply drains off in hot weather, therefore it is concreted and special notches for cars are made on concrete along its entire length.

For such an attraction, local residents should thank the British designers and officials who, at the end of the 19th century, approved the urban development project directly from London. In New Zealand, they were never and did not take into account the hilly terrain here. The result of the misunderstanding today pleases roller skaters and stuntmen of all stripes, who often organize competitions on Baldwin Street.

In the American city of Pittsburgh, there is a street with a similar slope, this is Canton Avenue. Its steepness is even a little more - 37 degrees, but the length of the steep part is only 6.5 meters. Here - over 300 meters! That is, Baldwin Street is a real street in the full sense of the word.

10. Ebenezer Place - the shortest street in the world (Wick, Scotland)

Ebenezer Place is a street in the town of Wick, located in the Caithness area in the north of Highland in Scotland. This Scottish town has fewer than eight thousand inhabitants and only one attraction - this same street, which is officially recognized as the shortest in the world.

Its length is 2.06 m. A baby named Ebenezer Place has existed for a long time - since 1883 - and owes its birth to the McCase Hotel. Its facade just formed a new street, becoming the only building on it. A few years after the opening, a sign appeared on the hotel with the address and house number - 1. However, for more than a century they did not want to reckon with a tiny street, they were not even indicated on the city plans because it was not visible on the map scale. The end of humiliation came in 2006, when Ebenezer Place got into the Guinness Book of Records. Only after this pleasant event was it applied to the city plans.

In plan, the building has the shape of an elongated trapezoid, and its facade is just the smallest side. Here is the entrance to Bistro No. 1, which is part of the hotel.

Earlier, the shortest street was Elgin Place in the town of Bakecap in Lancashire (England). Its length is 5.2 m, that is, two and a half times more.

11. Young Street - the longest street in the world (Toronto, Canada)

This street connecting Lake Ontario's waterfront in downtown Toronto (Canada) with Cochrane is about 1896 km long.

At one time, it was recognized by the Guinness Book of Records as the longest street in the world.

The street begins in the very center of Toronto, from the embankment of Lake Ontario, and, cutting the city in two, goes north, past Lake Simko to the town of Cochrane. This is practically the northernmost point where Ontario's roads reach. From there, Young gradually turns west and ends on the border with the state of Minnesota.

It is believed that originally parts of Young Street were an Indian trail. She was also used by many European discoverers and troops. Then the owners of the land adjacent to the street were obliged to clear the area and make it passable. From 1816, carts began to move regularly on it, and by the mid-19th century, Young Street had become Toronto's main street.

A bronze map on the sidewalk of Young Street informs passersby that they stomp along the longest street in the world. But later the information was corrected. The fact is that Young Street was once considered part of Ontario's 11th freeway. If you measure them together, you get the record length of 1896 kilometers, but the street itself is shorter, so it was deleted from the Guinness Book. However, this does not prevent Young Street from remaining a tourist attraction, and many people consider it to be its longest street in the world.

12. Rivadavia Avenue - the longest street within the same city (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

Young Street, which goes beyond one city, is hardly a street. Therefore, the longest street within the same city is Rivadavia Avenue, which stretches along Buenos Aires for 14.6 km.

The avenue has one more record, own and undeniable, being the street with the largest number of numbered houses in the world. The number of houses is 11800.

13. Kommunisticheskaya Street - the longest rural street in the world (Bichura, Buryatia, Russia)

The longest rural street, not only in Russia, but throughout the world, is Communist Street in the village of Bichura in the Republic of Buryatia. In general, most Russian villages and villages are built around one long central street. In this case, its length is 13 km.

14. Lazo Street - the longest city street in Russia (Vladivostok)

And this is the longest street in Russia within urban areas. It is located in Vladivostok and bears the name of the legendary civil war hero Sergei Lazo. Its length is 12 km. Please note - it is quite a bit inferior to the famous Rivadavia Avenue in Buenos Aires.

15. “Magic Carousel” - the most difficult roundabout in the world (Swindon, UK)

The most difficult crossroads in the world was built in the English city of Swindon in 1972. In addition to the main roundabout, it includes 5 more additional ones. It’s impossible to navigate this roundabout with no habit.

Local drivers understand that a system of five mini-carousels around the central part is completely incomprehensible to a beginner, but where to go? This construction of the road makes the traffic heavy and uncomfortable, so the ring often becomes the object of cartoons and ridicule of the press.

16. “Sultan's Ring” - the largest circular movement in the world (Putrajaya, Malaysia)

This amazing circumference has a length of 3.4 kilometers. This is the size of the largest carousel in the world. An amazing roundabout organized in Putrajaya, in Malaysia.

In total, this ring has 15 points of entry, three of which are on its inner side, which, of course, makes the trip a very, very exciting experience.

17. Architect Rossi Street - the most symmetrical street in the world (St. Petersburg, Russia)

This street, consisting of only two houses, is 220 meters long, 22 meters wide and 22 meters high. And that's it.

18. Gonçalo di Covalho - the greenest street in the world (Porto Alegre, Brazil)

This street, located in the city of Porto Alegre, is considered the greenest street in the world. It is completely hidden under the crowns of tropical trees, overgrown with vines and moss.

19. Planirochnaya Street - a street that is perpendicular and parallel to itself (Novosibirsk, Russia)

In Novosibirsk, on the left bank there is Planirochnaya street.

This street, in addition to crossing itself, is also parallel to itself. This is known far beyond the borders of this city and it is even sometimes called the “legendary” street for its uniqueness.

It is in fact both perpendicular and parallel to itself. Someone decided not to bother and called the two neighboring streets with the same name. One of them is straight, and the other is the letter "G". As a result, it turns out that Planning goes alongside itself and, in addition, crosses itself. Numbering begins at the base of the letter "G".

20. Zelentsova Street - a street without a single house (Magnitogorsk, Russia)

In Magnitogorsk there is Zelentsova Street with a length of about 7 kilometers, on which until the beginning of the XXI century (about 70 years) not a single building was officially located.

On one side of the street is the embankment of the Ural River, on the other hand - the industrial zone fenced by a fence of the Magnitogorsk Iron and Steel Works with several walkways. Only in the 2000s, on a narrow strip of land between the street and the river, gas stations and car services were built, which received house numbers 20 and 14, respectively. But there are still no residential buildings on the street.

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Ebeneizer Place, Scotland

It is difficult to imagine a street only 2 m long. But there is such a street, and it is located in the Scottish town of Wick. Such a small street appeared in 1883, when Sinclair, an emigrant from America, who had arrived in Scotland, built a small hotel with all his money and named it McCase.

The building constructed by Sinclair and the resulting lane during construction stood out against the general background of the city, so local authorities decided to call the lane a street. It was officially recognized in 1887, and in 2006 Ebeneizer Place was listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the smallest street in the world.

This review does not show all the streets that are admirable. So, in Argentina there is the widest street, and Germany - the narrowest in the world, but if you want to visit the most expensive street, you should visit New York and the famous Fifth Avenue.

Tetsugaku no michi

Located in the Japanese city of Kyoto, this street is almost 2 km long, immersed in the splendor and aroma of cherry trees. It runs parallel to the water channel and leads to the Ginkaku-ji Temple, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The best time to visit Tetsugaku no michi is April, when the trees overhanging the road blossom and immerse travelers in the "paradise clouds".

Steiner Street

Believe me, you know this street very well. She "lit up" in the frames of such a famous film as "Mrs. Doutfire" (1993). Both the street itself and a number of houses near Alamo Square in San Francisco have become a historic attraction that attracts thousands of tourists every year.

Victorian and Edwardian houses painted in pastel colors are admirable.

Calleja de las flores

A cozy and sweet street is located in the heart of the Andalusian city of Cordoba. This is a tiny street on which more than two people cannot pass. But its snow-white walls and plenty of flowers will bring you a lot of positive emotions. The Spanish street is so charming that you want to come back here again.

Pawnshop street

San Francisco Lombard Street has become one of the most visited streets in the city. Tourists often gather to watch drivers make their way through the sharp turns of the roads.

Completed in 1922, the street was designed to slow down cars on steep hills. It is permitted to drive at a speed not exceeding 5 miles per hour (8 km).

Al-Hassan Onsar

The streets of the small town of Chawen in northwestern Morocco are famous for all shades of blue. Founded in 1471, the city was once used by emigrants from Spain as a fortress. Over the centuries, many Jews moved to Chefchaouen, bringing with them the ancient belief that the abundance of blue dye in the exterior decoration of houses serves as a reminder to people of the power of divine power.

If you are here, then visit Al-Hascan Onsar and Ryu-Autivi Streets. Walk along the narrow stairs leading up and down Binh-Suaki Street.

Qiyi Street Chongron Alley

UNESCO World Heritage Site - The 1000-year-old Old Town in Lijiang China is famous for its streamlined canals and paths. Take a walk along Kiyi Chongron or Wooey Street. Running along the water, connected by fancy bridges, these streets restore inner harmony and make an indelible impression.

Umbrella Streets

The Umbrella Sky Project was launched in 2011 as part of the annual Agitagueda Arts Festival (Portugal).

Every summer, when the temperature reaches its highest values, canopies of colorful umbrellas are created over several narrow streets of Agueda, which give a saving shadow and cool pedestrians.

Old Arbat

We would like to finish the article with a beautiful street located in the center of the Russian capital - the beautiful Moscow. This is not only one of the most beautiful Moscow streets, but also one of the most ancient.

The street is an eyewitness to many events, both beautiful and sad. Many famous personalities lived on the Arbat, including Tolstoy, Chekhov, Pushkin, Gogol.

Today it is a pedestrian street in the very center of Moscow.In any weather, she meets residents of the capital and tourists with friendly facades of buildings, animators, numerous cafes and shops.

So our virtual tour of the beautiful streets of the world has come to an end. And which street left a pleasant mark in your heart? Please write about this in the comments.


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