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Rachel Bilson
Rachel bilson

Rachel Bilson, 2006
Birth nameRachel Sarah Bilson
Rachel sarah bilson
Date of BirthAugust 25, 1981 (1981-08-25) (38 years old)
Place of Birth
  • Los Angeles, California, USA
  • USA
Career1998 - present time
IMDbID 1377375
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Rachel Sarah Bilson (English Rachel Sarah Bilson, born August 25, 1981, Los Angeles, California, USA) is an American actress. Best known for her role in the movie Teleport, as well as for her participation in the TV series Lonely Hearts, Zoe Hart from the Southern State, and Double Two.

Early years

Rachel Bilson was born on August 25, 1981 in Los Angeles. Her parents are Danny Bilson, screenwriter, director and producer, and Janice (nee Stango), a sex therapist. His father is a Jew, and his mother is a native of Philadelphia with Italian roots. Rachel's paternal great-grandfather, Leeds-born George Bilson, led the trailer production department at RKO Pictures, her Brooklyn great-grandfather, Hattie Bilson, was a screenwriter, and her grandfather, Bruce Bilson, was an Emmy winner for directing. Rachel's parents divorced when she was nine years old, and in 1997, his father married actress Heather Medway.

Bilson describes himself as a teenager as a self-destructive rebel. At age 14, she and her brother's friends had a car accident, as a result of which she lay unconscious for several days, got a scar over her right eye and sometimes experiences migraine attacks and memory lapses. According to Rachel, this event changed her, forcing "to stop getting into trouble." After the accident, she learned to play the piano. In 1995, Bilson graduated from Walter Reed High School, and in 1999 - Notre Dame High School. While studying in Notre Dame, she played in theatrical productions of "Bye, Birdie", "Once Upon a Mattress" and "The Ordeal."


Bilson attended Grossmont College in a suburb of San Diego, but dropped out after first year and, following her father’s advice, decided to become an actress. She has starred in commercials for brands such as Subway, Raisin Bran and Pepto-Bismol. Her acting debut took place in 2003 with episodic roles in the television series Buffy the Vampire Slayer and 8 Simple Rules for a Friend of My Teenage Daughter. In the same year, she successfully auditioned for the role of Summer Roberts in the youth series Lonely Hearts, which began in August. Initially, she was supposed to star in only a few episodes, but after the successful start of the show, her role was expanded to one of the main ones, and her heroine’s romance with Seth Cohen, played by Adam Brody, became one of the main storylines of the series.

Thanks to the success of the series “Lonely Hearts,” Bilson gained popularity among a youth audience. At the Teen Choice Awards in 2005, she won three nominations: “The Hottest Girl”, “Television Actress in a Drama Series”, “Best Acting Duet on a TV Series” (with Adam Brody). Maxim magazine gave Bilson sixth place in his ranking of the 100 most attractive women in 2005, and in 2006 placed her in 14th place. The British edition of FHM magazine awarded her 28th place in the ranking of the 100 sexiest women in the world in 2006, and the American edition gave her 77th place in the same rating for 2005. People magazine included Bilson on his list of 100 most beautiful people in 2006.

Bilson got her first movie role in the romantic film, “A Goodbye Kiss,” starring Zach Braff. In this film, which was released in 2006, she played a college student, in whom the hero of Braff falls in love. It was reported that for the bed scene, Bilson asked to use an understudy, because she was not ready to strip herself in front of the camera. In the end, she starred in this scene, wearing a flesh-colored bra. Bilson admitted that she was horrified before filming, but thanks to Zach Braff and director Tony Goldwin, who encouraged her, she coped with the bed scene.

In an interview, Bilson said that she prefers to act in films rather than in television series, and would like to get the role that "usually offer Natalie Portman and Scarlett Johansson." In 2006, Bilson said that despite the success of Lonely Hearts, she was ready to leave the series for film roles. In September of the same year, information appeared that Bilson could play a major role in the film about the comic book heroine Wonder Woman, but the actress herself denied these rumors. At the end of 2006, Bilson was selected for the role of Millie in the science fiction film "Teleport" directed by Doug Lyman, replacing actress Teresa Palmer. For her role in Teleport, which premiered on February 14, 2008, Bilson won the Teen Choice Awards for Best Actress in an Adventure Movie.

After completing the Lone Hearts screening in 2007, Bilson starred in two episodes of the comedy series Chuck, created by Lone Hearts producer Josh Schwartz. In 2009, she and her fiancé Hayden Christensen starred in the first part of the movie almanac New York, I Love You. In 2011, two independent films were released in which Bilson starred: the melodrama "Waiting for Eternity" directed by James Keach and the comedy "Best Friends and a Child", where her partners were Kristen Ritter and Kate Bosworth.

Bilson won the lead role in the television series Zoe Hart from the Southern State, co-authored by Josh Schwartz. In this series, which began showing on The CW in September 2011, Bilson plays a young woman who, having lost her job as a cardiac surgeon, moves from New York to a small town in Alabama.

Personal life

From 2003 to 2006, she met with actor Adam Brody, a colleague on the series Lonely Hearts.

In 2007-2017, Bilson was in a relationship with actor Hayden Christensen, whom she met on the set of the movie Teleport. The former couple has a daughter - Bryar Rose Christensen (born October 29, 2014).

Photo: Rachel Bilson


Rachel Bilson is primarily known about the Hollywood actress by her main roles in the youth series Lonely Hearts and the medical drama Zoe Hart from the Southern State. In addition, for the extraordinary style demonstrated by the girl on the red carpet, she is called one of the most extravagant actresses.


Rachel Bilson is the daughter of writer Danny Bilson and the granddaughter of director Bruce Bilson. So acting skills were transferred to the girl "by inheritance." Rachel's film debut took place at the age of 7 in the movie Wrong Guys. The experience was successful, and Bilson starred in several more films ("Mockery", "Farewell, Bibri", "The Crucible", "Once Upon a Time in Metrassa") even before his school graduation. The girl was popular: classmates called her the sexiest in the class. Rachel, and the truth is, the girl with the forms is her mother’s Italian roots. However, Bilson herself does not base her image on sexuality. She has not yet decided on "nudity" on the set. Although the actress’s mother is a sexologist, she taught her daughter from childhood: “Complexes are complete nonsense!”

After school, Rachel entered the Higher School of Notre Dame, St. John's University. During the training, she forgot about her acting career.


The young actress began to acquire cinematic experience in childhood. The debut film is The Wrong Guys. On the school bench, Rachel starred in "The Mockery", participated in theatrical productions of "Bye, Birdie", "The Crucible." In addition, Bilson's account includes advertising campaigns for the Subway fast-food restaurant chain, Raisin Bran breakfast cereals and Pepto-Bismo pharmaceutical company.

The experience in front of the camera is useful to the actress when later she will advertise her own collection of Edie Rosefor DKNY Jeans clothes and Hut sunglasses. Karl Lagerfeld chose a big-eyed, miniature beauty (Rachel's height - 157 cm, weight - 48 kg) for advertising Magnum ice cream.

A significant breakthrough in Bilson’s career occurred when the actress got roles, albeit episodic, but in popular projects - the humorous series “Eight Simple Rules for My Teenage Daughter’s Friend” featuring Kaylee Kuoko and the cult fantasy drama “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”. The last series at one time glorified Sarah Michelle Gellar, David Boreanaz, Karism Carpenter.

Rachel Bilson in the series Buffy the Vampire Slayer

In the series "OS" (in the Russian version - "Lonely Hearts"), the actress at first also shone only an episode. However, after the first seasons received high ratings, Rachel's character was re-qualified as the main one. The filming involved Peter Gallagher, Adam Brody, Misha Barton.

In America, the tape received the status of a cultural phenomenon, acquired an army of fans around the world - from Canada to Australia. Bilson received the Teen Choice Awards for her work in the film in three categories at once, the name of the actress fell into a variety of lists of the most beautiful women in the world. However, audience ratings both elevated the film to the rank of one of the most popular in the television season, and served as the reason for the series to close in 2007.

Rachel Bilson in the series Lonely Hearts

The leading role was given to the young actress in the drama “Farewell Kiss”. The script for the film was written by another leading actor - Zach Braff, the star of the series "Clinic". Rachel played a girl who involuntarily sowed in the main character doubts about the correctness of her life.

Fans spoke not so much about the artistic values ​​of the film as about the details of the filming. In one scene, Bilson refused to appear naked and demanded an understudy. And at one time, even the mother of the actress, a sexologist, said that complexes are ridiculous.

Rachel Bilson in the movie "A Goodbye Kiss"

Despite the popularity that Bilson gave television projects, the actress stated that she was ready to leave them for the role in a big serious film. This opportunity was presented by Doug Lyman, inviting Rachel to embody the image of Millie Harris, the heroine of the fantastic action movie "Teleport" on the screen.

However, the film seemed to chase evil rock. In the midst of filming, the producers replaced the lead actor, who later received a serious injury. Then, one of the decorators died on the set. Film critics did not indulge in positive reviews. Perhaps the only plus is that the financial costs paid off.

Rachel Bilson in the movie New York, I Love You

The next film project with the participation of Rachel Bilson is an almanac of 11 short stories entitled “New York, I Love You” with the participation of Hollywood stars Natalie Portman, Ethan Hawke, Bradley Cooper, Orlando Bloom. The main roles went to the actress in the independent films "Best Friends and a Child" and "Waiting for Eternity." The girl’s name appeared in the credits of the sitcom “How I Met Your Mother”, a comedy with the non-trivial title “Who to sleep with ?!”.

In the medical procedure “Zoe Hart from the Southern State” (“Dixie's Heart”), Bilson tried on the doctor’s white coat. This is a story about a doctor who has moved to a new place of work and residence. Residents of a small town are eccentric personalities, and the young doctor has to adapt to unusual conditions.

Cinema in childhood

In many ways, the fate of little Rachel was determined by her father, or rather, his profession. Danny Bilson is a director, screenwriter and producer, it was he who noticed that his daughter has good acting inclinations. At the age of seven, the girl first comes to the set and starred in the film “Wrong Guys”. After the filming is over, a black streak sets in her life - her parents get divorced. A father creates a new family, he has a new child, and her mother becomes the only close person for Rachel Bilson. After the family breaks up at the age of 14, the actress gets into a car accident, after which she stays in a coma for some time. Because of this event, failures that are accompanied by migraines still occur in her memory. But she managed to leave all the failures in the past and step into the new future with confident steps. The young artist takes part in numerous Hollywood auditions and as a result receives a role in the series “Mockery”.

Rachel Bilson: biography

Rachel Bilson is primarily known about the Hollywood actress by her main roles in the youth series Lonely Hearts and the medical drama Zoe Hart from the Southern State. In addition, for the extraordinary style demonstrated by the girl on the red carpet, she is called one of the most extravagant actresses.

Rachel Bilson Now

The actress demonstrated her vocal abilities in the new season of the television series Nashville. The series was broadcast from October 2012 on the ABC channel and was closed in 2016. However, then the rights to the tape about the legendary country singer Rayne James bought Country Music Television and ordered a season of 22 episodes.

Rachel Bilson in the TV series Nashville

By that time, Bilson had just sold a house in Los Angeles, and the proposal for filming in "Nashville" came in handy. After the picture “Dixie's Heart”, aired on CW, and two years dedicated to her daughter, Rachel attracted an image that she had never played before.

This time her character is marketing specialist Alyssa Green. The character - the exact opposite of the actress, which attracted Rachel, served as a kind of challenge, which Bilson gladly accepted.

Rachel Bilson in 2018

The actress does not yet speak about the development of the storyline of Alyssa in the sixth series. Bilson received another role, and again the main one, in the crime-comedy series from the creators of Castle - Double Two.

Interesting facts about Rachel Bilson

Rachel's favorite designers are Chanel and Stella McCartney.

She collects bags and shoes.

He is a fan of basketball, a fan of the Los Angeles Clippers team.

Favorite actors: Johnny Depp and Sean Penn. Actresses: Sandra Bullock, Jennifer Aniston, Drew Barrymore.

Favorite Music: Bruce Springsteen, Billy Holiday, Jeff Buckley

Rachel is the granddaughter of director Bruce Bilson and the niece of producer Julie Bilson Olberg.

Rachel Bilson: filmography

After working a year in the theater after university, Rachel Bilson decided to try her luck on television. In 1988, she played in the TV series "This Is It," then appeared in several commercials. The stars were still far away.

In 2003, there was a real breakthrough in the career of the actress. She gets roles in two popular TV shows at once: Buffy the Vampire Slayer and 8 Simple Rules. At the same time, Rachel was offered to star in the movie "Unbroken."

The star project for Bilson was the series "Lonely Hearts", where the actress played the role of Summer Roberts. He brought Rachel fame in youth circles, as well as many new proposals - in 2006, the actress played in the film "Farewell Kiss", then she was invited to appear in the film "Teleport". In 2009, she could be seen in the film "New York, I love you." In 2010, Rachel got a role in the series "How I Met Your Mother." By the way, Rachel Bilson's height is 157 cm.

Rachel Bilson: personal life

Rachel Bilson’s longest running romance was her relationship with the set of Lonely Hearts partner Adam Brody. The screen novel of their heroes was transferred to real life, the fans were delighted. For three years, the young people were together, but in December 2006, Rachel and Adam broke up.

Two years later, in December 2008, the actress met a new love on the set of the film "Teleport". Her chosen one was the handsome actor Hayden Christensen. There were rumors about the couple’s engagement, but in the summer of 2010, Rachel and Hayden broke up. It turned out not for long: after a couple of months, their relationship resumed.

Last years of college

Pulling herself into the acting field, Rachel Bilson decided to improve her talent in the theater.Having completed her college studies, she constantly rehearsed on stage, honed her artistic skills. In just one year, she managed to play in three productions: Goodbye, Birdie, Once Upon a Mattress, and The Crucible. Also in 1998, the shooting of the series “This Is It” took place, where Rachel played the main role, but, unfortunately, he did not appear on the screens.

World of cinema

Since 2003, the young actress begins to actively star in cult TV series, although so far only in episodes. She appeared in the 8th season of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, 8 Simple Rules for a Friend of My Teenage Daughter, etc. Participating in the next casting, Rachel Bilson gets the main role in the series Lonely Hearts. The heroine of Summer Roberts brings the actress world fame and many awards. In 2005, she was recognized as the best actress in a drama series, and also took an honorable sixth place in the ranking of the most coveted women on the planet.

Teleport and new acquaintance

In 2006, the film "Teleport" was released, the main roles in which were played by Hayden Christensen and Rachel Bilson. Photos of the main characters circled the entire Internet, which gave rise to many rumors, they say, they are a couple not only on the screen. Soon, the couple really confirmed this information, and even an engagement date was determined, but something went wrong. In 2010, Rachel and Hayden broke up, but only for a few months, after which their romance resumed with renewed vigor. Two years ago, the couple had a baby, but the wedding so desired by the fans did not take place.


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