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Valery Barinov

Valery Barinov at the Red Square Book Festival.
Birth nameValery Aleksandrovich Barinov
Date of BirthNovember 27, 1945 (1945-11-27) (aged 74)
Place of Birthvillage Zhilin, Oryol Oblast, RSFSR, USSR
  • USSR
  • Russia
Career1973 — present time


He graduated in 1968 from the Higher Theater School named after M.S.Schepkin, the workshop of V. Korshunov, classmates were Albina Matveeva and Valentina Panina. He began work in the Theater. A.S. Pushkin in Leningrad (now the Alexandrinsky Theater). Until 1974 he played on the Leningrad stage.

He worked with the director Rostislav Goryaev, went with him to Moscow, and from 1974 to 1988 he was in the troupe of the Central Theater of the Soviet Army (now the Theater of the Russian Army), which was headed by Yuri Eremin in those years. In 1988-1991 he was an actor of the Pushkin Theater in Moscow. In 1992 he joined the troupe of the Maly Theater. Since 2005 - actor of the MTYuZ.

He is a fan of the Lokomotiv football club. A classmate and close friend of the famous coach Yuri Semin.

Photo: Valery Barinov

Childhood and youth Valery Barinov

The childhood of the actor was difficult, as it was in the post-war years. The family lived quite poorly, parents engaged in agriculture. Surprisingly, it was thanks to this that Valery became interested in the scene. The fact is that after the war agricultural exhibitions were popular. And at each such event, a child from the stage had to read poems about the world. Once, someone on a collective farm proposed a six-year-old to Valery Barinov for this role. The boy surprised everyone with his talent.

In his youth, Valery Barinov worked in the provincial Oryol Theater. True, not an actor, but a stage worker. By this time, he already knew for sure that he wanted to enter a theater school.

The roles of actor Valery Barinov in the theater

The career of Valery Barinov in the theater began in Leningrad. After college, he moved to the northern capital and began to play in the theater named after A.S. Pushkin. He was busy in many productions, including Antigone, The Cherry Orchard, and Boldinsky Autumn. The actor worked with the director Rostislav Goryaev. Later, Goryaev was offered to move to the capital and head the theater of the Soviet army. The director called Valery Barinov with him. In total, the actor worked in St. Petersburg for 6 years.

Barinov played dozens of roles on the Moscow stage. One of the most famous and, in its own way, iconic was the role of Parfen Rogozhin in the play "The Idiot" by Dostoevsky. By that time, the director of the theater was Yuri Eremin. After 10 years, he moved to work in the Moscow theater named after A.S. Pushkin and called with him Valery Barinov. The actor agreed to change jobs. He served in this theater for 4 years. During this time he played in the performances of “Demons”, “Dubrovsky”, “Shine, but not warm.”

Valery Barinov is currently

For a year Valery Barinov can act in ten films. He is very progressive, likes experiments. He starred in the provocative project of Valeria Gai Germanicus "School". In addition to Russian films, the actor played in the French film "Concert". Now Valery Barinov continues to act in film.

Valery Barinov also has experience in dubbing. His voice can be heard in the movie "Dunno on the Moon 2".

Personal life of Valery Barinov

The actor’s first wife is a director by profession. From her, Valery has a son Egor. As a child, the boy often went to the theater with his dad, spent time in the dressing rooms and behind the scenes. For the first time, Egor starred in a movie at the age of 5. He played with dad in the movie "Cherry Whirlpool." Yegor entered the theater stage at the age of 6. Naturally, this affected the choice of profession. Egor Barinov is an actor in theater and cinema, starring in TV shows. He has three children.

The second wife of Valery Barinov Elena has no relation to the cinema and theater. But their daughter Alexandra became a theater expert.

In 2013, the actor “lit up” in the StopHam project. Valery Barinov was convicted of violating parking rules. He refused to rearrange the car, began to argue with the activists of the project. Despite threats from the actor, the video with his participation still got on the Internet.

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Valery Barinov - biography

Valery Barinov is a Soviet and Russian actor. He has over two hundred roles played, so diverse that it is impossible to determine the role of this illustrious actor. Once in an interview, he joked that he no longer knew what character and habits he had, because each character played changed the actor himself, leaving something of his own, special, characteristic only to him.

Fans of Valery Barinov know him for his work in the theater and cinema. The fame came to the actor at a fairly mature age, after the release of the painting "Petersburg Secrets".

Children and teenagers

Valery Barinov was born on January 15, 1946 in the small village of Zhilino, located in the Oryol region in a simple peasant family. Parents worked on the local collective farm, and had no particular incomes. The time was difficult, post-war, so Valera from early childhood had to help parents manage their own households. Thanks to his working childhood, little Valera fell in love with the scene.

Photo: Valery Barinov in his youth

At that time, exhibitions were often organized to show achievements in agriculture, its rise after the war. In addition to demonstrating the grown products, there was also a cultural program in which amateur performances necessarily participated, and each farm had to present its artist with some interesting number. The six-year-old Valera also spoke at one of these exhibitions. Without any embarrassment or embarrassment, the boy went on stage, read a verse, for which he was awarded with thunderous applause from the audience.

Having matured a little, Valery got a job as a stage worker at the Oryol Theater. After graduation, he decided not to give up his dream and try his hand at a theater university. Valery collects his things and leaves for Moscow to soon become a student at the Shchepkin Higher Theater School.


Upon completion of studies, a young promising artist was invited to the troupe of the Alexandrinsky Theater in Leningrad. He gave this scene six years from his creative biography. After that, there was work in the theater of the Soviet Army (1974-1988) under the direction of Y. Yeremin, the theater named after Pushkin (1988-1991), the Maly Theater (1992-2005). For the past ten years, the actor has been working in the Moscow Youth Theater, where he is involved in the productions of Rothschild's Violin, Black Monk, and Shakespeare's Jesters.

Film career

Valery Barinov made his film debut in 1968 in the film Steps on the Ground, where he played in a small episode. The actor was given the first major role only ten years later, when the Strogov saga was filmed. It became popular and recognizable only in the late 90s, after the release of the multi-part film “Petersburg Secrets” on the country's screens.

The new century brought Barinov an incredible demand. He turned out to be the actor to whom popularity came in adulthood. He is invited to youth films - “Next 3”, “Kadetstvo”, criminal action movies for older people - “His man”, “Vorotylov. To be together ”, women's melodramas -“ Loneliness of love ”,“ This is love! ”.

Actor Barinov easily succeeds in historical figures. For example, in the film "Furtseva" his hero was the legendary Marshal George Zhukov. In the film "In the constellation Sagittarius", which tells about the famous football player E. Streltsov, Valery got the role of N. Khrushchev.

Very often, Barinov is invited to play the father or grandfather of the protagonist. He has many minor and small roles, but the actor does not refuse, considering each role unique in its own way.

The actor has a lot of proposals for the main role, sometimes you have to work simultaneously in several projects. For example, 2014 was a very successful year - Barinov was immediately given three main roles in different films. In the film "What the Homeland Begins" is his hero Struchkov, who directed the foreign intelligence of the Soviet Union. The plot covers a fairly large time period, starting in the last century and reaching its logical conclusion only after several decades.

Another memorable role of Barinov in the film "Teachers", where his hero is a teacher on work Pavel Egorovich. After that, there was another major role in the film “Light and Shadow of the Lighthouse”. This crime drama is about a ranger serving an old lighthouse and leading a gang of smugglers. This series was shot until 2016.

The actor’s contribution to the development of domestic cinema was highly appreciated by the country's leadership. In 1999, Valery Barinov was awarded the title of People's Artist of the Russian Federation.

Barinov today

The year 2016 was marked by work on the filming of the detective "The Ecumenical Conspiracy", based on the novel of the same name by the writer T. Ustinova. At the beginning of the picture, some kind of pseudo-scientific film is shown, during which a famous ufologist dies.

In the same year, Barinov starred in yet another film - the melodrama "From Siberia with Love", where his hero is an oligarch. The plot of the film shows the organic interweaving of two worlds, two lifestyles - on the one hand, golden youth and their parents with unlimited possibilities, on the other - rural life in the Siberian wilderness. It so happened that the major (her role went to A. Divna) falls into the Siberian wilderness, and her dad, millionaire (V. Barinov) promises to forgive her if she fulfills one condition. Will a city girl accustomed to comfort be able to marry a local district policeman and even live with him for half a year?

Barinov is now participating in the filming of six more films. The first picture is “The Animator,” which discusses how an aged actress met, whose days are numbered and a young promising artist working as an animator in this hospice.

The actor also starred in the TV series White Nights, which tells how the forced resettlement of residents of one of the houses in St. Petersburg took place.

Barinov also lit up in a biographical drama about the fate of the Soviet football player E. Streltsov, entitled "In the constellation Sagittarius."

An interesting role is played by Valery Barinov in the ironic melodrama Love and Sax, which tells about a family of musicians. In an unusual perspective, you can see Barinov in the movie "First", which was based on the play "Constellation of Mary", written by V. Fedorov.

The viewer should also like another work of the famous actor in the film "Dragonfly".

Selected Filmography

  • 1976 - Strogov
  • 1983 - Mistress of the orphanage
  • 1994 - Petersburg secrets
  • 1998 - On the knives
  • 2000-2001 - Werewolf Trail
  • 2003 - Next 3
  • 2004 - Russian
  • 2006 - Andersen. Life without love
  • 2007 - Vanya
  • 2008—2010 - Ranetki
  • 2009 - The Way
  • 2010—2011 - Institute of Noble Maidens
  • 2013 - Near Football
  • 2017 - Constellation Mary

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Barinov Valery Alexandrovich

Born on January 15, 1946 in the village of Zhilino, Volodarsky district, Oryol region.

Honored Artist of the RSFSR (09/10/1987).
People's Artist of Russia (04/18/1999).

After graduating from the Higher Theater School at the Maly Theater (1968), in 1968-1974 he played at the Theater. A.S. Pushkin in Leningrad (now the Alexandrinsky Theater).

He worked with the director Rostislav Goryaev, went to Moscow with him, and from 1974 to 1988 he worked in the troupe of the Central Theater of the Soviet Army (now the Theater of the Russian Army).
With the arrival of the main director Yu.I. in the Theater of the Army Eremin’s work of Valery Barinov received a slightly different direction - a huge range of his repertoire attracted the attention of critics and spectators.

In 1988, Barinov left the Army Theater with Jeremin and moved to the Pushkin Theater in Moscow, where he worked until 1991.
In 1992, he joined the troupe of the Maly Theater.

Famous, he woke up after the film "Agape", where he played a little man who fell victim to the arrogant "master" of today's life.
Barinov's popularity increased after the television series "Petersburg Secrets", where he appeared as the inveterate bastard Khlebonususchensky, who bought an innocent girl. In the film “The House for the Rich” he created the ambiguous character of a reformer who wants the best, but it turns out naturally, as always.
On the stage of the Maly Theater he played many vivid images, mainly in plays by Ostrovsky.
"I outplayed all sorts of scoundrels and villains! I have not so few positive heroes either, but they are not so bright. Because the negative ones, as a rule, are written by playwrights brighter. Why do I specialize in this role? The directors got used to me in this guise . Once played well - and go! "- says the actor.
He also works on the radio, reads I. Shmelyov's prose, prose and poetry by I. Bunin.
Since 2005 - actor of the Moscow Youth Theater.

Leningrad Theater A.S. Pushkin
Don Carlos (“Little Tragedies” by A.S. Pushkin)
Petya Trofimov (The Cherry Orchard by A.P. Chekhov)
Belkin (Boldinsky Autumn by A. Svirin)
Bulletin ("Antigone" Sophocles)

Vainonen (The Optimistic Tragedy by V. Vishnevsky)
Boris Godunov (“The Death of John the Terrible” by A.K. Tolstoy)
Shishlov (“Rumor” by A. D. Salynsky)
Veprev (“Article” by R. Solntsev)
Rogozhin (“Idiot” by F. M. Dostoevsky)

Moscow Theater A.S. Pushkin
Rabachev (“Shine, but not warm” by A.N. Ostrovsky and N.Ya. Soloviev)
Shatov (“Demons” by A. Camus according to F.M. Dostoevsky)
Troekurov (“Dubrovsky” by A.S. Pushkin)

Maly Theater:
Nicodemus (“King of the Jews” K.R.)
Vanin ("Feast of the Winners" by A.I. Solzhenitsyn)
1995 Zakharyin-Yuriev (“Tsar John the Terrible” by A.K. Tolstoy)
1998 Kuchumov ("Crazy Money" by A.N. Ostrovsky)
1998 Korpelov (“Labor bread” by A.N. Ostrovsky)
1998 President ("Cunning and Love" by F. Schiller)
2001 Borovtsov (“Puchina” by A.N. Ostrovsky)
2002 Napoleon ("Corsican" by I. Gubach)

"Rothschild's Violin" - Jacob
“The Black Monk” (E. Pesotsky), dir. Kama Ginkas
"Shakespeare's Jesters" - Duke, aka Prospero, aka Gloucester

Theater Actor
"Corsican" by I. Gubach

Two day marriage

After graduating from the Schukin School in 1968, Valery Barinov was offered a place at once in several theaters, including the Maly, but he firmly decided: he was going to Leningrad.

Even in his student years, Barinov fell in love with classmate Elena Vanovskaya, after which he went to the Northern capital. They were young, full of plans and hopes, but their marriage was very short. After the marriage, the family lasted virtually only two days, after which Barinov realized that he could not take root in his wife's family.

In the Pushkin Theater, he was supposed to play in the extras "Antigone", but accidentally turned out to be the main actor. The actor, approved for the role of the Messenger, for a long time could not feel the character's character. Once the director Dmitry Aleksidze released the lead actor to rest, but wanted to rehearse part of the play again, he asked Barinov to read the text of the Bulletin. And suddenly it turned out that he plays better and brighter.

After the premiere, Valery Barinov flew to the shooting, but did not manage to return to the second premiere screening. The previous actor had to be asked to return to the play, Barinov himself was very worried, and at home his wife and mother-in-law accused the actor of being conceited. It was at that moment that Valery Alexandrovich realized: in this family he would always be a stranger.

With his first wife, the actor maintained a warm relationship for life, he is well acquainted and friendly with her husband and children.Many years later, Elena Vanovskaya said that they met too early. And even her mother later regretted Barinov’s separation from her daughter.

Difficult marriage

Valery Aleksandrovich was not lonely for long. Tatiana soon appeared in his life, who became his second wife. She worked as a make-up artist at the Pushkin Theater, graduated from the Institute of Culture.

In 1974, Valery Barinov was invited to the Theater of the Soviet Army. For almost a year, the couple lived in different cities and all this time the actor tried to rent at least some living space in Moscow. The arrival of his wife took him by surprise: they had absolutely nowhere to live, since Barinov himself rented a corner from his friend, who rented a room in a communal apartment. The actor tried to explain to his wife the absurdity of her unprepared move, but Tatyana sobbed and did not want to hear anything. It almost came to a divorce. In the evening, Barinov was supposed to put his wife on a train going to Leningrad.

But after the rehearsal, he once again decided to try to remove at least something. And at the exchange bureau I met an elderly woman who was renting a house in Malakhovka. In the evening, instead of a trip to the station, Barinov took his wife to watch their new housing.

This house was happy for them. Here Tatyana informed the actor that he would become a father. This was a real miracle: doctors have long diagnosed a woman with infertility. After a while, Barinov received a spacious apartment in Moscow, Egor was born, but Tatyana did not feel happy at all.

Yegor was six years old when his parents decided to leave. At the same time, the actor’s wife received a separate apartment, and Valery Barinov remained with his son in a communal apartment. But he is still grateful to Tatyana for giving her son to him.

He never condemned his spouse, on the contrary, tried to explain what was the reason for making a difficult decision. Tatyana, immersed in everyday problems, often remained alone with the baby while her husband worked. But she also wanted to develop and did not see herself as a housewife. The family at that time lived very modestly, and the woman, against the background of domestic difficulties, also developed a classic postpartum depression. It seemed to her: the family was pulling her back.

But even after the divorce, Valery Barinov continued to communicate with his ex-wife, always supporting her morally and financially. Egor always went to his mother for the summer in Leningrad, where she lived. While dad disappeared on the set, the boy and his mother could travel during the holidays.

There were, of course, their difficulties. At first, Valery Barinov designed his son in a good suburban kindergarten for a five-day period. Everything was really very good there: furnishings, food, fresh air. When the actor arrived one day on Friday to get his son, a friend saw a quiet and restrained child who was trying not to show his emotions even from a meeting with his father. Then Barinov realized that the child should live at home.

Soon he was given a small apartment near the theater where the actor served. From the window of his dressing room, he saw the glowing windows of his house.


The film debut Valery Barinov occurred in 1968 in the episodic role of a member of the archaeological expedition in the adventure drama "Steps on the Ground." And the actor played the first major role almost 10 years later in the Strogov saga. Popularity came to him only in the second half of the 90s, after the colorful costume series “Petersburg Secrets” was shown on television.

Valery Barinov in the movie "I Go Out to Look for You"

But in the new century, Valery became incredibly popular, being among those artists who in mature years receive much greater popularity than in their youth. The actor appeared in youth films, such as “Next 3” and “Kadetstvo”, and in criminal action films designed for the older generation, such as “Your Man” and “Vorotylov. To be together ”, and in women's melodramas like“ Loneliness of love ”and“ This is love! ”.

It's funny that sometimes even actors with big names become victims of mistakes. So, Valery in the credits of the detective “I’m going out to look for you” appeared under the name of Nikolai Barinov. In the second season of the series, this annoying misunderstanding was corrected.

Valery Barinov in the movie "In the constellation Sagittarius"

Several times Barinov played historical figures. In the biographical drama "Furtsev" about the Minister of Culture of the USSR, he created the image of Marshal Georgy Zhukov, and in his last work on the fate of the famous football player Eduard Streltsov "In the constellation Sagittarius" he was transformed into Secretary General Nikita Khrushchev.

Most often, Valery Barinov plays the fathers and grandfathers of the main characters. Also, a large proportion of the roles played by the actor are secondary and episodic roles of police officers, coaches, senior military officials and politicians. But this does not mean that the actor was written off and invited only for short scenes.

Valery Barinov in the film “Light and Shadow of a Lighthouse”

Valery Barinov regularly receives major roles, sometimes several at a time. For example, in 2014, the actor starred in three films at once. The actor played the role of the head of foreign intelligence of the KGB of the USSR Vladimir Alexandrovich Struchkov in the spy detective story “Where the Homeland Begins”. The plot of the film begins in the 80s of the last century, when the American secret services appoint an award to those who surrender the current residents of the USSR in America. In response, the Soviet authorities are preparing a fake traitor. But the denouement of this spy party comes only decades later.

Another bright role was brought to the actor by the melodrama "Teachers", dedicated to school weekdays. Here Valery Barinov played the role of the Trudovik Pavel Egorovich. The actor also received a major role in the crime melodrama Light and Shadow of a Lighthouse. The plot tells about the caretaker of an old lighthouse, who secretly is the head of a gang of smugglers. In this series, the actor played until 2016.

Pity as a way to a man’s heart

Yegor was 13 years old when his father and son, visiting friends, met Elena. The woman first made friends with Egor, and then won the heart and his dads. Later, the woman will say: she experienced acute pity when she saw Barinov with his son. After these words, Valery Alexandrovich realized that this was his woman.

Now the actor confidently says that Elena's pity melted his wounded heart, and advises women to feel sorry for their men. The actor believed in a touching attitude to himself. Nobody ever felt so sorry for him as his mother and now Elena.

They married when Yegor was 14 years old; a year later, the couple had a daughter, Alexander. For many years, Valery Barinov was forced to hide where and by whom his wife works. Today, he can proudly say: his wife is a retired FSB lieutenant colonel. However, in life she is a very caring and devoted wife. She is ready to protect her husband’s peace by all means available to her. Once, when he, tired of endless rehearsals and filming, fell asleep, she did not even wake him up for the performance.

On that day, he rehearsed in the morning, then received a serious fee for filming in Petersburg Secrets, came home, dined and fell asleep. In the morning, he told his wife about the evening performance, and then it just flew out of his head. The husband was fast asleep, and Elena, when they phoned from the theater, did not even say that Valery Alexandrovich was at home. Later, when the performance was already over, and an actor from the second composition played for Barinov, she took the phone to another room and systematically phoned all who were worried about the “missing” actor after receiving the fee.

This story finally assured Valery Barinov that his wife is the best woman in the world. And he will never leave her.

Valery Barinov during the filming of the series "Kadetstvo" generously shared the secrets of acting with the boys who played cadets of the Suvorov School. The main characters of the series immediately became the favorites of the audience, and the series took the leading places in the ratings. Since then, the most famous cadets of the country managed to grow and build a successful career, however, not all of them connected their future with the acting profession.

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Valery Barinov now

In 2016, Valery Barinov appeared in the detective melodrama The Ecumenical Conspiracy, an adaptation of the novel of the same name by Tatyana Ustinova. The detective begins by showing a pseudoscientific film in which the famous ufologist is killed.

Another role of this year was the image of the oligarch in the melodrama "From Siberia with Love." Two worlds intertwined in this film: the world of young majors and their wealthy parents and the Siberian hinterland with a rural life and noisy relatives. By coincidence, a spoiled girl (Antonina Divina) from one world ends up in another, and a rich father, whose role is played by Valery Barinov, will forgive the heroine only if she lasts six months to stay married to the local Siberian village.

Valery Barinov and Yaroslav Zhalnin in the film "The Ecumenical Conspiracy"

In addition, Valery Barinov began work on six more projects. This is a two-part melodrama "Animator", which tells about the acquaintance of an elderly actress dying from a terminal illness and a young talented actor who worked as an animator in a hospice, the series "White Nights" about the forced resettlement of a house in St. Petersburg, a sports biographical drama "In the constellation Sagittarius" about life of the "Soviet Pele" Eduard Streltsov.

Other projects with the participation of the actor were the ironic melodrama about musician spouses “Love and Sax”, the adventure drama “The First”, based on the play “The Constellation of Mary” by Vladimir Fedorov and telling about the life and the Great Northern Expedition of the famous discoverers Vitus Bering, Semyon Chelyuskin and Vasily and Tatyana Pronchishchev, as well as the painting "Dragonfly".


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