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Alexander Nevskiy

Alexander Nevsky at the premiere of the film “Die Hard: A Good Day to Die” in 2013 in Moscow
Birth nameAlexander Alexandrovich Kuritsyn
Date of BirthJuly 17, 1971 (1971-07-17) (aged 48)
Place of Birth
  • Moscow, USSR
CitizenshipUSSR →

Photo: Alexander Nevsky

Wet chicken

Alexander Kuritsyn (such is his real name) was born in Moscow on July 17, 1971. As a child, the future famous actor was a physically poorly developed boy who was teased at school with a “wet chicken” and even once bullied by hooligans. Parents signed Sasha to boxing and kickboxing, but a little later the young man fell into the hands of a magazine with a photo Arnold Schwarzenegger , and Alexander began to engage in "wellness bodybuilding."

The actor claims that after school he served in the airborne troops, participated in bodybuilding and powerlifting competitions. At the end of the last millennium, Alexander changed his surname to “Nevsky” and began his media career as the host of the programs “Under 16 and older,”

Good morning and a few more shows.

Around the same time, Nevsky wrote his first book, entitled “How to Become Schwarzenegger in Russia,” and recorded a series of video tutorials in which he taught young people to swing correctly. In those same years, the actor made his film debut Eldar Ryazanov"Quiet whirlpools" ,

after which he left to conquer Hollywood.

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Russian Schwarzenegger

Alexander Nevsky claims that he studied at the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA) and studied acting at the Lee Strasberg Theater Institute. During his stay in America, he managed to meet many Hollywood celebrities. His Instagram is full of photos embracing with famous actors: Sylvester Stallone , Danny De Vito , Bradley Cooper and, of course, Schwarzenegger.

In 2002, Nevsky first appeared on the screen in a Hollywood movie, playing the tiny role of a prisoner in an action movie. “Not subject to discussion” (Undisputed). The actor said that he could make his American film distribution debut earlier, but basically did not want to play representatives of the “Russian mafia”.

In 2003, Alexander together with Oleg Taktarov starred in the Russian-American film "Red Serpent" (Red Serpent),

and a year later he played his first major role in the action movie Moscow heat (Moscow Heat).

Later, Nevsky also appeared in an action adventure The Fast and the Furious Da Vinci (Treasure Hunters) and the crime thriller "The Murder in Vegas" (Magic Man).

Unfortunately, all these paintings were at best coolly received by critics and met with a very mixed reaction from the audience. But Nevsky did not stop it. He probably decided that the problem could be in anyone, but not in it, and said that he would make his own films.

"The maximum blow"

Nevsky opened the "virtual film studio" Hollywood Pictures, and also created the distribution company Czar Pictures (which he later renamed Tsar Pictures). In parallel, the actor and bodybuilder, living alternately in Russia and in America, received the post of sports adviser to the governor of Tula Vladimir Gruzdev .

In 2014, Nevsky's directorial debut, action movie, was released "Black Rose" (Black Rose), which collected less than 900 thousand dollars at a global box office with a budget of 7 million dollars.

The first pancake came out lumpy: industry professionals and ordinary spectators unanimously criticized the low quality of special effects, the secondary of the script and ridiculous dialogues, as if torn by pieces from cult fighters of the eighties.

Failure "Black Rose" did not stop Alexander, who rolled up his sleeves took up the gunman "Disassembly in Manila" (Showdown in Manila). This time he became a producer and leading actor, and the actor took the director’s chair Mark Dacascos . In the new film, Nevsky collected many once-popular actors and actresses. Among others, it starred Carey Hiroyuki Tagawa , Matthias Hughes , Tia Carrere and Cynthia Rothrock . Alexander explained that he wanted to collect in his picture good actors who for some reason did not get into The Expendables (The Expendables).

Once the big names on the poster did not save the picture from being torn apart by critics. Film reviewers on both sides of the Atlantic were perplexed why the good actors agreed to disgrace themselves in such a low-quality project, and lamented that, despite the participation of action movie stars with experience in staging action scenes, the combat choreography in the film was extremely primitive.

But this time, Alexander did not think to give up! In 2017, he played a major role in the Russian-American action movie. "The maximum blow" (Maximum Impact), which also starred Danny Trejo and Evgeny Stychkin . This time, luck smiled at Nevsky: his picture won several awards at the Independent Adventure Film Festival in Las Vegas, including a prize for the best film.

It is worth noting that Alexander’s contribution to the cinema is not limited to the films that he made and in which he starred. Nevsky is also a member of the jury of the Golden Globe, which selects paintings worthy to be on the short list of this prestigious award. Judging by his instagram, Alexander recently met with the Minister of Culture of Russia Vladimir Medinsky with whom he "shared his vision and his own experience in promoting Russian cinema abroad."


Bodybuilder, actor, writer, social activist, film producer

Born July 17, 1971 in Moscow. Mom (an instrument-making engineer, forced to work as a dry cleaning receptionist to feed her family) - always inspired and supported. Father (professor, doctor of economic sciences) - never provided either moral or material support. Alexander Nevsky is a vivid example of a man who completely made himself.

He was engaged in basketball as a child; in his youth he became interested in boxing, and then bodybuilding. At 15, he weighed only 60 kg with a height of 194 cm and had a biceps volume of 26 cm. After 10 years of hard training with weights, with a height of 198 cm, he already weighed about 140 kg and had biceps of 57.5 cm. He became the first Russian bodybuilder to managed to attract media attention - participated in numerous TV and radio programs, presented in hundreds of newspaper and magazine publications. His example inspired many Russians to lead a healthy lifestyle and engage in bodybuilding.

He was an expert in the physical education of children and adolescents under the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation, and currently is an Advisor to the Governor of the Tula Region in physical education and sports. Held hundreds of free fitness seminars and drew the attention of the general public to the problem of anabolic steroids. Despite attacks from envious competitors and anabolic steroids traders, he continues to be an international steroid company and enjoys the support of many bodybuilding and fitness stars.

He graduated from the State University of Management in Moscow (specializing in Management in Heavy Industry, is currently working on his Ph.D. thesis), studied English at the University of California (UCLA), studied acting at the Lee Strasberg Theater Institute in Los Angeles. Fundamentally does not play the role of "Russian bandits" in Hollywood - for this reason, refused to participate in the film by Jean-Claude Van Damme - The Secret of the Sect (The Order) and the television series Battle Field (BattleDome). For his work in the film Treasure Raiders received the Rising Star Award at the Delray Beach International Film Festival, USA. He became the first Russian to succeed in Hollywood, not only as an actor and producer, but also in film academy. He is a member of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association and voted to award the Golden Globe Awards. He is a member of the Hollywood Film Actors Guild (SAG) and actively supports the Acting Union in Russia. Owned and managed by the Hollywood Storm film company, which is based in Beverly Hills, USA.

Early years

Many facts from the biography of Alexander Kuritsyn are quite controversial. So, according to his interview “The Saga of the Winner” in the magazine “Flesh and Blood” of 1997 (number 2), Alexander is the youngest child in the family. Father is a master of sports in basketball. Mother is an instrument engineer by education. Alexander reports about himself that as a child he went to music school and was forced to carry a cello, however, he stopped attending classes after dropping the case and breaking the instrument. He was engaged in basketball from the fourth grade at school (coach - Vladimir Vasilievich Shutov), ​​but soon left the section because he did not have sufficient physical data for the game. Up to the eighth grade he was distinguished by a weak physical physique, he was constantly criticized and obstructed by the physical education teacher. In 1984 or 1985, in his own words, got into a fight for the first time in his life and was beaten by hooligans.

Nevsky reports that at age 15 he had a height of 194 cm, biceps 26 cm and a weight of 60 kg. Doctors were diagnosed with spinal curvature. Since February 1986, Kuritsyn was engaged in boxing and kickboxing in a section at the Academy of Management, the first coach was Vladimir Vladimirovich Latyshko. Later he switched to “health-improving bodybuilding” and since 1989 he attended the bodybuilding gym in Luzhniki. According to an interview with the Iron Factor program from 1999, he participated in the only professional competition among universities - powerlifting. In 1990, he visited the competition of bodybuilders "Luber-90". He claims to have served in the airborne troops and took the oath at the Ryazan airborne school.

According to Nevsky, over 10 years of training, he received the following indicators: height 198 cm, weight 140 kg, biceps 57.5 cm. Critics attribute this to the use of anabolic steroids, although specific comments from Kuritsyn could not be obtained. In one of the episodes of the talk show “Theme,” he said that he used anabolic steroids, justifying this by “experimenting with them.” In 1997, in an interview with the journal Flesh and Blood, he said that he was still dissuaded by doctors from using steroids, explaining the consequences of their use. In a 2010 NTV interview, he stated that he had never used steroids, but refused to donate blood for analysis.

Childhood and adolescence

Sasha was born and raised in an intelligent Moscow family. Father, Alexander Nikolaevich, taught economics and management at a metropolitan university. Mother, Evgenia Yakovlevna, worked as an instrument engineer.

Parents divorced early, and all the worries about their son and eldest daughter fell on their mother. However, with the education of Sasha, she did not have any special difficulties. The boy learned to read early and spent all his free time reading books. Studying was easy for him, at the same time he attended a music school in the cello class, at the age of eleven he became interested in basketball.

The beginning of a media career

Nevsky claimed to have participated in the seminars of Chuck Norris and Jean-Claude Van Damme, and later became involved in natural bodybuilding competitions. According to him, he was the winner of the Moscow Championship, awarded by the Natural Bodybuilding Association (INBA) for the fight against steroids and was a judge of the INBA World Championship in Natural Bodybuilding (1999) according to INBA. Nevsky’s statements were disputed by a number of bodybuilding federation functionaries and leading bodybuilders in Russia (including Sergey Shelestov), ​​who said they had never heard of an athlete of that name, since Nevsky had previously mentioned NABBA as an association in which he participated in competitions. Official representatives of IFBB and NABBA also confirmed that such a person has never been involved in any competition.

In 1998-1999 and 2009, he was the author and one of the leading television programs Under 16 and Older, Good Morning (ORT), Party Zone (TV-6), and Russian Tenors (STS). In 2000, he made his film debut in the film “Silent Whirlpools” by Eldar Ryazanov, in which he played a cameo role. In September 1999 he moved from Moscow to Los Angeles, California, USA. In 2002, he played a cameo role in Walter Hill’s action movie “No Talk”, and also starred in the thriller Red Serpent. He founded the “virtual film studio” Hollywood Pictures and from 2003 to 2015 produced, starred and released 7 feature films through his own distribution company Czar Pictures, later renamed Tsar Pictures.


Alexander Nevsky is a Russian bodybuilder, actor, producer, whom fans call "Russian Schwarzenegger." Success did not come to the athlete immediately. The bodybuilder gave 10 years of continuous training to get in perfect physical shape.

Alexander Nevsky - Russian Arnie

Ambitious Alexander did not stop there, he was attracted by Hollywood. Dreams and hard work led to fame. Today, the collection of his striking works includes the films “Disassembly in Manila”, “Maximum Impact”.

The scandal with the title "Mr. Universe"

At the end of October 2010, Nevsky announced that he was invited as an guest of honor to the 60th Mr. Universe bodybuilding championship, which took place on October 29 in the spa resort of the city of Brusno Kupel. Following this, the Nevsky PR agency reported that Nevsky won the “Mr. Universe” contest, which was won forty years earlier by Steve Reeves, Ralph Muller and Arnold Schwarzenegger. Nevsky himself commented on this in the following way: “I was already warned that they would ask the question:“ How did the Russian Schwarzenegger manage to repeat the path of Arnold himself? “But it is true that after winning the competition the dream of my whole youth came true”. According to Nevsky, his main rival was the famous bodybuilder Dayo Audi (born Dayo Audi). Audi itself informs about itself that it has ended a sports career in 2008 and is engaged in business.

The media later reported that although Nevsky won the WBBF contest of the International Bodybuilding Federation, this is neither the federation nor the tournament that Schwarzenegger took part in, who won the much more prestigious NABBA Universe Championships. PR agency Nevsky said that he simply did not know about the error. According to the WBBF protocol, Daio Audi took second place after Nevsky. However, Audi in an open letter accused WBBF of deceiving and said that he left competitive bodybuilding in 2008, and in Brusno Kupel he was invited to guest posing, specially telling the organizers that he was not going to compete. When Audi asked about the prizes given out after the guest posing, the organizers answered that it was a joke. In response to Audi’s letter, the WBBF stated that Audi should have understood that it was participating in the competition and that the letter was dictated by Audi’s resentment at the second place. The NTV channel and the Maximum program were the first to publicize what had happened on federal television channels.

On December 12, 2010, Mr. Universe, 2009, among the professionals according to NABBA, the president of the national bodybuilding association, Alexei Netesanov, appeared on the air of City-FM radio. Netesanov accused Nevsky of lying and said that Nevsky won the competition in the competition of honored guests of the unimportant association of fitness and bodybuilding. According to Netesanov, it’s enough to look at the physical form of Nevsky in photographs from the competition so that there is no doubt about the level of this event.As typical of Nevsky’s shortcomings as a bodybuilder, Netesanov noted the lack of abs and the complete absence of leg muscles. On November 1, 2011, the WBBF held another Universe contest in Vienna. The absolute winner was Alexander Nevsky. October 12, 2012 in Slovakia, the WBBF held another contest, "Mr. Universe." As in the previous two years, Nevsky won this title.

Childhood and youth

Alexander was born in Moscow. Nevsky is a pseudonym. At school, Sasha Kuritsyna (the real name of the actor) was called "wet chicken". And the matter is not only in the surname: a lanky and thin guy could not pull himself up on the horizontal bar even once. At 15, the teenager was almost 2 meters tall, and weighed only 60 kg. A physical education teacher out of pity put him a triple on the subject.

Alexander Nevsky in his youth

Sasha studied very well, was reading classics, dreamed of going to college and read poetry to girls. But the refined romantic women did not like, and the boys scoffed. The guy grew up without a father, and his mother did not know how to teach his son to fight back the bullies. It was decided to enroll the young man in boxing school, but training was unsuccessful until Sasha saw a photograph of Arnold Schwarzenegger in the magazine.

The tanned and muscular American actor impressed Alexander so much that he decided to become the same. Sasha exchanged boxing gloves along with textbooks for the gym.

Alexander Nevsky in his youth

The guy was so carried away by training that he failed at the entrance exams to the institute. The next year, Alexander entered, but he remained in priority sport. He participated in various competitions in fitness and bodybuilding, clutching at the slightest opportunity to declare himself.

After 10 years of training, there was no trace of the Sasha who was teased with “wet chicken”. The bodybuilder's weight was 140 kg with a height of 198 cm. Judging by the photo, he was significantly different from his rivals, whose weight, as a rule, did not exceed 120 kg.

Alexander Nevsky in the gym

The athlete began to be invited to radio and television, the media began to talk about the fact that a competitor Arnie appeared in Russia. Then Kuritsyn decided to change his dissonant surname to a noble one - Nevsky.

In 1997, the bodybuilder wrote the first book, How to Become a Schwarzenegger in Russia. For the next 2 years, he tried his hand at television: he was a co-author and presenter of the programs Good Morning, Party Zone and Until 16 and Older. In addition, his series of bodybuilding video tutorials was broadcast live. Also, the Russian hero made his film debut, playing an episodic role in the film “Silent Whirlpools” by Eldar Ryazanov.

Title misinformation allegations

An open letter “on Nevsky-Kuritsyn” in December 2010, signed by a number of prominent bodybuilders and functionaries (including Sergey Shelestov), ​​states that Nevsky is not related to professional bodybuilding and did not participate in any bodybuilding competitions that took place in Russia. According to the bodybuilders who signed the letter, including European and world champions, they have not heard of a single competition in which Alexander Nevsky would have participated, and all his titles were invented by him. The letter states that Nevsky’s certification in television programs as “an adviser to the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation for sports” was checked by the referent of the Minister of Culture for that period, O. Grishina, who confirmed that such a position does not exist in the ministry and such a person was never recruited neither as a full-time employee, nor even as part of community service. In the same letter, a number of negative characteristics were addressed to him. Nevsky answered this open letter, in his reply he accused the authors of the letter of “pouring mud on him”, linked the letter to his fight against steroids, claiming that some bodybuilders who signed him were deprived of their titles due to their use of illegal drugs, and another signatory wrote a book about the regimen of such drugs.

In February 2011, a letter was published by a number of functionaries and champions of the WBBF-WFF federation, which held the “Mr. Universe” championship, on which Nevsky won. The letter says that the return of Alexander Nevsky to sports should be a decisive impetus for changing the prevailing deplorable situation around bodybuilding: “it was Alexander, with all his activity - whether it was winning the competition, new books, films, television and radio broadcasts - that showed what can be created a harmonious body through persistent training and proper nutrition, rather than injections that endanger the health and, ultimately, the lives of athletes. ”

Director and actor

The 2010 film "Murder in Vegas" (directed by Stuart Cooper, Nevsky - producer), received mostly negative reviews. On Megacritic.ru, the movie has a rating of 20 out of 100, the film rating on the Internet Movie Database is 2.6 out of 10, and the viewer rating on the KinoPoisk site is 1.2 stars out of 10. The film noted plot predictability, low level of entertainment , poor acting and poor directorial work.

The film "Black Rose", released in 2014 by Alexander Nevsky, has also been criticized. The film turned out to be a failure both at the box office (less than $ 900 thousand with a budget of $ 7 million), and the reviews of viewers, critics and bloggers. Most reviewers noted the low quality of shooting and special effects, the secondary and absurdity of the script, a huge number of cliches from the militants of the 1980-1990s (up to frame-by-frame repeating of scenes from the films "Cobra", "Red Heat", etc.), as well as extremely low acting level of Alexander Nevsky.

The film “Showdown in Manila” (Mark Dacascos's debut work as a director, Nevsky acted as a producer), released in 2016, received extremely negative ratings from film critics. There was a bad acting performance for almost everyone except Casper Van Dean, poor camera work, low-grade special effects and computer graphics, poor quality of production of fighting scenes, despite the presence of martial arts specialists in the film. They wrote about the film: “Neither depth nor plot is just a cut from events that are little connected with each other” (KG-portal), “Slag in which participants of militants of a hundred years ago are disgraced” (Alex Exler).

Critics emphasized the similarities with the militants of the 1980s in terms of casting and the technical side of the shoot. A number of critics gave devastating assessments of the film, comparing it with such films as The Room by Tommy Vaiso and The Devil's Flower by Ekaterina Grokhovskaya.

Athlete Alexander Nevsky

Nevsky began by taking on the title of prize-winner of the Moscow championship in bodybuilding. In the participants of the competition he was not in sight. Protocols do not store the names Kuritsyn or Nevsky. In addition to training with weights, the young Alexander Nevsky, according to him, stubbornly threshed boxing bags, trying to master the skill of a boxer. In boxing competitions, no one saw him either.

Having acquired relief muscles, Nevsky attended master classes by foreign movie stars Chuck Norris and Jean-Claude van Damme. The creative nature of the beginning domestic star was manifested in the authorship of several television issues of quite popular programs for youth “Under 16 and older”, “Good morning” and “Party zone”. The inclinations of the actor in Nevsky undoubtedly were. The textured appearance of the pumped up big man remained for a long time in the memory of the audience. Appearance was successfully supplemented by a successful chosen pseudonym and a very free manner of communication, clearly bearing the seal of self-confidence.


At the same time, American producers came to Russia in search of new talents and promised Alexander Nevsky the main movie roles with Chuck Norris, Van Damme, Schwarzenegger, as well as a dizzying career and millions of fees.

Torso of Alexander Nevsky

The prospect of living next door to the idol and working with him on the same platform did not leave the Russian bodybuilder indifferent. In September 1999, Alexander Nevsky and his wife left to conquer Hollywood.

In America, the Russian hero was introduced to the stars, but there was no talk of filming a movie. The producers were dissolved like dust, and the signed cooperation contract had no legal force. Nevsky did not want to return home with broken hopes and began to conquer America: he studied language at the University of California and acting at the Lee Strasberg Theater Institute.

Alexander Nevsky in Hollywood

Acquaintance with Hollywood actors was not in vain - Jean-Claude Van Damme invited Nevsky to star in the film "Secret of the Sect." Millions dream of such a proposal, but Alexander refused, because he basically does not play the “Russian mafia”.

Only after 2 years, the actor received an invitation to play in extras in the movie Walter Hill “The Untouchable”. This was the starting point in the American career of Nevsky. Later he received roles in the films The Fast and the Furious Da Vinci and Moscow Heat.

Alexander Nevsky in the movie "Moscow Heat"

Since 2006, Nevsky continued to participate in screenwriting, directing and producing. So, in 2009, the film “Murder in Vegas” was released, where the Russian athlete played a major role and acted as a producer. However, the story of the investigation by the Russian detective of the American murder did not impress either the audience or the critics.

In 2010, Nevsky announced that he was invited to the 60th Mr. Universe bodybuilding championship. The news of the victory of the Russian bodybuilder in prestigious competitions scattered around the world. And Alexander himself was proud as never before, because Arnold Schwarzenegger himself had won this competition in his time.

Alexander Nevsky and Arnold Schwarzenegger

However, later the media announced that Nevsky mixed up the names of the championships. He became a participant in the tournament of the International Bodybuilding Federation "Universe" (WBBF), and the competition in which Arnie won was held under the auspices of the NABBA Universe Championships.

In 2010, Alexander again tried on the role of a Russian hero in an American film. But his journalist in the drama "Somewhere" was greeted critically by critics, like previous roles.

Alexander Nevsky and Vladimir Gruzdev

In 2011, Nevsky’s biography made an unexpected turn - the bodybuilder became a Russian public figure. Alexander was an adviser to the Tula governor Vladimir Gruzdev on sports issues. The athlete told reporters that he does not plan to become a governor himself, but would like to engage in the development of sports not only in Tula, but throughout the country.

Since 2012, the actor began to maintain an account on Twitter, where he not only promotes his films, but also encourages subscribers to play sports and believe in their dreams. The athlete also has a page on Instagram, where most of the posts are dedicated to Nevsky’s professional achievements.

Books by Alexander Nevsky

He continues to delight fans with new books. Among them is the publication “Bodybuilding and other secrets of success”, in which the author shares tips on how to achieve the relief of the torso in 3 months of classes. The athlete’s bibliography includes the works “Kickboxer”, “Rocking chair for children”, “Great Encyclopedia of Fitness”, as well as publications for the fair sex - “All problem areas: Exercises for women” and “Perfect body for women”.

The new political and social weight did not prevent Alexander Nevsky from continuing to work on his acting career, and in 2014 he presented the Black Rose film to the general public, in which he directed, produced and starred.

Alexander Nevsky in the movie "Black Rose"

The plot told about the murder of girls, and a brilliant detective from Russia unraveled the story. Reviews of the film were, to put it mildly, negative. Those who watched the movie shattered the quality of shooting and special effects, low acting and a predictable scenario.

One of Nevsky’s latest works in cinema is the action movie “Disassembly in Manila”. Filming took place in the Philippines, and actor Dmitry Dyuzhev became Nevsky’s partner on the set. The film was released in February 2016.

Alexander Nevsky in the movie "Disassembly in Manila"

Back in July 2015, filming of the comedy thriller “Maximum Impact” of joint Russian-American production began in Moscow. Alexander Nevsky got a positive role: he plays an FSB officer. Together with the actor, Eric Roberts, Tom Arnold and Danny Trejo worked on the film. The Russian premiere of the action movie took place in 2017.

In 2018, the action movie received 3 awards from the Action on Film International Festival of Independent Adventure Films in the categories “Best Adventure Film of the Year”, “Best Stunt Scene” and “Best Special Effects”.

Alexander Nevsky in the action movie "Maximum Impact"

Despite the short list of works in Nevsky’s filmography, he continues to act in films and takes his place under the Hollywood sun, strengthening his position every year. He is a member of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association and owns the Hollywood Storm film company, which is based in Beverly Hills.

Since the mid-2000s, Nevsky has been a member of the HFPA Film Academy and is a member of the Golden Globe jury. Alexander is involved in the selection of films for the short list.

Actor and athlete Alexander Nevsky

The company consists of another 90 people. The next award ceremony was held on January 6, 2019.

Actor Alexander Nevsky

At the age of 28, Alexander Nevsky decided that the scale of Russia was already small for him and sent his way to Hollywood. The success of Arnie Schwarzenegger in the movie he could not repeat. Numerous episodic roles in the films “Somewhere”, “Not to be Discussed” and “Red Serpent” could, in principle, have been successfully performed by another actor with a textured appearance, but for Nevsky it was not particularly important. The main thing ─ he began to form the image of a Hollywood star in his homeland, although few people knew him in the world capital of cinema.

Russia deserves the appearance of its own superhero, and this hero should be him. Nevsky set up his own distribution company with the truly Russian name Tsar Pictures. She tried to promote 7 films in which Alexander Nevsky tried to repeat the success of Schwartz. “Murder in Vegas”, “Black Rose” and “Showdown in Manila” received disastrous reviews from film critics who simply scoffed at Nevsky. The plot of the films itself was rated as absolutely crappy. Nevsky's acting was just a parody.

From the shootings of The Murder in Vegas - Alexander Nevsky, Robert Davy

From time to time it was shot long and tedious in order to stretch the timing of the film to the accepted standard. That’s how you can appreciate a bunch of useless scenes that have filled the pictures beyond a reasonable limit. Some of the episodes turned out to be direct plagiarism from famous thrillers. In the frame, Nevsky seemed a clumsy bumpkin, but ridiculously confident in his incredible coolness. Norris and Van Damme's courses also did not benefit him. The scenes of fights with his participation usually caused laughter from the audience. But Nevsky absolutely did not react to just criticism, but stubbornly walked toward the intended goal. It was important for him to light up on the American continent in order to use grains of fame or just mention in the credits in his homeland.

Extreme bodybuilding

He returned to Russia and for the greater importance declared himself a sports adviser to the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation. Such a position never existed. Further more. He equated himself with Arnold Schwarzenegger, announcing that he had won the Mr. Universe tournament. This is the pinnacle of a career for any professional bodybuilder. Arnie entered the history of sports, having won several times in a tournament with that name.The title "Mr. Universe" turned out to be the pinnacle of his sports career, after which eminent directors began to invite champions to star in films.

Alexander Nevsky and Arnold Schwarzenegger

In fact, Alexander Nevsky was invited as a guest to the tournament in the small Slovak resort town of Brusno Kupel, where the competition of the insignificant international federations WFF & WBFF was held. For the sake of greater importance, the organizers came up with the beautiful name "Universe", but this is not at all "Mr. Universe." For distinguished guests, the Slovaks staged a kind of contest, called by them "Extreme Bodybuilding." Alexander Nevsky took part in it, having demonstrated a press thoroughly covered with fat.

The reward for performing on stage was a commemorative medal. He didn’t need anything else. He repeated his success in similar competitions then twice more. This gave him a reason to level his sporting achievements with Arnold Schwarzenegger. The number he showed was called Hercules, and Oksana Sidorenko, a participant in the Dancing with the Stars show, helped him. When the deception was revealed in Russia instead of a significant title, Alexander Nevsky was awarded the contemptuous title of "Mr. Dumpling."

Governor Advisor

What really corresponds to reality in his regalia is the position of adviser to the governor of the Tula region Vladimir Gruzdev. Suddenly assuming the post of head of the region, the official in this way decided to raise his image in the eyes of the region's inhabitants, inexperienced in the intricacies of the world of sports and cinema. For domestic bodybuilding fans, Alexander Nevsky became more famous for his master classes than by cinematic experiences. In the confident manner familiar to him, he instructs the audience to play sports in places completely unsuitable for this and to use instead of shells the first objects that came to hand.

Alexander Nevsky and Vladimir Gruzdev

Gym Nevsky replaced the passenger compartment of the car, and the bar bar ─ an ordinary mop. The flow of mockery from this over the "Mr. Pelmeni" increased exponentially. In 2017, the next “masterpiece” from Nevsky thriller “Maximum Impact” was released. With perseverance to be better applied, the director repeated all his previous mistakes. The last time in Russia, Alexander Nevsky reminded himself of a scandalous interview in which he confessed to an irresistible desire to fill the face of Harvey Weinstein ─ a person involved in a high-profile sex scandal in American show business. It remains only to ask Weinstein himself whether the image of a Russian showman has been preserved in his memory?

Personal life

The athlete met his first wife Catherine in his youth, as a student. The girl strongly supported Alexander and helped adapt in America. But after 15 years of married life, their family broke up. Nevsky does not like to be frank about his personal life, only in one of the interviews he admitted that he unsuccessfully tried to maintain relations, and when divorced, he left his wife all the property she claimed.

Alexander Nevsky with his ex-wife

The couple did not have children, and Nevsky told reporters that this was for the best: firstly, the spouses had a very busy life, and they could not devote enough time to raising children, and secondly, the children would most likely have saved already outlived his marriage, forcing two strangers to continue to live together.

According to journalists, after the divorce, the athlete was repeatedly seen, accompanied by various beautiful girls from the world of show business. In 2010, Alexander Nevsky built relationships with the star of the TV series "Fizruk", champion in ballroom dancing Oksana Sidorenko. The couple met on the project "Dancing with the Stars." Nevsky did not hide the novel and told the media that he was planning a wedding.

Alexander Nevsky and Oksana Sidorenko

In 2012, the bodybuilder was spotted already with another bride, model Maria Gurieva. The girl not only starred in advertisements and photo shoots for fashion magazines, but also broadcasts “Prostomaria” in the format of interviews with invited guests. Nevsky and Guriev met when the athlete became a guest of the show. Maria accompanies the chosen one at official events, and he calls her the girl of his dreams.

Alexander Nevsky and Maria Gurieva

Alexander Nevsky spends most of his time in the USA. In the prestigious Beverly Hills area, the actor acquired spacious apartments. Explaining his choice in an interview, the athlete noted that he never sought to become the owner of a mansion with a pool. Near his house there is an elite cigar club, gyms and restaurants.

Alexander Nevsky is fond of hiking

Nevsky is fond of hiking - walks in the mountains of California. A man appreciates this type of rest for the opportunity to combine the useful with the pleasant; hiking in the mountains helps to strengthen the cardiovascular system and gives positive emotions from a meeting with nature.

Alexander Nevsky now

Now Alexander continues his career as a producer and screenwriter. He is preparing to release the next film “Hercules. The Beginning ”, in which it will also play a major role.

Alexander Nevsky in 2019

Another production project of Nevsky, work on which has not yet been completed, was the film "Changing Lives" directed by Mark Dacascos. The main roles will be played by Dmitry Bikbaev, Oksana Sidorenko, Natalia Medvedeva and Polina Butorina.


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